Steve & LaReta Olson ONLINE AUCTION

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
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3026 Ave R, Marquette, KS US
Hollinger Online Auction & Real Estate & Wedel Auction have joined up for this auction. The Olson's are moving and using Online Auction for the dispersal of their farm equipment, houslehold & personal items. Includes 1945 Farmall M, collectibles, primatives and antiques as well. Lots 10-149 are outside items & some antiques, 150-199 is furniture, 200-299 are shop items, 400-599 are antiques and some toys, 600-799 are household good, 800+ are farm supplies.
Lot #: 10

2 Antique Lawn Mower

2 antique Lawn Mowers
Lot #: 11

Rabbit cages & screen

3 rabbit hutches, door screen, hail screen
Lot #: 12

dog house and turtle

Petmate Dog House approx. 31.5" X 37" X 32". Little Tikes Turtle
Lot #: 13

2 old doors

Approx. 29 5/8" X 76" shorter door is approx. 20.25" X 71"
Lot #: 14

poultry feeders and waters

poultry feeders and waters
Lot #: 15

stock tanks

The steel tank is about 2 feet by 50". The black tank is about 33" wide and 49" long inside.
Lot #: 16


stack of cinder blocks and red decorative blocks.
Lot #: 17

Decorative stone/racks

2 Buckets of decorative stone/rock
Lot #: 18

heat lamp and feeder

chick heat lamp and poultry feeding trough
Lot #: 19

grinding wheels

two manual grinding wheels and extra stone
Lot #: 20

Kennel Panels

Assortment of Kennel Panels, some are chain link, some are welded mesh.
Lot #: 21

1945 Farmall M Tractor

1945 IHC Farmall M Tractor. Starts and Runs. Gasoline powered. Serial #FSK-10777.

in: 31

Lot #: 22

Cattle Panels, drag Harrow

Cattle Panels, Sideboards, drag harrow
Lot #: 23

Livestock Trough

Livestock trough-approx. 99" X 28"

in: 31

Lot #: 24


Boat-fishing. No motor-requires muscle power. Has one oar
Lot #: 25

Livestock Trailer

Livestock trailer with Open top, metal floor, wood and steel sides, NO title.

in: 31

Lot #: 26

old doors

Collection of old doors
Lot #: 27

5 foot mower

3 point 5 foot mower
Lot #: 28

3 pt blade

6 foot 3 point blade
Lot #: 29

flat bed trailer

16 foot flat bed trailer. Approx. 82" between the wheel wells. NO Title
Lot #: 30

2012 Nissan Versa

2012 Nissan Versa car. In use- Mileage (171,568) may vary from pix because in use. Runs and drives. Kansas Salvage vehicle title.
Lot #: 31

Lawn Mower

Craftsman 3.8 HP/20 inch cut Lawn Mower. Has not been used for awhile
Lot #: 32

Wooden Ramps, Buckets, Paint

Wooden Ramps, Buckets, Paint
Lot #: 33

High Low Jacks

two high low jacks
Lot #: 34

Bridge plank & PTO Shaft

The Bridge Plank is approx. 11" wide X 151.5" long. (It is 3" lumber - about 2.5 actual) PTO extender, PTO shaft, old bike, glass insulators, funnel, more.
Lot #: 35

2 barrels and vacuum parts

2 open barrels and vacuum parts
Lot #: 36

Traps & Hog Oiler

Live Trap, Kill Traps, Hog Oiler, Barrel
Lot #: 42

Gas Cans, Weather Vane

4 gas cans, 1 diesel can, 1 Kerosene Can, Some are empty, Some have fuel in them. Portland Lime Mortar, weather vane
Lot #: 43

Wheel Barrow and Ladder

Wheel Barrow and 6' Ladder
Lot #: 44

Garden Tools

Planter Boxes, Post Hole Diggers, Hand Tillage Equipment, Pick Ax, Spade, Hoe

in: 31

Lot #: 45

Ax's & Sledge Hammer

Collection of Ax's and a Sledge Hammer
Lot #: 46


Shovels, Spades, Sand Shovel, Snow Shovels, Grain Scoop, leaf rake and potato fork
Lot #: 47


Plastic and Steel Pipe. The Plastic Pipe is 3" and 1 1/4 " diameter. Ranging in length from 71 7/8" to 120" long. The steel Pipe is 47 1/2" to 56" long.
Lot #: 48

Water Hydrants, Pitch Forks, More

Water Hydrants, Pitch Forks, t-post, Pry Bars,
Lot #: 49

Pick Axes and Pitch Forks

Collection of Pick Axes and Pitch Forks.
Lot #: 50

Socket Sets

2 new socket sets. 1/2" drive
Lot #: 51

3 tool boxes & contents

Payswell electric spray-Pak, Hydraulic cylinder spacers, sockets, breaking bar. Three tool boxes
Lot #: 52

Adjustable Wrenches

Assortment of Adjustable Wrenches
Lot #: 53

Tool Box and Contents

Pipe Wrenches, 1/2", 9/16", drive swivel, chain links, springs.
Lot #: 54

Tap & Die Set, Staple Gun, Sockets

40 Piece Tap & Die set, Staple Gun and Staples, Incomplete SK-Tool Socket Set.
Lot #: 55


GE Refrigerator, has been used in shop. Height is 64" x 30 1/2" wide and 29" deep without measuring the handle
Lot #: 56

Electric Fence Chargers

(2) Parmak 12 volt electric fence chargers, 1 Wizard 110 Volt fence charger
Lot #: 57

Plastic Tote and Vet Supplies

Vet Supplies including, clipper, Dehorner, Syringes & Needles, Calf weaner, curry combs
Lot #: 58

Anvil and Stand

Peter Wright Anvil and Stand.
Lot #: 59

Gas Powered Generator

JD-Tex 6500E Generator and Extension Cord
Lot #: 60

Gas Powered Power Washer

2000 BST Power Washer, 2 GPM, with B&S Gas Motor
Lot #: 150

Pool Table

5 X 10 foot slate Pool Table and accessories. Seller thinks it was made in the 1950's
Lot #: 151

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock-Needs Work, glass is cracked in the top and bottom of the front, The numbers that fell off are laying in the bottom of the clock
Lot #: 152

