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ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or REFUSALS. As the highest bidder, you are the buyer and are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and sale. In no event shall a bidder or buyer hold the Auctioneer responsible for having made or implied any warranty or merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose. " The Auctioneer is acting solely as an agent for the Seller(s). The Auctioneer shall assume no liability for representations made, or information provided by the Seller(s). The Seller(s) reserve(s) the right to accept or reject any or all bids. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees. " Bidders are encouraged to inspect all items before bidding. Public inspection & preview information is posted on our website for each sale. " Bidder registration numbers are issued solely to individuals and are not transferable. Others are not authorized to use your bidder registration. Should you allow others to bid under your number, you will be fully responsible for all bids they make as though you made them yourself. " Removal of any and all items shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the purchaser. All property must be removed within the time period stated by the Auctioneer for each auction unless otherwise agreed to and arranged between buyer and seller. Property not removed within the announced time period will revert to the Seller for resale or disposal, without refund or recourse to the bidder. Property not removed shall be considered abandoned and no refunds shall be issued. The Seller, at his or her discretion, may choose to have unclaimed items removed or disposed of at the expense of the Bidder who failed to collect the items. By participating in this auction, you agree to pay the removal costs of any unclaimed items that you won in the auction. " The Seller and the Auctioneer reserve the right to withdraw items from sale before or during the auction without prior notice. " Persons attending the preview or inspection period, or during the removal period assume all risks of damage, injury, or loss to their person and or property, and release the Auctioneer and the Auction Firm from liability thereof. Neither the Auction Firm nor its principals shall be liable for any defect in or condition of premises on which the auction is held. The Auction Firm is acting solely as the agent for the Seller(s) and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of its principals. " Should any litigation or mediation be commenced between the parties to this agreement, concerning this agreement or the associated auction, the bidder / buyer agrees that the court shall award the prevailing party all reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees. " The bidder / buyer agrees to reimburse the Auctioneer for all expenses incurred in the collection of any unsatisfied debt in conjunction with this auction. " Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the county of Lyon within the state of Kansas and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in Lyon County, Kansas. Both parties waive any right to a jury trial and hereby agree to a bench trial before a judge. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Kansas. If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, that part will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible to affect the original intent of this agreement. If a part is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Such invalid or unenforceable part will be deemed severable from the other parts here and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts. " Any Bidder who fails to perform as required under these terms and conditions may be banned from this or any future auctions. " By registering for any auction, the bidder agrees to be added to the Auctioneer's email list. If you choose to unsubscribe, please follow the link at the bottom of each email to update your notifications. Vehicle & Equipment Auctions " Vehicles and equipment are sold "as is" with no warranty. The Auctioneer does NOT inspect vehicles or equipment, and makes no claim as to the condition of any vehicles or equipment. Some vehicles and equipment may be described as "started" or "ran". This is for informational purposes only, and is a representation of a past occurrence. There is no warranty or guaranty that the vehicle or equipment will start or run again. Bidders should not make buying purchases based on this information. " Unless otherwise announced, sales taxes are NOT assessed at the time of sale on titled vehicles. Sales taxes will be paid when the vehicle is registered at the DMV. " Minor mechanical work may be done on the grounds, limited to changing or inflating tires, and jump-starting the vehicles. No other mechanical work is to be done on the property. Payment " A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid on all items to determine the final purchase price of that item. " Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. " Credit card used to register for this auction will be charged upon the end of the auction for all purchases. " By participating in this auction, buyers expressly agree that they will not "charge back" or "deny" a credit card purchase. " There is a $35 service fee that will be assessed for any credit card that is declined for a purchase. Pick-Up " Local pick-up, BY APPOINTMENT, on Thursday, April 22, 2021 ~ Time Determined by Time-slot Selected " SHIPPING ~ BUYERS MAY CONTACT THE SHIPPER OF THEIR CHOICE TO PICK UP AND SHIP THEIR MERCHANDISE AT THE BUYER'S EXPENSE. SELLER WILL ASSIST SHIPPER IN LOADING. IF PACKAGING IS REQUIRED, THAT SERVICE IS AVAILABLE LOCALLY AT AN ADDITIONAL COST TO THE BUYER. " Items must be picked up at the Client Property within seven (7) days of the conclusion of the auction unless otherwise arranged with and agreed to by buyer and seller. Any and all such agreements are strictly between buyer and seller. " Items not picked up during the designated pick-up times will be deemed abandoned and will revert back to the seller with no refunds. On-Line Auctions Neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller shall be responsible for any failure of any electronic or internet systems to accept or register a bid. Registered bidders must create a password that prevents others from using their account. Bidders are responsible for ALL bids placed under their name and password. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees. Online auctions use a "Dynamic" ending process. If a bid is received in the last few minutes before the scheduled closing of an item, the timer on that item will extend, and will continue to extend each time a bid is received. Once the bidding stops, and the timer runs out, that item will be eligible to close. In some cases, items are "linked", keeping one item open for bidding when a different item in the auction has been extended due to active bidding. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor of all items. Auctioneer may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Auctioneer be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Auctioneer does not guarantee any appraisals, gradings or certifications. If you have any questions about the merchandise, contact the seller(s) and ASK THEM BEFORE BIDDING. Bidders shall be the sole judges of value. It is Bidder's responsibility to determine if any item is legal where they live. By placing a bid, Bidder acknowledges that her or she has inspected the items to his or her satisfaction or chooses to not examine them at his or her sole risk. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by the Auctioneer and the bidder receives an invoice. Auctioneer reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner he or she chooses. Bidding increments are automatically adjusted based on the chart provided for each auction, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Schur Success. Bids cannot and will not be removed or altered, unless in the opinion of the auctioneer, the bidder can establish that the bid was an obvious typographical error. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy bidding feature and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction closes. Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction. Some of the items in this auction may have a minimum bid to enter the bidding. Others may be treated as a "reserve" bid item. Others may be sold "Absolute", regardless of price, to the highest bidder. EXPLANATION OF STAGGERED CLOSING & SOFT CLOSE Staggered Close: If you'll notice in the Title of our Auction, it states that bidding BEGINS to close at 7:00pm CDT (Kansas Time). However, ALL items do not close together at that time. Items will close in the order listed on the site, (unless affected by the Soft Close as explained below) and typically close at the rate of 4 items per minute (every 15 seconds). Our Auction was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. You may also click on "Live Catalog" to view, in real time format, the lots that have current activity. Soft Close: Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 2 minutes, then the close time will be extended 2 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended for 2 minutes with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until 2 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. This does eliminate "snipers" from our Internet Auctions. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers. United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate (Auction Company) is providing an Internet auction as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall bidder have any kind of claim against Auction Company or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly during the online auction. Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source.
Emporia, KS US
Muckenthaler Inc., a leading company in the restaurant supply and food service industry has decided to close their doors after 49 years in business in Emporia, KS. We are privileged to offer this auction of new & used restaurant equipment, supplies and items. Auction Conducted by Swift-N-Sure Auctions & United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate
Lot #: 1

