Tools, 1997 Suburban, Furniture, Appliances, Quilts & More

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

United Country Heard Auction & Real Estate, LLC
The following terms and conditions apply to all auctions conducted by United Country Heard Auction and Real Estate, its employees, agents, and assigns (Auctioneer), and any participants, their employees, agents, and assigns (Bidder), in said auctions, unless otherwise stipulated by the Auctioneer within any additional terms and conditions specifically expressed in regard to any single auction. By registering for, and participating in, this auction, Bidder acknowledges these terms and conditions and consents to abide by them, as well as any other/additional terms and conditions expressed specifically elsewhere within any auction listing. Terms and Conditions:1. GENERAL AUCTION INFORMATIONa) ALL ITEMS on the auction sell subject to the Auction Co.'s acceptance or rejection of the high bid. b) All items sold at auction conducted by Auctioneer are sold strictly on an "as-is-where-is" basis (shipping, packing, and/or loading are not included). c) Auctioneer and/or its consignor(s) reserve the right to add, delete, or alter any auction item prior to the opening of the auction.d) Neither the Auctioneer, nor its consignor(s), will recognize, or be held liable for, any claims for theft, damage, or loss once an item has been awarded and Bidder payment has been received. e) Auctioneer DOES NOT SHIP ALL items. Only items designated "Shipping Available" will be shipped. Bidder is responsible for all handling fees, packaging and shipping costs assessed by the auctioneer. All non-shipped items must be picked up from auction site by Bidder, or authorized Bidder representative, at designated date and time. f) BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY FOR PICKUP:- Schedule pickup appointment online.- Show up during scheduled time slot for pickup.- Bring adequate supplies and manpower necessary for the unmounting, disassembly, removal and loading of purchased items.- Remove off-site all items included in purchased Lot.g) Items not picked up by Bidder, or authorized Bidder representative, within stipulated time frame, regardless of payment, will be considered abandoned and will be donated or resold. At Auctioneer's sole discretion, you may be allowed to arrange for your item(s) to be stored, subject to a storage rate of ($10) per item, per day.2. PURCHASES/FEESa) All sales are final, and no sale shall be invalidated. There are no returns or refunds, and credit payments cannot be reversed. b) A fifteen percent (15%) Buyer's Premium will be applied to ALL online purchases. c) ALL internet/online purchases may be subject to a per-item internet/handling fee. The auctioneer will list this fee, when applicable, in the shipping/pickup information section of the auction listing.d) All funds are to be paid in USD. Bidder is responsible for and agrees to pay, all duties, custom, taxes, and any other fees associated with the purchase of any item.e) Bidder agrees to pay for all items before removing any items from the auction site.3. PAYMENT a) All purchases must be paid in full by end of auction. Acceptable method of payment is by credit card. All funds will be paid in USD. A 15% Buyer's Premium will be applied to ALL online purchases. b) Bidder is responsible for and agrees to pay, all duties, custom, taxes, and any other fees associated with the purchase of any item. All sales are final, and no sale shall be invalidated. There are no returns or refunds, and credit payments cannot be reversed. c) Oklahoma buyers will be charged 9.5% tax on all items purchased. 4. ITEM DESCRIPTIONSa) Neither the Auctioneer nor its consignor(s), make any guarantees, warranties, or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the property being sold, except as to the warranty of title. All implied warranties of merchantability, and/or fitness for purpose, are specifically disclaimed by the Auctioneer and its consignor(s). b) Specifically, neither the Auctioneer, nor its consignors, makes any representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to any of the following characteristics of property: age, authenticity, genuineness, attribution, provenance, origin, physical condition, importance, size, quality, quantity, rarity, value exhibitions, historical references or significance, medium, material, culture, or source origin.c) All information within any catalog, sale bill, auction listing, advertising, website, or elsewhere is offered to the Bidder as a statement of opinion only. It is not intended to contain statements of fact for which the Auctioneer or its consignor(s) may be held liable. This disclaimer of liability on the Auctioneer's part applies whether the information is included in any catalog, sale bill, or website, and extends any advertisements, announcements, or communications through our representatives, bills of sale, or elsewhere, and regardless of whether written or oral.d) Neither the Auctioneer nor its consignor(s), shall be responsible for the correctness or accuracy of descriptions or other information in any catalog or elsewhere. The Bidder assumes full responsibility to inspect and to evaluate the property to its, his, or her, complete satisfaction prior to any bid or purchase. The Bidder agrees to make an independent judgment about the property, the property's value, and/or property descriptions or any other information about the property, and to bid accordingly.e) The Auctioneer may, without in any way diminishing any disclaimers of liability contained in these terms and conditions, and elsewhere, mention within the description of an item or lot, some significant damage, though this may or may not include all faults, imperfections, and/or restorations.f) The Bidder agrees not to base a bid solely upon information provided by the Auctioneer, or its consignor(s).5. ONLINE AUCTIONSa) Auctioneer shall not be responsible for internet outages, service disruptions, data lag, or other failures of Bidder's bid placed via the internet. The auctioneer may or may not honor such adversely affected bid attempts, at Auctioneer's sole discretion.b) Auctioneer reserves the right, at Auctioneer's sole discretion, to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures.c) Bidding increments shall be determined at the sole discretion of the auctioneer and will be posted on the bidding website. This auction utilizes a soft close option, which means if a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes prior to that item ending, the time is automatically extended for an additional 3 minutes. This process continues until all bidding ceases.6. LIABILITYa) Safety of operation of any electrical or otherwise powered devices or items sold is not warranted, or guaranteed, in any way. Auctioneer recommends that all electrical or otherwise powered items sold be checked, installed, and or operated by a licensed electrician or other appropriate technician.b) Items sold could, or could not, meet current, or any other, safety standards. Certain items could subject the operator or installer to various hazards, including, but not limited to, non-polarized plugs, lack of grounding conductors, and/or guards missing, malfunctioning, or not acceptable by modern safety standards. Bidder assumes all responsibility to check with appropriate authorities having jurisdiction regarding any/all local codes regarding such devices. Bidder assumes any and all liability for any installation and/or operation of any item purchased.c) Vintage items are sold with a primary use as collector's items, solely intended for display purposes only and, as such, are not recommended for any other practical use. Vintage items could, or could not, meet any safety standards, could be coated with lead paint, could contain lead, or could be made entirely of lead, and also could contain phthalates, or present choking hazards. Bidder agrees, in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, to buy vintage items as collectibles for display purposes only, and with no intention of using them, selling them to be used, or of allowing them to be used otherwise. Bidder further agrees to assume all liability and responsibility, and to hold harmless the seller and/or the Auctioneer, in the event of injury, harm, or death to anyone as a result of improper use of any item purchased at auction. Bidders must be over 18 years of age. d) Bidders agree that they, and their guests, are attending the auction sale at the Bidder's own risk, exclusively, and agree to indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Auctioneer, and its seller(s) and/or consignor(s), from any and all accidents and/or injuries they may receive