Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday September 14th @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday September 20th @ 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday September 22nd 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Address for pick up will be on paid invoice.WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday September 21st at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon September 21st before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE Friday September 22nd from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 2920 Ave D -Little River, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: 7 miles North of Hiway 56 on 29th road. Watch for directional sign Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS- viewing is by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped with tracking number and insurance and buyer can request particular shipping service.
2920 Ave D, Little River, KS US
This is Auction # 2 for Bill and Linda Teeter. They are selling their collectibles in this auction which includes: commerative coin sets, toys including Pedal tractors and die-cast farm toys, Hummels, BB Guns, costume jewlery, Winchester & Hesston belt buckles, Hot Wheels & Matchbox miniatures and more.
Lot #: 1

JD 1939 Model B toy tractor

John Deere 1939 model B 1/8 scale toy tractor. Steerable, movable hand clutch and pedals, rubber fan belt, authentic John Deere decals, highly detailed sandcast body and engine, throttle & control levers, rotating belt pulley, rubber tires. In original box and does not look like has ever been taken out.

in: 31

Lot #: 2

JD 1961 4010 diesel tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 1961 4010 diesel toy in original box & does not look like has been taken out. Highly detailed quality, diecast metal, steerable, front and rear hitch, real rubber tires

in: 31

Lot #: 3

JD model 720 Rowcrop tractor

Ertl 1/6 scale John Deere model 720 Rowcrop tractor in original box. Universal three point hitch. See the picture for other details

in: 31

Lot #: 4

International 1586 toy tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale Diecast metal International 1586 tractor with cab in original box. Does not look like has ever been taken out of the box. Has a rear hitch and steerable front end

in: 31

Lot #: 5

JD 1949 Model R tractor

John Deere 1949 model AR tractor, 1/16 scale from Blue Plant replica toys. Highly detailed quality diecast metal, steerable front end, rubber tires, rear hitch. Looks like has never been taken out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 6

JD model 20 pedal tractor

Ertl diecast metal John Deere model 20 pedal tractor. An authentic reproduction of the Ertl die-cast metal pedal tractor from the early 1960?s.with working steering, authentic pedal drive, working pedal arm and rear drive wheel. Does not look as ever been out-of-the-box

in: 31

Lot #: 7

Dealers Edition 1948 Ford F1 pick up

Exclusive Dealers Edition diecast locking coin bank in the form of a 1948 Ford F1 pick up. 1/25 scale, Limited edition. Has never been taken out of the box
Lot #: 8

JD model D tractor

A collectors item right out of the roaring 20s- John Deere model Tractor. Just like the popular cast-iron toy made 40 years ago. Authentic 1923 John Deere model D tractor. Metal wheels, old fashion cast iron molded construction. Front wheels turn easy to hook up to other toys

in: 31

Lot #: 9

1948 Ford F1 pick up

1948 Ford F1 pick up on plastic stand to set on your desk.
Lot #: 10

Ertl JD model "A" tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere model "A" metal tractor. In original box. Says made in China, other than that no other information

in: 31

Lot #: 11

JD 1957 Model 720 high crop tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 1957 model 720 high crop tractor. Box says it is a collectors edition. Highly Detailed quality diecast metal, steerable front end, diecast wheels, rear hitch and rubber tires. Doesn?t look like has never been out-of-the-box

in: 31

Lot #: 12

1934 John Deere model "A" tractor

John Deere General Purpose 1934 John Deere Model "A" tractor. Quality diecast metal body and tires, highly detailed engine and drive gears, Authentic replica with front end steering and movable fly wheel. Ertl 1/16 scale 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition. Doesn?t look like has ever been taken out of the box, but the box does have a little damage to it

in: 31

Lot #: 13

Massey Harris 44 tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale Massey Harris 44 tractor. Diecast metal, rear hitch, rubber tires and steerable front end. Does not look like has ever been out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 14

JD 1/16 MC crawler

John Deere 1/16 MC crawler with steel tracks, quality diecast replica. Manufactured by Spec Cast in Iowa
Lot #: 15

JD Standard 1931 GP tractor

John Deere standard 1931 GP tractor with flare box wagon. Ertl 1/16 scale has a throttle lever and several other features. See the pictures. Does not look like has ever been out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 16

JD model "R" tractor-collectors edition

Early 1/16 scale replica of 1949/1954 John Deere model R tractor from the collectors edition series II. Die cast metal, steerable wheel, rubber tires & In original box. Does not look like has ever been taken out,

in: 31

Lot #: 17

JD narrow front model "G" tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale, John Deere narrow front model G tractor in original box. It does not look has ever been taken out. Deluxe cushion seat, hand clutch, see the pictures for other features

in: 31

Lot #: 18

50th anniversary Ford 9N

Ertl 1/16 scale diecast metal 50th (1939-89) anniversary special edition Ford 9N tractor. Steerable front end, plow raises, lowers and locks into position. Does not look like has ever been taken out of the box.

in: 31

Lot #: 19

JD wide tread 1930 ?GP? tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere wide tread 1930 "GP" Tractor. Features include throttle lever, Spark lever- see the pictures for the other features

in: 31

Lot #: 20

JD gravity wagon

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere gravity wagon in original box. Looks like had not been taken out of the box
Lot #: 21

JD 1926 Model D tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 1926 model D tractor. Features include throttle lever, curl filler and more- see the pictures on the box

in: 31

Lot #: 22

JD model ?A" tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere "General Purpose ? model "A" tractor. Still in original box. Does not look like has been taken out of box

in: 31

Lot #: 23

JD Dealership 1940 Ford PU truck

Authentically scale diecast metal replica from Ertl Collectibles. John Deere dealership 1940 Ford pick up truck. The box looks like has ever been opened and we are not going to be the first to open. Leaving that for the new owner to choose whether or not to be the first to open
Lot #: 24

JD 1934 model ?A? tractor & fuel pump

John Deere 1/25 scale GEARBOX Limited Edition gas pump. 1/43 scale John Deere1934 Model " A" General Purpose tractor. Durable, diecast metal construction with free rotating tires. Neither look as ever been taken out of their boxes

in: 31

Lot #: 25

JD 1937 model "B" tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 1937 model B tractor. From the " B" advertising in the 1930?s: ?Burns distillate?, adjustable rear wheel tread-see the box for other features.

in: 31

Lot #: 26

Caterpillar 2-ton track-type tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale Caterpillar 2 ton track type tractor. Special edition has a highly detailed quality diecast metal, flexible track, rear hitch. In original box that does not look like has ever been taken out of

in: 31

Lot #: 27

John Deere utility tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale Blue Print replica, diecast rust resistant metal John Deere utility tractor. Does not look like ever been taken out of its box. It has hand written in pencil on the top "December 21, 1986". Presume that is when the tractor was purchased.

in: 31

Lot #: 28

1923 Chevy van bank

Ertl 1/25 scale John Deere Moline sales and service 1923 Chevy van bank. Has never been taken out of the box -still has the plastic cover. Collectible item not intended for play, detailed replica made of diecast, metal, locking coin bank with key, free rolling wheels
Lot #: 29

John Deere grain drill

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere grain drill in original box. Says its hopper cover opens and closes. Removable press wheel attachments, attaches to all Ertl 1/16 scale tractors. Real planting action, dispenses seeds or Sand and made of quality diecast metal. Does not look like ever been out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 30

JD 1953 model D tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale John Deere 1953 model D tractor. Collectors Edition has highly detailed quality diecast metal diecast wheels, steerable front end, swivel rear hitch for 1/16 scale implements. From Blueprint Replica Toys. Also includes instructions and part list number 24 from the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. Has been taken out of the box but the box has not been damaged.

in: 31

Lot #: 31

Mary?s MooMoos "Deere Santa"

Mary?s MooMoos Deere Santa, manufactured under the license of Deere and Company in 2000-has the original box
Lot #: 32

1936 JD model "A" tractor

Ertl 1/16 scale, 1936 John Deere model "A" tractor with original box. Has been taken out of the box. Looks like has been played with but not abused.

in: 31

Lot #: 33

John Deere rotary mower

John Deere rotary mower 1/16 scale replica toy. Detail diecast metal. Hitches to all 1/16 scale tractors, free wheel rolling and pivoting rear wheel. From Spec Cast Regional. Box doesn?t look like mower has ever been taken out

in: 31

Lot #: 34

JD 9610 Maximizer Combine

Ertl 1/64 scale replica toy John Deere 9610 Maximizer combine. Interchangeable Corn and grain heads, free rolling wheels, pivoting spout, plus free moving grain reel in original box. Look like never been taken out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 35

John Deere pedal tractor

John Deere pedal tractor. In great shape, all original metal steering wheel, metal seat has had some overspray so it has a little white on the front. Other than that, is in pristine condition. Nice pedal machine

in: 31

Lot #: 36

John Deere pedal tractor

Ertl John Deere 4020 tractorcycle pedal tractor with the original box. Has plastic seat & steering wheel. Nice heavy metal toy.

