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Sterling, KS US
Mary Flickinger family has chosen to disperse the personal property of Mary Flickinger via the online auction method. Selling 426 lots that range from Goofus Class to Drill press, Sad irons and collectible electric irons, Dolls, Victorian couch, area water color artists and much more.
Lot #: 1

8' Oak Showcase

8' Oak showcase with 2 sliding doors and 2 shelves. Open back and missing one of the glass tops and one sliding door glass.
Lot #: 2

Oil Lamps

5 oil/kerosene lamps, Bottle of Lamp oil, extra burner and one fingerhold copper miniature lamp. One of the lamps includes holder for hanging on a wall bracket
Lot #: 3

Crock jar & glass salad plates

Painted crock jar with wooden lid (glass pull on top of lid), ironstone plate with metal clips, buttons, and other decorative pieces. 7 depression clear glass salad plates with flower etchings around edge. Items in shoe box including 2 glass insulators, cobalt blue bottle and gravy laddle, buttons from old dresses and earrings
Lot #: 4

Box of jars

Box of misc jars: lidded gallon jars, large canning jars-some with lids of which some are the 2 piece glass/metal lids. Old electric hot plate-missing the pan to cook with. Partial 3.5 gal plastic tub of floor covering adhesive
Lot #: 5

5' metal shelf unit & contents

5 foot metal shelf unit with no door. Contents include: clip board, wood putty. porcelain ceiling light bulb holder, blue grainiteware bowl ( fair shape), Avon car shape aftershave, kraut jar with no lid, wall light plastic covers, flower frog and more
Lot #: 6

Wood frame mirror & Board

Wood framed mirror, Church wood hymn number display board, 2 pieces of wood of which one is from a cabinet. Plus 2 boards
Lot #: 7

Green Bay Packers Ave Sign

Green Bay Packers Ave Sign-metal
Lot #: 8

Candle stick light & metal door knob plates

Candle stick light, Cast Iron trivet, old door knobs and metal plates & hinges, dust mop, shower caddy, metal bar, old Sears 23 CB receiver (do not know if works) and box misc books.
Lot #: 9

Collectible Iron rods

Iron tool to open lid of hot stove and other is J branding iron
Lot #: 10

Electrical supplies

Shoe box with various electrical outlets and light socket, 2 floor furnace registers, Fuse box, electrical hot plate, wood cement trowel, Small Stanley metal plane, telephone pole brown insulator, Old metal door knob/lock and misc partial cans paint/adhesive
Lot #: 11

Collectible Underwood typewriter

Collectible Underwood typewriter and Barnes complete typewriting instructor book
Lot #: 12


Gallon jar and quart canning jars. Some with metal lids
Lot #: 13

Assorted collectible bottles

Medicinal and liquor bottles.
Lot #: 14

Tool belt & climbing spikes

Canvass tool belt and pair of pole climbing spikes
Lot #: 15


Wooden drawer full of misc padlocks.
Lot #: 16

Ice saw

Ice saw
Lot #: 17


Black trimmed enamel pan, metal dust pan, wood drawer filled with handiwork and old cancelled 2 cents stamps, glass lids, wood boot jack, open ended wrench,and other wrenches & knippers, metal picture sizer and wood picture framer
Lot #: 18

Power Washer

Power washer. Family does not know if works. Looks good shape
Lot #: 19

Combine limit curtain & clay targets

New (still has original sticker) limit curtain, partial box of clay pigeons, piece of carpet and homemade table top with door as top surface. (it is nice and sturdy but needs legs)
Lot #: 20

Metal steamer trunk

Metal steamer trunk with leather strap handles. Nice shape and ready for you to put to use
Lot #: 21

Carpenters Tool box

Wood carpenter tools box with some tools. Including a single ice skate. Ball peen and claw hammers. saw handle, various pliers and more
Lot #: 22

Green canning jars

4 green canning jars and wicker framed mirror
Lot #: 23

Metal fat scimmer

Gray graniteware fat scimmer and plunger
Lot #: 24


3 pieces of ironstone, dematassie cups, painted saucers and mustard jar
Lot #: 25

Doilie & costume jewelry

Crocheted doilie, postcard photo print, 2 child forks, square peg nail, misc costume jewelry pieces
Lot #: 26

Rug stretcher

Rug stretcher, lid to miramatic pressure cooker, 2 green insulators, starshape candle holder and clear glass sauce bowl
Lot #: 27

3 boxes of Items

Plastic flowers, car folding window shade, plastic holly, Christmas tree decorations, box of toys-stuffed toys and a doll, plastic BB hoop and Avon toys
Lot #: 28

2 electric motors

1/3 HP in original box. Looks new. 1 HP with bracket , pulley and cord without plugin
Lot #: 29

6 V B&D Drill & hand auger

6 Volt Black and Decker Drill. Plus 12" long, hand auger drill
Lot #: 30

Coolers & Thermos jugs

Coleman and Rubberman 6 pack coolers. Coleman and Igloo thermos half gallon water jugs
Lot #: 31

Misc tools

Caulking gun, Brace and bit, part of door latch, wire brush, dry wall tool and antique laundry tongs plus rusty old monkey wrench, padlock and hammer head
Lot #: 32