while attending the auction sale and/or during pickup of auction items.7. PARTIAL PAYMENT/ NON-PAYMENTa) Any Bidder who does not pay in full upon presentment of an auction invoice is subject, at the discretion of Auctioneer or its consignor(s), to being barred from any future participation in auctions conducted by Auctioneer.b) Auctioneer reserves the right to void an invoice if payment in full is not received within specified time limits. In cases of nonpayment, Auctioneer's election to void a sale does not relieve the Bidder from its obligation to pay the Auctioneer's fees (seller's and buyer's premium) due on the lot(s), and/or any other damages pertaining to the lot(s).c) In the event that Bidder's payment is dishonored upon presentment(s), Bidder shall pay the maximum statutory processing fee set by applicable State of Oklahoma law.d) If any auction invoice submitted by Auctioneer is not paid in full when due, the unpaid balance will bear interest at the highest rate allowed by law from the date of invoice until paid. Any invoices not paid when due will be subject to a three percent (3%) late fee on the invoice amount, or three percent (3%) of any installment that is past due, should payment be accepted on a past-due invoice.e) If Auctioneer refers any invoice to an attorney for collection, the Bidder agrees to pay all attorney fees, court costs, and/or any other collection costs incurred by Auctioneer. If Auctioneer assigns collection to in-house legal staff, such attorney's time expended on the matter shall be compensated at a rate comparable to the hourly rate of independent attorneys.f) In the event a successful Bidder fails to pay any amount due, Auctioneer, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to sell the lot(s) securing the invoice to any under-bidders in the auction in which the lot(s) appeared, or in subsequent private or public sale, or to re-list the lots in a future auction conducted by Auctioneer. The defaulting Bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable costs of resale (including a 35% seller's commission, if consigned to an auction conducted by Auctioneer). The defaulting Bidder is further liable to pay any difference between his/her/its total original invoice for the lot(s), plus any applicable interest, and the net proceeds for the lot(s), if sold at private sale, or the subsequent hammer price of the lot(s), less the 35% seller's commission, if sold at an Auctioneer's auction. g) Auctioneer shall have a lien against the merchandise purchased by the Bidder to secure payment of the auction invoice. Auctioneer is further granted a lien and the right to retain possession of any other property of the Bidder then held by the Auctioneer or its affiliates, to secure payment of any auction invoice or any other amounts due the Auctioneer or its affiliates from the Bidder. h) With respect to payment of auction invoices, the Bidder waives any and all rights of offset he/she/it might otherwise have against the Auctioneer and/or the consignor of the merchandise included on the invoice. If a Bidder owes Auctioneer or its affiliates on any account, Auctioneer and its affiliates shall have the right to offset such unpaid account by any credit balance due the Bidder, and it may secure, by possessory lien, any unpaid amount by any of the Bidders property then held in the Auctioneer or its affiliates' possession. 8. DISPUTES/ARBITRATIONa) Auctioneer shall designate the winning bidder after each item is auctioned. Should any dispute arise between two (2) or more Bidders, regarding any matter, Auctioneer reserves the right, and the Bidders grant Auctioneer the right (solely at Auctioneer's discretion), to re-open bidding on the item in question, and/or to resolve any/all questions through the identification, or designation, of the winning bidder and/or the amount of the winning bid.b) Auctioneer and Bidder hereby agree to submit any dispute between Auctioneer and Bidder, arising out of, or relating to, this agreement, to an arbitration panel of three (3) neutral person selected by Auctioneer. If Bidder disapproves of the panel, Bidder shall, within ten (10) days after receiving notice of selection of the panel, initiate arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (AAA), using its rules for commercial arbitrations, with the exception that all AAA fees shall be paid by Bidder.c) If Bidder fails to timely initiate arbitration through AAA, or to pay AAA fees and costs, Auctioneer may resume arbitration through a neutral arbitration panel selected by Auctioneer.d) The decision of arbitration will be final and binding on all parties.9. LEGAL ACTIONSa) Notwithstanding anything contained in this agreement to the contrary, Auctioneer hereby reserves the right to seek any action against Bidder in a court of competent jurisdictionb) Any action or suit of any kind relating to this agreement must be commenced within one (1) year from the date when the cause of action or claim accrued, or it shall be forever barred. The right of action or suit shall accrue, and the one-year limitation shall begin to run, at the date upon which the breach, damage, or injury is sustained, and not when the resulting cost, damage, harm, or loss is discovered.c) Auctioneer shall not under any circumstances be liable to Bidder for any consequential damages to Bidder, and Bidder shall not hold Auctioneer liable for failure of any successful Bidder to complete transaction.d) Bidder agrees to be responsible for any and all attorney's fees and/or collection fees incurred by seller or Auctioneer as a result of any disputes or actions brought on by Bidder with regard to any auction or auction item.10. SALES TAXa) When sales tax is applicable, Bidder agrees to pay the Auctioneer the actual amount of tax due in any event where sales tax is not properly collected due to an expired, inaccurate, inappropriate text certificate or declaration, or due to any incorrect interpretation of the applicable statute, or due to any other reason.b) When sales tax is applicable, the appropriate forms or certificate must be on file with and verified by, the Auctioneer five (5) days prior to the auction, or sales tax must be paid. Lots originating from different auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes.c) Farm tax exemption cards can only be used on auction items approved by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. For more information visit - (pgs. 22-28).d) Any motor vehicles offered for sale or subject to any and all applicable state titling and tax laws. Bidder agrees to be responsible for complying with these laws. 11. GOVERNING LAW & JURY WAIVERa) This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Oklahoma, and any action or proceeding arising hereunder shall be brought in the courts of the State of Oklahoma.b) If any such action or proceeding arises under the Constitution, laws, or treaties of the United States of America, or if there is a diversity of citizenship between the parties hereto, so that suit may be brought in a United States District Court, it shall be brought to the United States District Court in Arapaho, Oklahoma.c) The invalidation of one or more terms of this agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms.d) Auctioneer and its seller(s) hereby waive the right to any jury trial in any action, proceeding, or counterclaim in connection with this agreement brought by either party against the other party.12. SEVERABILITYExcept as expressly provided to the contrary herein, each section, part, term and/or provision of this agreement shall be considered severable; and if, for any reason any section, part, term or provision herein is determined to be invalid, unenforceable or contrary to, or in conflict with, any existing or future law or regulation by a court or agency having valid jurisdiction, such shall not impair the future operation of, or have any other effect upon, such other sections, parts, terms and provisions of this agreement as may remain otherwise intelligible, and the latter shall continue to be given full force and effect and bind the parties hereto; and said invalid or unenforceable sections, parts, terms or provisions shall be deemed to be replaced with a provision that is valid and enforceable and most merely reflects the original intent of the invalid or unenforceable provision.
Address will be disclosed to winning bidders and preview attendees only., Clinton, OK
An online auction selling the contents of a country home and shop. Items include a 1997 Suburban, tools, furniture, refrigerator, Frankoma pottery, paintings, vintage toys and collectibles, sewing machine, quilts, die-cast cars and tractors, household goods, Christmas items, and much more.
Lot #: 100

