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Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday September 30th @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday October 6th at 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday October 8th 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLYWARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY October 8th and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday October 7th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon October 7th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call or email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT: Friday October 8h from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 402 S Broadway - Lyons, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: The home is located on main street (Broadway) that runs through Sterling. Pick-up sign will be in front yardBuyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If paid for items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS-by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped Priority Mail unless buyer requests different shipping.
402 S Broadway, Sterlng, KS US
Vicki is selling her home in Sterling, KS and moving to Colorado, so she has chosen Hollinger Auction Service to sell her household, lawn and garden items to the highest bidder through online auction. Some items include riding lawnmower, shop tools (power and hand), furniture and much more. Total of 300 lots. Good quality and clean merchandise
Lot #: 1

Riding lawnmower

Bolens by MTR Riding lawnmower 38" 6 speed, 13.5 hp Power Built Briggs & Stratton engine. Nice mower- even has a cup holder
Lot #: 2

Metal yard trailer

Metal yard trailer that can be towed behind the riding mower. Painted red. Approximately 4 foot long x 2 foot wide. Has dual tires in the middle
Lot #: 3

Garden stool

Garden stool on wheels. Sit and weed in comfort (at least for your back)
Lot #: 4

Scotts yard spreader

Scotts Whirley jig lawn spreader
Lot #: 5

Nelson walking sprinkler

Nelson walking sprinkler. Looks good. Dark spots on tire is dried mud
Lot #: 6

Grass Hog spin trimmer

Electric Grass Hog 14" spin trimmer
Lot #: 7

The Green Machine spin trimmer

Electric The Green Machine spin trimmer
Lot #: 8

Wood toilet seat

Oak Wood toilet seat, Child?s folding metal chair - it's had paint speckles on it. Singel bed/cot mattress and some 5 gallon buckets
Lot #: 9

Push broom

Push broom, Metal pegs made from sucker rod, a helmet to protect your eyes when grinding and a red bird Whirlygig for the flower bed
Lot #: 10

Plastic tarp and gas can

Blue Plastic tarp, 1 gal plastic gas can, Plastic tub, clothesline cord and a padded pillow for a chair
Lot #: 11


Tools: Parts of 2 socket sets, ratchet, ball peen metal head hammer, 14 inch pipe wrench, 2 hanging lights, metal garden sprayer, 2 wall hanging plastic shelf units and contents and gardening shears
Lot #: 12

Centrifugal water well pump

Centrifugal water well pump by Water Ace- serial number 694?0911. Should be a good pump. Has a foot valve to go with it
Lot #: 13

Metal pipe rack

Metal pipe rack, Hanging pot holder and wire tomato cages
Lot #: 14

Concrete birdbath

Concrete birdbath
Lot #: 15

Outdoor flower pots

3 large plastic outdoor flower pots
Lot #: 16

Wrought iron flower pot holders

Wrought iron flower pot holders and wood birdhouse
Lot #: 17

Extension cord

Locking strand woven bamboo -still in box and no pix on out side of box to show what looks like, Extension cord, metal railing and plastic adjustable window cover
Lot #: 18


Hatchet, 2 Garden claws, caulking gun and mineral Maddox
Lot #: 19

Hand saws

Keyhole saw, hacksaw and cross cut saws
Lot #: 20

Electric sump pump

Electric sump pump and Scott?s handheld garden lawn seeder, .
Lot #: 21


Armsport Binoculars. 7 x 35 wide angle field 10° with case
Lot #: 22

Wood stand

Wood stand with slats of oak put together for top that is a flip up top. Some other loose boards to do something else with
Lot #: 23

25 pound propane bottles

Two 25 pound propane bottles with the correct fittings so they?re usable/fillable folks
Lot #: 24

Glass canister jars

3 Glass canister jars, American flag to stick in the yard, garage sale sign and pieces of wood
Lot #: 25

Trouble light & crutches

Trouble light, wooden crutches, Bubble level, plastic dish pans, square 4-sided High Plains Journal yardstick and other odds and ends
Lot #: 26

Rain Tree Sprinkler wire

New-still on the packaged cardboard-Rainbird 7 strand x 100' Sprinkler wire for up to 5 electric valves, Assorted fittings, Pair of New Balance Shoes (do not know size
Lot #: 27

Pipe wrenches

Pipe wrenches, Filter wrench, drill bits, ball peen hammer
Lot #: 28

Two drawer metal case

Two drawer metal case with assorted sizes and types of metal springs plus a pair of wood picture frames
Lot #: 29

Kenmore Handi- Mate Jr

Kenmore Handi- Mate Jr with direct drive beltless system-barer floor friendly, 12 amp. It?s called a Kenmore Progressive
Lot #: 30

5 gallon shop vac

5 gallon shop vac with its original box
Lot #: 31

Garden sprayer

Garden sprayer
Lot #: 32

Paint supplies

Paint supplies: Paint rollers and pan, wall hanging tool set, file box with caulking and two speakers, trash basket and a plastic large plant holder
Lot #: 33

Ryobi detail sander

Ryobi detail sander with original box
Lot #: 34

Black and Decker finishing sander

Black and Decker finishing sander. The original box
Lot #: 35

Socket set

Socket set with case, combination wrenches, no ratchet wrench- just the attachments
Lot #: 36