in: 31

Lot #: 37

Pedal tractor tires

A pair of new rubber tires that fit either one of the pedal tractors in lots 35, 36 or most other JD pedal tractors

in: 31

Lot #: 38

Diecast JD tractor

Two row corn picker attached to a John Deere "A" tractor that feeds into grain wagon. Time to go to harvest folks- in very good shape. Both the tractor and wagon have rubber wheels

in: 31

Lot #: 39

JD 8010 diesel tractor

John Deere 8010 diesel tractor with rubber tires with no box. In very good condition. Made of heavy metal

in: 31

Lot #: 40

50th anniversary JD 12A combine

1940 to 1990 50th anniversary 12A John Deere combine. Looks like never been played with. Very nice toy. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 41

John Deere 5010 diesel tractor

Metal John Deere 5010 diesel tractor with rubber tires. Does not look like has been played with and is in very good shape. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 42

7700 John Deere Combine

7700 John Deere combine with Rowcrop head. Probably not big enough to cut your corn in the field but I bet it could harvest a child?s imagination. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 43

Metal John Deere skid steer

Metal John Deere skid steer. The wheels are rubber, has been played with and is in very good shape. Just has a little paint missing, but no major damage. No damage. No box
Lot #: 44

JD R Diesel Tractor

Metal John Deere R series II diesel tractor. Rubber tires say Ertl. Does not look like has hardly been played with, if at all. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 45

Sound guard JD tractor

Sound guard John Deere tractor with open cab. Has no marks, but reminds us of the 4630 we cussed all the time. You make your own determination as to model. Not played with much if at all. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 46

JD manure spreader

All metal John Deere manure spreader. Has been played with, but not abused- just needs a little repaint job. Has rubber tires. No box
Lot #: 47

John Deere Baler

John Deere baler for small square bales. Does not look like has been played with very much, if at all. No box
Lot #: 48

JD wide front tractor

John Deere wide front tractor has been played with. Some paint missing on the hood. The number of the series is rubbed off. Has good rubber tires and still has a lot of playtime left in it. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 49

John Deere 6600 combine

John Deere 6600 combine. Has been played with- but has not been abused. Some paint off of the reel. Still in really good condition. Lots more playtime left. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 50

JD tractor with cab

John Deere tractor with cab- has no windows. Does not look like has been played with. No model number displayed and no box

in: 31

Lot #: 51

JD 435 diesel tractor

John Deere 435 diesel tractor with Firestone tires. Is missing the seat. The steering wheel turns, but does not turn the wheels. Good rubber. Right front wheel is loose and comes off. "Lebanon Valley Show Tractor 1989". No box

in: 31

Lot #: 52

JD General Purpose Tractor

John Deere general purpose tractor with tricycle front end. Does not look like has ever been played with. Steering wheel rotates the front tires. All the tires are rubber. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 53

JD manure spreader

John Deere manure spreader with rubber wheels. The spreader operates when you pull with the hitch. No box
Lot #: 54

Green Ertl grain wagon

Green Ertl wagon. The gate opens to dump. Has rubber tires. No box
Lot #: 55

Green Ertl grain wagon

Green Ertl green wagon with rubber tires. The dump gate works. Has been played with. No box
Lot #: 56

JD horse drawn wagon

John Deere horse drawn wagon. Does not look like has ever been played with. Has a John Deere emblem. It says "After Market 2000 from John Deere New Orleans". No box
Lot #: 57

Sound guard JD cab tractor

Wide front, John Deere sound guard windowless cab tractor. Has rubber tires. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 58

John Deere GP tractor

John Deere general purpose tractor with metal wheels. Does not look like has been played with. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 59

JD 2550 cab tractor

John Deere 2550 windowless cab tractor with wide front. Rubber tires. Played with very little, if at all. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 60

JD model G tractor

John Deere model G general purpose tractor. Steering wheel turns the front wheels. Tires are rubber. If been played with, hasn?t been played with very much. Narrow front. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 61

John Deere anvil

John Deere anvil with a date of 1937. No box
Lot #: 62

1960s MM metal tractor

1960s Minneapolis Moline metal tractor. It has the driver and rubber wheels with a tricycle front. Light weight metal. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 63

Vintage cast-iron tractor

Vintage cast-iron tractor with rubber wheels. Has a driver. Do not know how old tractor is. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 64

JD 6410 cab tractor

John Deere 6410 cab tractor with no windows. Does not look like has ever been played with. Has rubber wheels & a three point. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 65

JD 1963 4010 tractor

Ertl 1/43 scale John Deere 1963 durable die cast metal model 4010 tractor in original box. Does not look like has ever been taken out of the box. Second tractor is metal construction John Deere cab tractor with rubber wheels. Has been played with, but not abused-no box

in: 31

Lot #: 66

JD 9750 & 95 Combines

John Deere 9750 combine with grain and row crop head. John Deere 95 with a 435 corn head and a row crop head. Both combines have rubber wheels and neither have their boxes.

in: 31

Lot #: 67

JD PU & wooden blocks

John Deere metal pick up by Ertl-missing the top (maybe a sun roof?) but does have the windows. Set of green wooden John Deere blocks spell "John Deere".
Lot #: 68

1988 JD Commemorative tractor

1988 John Deere special commemorative tractor with metal wheels. Looks as though never been played with No box

in: 31

Lot #: 69

John Deere Truman 430 crawler

John Deere Truman 430 crawler with rubber track & rubber gears. Very good shape- does not look like has ever been played with. Definitely a collector piece. No box
Lot #: 70

JD lunchbox and toys

John Deere Metal lunchbox, small metal Ertyl wagon with parts and a metal truck with flatbed. No boxes
Lot #: 71

Toy John Deere wagon

This John Deere wagon is made of wood. It needs the horses, but it also needs the box reattached to the frame. Is on a wood base to display. Also needs seat reattached. No box
Lot #: 72

2 ton Caterpillar crawler

Ertl 1/16 scale 2 ton Caterpillar crawler made mostly of plastic. It is one of the newer versions, but has never been played with.
Lot #: 73

Caterpillar diesel crawler

Metal caterpillar diesel crawler. Has "RD-8" on the front. With box. Does not look like been played with.
Lot #: 74

MooMoos 4010 JD tractor

Mary?s MooMoos November 4010 John Deere tractor -no box. Metal John Deere diesel tractor with steel wheels-no box

in: 31

Lot #: 75

Wooden Amish hay wagon

Wooden Amish style Hay wagon that?s been painted green with red wooden wheels. Has the bar for the Horses to pull wagon across the field

in: 31

Lot #: 76

Susan B, Anthony, dollars

Susan B, Anthony dollars from 1979 through 1981 in a three ring notebook for coins. There are 12 coins Included in this lot. 1979 (2)P, D, & (2)S, 1980 P,D. (2)S 1981 P, D & S it is not a complete set. Just a really nice way to add to your set or start a collection.
Lot #: 77

American statehood quarters

This is a complete American statehood quarters collection set in a real nice display plus a complete statehood quarter collection"Land of the Free" booklet
Lot #: 78

First Day Issue Original Stamps

First day of issue- the original stamp May 18, 1925 of a two cent Norse American Restoration 22 karat gold replica. "A Pilgrim Tercentenary issue" 22 karat Gold Replica from 1920 day of issue. Original stamp is December 21, 1920 and has a five cent signing of the Compact plus two 2 cent postage stamps that have been canceled
Lot #: 79

World War II silver nickel set

World War II silver nickel set in a plastic case with a certificate of authenticity
Lot #: 80

Oval office collection

Oval office collection: Eisenhower dollars with certificate of authenticity. 1971, 78 and the bicentennial1976
Lot #: 81

The Kennedy years

Half Dollars from The Kennedy Years with certificate of authenticity. They are in a plastic case: 1995 from Philadelphia, 1996 from Denver and a 1980 from the San Francisco mint
Lot #: 82

World war 2 silver dime set

World War II silver dime set with certificate of authenticity in a plastic case. Dated 1941,42, 43,44 and 45
Lot #: 83

World War II series Coins

World War II Obsolete coin collection that includes nickels & silver nickels (1942,43, 44) steel pennies (1946) and Shell Case Cents (1944,45 and 46). World War II Lincoln penny series (3 steel pennies-1943, 43D, 43S) 44, 44D, 44S, 45, 45D and 45S)
Lot #: 84

Oval office collection, Roosevelt dimes

Plastic encased Oval Office collectible Roosevelt dimes with certificate authenticity. The dates are 95, 80, 73,47, 58,67 and 81.
Lot #: 85

Oval Office collection of Jefferson nickel

Plastic encased Oval Office collection of Jefferson Nickels, dated 39, 46,54, 90,81, 77,64, and 80 comes with the certificate of authenticity
Lot #: 86

Oval office collection Lincoln pennies

Plastic encased Oval Office collection Lincoln pennies. (2) 1943 steel, others 1944S79, 81,49 and 54
Lot #: 87