3 - 19x23 Original Paintings

Lot #: 101

LA-Z-BOY Manual Recliner

Lot #: 102

2 - 25" Lamps

Lot #: 102a


Lot #: 103

Ashley End Table

24? h, 22? w, 26? d LIVING ROOM
Lot #: 104


90? wide LIVING ROOM
Lot #: 105

Large Original Painting 32"x44?

Lot #: 106

Wood End Table

20?h, 13?w, 22?dLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 107

Wood Coffee Table

16?h, 48?w, 24?dLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 108

31? Samsung LCD TV

Lot #: 109


Includes approx. 16 VHS tapesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 110

Entertainment Console Cabinet

28?h, 33?w, 19?dLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 111

Artificial Flowers, Greenery and Baskets

Approx. 10 basketsLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 112

Maple Rocking Chair

Lot #: 113

2 - Framed Paintings

20"x24? and 30"x36?LIVING ROOM
Lot #: 114

Brass Nesting Bowls and Figurines

Contents of two shelvesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 115

Horse Figurines

Contents of two shelvesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 116

Asst. Childrens? Books, Paperbacks, etc.

Contents of three shelvesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 117

Wall Clock by Royal Creations

Lot #: 118

Ceramic Pitcher, Figurines, Bottle, etc.

Contents of two shelvesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 119

Music Boxes, Figurines, Brass Basket, etc.

Contents of two shelvesLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 120

New & Vintage Books, Bookends, Magnifying Glass

Contents of three shelves
Lot #: 121

Rooster Fan, Lamp, Gourds, Iron

Lot #: 122

Hexagonal Wood End Table

21?h, 25?w, 25?dLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 123

La-Z-Boy Manual Recliner

Lot #: 124

Wall Display Shelf and Figurines

23?h, 20?w, 9?dLIVING ROOM
Lot #: 125

2 - Electric Space Heaters

Lot #: 125a


Lot #: 126

Walter of Wabash Dining Table & Chairs

6 Chairs by Heywood Wakefield; Table is 48?x72? w/ 2 leaves inserted; LIVING ROOM
Lot #: 127

Asst. Glass Dishes, Cups, S&P Sets

Contents of two shelvesDINING ROOM
Lot #: 128

Amethyst Butter Dish & Asst. Glassware

Contents of two shelves; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 129

Stemware, Tray, Candleholders, etc.

contents of two shelves; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 130

Anchor Hocking ?Star of David? Glassware, etc.

contents of two shelves; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 131

Murano Glass Dish & Asst. Plates, Mugs, etc.

contents of two shelves; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 132

Rooster Tray, Lamp, Candles, etc.

Lot #: 133

Painted Wood Writing Desk

30?h, 30?w, 18?d; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 134

MCM Fondue Set and Canisters

Lot #: 135

Vintage Wood Secretary

71"h, 24"w, 15"d;does not include contents; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 136

Metal Rooster, Wreath, Painting, etc.

Lot #: 137

English Teapot, Teacup and Saucers

Lot #: 138

Rooster Lamp, Handmade Cloth Roosters

Lamp - 28" tall; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 139

Ceramic Beer Steins, Pitcher and Basin

Lot #: 140

Ethan Allen China Hutch

71"h, 48"w, 19"d; does not include contents; DINING ROOM
Lot #: 141

Blue Glass Owl Pitcher, Tonic Bottle, Tray, etc.

Lot #: 142

Frankoma Pottery Collection

Lot #: 143

Fostoria Glassware

Lot #: 144

Rooster Egg Plate and Rooster Figures

Lot #: 145

Frankoma Pottery Pitcher Set, Candelabra, etc.

Lot #: 146

Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Placemats, etc.

contents of two drawersDINING ROOM
Lot #: 147

Holiday Stemware, Dish, Trivet, etc.

contents of two shelvesDINING ROOM
Lot #: 148

Placemats, Wicker Servers, etc.

contents of two shelvesDINING ROOM
Lot #: 149

Copper Milk Can, Stoneware Crocks, etc.

Lot #: 150

Silver Plated Tea Service

includes Silver Lightning tarnish removerDINING ROOM
Lot #: 150a


VIN: 3GNFK16R1VG147373Miles: 135,200Engine: GAS V8Color: BLACK
Lot #: 151

22" Bulova Chime Regulator Clock

Lot #: 151a


Lot #: 152

Frigidaire Refrigerator with Ice Maker

White; 65"h, 30"w, 32"dKITCHEN
Lot #: 153

Rooster Cookie Jar, Birdhouse, Wire Basket, etc.

Lot #: 154

Rooster Kitchen Décor

Lot #: 155

Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven, 1000 watt

12"h, 20"w, 15"dKITCHEN
Lot #: 156

Kitchen Utility Cart

45"h, 25"w, 20"ddoes not include contentsKITCHEN
Lot #: 157

Toaster, Baking Sheets, Cookware, etc.

contents of three shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 158

Shelf, Painted Tray and Rooster Décor

Lot #: 159

2 - Boxes Kerr Canning Jars

includes canning tongsKITCHEN
Lot #: 160

Vintage Butter Churn

Lot #: 161

Tile-Top Kitchen Table and 4 Chairs

29"h, 36"w, 45"dKITCHEN
Lot #: 161a


Lot #: 162

Stained Glass Roosters

Lot #: 163

Vision Amber Bakeware by Corning

Lot #: 164

Vision Cranberry Bakeware by Corning

Lot #: 165

Asst. Pyrex Glass Bakeware

Lot #: 166

Fire King Nested Mixing Bowls

Lot #: 167a

Vintage Corning Ware Casserole Pans

Lot #: 167b

Corning Ware French White Bakeware

Lot #: 168

Measuring Cups & Asst. Tupperware

contents of three shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 169

Asst. Bowls and Food Storage Containers

contents of three shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 170

Asst. Glass Tumblers

contents of one top shelfKITCHEN
Lot #: 171

Contents of 1 Shelf - Mugs

Lot #: 172

Corelle by Corning Dish Set

Lot #: 173

Pillsbury Glass Bowls and Misc. Bakeware

Lot #: 174

Paper Towel Holder, Cannisters, Candles, etc.