Soldering gun

Soldering gun In metal toolbox with also some drill parts
Lot #: 37

Forney welding rod

Forney welding rod - 6013 general purpose box -little over 3/4 full. Welding helmet, welding gloves, box of filter lenses for welding helmet, and miscellaneous shop
Lot #: 38

Sears hedge trimmer

Electric Sears 16" hedge trimmer
Lot #: 39

Metal toolbox

Metal toolbox 20 inch from Advance Trade Schools. Have some socket connections and miscellaneous plus shop line
Lot #: 40

Metal toolbox

Metal toolbox with combination wrenches and Allen wrenches
Lot #: 41

6 foot aluminum step ladder

6 foot aluminum folding step ladder
Lot #: 42

Folding dog crate

Folding dog crate, Two pairs of vintage roller skates that have been painted different colors and a fire extinguisher
Lot #: 43

Bandsaw and circular blades

3 Bandsaw blades- one is new in box marked 64 1/3". Do not know size of other 2. Several circular blades
Lot #: 44

Picture frames

Picture frames and a picture titled Roma
Lot #: 45

Metal office desk

Metal office desk measures 55" x 30? and is 29 inches off the floor. One drawer contains some bulbs, outlet and extension cords
Lot #: 46

Tape measures and more

Tape measures, Nails for nail gun, small desk lamp and some wall hangings including a butterfly and Clock
Lot #: 47

Pliers and more

Pliers, adjustable wrenches, files, pocket knife and small screwdrivers
Lot #: 48

Adjustable wrenches

Adjustable wrenches: Two Crescent and one Craftsman
Lot #: 49


Filter wrench, Metal handle claw hammer, vice grips and channel locks
Lot #: 50

Cabinet hinges

Cabinet hinges, Miscellaneous hardware and roofing nails
Lot #: 51

Jack plane

Stanley Handiman Jack plane, Screwdrivers, brushes and small grease gun
Lot #: 52

All Trader Professional driver set

All Trader Professional driver set with case and Craftsman driver?s set with case
Lot #: 53

Kraeuter socket set

Kraeuter 3/8" socket set in metal box. Some 1/4?
Lot #: 54

Temperature tester

Pyrometer Temperature tester- Measures degrees Fahrenheit. With leather case
Lot #: 55

Wrought iron shelving brackets

Pr Wrought iron shelving brackets
Lot #: 56

GE Bass Boost radio cassette player

GE Bass Boost radio cassette player. Can be plugged in or put batteries in to make it travel with you
Lot #: 57

Metal office chair

Metal office chair with padded seat, vinyl back and rollers
Lot #: 58

62" wood table

62" x 3? wood table with wood base and feet. Has two metal electrical strips. Was being used in workshop. Items on the table selling in other lots
Lot #: 59

Butcher knife & brush

Butcher knife, brush, Small oil can and more
Lot #: 60

Three drawer chest

Three drawer chest. We do not have the key. Bottom drawer is full of pipe fittings and other miscellaneous stuff which is included in this lot
Lot #: 61

Metal shelving unit

Metal shelving unit with two doors and a wire shelf inside. 3 foot wide 30 inches tall 1 foot deep
Lot #: 62

Black and Decker circular saw

Black and Decker circular saw- 2 HP
Lot #: 63

Half inch electric drill by Thor

Half inch metal case electric drill by Thor
Lot #: 64

Jigsaw and quarter inch drill

Black and Decker Jigsaw and unknown brand quarter inch drill
Lot #: 65

Blades & grinder Stones

Three 10 inch blades- two for plywood. Lots of grinding stones, drill parts and drill attachments
Lot #: 66

Two drawer metal filing cabinet

Two drawer metal filing cabinet with a good set of jumper cables, roofing nails, extension cords and porcelain light sockets
Lot #: 67

Door knob and liquid ant baits

Door knob, Brasso metal polish, liquid ant baits, Pringle pliers and screwdriver set
Lot #: 68

Miracle Grow and tins

Miracle Grow, Go Broncos sponge, cleaning supplies, flea repellent for dog and two metal storage tins. One felt stop sign to hang on your door or wall
Lot #: 69

Electric motor and radial tire chains

Electric motor and radial tire chains
Lot #: 70

Two Christmas tree stands

Two plastic Christmas tree stands and a little electric sump pump with hose
Lot #: 71

Water well pump

Water well pump by Shur-Dri. 1 hp
Lot #: 72

Electric rotisserie and spin scrubber

Thermos deluxe Electric rotisserie and Hurricane spin scrubber. Don?t get them mixed up. They are both with their original boxes- little if ever used
Lot #: 73

Bag lounge chairs

Two Bag lounge chairs
Lot #: 74

Rocket sweeper

Rocket sweeper, Swifter dusters and other cleaning supplies
Lot #: 75

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets
Lot #: 76

Shark Rotator Sweeper

Shark Rotator Sweeper with attachments
Lot #: 77

Wicker picnic basket

Wicker picnic basket complete with plates, cups, thermos and tableware. Still not too late to camp this year folks
Lot #: 78