Satchel suitcase & grow light

Satchel suitcase, grow light, misc tools: box of nails, brace, nice Eclipse jack plane
Lot #: 33

Letter size file cabinet

Letter size metal file cabinet-army green, various sea shells and kit. 2 piece canning lids with metal and glass
Lot #: 34

Wooden wardrobe cabinet

Wooden 2 door wardrobe cabinet 6' tall and 3' wide and 22" deep. Also extra shelf and piece of plate glass. Clothing selling in different lot
Lot #: 35

Folding Back Stretcher & walker

Folding back stretcher and one folding walker with wheels
Lot #: 36

Metal clothes racks & Army Dress coat

Metal clothes rack that comes apart for easy storage and transport. Folding drying rod. Army dress coat and misc women's dresses. Army coat is small size and has no size tag. One dress is 14 1/2, only 2 dresses have size tags and say 10
Lot #: 37

Hand crank sickle grinder

Hand crank sickle grinder, wool sack and gunny sack
Lot #: 38

Blonde lamp table

Blonde 2 shelf lamp table, metal desk lamp and stoneware tea pot with wicker handle
Lot #: 39

Balance Beam Hide Scale

Balance beam hide scale
Lot #: 40

Balance Beam Hide Scale

Balance beam hide scale
Lot #: 41

Larger Balance Beam Hide Scale

Larger balance beam hide scale
Lot #: 42

3 Oil field pipe wrenches

3 oil field pipe wrenches
Lot #: 43

Unusual pipe wrench

Unusual Lake Superior Company pipe wrench and old metal garden claw
Lot #: 44

Log Clamp & Wire Stretcher

Apolo wire stretcher and log clamp without handle
Lot #: 45

Left handed monkey wrench

Serpentine open end wrench, left handed monkey wrench, pipe wrench, 2 wagon hammers and set horse knippers
Lot #: 46

Square nails

half gallon can square nails in various conditions, gallon jar full of fish aquarium decorative items and 3 in one can of oil
Lot #: 47

LED Classic Coleman Lantern

LED Coleman Classic Lantern. New in the box. "Dad" never took out of the box
Lot #: 48

Coleman Gas Lantern

Double Mantle (Model 220) Coleman gas lantern with original box plus gallon can half full of lantern fluid
Lot #: 49


5 gallon jars, several quart jars, pint jars, half gallon jars
Lot #: 50

Cast Iron kettle

Taiwan Cast Iron kettle and 2 mystery items plus wooden recipe box
Lot #: 51

Stanley Miter Saw box

Bee smoker, Stanley miter saw box with no saw
Lot #: 52

Corn huskers

6 corn huskers
Lot #: 53

Enterprise Cherry stoner

Enterprise Cherry stoner
Lot #: 54

Sinclair Scott Cast iron apple peeler

Sinclair Scott Company of Baltimore. Made in the USA. Cast iron apple peeler. Complete and looks like works good
Lot #: 55

Rollman No 3 Cherry Seeder

Rollman No 3 Cherry Seeder
Lot #: 56

Hay Mow pulleys

4" stove damper, 2 wooden hay mow pulleys and set of two metal shelf brackets plus one other shelf bracket
Lot #: 57

Well pulley

Well pulley. This is an original pulley from Buffalo Bills well and is the 2nd one we sold. Only joking, but is good old well pulley.
Lot #: 58

5 shoe last

5 shoe lasts with no stand
Lot #: 59

Plumbing compression hoses

3/8" plumbing compression hoses. 3M Foam Fast 74 clear adhesive, Abbeyville Coop thermometer,
Lot #: 60

Jack Plane

R5 Jack Plane with no name marked, Stanley pipe wrench and #10 pipe wrench marked made in USA
Lot #: 61

Old car window

3 Marble eggs, lamp shade and old car window with defroster. Does not look like ever been used
Lot #: 62

Bicycle Seat

Bicycle seat, buggy step, wall hook
Lot #: 63

Adlake RR light

Best part of Adlake RR light
Lot #: 64

Wood coin drawer

Wood coin drawer, decapauge picture of "The Gleaners", misc trays, nutmeg grater and hot pan grabber
Lot #: 65

Brass Fob from China Doll-Dodge City

Skeleton key with brass fob saying "China Doll-Dodge City" 10 cent lookie, 25 cent feelie, 50 cent dooie.
Lot #: 66

Painting supplies

pan full of painting supplies: rollers, brushes, scrappers
Lot #: 67

Meat grinders

4 meat grinders-Shapleigh, Russwin #2, Universal, Rich-con
Lot #: 68

Griswald # 8 waffle iron

Cast iron Griswald #8 waffle iron. Good shape
Lot #: 69

Metal strainer full kitchen tools

Metal stainer full: 2 flippers, Dover egg beater & 3 other egg beaters, set of casters and misc tiems
Lot #: 70