Lot #: 175

Amber Glass Kings Crown Dish, Hen, Bowls, etc.

Lot #: 176

Rooster Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Stove Top Covers

Lot #: 177

Muffin Tins, Trays, New Splatter Guards

contents of one cabinetKITCHEN
Lot #: 178

?76 Syrup Bottles, Crockpot, Kettles, Food

contents of two shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 179

Vintage Coffee Cannister Collection

contents of three shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 180

Cookbooks, Candy Molds, etc.

contents of two shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 181

Vintage Club Dutch Oven, Roasting Pans, etc.

contents of two shelvesKITCHEN
Lot #: 182

Vintage Oster Mixer, Coffee Makers, etc.

Lot #: 183

Knife Block and Cutting Boards

Lot #: 184

Rooster Wall Hooks, Potholders, Trivets, etc.

Lot #: 185

Flatware, Knife, Utensils, etc.

contents of one drawerKITCHEN
Lot #: 186

Knives and Utensils

contents of one drawerKITCHEN
Lot #: 187

Pressure Cooker, Pots and Pans

contents of one shelfKITCHEN
Lot #: 188

Bundt Cake Pans, Bakeware, Frying Pans

contents of one bottom shelfKITCHEN
Lot #: 189

Kitchen Utensils, Towels, Potholders, etc.

contents of three drawersKITCHEN
Lot #: 190

Roll Top Kitchen Vegetable Bin

34"h, 15"w, 12"dKITCHEN
Lot #: 191

Barnyard Wall Hangings

Rooster - 30"x40"Wooden Animal - 6"x30"KITCHEN
Lot #: 192

Small Chest of Drawers

34"h, 24"w, 15"dOFFICE
Lot #: 193

Cast Iron John Deere Tractor, Books, Tray, etc.

Lot #: 194

Parris Cap Gun

Lot #: 195

Daisy Model 93 CO2 BB Gun

Lot #: 196

Marksman Repeater .117 Cal. BB Gun

Lot #: 197

Daisy Model 1200 CO2 BB Gun

Lot #: 198

Crosman 357 Mag. Pellet Gun

Lot #: 199

Daisy Pellets, CO2 Cartridges, Crosmans BB's, etc.

Lot #: 199a


Lot #: 200

Crosman Air 17 Pump Pellet Rifle

Lot #: 201

Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, Model 1938b

Lot #: 202

Daisy Model 95b BB Gun

Lot #: 203

Best Defense Stainless Steel Knife

Lot #: 204

Justice Keeper Bowie Knife

Lot #: 205

Engraved Metal Scimitar

Lot #: 206

Rapier Set

Lot #: 207

Custom Made Gladius

Lot #: 208

Mounted Longhorns

Lot #: 209

Antique Oil Lamp and Wall Mount

Lot #: 210

Vintage Surveyor Scope and Plumb Bob

Lot #: 211

Black 4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet

OFFICEH - 54" W - 15" D - 27"
Lot #: 212

32" Metal File Cabinet and Contents

Lot #: 213

Hand Painted Country Decor

Lot #: 214

Office Desk

50"h, 48"w, 24" dOFFICE
Lot #: 215

Paper Shredder, Calculators, Desk Organizers, etc.

Lot #: 216

Gray Upholstered Office Chair

Lot #: 217

4-pc. Tractor Artwork

Lot #: 218

Die Cast Military Vehicles, Model Planes, etc.

contents of two shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 219

Die Cast Tractors, Vintage Vehicles, etc.

contents of one shelf; OFFICE
Lot #: 220

Die Cast Vintage Cars and Tractors

contents of one shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 221

Vintage Cast Iron Toys, Die Cast Cars, etc.

contents of one shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 222

Epson Color Printer/Copier/Scanner

Artisan 725 SeriesOFFICE
Lot #: 223

Glass Canisters, Marbles, Paper Weights

Lot #: 224

Sony Digital Camera, Polaroid Instant Sun600

Canon Snappy 35mmYashica 24mmOFFICE
Lot #: 225

Custom Built Desk and Chair

29"h, 74"w, 20" dOFFICE
Lot #: 225a


Lot #: 226

Binders, Folders, Clipboards, etc.

contents of two shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 227

28" Nylint Truck and Trailer

Lot #: 228

24" Shell Truck by Tonka

Lot #: 229

Vintage Nintendo Game System

includes joystick, controllers, gun, two game cartridgesOFFICE
Lot #: 230

Vintage Atari Game System

includes controllers, joy sticks, and approx. 16 game cartridges.OFFICE
Lot #: 231

Star Wars Game, Motorcycle Phone, Mini Train, etc.

contents of three shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 232

Lever Corkscrew, Coors Tray, Coasters, etc.

contents of one shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 233

Michael Jackson, Frosty, Asst. Vinyl Records

contents of one shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 234

Approx. 32 Columbia, Victor, & Capitol Records

Lot #: 235

73"x 96" Handmade Quilt and Rack

Lot #: 236

2 - Handmade Americana Quilts

68" x 96"OFFICE
Lot #: 237

87"x 88" Handmade Quilt and Rack

Lot #: 238

2 - Pastel Handmade Quilts

Top - 74"x84"Bottom - 80"x91"OFFICE
Lot #: 239

Vintage Steamer Trunk

refinished, 23"h, 34"w, 17"dDoes not include contentsOFFICE
Lot #: 240

Misc. Blankets and Quilts

Lot #: 241

Egyptian Artwork and Papyrus

Lot #: 242

Small Wood Console Table

21"h, 22"w, 11"dOFFICE
Lot #: 243

Wood Display Cabinet w/ Glass Sliding Doors

65"h, 28"w, 13"dOFFICE
Lot #: 244

10 - National Motor Museum Mint Cars

Includes certificates of authenticity and ID cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 245

10 - National Motor Museum Mint Cars

includes certificates of authenticity and IDcardsOFFICE
Lot #: 246

9 - National Motor Museum Mint Cars

includes certificates of authenticity and ID cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 247

9 - National Motor Museum Mint Cars

includes certificates of authenticity and ID cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 248

10 - National Motor Museum Mint Cars

includes a display box as well as certificates of authenticity and ID cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 248a


Lot #: 249

Hot Wheels, Matchbox, ERTL Die-Cast Cars

Includes display boxOFFICE
Lot #: 250

Die-Cast John Deere & Farmall Tractors

Contents of two shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 251

Asst. Die-Cast & Model Cars

12" Model T is battery-operated;Contents of one shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 252

3 - Shelves of Books

contents of three shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 253

60" Wood Bookcase

60"h, 36"w, 13"ddoes not include contentsOFFICE
Lot #: 254

Wooden Blocks, Stuffed Animals, etc.

