Tony Wisely named 2018 Kansas Auctioneer Champion

It was a beautiful day at the Kansas State Fair on September 12. After those who attend Kansas Auctioneer Day spent the morning enjoying the fair while the board of directors had a meeting, everyone gathered at the Bretz & Young Injury Lawyers Arena for our 28th Annual Kansas Auctioneer Championship to support our ten talented finalists.

Shannon Schur, Barrett Bray, Jeff Craig and Vern Koch were the esteemed judges with the pleasure of determining who the next champion would be. After each contestant sold two items, scores were tallied and then the top five contestants answered interview questions before selling additional items. Then, the order of finish was announced and Tony Wisely received the champion’s belt buckle and will be awarded his plaque, along with receiving prize money, at Winter Convention in Lawrence, Kansas, this coming January.

Everyone took time to relax and enjoy each other’s company over funnel cakes from Connie’s and, again, having some state fair fun before meeting in Dillon Hall for dinner and more fellowship. Before the meal was done, Michael Schwanke, news anchor for KWCH in Wichita, spoke about the media, its role and how the ever-changing world of social media has changed how news reporters do their jobs in order to remain relevant and respected.

The contest is a fantastic way for our organization to promote the auction industry and highlight the talent of auctioneers. Auctioneer Day has continued to be well received and enjoyed by many members.



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