Lincoln pennies

A century of Lincoln cents in plastic 1909,1918, 1929, 43, 44, (2)46, 55S, 58,59,60D & 2000. Five decades of Lincoln wheat ears pennies from 1909-1919, 1920 to 1929, 1930 to 39, 1943, 1950-58 Lincoln Pennies, (4) Lincoln four steel pennies dated 1943. There is also a certificate authenticity from the Morgan Mint
Lot #: 88

24K gold plated 2000 coins set

2000 24 karat gold plated coins includes: one cent, five cent, ten cent, quarter dollar, one dollar. Nice case to store them in as well as display. Includes an important notice from the US commemorative gallery
Lot #: 89

Susan B. Anthony proof dollar coin

1999 Susan B, Anthony proof dollar coin with certificate of authenticity and State gold coin from 2000 for Massachusetts and a John Adams One dollar gold coin in plastic case
Lot #: 90

Commemorative coins

One dollar commemorative coin of a Corvette, 1990 Eisenhower Gold commemorative and a John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1985 commemorative coin celebrating his 25th anniversary when he was put into office Includes a coin about the history of the Kennedy half dollar
Lot #: 91

Lincoln cent collection # two

Lincoln cent collection number two starting in 1941. All the slots are not filled- see the pictures. They start at 1941 and the highest number is a 1952D.
Lot #: 92

Coin history of the US Presidents

This particular set has James A Madison, John Tyler, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Benjamin Harrison. The rest are empty and ready for you to fill. They are all gold colored.
Lot #: 93

Uncirculated Eisenhower silver dollars

1971 and 1978 Eisenhower uncirculated silver dollars. 1971 has a case and a plastic coin. Neither one has been taken out of their original packaging. The 1978D is from the Littleton Coin Company
Lot #: 94

Uncirculated coins

Uncirculated coins from the Littleton Coin Company includes1922 Peace Dollar, 1989 American eagle silver dollar, 1963 Franklin half dollar, 1976 Kennedy half dollar, 1964 Washington quarter, 1902 Indian head cent, 1962 Roosevelt dime and 1959 Roosevelt dime
Lot #: 95

4 Littleton Coin Company Coins

All four have been circulated: 1907 Liberty Head nickel been rated very good. 1938 Mercury Dime rated very good, 1930 Buffalo nickel rated very good and a 1934 buffalo nickel graded fine
Lot #: 96

Proof coins

1962 proof coin set and three Liberty half dollars proof coins from 1961, 62 & 63
Lot #: 97

50 states quarter set

1999-2008 50 State commemorative quarter set- intact in folder. Plus it has an Obverse coin.
Lot #: 98

50 states quarter set

1999 to 2008 50 State commemorative quarter set intact in folder. Plus it has an Obverse coin.
Lot #: 99

50 states quarter set

1999 to 2008 50 State commemorative quarter set intact in folder. Plus it has an Obverse coin.
Lot #: 100

50 states quarter set

1999 to 2008 50 State commemorative quarter set intact in folder. Plus it has an Obverse coin.
Lot #: 101

50 states quarter set

1999 to 2008 50 State commemorative quarter set intact in folder. Plus it has an Obverse coin.
Lot #: 102

Lincoln penny album

Lincoln penny album-is not full. Binder is showing wear. 1909-1939
Lot #: 103

The John F. Kennedy half dollar collection

Three ring notebook of The John F Kennedy half dollar collection starts with Kennedy's election to the house November 5, 1946 and ends with a future president is born May 29, 1917- as you can see they?re not necessarily in order
Lot #: 104

Statehood quarters collection

Volume one of the postal commemorative society statehood quarters collection. There are 50 unique coins honoring the 50 states of the Union but it only contains Delaware in 1787 and ends with New York in 1788
Lot #: 105

Uncirculated silver dollars

1979, 1980 & 1999 Susan B. Anthony dollars. 1995 Silver American Eagle Silver Dollar. All are uncirculated condition and are in sealed plastic cases. The silver American Eagle coin has been rated choice. All from Littleton Coin Co.
Lot #: 106

Uncirculated Silver Dollars

Uncirculated condition: Set of three Susan B. Anthony dollars from 1979, 1980 & 1999 and a 1994 silver American Eagle Silver Dollar that is rated choice. Both sets are from the Littleton Coin Company
Lot #: 107

Uncirculated Silver Dollars

Susan B, Anthony, dollars in uncirculated condition from 1979, 1980 and 1999 silver American Eagle, 1987 Silver Dollar rated choice uncirculated condition. Both sets are from the Littleton coin Company and are encased in plastic.
Lot #: 108

Uncirculated silver dollars

Three Susan B, Anthony dollars that are in uncirculated condition from 1979, 1980 and 1999, 1992 silver American eagle Silver Dollar that is choice uncirculated condition. Both sets are from the Littleton coin Company.
Lot #: 109

Silver Walking Liberty half dollar collection

A set of five silver Walking Liberty half dollar collection in a velvet case from the years, 1941,42, 43, 44 and 45. They come with an American Historic Society certificate of authenticity
Lot #: 110

Liberty Head silver dollars/mercury dimes

Seven Liberty Head dollars in Number 4 collection folder dated 1898 to 1921. The Legend Of The Dime spanning four decades and Three United States Mints encased in plastic box.
Lot #: 111

Lincoln head pennies

Plastic container contains 205 Lincoln head pennies plus 4 steel pennies. We did not go through and date them but they were not minted yesterday.
Lot #: 112

Liberty dimes

Approximately 40 Liberty dimes. They have all been circulated
Lot #: 113

Buffalo nickels & gold

10 Buffalo head Nickels. These coins have been carried around in pockets- they have been circulated. This lot also includes some gold teeth
Lot #: 114

Roosevelt dimes

CORRECTION: This is approximately 50 Roosevelt dimes that have been circulated.
Lot #: 115

Uncirculated Susan B. Anthony dollars

Six uncirculated Susan B. Anthony dollars from Littleton Coin Company: (3) 1999P, 1999D, l980D & (2) 1980-S. Two circulated 1979D.
Lot #: 116

Eisenhower silver dollars

2 circulated Eisenhower silver dollars, one of them is 1976D and the other is 1972D
Lot #: 117

Peace dollars

Two circulated Peace dollars - both are 1922D
Lot #: 118

Peace dollars

Three circulated peace dollars. (2) 1922S and 1928S
Lot #: 119

Circulated peace dollars

Three circulated peace dollars. All 3 are 1920. One is a D and the other two we cannot read
Lot #: 120

Two Morgan silver dollars

Two circulated Morgan 1922S dollars. Both have the word "liberty" in their headbands
Lot #: 121

Morgan silver dollar

1921 Morgan silver dollar says "liberty" in the headband. Has no mint mark that we can read
Lot #: 122

14 Franklin half dollars

14 circulated Franklin half dollars 1951S the rest are all D?s which includes 1949, 1952, (2) 1954, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, (3) of 1963 and a 1965
Lot #: 123

Roll of Susan B, Anthony silver dollars

A roll of Susan B, Anthony silver dollars. The top one is 1979D. We did not open up the roll to see what the others are
Lot #: 124

Roll of Statue of Liberty gold coins

This is a roll from Littleton Coin Company Us Innovation and Presidential Dollars Series. This is a roll of gold colored Statue of Liberty dollar coins. It shows the same side of the coin on both ends of the unopened roll. Internet search says they are pure copper round coin. We cannot see the year as the wrap its self as has never been open and says "John Adams $25". Bid according to your own interpretation. We did not and will not break the seal on the roll
Lot #: 125

Roll of John Adams dollar coins

This is a roll from Littleton Coin Company Us Innovation and Presidential Dollars Series. Unopened roll of John Adams gold colored coins. Do not know what year as has his face on both ends of the rolled package so it?s showing the same picture both ends. It is unopened & uncirculated.
Lot #: 126

Roll of year 2000 Sacajawea Gold Dollars

This is a roll from Littleton Coin Company Us Innovation and Presidential Dollars Series. Year 2000 Sacajawea dollars has been opened but it looks like they?re all there
Lot #: 127

25 Sacajawea Gold coins

This is a roll from Littleton Coin Company Us Innovation and Presidential Dollars Series. This is an unwrapped set of 25 for year 2000 Sacajawea gold coins
Lot #: 128

25 Sacajawea gold coin?s

This is an unwrapped roll from Littleton Coin Company Us Innovation and Presidential Dollars Series. 25 Gold Sacajawea year 2000 one dollar coins
Lot #: 129

State coins

Have six of the first states in the series and then odds and ends of others. They?re painted on one side and plain on the other and there are some duplicates. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Indiana, Rhode Island, Maryland, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Vermont, Kentucky, Ohio, New Hampshire, Delaware, South & North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, New Jersey, Delaware,
Lot #: 130

Jefferson Nickels

Circulated Jefferson nickels. The Nickels weigh 3.98 pounds - that does not include the jar. We figure approximately 320 nickels give or take a few. Various dates and mints
Lot #: 131