Kerosene tank

Kerosene tank and old canteen without cover and painted red
Lot #: 71

Table lamp and candles

Table lamp without a shade, assorted candles, Raggedy Andy rag doll
Lot #: 72

Paper roller/cutter

Paper roller/cutter and Crimper
Lot #: 73

Assorted perfume bottles

El Roi-Tan cigar box full of assorted perfume bottles.
Lot #: 74

Hair items

Curling iron and curling fluid, hat pins, Water waving set
Lot #: 75

Kitchen tools

Fancy Rocks, Egg beaters, peeler, knife and milk glass planter
Lot #: 76

FAST Ice cuber

Fast DV-More Ice Cuber. Makes clear ice cubes in 3 minutes. In original box. Uses heat and block of ice
Lot #: 77

Wood bit handle/Radio magnovox

Wood bit handle and Radio Magnovox
Lot #: 78

Radio Tubes

Assorted Radio tubes in "Fresh Fillet of Haddock metal box"
Lot #: 79

Kitchen items

Egg beaters, Serving pieces, Malted milk mixer and large cut stone ready to polish
Lot #: 80

Metal rack

Metal rack with slanted shelves. Contents of shelves selling in other lots
Lot #: 81

Gallon jugs and buttons

1 gallon glass jug full of assorted buttons and few assorted buttons in 2nd glass jug. Baby food jar full beaded trim
Lot #: 82

Wagon wheel soaker

Cast iron wagon wheel soaker. Will accommodate a 4" wheel
Lot #: 83

Clinker remover

Clinker remover for old coal stove, spool galvanized electric wire
Lot #: 84

Plate glass

5 pieces plate glass
Lot #: 85

Hard case suitcase

Hard case suitcase, step stool, man's hat, 2 pr women's shoes, woman's black purse and black cape
Lot #: 86

Women's collectible hats

6 women's collectable hats and 2 hat boxes
Lot #: 87

Women's collectible hats

2 hat boxes and 7 collectible women's hats
Lot #: 88

Collectible Women's hats

Hat worn at 1949 wedding, plus other collectible hats. Total of 5
Lot #: 89

Collectible women's hats

Approx 14 collectible women's hats
Lot #: 90

Collectible framed picture

Collectible framed picture with cupids on each end and child sleeping in the middle frame. Small covered tureen but not sure lid matches though similiar, spooner, wind chimes and vase with bird on side
Lot #: 91

Glass coffee grinder

Collectible Glass wall hanging coffee grinder embossed "Crystal"
Lot #: 92

Green Depression Glass pieces

Green Depression Glass pieces: Vase, footed compote, large bowl and lidded jar
Lot #: 93

Glass elephants

1 Green and 1 gray satin glass dresser elephant lidded dishes
Lot #: 94

Goofus Glass

4 pieces of goofus glass and one divided ruby glass tray with silver deco.
Lot #: 95

3 drawer metal filing cabinet

3 drawer metal filing cabinet-letter size. Decorative paper on one side
Lot #: 96

Handicap equipment

Shower bench, folding walkers, commode, raised toilet seats and bed railings of various kinds
Lot #: 97

Lauren Barr-Hutchinson Artist

Lauren Barr framed painting. Signed
Lot #: 98

Pair Plaster Relief Pictures

Pair Plaster Relief Pictures. Flemish Water Front and Old Folks at Home (which does have a chip)
Lot #: 99

Oxygen/Acetylene set

Dockson Oxygen/Acetylene set without the cutting head. Good set of hoses and gauges. Sits on rubber mat which is included
Lot #: 100

Fluting Sad Iron

Fluting sad iron with extra parts and handles
Lot #: 101

Asbestos sad irons

7 Asbestos sad irons and 2 Dover No 2 sad irons. No handles. One has extended base
Lot #: 102

AG Williams & others Sad Irons

AG Williams and others Sad Irons. Two have handles and 4 without handles
Lot #: 103

Pott Sad Iron and others

3 handled sad irons and 3 with no handles
Lot #: 104

Pleuger Henger Mfg Co Sad Irons & more

Pleuger & Henger Mfg Co of St Louis, MO Sad irons and more. 2 sad irons with handles and 3 without handles
Lot #: 105

Howell Sad Irons

Howell, Williams and another unreadable Sad Irons. One has handle and 4 without handles
Lot #: 106

Small sad iron & more

Two No 2 without handles, 1 sad iron with no handle and a metal flower frog
Lot #: 107

3 sad irons

all 3 sad irons have handles. One is a clip on handle. One is marked Herhulout
Lot #: 108

Sad irons

Toy sad iron with piece broke, Pot iron handled and Two 8# sad irons
Lot #: 109

Charcoal sad iron and more

Sheldon handled large sad iron, one with Star 5- very old sad iron and Brass charcoal iron with handle
Lot #: 110

Hatters Sad Iron and other

Sad iron used by Hatters in 1868, Charcoal Pagoel iron, Geneva IL 6# sad iron
Lot #: 111

Sad irons

Unmarked charcoal, another sad iron marked only with 18 and red painted sad iron
Lot #: 112

ACW 24 and other sad irons

C and Shield 16 sad iron, ACW 24 sad iron, and unmarked sad iron
Lot #: 113

4 sad irons

No 20 sad iron, 2 unmarked sad irons and 4th 3# marked (line?) with Trivet
Lot #: 114

4 sad irons

one trivet and says Cleveland Round Co., Monitor #5, Twisted handle 16 and unmarked sad iron
Lot #: 115

