Charly Cummings wins 2011 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

Congrats to Charly Cummings for winning the 2011 LMA World Livestock Auctioneer Championship at the Upstate Livestock Exchange in Williamston, S.C. Charly has been the KAA Auctioneer Champion, the KAA Livestock Auctioneer Champion and is now the LMA champion auctioneer. We are proud of him!

More information is currently posted on the LMA website.

4 thoughts on “Charly Cummings wins 2011 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

  1. When I first met Charley Cummins years ago and heard him sell I told him he would be the world champ some day. Wonder what he thinks now? Congrats to a great guy who I am proud to consider a friend.

  2. Way to go Charly; graet job! We know you’ve worked hard over the years to get to this point. We’re all so proud of you and your family for standing behind you. Best of luck in the future and thanks for being in our parade.

  3. Congratulations Charly!!! You are truly a Champion!!! You have something that nobody in the world can take away from you & I am very proud to know you.

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