Contents of top shelfOFFICE
Lot #: 255

Toy Tractors, Games, Bottles, etc.

Contents of side shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 256

Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner

12 Amp, Series 7901OFFICE
Lot #: 257

Micro Machines Collection

Includes wood display box, poster and two cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 258

Cadillac Classics Set by Motor Mint

3 - National Motor Museum Mint cars; New in box; includes certificate of authenticity and ID cardsOFFICE
Lot #: 259

Wood Bookcase

29"h, 28"w, 8"dOFFICE
Lot #: 259a

Variety of Books

Contents of two shelvesOFFICE
Lot #: 260

Sheets, Blankets, Linens, etc.

Contents of hall cabinet and four drawersOFFICE
Lot #: 261

1995 OKC Newspaper and US News

Lot #: 262

1977 Walt Disney Comic Books & Richie Rich Book

Lot #: 263

3 - 1973 Comic Books & 1969 Porky Pig

Lot #: 264

Vintage Heathcliff Paperbacks

Includes a Felix the Cat, Marmaduke, and Shark paperbackBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 265

Solid Wood Chest of Drawers

33"h, 34"w, 16"dBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 266

Calligraphy Instruction Books and Supplies

Lot #: 267

New Markers, Pencils, Folders, etc.

Lot #: 268

Crafts Supplies and Rolling Storage

Lot #: 269

Seasonal Decor and Craft Supplies

Contents of one top shelfBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 270

Asst. Frames - Used and New

Contents of closet floorBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 271

Child?s Chair, Toys and 3-Drawer Cart

All contents includedBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 272

Box of Toy Cars and Tonka Trucks

Lot #: 273

2 - Electric Train Sets

Lot #: 274

1976 Fisher Price Riding Horse

Lot #: 275

Fisher Price Tiny Teddy & Tick-Tock Clock

1962 Tiny Teddy chimes when pulled; 1964 Music Box Clock plays music and tick tocks when wound upBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 276

Fisher Price Circus Train, Tractor,& Trucks

Lot #: 277

Fisher Price School House and Bus

Lot #: 278

Ken and Barbie Dolls

Includes contents of boxBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 279

Vintage Wood Toy Box, Dolls, Clothes, etc.

Includes contents of box and plastic tubBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 280

Big Chief Tablet, Children?s Books, Bozo Puzzle

Lot #: 281

Vintage Metal School Desk and Chair

Desk - 25?h, 29?w, 18?dBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 282

Wood Cradle, Doll, Blankets & Pillows

Lot #: 283

Wooden High Chair, Cushions & Doll

Lot #: 284

Toy Dinosaurs

Lot #: 285

2 - Boxes ?88 Motocross Action Trading Cards

Lot #: 286

Twin Size Headboard & Footboard

Combines with Lot #372 to form Bunk BedIncludes bed frame, quilt & pillowsBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 286a


Lot #: 287

Hand Painted Rooster Storage Bench

18?h, 37?w, 12? dBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 288

Hand Painted Vines Storage Bench

19?h, 27?w, 12?dBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 289

Brown Chest of Drawers

44?h, 30?w, 16?dBEDROOM 2
Lot #: 290

Misc. Framed Paintings and Easel

Lot #: 291

Collection of Paintings, Unframed

Lot #: 292

3 - Snowy Mountain Paintings

All approx. 32?x25?BEDROOM 2
Lot #: 293

2- Framed Paintings

Mountain - 23?x 29?Wagon Wheel - 31?x 26?BEDROOM 2
Lot #: 294

Metal Birdcage and Birdhouse Decor

Lot #: 295

Birdhouses, Dishes, Contents of Cabinet

Lot #: 296

8 - Hand Painted Birdhouses

Lot #: 297

Birdhouse Chimes, Wreath, Wall Decor

Lot #: 297a


Lot #: 298

Asst. Quilts, Afghans, Throws, Pillows

Lot #: 299

2- Handmade Handkerchief Quilts and Stand

Lot #: 300

2 - Handmade Handkerchief Quilts

Lot #: 301

Hand Painted Jewelry Chest and Jewelry

Includes contentsMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 302

Vintage Costume Jewelry and Boxes

Lot #: 303

Vintage Cameo Jewelry, Beaded Clutches, etc.

Antique brooches, bracelets, ring, gloves, scarfMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 304

Scarves, Clips, Button Covers, etc.

Lot #: 305

Contents of 4 Drawers - Wallets, Boxes, Cards

Lot #: 306

Wood Dresser and Mirror

Dresser - 33"h, 56"w,18"dMirror - 38"x38"MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 307

2 - Framed Butterfly Paintings

22"x28" and 18"x22";includes 2-pc. Oriental art, 5"x7"MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 308

Floral Bouquets, Tin Cans, Hummingbird Figurine

Lot #: 309

20+ Fiction Books

Lot #: 310

MCM 3-Tier Wood Shelves

23"h, 31"w, 13"dMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 311

Manual Recliner, 31"w

Lot #: 312

70" Floor Lamp

Nickel finishMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 313

Metal Headboard and Frame, Queen Size

51'h, 60"wMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 314

Refinished Antique Steamer Trunk

24"h, 35"w, 21"dMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 314a


Lot #: 315

Vintage Baby Shoes, Clothes, Blankets

Contents of trunkMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 316

Wood Bedside Chest

25"h, 24"w, 17"dMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 317

RCA 24" Flat Screen TV

Lot #: 318

Holiday Pillows, Décor, Animals, etc.

Contents of top shelfMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 319

All Things Christmas - Wreaths, Baskets, Quilt,

Contents of Closet: wrapping paper, stockings, Santa, etc.MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 320

Acu-Rite Weather Station

Lot #: 321

2017 iPhone, Weather Radio, Asst. Phones

Lot #: 322

Asst. Phones, CD Player, Walkie Talkies

Lot #: 323

2 - Radio/Cassette/ CD Players and Cassettes

Lot #: 324

Purses and Bags

Contents of Closet, left sideMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 325

Gift Bags, Bows, Wreaths, Craft Supplies, etc.

Contents of Closet, right sideMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 326

Vintage Aprons, Framed Quilting and Paintings

Lot #: 327

2 - Framed Paintings and Wood Clock

29"x23" and 15"x18"Clock 13"x12"MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 328

Wood Chest of Drawers

52"h, 35"w, 20"dDoes not include contentsMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 329

Child's Cowboy Boots and Belt

Boots - Child's size 8Belt - Fits 19-21" waistMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 330

6 - Belt Buckles

Lot #: 331

6 - Belt Buckles

Lot #: 332

Men's Watches, Tie Tacks, Key Rings, etc.