3 sad irons

Sad Irons-One has 14 marked on it, E&H Mfg #2, Taylors iron and unmarked one has #6
Lot #: 116

Charcoal sad iron and other sad iron

Charcoal sad iron and another sad iron marked Monitor of St Louis with #4 marked on it
Lot #: 117

Blue Coleman iron

Blue Coleman gas iron with 1 good pump and one pump for parts, funnel and is missing cap on iron tank.
Lot #: 118

Coleman type iron

Unmarked Coleman type gas iron with 2 pumps. Has original box which is not in good shape
Lot #: 119

Blue Coleman gas iron

Blue Coleman gas iron with tank off, but has extra pump and 2 roto generators to put back together, has trivet
Lot #: 120

Two Monitor Gas Irons

Two Monitor gas irons
Lot #: 121

Diamond Gas Iron and other

Diamond gas iron and Instant Light gas Iron
Lot #: 122

2 gas irons

2 gas irons-unmarked
Lot #: 123

Monitor & Jubliee Gas irons

Monitor & Jubliee gas irons and one unmarked gas iron
Lot #: 124

Collectible Toy irons

1 electric toy iron and 3 yellow and 1 red non-electric toy irons
Lot #: 125

Collectible Silex Steam Iron & Tie Iron

Electric Silex steam iron-with instruction tag, Electric 1920 tie iron, Silex steam iron wrench and funnel with original box and Electric presser with original box and instructions
Lot #: 126

4 Collectible Elec Irons

Reliance Electric Heating Co Iron and trivet, American Beauty iron with trivet-cord looks good, Utility Hot Point from Pacific Electric Heating Co iron and L Sterling Travel Iron with trivet and original box
Lot #: 127

4 collectible electric irons

Pacific Electric, Presto steam iron, GE travel iron and Fairy Feather Gorgie made in Ohio travel iron
Lot #: 128

4 Collectible elec irons

Kwik Way Traveler Iron, Simplex iron, Unmarked iron and Proctor Electric Co iron with built-in stand
Lot #: 129

4 Collectible electric irons

Proctor iron with built-in stand, General Mills True heat with steam ironing attachment in original box, Dixie iron and General Mills without cord and steam attachment
Lot #: 130

4 Collectable elec irons

GE travel iron, American Beauty iron, Sunbeam steam iron and Duke Muller iron
Lot #: 131

4 Collectible elec irons

American Electric Co heavy iron, American Beauty with trivet, Standard Hot Point and 12V electric iron
Lot #: 132

4 Collectible elec irons

Missy Steamer iron, General Mills True Heat iron, Oldie but goodie Promethus Elec Co iron-no cord and another oldie with no cord with no name.
Lot #: 133

4 Collectible elec irons

Kwik Way iron, Landers steam iron, Sunny Suzy toy iron that needs cord replaced and old Pacific electric cast with no cord
Lot #: 134

Collectible 4 electric iron

General Mills True Heat steam irons, Kwik Way fold-up iron, Steam o matic by Rival, Electrux steam iron with no cord
Lot #: 135

Collectible 4 electric irons

GE Hot Point iron in original box-looks like new, Hot Point made by the Edison Appliance Co iron, Du-Mul by Duke Muller Industries iron
Lot #: 136

Collectible 4 electric irons

General Mills True Heat iron-does not have steam-cord has been cut and has original box, General Electric Iron, General Electric Iron and Hot Point by the Edison Appliance Co with no cord
Lot #: 137

7 Collectible elec irons

7 Collectible elec irons-Sunbeam, Lady Dover with no cord, 3 American Beautys with no cords, and 2 Singers with no cords
Lot #: 138

Sad & elec iron Trivets

Sad and elec iron trivets. One Cast Iron Trivet and 7 other trivets, Iron Wrench and funnel.
Lot #: 139

Coleman Roto-type generators

Coleman roto-type generator Box with 10 new generators for Coleman gas irons. Original box. Originally had 1 dozen but 2 have been removed over time
Lot #: 140

Coleman generators

There are 10 Coleman generators. Most are Coleman Jumbo Roto-Type Generators with one per box and couple of the boxes with 6 No. T44G. We did not count to see if each of the T44G have 6.
Lot #: 141

78 records

78 records from Victor and Columbia. Approx 25 records
Lot #: 142

Wood Beer Crate

Wood beer crate that has been painted. Still has the hinges. Good shape
Lot #: 143

Cedar chest with legs

1930's Cedar chest with legs. Top needs refinished. One hinge needs "help". Has the key and providence letter stating when Mrs. Flickinger got the chest.
Lot #: 144

Indian Blanket

Collectible "old" Indian blanket. 2 sections been stitched together. Has a stain. Do not find any moth holes. Measures 5' x 6'. In good shape
Lot #: 145

Indian tapestries & Navajo Saddle rug

Navajo saddle rug and tapestry-14" x 30" , 18" x 3' and handmade tablecoth. All in good condition
Lot #: 146

2 women's purses & wall pocket

Copper Currier and Ives Wall pocket, one purse under glass and framed and other purse beaded design
Lot #: 147

Compote & tile

Bisque angels, Red compote with clear pedestal, Milk Glass vase, artistic tile, small Space age radio, Ash tray
Lot #: 148