Garden & cleaning tools

Garden & cleaning tools: Wooden handle garden rake, push broom, regular broom, piece of pipe tubing
Lot #: 79

Delta plumbing supplies

Delta plumbing supplies: Three Faucets and a showerhead. The boxes say they are in good shape so they have been used and that?s all we can tell you about them
Lot #: 80

Ford wheel covers

Ford 15" wheel covers. There are three covers and they have been used
Lot #: 81

Christmas bulb light covers

Christmas bulb light covers, 48 foot super bright rope light kit (still in the box) plus a glass vase holding the light bulb covers
Lot #: 82

Lasko space heater

Lasko space heater with timer
Lot #: 83

Travel magazines

Travel magazines, Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living and includes two spiral notebooks that are empty. All come with two plastic clothes baskets
Lot #: 84

Stoneware sauce bowls

Stoneware sauce bowls with lids and handles, candles, plastic serving trays, metal pie pans and several sizes and a "Bless our Home" wall plaque
Lot #: 85

Stainless steel mixing bowls

Set of 3 Stainless steel mixing bowls, Fire king glass individual bowls with lids, table cloths and kitchen cloths
Lot #: 86

Wicker basket and gardening hat

Wicker basket and gardening hat, Book on the success with houseplants, barbeque skewers, lint roller and other miscellaneous items
Lot #: 87

Pressed wood shelves

Pressed wood shelves. One unit is two shelves for shoes the other one is four shelves. Items on the shelves are selling in lots 88 and 89
Lot #: 88

Krups coffee pot

Krups coffee pot with an extra coffee carafe. Two insulated coffee servers
Lot #: 89

Crock pot

Large Crock pot. "The original slow cooker" doesn?t look like it?s been used very much- very good condition
Lot #: 90

Punch bowl set

Punch bowl set -the seller has wrapped it in plastic to keep it nice and clean and each punch cup has been individually wrapped. Very nice set. There?s at least 12 cups plus you get a box of "Simply Ride Healthcare plastic gloves"
Lot #: 91

Fujica AX.3 camera

Fujica AX.3 camera with case, Kalimar 175A automatic flash and an extra lens. Includes a foldable tripod with case
Lot #: 92

Steamed glassware

Steamed glassware including Brandy glasses, small tumblers and goblets
Lot #: 93

Playing cards

Playing cards, Birds blend suet and a double suet feeder
Lot #: 94

Umbrella and butcher block with knives

Umbrella, butcher block with steak knives and pair of crystal dresser clocks
Lot #: 95

Life Wise massager and steam iron

Life Wise massager and steam iron. Steam iron still has all of its tags and the massager doesn?t look like it?s been used very much. Both still have their books of instructions. Steam iron includes instructural DVD
Lot #: 96

Cookie sheets

Cookie sheets, Cordless Insta bulbs to stick up on the wall and other assorted lightbulbs
Lot #: 97

Bushnell binoculars

Bushnell binoculars12 x 50, 13?1250 with case
Lot #: 98

Shark vacuum

Shark Navigator lift away deluxe vac
Lot #: 99

Desk supplies

Plastic office desk paper holder, letter holder, frames and when you want to pretend like you?re busy- play blackjack and wild poker
Lot #: 100

Panasonic landline phones

Panasonic landline phones, Plus some file folders and mailing envelopes, wall hangings. Included "I have flying monkeys and I?m not afraid do use them" and more
Lot #: 101

Blanket chest

Nice piece of furniture- ornate blanket chest has been lined with cedar, fliptop- very good condition
Lot #: 102

Desk and dresser set

Three drawer chest with wall hanging mirror. A writing desk with a shelf unit on top. This is just like new
Lot #: 103

Windsor type chair

Very nice Windsor type chair made by Nichols and House of Massachusetts
Lot #: 104

Electric fan

Bright red electric fan on stand-three speed, very nice
Lot #: 105

Table and lamp

Small parlor table measures 2 foot across the top. Nice matching metal lamp
Lot #: 106

Double bed

Double bed metal frame and headboard double with nice box spring and mattress
Lot #: 107

Pictures and frame

Two nice prints- one "before the ballet" from Paris Edgar Degas. The other one by D Lindenberger with a nice oak frame
Lot #: 108

Silver serving tray

New silver plated embossed serving tray -new in the box from Paul Revere Company
Lot #: 109

Two spring prints

Nice print of a garden pathway by Jackie-Through God?s Grace. Print of two ladies and a rose by Bette Herbert Felder
Lot #: 110


Nice light oak nightstand with compartment below and shelf on top. Stands 28 inches tall 18" x 1?
Lot #: 111

"All the cabin" on canvas

"All the cabin" painting on canvas. Nice wood frame 32" x 29?- unknown artist
Lot #: 112

TV stand

Like new black enamel TV stand measures 40 inches wide 18 inches deep and stands 22 inches tall. Like new
Lot #: 113

Coffee and end tables

Heavy duty set made out of two by lumber -coffee table measures 27" x 42? and stands 16 inches tall. One end table 14? x 27?
Lot #: 114

Pillows and rug

Two Nice woven rug 2? x 40", two nice southwest pattern pillows, miscellaneous pillowcases, tablecloth and other bedding. Piece of smoke glass- measures 1? x 16"
Lot #: 115