Packing Table

Wood top packing table. 66" x 28 1/2" top space - 36" tall. Two standard drawers. Two drop down bins.
Lot #: 1a

Shop-Built Shredder

Lot #: 2

Metal Storage Cabinet

6 1/2 ft tall, 36 inch wide, 17 15/16 inches deep. 5 shelves.
Lot #: 3

Metal Storage Cabinet

6 1/2 ft tall by 36 inch wide, 24 inch depth. Has keys to lock.
Lot #: 3a

42" Round Wood Table

Lot #: 3b

Large Conference Room Table

I think they emailed pics to Lance. Have him insert pics
Lot #: 4

Wood Red Top Workstation with Shelf Attachment

85 3/4" by 30 3/4" top. 32" depth with handle drawers. 36 3/16" height of table. 77 1/4 height with shelf attached. Shelf is removable. 84" long by 41" high. 12 1/4" depth.
Lot #: 4a

Large Double Work Station w/Storage

Large Double Work Station w/Storage (Disassembled for transport)
Lot #: 5

Hardware Storage Organizer

52 1/8" long by 49 5/8" tall, 15 1/4" depth. Wooden construction with metal drawers.
Lot #: 6

Circular Metal Display

8ft tall, approximate 2-2 1/2ft diameter. Can be broken down into the pieces
Lot #: 6a