Wood Jewelry Box and contents includedMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 333

Ashtray, Cigar Box, Glasses, etc.

Contents of one drawerMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 334

Leather Belts, Hats, Bells, Cigar Box, etc.

Contents of one drawer;MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 335

Vintage Flour Bags, Doilies, Shawl, etc.

Contents of one drawer;MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 336

Asst. Walking Canes and Walker

Lot #: 337

Shower Chair, Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor

Lot #: 338

Contents of Bathroom

Towels, rugs, décor, etc.MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 339

Fragata Espanola Ship

22"h, 28"wMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 340

2 - Fans and Stool

Lot #: 341

Vintage American Touristar Suitcase

Hard Shell 20"x24"MAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 342

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Sweeper

Lot #: 343

Eureka Super Broom, Shelf, Chimes, Blanket

Contents of ClosetMAIN BEDROOM
Lot #: 344

Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Lot #: 345

Shark Professional Iron and Ironing Board

Lot #: 346

Hamilton Beach Iron, Ironing Board and Rack

Lot #: 346a


Lot #: 347

Hand Painted Kettles and Décor

Lot #: 348

Mickey Mouse Bank, Tins, Cigar Boxes, Books, etc.

Contents of three shelvesMAIN BEDROOM - BACK
Lot #: 348a

Vintage Flash Camera & Shoe Shine Kit

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash w/ accessoriesMAIN BEDROOM - BACK
Lot #: 349

Leather Bag, Hamper, Towels, Hat, etc.

Contents of ClosetMAIN BEDROOM - BACK
Lot #: 350

Ceramic Pitcher and Basin

Lot #: 351

Wood Cabinet

31"h, 33"w, 17"ddoes not include contentsMAIN BEDROOM - BACK
Lot #: 352

Contents of 2 Shelves - Avon Soaps, etc.

Lot #: 353

Contents of Closet - National Geographic Magazines

Jan. 1989 Life magazine, linens, Christmas lights, etc.ENTRYWAY
Lot #: 354a

Vintage Ball Mason and Atlas Jars

Lot #: 354b

Asst. Serving Trays and Platters

Lot #: 355

Vintage Milk Bottles and Glass Jars

Lot #: 356

Asst. Baking Pans and Molds

Lot #: 357

Plastic Food Storage Containers, etc.

contents of three shelvesHALLWAY CLOSET
Lot #: 358

Coke Bottle, Tumblers, Tins, West Bend Hot Pot

Contents of two shelvesHALLWAY CLOSET
Lot #: 359

Asst. Food Storage Containers

Contents of one shelfHALLWAY CLOSET
Lot #: 360

Crockpots and George Foreman Grill

Contents of one shelfHALLWAY CLOSET
Lot #: 361

Bread Oven, Electric Skillet, Crockpot

Contents of one shelfHALLWAY CLOSET
Lot #: 362

Contents of Closet - Towels, Caddies, etc.

Lot #: 363

Bottles, Plates, Kettle, Ashtray, Tools, etc.

Contents of Top CabinetBOTTOM OF STAIRS
Lot #: 364

6 - Vintage Ball Mason and Atlas Jars

Contents of one shelfBOTTOM OF STAIRS
Lot #: 365

Ball Mason and Kerr Canning Jars

Contents of two shelvesBOTTOM OF STAIRS
Lot #: 366

Christmas Linens, Towels, Pillowcases, etc.

Contents of two tubsUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 367

Vintage School Desk

26"h, 21"wUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 368

Framed Painting 37"x 31"

Lot #: 369

Americana Quilts, Tins, Décor

Large Quilt - 70?x64?UPSTAIRS
Lot #: 370

Metal Shelves, Lamps, Travel Clock

Lot #: 371

Cross Stitch Wall Décor

Lot #: 372

Twin Size Headboard, Footboard & Ladder

Combines with Lot #286 to form Bunk Bed; includes risersUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 372a


Lot #: 373

Handmade Quilt and Pillows

Fits Twin/Full Bed84?x 98?UPSTAIRS
Lot #: 374

Americana Pillow Sham, Décor, Clock, etc.

Lot #: 375

RCA 20" TV

Lot #: 376

Wood Dresser

32"h, 51"w, 18"d;matches Lots # 386 and 391;does not include contentsUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 377

Fabric Supply

Contents of six drawersUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 378

Cutting Boards & Sewing Supplies

Lot #: 379

Wood Table

29"h, 48"w, 23"dUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 380

Desk Chair and Floor Mat

Lot #: 381

Desk Lamp, Safari Hat, Alarm Clock, etc.

Lot #: 382

2 - Quilted Wall Hangings & Spool Rack

Lot #: 383

Singer Sewing Machine

Model 9217UPSTAIRS
Lot #: 384

Wood Sewing Machine Cabinet

31"h, 28"w, 19"dUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 385

Collection of Sewing & Craft Magazines

Lot #: 386

Chest of Drawers

40"h, 36"w, 18"d;matches Lots #376 and 391;does not include contentsUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 387

Fabrics, Buttons, Patterns, Sewing Notions

Contents of four drawersUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 388

3 - Tubs of Fabric

Lot #: 389

Contents of Closet - Craft Supplies

includes crates, bins, boxes and contentsUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 390

Quilting Fabric and Batting

Contents of three boxesUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 391

Wood Dresser and Mirror

Dresser - 32"h, 54"w, 18"dMirror - 48" x 34"Matches Lots # 376 and 386UPSTAIRS
Lot #: 392

Quilting Books and Magazines

Lot #: 393

Wood Dough Box Table

22"h, 24"w, 17"dUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 393a


Lot #: 394

Vintage Glass Carboy

19"tall; approx. 6 gallon;UPSTAIRS
Lot #: 395

Upholstered Swivel Rocker

32"wide; includes blue slip coverUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 396

Misc. Quilts, Blankets and Pillows

Contents of closetUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 397

Upholstery Fabric and Vinyl

Lot #: 398

Candle Sconces and Décor

Lot #: 399

Contents of Bathroom - Towels, Painting, Shelves

Lot #: 400

Lot of Christmas Tins

Contents of one boxUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 401

Sci-Fi Toys, Cars, Action Figures

Contents of one boxUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 402

Large Toy Cars, Boats, Tanks, etc.

Contents of one boxUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 403

GI Joe Jets, Cars, Trucks, etc.

Contents of one boxUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 404

Baseball Bats, Baseballs, Yamaha Poster

Lot #: 405

Toy Chest and Dolls, Doll Clothes, etc.

