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Monday, May 13, 2024

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4218 N 4th, Enid, OK
Furniture - Computer Accessories - Stereo Equip - Cedar Chests - Household - Outdoor - Jewelry - Vintage - DecorationsReding AuctionStarts ending Monday May 13th 6PM4218 N 4th Enid OK Pick up times: May 14-15th 2-5:30PM15% Buyers Premium will be added to final bid price.Pickup recommendedShipping available on items under 10#s, no shipping on furniture items.Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Out of state buyers will be shipped unless you make other arrangements ? no need to call; Buyers are required to bring their own packing, boxes and tools for dismantling of purchased items. Buyers are required to bring necessary help to remove their items bought.If auction company is required to make special trip for pick up there may be additional fees accessed.ALL Items must be removed within 1 weeks from auction, if not removed or arrangements made they will be deemed abandoned.Winning Online bidder please take Note: your card on file will be charged unless you called ahead to make other payment arrangements, or invoice is over $2,000. Call to make payment arrangements. 580-237-7174Any time you are experiencing issues you can have them call 352-414-1947 or 844-775-4774 for help.Internet Bidding: will be available by clicking online bidding link to register. Neither the Auction Company nor the Seller is responsible in the event of loss of signal by either side.Vehicles/Trailers/ATV: Any vehicle or trailer sold will come with Bill of Sale or Title. If stated No Title then only Bill of Sale will be transferred to new buyer.This will usually take a week to 10 business days for this to be sent out by certified mail.Out of state Buyers BEWARE: Oklahoma does not require titles on trailers. So, in many instances there are no titles for trailers soldAny and All Items sold: Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Neither Auction Company nor seller are responsible in the event of loss of internet signal, lagging internet service or any reason buyer misses a bid. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present to preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder?s responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Lippard Auctioneers Inc or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Auction Company reserves the right to bid on their own behalf, on the behalf of a bid left by other buyers. Online Terms: All property is sold ?AS IS?, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder?s responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factors. Lippard Auctioneers Inc. may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Lippard Auctioneers Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Lippard Auctioneers Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Lippard Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.
Lot #: 902

Misc. Desk Parts

Desk top 35?" x 22?" and 4 drawers.
Lot #: 908

Small Oil Lamp, no globe.

The P & A Manufacturing Co. Acorn. ?" T. Could be copper?
Lot #: 909

Vintage Am/Fm Zenith Radio

Turns on and dial works.
Lot #: 910

4 Rims w/ Chevy Hubcaps

Good Condition
Lot #: 911

2 Brass Rolling Planter Stands

All wheels are turning.
Lot #: 912

Fender Amp, 120V - 60 HZ

Very good condition per seller.
Lot #: 913

Corner Hamper & Metal Cart

Hamper seems to have all parts, cart is working.
Lot #: 914

1 Large Metal Planter

Good shape
Lot #: 915

2 Tri-Pods,

1 is Bogen model, 1 is Dietz
Lot #: 916

Samsung Digital Home Theater System

Open box, still in original pkg.
Lot #: 917

Misc. Miniature Items

Some pieces are vintage??
Lot #: 918

2 Lighters, 1 Zippo in Case

Other lighter has no markings.
Lot #: 919

13 Pink Depression Glasses

Great Condition 4" T
Lot #: 920

6 Vintage Shot Glasses

Light green w/etched rose pattern, great condition
Lot #: 921

Songs Typed on vintage paper

Several Sets of religious songs,
Lot #: 922

Heavy Metal/Cast Iron D?cor

2 Dark silver in color, pieces.
Lot #: 923

Misc. Miniature Items

Angle, spotted dog, small frames,
Lot #: 924

Vintage Brass Lantern?

