Why Use a KAA Auctioneer? Professional & Passionate

Auctioneers are way more than just fast talkers; they are problem solvers in helping their clients find solutions. Auctioneers are strategic asset disposition experts. Professional auctioneers are marketing specialists utilizing product knowledge, technology, and advanced advertising to promote the items they are charged with selling. These “fast talkers” spend a fraction of their time captivating audiences with their chant, while the vast majority of their time is spent marketing, building, and managing the auction for their clients.

Kansas Auctioneer Day at the State Fair – September 13th

Why buy at auctions? Competitive Bidding

Today, more than ever before, auctions are providing results for buyers and sellers. Auctions offer an opportunity for sellers to control the selling process. A structured sale reduces risk and maximizes value. Auctions motivate buyers, they get caught up in the competitiveness of the bidding, and many times this drives the price of items higher. To some people, it’s like a game, and they want to win at all costs.

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