Two piece sectional sofa set

Like brand new two-piece sectional sofa. Both pieces are approximately 80 inches long. One is a queen size hide-a-bed. Makes a very nice set. One would be fine by itself
Lot #: 116

Entertainment center

Fine Oak entertainment center 6' tall 8' log. One section has glass doors. 3 other shelf sections with doors and then one lighted open shelf. Comes with cassette and CD holders- very very nice unit
Lot #: 117

Fox and Still life prints

Nice framed print of a fox approximately 14" x 1? and one still life of flowers approximately 1? x 8?. The measurements are of the outside of the frames
Lot #: 118

Table Lamp

Very nice handmade wood base table lamp standing 20 inches tall
Lot #: 119

Table lamp

Very nice white pottery type table lamp with shade standing 26 inches tall. Has a nice cord and shade
Lot #: 120

Pair of brass table lamps

Pair of brass table lamps. One standard 46 inches tall and other 35 inches tall
Lot #: 121

Vases and baskets

Pottery face ceramic vase, pottery basket, two other vases and a green bluish compote. The tallest one is 13 inches
Lot #: 122

Chair and basket

Wood sewing chair with green upholstered seat, hanging basket of flowers that do not die and wastepaper basket matching green of the chair
Lot #: 123

Air fresheners & cleaning supplies

Two nice fan driven air fresheners, two swiffer dusters, small frame and yardstick
Lot #: 124


Four baskets- one full of fake fruit, one full of flashlights and air fresheners, one full of decorative items, one has scissors and Kleenex. There?s also a desk pad
Lot #: 125

Oak office desk

Really nice oak executive office desk. The is really nice and measures 5? x 33", has a pull out writing table, pull out typewriter stand. Everything is very nice. Made by Jackson Desk
Lot #: 126

Oak office desk

Very nice straight oak office chair
Lot #: 127

Candle sticks and coat rack

Three nice candles sticks with two have three candles. Nice short decorative metal hat rack
Lot #: 128

Two nice barn photographs

Two nice barn photographs-Framed barn photographs by Frank Hamilton. Framed with Barnwood approximately 20 x 24" outside dimensions
Lot #: 129

Sears sewing machine

Sears Kenmore sewing machine- dial special stitches. Nice machine with case. Sewing notions in Lot #299
Lot #: 130

Indian pottery and more

Indian pottery, Toy Indian drum, hockey puck from Denver 100 consecutive sellouts- one little part says P 15 . Two of the pottery pieces are marked Nemadji
Lot #: 131

Indian dancers

Metal cut of 5 Indian dancers. Two foot-long
Lot #: 132

Southwest picture

Framed and matted Southwest print by Gloria Erickson. Picture itself 1? x 16" frame and with measures 19? x 22
Lot #: 133

Set of three prints by Carlos Rios

Set of three prints by Carlos Rios measures 8" x 15 and 15? x 20
Lot #: 134

Two prints by Gloria Erickson

Two prints by Gloria Erickson that are 8 x 10 Southwest prints. Both are Southwest scenes- one of the pueblos and the other one has chimney rock in the background
Lot #: 135

Southwest Print

Beautiful Southwest print by Ron Burr Jean measures 22 x 28 outside dimensions. Matted and framed
Lot #: 136

Watercolor print of garden pleasures

Watercolor print of garden pleasures. Nice print is matted and framed. Measures 17 x 22"
Lot #: 137

Holiday wreaths

Three nice wreaths- all in their own box. Two Christmas and one Thanksgiving
Lot #: 138

Magazine rack

Like new metal magazine rack measures 10" x 58? -very handy
Lot #: 139

Wood step ladder

5 foot wooden step ladder-very good condition
Lot #: 140


Two nice iron candleholders- both with large candles
Lot #: 141

6 foot spiral tree

6 foot spiral lighted tree including tree top, Box states can use it indoors or outside, quick and easy to assemble
Lot #: 142

Laundry basket & dec frames

Three window frame decor. Two wood fancy blocks and a nice laundry basket that folds up
Lot #: 143

Native wood ladder

Native wood ladder with leather straps. Made by the the Sellers late husband
Lot #: 144

Arrow rack

Metal arrow wall rack to hang things on
Lot #: 145


Nice wood side table that is very well-made 5 1/2 foot long by 22 inches. The drawer underneath is fake. Very nice side table for anyone?s room
Lot #: 146

Wall mirror

Nice metal framed mirror to hang on the wall- measures 18 x 19"
Lot #: 147

Nice Nativity

Very nice Nativity missing one piece. Joseph is approximately 1 foot tall. Produced by Dickson's. Made of Resin
Lot #: 148

Two nice side chairs

Two nice solid side chairs painted white and have recovered seat
Lot #: 149

Pressed back chairs

Two nice press back dining chairs of oak
Lot #: 150

Secretary chair

Nice little adjustable office secretary chair with wheels. Good shape
Lot #: 151


Tupperware and other storage plasticware plus Bacon Wave (to cook bacon in microwave)- in orginal box
Lot #: 152

Stoneware cookie jar

Stoneware cookie jar and Rival crockpot which does not have a lid. Seller wrapped the top in plastic to keep it clean- there is no damage just no lid
Lot #: 153


