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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
501 South 7 Hwy Pleasant Hill, MO, 64080 816-918-3232
Fundraiser auction - 10% of proceeds benefiting the Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas. Lend a helping hand by bidding and donating to help the Hurricane Relief
501 South 7 Hwy, Pleasant Hill, MO US
Fundraiser auction - 10% of proceeds benefiting the Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas. Lend a helping hand by bidding and donating to help the Hurricane Relief
Lot#: 2000

3 piece plus ottoman

Paid $3,800 originally.

Lot#: 2001

Heavy roller head, black, sturdy stick, heavy action

homemade case

Lot#: 2002

open road crow series fishing pole w/ case

Lot#: 2003

Platcor fishing pole with case light trolling

Lot#: 2004

12ft trolling 40lbs. silstar catfish pro like new with case

Lot#: 2005

shakespear pole with reel alpha automatic

Lot#: 2006

2 old pal tackle boxes

Lot#: 2007

REI hiking back pack aluminum w/ 2 canteens and bed roll

Lot#: 2008

green back pack w/ frame lots of storage

Lot#: 2009

personalized army back pack

Lot#: 2010

green frame with strap

Lot#: 2011

nice military combat bag lots of storage

Lot#: 2012

1945 combat field bag good condition

Lot#: 2013

army green duffle bag w/ pocket

Lot#: 2014

water proof military issue boot / clothing bag

Lot#: 2015

military issue down sleeping bag with wool blanket and vinyl poncho

Lot#: 2016

54 , 66, and 76" poles and zebco adn fuji , 2 zebco reels , and quantum adn diawa

Lot#: 2017

coleman 425e stove and 228f lanrtern

Lot#: 2018

vintage camping stoves whisper lite adn coleman

Lot#: 2019

nice roll over creeper wood

Lot#: 2020

porter cable finish nailer 15ga it needs a 7.00 seal but i bought a new one cause i couldnt wait on shipping

Lot#: 2021

lightly used 5 gallon air bubble

Lot#: 2022

4 chain restraints

Lot#: 2023

crafts man planer in box

Lot#: 2024

9 wood handle antique tools

Lot#: 2025

3 old monkey / pipe wrenches 10,14,18

Lot#: 2026

antique electric drill type A

Lot#: 2027

Large lot of misc tools nails hammers drill bit sharpner level and more

Lot#: 2028

foot stool on casters

Lot#: 2029

allis chalmers gauge adn alluminum pieces

Lot#: 2030

sentry lock box with key

Lot#: 2031

2 snow sleds

Lot#: 2032

vintage skates with key

Lot#: 2033

lighty used computer speakers w web cam

Lot#: 2034

kids metal detector radio shack

Lot#: 2035

2 pogo sticks

Lot#: 2036

tablet case and dvd case

Lot#: 2037

lot children's books

Lot#: 2038

13 pieces muppets cook wear

Lot#: 2039

kids toys , games, animals books and more

Lot#: 2040

antique mirror and lion picture

Lot#: 2041

good tri cycle for off road

Lot#: 2042

2 heaters

Lot#: 2043

tube radio box radiola 25

Lot#: 2044

nice heavy wood desk organizer

Lot#: 2045

antique soeaker with cord

Lot#: 2046

brass swan book ends

Lot#: 2047

antique chair

Lot#: 2048

vintage cosco stool

Lot#: 2049

wine bottles

Lot#: 2050

2 director chairs

Lot#: 2051

see pics all types of bags

Lot#: 2052

antique chair with wood trim

Lot#: 2053

lot of xl biker shirts all in excellent shape

Lot#: 2054

3 working lights

Lot#: 2055

2 white leather couches and 3 tables 20 and 20' tables and 7' couch

Lot#: 2056

solid oak shelf 6' x 4' x 8" deep

Lot#: 2059

epon printer copier fax scanner photo machine only used about 9 months

Lot#: 2060

misc lot

Lot#: 2061

this is an amazing piece of hand carved wood, it is late 1700-early 1800's i have had it about 3.5 years was going to put in my house but sold it and dont have room in new place. it was bought at a red barron auction in Georgia for 3800.00 in the 80's and had a mirror in it, cost about 300 to put another mirror in it . it has some amazing griffins carved in it and a symbol in middle bottom. it measures 102" tall and 56" wide and is a whopping 5" thick. its a beast but beautiful. I paid 2500.00 for it when i bought it. truly an awesome piece hope someoe out there loves it like me.

