Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday July 6 @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday July 12th 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday July 14 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Address for pick up will be on paid invoice.WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY JULY 14th and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday July 13th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon July 13th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE Friday July 14th from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 6022 5th Ave. Marquette, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: Watch for sign in front of the house. Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS- viewing is by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped with tracking number and insurance and buyer can request particular shipping service.
6022 5th Ave, Marquette, KS US
The Lang's have chosen Online Auction to dispose for the personal property that they do not want to move. Includes: 14' flat Jon boat, Portable 5,000 watt generator, fencing, cement mixer, electric smoker, lumber Collectibles include; vintage child's snow sleds, garden cultivator, oil lamps & lanterns, double galvainzed tub set, J Higgins Bicycle, copper boiler, wood table top radio, primitive tool collection. Also selling 10 x 14 portable building frame with pipe and angle frame to put together. Carpenter work bench, stoneware & canning jars plus much more
Lot #: 1

Roofing metal

Four pieces of metal roofing. Two measure approx. 16 foot long and 2 about 10 foot long. All 4 approximately 38 inches wide. Two are bronze and two are red color. The lumber in the pix sell in Lot 2
Lot #: 2

Wood planking

Wood blanking: 2 x 8 and 2 x 10. Some approximately 7', some are 6', some are longer and there are several short pieces of 2x4?s and 2x6. Two are loading ramps. The metal pieces in the pix sell in lot 1
Lot #: 3

Vintage garden cultivator

Vintage garden cultivator. Wood handles with metal frame and tire. In very good shape
Lot #: 4

2 Vintage snow sleds

Flexible flyer and another sled that just a little bit longer that needs some repair work done. Otherwise they?re both in very good shape
Lot #: 5

Waferboard & fiberboard

Full sheet of 3/8 waferboard. 6 foot sheet of fiber board with cutout for a plug. Both of them have been used.
Lot #: 6

Golden Rod fence stretcher

Golden Rod fence stretcher. Tarp straps-different sizes & lengths-plus there?s even a chain.
Lot #: 7

Metal hanging peacocks

A pair of metal peacocks, a rope, a chicken hook & some other metal hooks, A "land of the free because of the brave" wall hanging and some wood corner stock
Lot #: 8

Deer tree stand

Deer tree stand
Lot #: 9

Plastic tubing

Plastic tubing with female metal connection on end of one
Lot #: 10

Weed burner with propane tank

Weed burner with a 20 pound propane tank. Make sure you get your burn permit before you set the whole county on fire :)
Lot #: 11

Metal strips & PVC pipe

Metal strips, PVC pipe, heavy duty perforated angle iron, Rainbird sprinkler & 15 gallon barrel to keep it all in
Lot #: 12

Scotts lawn spreader

Scotts Accugreen 3000 lawn spreader. Looks in good shape
Lot #: 13

Toro snowblower

Toro S620 snowblower
Lot #: 14

Redhead Peet dryer

Redhead Peet power boot dryer to remove wet, sweat and odor. Also 2 boxes of extensions with original boxes.
Lot #: 15

Hollow wood door & plastic sawhorses

Hollow wood door that measures 3? x 68" and is sitting on a pair of plastic foldable sawhorses
Lot #: 16

Stone faced tile

3 boxes of Stone faced multicolored tile. Approx 6 x 6
Lot #: 17


Scrub brushes, wallpaper brushes & finger nail brushes
Lot #: 18

Plumbing supplies

Bathroom repair parts and assorted plumbing supplies. Garbage disposal installation pieces. A pressure tank
Lot #: 19

Electrical supplies

Various pieces and parts for an entrance conduit, switches, plugs and much more
Lot #: 20

Sliding door and saw horses

A hollow sliding door with the slide wheels on top plus a pair of plastic foldable sawhorses. One includes an apron for tools. This is just the door and saw horses. Anything else see in the pictures is sold separately.
Lot #: 21

Rain birds & other sprinklers

Folgers can with rain birds plus some other sprinklers
Lot #: 22

Nelson walking sprinkler

Nelson walking sprinkler
Lot #: 23

Sprinklers & garden hose

Color coordinated garden hose and sprinklers. There?s five sprinklers and nice section of hose
Lot #: 24

Miscellaneous iron

Channel iron, angle iron, rods and pipe and some flat iron. A lot of good welding supplies here guys. Take a look. The longest piece is about 7 foot on down to one about 1 foot
Lot #: 25

Coffee cans full of shop supplies

Fence staples, caster wheels, copper nails, carriage bolts, wire & door latches
Lot #: 26

Conduit bender

Conduit bender, sledgehammer handle and flashing. The flashing says "50 steel rod flashing" measures 20 x 50?
Lot #: 27

Roofing screws

Various lengths of roofing screws & a wooden box with chunk charcoal. Hand lantern from Tung-Sol and some bulbs
Lot #: 28

Half inch plate steel

Half inch plate steel that measures 12 " by 22"
Lot #: 29

Bucket full of pipe clamps

Galvanized bucket with pipe clamps and a nice planter that has a bushel basket bottom.
Lot #: 30

Welding rod

680 welding rod for all steels. Size 5/32 and 1/8. There are (4) 10 pound containers. As can be seen in the pictures, three of them are full and one is about half full. A nice heavy duty toolbox to keep in.
Lot #: 31

Rope pulley

Double pulley, snatch hook for log chain, hanging planter holder, cable lock & wind chime
Lot #: 32