Brown teapot, Insulated cups, insulated coasters for cups, Tupperware cups with lids, some decorative pieces and a couple of little canisters for honey or jelly
Lot #: 154


This is the merging of two sets of dinnerware. One is marked Crown Corning and the other is not marked. The Crown Corning has six dinner plates, four lunch plates, serving platter, two serving bowls, five cereal bowls and the unmarked has tumblers, coffee cups, salt and pepper shakers, covered stuck butter dish and more dinner plates. Makes very attractive set altogether. Complete the set there is place mats with a few napkins
Lot #: 155

Milk bottle and mugs

Milk bottle and mugs. Pint canning jars and the mugs are in a nice wire carrier
Lot #: 156

Canister and bowl set

Four Canisters and three piece bowl set. No markings. No damage
Lot #: 157

Glass bowls

Pressed glass serving bowls and sauce dishes. There is one set of one large bowl and several sauce bowls plus 2 flat saucest. They are nice pieces, plus a wire holder for condiments and a little glass jar
Lot #: 158

Wooden salt and pepper shakers

Wooden salt and pepper shakers, six coffee mugs and vases
Lot #: 159

Glass snack sets

Glass snack sets. Seven matching trays and 11 cups. Matching
Lot #: 160

Glass luncheon plates and cups

14 glass luncheon plates and 6 cups
Lot #: 161

Glass Snack sets

Glass Snack sets: 18 cups and 20 plates. Matching
Lot #: 162

Glass snack sets

Glass snack sets. One has four plates with 4 cups but one of them is kind of an oddball though looks like the others. Plus apple shaped plates that do not require a cup
Lot #: 163

Assorted coffee cups

Assorted coffee cups: Woodridge orthopedic and spine Center, we love America, Democrats and Coca Cola tumbler
Lot #: 164

Teapot and canister

Matching four piece teapot set and three piece canister set
Lot #: 165

24 inch Vizio TV

24 inch Vizio TV with remote
Lot #: 166

Pasta jars

Pasta jars: One for parsley, one for garlic plus some strainers and a little jar for storing more pasta
Lot #: 167

Dual speed food processor

Hamilton Beach Dual speed food processor
Lot #: 168

Crock pot

Small Crock pot. Very good shape no damage
Lot #: 169

Glass serving trays

Glass serving trays, Paper plates, glass coffee cup, small juice glass and plastic spoon. Counter top padded map
Lot #: 170

Keurig 2.0 coffee maker

Keurig 2.0 coffee maker metal box with drawer to store coffee. 70 ounce water reservoir. Still has the original books. Has the original box for you to pack it all up in to take home. According to the box, had a brewer but is not included in this lot.
Lot #: 171

Roaster oven

Hamilton Beach Roaster oven in original box. Has the manual. Not sure it?s ever been taken out of the box
Lot #: 172

Sharp mini component system

Sharp mini component system. According to the instructions, it uses a compact disc, made for iPads and iPhones, has a remote control and AM loop antenna and an FM antenna. Also included is several CDs including a very special Christmas. Bid according to what you see in the pictures
Lot #: 173

Plants that never die

8 Plants that never die. In wicker baskets
Lot #: 174

Plastic clothes basket with goodies

Plastic clothes basket with a bear, wreaths and artificial flowers
Lot #: 175

Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools: Wire whisk, metal cheese grater, potato masher. Apple corer/slicer, shortening cutter, Tupperware measuring spoons
Lot #: 176


Knives, knife steel plus a zester grater and plastic containers for the drawer
Lot #: 177

Glass serving trays

Glass serving trays, Two meat platters and a form cake pan
Lot #: 178

Clocks and corks

Sony AM/FM clock radio with an alarm, Arbor and Emery wall hanging clock with pendulum and a jar full of wine corks
Lot #: 179

Wooden box

Wooden box with plastic top for storage. The plastic top is not damaged-just has paper residue. Approx 9" long x3" deep and 5" wide
Lot #: 179

Wooden box

Wooden box with plastic top for storage. The plastic top is not damaged-just has paper residue. Approx 9" long x3" deep and 5" wide
Lot #: 180

Barbecue tools & knife block

Barbecue tools -Fork and spatula with wooden handles and vinyl cover grips. Knife butcher block with one knife missing
Lot #: 181


Wearever skillet, Vision glass skillet and a set of three metal skillets with one handle that were made in the Yugoslavia
Lot #: 182

Glass vases

Glass vases and centerpieces
Lot #: 183

Rechargeable flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight, Olympus stylus camera with rechargeable battery
Lot #: 184

Crock with bail lid

Crock with bail lid, assorted tongs, a plastic measuring cup and oven timer
Lot #: 185

Sun tea jar

Sun tea jar, 2 Cloth placemats, plastic wrap and a roll of paper
Lot #: 186

Magazine rack

Magazine rack and candle stand. Magazine rack is clear full of National Geographics
Lot #: 187

Sofa and love seat

Beautiful matching set full-size sofa is 87 inches long comes complete with throw pillows. The love seat is 62 inches long and comes with throw pillows. Everything is just like new. Natural colors- go in anywhere
Lot #: 188