Lot#: 2062

lot of magazine rack and light and much more wee pics

Lot#: 2063

3 unused zippos

Lot#: 2064

2 banks and 2 corvette collectibles

Lot#: 2065

wood build it yourself house

Lot#: 2066

golf bag and clubs

Lot#: 2067

beautiful antique slicer

Lot#: 2068

DVF vintage nesting luggage

Lot#: 2069

seed fertilizer spreader

Lot#: 2070

hug lot of frames

Lot#: 2071

original 1977 sporster SLH parts

Lot#: 2072

24 x 14 x 20 oak bench

Lot#: 2073

aquaium stand 24 x 18 x 27

Lot#: 2074

33 x 16 x 52 shop storage on casters

Lot#: 2075

44 tall high back chair good condition

Lot#: 2076

24 x 60 Fainting couch with storage

Lot#: 2077

lot of glass insulators and tools

Lot#: 2078

center piece basket 18 x 7.5

Lot#: 2079

22 x 13 x 33 lamp legos corning ware magnifying glass music box and more

Lot#: 2080

3 3-d pictures of instruments

Lot#: 2081

3 22 rifle magazines and gun cleaning kits one is new

Lot#: 2082

very nice Galco 1911 45 Holster belt and 4 double magazine holders over 300.00 new , model t-ibr-xxl

Lot#: 2083

Bauer bro. revolver holster

Lot#: 2084

this is a super nice lot of everything you need to be in the black powder business, this is an Italy made 44 cal gun with custom holster , powder horn and a civil war era brass powder horn , a leather shot bag, and leather pouch for percussion caps. all in excellent condition. well over 1000.00 dollars here

Lot#: 2085

Lyman reloading hand book and lead tools

Lot#: 2086

brass bullet trimmers for texan reloading equipment , plus a die set

Lot#: 2087

4 misc. pistol holsters

Lot#: 2088

4 sharp shooting trophies

Lot#: 2089

4 leopold boxes with cleaning rags , vintage empty powder cans

Lot#: 2090

nice piece of history WWII M1 grand artillery belt USMC

Lot#: 2091

WWI M1 Grand artillery belt USMC

Lot#: 2092

WWII artillery belt

Lot#: 2093

WWI WWII artillery belt with 1917 Tool bag and weapon tools

Lot#: 2094

WWI 1909 1917 colt pistol belt, half moon clip pouch and lanyard like new

Lot#: 2095

2 military field packs

Lot#: 2096

Misc military lot of goodies 1 utility belt , 1 canvas tarp 3x6 , 3 new gun slings 1959 , 3 magazine pouches, 2 belt bags

Lot#: 2097

2 canteens and 2 medals

Lot#: 2098

WWI WWII fighting knives , w scabbard, very sharp, 19" Bayonet

Lot#: 2099

this is a 15.5 Inch Daggar with a Devil boy carved in the handle, it has blue crystal eyes. Its creepy

Lot#: 2100

cool hand made scabbard and knife, made of feathers and deer antler

Lot#: 2101

11 vintage pocket knives, pair of scissors,and vintage matches

Lot#: 2102

2 solid wood gunstocks for 1903 A3 Enfield rifles WWI WWII makers mark

Lot#: 2103

2 1903 A3 enfield gun stocks solid wood WWI WWII makers mark

Lot#: 2104

WWI WWII gun stock for 1903A3 or Enfield

Lot#: 2105

1903 A3 , Enfield solid wood gun stock with fore arm , has makers mark

Lot#: 2106

WWI M1 Grand gun stock

Lot#: 2107

army green synthetic gun stock for a mini 14, with the heat shield

Lot#: 2108

3 30-06 Barrels , rifling is good 1903 A3 , Enfield, M1 Grand

Lot#: 2109

WWI M1 Grand gun sling leather

Lot#: 2110

2 new 30 round Mag Pull clips ar15 and m16

Lot#: 2111

wood stock for a Winchester wood stock

Lot#: 2112

lots of parts for a Mossberg 500 pistol grip, wood stock, vintage box for scope, mounting bolts

