Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Stroh's Real Estate & Auction, LLC
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday @ 8:00 a.m. CST March 4 and soft closes Wednesday March 10 at 8:00 p.m. CST and pickup Friday March 12 1-7:00 p.m. CST If you are planning to place a bid on the vehicle, you need to contact Mary-the auction clerk at 620-257-8147 to increase amount you wish to bid per lot (presently set at $2,000) so system will accept your bid. WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium (EXCEPTION: Buyer's premium is 2% on the vehicle final bid which will be changed on final invoice) charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday March 11th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon March 11th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. PICKUP TIME IS Friday March 12th from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 702 West Cedar-Ness City, KS. Pick-up is by appointment ONLY. To request pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. We will work with buyers for different day/time at request of buyer. Please note that you will need to bring your own help to assist in loading items, including large items. Buyer responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due with in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If high bidder on vehicle talk to Mary at 620-257-8147 to discuss what means you wish to use for payment of the vehicle. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abondoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped Priority Mail unless buyer requests different shipping.
Ness City, KS US
The family has added their mothers 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL to this auction LOT 439. If interested, be sure to check it. If you wish to place bid on the vehicle, contact Mary (the auction clerk) so she can increase the per lot amount allowed at registration so system will accept your bid. Vyrl SLagle and his parents Marshall & Lucille operated Slagle Inc-GMC (Allis-Chalmers/GMC dealership and service) for several years from the 1960's. Selling 439 items. You will find memorbilia from that business in this online auction as well as Collectible: Pocket knives, Jewelry, Corgi American Fire Engine Classics, Allis-Chalmers parts catalogs, Belt Buckles * Vintage toys * Modern & Vintage funriture * Handicap items * JD Riding lawn mower * Vintage and newer tools * Misc personal property
Lot #: 1

Wood Christmas decorations

Wood Christmas decorations : Two reindeer and a sleigh. Reindeer stand 9 inches at the shoulder and are 13 inches long -one with his head down & one with his head up. Very attractive set
Lot #: 2

Table lamp

Gone With the Wind type electric table lamp with metal base and trim, and a white textured Globe and Shade. Stands approximately 22 inches tall. Crocheted doilie sells with stand in lot 3
Lot #: 3

Mahogany wood end table

Mahogany wood end table with bookshelf. it?s been around a while and is not new but it is in very good shape. This lot includes the crocheted doilie.
Lot #: 4

Christmas decorations

Two Plastic totes full of Christmas decorations: Empty gift boxes, strips of cranberries, snowflakes, poinsettias and evergreen with pinecones, Santa and elf, Christmas light bulbs and 4 large stockings for Santa to fill
Lot #: 5

Gel cushion and comforter

Gel cushion, clothes basket with kitchen and bath towels, oven mit, braided rug plus a body pillow and single size comforter
Lot #: 6

Fan Pattern Quilt

Quilt that will fit a twin size bed. Fan pattern. There is some damage. Has a label "Arch quilts" from Hawthorne New York
Lot #: 7

Basket full of rugs & linens

Basket full: rugs, Prayer shawl, crocheted and assorted linens
Lot #: 8

Pair of floor lamps

Pair of floor lamps: Both have metal bases- one has a wood trimmed pole but the lamp itself does not work, the other is has two bulbs and works
Lot #: 9

Wicker dresser box and more

Wicker dresser box, two wooden boxes ( we find no Means of opening so maybe "magic boxes") Cupid lidded dresser box, cherub Free standing mirror and old Macdonald had a farm musical bank that does not play music anymore and two other knickknacks
Lot #: 10

Ottoman and fan

Vinyl covered foot Ottoman. Hawaiian breeze oscillating table fan
Lot #: 11

Walking stick and cribbage board

3? wooden walking stick and wooden cribbage board with 4 pegs. Walking stick has 2 marbles that can move.
Lot #: 12

Ceramic shoe and more

Black Ceramic shoe, Neck pillow, plastic black trash can, metal tote basket with handle -still has the original label on it, umbrella with sleeve cover, decks of cards and flashlights
Lot #: 13

Peters center fire cartridges

Peters center fire cartridges In original box. Collectible Peters box with 50 22-20 60 grain hallow point cartridges
Lot #: 14

Lift chair

Lift chair from Best Home furniture. Still has the original instruction booklet that comes with it. Needs a little cleaning but does not show any wear and tear. It works folks. See pix of auctioneer showing how it works
Lot #: 15

Box of tools

Box of tools-10 inch adjustable wrench, tack hammer, nice ball peen hammer, paper punches, screwdrivers, rulers and some nice tape measures
Lot #: 16

Onyx coaster set

Onyx coaster set, Pair of brass candlesticks, Mother?s Day jigsaw card puzzle and other knickknacks
Lot #: 17

Pink glass oil lamp

Pink glass oil lamp. Needs a new wick and looks to be in very good condition
Lot #: 18

Collectible books

Collectible books: Lake English classics including Shakespeare, Kansas speller, Little Purdys captain horse by Sophie May, Haps and Mishaps at the old farm by CAA Stevens. Various conditions. Oh yes even Uncle Tom?s cabin that has been around for a while- was given as a Christmas gift in 1903
Lot #: 19

Animal knickknacks

Animal knickknacks: Metal skunk with three babies, plastic wolves and three plastic mice. Maybe they are the three blind mice
Lot #: 20

Deer family

Deer family with made in the USA stickers on the bottom. The buck has a bird on his head and a bird on his hip. Made of light weight material. Not ceramic nor plaster of Paris
Lot #: 21

Bells and angels

Bells and angels knickknacks including an Avon bell, seashell, snow globe, love doves and Ness County old settlers Bell and pair of angles with One angel needing wings reglued
Lot #: 22

Squirrels and bunnies

Squirrels and bunnies Knickknacks plus a glass flying pig
Lot #: 23

Avon porcelain eggs

Avon porcelain eggs with birds Plus a made in Brazil crystal glass egg
Lot #: 24

Sad iron and knickknacks

Sad iron with wood handle, cast iron donkey with Kansas label, covered dresser box, hanging angel, Homco dog figurine with broken foot, metal trimmed frame with pressed flowers, lidded stone dresser box, red bird candle and brass base candle
Lot #: 25

West Minster wall clock

West Minster wall clock. Does work. Battery operated
Lot #: 26

Antique Modified pillar and scroll clock

Antiques modified pillar and scroll clock Made by Marsh, Williams and Co. of Dayton Ohio in the 1830s. stencil dial, walnut wheels and one ivory bearing (in detachable portion in front of the escape wheel, replaced by brass bushing). The picture in the door is of navel engagement on October 18, 1812 about 500 miles east of the Chesapeake capes between the American sloop wasp and the British Brigadier frolic the wash capture the British Brigadier but was so badly damaged it could not escape after the action and was soon after captured by a British ship the "Poitiers" and was taken to Bermuda. Reference was made from American clocks in clockmakers by Carl W Drepperd 1958 edition on page 174
Lot #: 27

32 inch flatscreen

32 inch flatscreen TV by Haier. Mrs. Slagle was watching this TV so as far as we know it?s works. Has remote
Lot #: 28

TV cabinet

TV cabinet that Mrs. Slagler used to watchher TV that you can purchase in lot 27. This lot is a nice TV cabinet with two doors and a place to put a VCR or anything
Lot #: 29

CDs and case

CD?s and case:: 50s rock ?n? roll, 20 chart topping hits, Tommy Dorsey, the best of country. Good listening here folks
Lot #: 30

Wall shelf

24" Wall shelf With mirror. Made of new oak. really nice piece
Lot #: 31

Corgi American fire engine classics

Corgi die cast Collectible American fire engine classics from National motor museum mint. 1950s Seagrave 70th anniversary series canopy club bumper from Saint cloud Minnesota number US 52513. Does not have the original shipping box also selling US 50811 Seagrave K riverside fire department with original shipping box. Both have certificates of authenticity
Lot #: 32

Corgi American fire engine classics

Corgi collectible diecast American fire engine classics: both have certificate of authenticity and original mailing boxes. One is US 50512 1962 Seagrave model 900 B 70th anniversary series fire pump and the other is US 53206 and 1960 Mack c closed cab pumper rescue hose Co. 1 from sleepy Hollow New York
Lot #: 33

Corgi American fire engine classics

Two Corgi diecast American fire engine classics. Both with certificate of authenticity and both have their original shipping boxes. one is US 53512 American LaFrance 700 series open cab with a canopy Bethpage F.D. engine company No. one. the other is US 53514 1959?s American LaFrance 700 series close gab Middleton fire Department
Lot #: 34

Corgi American fire engine classics

Three Corgi diecast American fire engine classics. All three have certificate of authenticity and one has original shipping box. One is US 52604 AHearns-Fox HT piston pumper Hope Hose company No. 1 Tarrytown New York. another one is US52803-1949 Mack L open cab from Springfield FD and the third one is 1886 American LaFrance Silsbey Manning steam fire engine item number 1886SM
Lot #: 35

American Graffiti 55 Chevy

American Graffiti 55 Chevy 1/18 scale diecast metal highly detailed collectible from American muscle Limited addition is an Earl with original box
Lot #: 36