Welding Cable

Ground cable and the double hot cable with stinger
Lot #: 33

Welding jackets

Two welding jackets, a welding helmet, and a welding belt
Lot #: 34

Sharp carousel convection oven

Sharp carousel convection oven. Says "smart and easy"
Lot #: 35

Wooden open cabinet

Wooden open cabinet has two shelves and measures 39 inches wide & 35 inches tall. The Sharp Carousel microwave convection oven fits on it nicely. If you want to keep them together- then bid on both lots
Lot #: 36

PVC pipe

6"x 29 inches PVC pipe full of wooden blocks. Haydite decorated stone block and tube hangers
Lot #: 37

Two folding lawn chairs

Two metal folding lawn chairs
Lot #: 38

Wire tomato cages

Wire tomato cages, Welded wire, rabbit fence and a box full of T post clips
Lot #: 39

Black plastic tube

9" x 5? black plastic tube
Lot #: 40

3 rolls welded wire yard fence

Three 3? rolls of welded wire yard fence. One brand new. 2 look like some has been taken off or put up
Lot #: 41

Billards table light

Billiards and pool light that hangs from the ceiling. Is made with plastic
Lot #: 42

Pair of blonde wood shelf units

Pair of blonde wood shelf units that are 35 inches tall, 10 inches wide & 29 inches long at the base
Lot #: 43

Yard edging

Approximately 10 foot long piece of yard edging- welded metal
Lot #: 44

T posts

Approximately 20 T posts of various lengths, colors and styles
Lot #: 45

Roll of hail screen & chicken wire

Hail screen is 30 inches and the chicken wire is 3 foot
Lot #: 46

Live animal traps

Catch and release live animal trap that looks like have never been used plus 2 used ones
Lot #: 47

Window wells

2 Window wells. They have been used, but they still have a lot of life to protect your basement windows. The T post sell in lot 44
Lot #: 48

Pair of green plastic tubs

Pair of green plastic tubs that are 2? across and 10" deep
Lot #: 49

3 vintage wood chairs

Three matching vintage wood chairs. Two match and looks like they?re all old, but one?s been stained dark
Lot #: 50

Pramac 5000 power system

Pramac S 5000 power system generator. Been well taken care of & doesn?t look very old. The owner put on casters to make it easy to move around. Very nice unit. Has a Subaru engine
Lot #: 51

Dome tent & metal griddle

Dome tent from Academy Broadway with its original box and a metal griddle to use on the campfire or on your stove. It measures 20" x 11". The tent is 5? x 6? x 48".
Lot #: 52


Monsieur tender-ize-eur steaming heating tray to use on top of a rotisserie and a quick and easy, three-piece defroster and storage set in original box
Lot #: 53

Ice cream freezer & kitchen items

Dolly Madison Rival electric ice cream freezer, egg beater, hand sifter and other kitchen items
Lot #: 54

Ultrasonic humidifier

Hankscraft Whisper Mist ultrasonic humidifier with original box. Includes a Whisper Mist Ultrasonic cartridge, Christmas lights, Jack Daniels whiskey bottle- sorry folks it is empty. An alarm clock and Gibson China with purple flowers
Lot #: 55

3 pairs of candleholders

Three pairs of candleholders. We have put out a sample of each one & they have a matching mate that?s still wrapped up. They are each 9 1/2 inches tall
Lot #: 56

Homemade wooden box

Homemade wooden box filled with vintage jars, including a Pepsi bottle, The others are mason jars some with lids, some without. Some canning jars & some commercial jars
Lot #: 57

Kitchen appliances

Presto stainless steel coffee maker with original box, Great American Steakhouse onion machine as seen on TV with original box and a hot plate that holds three pans or dishes to keep warm
Lot #: 58

Radiant oil heater

Radiant oil heater that doesn?t look like has ever been used though not in original box. They?ve got it fit in the box pretty good so we?re not taking it out. There is a hanging kitchen light that looks like it also has not been used very much if at all.
Lot #: 59

Noritake Primastone dinner set

Noritake Primastone dinner set. These have been packed very well. We do not know how many place settings that has but we pulled out and unwrapped two pieces to show you what it looks like.
Lot #: 60

5 quart freezer

5 quart Sterling Freezer that you have to hand crank to make your ice cream in original box. A blue granite canner that contains a basket for a deep fat fryer
Lot #: 61

Ceiling fans

Two ceiling fans with their original boxes. One is a Nutone paddle fan Orleans light kit with four lights. The other is a Nutone Sea Island paddle fan.
Lot #: 62

Fire alarms & glassware

Fire alarms that look like they have not been used, a pair of wildlife framed pictures & glassware. We pulled out a couple of the patterns
Lot #: 63

Stoneware from West Virginia

Stoneware from West Virginia includes plates and bowls. A "Super Fan" pint glass set that has two football field coasters to go with it and a new never used door lock
Lot #: 64

Crockpot & deep fat fryer

Rival crockpot with the original cookbook and Dutch Oven deep fat fryer
Lot #: 65

Lumber & wooden sawhorses

The lumber measures 2 x 8 and 2 x 6 approximately 5 foot long. The woods sawhorses have metal clamps and are in good shape. They stand 31 inches tall.
Lot #: 66

Vent parts

Vent parts
Lot #: 67

Garden supplies

Hummingbird feeder, goggles, Ortho, Sevin & other sprayer, rubber gloves. If you need to work in the yard, these are the boxes for you.
Lot #: 68