Handle needs new attachment, glass lamp
Lot #: 925

7 Baskets

4 Larger baskets and 3 smaller, good shape.
Lot #: 926

Misc. D?cor Items

Candle, wall hangings (small) , plate is damaged.
Lot #: 927

Clear Glass Christmas Bell

5?" T
Lot #: 928

Pottery Serving Dish

5?" T, Blue and brown in color.
Lot #: 929

White Serving Bowl

Cannot read markings on the bottom, 5?" T, good shape.
Lot #: 930

Ceramic/plaster Mirror, Decor

Has leather holder for wall mounting.
Lot #: 931

3 Wood Serving Pieces

Heart, shell and divided leaf serving dishes.
Lot #: 932

Ceramic Painted Duck

Vernissage painted duck.
Lot #: 933

Bird D?cor and Bookends

Cork bookends, birdhouse and ceramic bird.
Lot #: 934

2 Coffee Mugs

White coffee mug and 1 pottery mug.
Lot #: 935

Clear Glass Pitcher & Glasses

2 Glasses
Lot #: 936

2 English Pewter Mugs

4?" T, Nice shape.
Lot #: 937

Misc. Silver tone Serving Items & D?cor

Finger candle, serving plates,
Lot #: 938

3 D?cor Items, Silver Tone

2 candles and 1 paperweight
Lot #: 939

3 Yard Flags, Yard Metal Art

2 Flags are 27" x 38" and 1 Flag is 24" x 34", Metal dog lights work.
Lot #: 940

Yard D?cor, Orange

13" x 30" orange paint.
Lot #: 941

6 White Metal Brackets

Has some rust.
Lot #: 942

Portable Peddle Bike,

Metal, sits on floor.
Lot #: 943

Pheasant Leather? Ice Bucket

Leather/Brass handle, 12" T Nice shape.
Lot #: 944

Dachshund Cookie Jar

YUYU Cookie Jar 8+" Tall.
Lot #: 945

Vintage Teapot W/Brass Handle

Mikado, Taste Setter Sigma Made in Japan, hand painted.
Lot #: 946

Vintage Delfts Polychrome Bottle

Made in Holland V.E. 1057, has cork stopper.
Lot #: 947

Rueven's Nouveau Art Glass Vase

Very pretty, 6?" T
Lot #: 948

D?cor, Blue Paperweight, Planters, Vase

5 D?cor Items.
Lot #: 949

Copper? Cow Bell

5?" T cow bell.
Lot #: 950

Nautical D?cor, Lighthouse

Lighthouse and ship
Lot #: 951

Small Wood Ship Lamp, Works

The Flying Dutchman, 9" W & 10" T
Lot #: 952

Large Cowboy Ceramic Figure

37" Tall, no markings? Some very small chips.
Lot #: 953

Silver? Pitcher 10" T

Has some markings on bottom but cannot read.
Lot #: 954

Small Silver? Pitcher

Middletown Plate Co.
Lot #: 955

5 Serving Plates, Some have markings

Wm A Rogers, Oneida Silversmith, Wallace
Lot #: 956

Wilcox S.P. Co. Paisley 7036

Creamer and sugar. Nice shape.
Lot #: 957

Teapot & Sugar Bowl,

Middletown Plate Co. 23 on bottom.
Lot #: 958

Silver? Sugar & Creamer

Wallace markings on bottom of the pair.
Lot #: 959

Wilcox Teapot, 11" T

Has some wear and tare, does have markings on bottom of teapot.
Lot #: 960

Wood Serving Tray w/cutting board

Ceramic Cutting board in center. Made in Japan.
Lot #: 961

Large Roaster, good shape.

16" Roaster.
Lot #: 962

Brass D?cor Candle Stick, Bowl and Globe

Bowl, globed candle stick holder and tall candle stick.
Lot #: 963

Cookie Cutters, Apron and Vintage Juicer

6 Cookie cutters and a William Sonoma apron, and juicer.
Lot #: 964

Andrea by Sadek Goose and Boy Porcelain Figurines

Made in Japan. Figurines with geese.
Lot #: 965

Black Footed Planter or D?cor

Ceramic D?cor with etched flowers.
Lot #: 966

Signature Home Collection Table D?cor

Wild Turkey Centerpiece, 10?"
Lot #: 967

Misc. Electronic Items

Speaker, wiring, CD storage containers.
Lot #: 968

Door/Wall Laundry Mount

Open box, seems like it has never been used.
Lot #: 969

Heating Pad & Massage Pad

Works and in good condition.
Lot #: 970

Leather Briefcase

In very good condition.
Lot #: 971

Hasty Bake Oven/Gril

Lot #: 972

Thai-Wall Art- Kohn & Board

Mask Dance and bulletin board.
Lot #: 973

Tablecloths & Napkins

Some are soiled or yellowed.
Lot #: 974

Table Placemats

1 Cloth set of 3, 2 vinyl sets, set of 3 and set of 4.
Lot #: 975

Vintage Tablecloths, & Napkins

Crocheted tablecloth, doilies, rectangle tablecloths and napkins. Some are soiled and yellowed.
Lot #: 976