Occasional chairs

Two very nice carved and upholstered side chairs. Very good condition-very nice material
Lot #: 189

Brass lamp

Nice brass table lamp- 45 inches tall
Lot #: 190


Two nice vases and one nice centerpiece. Vases- one glass and light metal
Lot #: 191

End table

Nice light oak end table with drawer, Matches Lot 192
Lot #: 192

Sofa table

This matches Lot 191. Sofa table is light oak, not quite 4 foot long x 16 inches wide, three drawers- very very nice shape
Lot #: 193

Oak table and four chairs

Oak table and four chairs, Beautiful like new pedestal oak table, two captain and two side chairs. Measures 42" x 5?. China Hutch in lot 194 matches
Lot #: 194

China Hutch

Matching china hutch for the table in Lot 193. Could go with all kinds of sets but look good with a table and chairs in lot 193. Beautiful china hutch with beveled glass, mirror below the hutch and has compartment underneath. Easy to move as comes apart into pieces
Lot #: 195

Two pictures

Watercolor of Iris and a nice spring print that is another Bette Herbert Felder
Lot #: 196

Decorative wall mirror

Decorative wall mirror with gold motif of a floral arrangement and gold colored frame- measures 53" x 3?
Lot #: 197


Cubii just like you see on tv. Complete with mat
Lot #: 198


Bedding: Mattress covers, sheets, blankets, afghan and two pillows
Lot #: 199

Round lamp table

Round lamp table. Has a nice crocheted covering with the ruffled under cover and a piece of plexiglass the size of the table to protect it
Lot #: 200

Table lamp and more

Brass table lamp with glass shade, two extra shades, bud vase, sundown decoration and a little brass incense burner
Lot #: 201

Kangaroo Jack-in-the-Box

Kangaroo Jack-in-the-Box by Schilling. Kangaroo pops up plus there?s a finger puppet baby kangaroo
Lot #: 202

Head vases

Two nice head vases
Lot #: 203

Crystal Glass Dresser Set

Crystal lamp, glass vase, glass perfume bottle and glass tray
Lot #: 204

Radio CD player

Reproduction of table model Edison phonograph. AM/FM CD player fashion case for decorative purposes but it does work good
Lot #: 205

Placemat set & bedspread

Placemat set, a bedspread, window curtain, patriotic napkins and Yankee tea candles with a scent of sage and citrus
Lot #: 206

Dog bed

Dog bed plus a broom to sweep it off once in a while
Lot #: 207

39 inch flat screen TV

Samsung 39 inch flat screen LED TV. With remote and instruction booklet as well as power strip
Lot #: 208

Jewelry cabinet

42" tall wood Jewelry cabinet. Very nice piece. One of the side doors for necklaces is missing the drop on the pull. No other damage was seen
Lot #: 209

Assorted watches

Assorted men?s and women?s watches, a wall hanging made of melted wax, a new package of Verbatim DVD + R 10 pack that looks like it?s never been opened
Lot #: 210

Wall mirror

Wall mirror with metal frame. Measures 52 inches long and 15 inches wide. That is a reflection in the mirror, not decoration
Lot #: 211

Straight back chairs

Two Straight back chairs. One has a padded seat. Both are in very good shape and should be good sitting
Lot #: 212

Small bedside table

Small wood bedside table with six drawers and it?s on rollers. 25 inches tall by 13 x 15
Lot #: 213

Wrapping paper and scales

Wrapping paper and scales. Jim says the scales are about 40 pounds heavy ha ha also a purse and baskets
Lot #: 214

Ginger jars

Two nice Ginger jars
Lot #: 215

Lined wicker baskets

Lined wicker baskets. Graduated sizes on two of them and three small ones to fit inside plus a nice wicker basket with books
Lot #: 216


Two brand new pillows still in the packaging and three others have been used. Nice wicker laundry basket with some clothes already for you. Throwing in a king size mattress that is in very nice condition
Lot #: 217

Throw rugs

Throw rugs-3 match
Lot #: 218

Piano music

Piano music- Some new, some old- got "40 gospel hymns stories", piano pieces "Shriners library of musical classics", "John Thompson?s modern course for the piano" and many more yeah even Irving Berlin?s Anthology
Lot #: 219

J&C Fisher of New York upright piano

J&C Fisher of New York upright piano. Been refurbished and is in great condition. Has been kept in tune
Lot #: 220

Piano bench

Piano bench with scrolled legs and paw feet. Lid lifts for music storage
Lot #: 221

Wicker basket desk organizer

Wicker basket desk organizer, Remington electric razor, two small wooden framed prints approximally 5 x 7
Lot #: 222

Vintage style writing desk

Vintage style writing desk. Very nice piece with four drawers down the left side, one middle drawer and two drawers underneath the raised portion of the desk. Has metal pulls on the drawers
Lot #: 223

Wall hanging mirror

Wall hanging mirror with wood frame. Very nice condition. 42 inches x 2 foot
Lot #: 224

Paper shredder and books

Small Royal Paper shredder and books. If you don?t like the book you can always shred it or read it and shred it. Nice selection of books
Lot #: 225

Wood four shelf bookcase

3? x 32" x 8? deep Heavy duty bookshelf with four shelves. Can be freestanding or if you really have a nice heavy wall I guess you could hang it but I don?t recommend it
Lot #: 226