Stock pots

Kirby & Allen 12 quart stainless steel stock pot with original box and an older stock pot made of aluminum
Lot #: 69

Louis LAmour & Zane Grey

Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour paperbacks, First Course in Algebra and other hardback books. A nice little plastic four legged stool or end table- if that?s what you want to use it for
Lot #: 70

4.5 hp water pump

Super flow insulated wet end pump from Waterway. Used with swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
Lot #: 71

Pipe stand

3 inch pipe on metal base stands 34 inches tall. Has a lot of uses around the shop.
Lot #: 72

VHS Phillips player

VHS player from Phillips with the original books. Some tapes that are not commercially made. Conairphone. Christmas lights and a nice plastic tub to keep it all in.
Lot #: 73

Wooden box with two plastic planters

Wooden box that measures 40" x 20? x 15? and has two plastic planters to use outdoors for your plants
Lot #: 74

Cowboy boots and a Skill drill

Nice pair of Justin work boots size 9 1/2 D. A good Skill quarter inch electric drill. Looks very good. For you young people it?s the kind that has a cord that plugs in
Lot #: 75

Garden plow

One bottom Brinly Hardy Company plow that fits on your garden tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 76

Gilson cement mixer

Gilson model No. 2 cement mixer. Has electric motor
Lot #: 77

Bypass door hardware

Bypass door hardware- brand new still in the packages. They are marked 1166/2200.
Lot #: 78

Garden hose & lawn edging

Two rolls of garden hose and pieces of plastic lawn edging
Lot #: 79

Automotive supplies

An antifreeze tester with pressure gauge. Oil filter can, rearview mirror, parts for radiator and lights, and more. In wooden drawer with metal pull
Lot #: 80

Three Fish baskets

Three Fish baskets & ropes to secure them in place. Now you just need to get the fishing rod & Fish
Lot #: 81

Two plastic tarps

Two plastic tarps with grommets. The gray one is approximately 12 x 14 and the blue one 10 x 12 We are guessing on the sizes folks.
Lot #: 82

Binocular magnifier

Binocular Magnifier in original box, Rain X ultra wax and invisible windshield. Buffer pads for a drill. 1977 Chevy Lumina night vision head light bulb and other miscellaneous things in a coffee can
Lot #: 83

Electric buffer & a buffer mit

10" Electric buffer with an extension cord, a mit and a buffer already on the buffer machine. Machine does run
Lot #: 84

Two fighting cocks to hang on wall

A pair of plaster of Paris fighting cocks marked Mexico, and two doormats
Lot #: 85

Rain X & Bosch windshield wipers

Rain X- expert fit and box Bosch windshield wipers in the original packaging. Sunvisor for the windshield
Lot #: 86

Machinist tools

Planer and shaper gauge, magnetic base indicator holder, 3 micrometer set for 0 to 3 inch range, caliper for wood lathe, scriber and scriber holder and you can see the rest in the pix
Lot #: 87

Reload shotgun shells

Several reload shotgun shells, American Wildlife by Evans wooden dovetailed box, wooden keg filled with several bags of reload shells of different sizes and several boxes of reload shells that need to be filled- no live ammo, just shells
Lot #: 88

Hollow door on wooden sawhorses

Wooden hollow door measures 65" x 28?. The sawhorses have metal clamps-nice pair of sawhorses the sells as one unit.
Lot #: 89

Owl and heated dog dish

Owl and heated dog dish plus wall tape
Lot #: 90


Computer speakers & 2 sets of stereo speakers
Lot #: 91

Camo seats

Two camo seats-foldable chair sitting on top of a chest to use for your beer or your fish.
Lot #: 92

Mobil 5W 20 oil

Mobil 5 W 20 oil. Looks like five bottles and one bottle of super 5000 mile oil. Reflective water heater insulated blanket that is 1 x 48 x 75 still in original bag
Lot #: 93

Wall magic designer roller kits

Wall Magic by Wagner designer roller kit and a wool roller kit, Do not look as have ever been used. Also, a caulking gun that has not been used very much either
Lot #: 94

Drill Doctor Bit sharpening set

Drill Doctor bit sharpening set that also includes a VHS tape for operation & troubleshooting. Also instruction book
Lot #: 95

Wooden work bench

Wooden workbench with a vice. Workbench has two drawers for storage. Drawers have outline of what tools you can put in the bench. Vice is a Milwaukee number 806. Bench measures 19" x 52" x 32?
Lot #: 96

Floor stripper and sealer

We are only going by what it says on the jugs & we have no guarantee how much nor what is in each. They are sitting on a homemade wooden platform. Includes hydraulic oil, grout and tile sealer, heavy duty floor stripper, windshield wash & RV and Marine antifreeze
Lot #: 97

5 gallon bucket of deck finish

Concrete forms, splices and a 5 gallon bucket of deck finish
Lot #: 98

Roll of black plastic

5 foot wide black plastic - looks like is almost a full roll
Lot #: 99

Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker

Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker- looks like is still in really good shape
Lot #: 100

Size 10 wadders

Size 10 wadders & all purpose plastic wrap-some still in the bag and some loose. Now you don?t have an excuse to put off that painting job as up can get the wadders to protect your feet if you spill any and the plastic to catch the rest of it.
Lot #: 101

Pitching horseshoes

Complete set a pitching horseshoes in original box- manufactured by the Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company
Lot #: 102

