2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship preliminary round

The preliminary round of the 2020 Kansas Auctioneer Championship was held in Manhattan, Kansas, on January 24, 2020, in conjunction with the 2020 KAA Winter Convention where members of the association get together to learn and network to improve themselves and their profession. On this website, you can find members of the association to conduct your auction or you can browse members’ auctions to find one in your neck of the woods.

Listed below are the contestants in order of appearance. Join the finalists at the Kansas State Fair in September when they compete for the buckle!

  1. Carlin Hooten
  2. Arlin Eicher
  3. Cody Miller
  4. Brady Altic
  5. Wayne Morris
  6. Josh Miller
  7. Quest Flesner
  8. Troy Wedel
  9. Daniel Gutierrez
  10. Nathan Glessner
  11. Clay Schaardt
  12. Ross Daniels
  13. Drew Russell
  14. Carson Hayes
  15. Dalton McGinnis
  16. John Kisner
  17. Jarett Pfannenstiel
  18. Lewis Bolinger