Triple buffet server

Triple buffet server/Warming tray with original box. Maybe used once or twice but not very frequently
Lot #: 227

Piano scarf

Piano scarf, Sewing basket and a box of knickknacks including wall hanging, flower globes, hanging pottery
Lot #: 228

Samsung plug and play VHS

Samsung plug and play VHS, Metal candle holder and a cute little metal box
Lot #: 229

Angel figurines

Two Angel figurines, Artificial flowers, one small water pitcher, empty hat box and two pieces of wicker
Lot #: 230

Weslo cardio glide

Weslo cardio glide. Auctioneer tested
Lot #: 231

Eureka The Boss Vac

Eureka The Boss power plus vac
Lot #: 232

Hewett Packard monitor

Hewett Packard S2031 monitor: Still in the box. We don?t know if it?s ever been unpacked
Lot #: 233

Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations Just in time to spruce up your house for the month of October
Lot #: 234

Wire magazine rack

Wire magazine rack with a fold up sewing cutting board, movie screen, a world map in a tube that measures 53 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches wonder if the world changed since it was put in the tube
Lot #: 235

HP computer monitors

HP computer monitors, Set of speakers, keyboard, mouse and cable
Lot #: 236

Two shelf cabinet

Two shelf cabinet. The computer stuff sells in separate lot
Lot #: 237

GE microwave

GE microwave with turntable
Lot #: 238

Wood top table and chairs

Cutting board wood top table with Metal frame and 4 chairs with metal frames and padded seats. Measures 5? x 3?
Lot #: 239

Pair of wood end tables

Pair of wood end tables with glass inserts and bottom shelves
Lot #: 240

36 inch Sony Wega TV

36 inch Sony Wega TV with stand
Lot #: 241

Entertainment center cabinet

Entertainment center cabinet. Very nice piece with this unit you get an Ion and Technics. Looks like one plays DVDs and the other one VHS. We know nothing about them
Lot #: 242

Overstuffed couch

80" Overstuffed couch. Good shape and has two throw pillows
Lot #: 243

Floor pillow

Floor pillow, Brass bell, miscellaneous bags, a candle set, Broncos stuffed animal, worlds best mother award and a wicker basket. And a man?s hat size 7 1/4
Lot #: 244

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry: Rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces. There?s rhinestones and wood. Nice display boxes. Includes a little bisque doll
Lot #: 245

Wooden rosary

Wooden rosary, Nazech boa case for your phone and two really nice needlepoint display pieces
Lot #: 246

Glass Christmas ornaments

Glass Christmas ornaments
Lot #: 247

Trundle bed

Trundle bed
Lot #: 248

Wooden shelf unit

Wooden shelf unit. Measures 6' x 1? x 1? . Six cubbyholes for storing your priceless goodies
Lot #: 249

Folding shelf unit

Folding wood shelf unit. Measures 22" high x 40" tall x 1?deep. Tried to take picture of one of the folding hinges, but will not "show up" in the picture
Lot #: 250

Bowl and pitcher set

Unmarked Bowl and pitcher set. Small chip in pitcher. Comes complete with a two shelf shoe unit
Lot #: 251

Autumn decorations

Autumn decorations including pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, fall leave, etc.
Lot #: 252

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations plus a few other pieces to decorate with such as centerpiece of artificial flowers etc.
Lot #: 253

A box full of pictures to display

A box full of pictures to display. Seller has patiently wrapped several of them so we?ve only unwrapped one to give you an idea. Plus a stuffed rabbit with a carrot, metal candleholders with candles- neat centerpieces for the fall
Lot #: 254


DVDs, Seashells, 60th anniversary commemorative edition of Pearl Harbor video set, Pokémon, Titanic on two VHS cassettes. Lotta good stuff here folks and even a few books
Lot #: 255


Winter is coming, the snow is going to fall and these books will be nice to cuddle up with and read. Includes books from Jane M. Auel and Dean Koontz
Lot #: 256

Artificial flowers and greenery

Artificial flowers and greenery. Nice assortment. According to one bag there are some white poinsettias.
Lot #: 257

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations. Christmas is coming folks and we have wreaths, snowman and more to help with your decorating
Lot #: 258

Lighted Christmas tree

Lighted Christmas tree. Has remote control for the lights and a specially made bag to keep it in so it stays clean and nice for the next Christmas
Lot #: 259

Bed covers

Bed covers in nice plastic bags. We?re thinking that one?s a double and one?s a queen size
Lot #: 260

Christmas tree and greenery

5? Christmas tree and greenery
Lot #: 261

Artificial flowers

Two boxes with Artificial flowers, Christmas centerpiece candleholders
Lot #: 262

Sewing patterns

Sewing patterns: Stitch and Sew, Simplicity and McCall?s
Lot #: 263

Board games

Board games: Milton Bradley Memory, Sequence, Pictionary, Catch phrase, Rook and Yahtzee
Lot #: 264

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations, Centerpieces, some handiwork and Angels
Lot #: 265


Material: Felt, polyester and cotton. The tapestry pattern collection from McCall?s and Avon. The games showing in one of the pix sell in a different lot
Lot #: 266