Swann Deter security camera

4 Swann pro series Deter imitation security cameras. Have never been taken out of their boxes. They?re called "decoy devices".
Lot #: 103

Paint supplies

Your paint supplies includes: paint sticks for stirring, two sets of kneepads and mixing blades to be put on drill to "power mix".
Lot #: 104

Wall light & aqua tank

Westinghouse wall light with chrome base and glass globe to hang on the wall. Handy heat magnetic heater - Just stick it on for fast penetrating heat. An Aqua Tank 2 gallon aquarium-that looks like has never been taken out of the box.
Lot #: 105

Door locks

Three sets of door locks in original packaging. One is a Mountain Security keyed entry of polish brass and 2 Schlage locks. Includes door handles for aluminum storm door
Lot #: 106

Tile spacers and ceiling light

Tile spacers, ceiling light and various bottles of Avon. Feels like some of them still have perfume in them plus you get air fresheners
Lot #: 107

Aqua Tank & under counter lights

Aqua tanks, seamless acrylic aquarium that looks like has not been taken out of this box. Two under the counter lights
Lot #: 108

Metal cabinet

Metal cabinet with a Formica style top has double doors with plastic pulls and a single drawer. 30" x 24" x 36"
Lot #: 109


Three like new Universal Uniroyal takeoff tires. Size 24555 R19
Lot #: 110

Handicap rails

Handicap rails, a plastic tote and a Redi Shade- temporary window shade in original packaging
Lot #: 111

Electrical & plumbing supplies

Porch light to hang outside your door. Other light fixtures, including a recessed LED light. Plumbing supplies
Lot #: 112

Metal hanging hooks and flashing tape

Shelf brackets, vent cover, door parts, flashing tape and a metal drawer with nothing to put it in
Lot #: 113

Hollow door & wood sawhorses

Wooden hollow door measures 30 inches wide and 80 inches long. It has the glides at the top for sliding door. The sawhorses are wood and have the good metal clamps. Items on top of the door are sold in separate lots
Lot #: 114

Lawn Boy push mower

Lawn Boy push mower Dura Pro, 6 1/2 hp. Has the instruction book and everything you need. Has 18 inch blade
Lot #: 115

Dust collection system

Wet and dry vacuum cyclonic super vac. 2 1/2 inch Rigid Flex Is a Fire House bucket that?s been turned into a vacuum bucket. Everything you need to hook it to your shop vac
Lot #: 116

Butterflies and more

Metal butterflies to put candles & hang on the wall. Little wooden well to show off or use as center piece- Right now has caster wheels & jiffy strips for planting plants in the garden, check file and chemicals for the yard

in: 31

Lot #: 117

Two kitchen wares sets

Two sets of dinnerware- one set from the JC Penney Home Collection. The other from Oneida. Neither are complete sets. Coffee cups, saucers, bowls, plates etc. Make a nice place setting but we don?t know how many pieces of each
Lot #: 118

Tamaka Evante stoneware

Tamaka Avanti Stoneware "oven and dishwasher safe, microwave, oven proof" dinner plates, serving bowls, cup & saucer and cereal bowls. Box says 8 place settings
Lot #: 119

Tractor manuals

Chevrolet light duty truck manual, 1957 Ford manual, "U" tractors operation and maintenance manual. Children's books- "Bugs Bunny" and "My Little Red Story Book" and a German book - do not know what is promoting

in: 31

Lot #: 120


Readers Digest "When Where Why and How it Happened is history?s demonic events, The South Beach Diet", Readers Digest condensed books,"The Tales of South Pacific", "Great People The 20th Century", and "How in the World Book"
Lot #: 121

Canister set & cookie jar

Three piece canister set with floral arrangement with no markings on the cookie jar. None of them look like they have been used very much.
Lot #: 122


Soup terrine with laddle and removable plate to catch the drips. A small rectangle terrine and divided lidded dish can use it either as a soup for dinner or relishes. Small chip on the rim of the larger terrine
Lot #: 123

Vintage Christmas light bulbs

Vintage red Christmas bulbs, wooden knife holder with no knives an extra loud phone ringer for home or even travel and fruit zester. See the pictures.
Lot #: 124

Vintage Lazy Susan

"Grandma Langs" vintage Lazy Susan relish server with wooden tray, 5 glass dishes, a metal lid with a clear knob and an aluminum turntable
Lot #: 125


At least 6 Piece place setting of Royal China Sunflower from Mega stone. Oven proof, dish washer safe, detergent proof and underglaze decoration, made in the USA". Bowls, cups, saucers, plates, salad plates, with Alpine cups & saucers mixed in the batch. Box says 8 place settings
Lot #: 126

Old & new hanging scales

Big Buck scale from Cabela?s and a vintage spring balance scale
Lot #: 127

Kerr widemouth mason quart jars

Two boxes of 12 Kerr mason quart jars. No lids or rims- just the jars
Lot #: 128

Pint and quart canning jars

A box of Ball 12 widemouth tapered pint jars that look like have never been used. They still have unopened package of rings and lids. Box of Kerr wide mouth quart jars.
Lot #: 129

Boxes of screws

Boxes of wood screws. They are pretty full. Slotted flat head wood screws, flat head screws. One box is unmarked- see the pictures
Lot #: 130