Wooden hand carved figurines

Wooden hand carved figurines from the World Around-Mexican dancers, African couple busts
Lot #: 149


Jardinaire-Blue mark on the bottom. Good condition. Not seeing cracks or damage
Lot #: 150

Metal wall hangings

Metal wall hangings, 2 glass open ended globes, assorted mugs & picture frames. Electric warming tray
Lot #: 151

Army back pack

Army back pack with 3 GI caps, tool pouch with no tools
Lot #: 152

2 portable typewriters

Adler and Hermes 3000 portable typewriters with original cases
Lot #: 153

Steel ball

Steel ball -Off the chain gang???? Good way to build up your muscles. If value is based on weight, then you will have money to take to the bank. Sorry, no scales to check its weight, but takes a lot of input on your part to pick it up
Lot #: 154

Nivison Weiskopf Gal glass jar

Gallon glass jar with wire/wood bail-Nivison Weiskopf embossed on neck, wood bird house and Tupperware spaghetti holder, wireless intercom
Lot #: 155

RCA Select Vision Disc player & discs

RCA Select Vision Stereo/Video disc player with 28 discs to play/watch. Raiders of the Lost Ark and more
Lot #: 156

Pictures and frames

Pix & frames-Tiger cubs, water plants, stained board of vase of flowers and print of a cottage
Lot #: 157

3 framed prints/pix

Framed prints/pix-Mule Teamwork pictures, Owl Foil pix, Pat Lawrence water color
Lot #: 158

Zahradnick & artist's water colors

Zahradnik water color (Fisherman), Marlow Hays water color, Pat Laudermilk water color
Lot #: 159

Old Children's blocks

Old children's wood blocks.
Lot #: 160

Marbles and wood clothes pins

Peanut butter jar with marbles and wood clothes pins, polaroid camera , The story of painting book, Transistor tape memotape recorder Model TC-5, wicker footstool
Lot #: 161

Marble top walnut chest

Marble top 3 drawer walnut chest. Wood acorn pulls. Very good condition
Lot #: 162

Hospital tray/table

Hospital tray/table
Lot #: 163

Pewter Coffee pot and more

Adams Soup Tureen, 12 Metal rings, KC souvenir, red vase and Coffee pot marked Pewter on the bottom
Lot #: 164

Walnut Eastlake 54" wide bed

Collectible 54" wide walnut Eastlake bed with footboard, high headboard, slats and side rails. Very good condition
Lot #: 165

Handstitched quilt

Handstitched quilt-Good condition
Lot #: 166

Handstitched quilt

Handstitched quilt-shows wear. Similier to Dresden plate pattern
Lot #: 167


Comforter-good condition. Pasley print
Lot #: 168


Twin size set, mattress cover, extra sheets, sheet blankets
Lot #: 169

Cheese cloth/Drapes

Cheese cloth, 2 sets of drapes, material
Lot #: 170

Oriental rug

Oriental area rug from Davidson Furniture Co Kansas City, MO. Measures 4'x7'
Lot #: 171

National Geographics

National Geographics Complete Sets from 1924-1982******except missing Jan & March of 1979 & Jan 1981. Have extras of several of the month/years. Also have partial sets of 1917-1920.
Lot #: 172

National Geographics

National Geographics 1920's (mostly 26's), 1930's and 1940's. No complete years.
Lot #: 173

National Geographics

National Geographics of 1950's. Few complete sets and several duplicates
Lot #: 174

National Geographics

National Geographics 1960's. Few complete sets and several duplicates
Lot #: 175

National Geographics

National Geographics 1970's. We think most years are complete but not sure. Not missing very many
Lot #: 176

National Geographics

National Geographics 1980's up to present. No complete sets and several individual months are missing
Lot #: 177

National Geograhics Indexes

National Geographics indexes: 1899-1946, 1947-1983, all kinds of individual for 80's,70's, 60's etc and reprint of NO 1 issue
Lot #: 178

Box of National Geographics Maps

National Geographics -Several years worth of maps
Lot #: 179

Land Reports, road maps & Guy Lombardo

Land reports, road maps and Guy Lombardo
Lot #: 180

American Rifleman & Sports Afield

Several issues American Rifleman and Sports Afield
Lot #: 181

Angel vase & small misc items

Angel vase, dust pan, depression pepper shaker, Quantro Raiders Kansas glass and Santa Fe Trail Kansas glass
Lot #: 182

Miniature Tripods

Miniature Tripods in original box: Phoenix Ears Tripod, Precious Tripod, Ancient Tripod, Miniature Tripod and Square Tripod. Explanation for each inside lid
Lot #: 183

Doll wall pocket & knick knacks

USA Doll wall pocket, onyx stackable set, milk glass hen on nest-chipped and celluloid Hop Along Cassiday on horse-we think. Ellery Queen puzzle-never been opened
Lot #: 184

33 1/3 albums & Cassette tapes

33 1/3 record albums. Some are in sets. Several cassette tapes.
Lot #: 185

Master Violet Ray & kitchen collectibles

Spiral notebook and misc goodies: tins, can opener, Master Violet Ray #11 (medical quack item-box in rough condition, shaving brush
Lot #: 186