57 Chevy diecast vehicle

57 Chevy diecast vehicle in original box- really good shape
Lot #: 37

Allis Chalmer?s toy tractor

Metal Allis Chalmer?s toy tractor unmarked WD by American precision products. Lotta good fun left in this metal tractor
Lot #: 38

Miniature cars

Miniature cars. Most say made in China. VW is marked Majito
Lot #: 39

Glass candy dispenser

Race car glass candy dispenser, Scout cap pistol with a buffalo on the handle. two hard plastic toys-one is farm wagon and one is truck with no wheels
Lot #: 40

Diecast Allis Chalmers toy tractor

Diecast Allis Chalmers 8010 tractor. No markings so we assume is a dealership give away
Lot #: 41

Allis Chalmer?s toy diesel bulldozer

Hard plastic Allis Chalmer?s diesel bulldozer with original hard rubber track. Marked Baker on the dozer blade
Lot #: 42

Toy tractors

Allis Chalmer?s plastic toy tractor - missing exhaust pipe and piece broken on steering column. Miniature Deutz-Allis 8070 die cast tractor.
Lot #: 43

Allis Chalmers diecast tractor

Allis Chalmers 4w-305 diecast tractor. No markings so assume was dealership give away
Lot #: 44

Deutz-Allis diecast tractor

Deutz-Allis 9150 diecast tractor. Assume dealership give away
Lot #: 45

Allis Chalmers plastic farm toys

Allis Chalmers plastic farm toys. All have some damage
Lot #: 46

Cast iron toy road grader

Cast iron road grader with adjustable blade and original tires. It has seen a lot of fun and still a lot of fun left
Lot #: 47

Cast-iron farm toys

Cast-iron Avery steam engine that has been welded and cast-iron plow with its original rubber tires and has some damage
Lot #: 48

New Idea toys

New Idea toys: plastic and metal single row corn picker, plastic mechanical manure spreader and diecast sickle mower
Lot #: 49

Oliver pull type toy combine

Oliver pull type toy combine. Reel still turns
Lot #: 50

Oliver metal toy tractor

Oliver 77 metal tractor. Has been played with but in very good shape. Still has the original driver and rubber tires
Lot #: 51

Metal toy John Deere A

Metal John Deere A with driver and rubber tires
Lot #: 52

Massey Harris 44 metal toy tractor

Massey Harris 44 metal tractor with driver and rubber tires. Missing steering wheel.
Lot #: 53

Plastic International Harvester Farmall tractor

Plastic international Harvester Farmall tractor. In very good shape. Has original rubber tires. No model number
Lot #: 54

Case plastic tractor

Case plastic tractor with rubber tires. Very good condition
Lot #: 55

Miscellaneous collectible toys

Miscellaneous collectible toys: Including a hard plastic M&M tractor with broken driver and missing front wheels, platoon airplane that needs some tender loving care, a plastic combat soldier and a cow missing her ears and more
Lot #: 56

Elec cords & strips plus encyclopedias

Electrical cords and strips plus complete set of World Book Encyclopedia set
Lot #: 57

John Deere LA 135 riding mower

John Deere LA 135 riding mower. Hydrostat special edition 22 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Daughters said was purchased new in the last 10 years. They do not have paperwork of exact year. It is ready to mow for you and is in very good condition
Lot #: 58

John Deere pull behind wagon

John Deere pull behind wagon with two wheels and plastic tub dumps
Lot #: 59

Dixon riding lawnmower

Dixon riding lawnmower ZTR 312 has a bagger. Has been sitting so might need some servicing. Found the original book that came with the mower
Lot #: 60


Rototiller with Briggs and Stratton easy spin starting engine. Came from Slagle inc propane out of Ness City Kansas. Looks like it?s been well used and we assume still has a lot more use to go. Found the original book if buyer wishes to have.
Lot #: 61

Metal lawn ornaments

Metal lawn ornaments. One has a hook to hang a plant the other could be used for a vine to climb
Lot #: 62

Wood handle garden tools

Wood handle garden tools: Rounded spade, snow shovel, Rake and scoop shovel
Lot #: 63

Wooden handled gardening tools

Wooden handled gardening tools: Leaf rake, square tip shovels, hoe, rake, weed whacker
Lot #: 64

Wooden handled gardening tools

Wooden handled gardening tools: 3 Different shapes and sizes shovels, one very large scraper, a handleless pick and a metal handled rake
Lot #: 65

Metal two wheeled cart

Metal two wheeled cart with rubber tires
Lot #: 66

Werner aluminum folding ladder

Werner aluminum folding ladder. Model M8?16
Lot #: 67

Murray Bicycle

Murray Bicycle. Ready for some young child to take it on a spin
Lot #: 68

Garden brick and Stone

Garden brick and Stone-54 bricks and 3 pieces of flower bed edging stone
Lot #: 69

Sunsui speakers & dress forms

Pair of Sunsui speakers (they work) and 2 metal dress forms
Lot #: 70

Stadium seat and full length mirror

Folding Stadium seat with case and full length mirror
Lot #: 71

Salton unit and kitchen items

Salton appliance, Tupperware, misc cutting boards, kraut cutter
Lot #: 72

Puzzles and picnic supplies

Puzzles and tote full of picnic supplies. Put together the puzzles while you?re having your picnic with Styrofoam plates, plastic plates, cups and plasticware
Lot #: 73

Anchor hocking double rocks crystal

Anchor hocking double rocks. 13 oz crystal. Set of 22
Lot #: 74

Camera stuff and textbooks

Old Camera equipment including a Polaroid, lighting, old film. Assorted Paper books and hardbacks, Latin second year course teach yourself Latin and assorted pictures
Lot #: 75

Wahl homepro haircutting kit

Wahl homepro haircutting kit with case
Lot #: 76

Five wood hanging shelves

Five wood hanging shelves. Two sets are matching pairs. Fifth has golf ball motiff
Lot #: 77

Children?s books

Children?s books: Including Young Readers Bible, Mr. Magoo?s Christmas Carol, Walt Disney?s comics, Daniels New Friend & many more.
Lot #: 78

Two boxes Tupperware

Two boxes Tupperware and other kitchen items
Lot #: 79

Harvest Maid dehydrator

Harvest Maid dehydrator
Lot #: 80

Pet carrier

Pet carrier. 16"x13?x24?
Lot #: 81

Pet stairs

Pet stairs so your pet can climb to his perch
Lot #: 82

Cutler Hammer breaker box

Cutler Hammer breaker box and empty organizer
Lot #: 83

Three organizers

Three organizers. All are empty and ready for your things that you need to organize
Lot #: 84

New Britain half inch socket set

New Britain half inch socket set in metal storage/carrying case
Lot #: 85

Plastic drawer full of tools

Plastic drawer full of tools: ball peen hammer, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers-small flat and Phillips, lots of pliers, side cutters and 1 hack saw
Lot #: 86

16 gauge wide crown staple gun

16 gauge wide crown Duo Fast air gun- powered staple gun with staples
Lot #: 87

Wooden chest

Wooden chest was seven drawers covered with a cloth fabric. No knobs or handles and it?s ready for a bright pink purple blue whatever color you want. Measures 46" x 14? and 30? tall
Lot #: 88

Rival crock pot and floor lamp

Rival crock pot and floor lamp so you can see what you are cooking
Lot #: 89

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations: Several strings of red lights and some greenery. Several lamp chimneys
Lot #: 90

Inflatable snowman

8? Inflatable snowman that lights up and is in his original box, track from the Greatland Holiday Xpress train and a box of C 7 1/2 Christmas bulbs
Lot #: 91

Wyn tech electric heater

Wyn Tech electric heater and set of 4 wood TV trays
Lot #: 92

Oak wall phone

Oak wall phone. Missing plastic mouthpiece
Lot #: 93

Damascus sewing machine

Damascus sewing machine with cabinet. Very nice condition. It is a treadle machine
Lot #: 94

Framed mirror

Framed mirror and sofa picture that is hand painted
Lot #: 95

Hollywood frame and headboard

Hollywood frame and headboard with box springs and mattress thrown in. Double bed size
Lot #: 96

Step ladder and card table

Werner folding aluminum step ladder and vintage folding card table
Lot #: 97

Mixed set of golf clubs

Vision, Northwester plus Dunlop putter and golf clubs. Comes with 2 bags. Full of balls and tees
Lot #: 98

Well pulling pipe vise

Well pulling pipe vise
Lot #: 99

Bench vice

Bench vice Big and heavy and very good heavy duty 4 inch bench base
Lot #: 100

Portable propane heater

Portable propane heater on rolling platform and 100 pound bottle
Lot #: 101

Craftsman vintage drill press

Craftsman vintage drill press which probably came out of a school. Has a cabinet that sits on and is full of all kinds of attachments and drill bits. Has nice adjustable vice plus mortice and tendon attachment and much more
Lot #: 102

Picnic table

8? long picnic table with a set of metal wheels to help move it around- very portable
Lot #: 103


Wood vanity that is painted white and has metal poles. Has a place for the mirror but there is no mirror and no vanity seat. Dresser only
Lot #: 104

Tiger chewing tobacco tins

Two Tiger chewing tobacco tins and two Golden Wedding steel cut coffee tins
Lot #: 105

Brass blow torch and more

Brass blow torch, 2 gallon fuel can and wooden box with handle with a padlock and key to store something that you think is valuable
Lot #: 106

