2014 KAA Livestock Auctioneer Champion

Justin Banzhaf wins 2014 livestock contest

Justin Banzhaf wins 2014 livestock contest

We proud to announce and congratulate Justin Banzhaf of Cambridge, Nebraska on being the Kansas Auctioneers Association 2014 Kansas Livestock Auctioneer Champion, which was held earlier this week on November 13th.

We had thirteen contestants at the Osborne Livestock Commission in Osborne, Kansas; owned by Zach Sumpter, to compete in the 6th Annual Livestock Auctioneers Contest.  Mike Bailey, 5th Annual Kansas Competition winner and Livestock Marketing Association World Championship 3‐time qualifier served as MC along with Charly Cummings, 2011 World Livestock Auctioneer of Champion.

Each contestant sold eight drafts of cattle.  A three judge panel was made up of market operators, managers or livestock market auctioneers – Gail Kats of Engle Wood, Colorado; Craig Heinen from Cawker City, Kansas; and Kent Thompson is from Iola, Kansas.  They were judged with the same criteria used in hiring an auctioneer including:  voice quality, chant, clarity, bid catching ability and execution of the auction and buyer/seller relations.

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