International Auctioneers Conference and Show in Orlando

NAA CEO Hannes Combest
NAA CEO Hannes Combest

As I write this in early February, the “Blizzard of 2011” has recently made its exit from Kansas and headed north and east.

I’m sitting in my little house in Lawrence, Kan., looking at snowdrifts that are almost as tall as I am, and I’m dreaming … not of a White Christmas, but of Orlando, Fla., in July! I know that in Orlando I will feel the heat and humidity and perhaps think fondly back to the 2011 blizzard (maybe — and then again, maybe not!).

But what I know for sure is that I won’t have to deal with snow in Orlando. What I will get to do is see many of the friends and colleagues I’ve met over the past three years at the International Auctioneers Conference and Show. As I write this, the brochure and forms for the conference are at the press, the March issue of Auctioneer is being produced and soon NAA members will receive all three publications.

I hope what you will see will excite you. We’ve worked hard to put together a quality education program that will provide you the information you need to either grow your business or make you more efficient. Both actions have the same result – they add money to your bottom line. We have kept the same tight scheduled we initiated last year, allowing you to fly/drive to Orlando on Tuesday and leave Saturday afternoon and not miss one single thing. This means you have less time away from your office or from your friends and family.

As you look at the brochure and forms, you may ask yourself, “I just attended my state convention, why do I need to go to both?” I could answer this question quickly by saying, “You can never have too much education.” But the truth is … you can never have too much education.

The professional development opportunities offered by your state may meet your state’s license requirements and may meet your continuing education requirements to maintain your educational designations. The education at the NAA will also meet those needs. You will have access to three and a half days of quality programs, many of which will focus on specialized niches you have within your auction business.

While at your state association events, you will see the friends and colleagues you have met from across your state. And at the NAA’s Conference and Show, you will see the friends and colleagues you have met from across the nation or world.

The decision for you is not to select one conference over the other one. The decision for you is to make a commitment to improve your business in the most effective way possible – learning from as many people and incorporating as much information as you can to add money to your bottom line.

And don’t forget to talk to your accountant, as business-related continuing education and expenses may be tax deductible for you.

And don’t discount what a little break from the day-to-day grind of work can provide.

Lonnie McCurdy, from Kansas, told me that he schedules the NAA conference on his calendar every year; otherwise, he would never get a break. That’s good for Lonnie and for his family and for his business.

So make your plans now to attend the NAA Conference and Show. And while you are there, look me up! I’ll be there – without my snow shovel!