Lot #: 406

1986 GI Joe Thermos

by AladdinUPSTAIRS
Lot #: 407

24 - Asst. Cars and Carry Case

Lot #: 408

24 - Asst. Matchbox & Hot Wheels Cars

Lot #: 409

48 - Asst. Cars and Carry Case

Lot #: 410

Asst. Toy Cars and Motorcycles

Lot #: 411

Asst. Toy Cars and Car Parts

Lot #: 412

Asst. Toy Trucks and Cars

Lot #: 413

Asst. Toy Cars

Lot #: 414

Asst. Toy Cars

Lot #: 415

Asst. Toy Cars

Lot #: 421

Step Stool

Lot #: 422

Vintage Two Man Crosscut Saw

Lot #: 422a

Box of Kitchen Utensils

Lot #: 423

2 - Step Ladders

Lot #: 424

Contents of Storage Closet

Lot #: 425

Contents of Storage Closet

Lot #: 426

Contents of Pegboard

Lot #: 427

Metal Detector

Lot #: 428

Broom, Push Broom, & Mop

Lot #: 429

2 - Thermos Coolers

Lot #: 430

Plastic Trash Cans

Lot #: 431

Asst. Trash Cans

Lot #: 432

Asst. Wicker Baskets

Lot #: 433

1 Gal. Household Sprayer

Lot #: 434

2 - Plastic Lawn Chairs

Lot #: 435

Plastic Stacking Shelf

Contents not included
Lot #: 436

Asst. Watering Cans

Lot #: 437

Gardening Tools; Sheers, Loppers, etc.

Lot #: 438

Sprinklers, Water Hose Sprayer, etc.

Lot #: 439

Asst. Birdfeeders

Lot #: 440

Contents of Shelves

Lot #: 441

Plastic Shelf & Contents

Lot #: 442

Contents of Pegboard; Ice Tongs, Brushes, etc.

