Hall of Fame

2019 Hall of Fame Recipient – Rick Garvin

This budding young auctioneer was born in Illinois in 1948. He was the youngest of 5 children. When he was in high school the family moved to Florida where he excelled in his favorite subjects—-Basketball and watching girls on the beach.

After graduation from high school he joined the Air Force where he found his ideal career field. Since he he always liked to talk and give orders he made a great Air Traffic Controller.  Later in his career he taught Air Traffic Control at Keesler Air Force base.

In 1977 he married Phyllis and took on the responsibility of raising her three sons as well as his two children. They made their family complete by adopting daughter

After retiring from the Air Force and completing a degree in business from Washburn University, they started a business buying and selling surplus merchandise. As the business grew they found themselves buying semi loads of merchandise. They began to hire auctioneers to sell some of the product

After one particularly bad sale Rick decided he could do a better job and decided to go to the Missouri Auction School and auction the items himself.

That was over twenty years ago and was the beginning of another career.

Due to a leg injury Rick decided to sell the auction house in March of 2017.
Although he claims to be semi retired, he seems busier than ever. He now sells personal property  and real estate on-line as well as doing some on site auctions.

He joined Town and Country Real Estate and Auction in 2018 and it seems to be a great fit for him.
Rick has many wonderful friends over the years and plans to continue auctioning as long as he is able.

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