Shop tools and equipment auction in Independence, Missouri (not at Man Cave)

Monday, October 09, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
1450 West Lexington Commercial building directly across the street from Carson Speaks Funeral Home Independence, MO, 64052 816-678-8388
The preview and pick up is at the lower level of this commercial building located at 1450 W Lexington Avenue (Across the street from Carson Speaks Funeral Home) of Independence Missouri. Preview will be from 10AM to 2PM Monday October 9th from 10AM-2PM . My right hand man Ken Parks will be in the area and will show you what you want to see. Please call him just ahead of time at (816) 678-8388 and he'll meet you there. As always I want you to take advantage of the preview in case I missed something you needed to see before bidding. Auction pick up must be on Tuesday October 10th 10AM to 2PM. It's imperative you get your won lots picked up then. Sorry no holdovers on any lots. We must have everything out of the building by 2PM Tuesday afternoon. Load out is at an overhead door (flat concrete surface) on the lower level West side of the building. A few of these pieces are very heavy so please bring the help you will need to get the heavy stuff in your truck or van. We can get every thing to the overhead door and will attempt to accommodate you but you have to bring help too. Here’s a few Bidding TIPS. We suggest taking a quick look (spin thru all pages) of the lots (items) in this week’s auction. Many bidders like to wait until the auction is closer to the ending before they bid, I understand that. The cool deal with these Equip-Bid auctions is you can just click “Watch” on the lots and that puts those lots in your “Dashboard” so you can review and determine your bid(s) later. Now with the lots you were interested in placing a bid on are all in your “Dashboard” and now you won’t have to go thru all lots again. This way as the auction gets closer to the end it’s so much easier to make your final bids on only the lots you have interest (put in your Watch).
1450 West Lexington, Independence, MO US
Huge assortment of stuff including: Tools, automotive, Corvette parts, early Chevy truck pieces, Japanese Pin Ball machine, Welding equipment, industrial chain hoists, OSHA flammable storage cabinets, like new 1 ton Capacity Telescoping Gantry Crane, office furniture, kids stuff, commercial parts organizer, beer fridge and a bunch more great auction pieces. Bid early and beat the rush at the end. Only 60 plus lots to go through here!
Lot#: 1000

Check this Japanese Pin Ball machine out. Not sure how this works but we did find a single chrome ball in the tray below

Lot#: 1001

Very nice looking and with not much use is this US General tool service chest with casters

Lot#: 1002

In excellent shape is this 1969 Nova cowl panel ready to bolt on if Green is your color

Lot#: 1003

Tis the season for seeding and putting the weed control down and you can do it with this turn key applicator and starter kit

Lot#: 1004

In the storage case is this hydraulic Porta Power kit with the accessories included.

Lot#: 1005

2 full boxes (close to 100 lbs.) of the Easy Arc #7014 1/8" welding rods. Stored in a dry environment

Lot#: 1006

Very expensive looking Radnor packages of Tig Welding collets and Tungsten Electrodes with the tubes of new welding rod

Lot#: 1007

Cool Jump Start and mini air compressor for your truck or car kit.

Lot#: 1008

Pair new in the package Billet Specialties wheel center caps

Lot#: 1009

Like new pair of billet aluminum wheel adapters for the 5 lug 5" bolt pattern vehicles to the 5 lug 4-3/4" wheels.

Lot#: 101

This building is directly across the street from the Carson/ Speaks funeral home on the North side of the street. The entrance and pick up for this auction is in the lower floor Left of the building. The Red arrow shows where you need to go.

Lot#: 1010

Bench top vice English Wheel for you tin benders includes the dies shown

Lot#: 1011

Big assortment of 1955 thru 1957 Chevy GMC pickup truck body and engine parts. If you've got one of the trucks this will give you some trading pieces

Lot#: 1012

Set of 3 "Dingle Berry" Ball cylinder hones with little use. 4", 6" and 10" bores.