Wildlife calendars

Wildlife calendars:1997, 1998, 2000-2004, 2006, 2015.
Lot #: 131

Collectible calendars

Collectible calendars: 2008, 11 through 2014 15, 17, 20. Thomas Kincaid, wild and scenic, Kansas mountains, waterfalls, national parks, National Geographic and horses
Lot #: 132

Vintage Toys & baby bottles

Vintage toys include a Nylint cattle farm pick up, Amoco gas tank without the cab, Playskool wooden workbench, baby bottle warmer and Evenflow baby bottle with a nipple holders. All in a cardboard storage can with metal lid

in: 31

Lot #: 133

Storage can with camping stuff

Cardboard storage can with metal lid filled with camping stuff: Giant float, rubber raft, lifejackets, roping and Gott 2 gallon cooler.
Lot #: 134

Diesel engine manual

Diesel engine manual from the Department of the Interior 1918. Operation service manual for Clinton engines. Movie radio guide with Bob Hope on the cover, Shoppers notes and all kinds of paper bags. State of Kansas English Book number two and Elements of Agriculture with LH Bailey as editor
Lot #: 135

Hardback books

Agriculture book from the 46 Congress. Helps and Practical Electricity, Readers Digest books and more
Lot #: 136

Children?s books

Children?s books and puzzles-including the "Christmas Carol" & "Frosty the Snowman puzzles. Box of Outdoors Magazines and Sports Afield
Lot #: 137

Oval metal leg kitchen table

Oval shaped Formica top kitchen table with leaf & metal frame. The 56" from the longest point with the extra leaf and 42" at widest point.
Lot #: 138

Vintage single bed

Vintage single bed - just the foot and headboard. A nice wall hanging of different pictures of Army: parachuting, copter and a truck
Lot #: 139

Two dresser mirrors

Two dresser mirrors. 4? x 2 1/2? & the second one is 2 1/2? x 2?. They both are protected with heavy cardboard
Lot #: 140

Prefab building frame

8x16 Prefab building frame with beams and supports, white metal guttering, plastic tube with metal pipe and building liner sheeting on rolls
Lot #: 141

Wrought iron plant holder

Wrought iron plant holder with a bird sitting on top you can see Lot 140 in the picture, but this is only the Hook. Approx 90" tall
Lot #: 142

Metal pipe & Stg frig

Montgomery Ward Refrigerator good for storage. Metal downspout- 9 foot plus elbow, endless belting, sewer pipe and metal pipe
Lot #: 143

MM tractor weights

MM tractor weights 10A1134 made in the USA

in: 31

Lot #: 144

Toro 1200 trimmer Weedeater

Electric electric Toro 1200 trimmer weedeater with some line
Lot #: 145

Weedeater trimmer

Weedeater gas trimmer with extra cutting line
Lot #: 146

Troy Bilt string trimmer

Troy Bilt, TB 25CS gas powered string trimmer plus extra twine
Lot #: 147

Gasoline cans

5 gallon metal can and a Royal Purple plastic can
Lot #: 148

Chain and smooth wire

Assorted pieces of chain, a metal grate for a floor furnace, a wooden block, and several rolls of smooth wire
Lot #: 149

Well Pipe Jack

Well Pipe Jack
Lot #: 150

Flatbottom boat

Flatbottom fishing boat measures 11 1/2 foot, 4 oars, Minn Kota 4 speed trolling motor, life jacket, bag weight. Plus two boat seats
Lot #: 151

Ammo boxes full of animal traps

Two metal ammo boxes full of animal traps and one of them is a Cana bear. Some other small animal traps and large animal traps
Lot #: 152

Wooden box with trapping supplies

Wooden box with two lids full of trapping supplies including a Cana Bear trap
Lot #: 153


One piece of plywood and wood blocks. Other items in pix sell in other lots
Lot #: 154

Hoses & air hose

Air hose, extension cord with multi box plug and garden hoses
Lot #: 155

Plastic and metal buckets

Plastic and metal buckets- some say lubricant-co-op, and Texaco. There is some antifreeze, a brown jug, a square piece plastic sheeting. Wire frame. PVC pipe that is full of smaller pieces of PVC and two metal bars. The large PVC is 78 inches long
Lot #: 156

Metal and wood trim

PVC pipe holding some metal trim, some loose metal and wood strips that they used when they were working on the schoolhouse to turn it into a house
Lot #: 157

Rope and pulley

Rope and pulley, short hoses, Plastic toolbox. New package of multi surface 15 minute repair kit to make repairs instantly.
Lot #: 158


Here?s your firewood for next winter in a metal pipe framed wood storage. A tree stump that you can cut up to add to the pile and a metal carrier to carry firewood from the wood stand to the fireplace
Lot #: 159

Post hole diggers

Two twist type hand post hole diggers. One has a wooden handle and the other is missing a handle
Lot #: 160

Three doll buggies

Three vintage doll buggies in various conditions
Lot #: 161

Garage door insulator

Three boxes of garage door insulator. Says insulates one garage door up to 9 feet wide. Only one box has been open. The other two have never been opened and I don?t think there?s been any removed from the opened box. You?re getting all three for one money. Insulation is rated R8.
Lot #: 162

Wrought-iron piece

This decorative piece looks like it might be part of a gate. It just must be the middle insert. Has no hooks or hinges. 30 inches wide and to the tallest peak is 70 inches. This lot is ONLY the wrought iron piece
Lot #: 163

Insulation wrap

Rolls of insulation: Reflectix insulation, foil lined pieces and some orange plastic fencing. All 5 rolls for one money
Lot #: 164