Pink Depression Glass

Pink Depression glass: cake plateau, cream and sugar set
Lot #: 187

6 Frigidaire Premium jars

6 Frigidaire Premium ribbed satin glass jars from the 1930's
Lot #: 188


McCoy, Kansas Brick and Tile ash tray and Redwing
Lot #: 189

Green Goblets

Set of 14 square footed green goblets.
Lot #: 190

Christmas Decoration & printer drawer

Christmas Decorations, PIx of Jesus, printer drawer can use as shadow box
Lot #: 191

Floor and Pole lamp

Floor lamp with white shade, Pole lamp with 3 lights and tool extension
Lot #: 192

Glass centerpieces

Milk glass compote, pyrex with pedestal and ceramic bowl
Lot #: 193

Post office mail sorter

Wooden post office mail sorter. Mrs. Flickinger used to display glassware. Back has a screen to prevent items from falling out the back
Lot #: 194

Misc glassware

MIsc glassware that is on top of chest selling in different lot. Jars, Scottie dog, fruit glasses, Tia-Zit soap
Lot #: 195

Empire Revival Style Oak Buffet

Empire Revival Style Quarter saw oak buffet with 2 doors of which one is needing new hinges. Also has 2 drawers. No back mirror. Just needs a little tender loving care and will make great asset to your home or office
Lot #: 196

Matching Ozark rocker & patio chair

Matching Ozark split oak back and seats rocker and arm chair. Auctioneer found very comfortable sitting.
Lot #: 197

Magic Chef Microwave

Magic Chef Microwave
Lot #: 198

Glass Vases

Partial roll of vinyl, 3 various sizes vases, and wall hanging
Lot #: 199


Baskets full of baskets and another basket
Lot #: 200

Tape recorder and tapes

Tape recorder and several cassette tapes to play on the recorder
Lot #: 201

Box brass handles

Box brass handles, plastic flower frogs, 2 evening purses, Count your blessings, Christmas lights and quilt top
Lot #: 202

Tins & match safe

Match safe, bottle openers, shoe horns, tins, long handled small coffee pot that sits on top of stove
Lot #: 203

Wood clock shelf

Nice wood clock shelf
Lot #: 204

Wood 4 shelf unit

Wood pine 4 shelf unit with open back and pedestal legs. Items on the shelves being sold in other lots
Lot #: 205

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh bells -30 bells. Leather strap and bells in very good condition.
Lot #: 206

Eastlake 1880's Hanging lamp

Eastlake 1880's brass oil/kerosene pull down hanging lamp with milk glass shade and smoke ball. The diameter of the bottom shade is 14" and has a 6" slant at the top of the shade
Lot #: 207

2 Scythes

2 Father Time Scythes. In very good condition
Lot #: 208

2 small wood hanging shelves

2 small wood hanging shelves, 3 little boxes-one heart shape,antique switch plate
Lot #: 209

Padlocks and tools

Padlocks, Yankee screwdriver, cobbler hammer from John Stuckey shoe repair, small hand drill with compartment to store bits (has bits in the compartment)
Lot #: 210

Wheaton Alcohol Burner & graters

Wheaton Alcohol Burner in original box with metal cap, sifter, nutmeg graters and other metal kitchen items
Lot #: 211

Swisher Sweet Cigar & more

Maxinmol Mineral for Life cups-7 new and still in their boxes, nice tray with wicker edge, battery operated hand vacuum and Swisher Sweet Cigar that is too old for the auctioneer to even try
Lot #: 212

1936 & '37 Kansas Vehicle tags and more

1936 & '37 Kansas vehicle tags, China doll parts, Florida Queen cigar box, Toy military airplane, patches, tin lidded lunch bucket
Lot #: 213

Brown Crock & milk glass lidded jar

Brown Crock, milk glass lidded jar, ceramic angel, Wooden toy cart, painted plate to hang on the wall
Lot #: 214

Metal dough molds

3 Metal dough molds (1 cornbread and 2 muffins), old electric sander which runs when plugged in and multi plug power strip
Lot #: 215

Straight razors & Metal Bun Warmer

2 safety razors, 1 electric razor and 2 straight edge razors(One is Sheffield and other has replaceable blades-Made in the USA). Metal bun warmer
Lot #: 216

Door plates & Elec hair curler

Door plates, kitchen silverware, International Harvester-Erma Harding electric hair curler in original box, old Pin buttons, bottle opener
Lot #: 217

Lampshades & Heat Battery

Milk glass glass shades, 13 metal and 3 glass Hot Pak Model AM Heat Batteries
Lot #: 218

Two metal shelves

Two 4 shelf metal shelves. Good condition. Items on the shelves sell in previous lots
Lot #: 219

Cream Scimmer & Yarn Board

Rug beater, clothes pin bag, 3' long rake (wood handle), cream scimmer, yarn board
Lot #: 220

Wood Spools, yard stick

Box full of craft items, yard stick, Umbrella, 39"x64" long 1" vinyl mini blinds-still in box
Lot #: 221

Dietz lantern & 3 pulleys

Dietz Lantern that has been repaired & globe is cracked. 1 wood pulley and 2 all metal pulleys
Lot #: 222