Lot#: 1013

Power house 1/2" chuck, 1/2 horse Black & Decker drill. Made when B&D was making great equipment

Lot#: 1014

Like new Craftsman 6" bench top vice with anvil top and swivel base

Lot#: 1015

Bench or vice mounted hole saw style tubing and pipe notcher with adjustable angle notching

Lot#: 1016

Close to 100 feet of big 1/2" ID hydraulic hose and liquid filled gauges with fittings

Lot#: 1017

Serious heavy duty 22" X 18" cart for the shop pair of swivel casters for steering

Lot#: 1018

Yard art or when you get thrown out of the house wash tub. This comes with a flower pot starter kit (little dirt in the bottom)

Lot#: 1019

Front and rear C3 1968 thru 1972 Corvette original bumpers. The front one has a slight wrinkle. These were replaced with a set of aftermarket and found the aftermarket replacements just don't fit like these originals. Save some big money on your restoration

Lot#: 1020

Pair of Chevy GMC truck 15X8" 5 lug 5" bolt pattern wheels and trim rings package. The 8" Suburban wheels are getting pretty tough to find like this

Lot#: 1021

Here's the deal on this real heavy device. Fabricated out of plate steel and then used for a big cable spool/ reel to make it easy to pull off what you needed with out chasing the roll all over the shop. Roller bearing spindle with arms to handle several thousand lbs.

Lot#: 1022

Killer welding table/ work bench with the top steel plate removable. Bring your trailer or flat bed 'cause this 67" X 48" frame is 36" off the floor

Lot#: 1023

Big pneumatic (air operated) 2 ton beam roller chain hoist

Lot#: 1024

Electric hook mounted 1/4 ton chain hoist with a box of new chain included

Lot#: 1025

Boom mounted hydraulic/ pneumatic 1/2 ton chain hoist

Lot#: 1026

Yale beam roller for hoists or chain falls

Lot#: 1027

Warehouse step / lock in place 31" to the top step ladder

Lot#: 1028

Good looking office desk chair. I see no damage or upholstery issues. Clean it and use it

Lot#: 1029

Step in place shop stool

Lot#: 1030

All steel Lyon flammable liquids and other material Red storage 60 gallon cabinet

Lot#: 1031

Light duty steel 4 shelf 63" tall X 36" wide and 14" deep shelving unit

Lot#: 1032

Pallet of 4 foot florescent hanging light fixtures with diffuser grills. Replaced with LEDS and will give you a nice start with lights in your shop

Lot#: 1033

Adjustable height work dual lights and stand

Lot#: 1035

Box of commercial fire extinguishers. All will need servicing so if you're in the business, save some big money here.

Lot#: 1036

Several hundred feet of the new rubber toe/ base or bottom of the dark Brown wall mounding

Lot#: 1037

Wrought iron Fire place tools and stand

Lot#: 1037A

5 feet tall, 36" wide and 26" deep is this very heavy duty bolt, nut or small parts storage organizer with adjustable compartments and roller bearing drawers to handle the weight of your stuff.

Lot#: 1038

Cool looking old dining room chair for your formal dining room. Slight cleaning up and it will fit right in. Another one/ lot just like this if you can use a pair.

Lot#: 1039

Cool looking old dining room chair for your formal dining room. Slight cleaning up and it will fit right in. Another one/ lot just like this if you can use a pair.

Lot#: 1040

Warehouse steel 58" X 40" cart with handle and casters on one end.

Lot#: 1041

Not sure what this electrical device is or does but it looks like its brand spanking new in the case.

Lot#: 1042

I believe this is new in the original box Starrett 25-441J. This Starrett 25 Series Dial Indicator has a shockless, hardened steel gear train and jewel bearings, except where noted. It is furnished with a lug-on-center back. Anti­magnetic mechanism is optional for all models. Special non-shock mechanism is available for all models except 25-109, 25-209 and 25-116. 1.000” Range, Dial Reading 0-100, .001” Grad, w/case stem cap for lever control.

