Previous Recipients

2007 Harland Unruh 2011 Rick Brock 2020 Bobby Hightree
2008 Allyn Thompson 2012 Aaron Traffas 2021 none
2009 Richard Garvin 2013 None 2022 Braden McCurdy
2010 none 2014 Jean Oswalt 2023 Don & Terry Hamit
Dorothy Koch *
Carol Stricker
2015 Wayne Wischropp
2016 Andy Conser
2017 Lance Fullerton
2018 LaDonna Schoen
2019 Daniel Gutierrez

* Deceased

This award is presented to a non-member or affiliate member group or individual for continuous support of the auction industry and to the Kansas Auctioneers Association.

2010 Peggy Giles Ag Press
2017 Kyle Bauer KRFM
2018 Wanda Dusin 31 Gifts
2019 Dwayne Leslie Auction Guy
2020 Renee Whitley Ag Press
2021 None
2022 Dave Johnson GreenAcres
2023 Mike Alfers * posthumously Rural Messenger

* Deceased

The KAA holds this contest annually.  In 2022, it was held as an all-in-one event at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, which started with interviews in the morning and bid calling in the afternoon.  Bid calling has a preliminary round of selling items with the top five scoring auctioneers selling in a final round to determine the order of finish.

Previous Champions

1991 Dan McVey 2006 Robert Haley 2021 John Kisner
1992 Kenny Mangus 2007 Robert Mayo 2022 Josh Phelps
1993 Rusty Taylor 2008 Byron Bina
1994 Mike Weimer 2009 Charlie Cummings
1995 Royce Ramat 2010 Megan McCurdy
1996 Roger Kisner 2011 Shawn Terrel
1997 Lance Cochran 2012 Jeff Crissup
1998 T.J. Kinderkneckt 2013 Justin Schultis
1999 LaVerle Pounds 2014 Lance Fullerton
2000 Kevin Borger 2015 Lenny Mullin
2001 Larry Gilmore 2016 Yve Rojas
2002 Mike Bailey 2017 Julia Sparks
2003 Bob McBride 2018 Tony Wisely
2004 Andy Conser 2019 Ty Patton
2005 Rusty Rhynalds 2020 Quest Flesner


Previous Champions

2009 - Charly Cummings

2010 - Lynn Langvardt

2011 - Brian Little

2012 - Blaine Lotz

2013 - Mike Bailey

2014 - Justin Banzhaf

2015 - Russele Sleep

2016 - Kyle Layman

2017 - Neil Bouray

2018 - Ethan Schuette

2019 - Brandon Hamel

2020 - Brandon Frey

2021 - Andrew Sylvester

2022 - none

New Auctioneer Scholarship

As a scholarship recipient, you will receive a check in the amount of $175. If you have already attended auction school, you will receive the check at the Winter Convention. If you have not yet attended, you will receive the check upon completion of auction school. You will also receive your first year of membership to the KAA at no cost.

Submission deadline is December 15th of each year.

Kansas Auctioneers and Auxiliary Scholarship


  • KAA/KAAA members, their spouses, their children, step children, grandchildren and step-grandchildren are eligible to apply.
  • The KAA or KAAA member shall have belonged to the association for at least two years or be a lifetime member.
  • Graduation from an accredited high school or an equivalent accepted level of education.
  • Acceptance into a school of higher education.
  • Applicants are eligible to receive a High School Scholarship and a Continuing Education Scholarship.

Submission deadline is December 1st of each year.

Download Scholarship Application

Previous Recipients

1997 Scott McCurdy 2012 Danika Good
1998 Brent Goss Ashley Hall
Jennifer Blubaugh 2013 Dylan Moore
1999 Jill Oswalt Toby Omli
Lori Winfrey Vera Hall
2000 Jessica Nichols 2014 Madison Gehrer
Belinda Howard Jessica Boone
2001 Matthew Webb Kyndell Hightree
John McComb Terry Presley - New Auctioneer
2002 Megan Baugh 2015 Afton Moore
Abby Niles Brooke Eberhardt
Russell Beatty Chelsea Fullerton
2003 Clint Theurer Shaun Elmore - New Auctioneer
Nathan Glessner Marlon Hoeffner - New Auctioneer
Cynthia Cole 2016 Layke Edelman
Jerry Miller - New Auctioneer Emily Meinhardt
2004 Andy Niles Ty Ruckert
Marlyn Becker Sesely Omli
Jill Oswalt Richard Dalton - New Auctioneer
2005 Nicole Gannon 2017 Sydney Omli
Morgan Knott Nate Omli
Candi Campbell Kytrena Hightree
Steve Higgs - New Auctioneer Kyndell Hightree
2006 Kristen Siefert Nathan Glessner - New Auctioneer
Jessica Boone 2018 Bryson Meinhardt
Taylor Glessner Kaylie Doll
Lisa Schoen-Moore Kelsie Doll
2007 Tara Pounds Katie Krehbiel
Carissa Wendt 2019 Payton Doll
Joy Gehrer Benjamin Hall
Morgan Knott Ashley Hall
Julie Meinhardt Kaylie Doll
2008 Tyler Nelson 2020 Renee Oswalt
Carissa Wendt Katie Krehbiel
2009 Adam Pounds Ashlind Gumpenberger
Logan Fullerton 2021 Ben Hall
2010 Amanda Allen Afton Moore
Whitney McCaffery Avery Wischropp
Rachel Krivjansky 2022 Grace Conser
2011 Chelsea Fullerton 2023 Cole Pitts - New Auctioneer
Tate Omli

NAA Scholarship Recipients

1994 Scott McCurdy 1999 Jill Oswalt 2007 Tara Pounds
1995 Cristin Cole 2000 Christopher Buckles 2009 Adam Pounds
1996 Cristin Cole 2002 Cynthia Cole
1997 Brandon Nelson 2004 Andrew Niles