Assorted pieces, lengths and types of lumber. Including at least one strip of cedar that was planed to use in the house when they were changing it from a school house to a home, This lot is just the lumber
Lot #: 165

Metal barrel with plastic insert

Assorted types and styles of wood pieces in a metal barrel with plastic lining. Plastic barrel that feels empty and still has its lid. A hollow wood sliding door. with the sliding hardware.
Lot #: 166

Glass & and milk glass vases

Several different shapes and sizes of glass and milk glass vases. Some are bud vases and some will hold a dozen roses. Included are paper books to read.
Lot #: 167

Metal pulleys

Metal pulleys, Plastic bucket with various pieces of metal and Zero metal can with nuts and bolts
Lot #: 168

Oil Well vise & a metal pulley

5" Oil well vise and a green double metal pulley
Lot #: 169

Metal tractor seat

Metal tractor seat, the metal part of a garden cultivator that breaks up the sod and some pieces of metal

in: 31

Lot #: 170

Aux light & jigsaw blades

Black & Decker jigsaw blades, Bandettes, battery caps, small pieces of tubing, metal tubing pieces for garden hose. See the pictures.
Lot #: 171

Drain buster & faucet hose

Drain buster and parts to ground drive belts to use on the mower, dryer vent, wire basket that came out of a deep freeze and several different hoses with connections to use on faucets
Lot #: 172

Wash away & post anchor kit

Wash away the easy way to clean grass clippings from under the mower, a 6 x 6 post anchor kit, parts for a gorilla ladder and grip caps
Lot #: 173

Metal shelf brackets

Assorted metal shelf and corner brackets
Lot #: 174

Gas line hoses & dry chemical fire ext

Gas line hoses with connections, dryer vent hose, 2 door bar handles-probably came off the inside of the door of the school before they refurbished, door closing for aluminum outside door that has been used. A can of dry chemical, fire extinguisher.
Lot #: 175

Wicker rectangle basket

Wicker rectangle basket with curtain rods, vent cover for a AC unit
Lot #: 176

Self stick tiles

Three boxes of 12 x 12 self stick tiles. There are 30 in each box -2 of them have not been opened. Not sure anything?s been taken out of the third one. A box of ceramic glaze floor tile- we don?t know if all there or not. Does not look like there?s more than one piece gone if any. Self stick tile primer three boxes of embossing tape and a crackling ash granules to enjoy sound effects of a real wood fire without having real wood fire
Lot #: 177

Ceiling light fixtures

Two ceiling light flush mounts. Looks like one has never been used. The other one has been taken down and replaced with something else.
Lot #: 178

Sad irons

Two sad irons with one handle. Hemo gravy shaker, a small transistor radio with the case, vinegar cruet, little vintage jar with wire bail lid, Meadow Gold cream bottle and small bottle
Lot #: 179

Van Dykes taxidermy kit

Van Dyke taxidermy kit- not sure has ever been opened. You get what looks like a new knee pad or may be a face mask. Don?t have a clue- use it for what you want
Lot #: 180

Lasko box fan & paper shredder

Lasko box fan. Smart Shred paper shredder with waste basket. Has a six sheet capacity & looks like never been taken out of the box.
Lot #: 181

Foldable plastic sawhorses & door

Pair of foldable plastic sawhorses, a hollow door that measures 30 inches wide and 80 long. It has the rolling tabs at the top so probably a sliding door in its other life.
Lot #: 182

Metal school zone sign

Metal school zone sign. It was probably sitting out in front of the school before it was sold to a family to make it a home. 2 basketball goals with no netting and two tires with the rims. Both are is 4.80/4.00?8. Meshed wire
Lot #: 183

Echo trimmer

Echo gas powered trimmer with a saw blade
Lot #: 184

Black & Decker edger

Black and Decker electric powered 1.25 hp edger
Lot #: 185


Wire cable and a pulley system
Lot #: 186

15 ft action ladder Treestand

In the original box -15 foot action ladder tree stand. A 20" x 12" seating area. 20 inch wide stance- five sections strap on tree mounting, adjustable length stabilizing bar, extra large 17" x 16" standing platform. It is Hunter Brown and will hold up to 300 pounds. The stand itself is 45 pounds & as far as we can tell the stand is all there. A pop-up camo turkey blind and fishing rod is included in this lot. The wood trim and tree saw sell in other lots
Lot #: 187

Copper boiler

Vintage copper boiler- still has the wooden handles. In very good shape
Lot #: 188

Wooden ammo box

Vintage Super smokeless powder wood ammo box. Has knives and a vintage wood shoe stretcher
Lot #: 189

Vintage car parts

Handy scratch remover, metal lawn sprayer, Dutch Boy White Leaf, bronze water nozzle, and assorted Briggs & Straton car parts. Chimney sweep brush that you put on a drill
Lot #: 190

Door hardware

Von Duprin door hardware. Looks like neither box has ever been used. One says "for cabinets on inside face of door", and the other one says "lock case template for door" & gives directions for the right hand door or the left hand door.
Lot #: 191

Duck decoys

2 Duck decoys, (1 has broken beak), "Outdoor Life" Magazine?s issues, 76,78, 79, 80, and 81 and one issue of October 1984, "American Hunter" plus a plastic Aladdin lunchbox. Read your magazine, carry your lunch and watch the ducks float by,
Lot #: 192