Gun Case and two gun racks

Gun Case and two gun racks
Lot #: 153

School desk and chairs

Old School desk and chair plus other chairs
Lot #: 200

Clevis, Hitch Pins, Chain

Clevis, Hitch Pins, Chain
Lot #: 201

Hand Tools

Corn Knife, Pipe Wrench, Bolt Cutter, Crow Bar, Pry Bars
Lot #: 202

Hammers, Hatchets

Ballpeen Hammer, Claw Hammer, Hatchets, Wooden box for leather (sheep) covered law books.
Lot #: 203

Knives, Soldering Irons, Clamps,

Knives, Soldering Irons, Clamps
Lot #: 205

Trailer Hitch Balls & Wrenches

Trailer Hitch Balls, Box end wrenches
Lot #: 206

Log Chain

Approx 20 feet, 2" long, 176" long, 158" long and missing hook
Lot #: 207

Log Chain

appears to be 3/8 chain. Approx 227" long, 215" long, 116" long
Lot #: 208

Log Chain

lighter weight chain. Range in size from 50" to 177" some are missing hooks
Lot #: 209

2 Vice

3" Vice and 4" Vice.
Lot #: 210


Engine Vacuum Gauge, other Gauges, battery tester
Lot #: 211

Heavy Duty Table

Heavy Duty Table built with steel top and frame. Caster Wheels underneath.
Lot #: 212

Filled Parts Bins, Hose Clamps, Organizers

Parts Bins with assorted contents, Hose Clamps, Fuses, Screws in Organizers, Electrical Supplies
Lot #: 213

Roadbot Jumper

Roadbot Jumper, Test Light
Lot #: 214

Concrete Tools

Float, Trawls, Other Equipment
Lot #: 215

Wagner Electric Power Painter

Wagner Electric Power Painter, Tub of Supplies including Caulk, Calking Gun, Paint.
Lot #: 216

8 foot Table and contents.

8 foot wooden top table and contents- shown in picture. Soap, Windshield washer fluid, Oil, Grease
Lot #: 217


3/4 drive breaker bar, Sockets, Level, Squares
Lot #: 218

Parts & Organizers

Cotter Pins, Grease Zerks, Electrical Wire, Brass Rivets.
Lot #: 219

Drill Bits, Tie Down Straps

Assortment of Drill Bits and a Tie Down Strap
Lot #: 220

Table and Vice

Metal Table and Vice. Old Twin Cylinder parts
Lot #: 221


2X4, 2X6, 1" Lumber. Saw horses underneath are NOT included.
Lot #: 222

Paint and Hydraulic Fluid

Paint and Hydraulic Fluid.
Lot #: 223

Shop Misc.

First Aid Kit, Engine Analyzer, Berring Drivers, Flange Tool
Lot #: 224

Shop Misc.

(2) Keylock (used to store keys), V-Belts, Flashlights (some are Maglite),
Lot #: 225


3 Windows with framing in parts that goes with them. Approx 37.5" X 34"
Lot #: 226


Two Creepers and a home made device on casters'
Lot #: 227

Come-A-Long, Charger, Extinguisher

Come-A-Long, Golf Cart Charger - seller says it works but is slow, Fire Extinguisher
Lot #: 229

Miller Lite Pool Table Light & shop lights

Miller Lite Pool Table Light, Shop Lights
Lot #: 230

Jumper Cables, Tie Down Strap, more

Oli Pan, Tie Down Strap, Jumper Cables, Bag Phone with Cigarette Litter Power Cord
Lot #: 231

Jacks & Stands

3 Ton Floor Jack, 12 Ton Hydraulic Jack, 3 Ton Jack Stands, 2 Ton Jack Stands
Lot #: 232

1 HP Electric Motor

1 HP Electric Motor, Seller said it came off a air compressor that went bad but the motor worked.
Lot #: 233

1 Ton Chain Host

1 Ton Chain Host
Lot #: 234

5500 Watt Generator

Chicago Electric 5,500 watt portable generator.
Lot #: 235

12 volt sprayer

Sprayer. 12 volt pump, tank is over 50 gal. Is on a skid
Lot #: 236

Kerosene Heater and Jug

Aladdin Kerosene heater with jug of Kerosene
Lot #: 237

Binder Twine

4 unused balls of International Harvester Binder Twine
Lot #: 238

Electric cords

Electric cords
Lot #: 400

Milk Can & antiques

Milk Can, buckets, old 7-Up cooler, Rabbit crock, minnow bucket, kid's punching bag
Lot #: 401

Pepsi Case & Bottles

Pepsi case and 24 Pepsi bottles
Lot #: 402

Wooden Coke case & 6 Coke bottles

Wooden Coke case and 6 Coke Bottles. The small bottle is Superior, Nebraska
Lot #: 403

2 boxes full of soda pop bottles

2 boxes full of soda pop bottles, different sizes and brands.
Lot #: 404

4 painted label 7 up bottles.