Foreign coins plus tokens

McPherson County Kansas centennial coin, Century of Progress, Pony Express, Canadian and several others
Lot #: 132

State quarters

24 state quarters looks like most of them have been circulated
Lot #: 133

Circulated quarters

22 quarters with The lowest date year is 1955 they go up through 1998. There are 9 bicentennial quarters for total of 31 quarters
Lot #: 134

John Quincy Adams coin

John Quincy Adams commemorative coin of his presidency. A pair of 2000 Roosevelt dimes from the P and D Mints. 3V nickels- two 1912 and one 1905. Six Jefferson liberty nickels
Lot #: 135


Two (2004) pennies that came out of the Cheerios. Still in the original packaging. Other shiny pennies-probably also from Cherrios -don?t have the wrapping with them and they are 2004 circulated pennies. Four Indian head circulated pennies and (1) 1 cent token
Lot #: 136

Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars

24 Kennedy Kennedy bicentennial half dollars- all circulated
Lot #: 137

Kennedy half dollars

(36) 1971 Kennedy half dollars and one 1968 Kennedy half dollar
Lot #: 138

Kennedy half dollars

Circulated Kennedy half dollars. (3) 1974, (17)1974, (4) 1977, (1) 1979
Lot #: 139

Kennedy half dollars

Circulated Kennedy half dollars- (1) 1980, (3) 1981, (3) 1982, (3) 1983, (2) 1984, (2) 1991, (2) 1993
Lot #: 140

John Deere metal boxes

Two John Deere metal boxes one is a small square one with the lid. The second one is a small toolbox type box with latches. Neither one has been used plus a John Deere vintage style tractor. All metal & has no model number on it and has not been played with. No box.

in: 31

Lot #: 141

Two grain wagons

2 Ertl grain wagons. One is empty. The other is full of corn with a dog riding on top. One is red International and the other is orange Allis.
Lot #: 142

Case tractor

Case metal tractor does not have any model numbers and looks as though has never been played with. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 143

International 816 kerosene tractor

Metal International 816 kerosene tractor with turnable front wheels, no box

in: 31

Lot #: 144

Ford 621 Workmaster

Ford 621 Workmaster metal tractor with rubber tires. No box. Marked made in China

in: 31

Lot #: 145

International tractor

Ertl international metal tractor with rubber tires. No box. The steering wheel does turn the front wheels.

in: 31

Lot #: 146

Farmall H tractor

Ertl Farmall H tricycle tires front and tractor steering wheel does turn the front wheels. The tires are rubber. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 147

McCormick Deering manure spreader

McCormick Deering tractor manure spreader, rubber wheels & has a lever to operate the gears to throw out the manure. Has been played with but not abused. No box

in: 31

Lot #: 148

John Deere M1 tractor

Orange John Deere M1 wide front end tractor with rubber wheels. The wheels say Ertl on them. No box and I see no damage or wear

in: 31

Lot #: 149

75th anniversary Fordson tractor

Ertl 1920 to 1995 MCC 75th Anniversary Fordson wide front end tractor. No box. Does not look like has been played with

in: 31

Lot #: 150

Farmall M metal tractor

McCormick Deering Farmall M metal tractor with rubber tires. The steering wheel turns the wheels. Tricycle front end. No box and looks like it?s never been played with

in: 31

Lot #: 151

Hubley Junior H tractor

Kiddie Toy Hubley Junior H lightweight metal tractor with plastic wheels. It has been played with but not abused. Has a tricycle front and no box.

in: 31

Lot #: 152

John Deere Payloader

Ertl Yellow John Deere payloader and made in China. Rubber tires & front is flexible for maneuvering. No box and it has been played with, but not abused.
Lot #: 153

Cast-iron John Deere wall hanging

Cast-iron John Deere wall hanging and has a nice little pocket- I suppose you could put matches in it but is a pretty big batch holder. Very heavy, no marks nor signs of damage
Lot #: 154

John Deere mailbox

The mailbox is metal, but the "box" around the metal box including the tires, fenders, steering wheel & smokestack are wood. Does not look like has ever been put outside or used. Approximately 2 foot long and 15 inches tall to the highest point
Lot #: 155

Otasco semi

International Metal semi truck and tractor trailer. Doors open on the back so can fill up with your goodies. Plastic tires. Has not been played with.

in: 31

Lot #: 156

Radio flyer 80

Small wagon marked Radio Flyer 80 with plastic wheels. Missing the handle to pull it around. Has had water in it, so the bottom is rusted, but it is not rusted through. Just needs to be sanded and painted. Box measures 22 inches long & 12 inches wide to the outside edges
Lot #: 157

International semi

International semi with cab and trailer. Has Del Monte quality emblem. Single swing rear door made of plastic and metal
Lot #: 158

Wyandotte Toys semi truck

Wyandotte Toys Construction Semi truck & and a cattle hauler trailer. This semi has been played with, but has not been abused. Just missing some paint. Nice old piece with plenty of play left.
Lot #: 159

Timeless doll

Number 63 out of 7500 Timeless limited edition doll. Very good condition and has a stand. She is 21 inches tall. See no damage.
Lot #: 160

Emerald Doll Collection

This doll is from the Emerald Doll Collection. She?s on a scooter and stands 12 inches tall. According to the tag on her arm, her name is Crystal. Does not look like the box has ever been opened
Lot #: 161

Jerry Balla doll

Jerry Bella doll from the Ashton Drake Galleries number 85A and stands 15 inches tall. She looks like an Indian princess. Auctioneer named her "White Dove" :)
Lot #: 162

Doll named Virginia

From the Ashley Bell collection this is Virginia. She is number 969 out of 984 & has the certificate of authenticity. She is on a stand and in a really nice case. She stands 14 inches tall.
Lot #: 163

Pair of collectible dolls

This boy and girl doll have stands. Cloth bodies with their appendages being porcelain. Painted eyes and stand approximately 14 inches tall. We find no marks, and we are not going to completely undress them to see if there?s marks underneath the Clothing.
Lot #: 164

Collectible doll from Taiwan

Collectible doll from Taiwan stands approximately 14 inches tall, has a cloth body and porcelain appendages, has teeth and painted eyes. Stand included
Lot #: 165

Miss Prisa doll

Miss Prisa is approximately 15" tall. Has a cloth body, porcelain hands and feet, open mouth, painted eyes and comes with a stand
Lot #: 166

Grandpa and grandma dolls

Grandpa stands approximately 14 inches and grandma is just a little shorter. They have nice handmade clothes on hard plastic bodies. They both have glasses and both have stands.
Lot #: 167

15 inch collectible doll

This 15 inch collectible doll has painted eyes, cloth body with porcelain feet and hands and comes with a stand
Lot #: 168


Tracy #1312. From Jan Hagara. Cloth body, porcelain, head, hands, and feet plus painted eyes. Approximately 13 inches tall & comes with the stand
Lot #: 169

Germany AM doll

Germany AM 351(14k )black doll named Tysene. One leg has broken off. Comes with stand, pair of extra shoes that are larger than the dolls feet and wooden pedestal. Doll is 14"
Lot #: 170

China head dolls

Pair of dolls that have some damage. They have cloth bodies. One has China arms, legs and head with one leg broken. The other one has a ceramic head that is also broken and the rest of her body is cloth except for the Hands
Lot #: 171

Crimson Collection porcelain doll

This fine porcelain doll is from the Crimson Collection. Does not look like has ever been taken out of the box. She is a Cuisinart hand painted and crafted porcelain doll by Crimson Collection. She still has plastic wrap on her legs. The body is cloth. 23" tall
Lot #: 172

Pumpkin patch scarecrow set

Pumpkin patch scarecrow set plus a guard from Bunkingham Palace
Lot #: 173

Cabbage Patch Kids porcelain doll

Cabbage patch kids 1985 porcelain collection doll with certificate of authenticity. Was produced in the winter of 1985
Lot #: 174

Beanie Baby Ty bears

Four Beanie Babies Ty Bears. One is called "Clubby" and he?s a club bear. All four have plastic cases to keep them nice and clean
Lot #: 175

Beanie Baby Ty Bears

Three Beanie Baby Ty Bears with plastic cases. One of the cases is damaged, but the Bears are fine
Lot #: 176

"Four" Emotions dolls

Four emotions dolls with cloth bodies & plastic appendages and heads. Pouty, smiley, sad and happy
Lot #: 177

Coca-Cola & Ty bears

1997 Coca-Cola bean bag plush bear,1997 Coca-Cola Seal and 3 Ty bears. One is in called Maple and is still in original package. One is wearing a sweater and the other is a polar bear with scarf and hat. The coca-cola bears are sitting on a wood bench with Cast iron frame
Lot #: 178

Child?s? tea sets

Miniature tea set that has a tray with embossed with carrots and the tea pot, milk, pitcher sugar with lid and the cups and saucers all or look like pumpkins. Set of three dinner plates, two saucers and 2 cups and saucers, two plastic Coca-Cola glasses and some plastic silverware plus a child?s rolling pin
Lot #: 179

