Speaker Application Form

The Kansas Auctioneers Association invites you to share expertise and experience with your colleagues.

Timeframe and Selection: Presenters will speak for 30-60 minutes during the annual KAA Convention. Speakers will be selected to speak based on topics, content and will be scheduled to speak at the discretion of the Education Committee.

All subject matter must be at the advanced/expert level for the convention.

Compensation will not be provided.

Deadline to submit is November 1, 2016

Speaker Contact Information
Presentation Information
Please describe your session in three sentences; explaining session content and overall objective. This description should be creative and reflective of learner outcomes and session objectives.
List the instructional objectives (what the audience should know or be able to do as a result of the presentation). Please provide at least two.
List at least three presentations you have made including date made, presentation title, audience and size of audience. If you do not have three presentations you have made, please list the name of three individuals who can speak directly about your presentation abilities:

By signing the application, I submit my presentation for consideration and will comply with NAA’s responsibilities and non-commercial policy.