Two flat screen TVs

Two small flat screen TVs measuring 16" and 18"
Lot #: 107

Magnavox TV

Magnavox 26" TV
Lot #: 108

Two wheel dolly

Two wheel foldable dolly and 3 light pole lamp
Lot #: 109

Two circulating box fans

Two Lasko air circulating box fans- still in original boxes
Lot #: 110

Schwinn DelMar girls bike

26" Schwinn DelMar girls bike. Has good rubber and seat. Looks in great shape with lots of good riding left in this thing
Lot #: 111

Wood plant stand

Wood plant stand and wooden heart shape silent butler
Lot #: 112

Dropleaf kitchenette table

Wooden antiqued green dropleaf kitchenette table
Lot #: 113

TV stand

Oak pressed wood tv stand with swivel top, shelf for video player and 2 door storage cabinet
Lot #: 114

Panasonic microwave

Panasonic microwave with turntable
Lot #: 115

Wood chiffenrobe

Walnut/burl oak chiffenrobe. Really nice piece. Has rolling casters. One front leg is weak and needs reinforced before rolling very far. Has the key
Lot #: 116

Six drawer dresser

Six drawer dresser with two metal pulls on each drawer
Lot #: 117

Astrolon telescope

Astrolon telescope with case. See picture for technical specifications
Lot #: 118

Old Four drawer chest

Old Four drawer oak chest with two metal round pulls on each drawer. In very good shape. Has four rollers. Top does have a split that needs re-glued
Lot #: 119

Plano tackle boxes

Two Plano tackle boxes. Both are empty and ready for you to fill them up
Lot #: 120

Bedside multitasker

Bedside multitasker: Radio iPod and iPhone, preset auto time set, dream machine. Pretty cool if you can figure out how do use it
Lot #: 121

Coal shovels and bucket

Coal shovels and bucket
Lot #: 122

Two metal ammo boxes

Two metal ammo boxes- Both are empty and in good condition
Lot #: 123

Jack stands

Pair of 3000 pound jackstands and a backpack by OGIO
Lot #: 124

Philco radio

Philco radio and old 12 volt head beam lamps. One lower and one upper
Lot #: 125

Magazine rack telephone stand

Magazine rack telephone stand. Neat old piece
Lot #: 126

Wilmar floor jack

Wilmar floor jack. Approximately 1 1/2 ton
Lot #: 127

Golf clubs and bags

Golf clubs, 2 bags and 1 golf caddy
Lot #: 128

Christmas table pieces

Christmas table pieces: Mug centerpiece with Santa and Frosty holding a bowl. Two snowmen on a sleigh with a candle to warm them. An oil lamp chimney, snack bowls and candles
Lot #: 129

Wood bread box and Mallett

Wood bread box, kitchen Mallett, Reinas Grande cigar box and clip recipe holder
Lot #: 130

Picture frames and more

Blue and pink picture frames, discover wildlife tag, some nice old saucer dishes, a robin to melt wax candle sticks, miniature bathroom furniture, set of three figurines
Lot #: 131

Cd player

CD player and camping lantern
Lot #: 132

Metal index card filing box

Metal index card filing box, Miniature wooden shoes, pot metal horse with a saddle, another pot metal horse with a broken leg, lime stone post sign, angel figurine and a nice heavy duty small flower pot
Lot #: 133

Silver plate box and pieces

Lined Silver plate chest and pieces. There are several different patterns and styles and types of silver plate and tableware
Lot #: 134

Assorted household items

Assorted household items: Metal First Aid kit, electric curling iron, wood centerpiece to put knickknacks in, cover plates for light switches, porcelain light bulb holder to put on the ceiling or the outside wall and other surprise gifts when you dig through
Lot #: 135

Shoe Lasts

Shoe lasts, sad iron with no markings nor handle, a piece of cast metal that I have no clue what it?s for, a green handled kitchen sieve
Lot #: 136

Wood shadow box

Wood shadow box and plastic stepstool
Lot #: 137

Rain birds and old tins

Rain birds, old tins, Mount Vernon souvenir plate with original box, 12 x 18 picture frame-brand new, tennis racket, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank bottle refill, overnight case and a child?s ironing board
Lot #: 138

Allis Chalmers dealership giveaways

Allis Chalmers dealership giveaways: Orange plastic safari helmet marked with an Allis- Chalmer?s decal, Slagle Inc Ness City self attaching stickers as well as labels, Slagle Inc. propane Ness city Kansas with the GMC and Deutz-Allis sticker emblems
Lot #: 139

Children?s books

Children?s books and romance books as well as 20th century type writing complete course book , American children?s best books,John Wesley, little red hen, Daniel Steel, Mary Higgins Clark- lots a good reading
Lot #: 140

File tins

File tins, Small maxi heat unit and a box to put in your car to watch movies (we think)
Lot #: 141

Ornate metal hose holder

Ornate metal hose holder and wringer for pail or mop bucket to remove excess water from cloth
Lot #: 142

Picture frames & more

Picture frames, Little outhouse, The First Hundred Years magazine, checkers, 23 piece cookie press set box- looks like everything?s in it and little wood wall shelf
Lot #: 143

Recipe books

Recipe books: Including favorite brand-name Chinese collection, casserole cookbook, searchlight recipe workbook, treasury baking cookbook, Betty Crocker new picture cookbook plus lots of good reading while you?re baking with hardback and paperback books and oh yes the recipe box to save those recipes you want to remember
Lot #: 144

Metal wall hanging

Metal wall hanging from Hancock Fabrics Home- very attractive and looks like wood but it is metal. 32" across
Lot #: 145

Pictorial history Civil War book

Pictorial history Civil War book and chicken collection recipe book
Lot #: 146

Avery repair catalogs

Tillage implement repair catalogue No-101 for BF Avery and sons Tillage Implements and Harvesting machines. Second book is a general catalog No. A- C 32 BF Avery and sons manufactures of Plows, tillage implements, harvesting machinery. For plows.harrows, Planters, Listers, cultivators, mowers, rakes, binders, headers, hay loaders. Both of these books are in very good condition
Lot #: 147

Avery Jack

Avery Jack. Maybe if you?re needing repair parts after you get this home or you have one at home check out Lot 146 -maybe they have the stuff you need
Lot #: 148

Allis Chalmers parts books

Allis Chalmers parts books: Parts book for Allis Chalmers 22 x 38 steel thresher and a dealers repair parts catalog for model A, 20?35 and 25?40 tractors and E-563(E-60) and EO- 60 power units dated May 1954
Lot #: 149

Allis Chalmers dealers parts catalogs

Allis Chalmers dealers parts catalogs: Special attachments for "60" series all crop harvesters dated May 1956, dealers repair parts catalog Fir ?60? all crop harvester dated December 1949 and dealers repair parts catalog for model G implements dated December 1949
Lot #: 150

Allis Chalmers parts catalogs

Allis Chalmers parts catalogs: Parts catalog for Models A420, C620, C820, E439 and E (3)420, F620 and G820 for corn heads used on gleaner combine?s. Parts catalog 22 tractor , parts catalog section 2 for coulters and jointers, plow bottoms and plow sole fertilizer
Lot #: 151

29? buzz saw blade

29" buzz saw blade
Lot #: 152

Black and Decker Power tools

Block and Decker Power tools: Working sander, 7 1/4 inch heavy duty radial saw that works and a saber saw that does not work
Lot #: 153

Kitchen helpers

Kitchen helpers: No 20 Lee?s lightning meat grinder with 3 cutters, 2 cup flour sifter, presto cheese slicer, and grab it, dust pan, C sad iron with wood handle, ice cream scoop, Edgeworth extra high-grade sliced tobacco tin, handkerchiefs and a little footstool
Lot #: 154

Power tools

Power tools: Black and Decker sander, Skill 3/8" 1/3 HP drill, Craftsman 1/3 HP drill plus assorted attachments. All 3 run
Lot #: 155

Metal toolbox with tools

Metal toolbox with tools: Box and open ended wrenches, a few half-inch sockets. There are no complete sets of wrenches but they are all good wrenches
Lot #: 156

Griswald waffle iron

#8 Griswald waffle iron plus Kansas 1931 and 1937 car tags
Lot #: 157

Power tools

Power tools: Miller Falls drill and 4" grinder that has unreadable label so do do not know maker. Both run
Lot #: 158

Tools and service manuals

1947 Motor Age flat rate and service manual by Chilton company, Price Brothers mowers parts list, two boxes full of tools -crescents adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers , ball peen hammer etc., a Coleman air compressor in its own plastic box and a soldering iron in a plastic box
Lot #: 159

Parts boxes and parts

Parts boxes and parts: All kind of bolts, washers, nuts, cotter keys, half moon keys and then a large selection of spark plugs, ignition parts and some air filters for small engines
Lot #: 160

Stanley miter saw

Stanley miter saw No 2246A
Lot #: 161

Assorted nails

Jars and jars of assorted nails in tote plus empty tool box
Lot #: 162

Miscellaneous antique tools

Miscellaneous antique tools: GM parts give away Louisville slugger bat, Brick carrier, carpenter square, Carpenter rule with brass bound, hatchet, two good braces, hog ringer, and Lifter wrench among others plus 2 metal wheels with rubber. All included in nice metal tool box
Lot #: 163