Shooter marbles

A pint jar & plastic jar with shooter marbles plus various colors of marbles
Lot #: 180


2 quart jars full of marbles plus a smaller jar with marbles. There are some shooters in there and even a little chain.
Lot #: 181

Tractor trailer

Ertl collectibles tractor tire trailer in original box made of durable, steel construction, fully detailed cab interior detail, Rugged chrome accessories and baked enamel finish. Does not look like has ever been taken out of the box

in: 31

Lot #: 182

Motor Company Giveaways

1951 Ford custom Sedan, 1956 T Bird. These were given away when person bought a new car at the dealership
Lot #: 183

Titan II John Deere combine

Titan II John Deere combine with an extra header. It is missing the grain spout. Has been played with

in: 31

Lot #: 184

Tru-scale 2 row corn picker

Tru-scale 2 row corn picker that has been played with
Lot #: 185

Enesco 8400 John Deere tractor

Enesco 8400 John Deere tractor and Flare Box Wagon replication is a unique set of salt and pepper shaker set exclusively for Enesco's. America?s Favorite's Collection. Included is a 6 1/2 inch rectangle tray featuring a John Deere tractor and geese

in: 31

Lot #: 186

Metal vintage Semi truck

Metal semi with cab and trailer. "Goldstar Transfer Company" in very good condition though it has been played with
Lot #: 187

Structo dump truck

Structo dump truck that has been played with, but is in very good shape and will still dump the rocks out for the child
Lot #: 188

1987 See?s Candy Shop Truck

1987 See?s Candy Shops, Inc. Truck, with tin truck and cab with a plastic undercarriage
Lot #: 189

Budweiser wagon

Cast-iron Budweiser wagon with wooden barrels pulled by eight Clydesdales. One of the Clydesdales is damaged. Has two drivers
Lot #: 190

Wooden toy grain wagon

Horse drawn wooden grain wagon without the horses but it does have a hitch. Doesn?t look like it held much grain, so am assuming it was not played with
Lot #: 191

Ertl plastic horse trailer

Ertl plastic horse trailer missing the back gate and has two plastic draft horses. They?re a little big for the trailer. Plus a small plastic horse that will fit inside the trailer
Lot #: 192

JD Jewelry & Gloves

John Deere watch- still in original packaging, a expandable bracelet that has a John Deere, heart and more. Size large John Deere work gloves with store tag
Lot #: 193

Buddy L cattle transport

Buddy L cattle transport is missing the racks. Has been played with, but still has a lot of miles to go on the rubber tires. The last group of cattle were Angus, until they tore up the stock racks :)
Lot #: 194

Ford roundabout tractor trailer

1918 Ford roundabout tractor trailer is seventh in a series from Coastal. De-Cast Metal Replica. 1/25 scale. Locking coin bank. Doesn?t look like has ever been played with so is in really good condition

in: 31

Lot #: 195

Ford model T & Kenworth wrecker banks

1925 Kenworth wrecker- third in the series. 1913 Ford mobile T model 6th in the series. Both are from Coastal and they?re both lockable banks, diecast metal replicas and locking coin banks.
Lot #: 196

Phillips 66 truck & tanker

Ertl Phillips 66 truck and tanker with authentic mud flaps and access ladder. Fully detailed cabin interior, floating tandem rear axles, rugged steel construction and child safe baked enamel paint. In original box, never been played with
Lot #: 197

John Deere miniatures

Ertl John Deere miniature combine, 5020 tractor, tractor and loader, silage hauler and flail ensilage cutter

in: 31

Lot #: 198

Little Debbie plane & Pez truck

Little Debbie snack cake plane with wheel blocks and a windsock. The propeller turns when wheels turn. Have original box. Pez candy truck. Sorry neither one has any goodies in them- just for display. Both are made of metal, not plastic
Lot #: 199

Metal pick up

We assume this metal pick up is the oldest toy in the sale as it says is made in China and looks like it might have come from the Ming dynasty. You know, we could be wrong
Lot #: 200

Two metal banks

Two coin banks. Kansas Farm Bureau bank is a limited edition for their 75th anniversary and a Case bank which is a replica of 1905 Ford?s first delivery car. Both made of metal

in: 31

Lot #: 201

Vintage cattle truck

Looks like it is a buddy L but we cannot find any markings on it. Has the steel wheels, just needs the engine and top. It has been played with.
Lot #: 202

Tractor Supply semi truck & trailer

Tractor Supply Co. semi and trailer with plastic wheels. Has been played with but it has not been abuse so is in good shape.

in: 31

Lot #: 203

Caterpillar with blade

Unmarked metal caterpillar with blade and rubber tracks. Has been played with, but still in good condition
Lot #: 204

John Deere sign & trays

Three trays: (2) 17 x 13 (Barnyard Chores & Breakin The Windmill), 10 x 13 (Lunch Time) and the John Deere sign is 16 x 11
Lot #: 205

Semi truck & trailer from Co Op

Metal semi truck and trailer from Farmland Industries, Inc. with plastic wheels & working back doors
Lot #: 206

Metal Planes

11 metal planes: US Air Force, Korean Air and others that do not have markings on them. Some are plastic and some are metal
Lot #: 207

Ertl 50 anniversary Ford pick up

Ertl collectibles Prestige and Series 1940 Ford pick up is an authentic scale diecast metal replica. The second is a big farm pick up -1/32 scale made of plastic and metal. Both in their original boxes.

in: 31

Lot #: 208

Hot wheels & mini cars

Nice little cars that have been played with. Some Hot Wheels, some made in China. Still a lot of fun here.
Lot #: 209

Ford & John Deere mini tractors

John Deere tractors- one with a loader plus a Ford tractor. All made of metal with rubber tires

in: 31

Lot #: 210

Little Debbie pedal car Bank

Little Debbie Snacks pedal car Bank- is a limited edition. Has a hidden coin slot, working pedal actions, steerable front end, working headlights and tail lights. Sequentially numbered. This is one of 2500, diecast metal pedal car.
Lot #: 211

Collectible tractor pictures

Collectable tractor pictures are framed: Massey Harris, John Deere and Ford

in: 31

Lot #: 212

Buddy L dump truck

Metal Buddy L dump truck with hydraulic dump. Has been played with, but not abused. The dump gear still works & the tires are rubber. Is missing some paint especially off the front.
Lot #: 213

McKee Baking Company & 1937 Ford PU

Little Debbie McKee cakes diecast metal 1/43 scale replica of "McKee baking Company?s" first tractor trailer. Has original box and a 1937 Ford pick up that has been put on a plastic base to sit on your desk.

in: 31

Lot #: 214

Miniature Red tractors

Miniature International & Case tractors. Trailer and grain trailer

in: 31

Lot #: 215

Motorcycles and cars

Miniature cars and motorcycles. Some are made in China
Lot #: 216

Wood mini copter & Peanuts ornaments

Vintage wood, mini copter for a child to pull around.The propeller turns while pulling the string, 6 unopened Peanuts 50th anniversary ornaments to hang on your tree
Lot #: 217

Two Ertl Metal trucks

Semi cab with TG&Y on the door. Ertl TranStar dump truck that does dump. Both have rubber wheels. Both say International on the hoods
Lot #: 218

Cast-iron elephant & sad iron

Cast-iron elephant bank and sad iron that says "Stoves and Ranges"
Lot #: 219

Ertl Transtar dump truck

Ertl TranStar dump truck with rubber wheels and it does dump. Has been played with.
Lot #: 220

Miniature cars & trucks

Miniature cars & trucks.Some made in France & some in China. There is a Dinky Toy Hudson sedan, Hot Wheels, even have a Batman car from Ertl
Lot #: 221

1930 Diamond T & 52 Ford pick up

1930 Diamond T diecast metal vehicle from Ertl Collectibles, 1952 Ford F1 pick up, 1/24 scale diecast replica with Sun Belt Snack and Cereals. Both are in original boxes and do not know if have ever been taken out, we did not take them out
Lot #: 222

Fulton special sign marker & wood blocks

A box of three-quarter inch printing face, Fulton special sign markers etc. Blocks that spell Christmas in a plastic box with poker chips
Lot #: 223

Tonka truck

Tonka truck and a speedster car made in China
Lot #: 224

Tootsie cars and more

Tootsie cars, made in China cars, wooden blocks and more, See the pictures- there is even a jet plane and cement mixer
Lot #: 225

3 US mail Ltd. series Banks

All three US mail banks have their original boxes and are locking coin banks with keys. Diecast metal 1913 Model T delivery bank, 1918 Run About Bank & 1932 panel truck bank. They?re all by Ertl. Only one box has been opened so only showing the one truck out of box. So see the pix of the boxes for the other 2
Lot #: 226

Buddy L Pepsi-Cola truck

A buddy L Pepsi-Cola truck -sorry folks, no Pepsi just an empty carrier. Windshield is broke and the driver side window has a piece missing
Lot #: 227