Display rack

Can be readjusted
Lot #: 6b

Display rack

Can be readjusted
Lot #: 7

Wire Clothing Display

63 1/2" tall each
Lot #: 8

Literature Racks

Metal frame magazine racks. 65" tall.
Lot #: 9

Traffic Sign Post

Sign post with weighted base
Lot #: 10

Metal Literature Rack

23 slot metal construction literature rack
Lot #: 11

Framed Watercolor Picture and Additional Frame

36 1/4" by 32 1/4" for frame with picture 36 1/4 by 24 1/4 for frame without picture
Lot #: 12

Pair of Mounted Circular Mirrors

Mounted mirrors with back mounts, black trim
Lot #: 13

Circular Mirror with Mount

Circular Mirror with back mount, metal trim
Lot #: 14

Aluminum Telescoping Easel

One Quartet brand telescoping easel One unknown brand telescoping easel
Lot #: 15

Assorted Phone Headset Accessories

Plantronics Vista modules and headsets
Lot #: 16

Assorted Modem and Phone Line Parts

US Robotics 56k modem with cables Excelsus phone line parts and connections Assorted cables
Lot #: 17

Desktop Computer and Monitor

17" Benq FP785 LCD Monitor. DVI-VGA hookup. 170 degree angle view. Built in speaker. Logitech wireless mouse with USB adapter. Logitech K200 wired USB Keyboard. Desktop Terminal with assorted hardware.
Lot #: 18

ASUS desktop computer

GA 880 GMA- UD26, 450 G Hard Drive, 4 GB Ram, Windows 10, Quad Core Processor- 2.8 GHz has all current updates ASUS 19" screen Logitech keyboard plug in Microsoft mouse plug in
Lot #: 19

ASUS desktop computer

GA 880 GMA-UD26, 450 G Hard drive, Windows 10, 4GB Ram Quad Core Processor-2.8 GHz, all current updates Acer 19" screen Logitech keyboard plug in Kensington mouse plug in
Lot #: 20

ASUS desktop computer

GA 880 GMA-UD26, 450 Hard drive, Windows 10, 4 GB Ram, Quad Core processor-2.8 GHz all current updates Acer 19" screen x193 w+ Logitech keyboard plug in Logitech mouse plug in
Lot #: 21

Cabinet with Drawers

22" x 48? x 29? tall.
Lot #: 22

Cabinet with Drawers

22" x 48? x 29? tall
Lot #: 23

Cabinet with Drawers

Lot #: 24

Cabinet with Drawers

22" x 48? x 29? tall
Lot #: 25

Cabinet with Drawers

22" x 48? x 29? tall
Lot #: 26

USB Barcode Scanner

Symbol brand barcode scanner with USB connector and scanner stand
Lot #: 27

Barcode Scanner

Symbol brand barcode scanner, non-usb connector
Lot #: 28

Box of Assorted Phone Cords

Coil and flat phone cords
Lot #: 29

Box of Assorted Cables

Micro USB, phone, and internet to USB cables
Lot #: 30

Box of Power Extension Cables

SL Waber power surge protector Assortment of power extension cables
Lot #: 31

Set of Speakers

One set of Juster multimedia and Noblis HiFi computer speakers
Lot #: 32

Label Maker

Zebra Technologies LP 2844 label maker with power supply
Lot #: 33

Wireless Router

Netgear Wireless 54mbps Router with power supply
Lot #: 34

Assortment of Computer Mouses

Assortment of wired Computer Mouses, several different connector types. Microsoft intellimouse in box Kensington mouse in a box USB
Lot #: 35

Box of Assorted Cables

Keyboard rests Power supply cables Palm pilot Assorted Cables
Lot #: 36

Box of Ethernet Cables

Assortment of Ethernet Cables of varying length
Lot #: 37

HP Printer

HP LaserJet P2015dn printer with power and cables
Lot #: 38

Electronic Typewriter

Swintec model 2410 electronic Typewriter
Lot #: 39

Epson Scanner/Printer

Epson WF-7510 Scanner Printer combination with set of ink cartridges and power supply cable
Lot #: 40

Power Supply

Regulated 3-Amp DC power supply
Lot #: 41

Power Supply

APC UPS ES-550 power supply with built in battery backup and surge protection
Lot #: 42

Internet Router

Cisco RVS4000, 4 Port gigabit security router with VPN
Lot #: 43

Pair of Power Supply Outlets

Two APC model BN650M1 power supply with built in USB ports, battery back up and surge protection
Lot #: 44

Power Supply Outlets

Isobar 4 surge protector APC UPS 600 power supply, battery bank, surge protection
Lot #: 44a