Brass pieces

Small bucket of brass pieces that include piping, suction pipe strainer fittings, and a box full of nails that have a square shield around it to keep it from pulling through the box
Lot #: 193

Stainless steel sprayer

Craftsman stainless steel 2 gallon sprayer with wide mouth top in original box. It is still bright and shiny so not sure has been used.
Lot #: 194

Downspout extensions

Three amber colored wins glasses and plastic downspout extensions- 2 black rectangle, one black round and one tan colored
Lot #: 195

Vintage tube radio

Vintage tube radio see the pictures for the condition, etc. Not seeing any name or info on the radio
Lot #: 196

Brass greaser

Vintage brass quick aid greaser
Lot #: 197

Brass rod & backpack sprayer

4 gallon home and garden backpack sprayer with original box. Has been used. A brass pipe
Lot #: 198

National Geographic magazines

National Geographic magazines January to July 79, January to December 1980, January 81 to December 81
Lot #: 199

Haul-master and vintage fan

Haul master furniture moving that is 12" x 18? on four rollers and padded edges to protect your furniture. An unmarked vintage fan. It does work- we used it while we were working on this auction
Lot #: 200

Long handled limb trimmer

Telescoping aluminum handle tree trimmer
Lot #: 201

Wood trim

Two bundles of wood trim in various lengths
Lot #: 202

Pipe pieces

Do you need plumbing? We put out several samples of what?s in the bucket
Lot #: 203

Brass valves

Two brass valves, 2 gas regulators, KP intake, 9? cable support system in original packaging. All in Metal drawer
Lot #: 204

JC Higgins men?s bike

JC Higgins men?s bike. Seat needs some repair but it?ll still pedal down the road
Lot #: 205

3 Speed Royal men?s bike

3 speed Royals men?s bike that has an extra tire. Has hand brake
Lot #: 206

Four-way window clamp

Aluminum four-way Universal 805 window clamp.
Lot #: 207

Mole and gopher traps

Mole and gopher traps. A wire basket from a deep freeze to hold the traps and easier carry out the door
Lot #: 208

Reverse Osmosis System

AC 30? RO tank see the pictures for the other information
Lot #: 209

Battery charger

Century battery charger for 6/12 V, 10 amp high rate
Lot #: 210

Power Inverter

Vista 20 amp solid-state power inverter. In a nice wooden carrier
Lot #: 211

Air powered Brad nailer

Brand new in the box, hardly been used XL air powered Brad nailer. 8 gauge- 1 1/4"
Lot #: 212

Deitz Oil lantern

Dietz No 2 D-light kerosene lantern. The glass is clear so can tell it?s been used as is smokey. Fasco electric fan.
Lot #: 213

18? x 36" three shelf

Metal shelf unit with three shelves. Measures 18" x 36". The lot showing on top shelf sells in lot 208. This lot is the shelf only.
Lot #: 214

Boat anchors

Vintage galvanized bucket, with two boat anchors and blue colored rock crystals
Lot #: 215

Window fan

Window fan and two wood platforms to use for setting items in your shop. Fan is essentially 2 ft. square. One platform is f4' square and the other one is almost 30" x 27"
Lot #: 216

Camper windows

5 camper windows and piece of plywood. New one is still sealed in plastic. It?s called a vinyl utility slider window that measures 24 x 24.
Lot #: 217


FloVents that are color red. Four larger pieces and a couple of smaller pieces plus the insulation strips to apply them. Includes the instructions to apply to the ridge cap or to a roof.
Lot #: 218

2 Cooper tires

Two 16" CS4 touring tires from Cooper. Delta Radial P265, 75, 16?
Lot #: 219

Minnow basket & stove pipe

Minnow basket and two pieces of stove pipe
Lot #: 220

4 foot blade for utility tractor

4 foot blade from Cycle Country for an utility tractor. Looks like has not been used very much if at all

in: 31

Lot #: 221

Laminate flooring

A box with laminate flooring by Armstrong. 7 aluminum framed window screens-. 25" x 42?. Flooring measures approximately 16? x 4?.
Lot #: 222

Filter Queen vacuum

Filter Queen vacuum with attachments and hoses

in: 31

Lot #: 223

Welding iron

Piece of galvanized pipe, mostly flat iron scrap iron. Really good welding iron. The longest piece is 11 1/2 feet. Most are about 3 foot long. Very good welding iron. This includes the wooden blocks that are sitting underneath some of the welding iron
Lot #: 224

Approximately 15 bricks

Approximately 15 bricks: Dickie Standard from Kansas City, Coffeyville, Buffalo Walsh
Lot #: 225

Paint and stain

Paint and stain. See the pictures. They?re not full.
Lot #: 226

50 pounds box of nails

Box says 50 pounds of finishing nails It?s not full, see the pictures to make your own estimate of how much is in the box
Lot #: 227

50 pound box of six penny nails

50 pound box of six penny nails. It?s not full, see the pictures to make your own estimate of how much is in the box
Lot #: 228

50 pound box of 10 penny nails

50 pound box of 10 penny nails. It?s not full, see the pictures to make your own estimate of how much is in the box
Lot #: 229

Galvanized ridge nails

Galvanized ridge nails as you can see it?s not a full box and it comes with a metal hardware drawer
Lot #: 230

Honing set

Honing set with tools. Range from model P. H. 20 through range .7182 1.123 called the "Honette". Also includes Endcap, some oil rags and earplugs
Lot #: 231