Central pneumatic air tools

Central pneumatic air tools: 2 Drills, one air grinder and one ratchet
Lot #: 164

Lineman tools

Lineman tools: Safety belt, tool pouches and tree climbers
Lot #: 165

Miscellaneous tools

Miscellaneous tools: Sockets, box end wrenches, screwdriver, scraper- all included in a nice plastic box
Lot #: 166

Assorted Saws

Assorted Saws: Several good sets of tinsnips, coping saws, tree saw, pruners and a nice meat saw
Lot #: 167

Tote of miscellaneous tools

Tote of miscellaneous tools: This includes levels, screwdrivers, tin snips, clasps, hammers of all kinds, level. If not in this box; maybe you do not need it. Remember to bring help to load as this is a heavy tote full and of course I will be busy" ??
Lot #: 168

Metal headboard

Metal headboard with no other pieces to the bed, metal folding three shelf unit stand, metal Walkingstick -could be used for sorting cattle and a nice wood type tray
Lot #: 169

Four plastic lawn chairs

Be ready when spring finally comes with these four plastic lawn chairs
Lot #: 170

Antique metal pole floor lamp

Antique metal pole floor lamp. Shade has green glass satin shade- really showy piece
Lot #: 171

Hardwood rocker

Hardwood rocker that is in very good condition
Lot #: 172

Wood chairs

Straight slat back Quaker style and two Bentwood round seat press back chairs. All three are Oak
Lot #: 173

Doll house

Wood Doll house. Perfect for every little girl that likes to play with dolls OR is a decorative wall hanging shelf unit
Lot #: 174

Small oak dropleaf table

Small oak dropleaf table: Use it in your living room as a side table or let your children play with it as a toy dinette table
Lot #: 175

Handicap Walker

Nice wheeled walker that has brakes. Has four wheels, seat for sitting down or you can walk behind. Has storage underneath the seat to carry your items
Lot #: 176

Spinner mop

Spinner mop with spinner and bucket plus an extra bucket to carry the dirty water around. String mop and swifter mop as well
Lot #: 177

Two wheel covers

Two wheel covers: One marked Pontiac, the other may be a Buick emblem, a kitchen stool, a padded folding chair, the tray off of a high chair Plus a dog tiedown
Lot #: 178

Vintage records

Vintage records. 78?s and mini-records. There are 3 different sizes of records
Lot #: 179

Vintage equipment manuals

Vintage equipment manuals: McCormick Deering, Case, caterpillar, Celtics crawler tractors. lotta nice collectible books here fellas
Lot #: 180

Operating info for vintage equipment

Operating instructions and repair parts illustrations for "60" all crop Harvester A series Allis Chalmers, perfection ring and pinion gears connecting rod exchange and Moore
Lot #: 181

Cleaning supplies & bug killer

Selling contents of a shelf unit (not the shelf unit itself) items include buckets, vinegar, bug spray, Pine-Sol, Clorox bleach, even a furnace vent plus a box of straws, string, kitchen and freezer bags. Bonus is a bamboo pole with hook on it that was used in a hardware store to grab belts off of the top shelf
Lot #: 182

AC/DC or 12 V igloo cooler

AC/DC or 12 V igloo cooler, 62 inch wind buster with storage sleeve that?s perfect for unexpected weather changes plus a thermometer that says Taylor on it
Lot #: 183

Whirlpool dryer

Whirlpool electric dryer. It has timed dry, wrinkle shield, automatic dry and fluffy air. It?ll do it all for you ladies and gentlemen
Lot #: 184

Cold drink coolers

Gott and Coleman coolers, Sock monkey, dog treats and feeder tray to feed your pet
Lot #: 185

Kitchen linens

Kitchen linens: Oven mitts, potholders, towels, dish rags, brand new 17.3" x 30.3? rug and a tablecloth
Lot #: 186

Cosco kitchen stepstool

Cosco kitchen stepstool. In very good condition probably not very old
Lot #: 187

Pots and pans

Pots and pans: Set of three skillets, 9 x 13 cake pan and lid, metal pizza tray, various pieces of sauce pans with lids and assorted plastic lids
Lot #: 188

Sharp carousel microwave

Sharp carousel microwave with operation manual-Not very old
Lot #: 189

Pampered chef stoneware

Pampered chef stoneware: Pizza platter, loaf pan and 9 x 13 cake/cassarole pan
Lot #: 190

Aluminum foil and more

Aluminum foil, Glad press and seal, glad trash bags, heavyweight Crystal assorted cutlery and bubble wrap
Lot #: 191

Wrapping tape

Wrapping tape and applicators, magic markers and assorted pens and pencils, tape measure, Elmers glue stick and gorilla glue
Lot #: 192

Hanging collectors plates

4 Hanging collectors plates -Marked made in Japan. all four of winter scenes plus and Edgemore farms milk money bank and a small crock
Lot #: 193

Royals bobble head doll

Royals bobble head doll of Soria 48
Lot #: 194

Silver trays

Two Unmarked Silver trays, metal tray filled with assorted tableware, vintage kitchen whisk, metal spatula and wood handled potato masher
Lot #: 195

Glass Milk jug

Glass Milk jug, Desk lamp, two oil lamp chimneys, Bazine state bank metal spoon holder, Zyliss nut chopper, Coca-Cola tree ornament, miscellaneous plastic trays for holding silverware etc. and a package of wooden clothes pins
Lot #: 196

Silverware chimes

Silverware chimes: Using one fork and four spoons that are very tarnished so need a good cleaning but they?ll sure sing in the wind
Lot #: 197

Collectible tie tacks

Collectible tie tacks: Two "Case" pins, four stones with a horseshoe around them, different colored stones, a 4 x 4 really unique and cool. Two bags of tack backs to pin on your shirt. In wood box with glass top. Glass has crack in upper left corner as shown above sticker number
Lot #: 198

Collectible pocket knives

Coca-Cola pocket knife from the 1982 worlds fair in Knoxville Tennessee, Louisiana world exposition 1984 pocket knife and a Reagan Bush pocket knife. all three in very good condition
Lot #: 199

Collectible pocket knives

Kansas 1986 125th anniversary, souvenir Vermont, souvenir of New Mexico, two from Canada. all in very good condition. four of the five have chains for key rings- the Kansas does not have a chain for key ring
Lot #: 200

Collectible pocket knives

Five collectible knives -one from the Midwest Old Threshers in Mt Pleasant Iowa, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, 1974 Kentucky Bicentennial- colonial knife, Bermuda, Key overalls -imperial knife
Lot #: 201

Collectible pocket knives

Five traveling pocket knives. Los Angeles California, Great Smoky Mountains, Midget City Chicago, Hannibal Missouri and Salt Lake City Utah
Lot #: 202

Collectible pocket knives

Five traveling pocket knives: one from the battleship that I can?t read the maker, stainless steel knife from Japan from the sulfur Mountain gondola lift in Venice Canada, lookout mountain rock city insignia, ideal life from World Museum of Mining in Butte Montana and another cute little one from the Alamo that is a colonial knife
Lot #: 203

Collectible pocket knives

Five collectible pocket knives with advertising -all from Ness City Kansas. Slagle Allis Chalmers with a nice Barlow knife, Vyrl Levan oil leases, Mobil bulk, Federal Land Bank Association and Carmac Oil Service. All are USA marked
Lot #: 204

Collectible pocket knives

5 more great selection from Ness City: Slagle Barlow knife, two from Mobil Bulk Oil, Home Oil with a two bladed knife and a funny looking little knife in shape of a circle from Service Grain Company
Lot #: 205

Collectible pocket knives

Three from Bazine State Bank,one from Folkers Supply in Wichita , Western Ice & Storage Co-Hamm?s Beer Sydney Nebraska. mostly Imperial or USA
Lot #: 206

Collectible pocket knives

Have another one from Bazine State Bank with the advertising almost all rubbed off, Frog sticker from Max Dodd of Newton, little OMC imperial knife and imperial knife marked DE with arrow from Deutz Allis and one marked John.
Lot #: 207

Collectible pocket knives

Two fish knives with serrated blade to remove fish scales with one having a hook remover, nice little single blade in Parrott, genuine Boy Scout knife- does have some rust so need to loosen it up and another frog sticker
Lot #: 208

More collectible pocket knives

I have some more Barlow from Slagle implement with the advertising rubbed off, another one from Bazine bank with advertising rubbed off and then some miscellaneous clippers and set for your toenails and pocket knife
Lot #: 209

Collectible pocket knives

10 nice collectible pocket knives all in good shape and nothing materially wrong with them. there?s a frontier and then some imperial, colonial- just a little bit of everything
Lot #: 210

Collectible pocket knives

Box full of knives: some are advertising, all of these knives have some damage- have a broken blade or the case has been damaged or blade missing, Buy them like you see them
Lot #: 211

Lighters and more

Oliver farm machinery lighter, the Body Shop Inc. Corporative from Pratt Kansas lighter, a bolo tie from Ness City Old settlers Day -1955, a large one cent, a token from Pioneer Village and papers and funnels to sort out your coins
Lot #: 212

Collectible ever sharps

Collectible ever sharps: Some of them are Slagle Implement plus a little bit of everything from all over like Cocker City, Ness City, Oakley etc. All being stored in plastic Corina Larks cigar box
Lot #: 213