Eva Perkins Painting & other pix

1933 Laminated Kingman Journal, framed baby picture and framed Silhouette picture of young girl, Eva Perkins painting
Lot #: 223

Pair of old spurs

Pair of old spurs purchased at garage sale at Partridge, Ks in1983. At least one has original leather strap. Professionally made but not finding any marks.
Lot #: 224

Long handled laddles

Richard Meer blade, 2 nice c-clamps, forge tool, long handled red trimmed white enamel laddle and long handle metal sieved laddle
Lot #: 225

Brown Crock & beer bottle

Brown crock, beer bottle Plus lidded glass cookie jar, small crock
Lot #: 226

Granite stand

Granite stand, Perfume bottle (quill and bottle), various 22 casings for reloaders, nutmeg graters
Lot #: 227


Little cars, noise makers, clapper, Fuel measure can for self-heating iron, carbide reservoir off old miners cap
Lot #: 228

Quilt pieces

Quilt pieces, 2 straight edge razor blades only, coin 2x2s --approx 2 boxes of various coin sizes.
Lot #: 229

Hair items

curling irons, decorative hair combs
Lot #: 230

Approx 34" western belt

Palco canvas pouch and Approx 34" leather western belt (with little wear)
Lot #: 231

"Jesus" wanted poster

"Jesus" wanted poster, Old picture, notecards, plus misc glass lids and trays. MIsc small bowls, misc watch pieces, misc glassware
Lot #: 232

Metal string holder, Buffalo metal bookends

Pair buffalo metal bookends, Iron shape wall pocket (the handle has broken off and been repaired at somepoint), Metal string holder, donkey salt & pepper shakers, metal letter holder
Lot #: 233

Nice old metal sprinkler

Nice old metal sprinkler, Old "45 records, old metal box with broken glass, old metal lamp parts
Lot #: 234

Brass plated scale

Brass plated hanging scale, Flint, Kenner's Spirograph board and metal stamping plate
Lot #: 235

Ornate metal stove door

ornate metal stove door
Lot #: 236

Pick axe, maddox heads

Pick ax, maddox heads, hay knife, weed wacker, wood and brass Stanley level
Lot #: 237

Wall mount metal tool holder

Wall mount metal tool holder from Sterling Implement Co. International Harvester. Does not look like ever been mounted on wall
Lot #: 238

2 section metal shelf unit

2 section metal shelf unit with 7 shelves. 30" wide, 4.5' tall and deepest section is 18" and 11" at top. Items on the shelves selling in previous lots
Lot #: 239

Picture & old frame

Picture of "Grandma" in old frame and old print of "great grandma" unframed and print of "The Sower" by Millett Large unframed picture has water damage. Nice old frame that has some damage
Lot #: 240

Child wooden rocker

Shelf unit with metal frame, Wooden pounder and black milk glass handled bean pot
Lot #: 241

Metal squirrel

Plaster of Paris wolf & elephant, metal squirrel and light weight bull dog
Lot #: 242

Avon bottles

Avon bottles, ink wells, miniature cream bottle and perfume bottles of which one is cute light bulb bottle
Lot #: 243

camera equipment

Camera equipment: Argus Argoflex 75, Box camera Kodak #2 Brownie, Argus 76 flash gun, Argus carrying case, Kodak field case for Brownie Hawkeye, Canon Sure Shot 80, 1 Step Polaroid
Lot #: 244

Ice cream dipper

Ice cream dipper, Metal hand held juicer, Pile ointment, Hy-Lo insect powder (don't mix up with the pile ointment), Dainty Deodorant
Lot #: 245

Wood 2 piece cabinet

2 piece wood cabinet-Painted white and off white. Two doors on top and two on bottom. Are separate pieces with one having wood handles and other metal spring locks. Top measure 30" tall x 3' x 12" deep. Bottom, 4' tall x 32" x 9'Deep. Books do not sell and the items in the top are are being sold in different lots
Lot #: 246

2 checkerboards

Two checkerboards-1 red and 1 black, box full of candles, Easy plastic ice guard, Ark-Valley Coop Dairy Pink Depression butter dish lid only
Lot #: 247

Cedar chest

Cedar Mahogany chest with 1 bottom drawer and sits on 6" legs and has Duncan Phyfe pulls. 18"x3'x 30" high which includes length of the legs. Opens from the top. Has the key and in very good condition
Lot #: 248

Quilters Rack

Quilters rack with 4 stands, 2 rails and 8 clamps (Not all 8 clamps match each other)
Lot #: 249

Horse Furrier wrist Braces

Horse Furrier wrist braces made with deer hide & leather. Have leather straps for wrist bands. Do not look like have ever been used-they are in that good of condition
Lot #: 250


Hanging tapestry has board on the top to hang on wall. They are at the oaisis resting. Has some age but in good shape
Lot #: 251

Two Framed Water Colors

Two framed water colors matted and ready to hang. Probably from local artists since was in the Sterling Library progressive auction 1996
Lot #: 252

Decorative mugs

Decorative mugs: 3 sets of 6 non-handled mugs in 3 different sizes. Biggest 4" and littlest 3"
Lot #: 253