Lot#: 2113

Ithaca Mossberg gun stocks

Lot#: 2114

Shotgu Butt plates and spacers

Lot#: 2115

Old home made wood scuba box with vintage Kool sunglasses and more see pics

Lot#: 2116

vintage wood speaker boxes 23 x 36 x 16

Lot#: 2117

bulk candy display and storage, on casters 23 x 64 x 48

Lot#: 2118

trash can with light globes for hood and walkin

Lot#: 2119

24 x 42 x 26 table

Lot#: 2120

this is a 6 x 10 walking cooler has 4 glass doors and one loading door, nice box was professionally removed, it comes with the 2 fan coil but does not have the compressor with it. anthony doors are 25.5 x 73

Lot#: 2121

aluminum sheet pan rack

Lot#: 2122

aluminum sheet pan rack like new on casters

Lot#: 2123

nice 2 hole sink good faucet with 18 x 18 bins 6' overall length

Lot#: 2124

5 Dairy Queen soft serve machines on casters 3 stoelting 237-r 109 g, water cooled 3 phase, and 2 are duke 957 r 132 also 3 phase water cooled all are on casters and were pulled from working environment. they all have the cone dispensers that sit on top of the machine as well.

Lot#: 2125

apw wyatt warming drawer 115v

Lot#: 2126

2 very heavy 5 loaf bread pans

Lot#: 2128

2 like new adcraft heat lamps

Lot#: 2129

misc lot

Lot#: 2130

Royalton heating box on casters , rolls very easy and it is in good condition 115v

Lot#: 2131

full size heating cabinet

Lot#: 2132

2 nice cambro catering boxes on dolly

Lot#: 2133

36" insulated ice well w speed rails

Lot#: 2134

power head unit for biro meat grinder works well

Lot#: 2135

retro jet spray juice dispenser appears to be working order

Lot#: 2136

lightly used fryer Nat. gas anets on casters includes 2 baskets

Lot#: 2137

lightly used nat gas fryer by anets includes 2 baskets and gas hose

Lot#: 2138

Cambro plate dolly has crack on one side but it is in excellent condition otherwise

Lot#: 2139

thermostatic controlled flattop grill 36 inch by vulcan

Lot#: 2140

nice 36" x 30" equipment stand on casters rolls easily

Lot#: 2141

flat grill cleaning supplies

Lot#: 2142

48" refrigerated prep table on casters with cutting board, this is a nice table , unit is cooling but not as cold as it should be,

Lot#: 2143

nice Hot food buffet line, has tray rails on both sides and sneeze guard. on casters 220v, it is built very sturdy and measures 80 x 32 and 60 wide with tray rails up

Lot#: 2144

7 various sized fryer baskets

Lot#: 2145

48' clean dishwashing table

Lot#: 2146

24" clean dish washing table

Lot#: 2147

6 foot dirty dish table wth sprayer and screen , nice table

Lot#: 2148

bunn pour over coffee maker

Lot#: 2149

new in box ge crock pot

Lot#: 2150

new 3 hole ge crock pot

Lot#: 2151

48 x 30 ss table w/ under shelf

Lot#: 2152

Edlund can opener buyer to take off table like new , table not included

Lot#: 2153

Taylor soft serve machine , mo. 710-27 , tested and made a batch of ice cream, it is 208-230v single phase air cooled , has smooth barrel

Lot#: 2154

Taylor margarita machine that is 208-230 v single phase air cooled, 390-27 and includes manual , came from working environment

Lot#: 2155

Taylor margarita machine pulled from working location, 208-230v single phase, air cooled and it has some dents on corners includes manual

Lot#: 2156

nice 115v Hobart mixer 20 quart with bowl , whisk, and paddle

Lot#: 2157

cool mixer stand /table ss with pole for hanging attachments , 24 x 24 x 80

Lot#: 2158

nice Hobart 12 qrt. mixer with new ss bowl and new paddle, dough hook and whisk

Lot#: 2159

hobart pelican head attachment w/ adjustable "S" blade missing the pusher

Lot#: 2160

Ge residential dishwasher , working when removed just replaced with a ss model

Lot#: 2161

lot of costume jewelry, ear rings, brooches , necklace and more

Lot#: 2162

lot of sugar and creamer containers , hand painted and signed

Lot#: 2163

lot of ceramic ware . cool Cow dish,

Lot#: 2164

14 pc set of vision ware great condition

Lot#: 2165

small glass lamp with shade great condition


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