Oscillating fan

Oscillating fan and small desktop Comfort Zone stationary fan
Lot #: 267

Brass candlesticks

Four graduated size Brass candlesticks, Three red metal candle sticks for a centerpiece, a brass base candle holder, red candle for Christmas and some glass gem fillers plus some white candles for the candle sticks
Lot #: 268


Dragon double nine dominoes, Bicycle brand boxes of 100s poker chips, Scrabble and Bad Gammon
Lot #: 269

Party lite

Party lite drecorating pieces with original boxes
Lot #: 270


Pinocchio Stuffed doll, a stuffed rabbit and a cloth bag full of plastic toys as well as some wood blocks
Lot #: 271

Minolta camera

Minolta SRT 101 camera with an extra lens, a flash attachment and bag
Lot #: 272

National Geographic magazines

National Geographic travel guide magazines, Better homes and Gardens and a box full of miscellaneous including Super Bowl 21, Rockies, Country Living and more
Lot #: 273


Parker brothers and Milton Bradley Games: Monopoly Junior, Life, Read My Lips, Apples to Apples, The Great Muppet Caper, Trivia Pursuit, Clue and Risk
Lot #: 274

Squirrels and centerpiece base

Squirrels and centerpiece base
Lot #: 275

Glass brides basket & artificial flowers

Glass brides basket and artificial flowers
Lot #: 276


Vases of all shapes and sizes and even colors
Lot #: 277

Picture frames

Picture frames: Some for hanging on the wall, some for sitting on the desk, some have never been used and even got little miniature ones in a trifold. You got pictures we?ve got frames
Lot #: 278

Glue gun

Glue gun and glue sticks for the gun, Metal coffee cup holder, blank CDs with cases and candles
Lot #: 279

Picture frames

Picture frames: Most with wood frames, one with metal and nice piece of plexiglass
Lot #: 280

Christmas village

Christmas village: one of the churches has a little chip on it. There?s a Mouse Carolers set that is still in the box. There are no boxes for the others. The lot even comes with the flannel to put underneath it when you display it at Christmas time
Lot #: 281

Christmas items

Christmas items: stuffed gingerbread boy, decorated boxe & tin for putting in candy and cookies, string of tree lights, Christmas package bows and handled basket with holly. Lotta good stuff here for Christmas
Lot #: 282

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations: Cookie jar with Caroling penguins on top, candleholders and non-Christmas decorations such as a horse, birdhouse and turkey centerpiece
Lot #: 283


Candles In all shapes and sizes including a candle with a wrought iron piece to hang on the wall
Lot #: 284

Pet feeders

Pet feeders: stainless steel bowls and a plastic two compartment feeder. Lot includes a multiple plug power strip
Lot #: 285

Cookie jar

Cookie jar with no cookies. You?re gonna have to fill it yourself
Lot #: 286

Bear cookie jar

Bear cookie jar- But I think he ate all the cookies. Chip in paint at base of neck on back and speck on the shoulder. See Pix
Lot #: 287

Mr. coffee pot

Mr. coffee pot and box with extension cords
Lot #: 288


Battery operated clocks: one is a wooden clock to hang on the wall, Round plastic frame clock for hanging on the wall and the other one is a small dresser clock in the shape of a shelf clock. Plus you get a wood plateau
Lot #: 289

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets: One filled with pinecones and decorated for Christmas, one has fall colored artificial flowers and the other one holds a Halloween ghost doll. Plus some other accent pieces wrapped in tissue
Lot #: 290

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs: Dad, ho ho ho, Santa Claus, Southwestern style plus Southwest double handled piece of pottery and Southwestern look water pitcher
Lot #: 291

Assorted miniatures

Assorted miniatures In a nice tin
Lot #: 292


Candles : Wrought iron stand with three supports holding seven individual candles, a wood NOEL, a box full of assorted candles that have been wrapped in tissue and there?s at least one red globe. Also large glass jar filled with artificial lemons and limes
Lot #: 293

Wm. Rogers tea set

Four piece Wm. Rogers silver plate tea set. Includes tea pot, cream, sugar and trey
Lot #: 294

Gone with The Wind VHS

Casio portable printing calculator with its original box plus Gone With the Wind VHS tape
Lot #: 295

Broncos memorabilia

Broncos memorabilia, plastic Christmas serving tray, box full of screws and things to hang stuff up, plastic holders for strings of lights,Oven handle for a GE oven- brand new in the packaging and three ring notebooks
Lot #: 296

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, Wooden sleigh piece to hang on your front door, wooden dolphin and a wooden coyote
Lot #: 297

Wood Christmas trees

Wood pine trees and cacti
Lot #: 298

Christmas items

A Christmas cow with a holiday scarf, cover jar snowman with top hat, Avon snow light. Most of them are in their original boxes, Several items you can always wrap them up and give them for Christmas
Lot #: 299

Sewing notions

Sewing notions: Thread, bobbins, sewing machine needles and a nice Tupperware container to keep them all straight. Sear sewing machine in Lot 129
Lot #: 300


Candelabra made of wood that sits on a shelf that you hang on the wall. Pair of wood carvings. Box of small jars- we only see one lid


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.