Allis Chalmers belt buckle

Allis Chalmers 70th anniversary belt buckle with leather belt. Very nice leather billfold with Allis Chalmers tractor engraved on both sides. Belt is engraved with the tractors made over several years. Pictures not doing it justice. Does not show any wear. Tooling work is beautifully done on these pieces
Lot #: 214

A bolo tie and old settlers pins

A bolo tie, belt buckle, Old Settlers reunion for 1973 and 1930 plus Beeler Ks 1987 centennial pins
Lot #: 215

Collectible belt buckles

Centennial Kansas 1861, second amendment by the American heritage and American eagle with a certificate of authenticity 1983 in original box
Lot #: 216

1983 oil industry belt buckles

1983 oil industry belt buckles: Inland crude is number 99 out of 1000
Lot #: 217

Allis Chalmers belt buckles

Allis Chalmers belt buckles: 1983/60 anniversary gleaner combine buckle and two more Allis Chalmer?s buckles with one of them having the belt loop broken off
Lot #: 218

Allis Chalmers belt buckles

Two Allis Chalmers belt buckles and Custom Harvesters campaign 1983 belt buckle
Lot #: 219

Shortline Implement Company Belt Buckles

Shortline Implement Company Belt Buckles. They sold their equipment through the Slagle Implement Company in Ness City. Bush Hog, OMC, Lilliston and Richardson
Lot #: 220

Collectible belt buckles

Collectible belt buckles: One from Price Brothers Equipment Co., Custom Harvesting Campaign for 1983 and Cowboys Bronco Supply Co. Oilfield
Lot #: 221

Collectible belt buckles

Collectible belt buckles: Allis Chalmers , Custom Harvesters campaign 1984 and the first PCA loan lending strength 1933 to 1983 for Production Credit Association
Lot #: 222

Collectible belt buckles

Collectible belt buckles: 1987 Browell Kansas Centennial, McCracken Kansas centennial 1987 and Beeler Kansas centennial 1987
Lot #: 223

Collectible belt buckles

Collectible belt buckles: Silver streak, fifth annual antique car tractor and engine show from Lathrop Missouri 1983, Rusty wheel?s old engine club of Arkansas 1983, United Methodist Church of Kansas west conference 1980 for 200th anniversary
Lot #: 224

Ness County Old Settlers Day belt buckles

Ness County Old Settlers Day belt buckles: 1985 one in color & one plain, 1990 and 2000
Lot #: 225

Ness County Old Settlers Reunion Buckles

Ness County Old Settlers Reunion collectible belt buckles: 1985 and 1990
Lot #: 226

Ness County Old Settlers Reunion belt buckles

Ness County Old Settlers Reunion belt buckles: 1885 and 1990
Lot #: 227

Ness County Old Settlers Anniversary coins

Ness County Old Settlers Anniversary coins: (2) 100 and one 105. Plus Washington Half Dollar coin
Lot #: 228

Money clips

Money clips: Two from Bazine State Bank- one has turquoise stone in the background, one is brass colored and one is a leather magnetic clip
Lot #: 229

Jewelry box and jewelry

Jewelry box and it already has items in it: Westclox pocket watch, tie clips, class rings approx size 8 (one marked 1932 and other two unreadable), tietacks, cuff links and various Ness County pins
Lot #: 230

Wall hanging jewelry

This wood case has a glass front and is designed to hang on the wall. Has hooks for hanging objects. This box has three pocket watches: one-Santa Fe Special, one is a Waltham and 3rd is marked DU?BER ( we cannot tell what the other letter is with a? Due to the minute hand) there?s tie tacks, watch fobs and other neat objects
Lot #: 231

Top shelf grabbers & long handled shoe spoon

Top shelf grabbers, a long handled shoe spoon, expandable hanging clothes bar, Walkingstick and more things ease your life
Lot #: 232

Handicap aids

Handicap aids: Invacare toilet seat, four legged cane and a two wheel foldable adjustable walker
Lot #: 233

Handicap Single Mica bed

Handicap single Mica bed. Purchased new and was only slept on three nights. Adjustable and has a remote control. Very nice bed complete with side rail to assisting not falling out of bed but also assist in getting out of bed. Has legs so does not have mattress and springs sitting on the floor. Has the owner's manual with instructions and information
Lot #: 234

Handicap items

Handicap items: Folding stool to sit on, walking cane with 4 feet, adjustable folding walker with front wheels and tennis balls on back legs to keep them from scratching the floor, a walking cane and wood handled cane
Lot #: 235

Ironing board & rolling travelwell bag

Ironing board, rolling travelwell bag, Collapsible clothes hamper, wire waste basket, plastic laundry basket, rolls of Christmas paper and a folding pole rack
Lot #: 236

Lasko free standing fan

Lasko free standing fan: Has three speeds and can be adjusted up or down
Lot #: 237

Bissell upright sweeper

Bissell power force 12 amp upright sweeper
Lot #: 238

Folding chair and table

Wood Folding chair and wood end table. Top of table could use a refinish job but otherwise in good condition. There are two other wood folding chairs selling in Lot 354
Lot #: 239

Kodak picture printer

Kodak picture printer, Kodak picture paper for printer, Health o meter scales, Sony alarm clock, RadioShack 13 hour Ni-CD and NI-MH battery charger
Lot #: 240

Hardback books

Hardback books: Land of the post rock, story of the great American west, wind on the prairies- how the West was really won, publication of the Kansas Historical society from 1930 volume three, Whitmore historic Kansas, visiting historic sites on the Central hi-Plains, and history of company M. Sixth Missouri state militia from the US service
Lot #: 241

Hoover upright sweeper

Hoover power drive upright sweeper and a desk fan
Lot #: 242

Three framed pix and a picture frame

Three framed pictures and a picture frame, Mead briefcase with zipper, expandable pink filing box, pink trashcan and a small picture album with no pictures
Lot #: 243

Box of hardback books

Box of hardback books: Implement and tractor, saga of sawlog, thunder in the Apennines- the story of the 361st infantry in Italy, pioneer woman, harry potter, a hand written diary dated October 10, 1902, Ness western county and much more
Lot #: 244

Box of empty picture frames

Box of empty picture frames -Various sizes and shapes, most with wood frames and some with metal
Lot #: 245

Hardback and paperback books

Hardback and paperback books: Up from the sod (history of Rice County by Horace Jones), the richest place on earth, Mandarin French silk and there is even some video books
Lot #: 246

Lots of books

Lots of books: cookbooks, books by Betty Beverly Lewis, the Methodist hymnal, projects for the Birders garden and many more
Lot #: 247

Books by Danielle steel

Books by Danielle steel. This is a big box filled with hardback and paperback lots of good reading
Lot #: 248

Automobile books

Model A Ford construction operation repair for the restorer, the treasury of the automobile by Ralph Stein, Chevrolet USA 1946 to 1959 by Ray Miller
Lot #: 249

Wooden checkerboard

Wooden checkerboard-No checkers, wooden sewing box (lids are loose), plastic walker caddy, wooden tray for wheelchair
Lot #: 250

Pictures in frames

Three framed and one not framed is artwork. Large frame with no glass nor picture, Grandkids make Life More Grand plaque and miniature clothes pins
Lot #: 251

Christmas CDs

CD?s-Mostly Christmas, three CD set of the big band era, Thomas Kincaid 100 piece miniature jigsaw puzzle plus a closet light
Lot #: 252

Green depression glass

Green depression glass: 2 cup measuring jar that has a crack, footed covered candy dish, green depression miniature basket with handle, green depression creamer and sauce dish plus a green depression button small bowl
Lot #: 253

Green depression glass

Green depression glass: Canister without the lid, lidded footed candy dish, oval serving platter, diamond pattern footed compote
Lot #: 254

Clear depression glass

Clear depression glass: Punch bowl set plus Tumblers and some sauce dishes
Lot #: 255

Carnival glass

Carnival glass: Reddish orange fluted edge bowl is marked Fenton, three footed centerpiece bowl plus an orange wafer edged orange bowl
Lot #: 256

Gold trimmed fire king set

Gold trimmed fire king set: Cup saucers, divided trays, plates & creamer. Not a complete set
Lot #: 257

Depression flour and sugar shakers

Depression flour and sugar shakers
Lot #: 258

Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations: Halloween and fall, Easter and Christmas . Be ready for whatever season comes up
Lot #: 259

Depression era pitchers

Depression era pitcher with 2 matching handled mugs plus pink diamond patter pitcher which has some chips on top edge
Lot #: 260

Oak bookcase secretary

Oak bookcase secretary- in really nice shape. One drawer pull needs a hook but pull itself is in the drawer. The mirror in the secretary part shows it?s age but this is a nice piece and still has its wooden caster rollers
Lot #: 261

Figurines and knickknacks

Figurines and knickknacks: Metal butterflies, little bottle with craft tools, piece of onyx, Mexican pottery miniature pitchers, two bears and one grandma holding two bears
Lot #: 262


Handiwork-Pillow cases and other miscellaneous linens and heat pad to keep your feet warm while you relax and vintage baby clothes
Lot #: 263

Miniature pitchers

Miniature pitchers: blown glass, cream and cat vase
Lot #: 264

Miniature bowl and pitcher set

Miniature bowl and pitcher set, Red Fenton fluted edge vase, long stemmed crystal bud vase, two metal candle holders, angel music box that works and includes a snowglobe
Lot #: 265