Four 7oz 7 UP bottles. Salina, KS, Clay Center, KS and 2 the bottler is not marketed.
Lot #: 405

4 painted label soda bottles

4 painted label soda bottles: Squeeze, Nu Grape, Sun Crest, Nesbitt. The Sun Crest is from Oberlin, KS
Lot #: 406

5 Soda Pop Bottles

5 soda pop bottels: 16 oz 1977 Combative Bottle from Iowa vs. Iowa St Football. Painted Label Grapette 6 oz bottle, Dr Pepper molded in the glass, Royal Crown, Mountain Dew "Tickle Your Innards" bottle
Lot #: 407

Old Bottles

Boxes of old bottles, Large flower pot, Wood bench is included.
Lot #: 408


2 old sleds
Lot #: 409

toy trucks and grader

Toy Trucks and Grader
Lot #: 410

Shoe Last & Stand

Shoe last and stand with different size metal forms
Lot #: 411

Hand Wood Tools, Old Wrench

collection of old hand wood tools, miter box.
Lot #: 412

KS License Plates

Assortment of KS License Plates. Oldest is 1941. Most are Ellsworth County. A few are Saline CO.
Lot #: 413

Cream Separator

Sanitary Economy King No. 14 Cream Separator. The extra bowl is too large to fit this unit.
Lot #: 414

oil Cans

Vintage Oil cans
Lot #: 415

Book ends, Games, Books

JD Book Ends, Old Games, Books
Lot #: 416


2 boxes of dolls
Lot #: 417


Manuals: Oliver, IHC & John Deere. Chilton Auto Books. Check out the pix
Lot #: 418

Old Door Knobs, Parts, and Doors

3 30" doors, 1 32" door. 2 flats of old door knobs. The 32" door is painted white one side and blue on the other. The first door pictured is painted white on the other side.
Lot #: 419

Vintage IHC Tractor Toolboxes

Two Vintage IHC Tractor Tool Boxes

in: 31

Lot #: 420

Doll Clothing, Game, Toys

Toy CAT 623G Paddle Scraper, Doll clothing, 1999 McDonalds Toy, Game
Lot #: 421

Sterling Silver

Old Silverware. Some are marked Sterling, Community Plate, 1847 Rogers Bros IS Remembrance, Holmes & Edwards, PAT 4.10-06, PAT 1913 Sterling,
Lot #: 422


Old Trunk. Has the tray
Lot #: 423

Corn Shucker

Hand crank corn shucker
Lot #: 424

Peddle Car

Peddle car
Lot #: 425


two tricycles, Red one is a Roadmaster, the plastic one has an adjustable seat
Lot #: 426

JD Peddle Tractor & Trailer

JD Peddle Tractor and trailer. Made by Ertl.

in: 31

Lot #: 427

Trac Peddle Tractor and Trailer

Trac Ball Bearing Chain Drive Peddle Tractor and Trailer. One rear tire tractor tire is broken. Part of the tire and the tractor seat are in the wagon.

in: 31

Lot #: 428

Western Flyer Wagon

Western Flyer Wagon. In very good shape
Lot #: 429

Ping Pong Table

Folding Ping Pong Table on plastic wheels for maneuverability. Box with net, balls etc
Lot #: 430

Mics Auto Parts & meat grinder

No 12 Enterprise Meat Grinder- has been attached to board for stability when using, Bucket of Auto Parts, Wood Saw Horse, 10" of RR Rail,
Lot #: 431

Vintage Baking Soda Tins & Auto Light

3 different Vintage Calmut Baking Soda Cans, Oil Cans, Auto Light made by Universal Lamp Co Springfield, Ill
Lot #: 432


4 used tricycles-need to be restored
Lot #: 433

2 Horse Collar Mirrors

2 Old horse neck collars converted into wall mirrors
Lot #: 434

Hats & Shoe Shine Kit

Hats, Shoe Shine Kit with electric buffer & black trim enamelware Bed Pan
Lot #: 435

Metal Pepsi Tote

Metal 6 Bottle Pepsi Tote, 4 sets of 6 cardboard coke carries in wooden Coco-cola crate. Season Greeting Coke bottles & other Coke bottles
Lot #: 436

21 spd MT Bike

21 speed Shimano "Mega Light Plus Next" mountain bike with an aluminum frame. 7005 series. Includes a box of 26" Supervalue 4-Pack Bicycle Inner Tubes.
Lot #: 437

3 Bikes

Adult Murray, 2 youth bikes, one is Roadmaster Force and other is Hsneup(?) Great for a family outing.
Lot #: 438

Vintage Wheel Chair.

Wheel chair has been in family a long time but age unknown.
Lot #: 439

Treadle Sewing Machine & Cabinet

Vintage Singer Treadle Sewing Machine and Oak cabinet
Lot #: 440

Wd canes & Clothes Plunger

Wood Canes and Antique clothes washing plunger
Lot #: 441

Hesston Buckles 1974-2010

Hesston Buckles 1974-2007 and 2009-2010. The 1974 buckle is the first in the series. Missing the 2008 buckle
Lot #: 442

Smoky Valley Saddle Club Buckles

2 sets of 1987-1991 Smoky Valley Saddle Club Belt Buckles
Lot #: 443

Commemorative Kansas Events Buckles

A mix of Commemorative buckles from events in Kansas. 1983 Tall Corn Festival, Rossville KS, 1990 Mid-American Farm Expo, Salina, KS, 1986 Tescott Centennial, 1995 Tescott Flood Dazs, 1987 Oak Hill Centennial, (1985,86,87,89)- Ellsworth Cowtown, Ft Harker

in: 31

Lot #: 444

Misc. Belt Buckles

Red Man, Kansas State Parks, Hesston, Jack Daniels
Lot #: 445

Ag related Belt Buckles

Ag related industry Belt buckles: Dekalb, Case IH, Ford, Mack
Lot #: 446

JD Belt Buckles & case

John Deere belt buckle collection in glass covered case to hang on the wall.
Lot #: 447

Lanterns & Kerosene Cans

4 lanterns with glass globes and 2 Kerosene Cans. The cans may no longer hold Kerosene.
Lot #: 448

Cooler Box & flour sacks

Vintage Progress Refrigerator Co Louisville, KY-Model G 160 cooler box. Filled with over 20 flour sacks-some of the brands: Pillsbury Southern King, National Biscuit Company, Blue Seal Flour, Peavy Company-MN, Luna Flour.
Lot #: 449

Duck Decoys

Bucket of 10 wooden duck decoys plus 1 plastic decoy
Lot #: 450

Belt Buckle Case

Belt buckle case with glass cover. Can hang display on the wall
Lot #: 451

Perfection Kerosene Heater

Blue Perfection Kerosene Heater and Hummer 2 burner Stove
Lot #: 452

Vintage Store Scale

Vintage Central Scientific of Chicago grocery store scale. Missing one of the plates. Includes 2 bowls with pour spouts
Lot #: 454

