A Message from the KAA Auxiliary

Hello, everyone,

I hope you are having a terrific summer so far. We have been having a tumultuous one
with the storms and major winds. We haven’t had any damage except tree limbs down
but Stockton has had lots of damage. Neighbors helping neighbors is our theme this

Don and I will be taking off for Louisville, Kentucky in July for the National Auctioneers
Conference and Show. Both of us are looking forward to attending the seminars, touring
a horse training facility, seeing old friends from all over the world and meeting new ones.
If you haven’t attended one of these conventions, I urge you to seriously think about
going because we have learned so much and met so many wonderful people since our
first one in Oklahoma. Besides, it makes for a terrific vacation in totally different areas of
the United States.

Check out the summer get-together dates and I hope I will see you there.

Terry Hamit