Marbles: Do you feel like you lost your marbles during the pandemic? Well maybe we found them so take a look
Lot #: 266

Mustache cup

Mustache cup, Old settlers day reunion from Ness County 1970 plate, blue mark hand painted Nippon plate with a small chip, two 1987 Centennial Baylor, Kansas mugs, crystal coasters and a few other pieces for you
Lot #: 267

Depression era stemware

Depression era stemware, Ice bucket that still has its handle, stemware that is great for Christmas- even include some holly pieces for you, a blue miniature vase and a blue iridescent footed bowl
Lot #: 268

Army dress hat

Army dress hat, Slagle Inc. cap, CAT cap and 2 pillows
Lot #: 269

The last supper plate

The last supper plate, Salt and pepper shakers with holder, wooden recipe box, books and picture frames
Lot #: 270

Child?s tea set

Child?s tea set-Made in Japan. Footed goblets, teapot Ness County Bank mug and a tall vase
Lot #: 271

Crystal candlestick holders

Crystal candlestick holders, Crystal small bowl, Cupie doll, collector plates: Two United Methodist Church 1885-1985 Centinnel -Ness City, The Methodist Episcopal Church-Ness City and 1956 Calendar plate from Leickers IGA
Lot #: 272

Vitomatic 1 German camera

Vitomatic 1 German camera with case, rechargeable batteries, Niagara Falls souvenir pocket knife still in its packing, electric razor, stapler and a few other odds and ends for your enjoyment including free standing hand mirror
Lot #: 273

Donkey Candy Dispenser & Christmas items

Two Santas,1996 Christmas ornament, a candy container of a donkey with his wagon full of pennies, a donkey cork plug for your wine bottle and several pieces of miniature dishes
Lot #: 274

Wooden dresser boxes

Wooden dresser boxes, Bells-one with brass bell & wood handle and one chrome, Halfmoon manger scene and a wind up musical doll (does not play)
Lot #: 275

Several pieces of wicker

Several pieces of wicker: Three 2 x 4 baskets, two trays plus ceramic dog bank, several pieces of linens and miniature items
Lot #: 276

Notebooks and coin papers

Notebooks, vicks vaporizer, foam packing, Stow and go puzzle (never been opened), Coin sorter and coin papers
Lot #: 277

Wicker basket and more

Wicker basket, Decks of cards, scoring pad, metal nut dish, doll with card, Coca-Cola cards, scissors, shampoo caps and all kinds a goodies you?ll find when you dig through this fun lot
Lot #: 278

Rice cooker and kitchen items

Rice cooker and kitchen items, Rolling pin, cutting boards, cheese slicer, cheese graters, microwave egg poacher, cooking utensils, whisk and meat thermometer
Lot #: 279

Electric razor & more personal stuff

Noel tripleheader electric razor, Remington personal hygiene set, Procter Silex steam iron, shoe stretchers, pampered chef direct cheese grater, miniature hurricane lamp metal, musical powder box that plays, crocheted dish scarf and coasters, tea lights candles and a lot of really cool stuff
Lot #: 280

1902 cast iron piggy bank

1902 cast iron piggy bank. 4" long and 2" tall
Lot #: 281

Walnut bedside table

Walnut bedside table with two drawers that have the wooden knobs. Legs are ornate and are curved. It?s been around a while folks. It?s very attractive and has character. Can be refinished but it?s kind a cool the way it looks now
Lot #: 282

Paper cutter and phone

Paper cutter from Photo Materials Company of Chicago Illinois and a GE desk phone for your landline use. Two small sawhorses and wood table leaf from an old dining room set
Lot #: 283

Metal safe and filing cabinets

Metal safe with a lock but at this point we?re still looking for the key and has a file drawer. There also a two drawer filing cabinet. Both sell as one unit and legal size folders/papers will fit. Two wooden plaques with the Slagle?s names
Lot #: 284

Three shelf units

Two shelf units- 4'x4' and 9" deep, 10" deep 3' high and 2' wide, 1' deep 30" wide and 6' tall. The longer unit has bowed shelves from the weight over the years. The other two's shelves are straight. All the contents of all three units are selling and other lots
Lot #: 285

600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets

Brand new 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, A rollout blanket from Heartland Credit Union Association, two totes, unique frames- one has flowers in it and the other one is curved picture frame and then a box with unopened hair repair items
Lot #: 286

Salt and pepper shaker sets

Salt and pepper shaker sets: Dogs, teapots, donkeys, reindeer, elephants and Indians-some wood, plastic as well as ceramic. Cool tote full for collectors
Lot #: 287

Small kitchen items

Small kitchen items: Shot glasses, little mini crocheted coasters with shot glasses, tiny miniature candle stick holder, salt and pepper shakers, egg desk dish, crystal squirrel
Lot #: 288

Crock jug

Crock jug with fingerhold handle, Pasteurized Green Mountain milk bottle in a unique display box, a white slatted board wooden box with two units- one holding a little miniature coal bucket made to look like a pig and two mugs
Lot #: 289

Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash CDs

Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash CDs, Hamilton Beach handheld mixer blender and safety pins to hold your act together
Lot #: 290

Glasses and mugs

Glasses and mugs including some insulated mugs and different size of tumblers and stemware
Lot #: 291

Legend of the Sand Dollar

Legend of the Sand Dollar, Two gift boxes, another box with a teddy bear and a really nice adorned storage box and a special egg
Lot #: 292

Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor from Walgreens and empty photo album
Lot #: 293

Miscellaneous kitchen items

Miscellaneous kitchen items:: Stainless steel mixing bowl, tea pot, tea strainer, metal dollar bank, egg separator, miscellaneous coffee mugs and juice glasses
Lot #: 294

Assorted keys and elec razors

Assorted keys, electric razors (Remington and Braun), Miscellaneous salt and pepper shakers, French ivy handle nail cleaner and a plastic rooster from Leikers IGA store dated 1958, a neat pocket knife and a heavy old metal bank missing the insert in front
Lot #: 295

Glass and stoneware

Glass and stoneware: Coffee cups and saucers, tumblers, plastic mugs and miscellaneous other glass
Lot #: 296

Assorted frames

Assorted frames: Some metal, some wood, some have glass, some made without glass. You got pictures, we got the frames
Lot #: 297

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers, Prevail underwear, Mary Kay products for your face & little dresser box
Lot #: 298

Shelf unit

Pressed wood 3 shelf Shelf unit. 1" deep 28" wide 6' tall. Items in the units are sold in separate lot
Lot #: 299

Canning jars & racks

Canning jars, Ball canning lids, two plastic stackable racks and two wall racks
Lot #: 300

Kanhistique paper

Box full of Kanhistique papers and First State Quarters of the United States collectors map with a few quarters- not necessarily the first ones
Lot #: 301

Kerosene lamp

Green glass Kerosene lamp. Has green chimney and oil bowl with metal base but does need a new wick. You get two bottles of unscented Lamp and Candle oil
Lot #: 302

Family trees

Two Family trees. Ready to go- just add pictures. One uses paper clips for the pictures and other has individual picture holders. A little planter and a vase lamp that you can put a candle in
Lot #: 303

Recipe books and more

Recipe books including: Kraft Taste of Home, Mexican Collection and many more. Still in the box VHS of the best of Abbott and Costello. Box of brand new compact mirrors, 100 mini lights ready for Christmas, cranberries stems for decorating, aroma candle and laugh a lot game pillbox and whiteboard
Lot #: 304

Assorted coffee mugs

Assorted coffee mugs. Surely there?s one in here that you want and give the rest to someone else
Lot #: 305

Assorted board games

Trivial Pursuit, Crossword Cubes, Categories, Canasta, Scrabble, Rummikub and when your bored of games you can play with the picture puzzle or put up 12' ropelights that are still in their box
Lot #: 306

Bags and briefcases

Bags and briefcases plus 6 decorated eggs
Lot #: 307

Kitchen items

Kitchen items: Corningware, mixing bowls, pie plate, casserole, plates & trays
Lot #: 308

Large tote full of fun

Large tote full of fun: Tableclothes, puppy pads, ribbon, snowman candleholders, swans ice cream tin, and dig through and find out what else is here
Lot #: 309

Poker chips

Poker chips, Wooden dominoes double six, happy birthday lady and a friendship plate
Lot #: 310

Masonic Lodge belt buckle

Masonic Lodge belt buckle
Lot #: 311

Three tea pots

Three tea pots. Great for those that collect them. Not seeing any chips
Lot #: 312

Plates and bowls

Plates and bowls. Some of the plates are marked Gibson from China and other pieces are stoneware and some are not marked
Lot #: 313

Stemware & relish bowl

Stemware & relish bowl. Wooden planter, some vases and a hummingbird feeder
Lot #: 314

Footed bowl and cake plate

Footed bowl and cake plate with gold trim. Plus heavy crystal vase. No chips
Lot #: 315

Goofus glass tray

Goofus glass tray with stand. No chips
Lot #: 316

Christmas plates

Christmas plate and server, large Christmas mug, Christmas candle holder and table top ceramic tree. Iridescent swan vase, milk glass tray and two crystal clear trays, wavy edge green bowl and some decorative pins
Lot #: 317

