2018 Kansas Auctioneer Championship to be held in Hutchinson in September

Since 1992, auctioneers throughout Kansas and the surrounding states have traveled to Hutchinson to compete with one another at the Kansas State Fair, vying for the title of Auctioneer Champion. The Kansas Auctioneers Association (KAA) hosts the Auctioneer Championship that will be held this year on the stage of the Bretz and Young Injury Lawyers Arena at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12.

This public auction will give all fairgoers the opportunity to bid and buy from the best auctioneers in the state. The public is encouraged to attend and observe the contest or participate by placing bids. Anyone unable to attend in person can watch the contest live at www.kansasauctioneers.com.

The Auctioneer Championship featured a preliminary round conducted during the KAA’s Winter Convention last January in Wichita. Of the seventeen contestants entering the contest, ten were selected to compete in the final round at the fair.

2018 Kansas Auctioneer Championship finalists
2018 Kansas Auctioneer Championship finalists

Finalists, pictured above, from left to right.

  • Titus Yutzy – Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Daniel Gutierrez – Wichita, Kansas
  • Hunter Sturgis – Oskaloosa, Kansas
  • Troy Wedel – McPherson, Kansas
  • Tony Wisely – Perry, Oklahoma
  • Jessica Pluff – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Arlin Eicher – Partridge, Kansas
  • Donnie Stumpff – Cassville, Missouri
  • Ross Daniels – Humboldt, Kansas
  • Ty Patton – Benton, Kansas

From livestock and auto auctioneers to real estate and benefit auctioneers, each bid caller’s performance will be judged by presentation, chant, voice, effective auctioneering skills and the ability to be an ambassador for the KAA. While the preliminary round focused exclusively on bid calling, the final round at the fair will include bid calling as well as an interview component.

The winner of this year’s KAA Auctioneer Championship will receive a belt buckle, plaque, $200 cash prize, membership to the National Auctioneers Association and an entry in the International Auctioneer Championship to be held July 2019 in New Orleans.

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, the KAA comprises auctioneers throughout Kansas and adjoining states. The members voluntarily join the association to receive further education and promote their profession. When joining the association, members agree to a code of ethics and are governed by their peers. When it is your desire to obtain an auctioneer, the members of the KAA would appreciate the opportunity to be the first choice. To learn more about the KAA and its members or to view a list of upcoming member auctions, visit kansasauctioneers.com.