6 Vintage Embroidered Pillowcases.

4 Standard pink flowered and 2 blue queen size. Some yellowing
Lot #: 977

Damask Yellow Tablecloth & Napkins

Rectangle tablecloth and 5 napkins in original box. Nice shape.
Lot #: 978

Misc. Pictures of Flowers in clear frames

5 Pictures in clear hanging frames and wood framed porcelain flowers.
Lot #: 979

Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Illustrated

SI May 22, 1974 and Pro Football is 1975
Lot #: 980

84" Floral Drapes,

Custom made w/hooks. Yellow cream. green and pink.
Lot #: 981

Napkins and Pot Holder

Napkins, potholder, and 2 small runners.
Lot #: 982

Custom Made Shower Curtain

Soft Lace lined for shower curtain.
Lot #: 983

Valance & Sheers

Valance is 20" L x 76" W and sheers are 34" W x 76 L. Sheers are soiled a little but weighted on the bottom.
Lot #: 984

Damask Cream Material 54" x 72"

Beautiful, made in China.
Lot #: 985

Damask Champagne Pink Round

Tablecloth 60" Has a couple brown spots on it.
Lot #: 986

Damask Tablecloth & Napkins

120" x 112" tablecloth and 12 napkins
Lot #: 987

Damask Yellow Tablecloth & Napkins

52" x 70" tablecloth and 8 napkins.
Lot #: 988

Quilt, Yellow & Orange Shades

74" x 80" Some fading.
Lot #: 989

2 Wool Blankets,

Yellow is 100% wool.
Lot #: 990

4 Crocheted Blankets

Brown one has a hole in it.
Lot #: 991

Di Giorgio Fruit Box

Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation crate/box.
Lot #: 992

Canada Dry Box

Canada Dry crate/box
Lot #: 993

Wood Easel

Tabletop Easel
Lot #: 994

Architect Table and Lamp

Architect table with lamp, the table can be set up on a normal table.
Lot #: 995

Wedgwood Quince Cups & Saucers

13 cups and 12 saucers.
Lot #: 996

Wedgwood Quince Bowls

7 Dessert plates and 8 cereal bowls.
Lot #: 997

Wedgwood Serving Platter

14" serving plate
Lot #: 998

Wedgwood Quince Bowls

2 different size serving bowls with lids.
Lot #: 999

Wedgwood Quince Serving Pieces

13" serving bowl and 6" butter dish.
Lot #: 1000

Wedgwood Quince Plates

12 dinner plates, 10 sandwich plates, 10 dessert plates.
Lot #: 1001

9 Total Culver Antigua Glasses

2 Cocktail glasses and 7 drinking glasses
Lot #: 1002

6 Clear Glass Beer/ Tea glasses

6 footed clear glass drinking glasses. 6" T
Lot #: 1003

Vintage. MCM Barware Glasses, (9)

Lowball crackle rocks gold.
Lot #: 1004

Vintage MCM Crackle Highball Glasses (4)

Mid-Century set of 4
Lot #: 1005

Vintage Cocktail Martini Stirrer Mixer

9?" Tall with glass stirrer.
Lot #: 1006

Vintage Cocktail lowball Glasses (5)

3? " Tall.
Lot #: 1007

2 Wood Boxes and Gold Vanity Dish

D?cor wood boxes and a rose/gold vanity dish.
Lot #: 1008

6 Clear Wine Glasses

2- 7?" and 4- 5?"
Lot #: 1009

Wood Coca Cola Checkers

Old wood checkers.
Lot #: 1010

4 Vintage Stamps 5 cent & 50 cent

5 Cent Roosevelt and 50 cent William Howard Taft 1909-1913
Lot #: 1011

Quince Wedgwood S&P Shaker & Creamer

No Chips. Wood stoppers on the bottom of the shakers.
Lot #: 1012

9 Vintage Clear Champagne/Sherbet

Fern stemmed sherbet glasses, Fostoria per seller. Small chips.
Lot #: 1013

7 Vintage Footed Juice Glasses

Fern stemmed crystal juice glasses. Fostoria per seller. , small chips.
Lot #: 1014

14 Vintage Champagne Glasses

Fern stemmed glasses, 5?" T Fostoria per seller. Small chips.
Lot #: 1015

2 Vintage Brandy Glasses

Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1016

11 Vintage Champagne Glasses

Belle Moore's Vintage Pattern made by Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1017