Lot #: 443

Plastic Shelf & Contents

Lot #: 444

Enamelware Coffee Pot

Lot #: 445

Contents of Shelf

Lot #: 446

Wood Table & Contents

Lot #: 447

Frigidaire Freezer

Lot #: 448

Wood Workbench & Contents of Shelf

Lot #: 449

Yard Sticks

Lot #: 450

Vintage Stanley Planer

Lot #: 451

Bolt Bin & Contents

Lot #: 452

Plastic Shelf & Contents

Lot #: 453

Christmas Tree & Stand

Lot #: 454

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate & Bottles

Lot #: 455

Vintage Coca-Cola & Cragmont Cola Bottles

Lot #: 456

Folding Frame Commode

Lot #: 457

Cat Temple

Lot #: 459

Plant Stand

Lot #: 460

Wood Workbench

Lot #: 460a

4 - Plastic Planter Tubs

Lot #: 461

Wood Homemade Planter

Lot #: 462

Large Planters

Lot #: 463

Vintage Milk Can

Lot #: 465

Vintage Bantingham Tractor Planter

Lot #: 467

Vintage Admiral Toolbox

Lot #: 468

Stack On Rolling Toolbox

Lot #: 468a


Lot #: 469

Bolt Bin & Contents

Lot #: 470

2 - Bolt Bins & Contents

Lot #: 471

Bolt Bin & Contents

Lot #: 472

Woodworking Bits, Contents on top of Workbench

Lot #: 473


Contents in Drawers not included in purchase of the bench
Lot #: 474

Asst. Castors, Contents of Drawer

Lot #: 475

Contents of Drawer

Lot #: 476

Contents of Drawer

Lot #: 477

Asst. Sand Paper & Pads

Lot #: 479

Paint Brushes & Contents of Drawers

Lot #: 480

Asst. Saw Blades

Lot #: 480a


Lot #: 481

Black & Decker Drill Bits

Lot #: 482

Asst. Hinges & Contents of Drawers

Lot #: 483

Plastic Shelf, Rivet Gun, & Contents

Lot #: 484

Lumber & Metal Shelf

Lot #: 485

Rolling Cart, Woodworking Art, & Lumber

Lot #: 486

Metal Locker

Lot #: 487

Gear Pullers

Lot #: 488

Wood Art, Wooden House, & Bird Houses

Lot #: 489

Wood Shelf & Contents

Lot #: 490

Plastic Storage Cabinet

Lot #: 490a

Black & Decker Jig Saw

Lot #: 490b

Chicago Finishing Sander

Lot #: 490c

Palm Sander

Lot #: 490d

Sears Craftsman Staple Guns & Staples

Lot #: 490e

Skil 1/4" Drill & Reversible 1/2" Drill

Lot #: 490f

Staple Guns & Staples

Lot #: 490g

Soldering Gun & Supplies

Lot #: 490h

Sears Craftsman 3" Sander

Lot #: 491

Makita Taskmaster Workbench

Lot #: 492

6 Gal. Shop Vac

Lot #: 493

Delta 10" Compact Miter Saw

Lot #: 494


Lot #: 495

Bolt Bin & Contents

Lot #: 496

Shop Floor Lamp

Lot #: 497

Asst. Oilers

Lot #: 498

Clarke Metal Workbench & Vise

Lot #: 498a


Lot #: 499

Bolt Bin & Contents

Lot #: 500

Plastic Shelf & Contents

Lot #: 501

Brooms, Rake & Push Broom

Lot #: 502

Children's Basketball Goal

Lot #: 503

Lumber & Workbench

Lot #: 504

3 - Gas Cans

Lot #: 505

Buckets & 5 Gallon Bucket of Shop Sweep

Lot #: 506

2 - 5 Gal. Air Tanks

Lot #: 507

CHS Tornado's Signed Woodworking

Lot #: 508

2 - Farm Jacks

Lot #: 509

Floor Jack

Lot #: 510

"Welcome" Butterflies & Brick

Lot #: 511

2 - Grease Guns

Lot #: 512

5 - Toolboxes

Lot #: 513

John Deere XUV Children's Riding Toy

Lot #: 514

Children's Toy & Trucks

Lot #: 515

Skidding Tongs

Lot #: 516

Plant Stands

Lot #: 517

Tinted Windows

Lot #: 518

North Star 16 Gallon Sprayer

Lot #: 519

Chapin 1 Gal. Sprayer

Lot #: 520

North Star 16 Gallon Sprayer

Lot #: 522

Floral Decorations

Lot #: 523

Swishers & Grenadier Cigar Boxes

Lot #: 523a


Lot #: 524

Ball & Atlas Mason Jars

Lot #: 525

Hand Truck

Lot #: 526

Mid Century Cog

Lot #: 527

Steamer Trunk

Lot #: 527a


Lot #: 528

Weed Eater Leaf Blower

Lot #: 529

Vinyl Chair

Lot #: 530

Folding Chair, Outdoor Chairs, & Cane Back Chair

Lot #: 531

Plastic Shelves & Contents

Lot #: 532

Buffalo Screwdrivers

Lot #: 533

Spinite Set & Socket Drivers

Lot #: 534

Vise Grips & Grooming Arm Clamp

Lot #: 535

Carpenter Pincers & Pliers

Lot #: 536

3/8" Craftsman Drill/Driver & Battery Chargers

Lot #: 537

Black & Decker Drill & VersaPaks

Lot #: 538

Pump Pliers, Pincers, & Pliers

Lot #: 539

Asst. Fixed Angle Clamps & C - Clamps

Lot #: 540

Asst. Combination Wrenches

Lot #: 541

Asst. Drill Bits

Lot #: 542

2 - Vintage Pipe Wrenches & Blacksmith Hammer

Lot #: 543

4 - Vise Grips

Lot #: 544

Straight & Right Cut Aviator Snips

Lot #: 545

Craftsman 19.2V Sawzall & Charger

Lot #: 546

Asst. Combination Wrenches

Lot #: 547

5 - Adjustable Wrenches

Lot #: 548

5 - Ratchet Box Wrenches

Lot #: 549

Speed Square, Level, Depth Gauge, etc.

Lot #: 550

5 - Hammers

Lot #: 551

Asst. Files

Lot #: 552

4 - Pry Bars

Lot #: 553

Tool Master Toolbox & Tools

Lot #: 554

Professional Electric Tacker

Lot #: 555

Mechanic's Stool

Lot #: 556

US Battery/Charger & Sears Battery Tester

Lot #: 557

2 - Plastic Tool Cases

Lot #: 558

Entrenchment Tool

Made in Taiwan
Lot #: 559

Pry Bars & Chisels

Lot #: 560

2 - Hoof Nippers

Lot #: 561

Air Blaster & Spark Plug Cleaner

Lot #: 562

4 - Ratcheting Box Wrenches

Lot #: 563

Asst. Sockets

Lot #: 564

Asst. Phillips Screwdrivers

Lot #: 565

4 - Wood Carving Chisels

Lot #: 566

Scroller Saw, Triple Action Drill, & Jig Saw

Lot #: 567

Vintage Wrenches

Lot #: 568

Chicago Caulking Gun Kit

Lot #: 569

Channel Lock

Lot #: 570

Levels, & Yard Stick

Lot #: 571

3 - Saws

Lot #: 571a


Lot #: 572

3 - Vintage Axes

Lot #: 573

Antique Pea Scale

Lot #: 574

Extension Cord & Reel

Lot #: 575

Electric Trimmer

Lot #: 576

John Deere T1050 Trimmer

Lot #: 577


Lot #: 578

Bahco 331 Bow Saw

Lot #: 579

Black & Decker Shrub & Hedge Trimmer 16"

Lot #: 580

Black & Decker 18v Hedge Hog

Lot #: 581

Harbor Freight Creeper

Lot #: 582

4 - Hacksaws

Lot #: 583

Coping & Keyhole Saws

Lot #: 584

Extension Pole Saw

Lot #: 585

Ball Hitch, Lawn Care & Household Supplies

Lot #: 586

John Deere Toy Tractor & Sign

Lot #: 587

WD-40, Oil, & Maintenance Supplies

Lot #: 588

Shelf & Contents

Hose Reel not Included
Lot #: 589

Air Hose & Reel

Lot #: 590

Bolt Bins & Contents

Lot #: 591

Plastic & Metal Funnels

Lot #: 592

2 - Desk Fans

Lot #: 593

2 - Trash Cans

Lot #: 594

Chevrolet & Buick Hubcaps

Lot #: 595

Loppers, Ice Claws, & Brushes

Lot #: 596

4 Wheel Dolly

Lot #: 597

Agri-Fab Spiker/Drop Spreader 100-lb. Capacity,

Lot #: 598

Red Devil Spreader

Lot #: 599

Today's Woodworker Multitool

Lot #: 600

Hex Wrench Set

Lot #: 601

Wire Strippers & Hose Clamps

Lot #: 603

Vintage Bundeswehr PSL 60 & PSL 74 Canteen

Lot #: 604

2 Metal 5. Gal Buckets

Lot #: 605

Cabinet & Contents

43" w, 27" d, 3' h
Lot #: 605a


Lot #: 606

Plastic Jugs & Tub

28" h tub
Lot #: 607

Wood Workbench & Lumber

48" w, 43" d, 36" h
Lot #: 608

Plastic Feed Trough & Trash Can

31" 29"
Lot #: 609

2 - Galvanized Metal Trash Cans

25" H
Lot #: 610

Metal Bed Springs

Lot #: 611

Gardening & Coop Wire Fencing

Lot #: 612

Live Trap

Lot #: 613

Galvanized Metal Milk Can

20" h
Lot #: 614

Roll of Fencing Wire

32" w 2" x 6" squares
Lot #: 615

Utility Cart

28" l, 19" w
Lot #: 616

Misting Hose & Basket

Lot #: 617

Plastic Tubs

Lot #: 618

Vintage Doctors Cabinet

36" w 19" d 32" h
Lot #: 619

Vintage Head & Footboard

32" l, 14" w 34" l, 20" w
Lot #: 620

3 Hay Hooks

Lot #: 621

Rake, Pitchfork, Hoes, and Handles

Lot #: 622

Antique Door

76" h, 30" w
Lot #: 622a


Lot #: 623


35" l, 27" w
Lot #: 624

Craftsman Utility Cart

50" l, 40" w
Lot #: 625

Metal Sink, Lumber,& etc.

Lot #: 626

Asst. Water Hose

Lot #: 627

Contents of Stall, Gords & Plant Pots

Lot #: 628

7' Aluminum Ladder

Lot #: 629

24' Extension Ladder

Lot #: 630

2 - Metal Shelves & Contents

58" h, 30" w, 13" d
Lot #: 631

Suncast Hose Reel

Lot #: 632

Vintage Cistern Buckets

Lot #: 633

2 - Trash Cans

Lot #: 634

Asst. Bits and Harnesses

Lot #: 635

Axe, Hammer, Sheers,& Brush

Lot #: 636

Vintage Metal Bucket

Lot #: 637

Wood Shelf

30" w, 40" h, 13" d
Lot #: 638

Vintage End Table

37" l, 20" d, 40" h
Lot #: 639

Workbench & Contents

48" w, 40" d, 33" h
Lot #: 640

US Army tool box

19" w
Lot #: 641

Metal Birdbath & Planter

Lot #: 642

Plastic Planter Tubs

Lot #: 643

Planters, Birdbath, Birdhouse & Decor

Lot #: 644

Metal Birdbath

Lot #: 645

Metal Birdbath

Lot #: 646

Boss Well Cover

Lot #: 647

3 Yard Chickens

Lot #: 648


Lot #: 649

12' x 6' Baseball Net


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