Brass Fire Extinguisher

Brass Fire Extinguisher, Broken Hood Ornament, leather punches
Lot #: 455

Vintage bathtub & scythe

Vintage cast iron bathtub with metal hardware, plastic flowers, scythe. All 4 feet are in the tub-see pix.
Lot #: 456

#2 Red Wing Crock

#2 Red Wing Crock
Lot #: 457

The Beatles

'45 records from the Beatles. Two have their original Paper Jackets. Songs Include "Hey Jude", "P.S.I Love You", "Get Back"
Lot #: 458

The Beach Boys-45 Records

2 Beach Boys '45 Records. "Do It Again" and "Let's Go Away for Awhile"
Lot #: 459

Elvis Presley Records

2 Elvis Presley 33 1/3 albums and 2 Elvis Presley '45 Records: "America" and " Frankie & Johnny"
Lot #: 460

Single Artist Beatles Records

Ringo Star: "Step Lightly" and "You're Sixteen. Paul McCartney "Band on the Run" & "Oh Woman Oh Why", George Harrison "Isn't It a Pity", Cracker Box Palace". Paul & Linda McCartney "Uncle Albert" & more
Lot #: 461

Box of '45 Records

Box of '45 Records & 8 track tapes: by Tony Bennett, AMerica, The Monkeys, Paul Martin, Dave Lowe, Rod Stewart, Leo, BJ Thomas, Ted Nagent, Stevie Wonder, Jesse Ferguson,The Outer Limits & Many Many more
Lot #: 462

Old Records

Combination off 33 1/3 and 78 records spanning decades. Some records are in Coca Cola Wood crate
Lot #: 463

78 RPM Records

33 1/3 and 78 RPM records.
Lot #: 500

1/6 scale John Deere Model E Engine

1/6 scale John Deere Model E engine-in original box. @1994 by the ERTL Company.
Lot #: 501

Model Waterloo Boy Tractor

Model Waterloo Boy Tractor-3167 painted on bottom. Steering wheel does not turn the front wheels.

in: 31

Lot #: 502

Model JD Crawler Tractor

JD crawler tractor, on bottom says Special Cast, 9016

in: 31

Lot #: 503

Model JD Tractor

Model JD Tractor-2098 painted on bottom. Steering wheel turns front wheels.

in: 31

Lot #: 504

75th Anniversary JD Tractor Model

Collector Edition 1924 JD "D" Tractor. Made in 1999 for JD's 75th Anniversary. 3128U painted in small white numbers on bottom.

in: 31

Lot #: 505

Toy Farm Equipment

1/16 JD tractor with chipped cab, small F260 JD lawn mower, small 9620 JD 4X4 articulating tractor 2006 Hallmark Cards, Inc. JD trashing Machine, wooden tractor.

in: 31

Lot #: 506

Tom Thumb Cash Register

Vintage Tom Thumb Toy Cash Register.
Lot #: 507

collection of Games

Las Vegas Wild, Bas Ket (missing the ball), Beetle Bailey, Mouse Trap, Notability, a bunch of card games, UMD, Dominoes, Kids Dominoes, Puzzle's
Lot #: 508

Tin Barn & Western Theme Art

Rolling Acres Farm toy tin barn, Horse shoe wreath, John Wayne quote plaque, three framed pictures

in: 31

Lot #: 509

Western Shelves & Lamps

Western Wall shelf with hooks, "born to Run" 2002 Home Interiors & Gifts, cowboy boots salt & pepper, horse lamps, Hay Hook wall display

in: 31

Lot #: 510

Ra-Jan Board

Far East (Ougi style) Talking Board
Lot #: 511

Stuffed Bears & Toy PU

The two tubs of clothing that fit the Tender Heart Treasure Bear, Red Elmo does not work.
Lot #: 512

Antique crank organ, van

j, Chein & Co vintage crank organ-crank hard enough it makes a noise. Metal vintage van
Lot #: 513

1/16 JD '15 Model "R" Waterloo Boy

!/16 John Deere 1915 Model "R" Waterloo Boy tractor. I don't think it has ever been taken out of the box.
Lot #: 514

1/16 Farmall H & Titan 10-20

Ertal 1/16 IHC tractor-looks like never been taken out of box. Titan 10-20 has been in a plastic bag and looks new.
Lot #: 515

Handy Andy Tool box & Lincoln Logs

Handy Andy metal tool box with two tools left from the original tool set. Lincoln Logs have been added to the tool box .
Lot #: 516

Care Bears

5 Care Bears, Care Bears Phonograph Player & Phono Picture Disk "Love is all around" 33 1/2 "Meet the Care Bears"
Lot #: 517

1/6 McCormick-Deering Model "M"

Ertl 1/6 McCormick-Deering Model "M"- Do not think it has ever been taken out of the box.
Lot #: 518


Playworld barn and accessories, etch-0- sketch, kids puzzles & Breyer Stable (needs repair)
Lot #: 519

Barbies & Accessories

Barbie's and Accessories-11 dolls and a lot of accessories, the pool leaks, the tent needs a dowel rod.
Lot #: 520

Barbie Easy-Bake Oven & Snack Center

Barbie Easy-Bake Oven & Snack Center-Electric Toy and Recipe Book.
Lot #: 521

Teddy Ruxpin & Funny Bunny

Teddy Ruxpin has books but no cassette tapes. 2 Funny Bunny's in original boxes. Party supplies
Lot #: 522

Suzy Smart Doll & Tiny Chatty Baby

Suzy Smart doll with original outfit/missing socks only. She does NOT talk anymore but used to say "My name is Susie Smart; 1+1=2;2+2=4;cat-C-A-T dog D-O-G. Tiny Chatty Baby - original outfit - no strings pull - she also does not talk anymore.
Lot #: 523