2 battery backups

Lot #: 45

Pair of Power Supply Outlets

Two APC UPS ES 550 power outlets, battery backup, surge protection
Lot #: 46

Cooler Master desktop tower and Logitech keyboard

No screen or mouse included! DVD multi recorder, Logitech keyboard plug in
Lot #: 47

Ultra desktop tower only

Lot #: 47a

2 computer desk tops, keyboard, mouse, speakers

1 desktop is only good for parts, good one is Ultra, windows XP, 120 GB hard drive, Logitech keyboard and mouse with cords, 2 Noblis sk9001 3d hi-fi speakers, Iogear 56 in 1 Memory card reader/writer
Lot #: 47b

Desktop computer, keyboard and mouse, 2 computer

screens, Joe Station AMD Athlon II x 4 635 Processor 2.90 GHz, 4GB Ram, 450 GB Hard drive, unknown brand name of corded keyboard, Leniva corded mouse, (2) AOC E2250S wdn 21" screens
Lot #: 48

Folding Table

5ft long folding table with metal legs
Lot #: 48a

Rolling/swivel office chair

Lot #: 49

Set of Matching Wooden Chairs

5 matching wooden chairs
Lot #: 50

Wood Cushioned Chair

Wood construction chair with padding
Lot #: 51

Wood Chair with Padding

Wood chair with orange padding
Lot #: 52

Metal Chair with Padding

Black metal frame with red padded seat and backrest
Lot #: 53

Padded Wood Chair with Spiral Design

Wooden frame chair with padding. Padding has spiral designs
Lot #: 54

Metal Chair with Padding

Silver metal trim with blue padded seat and backrest. Backrest has circular designs.
Lot #: 55

Stained Wood Chair

Reddish stained wood table chair
Lot #: 56

Metal Chair with Padding

Black metal chair with red cushion
Lot #: 57

Metal Chair with Padding

Black metal chair with dark colored, designed cushion
Lot #: 58

Mobile Lectern

Lot #: 59

Assortment of Table Skirts

Approximately 10-15 table skirts. Several colors and sizes
Lot #: 60

Box of Toilet Cleaner

4 bottles of Lysol brand toilet bowl cleaner. Bottles are full and appear unopened.
Lot #: 61

Box of Cleaner

7 unopened Comet brand deodorising cleanser with chlorinol. 21oz each.
Lot #: 62

Box of Paper Towels

15 Companions brand 2 ply white paper towels
Lot #: 63

Lot of Assorted Coffee Cups

Approximately 13 coffee mugs, various styles
Lot #: 64

Lot of Assorted Coffee Cups

Approximately 11 coffee style mugs
Lot #: 65

Lot of Coffee Mugs

Approximately 10 coffee mugs
Lot #: 66

Lot of Glassware

Set of 6 glass drinking cups. Matching line designs.
Lot #: 67

Lot of Glassware

Approximately 7 clear glass cups. Some with handles and logo style designs
Lot #: 68

Lot of Assorted Glassware

Approximately 8 glass cups of various design and colors
Lot #: 69

Lot of Plastic Drinking Glasses

Approximately 11 plastic drinking glasses of various sizes, designs and colors
Lot #: 70

Lot of Assorted Coffee Mugs

Approximately 12 coffee mugs with various designs
Lot #: 71

Lot of Assorted Coffee Mugs

Approximately 12 coffee mugs of various designs
Lot #: 72

Lot of Clear Drinking Glasses

Clear glass drinking cups. Two sizes. Approximately 17-20 total.
Lot #: 73

Lot of Assorted Glassware

Approximately 14 clear glass cups of various sizes and designs
Lot #: 74

Lot of Assorted Plastic Cups

Approximately 12 plastic cups and 1 plastic pitcher
Lot #: 75

Assorted Dinnerware

Approximately 14 pieces of glass dinnerware. Plates of various sizes, bowls and a coffee mug
Lot #: 76

Glass Wildlife Plates

4 glass plates with bird paintings
Lot #: 77

Assorted Glass Dinnerware

Approximately 13 assorted pieces of glass dinnerware
Lot #: 78

Case of Tuxton Plates

4 sets of sealed plates. 9, 7 1/4" plates in each sealed package, eggshell with brown border and speckle pattern
Lot #: 79

