Zero turn lawn mower, shop equipment, Corvette parts, automotive paint, shelving, race car parts, NEW Tig welding leads and parts, etc,etc.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
17756 K16 HWY McLouth, KS, 66054 785-393-1691
Call if you want to come and inspect items before auction. If you cannot pick up items on the day you are supose to pick them up. I will hold them for one week as long as they are paid for. Call me and let me know.
17756 K16 HWY, McLouth, KS US
This is a Mechanic and body shop cleanout auction. Shop was sold and this is what was left. Good zero turn Toro lawn mower, 2 parts lawn mowers, full shelf of auto body paint, dirt track race car parts, equipment, NEW tig welding leads and new parts, gondola shelf's, shelf's many different kinds, and many other items.
Lot#: 3250

Toro zero turn lawn mower 19 HP 42" cut. This mower runs and works. I used it to cut the grass all summer. come inspect it. sold as is no warranty spoken or implied.

Lot#: 3251

Wynn's Xtend cooling system power flush. 19" wide, 3' tall, 29" deep.


Lot#: 3252

5-Hoosier racing tires and wheels set of 4, 5 lug. 27.0 X 10.0 X 15

Lot#: 3253

Thermal Flo recoverey machine Model #600. Plugged in and comes on. No further testing done.

1' tall x 13" deep x 12" wide

Will recover 410A

Lot#: 3254

Cyclone Air paint shaker

46" tall x 18" wide

comes with air regulator

Lot#: 3255

Automotive paint pints,quarts and gallons

some are full some are not. a lot of different colors .

come inspect before you bid.

Lot#: 3256

2 sections of Gondola shelf's (contents not included)

Lot#: 3257

Cat battery charger pluged in and comes on and works

33" tall with handle x 12" wide x 10" deep

Lot#: 3258

2 Chevy Corvette tires and aluminum wheels

Lot#: 3259

nice shelf on wheels (4 shelf's)

57" tall x 17" wide x 27" deep

Lot#: 3260

air conditioning guages with nice long hoses (AC manifold)

shelf not included

Lot#: 3261

NEW Tig torch hose 12'

Lot#: 3262

Masking tape and paperholder rack

3' tall x 24" wide

Lot#: 3263

11-19 oz cans of Malco asphalt undercoating

Lot#: 3264

KFI Kinsler fuel injection (fuel mixture test kit) in wooden box

what you see is what you get

Lot#: 3265

MSD ignition box and chevy distributor

Lot#: 3266

New tubular A-Arms

these are for a race car I think. sold as is

Lot#: 3267

Oil cooler or tranny cooler 12" x 8"

Lot#: 3268

Moroso accumulator part #23900 19" long

Lot#: 3269

NEW G-Force helmet racing shield

Lot#: 3270

MB rear axle hub 5 lug racing hub

Lot#: 3271

BSB dirt track car part monofit (NEW)

Lot#: 3272

Moroso 14" chrome breather with filter like NEW

Lot#: 3273

Moroso Gold anodise breather top chrome bottom no filter

Lot#: 3274

Chevy chrome breather top and bottom no filter

Lot#: 3275

chrome breather 2 tops 1 bottom no filter

Lot#: 3276

Aero 4 mud plug 15"

Lot#: 3277

LED-X lead eater filter compound 1 case ( there are 6 one quart cans)

For the removal of heavy metals in aqueous solutions

Lot#: 3278

Tool Locker tool box 3 drawer

19" long x 12" tall x 9" deep

Lot#: 3279

new two piece rear bumper for dirt track car. new and never mounted.

Lot#: 3280

NEW five star stock car front passanger fender. new and never mounted. steel.

Lot#: 3281

NEW pair of stock dirt track sides, white in cotor still in plastic. Measures 63" long

Lot#: 3282

NEW pair of stock dirt track sides, white in cotor still in plastic. measures 63"

Lot#: 3283

New dirt track trunk panel, has plastic still on it. 37" wide X 32" deep.

Lot#: 3284

Forklift propane tank

21" tall x 11" wide

Lot#: 3285

Hi-pro power big jug for racing

21" tall x 10" wide

Lot#: 3286

Troy Built and Toro parts lawn mowers

Troy Built is a walk behind 33"

Toro is a zero turn 42"

Lot#: 3300

one piece Harley davidson tank. in raw metal outside, inside has a coating. 20" long, 17" wide, 10" tall( these measurements are just the tank at its biggest parts)

Lot#: 3301

Pair of headers(maybe small block chevy) . 1 1/2" exhaust ports, 3" exit collectors

Lot#: 3302

Pair of headers(maybe small block chevy) 1 1/2" exhaust ports, 3"exit collectors

Lot#: 3303

Desta-co clamp setup to weld 90 degree tubes

9" long x 4 1/2 wide x 11" tall

Lot#: 3304

Desta-co clamp setup to weld 90 degree tubes

9" long x 4 1/2" wide x 4" tall

Lot#: 3305

Desta-co single clamp on steel pipe

9" x 4" x 10"