8 John Deere miniature toy tractors

Eight John Deere miniature toy tractors in original box. 1973 Sound Idea Tractor,1960 4010 Rowcrop tractor, 1958 John Deere 730 Rowcrop tractor, 1952 John Deere model 60 tractor, 1939 John Deere model A tractor, 1923 John Deere model D tractor, 1914 Waterloo Boy tractor, 1892 Froehlich tractor. Plus a John Deere Overtime 1/32 scale tractor w/box, metal feed mixer and two miniature tractors. Including an orange John Deere

in: 31

Lot #: 228

Road grader

Tonka Yellow road grader with plastic wheels. Does not look like has ever been played with. The front tires run off of a hand crank and say Tonka
Lot #: 229

Buddy L Horse Transports

Two buddy L Horse Transports and Farmland Co Op Winross tanker truck
Lot #: 230

Hot wheels & Matchbox cars

Hot wheels, Matchbox cars, a few made in China, some from Ertl plus other miniature cars
Lot #: 231

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon

Radio Flyer "the original" little red wagon number five. Is a small one that fits in the box. For ages 1 1/2 and up. A nice print that has an oriental signature and a young girl looking at a totem pole
Lot #: 232

JD Porcelain Doll Collection

The Danberry Mint John Deere collector dolls: Jesse and the other is Johnny. Have Certificate of Authenticity for each
Lot #: 233

International cab truck & trailer

Metal International ACE cab truck and trailer. The trailer doors are intact. It has been played with. They have Ertl tires so this truck was put out by Ertl.
Lot #: 234

Fisher Price toys

Fisher-Price creative coaster. Missing the blocks but still has everything else you need for a child to run around. Fisher-Price Teddy Zillow that plays music while the child pulls it along-still plays.
Lot #: 235

Winchester ammo box

Winchester repeating arms dovetailed ammo box from New Haven, Connecticut, plus a leather bag with shoe horn, pocket knife and a little knife souvenir from Kansas City
Lot #: 236

Ertl Transtar horse van

Ertl Transtar International cab Envista dome horse van with plastic wheels. Nice truck and trailer
Lot #: 237

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon

Number five wagon from Radio Flyer. Perfect for stuffed animals. Wagon fits in this little box. A framed picture that is 14 x 12 with the signature of "ACE E" plus a print of a church in a multi sided frame
Lot #: 238

Remington dovetailed wooden box

Remington Xpress dovetailed small arms ammunition box. Included is double six domino in a wood case, a dancer in original box and official softball and an American league baseball
Lot #: 239

Structo rocker & crawler

The Rocker has a crank to dump the rock. The crawler has rubber tread and has rubber tires on the rocker.
Lot #: 240

Tractor supply Co. semi trailer truck

Metal tractor supply truck and trailer with plastic wheels. Has dent in it so it has been played with. Still has the doors on the back

in: 31

Lot #: 241

Farm safety for just kids

Includes a die cast Beechcraft D 17 Staggerwing airplane. Fourth in a series from 1997

in: 31

Lot #: 242

Wooden covered wagon

Everything is wood except the canvas on the wagon. Has the hitches for the horses. Just need the horses
Lot #: 243

Fisher Price giant screen music box TV

This Fisher-Price plays two tunes and has two picture stories- does work. We listened to Row Row Your Boat while we worked. Also plays London bridge
Lot #: 244

Fisher Price music box teaching clock

Fisher Price music box teaching clock-it does work. Included is a plastic box 1/4 full of Dominoes
Lot #: 245

Garbage truck

Nice metal truck for picking up garbage but is missing the front end- for example the tires, the hood and whatever was underneath the hood. The crank on the dump part of the truck works fine
Lot #: 246

Battleship & Christmas decorations

The game battleship, metal airplanes that are still encased in their original plastic. Christmas tree ornaments- some still in their original packages and some look homemade.
Lot #: 247

Hot wheel collectors box

Plastic box to use for storing Hot Wheels plus a box full of McDonald?s robots and more
Lot #: 248

Boxes of games

Checkers, Chinese checkers, Crazy Ikes go to the store, dominoes, contract, bridge instructions, anagrams, and letters of wood, password, small Dominoes
Lot #: 249


Earthmover- this is a piece that has been around and played with- but still works
Lot #: 250

Pocket knives

Pocket Knives: One says Northern, Illinois Gas and none of the others are marked. If you?re a collector, this group is different styles, shapes and types.
Lot #: 251

Two Iron Men signed baseball

Cal Ripken, Jr & Lou Gehrig signed Baseball. Troy Aikman, Magic Johnson, and Joe Namath Keepsake tree ornaments from the Collector Series plus a miniature mitt and baseball card for Mark McGwire in plastic case
Lot #: 252

Ertl & Hubley trucks

Ertl metal truck with rubber wheels & Hubly truck with rubber wheels that has been played with very heavily. Do not know what truck was used for but looks like it might have been a service truck.
Lot #: 253

Framed picture of two cowpokes

Framed picture of two cowpokes: "I put all my profits back into Ranch improvements". Three boards of cards- one of them says "sequence"
Lot #: 254

Painted sawblade & candle

Painted saw blade to put on a clock -was painted in 1983. A scented candle with tricycles tire front end tractor picture

in: 31

Lot #: 255

JD historical 4 piece toy set

John Deere is Storico four piece toy said in its original box made of durable, diecast, metal construction and free rotating tires came from Ertl "Overtime", Model G" "Model MI", "Model 80", a metal 1930 Chevy delivery Truck bank from Coca-Cola, a Buddy L Jeep- made in Japan and a Metal Souvenir jalopy
Lot #: 256


Dragon dominoes, American plastic checkers, Whitman plastic checkers, Milton Bradley, cribbage board, Checkerboard, nice leather box with Dominoes, and a box of colored pencils
Lot #: 257

McDonald?s snow globes

McDonald?s Snow Globes from101 Dalmatians, a Cracker Jack periscope and a Cracker Jack Sailor Jack Fan Whistle, First Skins Pooch in original box, plastic toys that include trucks and carriages and parts of a train. A pump to pump up a ball and an adjustable clothes hanger pole to put between a door frame
Lot #: 258

Hot wheels and more

Miniature cars: several of them are Hot Wheels, jalopies, vintage cars. All kinds of cars and trucks are represented even from the Matchbox Series.
Lot #: 259


Bone handle knife, collectors knives,16 function stainless steel knife
Lot #: 260

Dominos & Uno

Wooden dragon Domino?s, interlocking plastic poker chips, two sets of Uno playing cards, guide book on Rook, a plastic box with double six dominoes, a royal game of India- Parcheesi, playing board and rules for canasta
Lot #: 261

Tonka dump truck

Tonka dump truck and a Little Debbie McKee Baking Company cab without the semi
Lot #: 262

Star Trek the next generation

Unopened packages of Star Trek Ambassador, K?ehleyr, Commander Sela, Ambassador Spock and Guinan
Lot #: 263

Hot wheels

Hot wheels and other lots of trucks and cars
Lot #: 264

Pocket knives

All kinds of pocket knives- one says rancher on it, and most of them don?t have anything written on them. There?s even a razor blade.
Lot #: 265

Belt buckles

One says "America the beautiful" we put it in the empty wildlife signature collection box because we didn?t know where else to put it. 4 John Deere with cases
Lot #: 266

Gun cleaning kit & scope

Gun cleaning kit & Tasco 4 x 15 scope
Lot #: 267

Pocket knives

Assorted shapes and sizes of pocket knives including one from Sterling Farmers Co-op and two with vintage John Deere tractors pictures

in: 31

Lot #: 268

Outlaw?s belt buckles

Outlaw series number two metal arts, Bat Masterson, Sundance kid, Frank Dalton, Doc Holliday, and Wyatt Earp on a wood plaque
Lot #: 269

Matchbox cars

Three Matchbox vehicles in their original boxes, plus some other small cars, Hot Wheels and others. A small metal truck from Chevrolet
Lot #: 270


Two lithographs from Bernard Picture Company of Pottery. 1994 vacation guide for Native America and a book on Texas
Lot #: 271

Mini cars in case

Eight mini cars- some of them are Hot Wheels and they are in a plastic Hot Wheels case
Lot #: 272

Hesston belt buckles from NFRs

Hesston belt buckles for the National Finals Rodeo starting 1975 through 80 through 93,1995,96, 99, 2000, 2001. Have 5 duplicates & 4 smaller buckles1986, 87, 88 and 90
Lot #: 273

Collectible belt buckles

Cat diesel power, first federal savings Bank, Caribbean 1986 from Coleman, Wichita, Kansas- LP Hudson Barbwire collectors, Hesston, Toy farmer and more
Lot #: 274

Cap guns and badges

Sure Shot and Ranger cap guns. The Ranger has tape to keep the artificial ivory on the handle. A Pinkerton badge with case, special police badge with case, Marshall and a deputy US Marshall badges plus a Uniwerk model 22 (starting pistol?)
Lot #: 275