Kelly Barbie Dolls & Accessories

Two Kelly Barbie Dolls and a lot of accessories.
Lot #: 524

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids-Jill Megan, Quinton Clarence, and another one. Extra paperwork.
Lot #: 525

Boyd's Bears & others

Boyd's Bears pins and other type of pins. Boyd's Bear Santa Claus items
Lot #: 526

Antique Secretary

Antique Secretary-approx. 74 inches tall, 30.5 inches wide, and 16' deep. Glass windows in doors. Drop down desk top with drawers below
Lot #: 527

Playing Cards & Books

K-State Playing cards & Growl towel. Table top books, other playing cards and other items. See the pix
Lot #: 528

Doll House Furniture

Doll House Furniture-Gumball Machine, fireplace, chairs, clock, items in a red box.
Lot #: 529

Toy dishes & Toy Happy Meal

Child dishes: Toy tea set, baking dishes, Fisher-Price happy meal.
Lot #: 530

Legos & Big Bird

Large size Legos, When you pull the string on Big Bird it talks, watermelon cookie jar, Melissa L Doug new-still packaged wooden horse carrier truck
Lot #: 531

Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys: The Barn is approx. 10.75 inch by 8.00 inch x 8.5 inch high. The Barn roof is removable. Wood trailer and wood animals
Lot #: 532

2 Made in Japan Tea Set

Small toy set. The largest plate is about 2 7/8 inch diameter. Most items say Made in Japan
Lot #: 533

Knick Knacks

Knick Knacks: Two items are marked "LaBeta 71" one is marked " G base 79"
Lot #: 534

Dolls & Hand Puppets

Hand puppets are from Oscar Mayer in the 1960's, Assortment of dolls. Storage tote.
Lot #: 535

Oak Wall Telephone

Oak Wall Phone. It has been taken off the wall. Still has the guts
Lot #: 536

Pepsi-Cola tote & Kitchen Deco

6 bottle Pepsi-Cola tote, painted rolling pin, rusty tea pot, strainer, cross.
Lot #: 537

Kitchen Primitives

2 butter molds, long handled dipper/laddle, rug hooking shuttle
Lot #: 538

Items on a kitchen shelf

Nut chopper, cruets, stove top glass coffee pot, Mason Jars, individual creamer and Salt & Pepper Pepsi bottles
Lot #: 539

Old tin cans

Collection of six old empty tin cans. Butternut, Tobacco, crackers and others
Lot #: 540

7 Glass Jars

Foremost Dairy Milk Bottle, Mason Jars, Presto Supreme Mason, Ball Mason, Mason's Jar
Lot #: 541

Old Radios & Desk Art

Silverstone Chassis No 132 884-1 Radio sold through Sears & Roebuck, Admiral (missing the bottom).
Lot #: 542

Meat Grinder & other Kitchen tools

Best Made Meat Grinder- turns, crock with kitchen tools, French fry cutter. Top of a butter churn, brown crock.
Lot #: 543

Tobacco Set & empty Tins

2 pipes, wooden rack & 3 empty tobacco tins
Lot #: 544

Jug, Crock & Kitchen Tools

8" diameter crock, jug, and assortment of kitchen tools.
Lot #: 545

Picnic Jug & Lunch box

Faris Metal Picnic Jug and handled lunch box with oval bowl & mug.
Lot #: 546

Avon Tea Set & Collector Dishes

Currier and Ives Tea Cups and Saucers-set of 16 plus tea pot, cream (extra creamer) and sugar plus bell. Decorative plates by Avon- FSC #0213-1,
Lot #: 547

Telephone parts & cuckoo clock

Crank telephone parts- ringer box & phone parts. The clock came from Germany and needs repaired.
Lot #: 548

Small China Hutch

Small wood china hutch with glass shelves and glass inserts in the doors. Approx. 43 inches wide, 18.25 inches deep, 51.25 inches high.
Lot #: 549

Guitar & antique Pionolin

The Pionolin was made in 1948 by Dun & Bradstreet. The guitar is a Hondo II Model Hino A, The small instrument case is empty.
Lot #: 550

Oak Library Table

Oak Library table with drawer-has wood pull. approx. 43" wide X 27" deep X 29.25" tall
Lot #: 551

Comic Books & '30's KS School Registrar

Comic Books (Woody Woodpecker, Jack & Jill, Richie Rich, Little Audrey & More), old cans (Maple Syrup & Health Club Powder), 1930's KS School registrar. The Maple Syrup can is full. 3 decks of playing cards.
Lot #: 552

Pez, Pepsi Glasses, McDonald's Toys

Large collection of Pez Dispensers, Pepsi/Loony Toons Glasses, McDonald's Glass says 1973, The McDonalds Toys are 1987-1995
Lot #: 553

Vintage high chair and glass door

Vintage high chair and Curved Glass Door off antique furniture piece
Lot #: 554

Remington Rand Typewriter

Remington Rand Typewriter
Lot #: 555

Coke Cooler, RR hard hat

Collection of interesting items including a Coca-Cola cooler, Straight edge knife, Missouri Pacific hard hat, old tobacco tin, 1967 coin set encased in plastic square, BELT BUCKLES, Lyons club pins, fruit box. Rendering company advertising tape measure. Thunder Bird box camera, Binoculars
Lot #: 600

Dinning Table & Six Chairs

Table comes with two leaves and 6 chairs. Very nice.
Lot #: 601


Large collection of costumes
Lot #: 602

Christmas Dec & Cherished Teddy

All the items on top two shelves. Pepsi salt & Pepsi shaker, Canning jars Jar, snow Dome, Cherished Teddy- Reg No IC2/546. Decorated small washboard, vases, wood knickknack shelf & more. See the pictures. Lot DOES NOT INCLUDE the shelving sitting on
Lot #: 603

Thanksgiving Dec & canning jars

All of the items on the bottom 3 shelves. Thanksgiving directions, Mason Jars, Christmas Decorations. Rolls of ribbon, M/M Santa Claus in original boxes. Brass spittoon, Bean crock-no lid. DOES NOT include the shelves
Lot #: 604

Cart, nutcracker set, Christmas Deco

Serving cart and all the contents on and hanging on the wall behind.
Lot #: 605

Christmas Dec & Metal Shelf unit

Metal 5 shelf unit and contents: Christmas decorations, 2 boxes of Holiday glasses, glass dresser lamp and more. See the pix
Lot #: 606

Rackets, wall hangings

Wood rackets, prayer pillow, framed pix
Lot #: 607

Baby Play Pen

Foldable Baby Play Pen. Approx. 35.5 inches by 36" by 28.5 inches tall.
Lot #: 608

Electric grill, Cupcake pans, plastic storage.