Lot#: 3306

Lincoln ACmotor 1.5hp 3 phase volts 230/460

13" long x 8" wide

Lot#: 3307

John Dow portable oil drainpan 5 gal

plastic base and tube ( missing funnel)

17" across adjustable heigth

Lot#: 3308

Duracraft high velocity fan 3 speed (untested)

4' tall x 15" wide

Lot#: 3309

Big box fan

57" tall x 50" wide x 30" deep


Lot#: 3310

Patten electric fan 69" tall x 32" wide x 27" base


Lot#: 3311

Metal oil drain can with tube ( missing funnel)

12" wide adjustable height 35" tall up

Lot#: 3312

Aluminum Air gate tail gate for truck 62" long x 21" tall

Lot#: 3313

Corvette hood year uknown

Lot#: 3314

Aluminum drive shaft 83" long x 4" wide

Lot#: 3315

Milwalky sawzall case

24" long x 10" wide x 4" deep

Lot#: 3316

Blower assd. motor and fan with on and off switch

16" x 10"

Lot#: 3317

Aluminum bin (bolt bin and shelving) Made by Bruce McDonald Co. KCMO

7' tall x 3' wide x 1' deep

Lot#: 3318

NEW Truck gas tankSpectra F-25-B CB05A

60" long x 14"

Lot#: 3319

Semi Truck diesel fuel tank 50 gal year 03/14

Dent in bottom

Lot#: 3320

Rubbermaid mop bucket and mop

Lot#: 3321

2 adjustable Halogen shop lights

yellow and black with plug ins on the base

Lot#: 3322

Ford van parts Mass air flow sensor, headlight rings, turn signal lense

Lot#: 3323

Folding tool box tray attachment 17" wide 15" deep

Lot#: 3324

vintage Alemite air greese gun

39" tall 2' wide

Lot#: 3325

Rubber maid mop bucket attachment and greese rag bag holder

Lot#: 3326

4-mobile home trailer tires and wheels 7-14.5

Lot#: 3327

NEW 03-05 chevy Cavaler hood

Lot#: 3328

used corvette parts door (pass side)

Lot#: 3329

Big walker 2 ton jack ( leaks down needs rebuilt)

4' 3: long heavy duty

Lot#: 3330

Dust mop ,broom and scraper

Lot#: 3331

5 gal Oil drain pan ( can use under lifts will extend to different heights)

Lot#: 3332

30lb bottel of R134A dupon ( almost full)

Lot#: 3333

freon recovery tank

Lot#: 3334

48 qt igloo cooler with beer taps made into a chiller with Boulevard taps

Lot#: 3335

48 qt igloo cooler with beer taps with cage taps made into a chiller

Lot#: 3336

Western enterprise compressed gas nipple 13-3

Lot#: 3337

weld craft 2304-0135 3/32 collet 2.4 mm ahp-10,20

2 in the package

Lot#: 3338

Genuine heliarc collet body 3/32 2.4 mm for hw-20,20a,25 Part Number 13n28 (2 in a package)

Lot#: 3339

Airco transfer block 2310-1810 (1)

Lot#: 3340

Airco transfer block 2310-1810 (1)

Lot#: 3341

Radnor 54n01 insulator p/n64005617 Qty (2)

Lot#: 3342

airco torch accessory 810 9152

Lot#: 3343

Torch accessory mixer p/n810 9199

Lot#: 3344

western enterprise adapter inert arc AW-15A

Lot#: 3345

weldcraft 1/8 collet body 3.2 mm WP-17,18,26 p/n# 10n28

Lot#: 3346

Western enterprise compressed acc. adapter p/n51

Lot#: 3347

weldcraft nose transfer block ahp-10,20 p/n#2310-1810

Lot#: 3348

Airco torch acc. mixer p/n 810 9153

Lot#: 3349

western enterprise nipple 13-3 compressed gas

Lot#: 3350

weldcraft parts 3/32nds collet 2.4mm AHP-10,20 (2 each) PN#2304-0135

Lot#: 3351

Victor check valve P/N#0690-0034

Lot#: 3352

Western enterprise compressed gas acc. 5L adapter tig welding

Lot#: 3353

torch (tig) acc. P/N# 810-9152

Lot#: 3354

western enterprise compressed gas nipple 13=3

Lot#: 3355

Radnor 54n01 insulator P/N64005617 QTY (2)

Lot#: 3356

Torch accessory mixer P/N 810-9199

Lot#: 3357

Easy Read #EF 30 B Deltrol Fluid Products

Lot#: 3358

Airco torch accessory P/N# 810-9152

Lot#: 3359

weldcraft Torch head AHP-10 for Tig welding

Lot#: 3360

Plasmarc electrode for PT-27 (2 each) P/N# 33366XL

Lot#: 3361

Plasmarc electrode for PT-27 (2 each) P/N# 33366XL

Lot#: 3362

Plasmarc electrode for PT-27 (2 each) P/N# 33366XL


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