5 Vintage Ice Tea Glasses

Belle Moore's Vintage Pattern made by Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1018

12 Vintage Stemmed Goblets

Belle Moore's Vintage Pattern made by Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1019

11 7" Wine Glasses

Belle Moore's Vintage Pattern made by Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1020

2 Water Glasses

Belle Moore's Vintage Pattern made by Fostoria per seller.
Lot #: 1021

13" Vintage Anchor Hocking Serving Plate

Large heavy platter
Lot #: 1022

2 Realistic Transmitter FM Monitors

Fm wireless room monitor.
Lot #: 1023

Kodak XL55 Movie Camera

Seems like the buttons work.
Lot #: 1024

4 Albums, The Supremes and Lionel Ritchie

A GO GO, The Supremes Greatest Hits, A Bit of Liverpool, Lionel - Dancing on the Ceiling.
Lot #: 1025

4 Albums

James Taylor Sweet Baby Jane, Eagles, Hotel California
Lot #: 1026

4 Albums, Heart, Papa's & Mama's

Linda Ronstadt, Captain and Tennille
Lot #: 1027

4 Albums, Abba, Christopher Cross

2 Gordon Lightfoot
Lot #: 1028

2 Nat King Cole Albums

Christmas Songs and The Best of Nat King Cole.
Lot #: 1029

Misc. Albums

Cher, Lulu, Helen - Reddy, Anne Reddy
Lot #: 1030

Misc. Albums

Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, George Strait, Merle Haggard.
Lot #: 1031

Misc. Albums

Tony Bennet, Johnny Mathis, and Tom Jones
Lot #: 1032

Elvis Albums

Christmas Albums,
Lot #: 1033

Barbara Streisand Albums

Stoney End, One Voice, Kris Kristofferson
Lot #: 1034

Misc. Christmas Albums

Frank Sinatra, Perry Como
Lot #: 1035

Misc. Albums 30+

Neil Sedaka, Jazz, Instrumental, Swing
Lot #: 1036

Frontier Building Set

Similar to Lincoln Logs, not sure If all is there.
Lot #: 1037

Misc. Magazines, 50+

Guitar Player, Play Station, Game Fun, XBOX
Lot #: 1038

Misc. Toys, Legos

2 remote control cars w/ controllers, ( not sure if they work.
Lot #: 1039

Misc. Toys

Football, Jinga game, San Antonia puzzle,
Lot #: 1040

Track Disk, 1K

Very Used
Lot #: 1200

Pittsburgh Pro Torque Wrench

?" clip type torque wrench (nib)
Lot #: 1201

DeWalt screw driver & drill bits

110 piece combination set DWA110 SET (nib)
Lot #: 1202

Craftsman Hammer Drill Kit

Drill, Battery, & Charger CMCD711CT (nib)
Lot #: 1203

DeWalt Drill Driver Kit

?" Chuck, 2 Batteries, & Charger 20V DCD777C2 (nib)
Lot #: 1204

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer Kit

121-K6 (nib)
Lot #: 1205

Snap-On Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller

Low Profile 2-Jaw Puller HDP1740 (nib)
Lot #: 1206

Campbell Hausfeld Orbital Sander

10,000 RPM XT302000 (nib)
Lot #: 1207

John Deere Socket Set

?" Drive Socket Set 25 Pieces TY25839 (nib)
Lot #: 1208

Craftsman High Pressure Washer

Gas Powered 3000 Max PSI, 2.3 gallon per minute/CMXGWAS020790, 2637671 (nib)
Lot #: 1209

Fireplace Mantle

5' x 7" x 3"
Lot #: 1210

Coca Cola Ceiling Fan w/Light Kit

Lot #: 1212

Coca Cola Miniature Parlor Set

Small Table, 2 Chairs, Bench
Lot #: 1213

Coca Cola Mugs & Tins

Coke cup set (6)/ Reproduction Coke Tins (2)
Lot #: 1214

Coca Cola Memorabilia

Tooth Pick Holder, Magnets, Lunch bags, Trucks, Car, Tin, & Misc.
Lot #: 1215

Coca Cola Memorabilia /Bottle Opener, Misc.

2 Bank Bags, Trading Cards (1995) Series 4, Manufactures Coupons (1998), Bottle Opener
Lot #: 1441

Relative Pitch Ear Training CDs

7 Series of ear training CDs. David Lucas Burge


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