Electric grill hot surface is approx. 18" by 14". Several different size cupcake pans. Plastic Cupcake storage/ transports.
Lot #: 609

Cake pans

Different kinds of cake pans. Square, cupcake, Disney characters, sesame street characters, storage tote included.
Lot #: 610

Cake pans

Different kinds of cake pans: train, van, sheep, Christmas, square, cookie pan
Lot #: 611

Misc. Kitchen & baby blanket

Napkins, Cupcake Deco Kit, Prayer book, Teatime recipe book, baking equipment, baby blanket, holiday vest, light weight white jacket, and more
Lot #: 612

Misc. Kitchen, Kids plates

Kids plates, flatware, glassware, candles, recipes, Kids plastic silverware.
Lot #: 613

Music theme art

Cd case with CD's, Framed pictures, old dishes, 8 Cardinal Dinner Plates in box.
Lot #: 614

Depression Glass

Green and clear depression glass, ice cream and cookie dough scoops, stemmed sherbets, silver serving trays
Lot #: 615

Misc. Kitchen with holiday glasses

Box of Holiday glasses, Glassware, serving tray,
Lot #: 616

Misc. Kitchen and a bag of bags

serving bowls- some marked microwave safe, kids dishes, key chain. Bags and bags
Lot #: 617

Cook Books

A box filled with cookbooks and magazine recipes. See the picture
Lot #: 618

Misc. Kitchen items & Candy Molds

Candy Molds, White Crock Svilar China company serving tray, electric appliance, serving tins, Cookie cutters, old bottles, collector plates.
Lot #: 619

Cake molds

Cake molds, Cookie-Pastry Press, Giant Cupcake mold. Several have never been taken out of the package
Lot #: 620

Dust Devil, Peel Away,etc

Dust Devil, Peel Away, Avon Salt & Pepper shaker, Shoe shine supplies.
Lot #: 621

DVR, CD, Cassette & VCR tapes

DVR, CD, Cassette tap, VCR tapes-box full.
Lot #: 622

Music Box and misc.

Toy dishes, candle, shoes, hat, hairdryer, 8" Christmas music box and more
Lot #: 623

Two drawer file cabinet and lamp

Table lamp with shade and drawer File cabinet- approx. 15.5 X 16 X 27.5
Lot #: 624

Baby blankets

baby blankets
Lot #: 625


blankets, some might be baby blankets. Bag with smaller items.
Lot #: 626

large stack of blankets

Blankets, chair cushions
Lot #: 627

Tea towels and a coat

Tea Towels, coat, bags
Lot #: 628

Shelves and a cabinet

Shelves and a cabinet-The white one is approx. 32" tall
Lot #: 629


Bookshelves: The cabinet is approx. 47" tall X 20" wide & 16" deep
Lot #: 630

Gingerbread Decorations

Tub full of decorations and more all around it.
Lot #: 631

2 wooden shelves

2 wooden shelves-approx. 14" wide X 6.5" deep X 47.7.5 inches tall. The actual shelf space is about 11" X 5.5"
Lot #: 632

flags & misc.

US Flags, Christmas items, 3 ring binder, Yacht Dice games, string puppets
Lot #: 633

Small Vacuum, Cards, Binders

3 ring binders, Christmas Cards, Blank cards, Quick-Ip Small Vacuum
Lot #: 634


Brown piece is approx. 13.5 X 20 X 49 Blue cabinet 15.75 X 10.5 X 27.5
Lot #: 635

craft items

Ribbon, stamp set, paper craft items, more
Lot #: 636

Bible, books & Mics.

books, Christmas items, Bible
Lot #: 637

Music Box and misc.

Music box, books, Ribbons, Plastic Plants, Fisher Price toy, Vacuum
Lot #: 639

Frames and Misc. Household

Frames, Plastic Plants, Old white Bucket, Old vacuum. Metal lunch box
Lot #: 640

Leather Jackets & Misc.

Letterman Jackets, Leather Jackets, VCR Tapes, Plastic Plants
Lot #: 641

Oak Parlor table

Oak Parlor Table, Blankets, Wall Hanging, Neck Ties.
Lot #: 642


Pictures: Some are framed, Some are completed puzzles, One is an original Geraldine Base.
Lot #: 643


Some are puzzles, includes a Geraldine Base original.
Lot #: 644

Wedding Cake Supplies

Supplies for a Weeding Cake. Punch Bowl Set.
Lot #: 645

Baking stone, cupcake holder, misc.

Baking stone, Cupcake holder, scrap booking materials & misc.
Lot #: 646

Small pool table

small pool table, cues and balls.
Lot #: 647

Books & Misc.

CD's, Empty Tins, Christmas, Plastic Chair, Box of Books
Lot #: 648

Metal Shelf & contents

Metal 5 shelf unit and contents: Christmas CD's, Books & Magazines, Plastic Plants
Lot #: 649

Shelf & Contents-cookie jars

Cookie Jars, Old Books - some Hymnals and 5 shelf metal unit
Lot #: 650

Shelf & Contents-bank

5 metal shelf unit & contents including Little Golden Books, Liemke's Star Root Beer Extract box, Candle Holders, Reproduction Mechanical Bank, Horse Head Bookends
Lot #: 651

Contents of Shelf

SHELF IS NOT INCLUDED in lot 651. Contents of Shelf. Dr. Seuss books, Crown Potteries Co China, Assorted tins, Music Magazines, Wooden Tomato Box.
Lot #: 652

Candles and more

Candles, 8 pc comforter set, Christmas, Music Books,
Lot #: 653

3 filling cabinets & Kerosene lamp.