Lot#: 1043

Vintage telegraph key Morse Code Ambassador deluxe shortwave radio

Lot#: 1044

Very nice office desk with ornate style on the legs and drawer. Cool flip open electric cord compartment in the real to keep it clean. Dust it up and polish and it will look good in your place

Lot#: 1045

Heavy duty cable operated bock and tackle winch ready to go to work

Lot#: 1046

Adjustable angle engine tilting hoist assembly makes it easy to lower or lift the engines out of tight space hot rods.

Lot#: 1047

It's empty but will carry about any hand tool you need to carry for service and most likely keep the water proof too. 2 compartments

Lot#: 1048

Assorted automotive left overs. 3 center caps and a couple of Stromberg 97 air cleaners. Got to be something in this lot you can use.

Lot#: 1049

Wow this looks handy Chicago 10" compound slide type miter saw. Low hours of use and ready to go to work for you

Lot#: 1050

This looks like work to me and I avoid serious tools like this pickax. Ideal for breaking concrete and other ground work preparation

Lot#: 1051

Ridem' Cowboy or cowgirl on this great condition Black & White rocking pony.

Lot#: 1053

For you "Mater" fans or with kids that are, this is for you.

Lot#: 1053A

2 ton block and tackle chain hoist with very little use

Lot#: 1054

Roll your work or load from your truck with this heavy duty steel tubing carts with big casters. 4 foot X 3 foot and 28" off the floor

Lot#: 1055

All steel Lyon flammable liquids and other material Yellow storage 55 gallon cabinet

Lot#: 1056

Set up your patio or open a restaurant with this 36" X 36" table. We've got another in this auction too if you can use a pair

Lot#: 1057

Set up your patio or open a restaurant with this 36" X 36" table. We've got another in this auction too if you can use a pair

Lot#: 1058

Collectable Coca Cola steel cans and 3 old bottles. Make some outdoor canned lights out of these real tin cans.

Lot#: 1059

If you use or can use these 2 boxes of the Accushim precut stainless steel shims, you're going to make a screaming deal here

Lot#: 1105

Brand spankin' new and in the original box is this "Motive Gear" 4:11 ratio ring and pinion set for the General Motors 8.5" 10-bolt rear ends

Lot#: 1106

This Powertrax Lock-Right is equal to a solid spool axle, yet they automatically unlock to allow for full differentiation in turns. They also reduce the excessive noise, tire wear, and drivetrain damage associated with other lockers. Powertrax lockers replace the spider gears in your differential carrier without affecting your ring and pinion settings.

Lot#: 1107

New back up camera system for your motor home or and vehicle and includes the 5" in vehicle monitor and installation directions.

Lot#: 1108

Sturdy and mounted on a plate adjustable angle machinist vice in good condition

Lot#: 1110

It's real cold now and all it needs is your garage and beer. Amazing no race car stickers on it yet is this American 62" tall X 28" wide refrigerator

Lot#: 1111

Talk about cool, this 4 seat fold up theater seating row will definitely add some class to your Man Cave

Lot#: 1112

Some body engineered this drain top Tear Down table for anything that has fluid or oil in it. 9 foot X 46" steel top with angle iron drip rail tack welded to collect and then drain to the corner for the hose that goes to your container to salvage it for the oil burning furnace for next winter. All built on 48" wide pallet racking and in one piece now. If you do pumps, transmissions, engines or anything with fluids in it this is what needs to be in your shop

Lot#: 1112A

This 1 ton capacity gantry crane lets you hoist heavy items easily! The all steel gantry crane adjusts from 99-1/2 in. to 148 in. high to provide a sturdy overhead lift point to lift car engines, heavy machinery or equipment. An easy crank handle allows for easy lifting and lowering while ball bearing casters let you move the lifted object hassle-free. This gantry crane includes the trolley hoist assembly normally sold separately. It is disassembled and will require a trailer or flat bed truck to haul this big gantry crane.

  • Adjustable I-beam with nine positive stops
  • Easy crank handle raising and lowering
  • 94 in. distance between posts
  • 5 in. ball bearing casters, two locking casters
  • All steel construction


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