Lot of Assorted Glass Dishes

Lot #: 80

Lot of 12 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 81

Lot of 7 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 82

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 83

Lot of 12 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 84

Lot of Assorted Items

Squeeze bottle lids, condiment caddy, flatware holder, Coldmaster container
Lot #: 85

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 86

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 87

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 88

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 89

Modular Simpli-Flex Dispenser

Lot #: 90

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 91

Lot of 6 Coffee Pots

Lot #: 92

Wall Shelf Unit, 2 Shelves

12" x 36?
Lot #: 93

Wall Shelf Unit, 2 Shelves

12" x 36?
Lot #: 94

Wall Shelf Unit, 2 Shelves

12" x 60?
Lot #: 97

Metal Work Station with Counter Top

30" x 72? x 36?
Lot #: 98

Lot of 3 Brown Metal File/Paper Holders

Lot #: 99

Lot of 2 Metal File/Paper Holders

Gray and green
Lot #: 100

Lot of 2 Metal File Organizers

Lot #: 101

Black Metal File Organizer

Lot #: 102

Clocks and Dry Erase Magnetic Board

2 wall clocks, 1 clock radio with broken radio, 11" x 14? dry erase board
Lot #: 103

Lot of Desk/Drawer Organizers

Magnetic strips on back of standing organizer
Lot #: 104

Assorted Drawer Organizers and Cash Box

Lot #: 105

Lot of Plastic and 1 Metal File Holders

Lot #: 106

Metal Paper Organizers

Lot #: 107

Lot of 2 Metal File/Paper Organizers

Lot #: 108

2 Metal File Organizers

Lot #: 109

File/Paper Organizers

Lot #: 110

Metal Paper/File Organizers

Lot #: 111

Metal File/Paper Organizers

Lot #: 112

Lot of 3 Metal File/Paper Organizers

Lot #: 113

Lot of 2 Metal File Organizers

Lot #: 114

Lot of 1 Metal and 2 Plastic Organizers

Lot #: 115

Lot of Plastic Organizer Trays

Lot #: 116

Lot of 2 Clear Plastic Organizers

Some cracks
Lot #: 117

Lot of 5 Plastic Organizer/Display Shelves

Lot #: 118

Lot of 8 Clear Plastic Display Stands

Approximately 8.5" x 11?
Lot #: 119

Lot of 8 Clear Plastic Display Stands

Approximately 8.5" x 11?
Lot #: 120

Lot of 7 Clear Plastic Display Stands

Approximately 8.5" x 11?
Lot #: 121

Lot of Clear Plastic Stands

4 literature approximately 8-3/4 x 9", 2 business card
Lot #: 122

Lot of 7 Clear Plastic Stands

5 literature approximately 8-3/4" x 9?, 2 business card
Lot #: 123

Lot of 8 Clear Plastic Stands

6 literature approximately 4-1/2" x 6?, 2 business card
Lot #: 124

Lot of 10 Clear Plastic Display/Holders

Two business card, two 4-1-2" x 3?, one 3-1/2" cube, four 4? x 6?, one 4? x 5?
Lot #: 125