(3) four drawer filling cabinets- all 3 have keys. Includes the items on top: 1 gal crock, framed pix, Kerosene lamp and more. See pix
Lot #: 654

Wooden toy wagon & Vintage Flashlight

Wooden toy wagon, vintage flashlight lantern, cassette tape player, vintage metal canteen, (6) Classic Coke bottles in paper carrier, elec bug zapper, Dehumidifier, Paint, Christmas, Baby Play Gym, Old dishes, metal mini Windmill. SHELF UNIT DOES NOT SELL
Lot #: 655

Toys & 30 gal trash can

30 gal trash can with lid, filled with decorating Items. The plastic bag appears to have toys and books.
Lot #: 656

Swivel TV stand & wicker doll buggy

Swivel TV stand converted to shelf unit plus wicker doll buggy
Lot #: 657

Fry Daddy & misc kitchen items

Fry Daddy, Vintage lantern & Misc. Kitchen items
Lot #: 658

Pedestal plant stand

Pedestal wood plant stand-top could do with refinishing but a decorative doily will work too
Lot #: 700

Horse shoe Wall Coat Rack

John Wayne Picture, stars of Bonaza TV show, Wall hanging Coat rack made with horse shoes, original art made by "MOM" of farmstead. Framed pix of gamebirds
Lot #: 701

Music Books

2 boxes of Music Books. Guitar, paper & hardback books. Nice assortment
Lot #: 702

French Ivory Dresser Set

French Ivory Dresser Set with case, Teapot, Plates & Depression glass: relish, lidded candy dish, milk pitcher
Lot #: 703

Ceramic & Stoneware Pie plates.

Ceramic & stoneware pie plates in original boxes. Ceramic Table top Set w/ box. Box with plastic storage containers
Lot #: 704

Holiday Decorations

Christmas and Thanksgiving Decorations
Lot #: 705

Music Books, Sheet Music

Plastic tote filled with Music Books, Old Hymnals & Sheet Music.
Lot #: 706

Coleman & Cosmo Lanterns

Coleman lantern, Cosmo oil lamp, Tupperware toy
Lot #: 707

Power Steamer & Painting Supplies

Power Steamer (to remove wall paper), painting supplies-paint & wall paper brushes, assorted cleaning supplies and more
Lot #: 708

Insulated Coat & Gun case

Size L insulated Coat, Gun case, fishing rod case and more
Lot #: 709

Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry, Box of Picture Frames, Blocks and other toys, Halloween Decorations & Purse
Lot #: 710

Glass items

Plates, 1951 Moundridge Creamery Serving Plate, Cream and Sugar, Candle Sticks, Pink Depression Glass,
Lot #: 711

Coin Glass Bowl & Silverplate Tableware

Coin glass serving bowl and Italy silverplated serving spoon and fork
Lot #: 712

Child's Life Jackets

3 child's Life Jackets and a lidded tote
Lot #: 713

Jean Jackets & vests

2 jean vests say large. Cannot find a size on the jacket.
Lot #: 714

Kids Books and Mug

Kids Books, Sandals, Boot mugs
Lot #: 715

Sports Equipment

Trash can filled with sports equipment, basketballs, footballs, bats, frisbees
Lot #: 717

Tractor Seat Stool

Tractor seat stool

in: 31

Lot #: 718

Weight Set

Lifting Weights, Medical Equipment, two card tables
Lot #: 719

Tub of Toys

Bow & Arrow, Frisbee, balls & more
Lot #: 720

Young Child toys

Box of Toys for young child/toddlers. Push, stackable rings, soft books-See the pics
Lot #: 721

Doll House & Kids Books

Plastic Doll House & Kids Books
Lot #: 722


Horseshoes, Cragston Jumping Princess Poodle, Monday Night Football, The Dating Game, Chess Tutor and more
Lot #: 723

Vacuum Cleaners

4 vacuum cleaners: Bissell Heavy Duty, Hoover Steam Vac, Kenmore 4.5, Hoover Self Propelled
Lot #: 724

2 Metal wagons w/horses

Two metal wagons and horses. Red freight wagon is pulled by 6 horses with 2 drivers and the stage coach is pulled by 2 white horse with one driver. The stage coach is marked Taiwan & needs some repair.
Lot #: 725

Coca Cola and other Wagons

Toy metal wagons. Some need repair. Can not find any marks, owner thinks they may be reproductions. 6 horse hitch freight wagon w/2 drivers, Coca Cola with 1 horse, Twisted wire sulky/driver/horse, Metal Ice Wagon with 1 horse.
Lot #: 726

2 brass horses

2 identical horses. We believe they are made of brass, but are not marked as such. Both have saddles
Lot #: 727

Die Cast toys-Tractors & Car

2 John Deere Green tractors, Metal tractor with wheels made from nails and car. Can't find any markings on any of them.

in: 31

Lot #: 729

Fold up CamoChair

Fold up camouflage camo chair. Looks new-still has has the tag
Lot #: 730

CampStove cooking kit & misc TV's

TV's, Radios, Plastic Watering Cans, Rags, Paint Thinner, Camp Stove metal cooking kit, and lidded plastic tote. Shelving sold separately in lot 731
Lot #: 731

Metal Shelving

Metal shelving Approx. 4 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet tall. Contents sell in lot 730.
Lot #: 732

Metal Shelving

Approx. 4 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet tall. Contents NOT included.
Lot #: 733

Metal Shelving

Approx. 4 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet tall. Contents NOT included. Contents sell in lot 737
Lot #: 734

3 racks & pile of Antler parts

3 deer racks-1 has been mounted to hang on the wall. Plus a pile of Antler parts
Lot #: 735