Green glass

Green glass: Four stemmed goblets and two bowls
Lot #: 318

Glass bowl and ashtrays

Glass bowl, Candleholders, nut dish, ash trays and a ceramic ashtray
Lot #: 319

Light globe and shades

Light globe, ceiling light cover, Long stemmed candle holder, metal candle holder that hangs on the wall, two Lamp candle holder shades, ceramic planter, Irish stone bowl that sits in a holder
Lot #: 320

Siegel implement Co. thermometer

Siegel implement Co. thermometer with the glass over the picture cracked, Boot Hill Dodge City souvenir plate, two other plates, green marked handpainted plate, dresser dish
Lot #: 321

Glass tumblers

15 Glass tumblers. Two are larger than the other 13
Lot #: 322

Assorted tableware

Assorted tableware: Knives, spoons, forks, serving spoons, gravy ladle and even a small rubber spatula
Lot #: 323

Glass centerpiece set

Glass centerpiece set: Pair of swan candleholders and a bowl- no markings and dark green color
Lot #: 324

18 inch Flat Screen Philips TV

18 inch flat screen Philips TV With remote
Lot #: 325

28" Flat Screen TV Emerson

28" Emerson flat screen TV with remote
Lot #: 326

Dresser lamps

Two Dresser lamps. One has farmhouse motiff and other has crystal look base
Lot #: 327

Four drawer chest

Four drawer chest with single metal drawer pulls. Lamps selling in lot 326
Lot #: 328

Metal table stands

Table with butterfly motiff with piece missing on the plastic top, cast iron stand, butterfly wind chime and Handicap shower bench
Lot #: 329

Lawn glider

Lawn glider with pipe metal frame with wood seat and arms. Need some refinishing but sound. Sits on the front porch
Lot #: 330

Pennzoil stand

Pennzoil stand. Nice solid base for a planter or anything else you want to put in it. Sitting in a rock/flower bed
Lot #: 331

Stone sculpture

Owl stone sculpture planter plus a round stone with cozy home motif. Are sitting in a flower/rock bed
Lot #: 332

Wind chimes

Wind chimes: welcome, butterfly and praying hands. Hanging on the front porch
Lot #: 333


Two Afghans, throw, blanket and roll of puzz -This is a stor puzzle with puzzle in progress
Lot #: 334

Wall mirror

Wall mirror Measures 24 x 20 with oak wood frame
Lot #: 335

Dining room table with 4 chairs

Hardwood with dark stain Dining room table with four chairs. Table measures 38" and has four leaves to pop up and make it a round 53" table. Very nice set
Lot #: 336

Barstool chairs

Barstool chairs with upholstered backs and seats, wood armrests, swivel and turn and really good condition
Lot #: 337

Wall picture

21" Wall picture with brass looking frame- oval shape
Lot #: 338

Wall clock & picture

Advance Battery operated wall clock plus picture of fruit
Lot #: 339

JC Higgins 12 gauge

JC Higgins 12 Gauge bolt action model 583.20 that is a 12 gauge two and three-quarter inch with a full choke. Could not find serial number. Must be 18 years of age and a resident of Kansas in order to purchase these guns we will not ship- they have to be picked up personally
Lot #: 340

Single shot 12 gauge

Single shot 12 gauge hammer tight from New York Arms Company. Serial number 51203 break open linkage lock is loose play in it. In order to buy guns on this auction you must be 18 and older and a resident of Kansas. We will not ship- must pick up personally
Lot #: 341

2520 rifle

Savage sporter 25-20 bolt action rifle with clip. Serial number 62540. Appears to be a good straight gun. Must be 18 years and older and a resident of Kansas in order to buy the guns on this auction. Will not ship. You must pick up guns personally
Lot #: 342

Crossman air pistol

Crosman air BB gun model 1377C Shoots .177 caliber pellet as well as BBs, single action has extra BBs and supplies. In its original box
Lot #: 343

Beeler high school marching drum

Beeler high school marching bass drum. Picture has been added showing Eagle with wings outspread, Since 1849 and Rogers
Lot #: 344

Metal bentwood style chairs

Pair red metal bentwood style chairs
Lot #: 345

Paper file drawers

Paper file drawers. Chest is oak and drawers are cardboard
Lot #: 346

Bazine yardstick

Bazine State Bank yardstick, Saginaw Tilt wheel steering Domino?s, 1974 new worlds fair wood dresser box, and other dresser boxes-one is Colorado post hole
Lot #: 347

Cloth covered toy chest

Cloth covered toy chest that needs lid reattached. Has matching pillow and a laundry basket to dump the toys into to find what?s in the bottom when you are sorting through to find the little toy
Lot #: 348

Pair bentwood chairs

Pair red bentwood chairs. Both are in good condition
Lot #: 349

Leather purse and chest

Leather purse and ladies overnight chest. Beautiful tooling on outside of both items and both are in very good shape. The snaps and locks work. There are keys for the chest
Lot #: 350

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers, Metal table top filing shelf and box with two baby bonnets
Lot #: 351

Two pieces of carpet

Two pieces of carpet with binding and they measure 6? x 4?
Lot #: 352

8 foot circle braided rug

8 foot circle braided rug. The two rugs on top are sold in lot 351
Lot #: 353

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments. Several different boxes- we have not open them all. Do not know if they?re all alike- showing picture of one. Pillows for fillers so you can make your own covers. This is just a fun "go exploring after you buy it and find out what all you bought" lot
Lot #: 354

Two folding wooden chairs

Two folding wooden chairs and wooden footstool. There is a 3rd wooden folding chair in lot 238 so buy both lots and have set of 3 with wooden footstool
Lot #: 355

Two metal folding chairs

Two metal folding chairs with cushioned seats- one upholstered and other vinyl
Lot #: 356

Metal bridge lamp

Metal bridge lamp and TV tray to light up with the lamp
Lot #: 357

Three Coca-Cola stools

Three metal shop stools with seats covered by Coca-Cola plastic. You can refinish these guys and have them look the way you want
Lot #: 358

Coca-Cola advertising sign

Coca-Cola advertising sign, Black wooden shelf to hang on the wall, two Coca-Cola bears with case of Coke, mailbox with a bunny and penguins drinking Coke
Lot #: 359

Remington portable typewriter

Remington portable model 5 typewriter in case
Lot #: 360

Toy cast-iron pieces

Toy cast-iron pieces: Queen stove with sauce pan, coal bucket and skillet plus a wood-burning heating stove
Lot #: 361

Vintage vinyl records

Vintage vinyl records:Several 45s. And some 33 1/3?s
Lot #: 362

Coca-Cola glass and more

Coca-Cola plastic glass, Tea pot bunny mug, whisk, brass with a dresser box, money zok and a two drawer Sterilite storage box
Lot #: 363

Expandable file box

Expandable file box, Board game, green decorating bottle, super sliders to put under your furniture to move, trivia idiot edition, miscellaneous napkins
Lot #: 364

Coca-Cola Chalkboard & thermometer

Reproduction Coca-Cola chalkboard and thermometer in original packaging.
Lot #: 365

Coca-Cola Christmas ball

Reproduction Coca-Cola Christmas ball, Five red coffee mugs and a pewter train with a Coca-Cola bottle in tow
Lot #: 366

Coca-Cola items

Reproduction Coca-Cola items: Shaded votive holder, metal storage box, 2 tins with puzzle pieces
Lot #: 367

Electric Coca-Cola clock

Electric Coca-Cola clock-Reproduction
Lot #: 368

Drugstore straw dispenser

Drugstore straw dispenser
Lot #: 369

Coca-Cola sign

Coca-Cola sign With hooks to hang up coats this is a reproduction
Lot #: 370

Coca-Cola playing cards

Coca-Cola playing cards, Stationary bottle opener and one that you can use in your hand or put on the wall to open pop bottle. All three with original boxes. The playing cards boxe been "handled" but still intact. These are all reproductions
Lot #: 371

Coca-Cola products

Two 16 oz Coke bottles, 3 reproduction coke tumblers, 2002 six pack of coke-still full, Christmas tree ornaments still in original packaging, plastic Coke bottle with Coke drinking bear and cub encased, two reproduction Coca-Cola glass mugs with handles and a Coca-Cola coffee mug and a Coke bottle 2002 Christmas ornament
Lot #: 372

Wood framed wall mirror

Wood framed wall mirror. The mirror measures 3? x 2? plus whatever the frame is
Lot #: 373

Framed deck of cards

Framed miniture deck of cards
Lot #: 374

Coca-Cola fish tail coat rack

Coca-Cola fish tail coat/key rack. Still has original box and this is a reproduction
Lot #: 375

Tray with perfume bottles and more

Round tin and metal serving tray with 100th anniversary tokens, perfume bottles and other miscellaneous items
Lot #: 376

Coca-Cola drinking polar bear

Coca-Cola drinking polar bear-Reproduction but still cute
Lot #: 377

Calumet baking powder tins

Two Calumet baking powder tins. In good condition
Lot #: 378

Vintage toys

Vintage toys: Nylant tow truck, Nylan farm truck without the trailer, rubber doctor and a plastic grandfather clock
Lot #: 379

Child?s folding table and chair

Child?s folding table and chair. Only one folding chair so we are letting you also have a high chair
Lot #: 380