Lot of Plastic Magazine/Literature Holders

Lot #: 126

Lot of Displays/Organizers and Book Ends

2 plastic displays/organizers, 3 metal book ends
Lot #: 127

2 Wooden Mail/Literature Holders

Lot #: 128

Lot of 4 Portfolios

Kain-McArthur, Vulcan, Manitowoc
Lot #: 129

Lot of 3 Binders/Organizers

Lot #: 130

Lot of Dictionaries and Paper Portfolios

Lot #: 131

Lot of Food Service Manuals

Lot #: 132

Lot of Leadership Books

Lot #: 133

Lot of Leadership/Business Books

Lot #: 134

Lot of Food Service Books

Lot #: 135

Color TV/VHS Combo

Lot #: 136

Roll of Bubble Wrap with Metal Stand

Lot #: 137

Baker Twine WR-210

Lot #: 138

Box of 1/2" Steel Seals

Lot #: 139

Shrink Wrap and Roller Dispensers

Lot #: 140

Uline Packing Accessories

Maskout Paint Cans Partially Used
Lot #: 141

Lot of Uline Clear Industrial Tape

10 Rolls
Lot #: 142

Lou of Uline Industrial Tape

12 rolls
Lot #: 143

Black & Decker Cordless Hand Vac

Lot #: 144

Plastic Card Printing System

Lot #: 145

Punching and Binding Machines

Lot #: 146

Presentation Binding Accessories

Lot #: 147

Signs and Roll of Caution Tape

Lot #: 148

Lot of Packing Stickers and Invoice Packages

Lot #: 149

Lot of 2.5" x 4? Label Rolls

6 rolls
Lot #: 150

Lot of 2 Black Mesh Waste Baskets

Lot #: 151

Lot of 4 Metal Baskets/Organizers

Lot #: 152

Lot of 4 Metal File Organizers

Lot #: 153

Insulated Catering Carrier

Lot #: 154

Lot of Assorted Display Stands

Lot #: 155

Lot of Assorted Display Stands

Lot #: 156

File Box and File Hanger

Lot #: 157

Time Clock Punch System

Lot #: 158

Lot of 3 Plastic Signs

Lot #: 159

Lot of 2 Cork Boards

Approximately 23.5" x 36? and 24? x 36?
Lot #: 160

Lot of 2 Cork Boards

18" x 24? and 36? x 48?
Lot #: 161

Vornado Fan

Lot #: 162

Lot of 2 Vornado Fans

Lot #: 163

Lot of 3 Rubbermaid Recycling Bins

Lot #: 164

Drafting Table

Lot #: 165

Lot of Drafting Accessories

Lot #: 166

2? x 4? Table

Lot #: 167

Conference Table, 29" x 84?

Lot #: 168

Minolta Cameras with Case

Lot #: 169

Lot of 2 Cameras with Cases

Fujifilm and Canon
Lot #: 170

Brother P-Touch and Franklin Wordmaster

Lot #: 171

Digital Thermostat

Lot #: 172

Rolodex File With Cards

Lot #: 173

Lot of 3 Business Card Files

Lot #: 174

Lot of DVD Discs, Cassette, Cases

Lot #: 175

Lot of CD and DVD Discs, Box of CD Sleeves

Lot #: 176

Lot of 3 CD Cases with Contents

Lot #: 177

LEAD 2.5 Word Processor, owl statues, & others

Bottle head owl, wood owl boss pencil holder, onyx donkey, dad statue
Lot #: 178

Fall decorations, 5 wrapped/slotted shoe boxes

Lot #: 179

3 ring binders, notebooks, computer bag

The competitive advantage cassettes, Powered Forklift OSHA reference binders
Lot #: 180

27 empty photo frames

Lot #: 181

9 frames with pictures of restaurant equipment

Lot #: 182

9 frames with restaurant equipment and awards

Lot #: 183

Plastic bags

5x8 size are ziploc 2mil, bigger ones are not ziploc, 10x18 size, maybe 2 mil
Lot #: 184

Basketball items, plastic fruit, art supplies

Lot #: 185

Christmas items

Lot #: 186

Shipping tags, 10 key tape, matches

Lot #: 187

Carrying bags, other assorted advertising samples

Kansas map, bank money bags, trash can
Lot #: 188

Office supplies

Assorted items, see pictures
Lot #: 189

Office supplies

Assorted items, see pictures
Lot #: 190

Office supplies

Heavy duty stapler, Rapidograph-electric erasing system
Lot #: 191

Office supplies

Lots of paper clips, staplers, Staples, tape dispenser, two yardsticks
Lot #: 192

Office supplies, shower rings

Three hole punch, shower rings, pins, zip letter openers, paper drill
Lot #: 193

Wall plastic file holders

1 metal, 2 magnetic
Lot #: 194

18" x 5' padded floor mat

Lot #: 195

Dish tub, pictures, glass decanter,, cloth napkins

Lot #: 196

Assorted utensils

Two serving trays, miscellaneous knives
Lot #: 197

Steak knives, display silverware racks, assorted

Lot #: 198

Assorted dishware

Plastic decanter, small glass decanter, silverware holders plastic food containers, dish tub, peppermill with light
Lot #: 199