NEW 40" flat screen TV

Vizo 40" flat screen TV-never been taken out of the box
Lot #: 736

Flour Sacks & Wd Fruit Crate

Flour Sacks in wood fruit crate. Pillow
Lot #: 737

Sit & Spin, Holiday Dec

Metal shelf sells in lot 733. Contents selling in this lot: Sit and Spin, Holiday Decorations, Garden decor
Lot #: 738

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations, Folding lawn chair
Lot #: 739

Easter Decorations

Easter Decorations
Lot #: 740

Style House Fine China

Style House fine China. Dinner plates, bowls & platter, cups & saucers, gravy,
Lot #: 741

Christmas Decoratations

Christmas Decorations: wreath, lights, plastic holly
Lot #: 742

Large Wooden Counter

Approx 135" X 25 1/2" X 35" (not including the wheels) The wheels are only on one side. 8 compartments
Lot #: 743

Doll Crib, Wooden Elephant

Wooden Elephant, Rocking Doll Crib & other toys
Lot #: 744

3 Lamps

2 table lamps with shades and a moveable/adjustable desk lamp
Lot #: 745

Cake Stand, Serving Trays, Frames

Cake Stands, Serving Trays, China Doll Parts, Picture Frames. plastic tableware
Lot #: 746

Wedding Dress & Cassette Recorder

Wedding Dress (seller says thinks is either size 8 or 10), Books, Candles, Cassette Tapes, Cassette Recorder
Lot #: 747

Camping Equipment

9X8 Dome Tent in original box, Sleeping bag, 90 degree laser level-still packaged, saw w/wood holder to store.
Lot #: 748

Rockers & Gum Ball Machine

Wood child's rocker, wood & plastic rocking horses, gum ball machine, wood straight chair and hulu hoops
Lot #: 749

Folding Stool & cart

Folding stool and folding cart on wheels
Lot #: 750

fishing equipment

fishing equipment: minnow bucket, fish net, fishing poles
Lot #: 751

Bird Feeder, Broom & More

Plastic Barrel with assorted handles, Shop Broom & Wood Bird Feeder
Lot #: 752

Ash Tray and tree

Vintage pedestal ash tray stand. Artificial tree-you never have to water this plant
Lot #: 800

Farm Primitives

Misc farm primitives: Coop gas can, hand spray cans, JD can, primitive house iron, pitching horse shoes and much more. See pix

in: 31

Lot #: 801

Flying Cloud Bike

Flying Cloud Bike- Oldie but goodie.
Lot #: 802

fencing Supplies

Sheep Wire, Chicken Wire, 2X4 Welded Mesh and stock panel
Lot #: 803

Calf Catcher & Kickers

Calf Kickers and catchers. Meat saws
Lot #: 804

Electric Fence Posts

Electric Fence Posts
Lot #: 805


Over 30 T posts in different sizes
Lot #: 806

2 Pump Jacks

David Bradley and Montgomery Ward Pump Jack.
Lot #: 807

Gate and Headgate

Wooden Gate and wooden Headgate, 2 harnesses
Lot #: 808

Vintage well pump

Vintage well pump, about 11 feet of pipe, plus 9 feet of pipe on a transfer bucket
Lot #: 809

Model T luggage rack

Air Pump, Model T Luggage Rack, Buggy Step
Lot #: 810

Shepherds Hook, Block & Tackle

Shepherds Hook (calf catcher), Measuring Wheel, Block & Tackle
Lot #: 811

Blacksmith vice & hay hooks

Blacksmith post vice, hay hooks, saws

in: 31

Lot #: 812

Flashing, gutters, pipes

Flashing, Gutters, Pipes and metal Christmas Star
Lot #: 813

Fence Stretchers & barbed wire

2 Golden Rod Fence Stretchers and a roll barbed Wire
Lot #: 814

Pump Dogs

Pump Dogs
Lot #: 815

Youth Saddle

Youth Saddle and Saddle blanket
Lot #: 816

Adult Saddle

Adults Saddle and Saddle blanket
Lot #: 817

Steel wheel and 2 rims

Steel Wheel and 2 rims. Seller believes the wheel came off a horse drawn buckrake
Lot #: 818

2 Steel Wheels

2 Steel Wheels
Lot #: 819

6 steel Wheels

6 steel Wheels
Lot #: 820

2 Post Hole Augers, scoop shovel

2 post hole augers, scoop shovel, 2 t-post drivers.
Lot #: 821

Bell and wagon parts

10" tall Bell & Frame. Wagon parts
Lot #: 822

Mulch and garden soil

Mulch and garden soil
Lot #: 823

3 old pumps

3 old windmill pumps, not complete
Lot #: 824

2 buzz saw blades

2 buzz saw blades-good shape
Lot #: 825

13 pair of Hames

13 pair of Harness Hames
Lot #: 826

Farm Primitives

Electric Fence insulators, Feed Buckets, wood stirrups, heat lamp, fencing staples, harness hardware

in: 31

Lot #: 827


5 gallon wire handled buckets-Lots of them
Lot #: 828

12 foot steel gate

12 foot steel gate- The saddle sells in lot 815
Lot #: 829

Kerosene Stove Parts

Old Kerosene Stove Parts & sad Irons
Lot #: 830

5 Metal Implement Seats

5 Metal Implement Seats
Lot #: 831

Galvanized Tubs

Galvanized tubs-one round and other is boiler type
Lot #: 832

Lead Ropes

Lead Ropes-rope and leather
Lot #: 833


Briddles-leather and rope
Lot #: 834

cross cut saws

3 cross cut saws, one large & one man saw. Have spare handles
Lot #: 835

Saddle Blanket & Briddle

Whip, Single wood stirrup, saddle blanket, Horse Briddle & Reins
Lot #: 836

Breast collar & whips

Breast collar, whips and halters
Lot #: 837

Vintage Garden Cultivator

Walk behind vintage garden cultivator


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.