Miniature cars

Mostly metal, some plastic cars, Mattel Hot Wheels, made in China and others. Plus a Cracker Jack give away from the Cracker Jack box,a plastic army tank and a Cadillac convertible
Lot #: 276

Winchester belt buckles

Winchester belt buckles as well as Chisholm trail Festival from 1989,90 &91 & Federal savings Bank
Lot #: 277

Miniature collectible cars

Several Hot Wheels, Matchbox and others
Lot #: 278

John Deere belt buckles

John Deere belt buckles, including one from the Loyd implement Co. of Ellsworth. Dated 1984.
Lot #: 279

243 ammo

Three boxes of 20 gauge shotgun shells about half full- six or seven shot, then we have a box of 243 cartridges missing five
Lot #: 280

Collectible mini cars

Collectible mini cars-Mostly metal, some are plastic. Hot Wheels, Mattel and many others
Lot #: 281

20 gauge shotgun shells

Three boxes all full- Remington, Winchester and from 6 to 8 shot. Again three boxes clear full of 200/4 inch shells
Lot #: 282

Costume jewelry

This bag of costume jewelry is mainly pendants with all kinds of different rhinestones and settings
Lot #: 283


Metal and gold bands (one 18K), rings: including a Mason ring with "G", some class rings. A turquoise stone ring with "Ewyaco), Mother of Pearl, chip diamonds and a 1956 Music Award charm. Various sizes of rings.
Lot #: 284

Primitive kitchen tools

Carpet stretcher, ice chipper, couple of pocket knives, tape measures & scissors
Lot #: 285

12 Gauge shells

Boxes of 12 gauge shotgun shells, eight boxes mostly plastic alto and three-quarter inch. All them are 7 1/2 or eight shot. All the boxes are full as far as we can tell
Lot #: 286

Costume jewelry

1 Bag is full of earrings- big and small and the other one is pendants that you can either turn into earrings or put on necklaces or bracelets
Lot #: 287

Collector mini cars

Hot wheels, Matchbox, Mattel and other makers
Lot #: 288

Rhinestone bracelets

Bracelets with different types of rhinestones, a cameo pendant and other costume jewelry
Lot #: 289

Pocket and wrist watches

Two pocket watches that do not look "old", several wrist band watches- one with the plastic band. One with with an ornate band with turquoise stones, others with rhinestones. Do not know if any of them work, but they are all vintage.
Lot #: 290

Gun trading books

Three Gun Trader Guides (13th, 14th and 15th editions), Shotgun Digest and The American Shotgun
Lot #: 291

12 gauge shells

An empty Winchester box. The other four boxes are partial full of 12 gauge shotgun shells
Lot #: 292

Full back massager from Conair

110 V full back massager from Conair with hand wand, to relax in your chair while you enjoy watching TV
Lot #: 293

Turquoise Native American jewelry

This is very good old turquoise Native American jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces (1 is old and other is newer but neither has any stamped marks), earrings. A bracelet with Turquoise is marked "Sterling MR)- some really nice pieces plus you get a plastic jewelry box to keep them in
Lot #: 294

Costume jewelry

These vintage pieces includes necklaces, pendants, earrings ,cufflinks, bracelets nice assortment
Lot #: 295

Costume jewelry

Several pieces of costume. Jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces with rhinestones & beads. Take a look.
Lot #: 296

Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces and bracelet- There?s bound to be a real one in the mix
Lot #: 297

Rhinestone necklace and others

Rhinestone necklace, a chain with beads, a rhinestone bracelet with matching pierced earrings,other beaded necklaces even one with a Spanish theme
Lot #: 298

Costume jewelry

Beads, bracelets, earrings, some nice pieces in here and even some pendants, you just need to add chains
Lot #: 299

Costume jewelry

Several necklaces, some with beads, others with chains and bobbles and some pearls
Lot #: 300

Costume jewelry

Rings, pins and pedants that need chains. One ring does not have a setting
Lot #: 301

Tote with games the McDonald?s toys

Plastic tote has a Superior Powell pattern for baby clothes, Murphy Griffin word for word game by Mattel, camouflage by Milton Bradley, a sack full of McDonald?s toy give a ways including Ty Babies and several placements
Lot #: 302

Metal signs

Case Threashing Machine Company, Victor Victrola, Orsi Olive Oil, American Telephone and Telegraph Company
Lot #: 303

Hummel Prints

Four Hummel prints on wood to hang on the wall
Lot #: 304

Wood jewelry box & sports binoculars

Wood jewelry box with several little compartments and a drawer, a 3.5 x 30 sports binoculars that are still in the original packaging. A cracker Jack bingo magnifying glass that came out of a Cracker Jacks box surprise, miniature playing cards with kitties, a tape measure, an Avon oil can, Oppenheim Israel fish made of brass and salt and pepper shaker set with tray.
Lot #: 305

Metal advertising signs

Fire Chief Gasoline from Texaco, DM Ferry and Company Seeds, Boyer Fire Apparatus
Lot #: 306

Cream & Sugar Set & pictures

The Collectables by Jeannette "The Double Baltimore Pear" Cream and sugar set, a framed picture of a mother and her daughter in a tree swing and two framed scene pix of "On the River of Fall and Winter"
Lot #: 307

M.J. Hummel Anniversary plates

1980 and 1975 anniversary plates from Gloebal Hummels
Lot #: 308

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry consists of beads and rhinestones. Some necklaces. Nice pieces here and even some shells and pendants. Buyer gets a nice plastic tote with lid to carry them home
Lot #: 309

Hummel Collectors plates

Hummel collector plates: "The Little Explorers", "Tractor Ride", "Apple Tree Boy and Girl", Edwin Knowles China Circus Collection "Tommy the Clown" Each has their "Certificate of Authenticity" "

in: 31

Lot #: 310

1847 Rogers Brothers SilverPlated

Silver Plated Pieces: Serving spoons, teaspoons, table knives, salad and dinner forks wrapped with nice felt wrap. We have included a wooden silverware box
Lot #: 311

Hummel eggs

Six Hummel eggs- three have their certificate of authenticity,"The Goose Girl", "Postman" and "Apple Tree Boy". The other three do not. "Favorite Pet", "Kiss Me" and "Goat Herder"
Lot #: 312

William Rogers Silver Set

William Rogers Silver set- two different patterns consists of forks, spoons & knives with silverware case to store them in
Lot #: 313

McPherson County Centennial plates

Two McPherson County Centennial plates from 1870 to 1970. souvenir of Yellowstone park, Octagon shaped plate of peacocks and two relish plates. One is a Lazy Susan tray
Lot #: 314

Anri 1973 Mother?s Day plate

Anri 1973 Mother?s Day plate & two extra wood frames. Two silverware boxes to store your silverware. They are lined and ready to protect what you have at home.
Lot #: 315

Costume jewelry

Costume Jewelry in several different packages with glass beads, rhinestones, cameo with rhinestones. Most of the necklaces have chains with pendants or a pearl. Nice assortment
Lot #: 316

Hummel March Winds & Boy With Horse

Hummel #43 March Winds, Hummel #820 Boy With Horse. Both with original boxes
Lot #: 317

William Rogers & Sons International Silver

William Rogers and Sons International Silver. Eight place setting of knives, forks, salad forks, spoons plus serving spoons and a nut spoon. Includes a book on "All Silver and Well Worth It". Also, included is some extra pieces that don?t match the set
Lot #: 318

Hummel figurines

"Happy Pastime" and "Kiss Me". Both have their original boxes
Lot #: 319

Three Hummel Bells

Hummel Bells: Christmas 1972, Christmas 1973 and one more that says "Wayside Harmony"
Lot #: 320

Costume jewelry

Silver necklaces, rhinestones, chains, pendants- nice vintage pieces
Lot #: 321

Hummel eggs

"Umbrella Girl", "Little Gardner", "Little Fiddler", "Umbrella Boy", "Apple Tree Girl", "Mary Wanderer".
Lot #: 322

Hummel type figurines

These four figurines are not Hummels. One is marked West Germany 1977. Another one is marked with the B in the V 1939. And two with an MR mark
Lot #: 323

Porcelain thimble collection

Porcelain thimble collection is in a neat wood type tray.
Lot #: 324

Gun resource books

"Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns", "Pistol Guide", "1999 Gun Digest", book of scopes and mounts guns. "Illustrated 1988 pistol revolver", "Digest the Official Price Guide of Collector Knives".
Lot #: 325


239B "Girl With Doll" 3 1/2 inches tall, "For The One I Love" BH 5/B Goebel 1996 Thailand, another Berta Hummel "Pals" BH 4 Goebel 1996 Thailand
Lot #: 326

Stamp Collection

Stamp Collection includes a binder that has not been used very much. Most of the stamps are in a plastic bag and a Tupperware container. Most of them are canceled stamps. Some have not been used
Lot #: 327

Hummel Goebel angel lights

Hummel Goebel angle lights has a place for 34 candles. Does not have the plate that goes underneath and has Goebel West Germany Mark.
Lot #: 328