Folders, labels, three-ring notebook page

fillers, three-ring metal tab dividers, page separators
Lot #: 200

Large envelopes, job jacket folders, tab

separators, carbon paper
Lot #: 201

Cab separators, report covers, folders

Lot #: 202

Report covers, built-in tab hanging folders

Lot #: 203

Old metal signs, some displayed on boards

Lot #: 204

Old metal signs displayed on old table tops

Lot #: 205

Adjustable height folding table 30-in by 72-in

Adjust from 29 in to 36 in
Lot #: 206

Sorted size of three ring binders

family picture album, sheet protectors
Lot #: 207

Stencils, Mars vellum drafting paper

Stencils are reusable oil board alphabet and numbers set
Lot #: 208

Assorted metal gauge samples, assorted items

Metal trash can, voice recorder
Lot #: 209

Assorted flower vases, four weaved baskets

Lot #: 210

Five hard hats and two safety goggles

Lot #: 211

Commercial mop bucket and floor caution signs

Lot #: 212

Dry erase board

4 ft x 6 ft, You can take off black and blue tape that's making boxes on the board
Lot #: 213

Office supplies

Assorted items, see pictures
Lot #: 214

Office supplies

Assorted items, Lg pad of drawing paper, see pictures
Lot #: 215

Folding table

24-in by 48-in
Lot #: 216

3' x 3' card table

Lot #: 217


Lot #: 217b

Roadway baseball

Lot #: 218

2 drawer filing cabinet

Good for hanging folders or storage
Lot #: 219

5 drawer filing cabinet

8.5" x 11"
Lot #: 220

5 drawer filing cabinet

8.5" x 11"
Lot #: 221

5 drawer filing cabinet

8.4" x 11"
Lot #: 222

5 drawer filing cabinet

8.5 x 11"
Lot #: 223

4 drawer filing cabinet

8.5 x 11"
Lot #: 224

4 drawer filing cabinet

8.5" x 11"
Lot #: 224a

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224b

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224c

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224d

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224e

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224f

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 224g

4-Drawer File Cabinet

Lot #: 225

Trash can

Trim line Carlisle
Lot #: 226

Rubbermaid recycle poly cart

Brute, 50 gallon
Lot #: 227

Converted step stool

Lot #: 228

Wall sink

With faucet
Lot #: 229

Adjustable floor roller

Can lock down wheels, adjust size, turn top ends
Lot #: 230

2 Sharp ten keys and electric pencil sharpener

One 10 key is a 10 digit, 1 is a 12 digit
Lot #: 231

2 Sharp Ten keys, 2 calculator spools,

1 powered calculator
Lot #: 232

Light bulbs, Rubbermaid commercial product

6 light bulbs, Rubbermaid velcro container to hold cylinder item/drink, may keep it cold
Lot #: 233

Used tab separators in 2 boxes

Lot #: 234

Electric cords and 3 strips, 2 lights

Lot #: 235

Amana microwave

Lot #: 236

(4) Brush Fryers, L tip 23" Teflon

Lot #: 237

(4) Brush Fryers, Ltip 23" Teflon

Lot #: 238

(2) Mop handles

No mop heads
Lot #: 239

(4) wooden screwed end handles

Lot #: 240

(2) wooden handles

Lot #: 241

(3) wooden handles with black rubber screwed ends

Lot #: 242

(38) 8 oz amber Tumblers-plastic

Lot #: 243

(56) 5 oz amber Tumblers-plastic

Lot #: 244

(4) Cambro plastic salad bar containers

No lids
Lot #: 245

(2)2 loss, 6 Cambro slotted spacers

Spacers could be used in bottom of #244
Lot #: 246

Cambro amber plastic salad container, 4 lids

4 6" tongs, 2 Stainless steel 4 1/2" pump lids
Lot #: 247

(4) mobile ladder wheel stand/platform

Lot #: 248

Partial roll of plastic glass stick/protection

Lot #: 249

Shark skin can liners- misc count

Lot #: 250

Trash can liners-Misc count

16 gallon, I mic
Lot #: 251

(6) Baffle Filters

20x20x2 aluminum
Lot #: 252

(5) Baffle Filters

20x20x2 I think, Kleen Gard
Lot #: 253

Carlisle 5" Brush, Hand, nail kit & Kleen Brush

Nail clean system
Lot #: 254

(2) Half Nut casting for kurly q kutter

Lot #: 255

Sack of 5 Seat cup Med 15/16" top di &

Sack of 4 seat cup small 12/16" too dia
Lot #: 256

(6) Mercer Culinary knife guards

Lot #: 257

(4) Exit wall signs 3"x9"

Lot #: 258

(4) No Check Please wall signs 3" x 9"

Lot #: 259

(5) Exit wall signs 6" x 9"