Charcoal briquettes

Unopened bags of charcoal briquettes and see from the pictures the sizes. Also charcoal starter
Lot #: 232

Bit drivers

Nice selection of "Hard Work Molten driver selection" - several different kinds and magnetic pan to keep everything together
Lot #: 233

Toolbox and misc hardware

Metal toolbox, coffee can & jars all full of miscellaneous hardware. See the pictures.
Lot #: 234

Coleman gas lantern and box

Coleman gas lantern with metal box. Extra mantels, and a metal funnel to fill the tank
Lot #: 235

Antique tools

Shoe laste, grease gun, stove handle, brace and a faucet
Lot #: 236

Coleman gas lantern

Coleman gas lantern, 18 inch chains for chainsaws, assorted open end Wrenches, bottom of a blue granite roaster. See the pictures.
Lot #: 237

Miscellaneous shop supplies

Parts for an electric lamp, parts for electric cords and electric fence insulators, tent stakes, hardware, spring and much more
Lot #: 238

Vintage oil lamps

A pair of vintage oil lamps. One has the original mantle and has a blue color glass oil bowl, The other has amber color glass oil bowl and newer mantle. Neither has a chimney
Lot #: 239

Printer type tray & radiant heat lamp

Radiant heat lamp, Printer type tray that has a couple of mouse traps and seashells, A wooden box for squirrel or bird feeder.
Lot #: 240

Wooden box with grindstones

One box measures 14 inches deep by 22 inches wide by 24 inches. Includes Grindstones and other shop items. Box was probably built specifically for grinder and grindstones.
Lot #: 241

Square D Electrical entry box

Square D electrical entry box and wiring
Lot #: 242

Shotgun shell boxes & clay targets

Partial box of Bob White Targets (clay pigeons) & several shotgun shell boxes. Did mot examine all the boxes, but all we did check are empty. A nice target thrower to launch the clay targets
Lot #: 243

Vintage washtubs and stand

A pair of vintage wash tubs on a stand with rollers. A cut down hollow door & piece of metal.
Lot #: 244

Cast-iron manhole cover

Cast-iron manhole cover, made by the Hutchinson, Kansas foundry
Lot #: 245

Plastic basket and more

Plastic basket filled with glass vases & clay pots
Lot #: 246

Collectible tins

Karo dark corn syrup, 3 quart Skelly oil, coffee can decorated with old ads, other coffee cans, oil filler can and others. See the pictures
Lot #: 247

Plastic outdoor planters

Pair of plastic outdoor planters and lawn edging.
Lot #: 248

Vintage pop bottle cap sign

Looks like an old Pepsi bottle cap sign- nothing readable, except a little of the yellow around the edge
Lot #: 249

Four vintage wood crates

Four vintage wood crates: two " Snoboy", ?Hasjetts heavy pack apples?, ?Trout Lake Chelan grit growers?
Lot #: 250

10 gallon Accola chemical can

10 gallon Accola chemical can
Lot #: 251

Chicken nest

Chicken nest/cage Made especially for fighting chickens or show pigeons
Lot #: 252

Miscellaneous lumber

Miscellaneous lumber is in the loft. Be prepared to get it down. Includes several pieces of flooring board
Lot #: 253

Duck decoy

Duck decoy- oversized green head Mallard
Lot #: 254

Three barstools

Three barstools with wood frames,caster wheels, leather backs and seats. All three in good shape.
Lot #: 255

Collection of vintage tools

These vintage tools are all attached to plywood and hanging on the support beam for the loft. You?ll need to bring tools to take them off. The plywood is attached to the building and will not be removed. Pipe wrenches, hook, nippers, saws, garden cultivator, shovel, and more.
Lot #: 256

Deep penetrating concrete sealer

Two 5 gallon buckets of unopened, unused RadonSeal deep penetrating concrete sealer
Lot #: 257

Miscellaneous iron

Sucker rod, post, shaft rod- a little bit of everything most of it 10 to 12 foot long
Lot #: 258

3 quarter ton pick up bed trailer

Good pick up bed trailer that needs a tire, but does have one leaning on it. All you need to do is trade it up.
Lot #: 259


Be ready for next winter. This firewood has already been cut and seasoned, so it should burn. About 1 1/2 cords worth -maybe even more than that
Lot #: 260

20 inch floor fan

20 inch floor fan. We know for a fact it works because we used it while we were cataloging this auction on some pretty warm days
Lot #: 261

Oak table and chairs

Oak table with leaf and 2 chairs. One end of the table has been bleached out. The table and chairs are solid
Lot #: 262

Bowflex machine

Bowflex machine as you see on TV, but be prepared to lose your hair like the men in the commercials
Lot #: 263

Fish aquarium and stand

The stand is a metal frame with a wood base to hold your equipment. The equipment shown is included in this lot. Aquarium measures 4 foot long, one foot wide 20 inches deep. Looks like everything is here except the fish and water.
Lot #: 264

Depression waterfall bed

Double size depression waterfall bed. The bedding is not included. Late-model mattress and springs- according to Kansas Statute, used mattress and springs cannot be sold. Winning bidder on the bed will be given them and buyer has the option whether or not takes them. Take them or not, but they are included in your purchase
Lot #: 265

Converted waterbed

Queen size converted waterbed has a plywood under the mattress and springs. Has a very good mattress and springs. It?s not very old. You are being given the mattress and springs and you are not obligated to take it as we cannot sell used mattress & springs in Kansas. Very nice set.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.