5 inch Hummel Figurines

2 Hummel figurines are 5 inches tall. 1955 number 315 "Mountaineer" and 1948 number 199I "Feeding Time". No boxes. No damage
Lot #: 329

Three Hummel figurines

1964 #355 "Autumn Harvest", 1971 #17/0 "Congratulations" and "Apple Tree Boy" (that has been repaired)

in: 31

Lot #: 330

Three empty Hummel boxes

Three empty boxes are for Hummel #333" Blessed Event", #239/B "Girl with Doll" and #47/3/0 "Goose Girl"
Lot #: 331

Goebel Spice set

This is a very large Goebel spice set that is marked "MJ Hummel Made in Japan". Comes with wood wall shelf that holds six jars. There are at least 6 to10 more that are wrapped up in a plastic bag
Lot #: 332

Playing cards

Several decks of playing cards, Jeopardy, Phase 10, regular cards, Skip Bo and more. Picture frames in different sizes and styles. A wall phone, 2 glass furniture coasters, Tupperware relish & a turntable out of the microwave
Lot #: 333

Wooden shelf unit

Wooden shelf unit measures 6 foot tall x 38 inches wide x 1 foot deep in the bottom shelves at its widest point. Contents sell in a different lot
Lot #: 334

NFL Team Collectibles

All 3 semis are from 2000 and are limited editions in their original unopened packages. Denver Broncos, The Rams- you never know where the Rams are at but in 2000 they were in St. Louis evidently as that what says on the truck. Also Dollar General and The Champion Tacing Team is the other one
Lot #: 335

Diecast banks

1931 1/34 scale Die Cast Crown Hawkeye Tanker Locking Coin Bank with key, 1939 Dodge Airflow Tanker Bank- fourth in a series from Coastal, 1925 Kenworth Stake truck with barrels 5th in the series also from Coastal
Lot #: 336

Miniature car sets

ScrapYard Matchbook Mattel Wheels, Matchbox Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Mattel Wheels, Little Debbie Hot Wheels McKee cars, House Calls- Mattel wheels. The packages have not been opened
Lot #: 337

Collectible & Miniature cars

Matchbox Wilderness Road trips Tough Truck playset, Tootsie Toy Hardbody Toughs Hitch -ups ". none of the three sets have been opened
Lot #: 338

Miniature cars collections

Two cases with 2 levels of cars- Looks like the majority are Hot Wheels if not all of them. plus an empty Hot Wheels case for 48 more. Get some of the other cars selling in other lots to fill it up
Lot #: 339

Boxes for collectible tractors

Six Empty boxes for collectible tractors: John Deere 4040, John Deere 2440, 1935 John Deere tractor, John Deere Utility Tractor, Farm Country and John Deere Combine

in: 31

Lot #: 340

Miniature cars

Box of miniature cars and trucks- don?t have very many that have the names of makers on them, but several say made in China or Hong Kong
Lot #: 341

Collectible Miniature cars

This lot contains an assortment of tractors, tanks, cars and vans. I found a few that say Hot Wheels, Ertl and Made in Hong Kong and China.

in: 31

Lot #: 342

Collectible Miniature cars

A couple of old Hublys, Hot Wheels, three new in the package Matchbox and one new in the package Hot Wheels. Some tokens
Lot #: 343

Wooden shelf unit

Selling just the shelf unit. The tractors sitting on the shelves in the picture sell in other lots. The shelf unit is 4 foot high x 5 foot wide x 1 foot deep. You need to buy this so you can put your tractors that you purchase in other lots on it.

in: 31

Lot #: 344

Owners manuals & recipe books

Blue Book Supply owners manual for a John Deere 7000. Hunting books, directions for a John Deere Spreader, Pillsbury Baking contest. You also get directions for John Deere corn binder
Lot #: 345

Treasure Island manuscript & other books

We don?t know but maybe this is the original of the Treasure Island manuscript. Antiques Roadshow, Treasures of America and World Atlases
Lot #: 346

Bridge lamp & Glass Shelves

Bridge lamp with shade and a brass shelf unit with 4glass shelves. Books sell in lot 345
Lot #: 347

Pictures books and flag

Wooden pictures from the Windom high school or you could use them as trays. A birthday banner, some Bibles and some picture frames. The shelf unit sells in Lot 346.
Lot #: 348

Metal shelf unit

Metal shelf unit with three shelves. The shelf unit is 36" tall x 20" x wide x 16" deep
Lot #: 349

Two fishing poles

Two fishing poles with reels. One is a Shakespeare rod and reel
Lot #: 350

Daisy 400 shop BB repeater

Daisy 400 shop BB repeater. Brand new in the box. Has an easy lever cocking action and made in the USA
Lot #: 351

Daisy BB rifle

Daisy Bull?s-eye model BB gun. Plastic stock. Real good gun and sounded good when we fired it
Lot #: 352

Daisy BB gun

This model BB gun is patterned after the Winchester repeater rifle. Has plastic stock, but looks like wood. Has a Mountain Lion embossed on either side
Lot #: 353

Daisy BB gun

Pattern has same Winchester look as gun in Lot 352. Has some etching. Not only does it sound good, but had a BB in it and I almost hit Mary?s computer. Has plastic stock that looks like wood
Lot #: 354

Daisy BB gun

Ducks Unlimited BB gun and has wood looking plastic stock. Has Unlimited decal, Good pump rifle sounded good. It does have a slight warp in it.
Lot #: 355

Daisy BB gun

This BB gun is older than the other previous BB gun lots. Has Woodstock and is missing the site
Lot #: 356

Unmarked BB gun

This unmarked BB gun does have a wood stock. It is by far the hardest cocking and powerful shooter of the ones in this sale
Lot #: 357

BB gun

This is another unmarked BB gun with a wooden stock. Another good shooting BB gun
Lot #: 358

Daisy Junior BB gun

This Daisy Junior BB gun is only 30 inches long and has a plastic stock.
Lot #: 359

Wooden yardsticks

Wooden yardsticks from two Chevrolet dealerships, Home Lumber, South Omaha Feed Company, Americas Truckstop, Reno Byproducts, Armstrong Furniture and others
Lot #: 360

4 foot yardsticks

These yard sticks or 4 foot long. Big Kansas Co-op, Midwest Teams, Central Kansas Credit Union, Marion Lumber, Herold?s Auto Parts and more
Lot #: 361

Square yard sticks

Square yard sticks and amazingly they did not come from the High Plains Journal
Lot #: 362

Wood canes

Wood canes and two of them have rubber tips. One of them is Compliments of Bob Perry and another one Says Ozark
Lot #: 363


These are smaller, but fancier than canes in Lot 362. One is metal & couple are bamboo
Lot #: 364


A #3 iron, 2 McGregor tennis rackets, 2 pool cues and three wooden yardsticks. One is "Nothing Runs Like a Deer", Farm Way Co-op and Canton Elevator

in: 31

Lot #: 365

Set of The Armored Group luggage

Six piece set of The Armored Group soft sided luggage
Lot #: 366

Depression era Crystal

Relish plate divided dishes, cereals, covered sugar, bowls: several different patterns
Lot #: 367

Glass candle sticks

Two pairs of glass candlesticks and a glass juicer
Lot #: 368

Pyrex cake pans & snack sets

Two rectangle Pyrex cake pans and glass vase. Snack sets includes cups and trays plus some extra cups and some "Made in China" bowls and plates.
Lot #: 369

11 glass tumblers & glass juicer

11 glass tumblers, a glass amber colored compote and a small footed bowl. Cookie jar without a lid, a cracker jar with a lid and a really cute snowman with a bail lid
Lot #: 370

Two pieces of glass from Israel

Square glass tray and a bowl - both or from Israel
Lot #: 371

Stoneware & Gibson dishware

Several pieces of stoneware bowls, mugs, napkin rings, oval plate, two pieces of Gibson ware, a mug with a spoon and a custard cup
Lot #: 372

Mixing bowl & canister set

Three piece mixing bowl set, three-piece canister set. See no damage and none of the pieces are marked
Lot #: 373

Halloween decorations

Spooky candle balls, jack-o?-lanterns and a witches hat. Plastic organizers- one with drawers and one small one for pencils and small stuff
Lot #: 374

Surmarc Endure Collection Stoneware

Sunmark Endure Collection stoneware, Festive pattern has salad plates, dinner plates, two platters and several cereal bowls. Punch bowl set that same color so you can sit in the middle of your table even though it?s not the same pattern
Lot #: 375

Folding card table

Folding card table- we know is sturdy as we have been using it to lot this auction by putting stuff on it for pictures
Lot #: 376

Samsonite folding card table

Samsonite folding card table. We know is good and sturdy. We have been using it to display items for taking pictures for this auction.
Lot #: 377

Solid wood folding card table

This solid wood folding card table is an old timer and is very sturdy. It has been used as you can tell from the scratches on the top. We know is sturdy as we were using it to display items for pictures in this auction.
Lot #: 378

Samsonite folding card table

Samsonite folding card table with pie edge on it so your snacks won?t roll off when you?re playing cards


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.