Lot #: 260

(2) pkgs of 12- Flip Too Posi-Poro liquor pourers

Lot #: 261

(4) pkgs of 12-Pourer Free flow

Lot #: 262

6 cans of liquid chafing fuel

Lot #: 263

(2) 14 oz. Liquid coffee cleaner

Lot #: 264

(6) Chrome Table center pcs

Hold salt and pepper shaker, or napkins, misc
Lot #: 265

(6) Chrome table centerpiece

Lot #: 266

24 black ashtrays

Lot #: 267

24 Black ashtrays

Lot #: 268

12 ashtrays

Lot #: 269

(11) Quart back ups, asst cap

Assorted color
Lot #: 270

(6) 2 quart containers with assorted color lids

Lot #: 271

(4) w Quart containers with assorted color lids

Lot #: 272

Z-Stand for pull type cup dispenser

Lot #: 273

Die Frame Assby 2/8" french fry cutter

Lot #: 274

Pusher Block 3/8" french fry

Lot #: 275

(2) Plastic Pusher head blocks

For redco Insta cut- 1 block is 3/8", other is 1/4" & 1/2"
Lot #: 276

Assorted screws and parts

Lot #: 277

Assorted screws and parts

Lot #: 278

Misc count 4" x 6" reclosable bags

Lot #: 279

(4) Black lids for 20 oz swirl pitchers

Lot #: 280

2 Plastic card holders

Lot #: 281

Taylor adhesive backed dishwasher labels

Assorted count
Lot #: 282

2 salt and pepper/packet table racks

Lot #: 283

(3) Money maids

Lot #: 284

(4) overflow tubes for bar sink

Lot #: 285

Replacement super adjusters, 2 kit, includea 4

corners, Assorted count
Lot #: 286

Assorted shelf split sleeve SprErta and more

Lot #: 287

(9) SaferFood Solutions Pour N Save Connector Kits

With Dish tub
Lot #: 288

2 Dish tubs

Lot #: 289

2 trash can lida- mismatched

Lot #: 290

3 Trash can lids

Lot #: 291

3 Round trash can lids

Gray, covers 32 gallon can
Lot #: 292

(4) Round Trash can lids

Gray, covers 44 gallon cans
Lot #: 293

Plastic display case

Lot #: 294

Assorted Items: hand held mixer, scoop holder,

Bottle opener, funnel, can piercing item
Lot #: 295

Wall Hanging

Store Sign
Lot #: 296

(3) 48 oz blender containers with blades and lids

2 are boxes
Lot #: 297

Wood storage cabinets

Dividers/ pockets
Lot #: 298

Book shelf

Lot #: 299

Large metal safe

Have combination, used every day! From Mittway Hotel where Lyon county courthouse is now.
Lot #: 300

Medium size black safe

Have combination
Lot #: 301

2 Rubbermaid Fire Resistant Waste Baskets

Lot #: 302

2 Rubbermaid Fire Resistant Wastebaskets

Lot #: 303

Metal File Storage Cabinet

20" x 78? x 29?
Lot #: 304

File Box Storage Shelf

30.5" x 40.5? x 63.5?
Lot #: 305

File Box Storage Shelf

30.5" x 40.5? x 63.5?
Lot #: 306

File Box Storage Shelf Unit

30.5" x 40.5? x 63.5?
Lot #: 307

File Cabinet Storage Shelf Unit

30.5" x 40.5? x 63.5?
Lot #: 308

Wooden Storage Cabinet

Approximately 24-3/4" x 30-1/2? x 74.5?
Lot #: 309

Lot of Assorted Shelving Parts

Includes brackets, posts, casters, etc.
Lot #: 310

Wall Shelf

12" x 84?
Lot #: 311

Wall Mount Fan

Approximately 25"
Lot #: 312

Lot of 5 Wooden Shelves

11-1/2" x 56?. Includes brakets and 1 Piece of Glass
Lot #: 313

Shelving Unit

24" x 49? x 96?
Lot #: 314

White Wooden Storage Shelf

Approximately 12" x 40? x 65-3/4?
Lot #: 315

3 Sheets of Slat Board

47.5" x 96?
Lot #: 316

Lot of 3 Cardboard File Boxes

Lot #: 317

Lot of 4 Cardboard File Boxes

One without lid
Lot #: 318

Lot of 7 Cardboard File Boxes

Lot #: 319

Lot of 9 Cardboard Storage Boxes



Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country Great Plains Auction & Real Estate, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.