5 foot wall shelf

5 foot oak wall shelf
Lot #: 381

Coca-Cola posters

Coca-Cola posters, One is made from a puzzle that?s been put together. All are reproductions
Lot #: 382

Wicker baskets and Christmas wrap

Wicker and laundry baskets, hangers, wire basket and Christmas wrap
Lot #: 383

Necchi-Alco sewing machine

Necchi- Alco portable sewing machine with case.
Lot #: 384

Canon BJC color printer

Canon BJC 4200 color bubble jet printer with refillable cartridges for the print ink and it is in a Hewlett-Packard box
Lot #: 385


Bench with metal frame and legs with wood seat
Lot #: 386

Extension cords

Extension cords, misc hand tools, Metal cashbox and a con air phone in original box but has been used
Lot #: 387

Chess pieces and plastic army tank

Chess pieces but no chess board. plastic army tank
Lot #: 388

Crochet pieces

Crochet pieces: cup caddies, doll dress, plus a aluminum coffee pot, rubber tips for chairs, Nassau gourd souvenir and a candle
Lot #: 389

Wicker basket & magazine rack

Wicker basket and wood magazine rack
Lot #: 390


Brooms, mop pole, two golf clubs, new in package heavy duty curtain rod and dust pans
Lot #: 391

Vintage folding card table

Vintage folding card table
Lot #: 392

Compact disc player and radio

Durabrand compact disc player AM/FM stereo cassette recorder. we did plug it in it does work at least on the radio
Lot #: 393

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals: Bears-including Winnie the Pooh, bunny rabbit and a gorilla plus a photo album that is empty. Sharp vacuum attachment and Similac holder
Lot #: 394

Blonde cedar chest with legs

Blonde Lane cedar chest with legs and has a bottom drawer. Stain on the top but otherwise in very good condition
Lot #: 395

Quasar TV

27" Quasar TV with remote. Does work
Lot #: 396

Pack and play crib

Graco Pack and play crib with storage bag
Lot #: 397

Matching table lamps

Matching table lamps with fall foliage motiff and both have shades plus hanging lamp
Lot #: 398

Milk glass snack set

Milk glass snack set, milk glass bowl, Wicker plate holders, wheat small serving oval tray, crystal bowl and two tumblers
Lot #: 399

Wooden wall hanging shelves

Wooden wall hanging shelves, wall hanging Times clock, wood boot jack and wooden sled wall hanger
Lot #: 400

Twin size bed

Twin size wooden bed frame with a blowup mattress. The items on the bed frame and in front of mattress sell in lots 397-399
Lot #: 401

Comfortable reclining couch

Comfortable reclining couch. Not adjustable but comfy
Lot #: 402

Reclining chair

Reclining chair that can be adjusted
Lot #: 403

Rocker with ottoman

Rocker with ottoman
Lot #: 404

Marble top coffee table

3? diameter round faux Marble inlaid top coffee table
Lot #: 405

Wood wall hanging cabinet

Wood wall hanging cabinet, wood foot stool and two wire double candle wall hangers
Lot #: 406

Handicap items

Handicap items: Raised toilet seat, adjustable bar to use on the side of the bed to prevent falling out or help pull self up, two metal gates to use either in the doorway or stairway
Lot #: 407


Pillows: Yellow, orange and green one with a flower on it, beetle, and a blanket
Lot #: 408

Tied comforter

Tied comforter
Lot #: 409

Tied comforter

Tied comforter
Lot #: 410

6 foot round rug

6 foot round rug and braided rug runner
Lot #: 411

Glass top end table

Glass top end table with wooden frame measures 30" wide 24" deep 19" tall. Stands with 2 s-shaped slatted supports that have slight bow which is part of the design
Lot #: 412

AT&T landline phone

AT&T landline phone with audio assist
Lot #: 413

Hanging light

Hanging light with chain covered plug
Lot #: 414

Solid wood shelf unit

Solid wood black bar shelf unit 8 foot long 3 foot high 19 inches across the top with 2 rows of divided shelves. This is a solid heavy piece so be sure and bring help to bring it out of the basement and load into your vehicle. Has a padded top. Items on around this unit selling in other lots
Lot #: 415

Set of divided shelves

Black back bar shelf unit with three rows of shelves that matches the bar in the previous lot. Measures 8 feet long 39 inches high 1 foot deep. Just like the other lot this is solid wood heavy unit so be sure and bring help to bring it out of the basement and to load into your vehicle. Items sitting in and on this unit sell in other lots
Lot #: 416

Oval shaped antique picture frames

Oval shaped antique wooden picture frames that have recently painted green. Measure 26 tall 23 inches wide and are oval shaped-both have glass
Lot #: 417

Platt Maps & Ness City HS yearbooks

Ness City High school yearbooks, Ness county map and Platt maps of various cities and townships of Ness County. Yearbooks are: (2) 1931, 1932, 1939, 1955, 1956, 1957, plus 1985-2005 Alum Book
Lot #: 418

Antique oval shaped picture frame

Antique oval shaped frame measuring 25 x 18" with two sets of old prints. Frame could be refinished to look better
Lot #: 419

Standing jewelry cabinet

Standing jewelry cabinet 41 inches tall 17 inches wide & complete with nine cubbyholes of drawers and two side opening panels for hanging necklaces. Jewelry being sold in the next lots- not sold with the cabinet
Lot #: 420


Approximately eight necklaces some with rhinestones, some just chains. One has has a locket- gold colored
Lot #: 421

Group of necklaces

Group of necklaces -Approximately 14. There are beaded, strands colored stones, locket, cross, small beads. Will look great in anybody?s collection of necklaces
Lot #: 422

Watches and Ring watch

Mickey Mouse with leather band and original box, Coca-Cola watch with leather and Ring watch with expandable band
Lot #: 423

Five collectible wrist watches

United quartz with leather band, Geneva with metal clasp band, heart shaped face on a gold colored clasp band and two silver small face women?s watches- one with a rhinestone look around the face. One is a clasp band the other one has a band with a fastener
Lot #: 424

Six collectible wrist watches

Three silver bands, three with gold bands: Armotron, Trendz, Collezir and other 3 not marked
Lot #: 425

Five collectible men?s watches

OMC mustang, GMC, Lauderdale, pulsar with turquoise and coral bear claw on the band and a talking voice quartz analog alarm watch with instruction sheet
Lot #: 426

Clutch purses

Two perfume bottles- one without a stopper, three clutch bags, two expandable gold beaded bracelets, eye glass case with miscellaneous pins and a Niagara Falls souvenir billfold
Lot #: 427

Costume jewelry

Beaded necklaces, assorted pins including an American Legion Auxiliary pin and Ness County State Bank 1985 pin, earrings, stick pins, expandable bracelet bands. Nice group of jewelry
Lot #: 428


Earrings for pierced ears
Lot #: 429

Stick pins

Stick pins, Bracelets, lapel pins, child?s pierced earrings, a grandma pen to display grandbaby picture and angels
Lot #: 430

Costume jewelry

Necklaces, pierced earrings, beads, Betty Boop looking good KWB a lapel pin, keychains, locket with a music box that doesn?t play
Lot #: 431

Costume jewelry

Bracelets, pierced earrings, pins, chains-some with and some without adornment beads. Nice stuff ladies
Lot #: 432

Costume jewelry

American legion auxiliary pin, lions club pin, nice silver band watch, birthstone necklace from Avon, Disney?s Aladdin necklace from Avon, miscellaneous silver chains and pierced earrings, cute little mother of pearl pendant & nice little dresser tray
Lot #: 433

Bolo tie

Bolo tie, Scottie dog tin pin and gold colored chain with no pendant
Lot #: 434

Four rings

Four rings ranging in sizes from 7 to 8 1/2. Stones have not been professionally examined, most likely they are all rhinestones
Lot #: 435

Three rings

Three rings ranging from 7 to 8 1/2. These are all three old rings and have not been professionally looked at by a jeweler. One is turquoise and the other two look like Garnets. They are all 3 old rings and old settings
Lot #: 436

Six rings

Six rings Ranging from 7 to 8 1/2 in size with most of them being eight. Looks like a mother?s ring and a gold band. None of these have been appraised or examined by a jeweler but there?s definitely some good looking old rings
Lot #: 437


Heart shaped key chain locket, rhinestone pin, gold pin, silver colored pin and a textured pin with roses on it- nice pieces
Lot #: 438

Miscellaneous totes

Miscellaneous totes I have all shapes and sizes. Can use them for the items you bought on the other parts of the cell
Lot #: 439

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL 2.4 FWD

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL 2.4 FWD- 18,300 miles, advanced safety technology; forward collision avoidance assist, blind spot collision avoidance assist, rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist, lane keeping assist, smart cruise control with stop and go. Stain resistant cloth seats with heated front seats, 60/40 split 2nd row fold flat seats with recline, power doors and windows, proximity key with push start, blue link remote start. This is a very clean car that belonged to Beth Slagle. Currently getting between 26 and 28 mpg. 5 year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. VIN# 5NMS33AD1KH043168 There is a reserve on this vehicle with a 2% Buyers premium that will be figured onto price of car when invoiced. To view this car must call Verla @ 620-786-0869 If you are interested in bidding on this LOT, call Mary @ 620-257-8147 as presently all bids are capped at $2000/LOT so your bidding for this car will have to be changed.


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