Kansas Auctioneers Association

The Kansas Auctioneers Association comprises auctioneers throughout the state of Kansas and adjoining states. The members voluntarily join the association to receive further education and promote their profession.

When joining the association they agree to a code of ethics and are governed by their peers. When it is your desire to obtain an auctioneer, we would appreciate the opportunity to have a KAA member be your first choice of auctioneer.

Find a KAA member for consultation or to conduct your next auction.


2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship
9 Sep 2020

2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship

The 2020 Kansas State Fair has been cancelled. For the first time ever, the Kansas Auctioneer C...
KAA COVID-19 Recommended Guidelines
19 Mar 2020

KAA COVID-19 Recommended Guidelines

The KAA Board of Directors had their annual retreat virtual meeting yesterday. They not only work...
2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship preliminary round
3 Feb 2020

2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship preliminary round

https://youtu.be/2hlalQCdAFM The preliminary round of the 2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship ...

Tony Wisely named 2018 Kansas Auctioneer Champion

What does the KAA offer me as a member?

2018 Kansas Livestock Auctioneer Championship