Shawn Terrel wins 2011 Kansas Auctioneer Championship

2011 KAA Auctioneer Champion Shawn Terrel

Shawn Terrel won the 20th annual Kansas Auctioneers Association Auctioneer Championship on Wednesday at Bretz Law Arena. Shawn is the vice president of United Country Auction Services in Kansas City and a long-time member of the KAA.

Held every year at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kan., the Kansas Auctioneer Championship showcases the best auctioneers in the KAA who each vie for the title. From livestock and auto auctioneers to real estate and benefit auctioneers, each auctioneer competes against fellow professionals. The auctioneers are judged by a panel of three judges through a round of interviews and then the preliminary and final bid calling portions. Contestants are judged by presentation, chant and voice, effective auctioneering skills and the ability to make an ambassador for the Kansas Auctioneers Association.

This year’s competition featured 14 contestants from three states.

  • Ross Daniels; Humbolt
  • Caleb Edelman; Andale
  • Titus Yutzy; Nickerson
  • Jeff Temme; Petersburg, Neb.
  • Nick Holzrichter; Halstead
  • Tom Lindsay, Jr.; Belton, Mo.
  • Michael Burkhart II; Dodge City
  • Eric Bloomquist; Assaria
  • Russell Puchalla; Roca, Neb.
  • Kevin Ediger; Windom
  • Shawn Terrel; Smithville, Mo.
  • Daniel Wagler; Lyndon
  • Ed Dewey; Rossville
  • Justin Schultis; Fairbury, Neb.
2011 KAA finalists
  1. Shawn Terrel
  2. Justin Schultis
  3. Russell Puchalla
  4. Tom Lindsay, Jr.
  5. Eric Bloomquist

UPDATED: Photos and the fair brochure now available.

2011 Auctioneer Championship brochure