Christmas tree & TV antennae

Artificial green 6' Christmas Tree and TV Antennae
Lot #: 254

Balsa Plane

Balsa Plane with wing spand 56", missing one wheel, Painted wing. Fuelage not painted. Made from kit. No engine.
Lot #: 255

Aprons, Suitcase, Box ribbon

Aprons, Royal Traveler Suitcase, Box with decorative ribbon and craft items
Lot #: 256

Box of craft items

Metal biology box filled with craft items, box of craft items and 2 pieces of walnut wood
Lot #: 257

Box of Scenic Kodak slides

Box of scenic Kodak slides plus an electric viewer to view the slides. Cord is missing. The Roman colisium and Kesha girl from "The China Doll in Dodge City" or maybe not :) (See Lot# 65 :)
Lot #: 258

Box of miniature perfume bottles

Miniature perfume bottles
Lot #: 259

Foam egg shell mattress pieces

Several pieces of foam egg shell matteress plus Batting and plastic
Lot #: 260

Russell Wright Cream and Sugar

Russell Wright cream and sugar set plus milk glass, USA pottery, Blue lidded bowl, and other misc glassware
Lot #: 261

Box of perfume bottles

Box of perfume bottles, also plastic tray full. Another one of those light bulb bottles. Set of Atlas Prager Beer salt and pepper shakers
Lot #: 262

2 totes

2 totes with VHS tapes, Aunt Jemima rag Doll, Crock, Picture frames
Lot #: 263

Post Magazines

Post and Look magazines. Mostly from the 60's. The Beetles, Nixon
Lot #: 264

Austrian China

White Austrian China, knick knacks, jars and nice shirt bag to keep this group in.
Lot #: 265

Sack full of perfume bottles

This is a "surprise" lot. You get to discover how many are in the bag and what kind of bottles are there
Lot #: 266

20 GA Shells

20 gauge Paper J.C. Higgins Shells-original box and shells 2 3/4" Magnum #6 shot
Lot #: 267

20 GA 8 Shot Shells

Full box 20 gauge 8 shot Western Xpert paper Shells
Lot #: 268

Reimington Express Shell Box

Damaged Remington Express #5 shot 12 Gauge shell box. Box only-no shells. Damage is to lid
Lot #: 269

Sears EXTRA-Range shells

Sears EXTRA-Range #7 1/2 shot plastic shells in original box. Box is full
Lot #: 270

J .C. Higgins 20 GA

J.C. Higgins 20 gauge paper shells #6 Shot in original box. Box is full
Lot #: 271

Sears Magnum 20 GA shells

Sears 2 3/4" Magnum #6 shot paper shells 20 gauge, in original box. Box is full
Lot #: 272

Winschester Super Speed 20 GA

Winchester Super Speed #4 shot, 20 Gauge in original box. 23 paper shells
Lot #: 273

U.S. Navy Dress Blue Hat

Dress Blue U.S. Navy hat
Lot #: 274

Hutch News 1969 & Adv plates

Hutch News 1969-Astronauts landing on Moon (in color print). Six glass advertising plates- " Pedro an Indian Boy, Santa Barbara, CA. , Miss May, The Music Master, Little Old Fashion Rose, Henrietta Crossman"
Lot #: 275

2 handbags

2 woman handbags, Dollar General bag and Farmer's Coop Flipper. Roll of packing paper
Lot #: 276

Grater & more

Grater, 15 cans of Stain/Striper, camera bag and string of shells for hanging a planter, new plastic bags on hanger
Lot #: 277

Singletree & Mickey Mouse

Singletree with macromae, Mickey Mouse Ruler, Robert Mills Lumber yard nail apron,
Lot #: 278

Meat and Hack Saws

Meat and hack saws, saddle Cinch and plastic bag of clipper blades
Lot #: 279

6' Werner Alum Step Ladder

6' Werner aluminum step ladder
Lot #: 280

Non Combative Gas Mask

US in original bag and original box. Size Medium adult
Lot #: 281

Cow Bell, Sad iron, Corn Knife

Cow Bell, Sad iron, Corn knife, Bathroom scales, small desktop filing cabinet, glass jar and green glass pole insulators
Lot #: 282

Kodak DuraFlex Flash outfit

Kodak DuraFlex Flash In original box
Lot #: 283

Wood box

Wood box full of primitives and misc
Lot #: 284

Two Fold-up cane chairs

Two fold-up cane chairs
Lot #: 285

Wooden fruit box

Wooden fruit box with 2 smudge pots, 2 candle sticks (so you can light up your life inside and out), Wooden pulley and 2 staple guns
Lot #: 286

Farm Bureau Thermometer

Farm Bureau Thermometer, Golden Acres Thermometer, a matching contour gauge and picture of Confucius (or Chinese peasant)
Lot #: 287

Proctor Silex Roaster

Proctor Silex Electric Roaster. Thanksgiving is coming
Lot #: 288

Reel to Reel Tape

Aiwa reel to reel tape
Lot #: 289

Wooden box & kraut kutter

Wooden box, kraut kutter, and Keystone meat grinder in original box. Metal shelf brackets, shoe ice skates and shoe rolling skates
Lot #: 290

Dodge PU tail gate

Dodge PU tail gate that has a boo boo (been backed into or it backed into something)
Lot #: 291

Sewing machine table

Wooden sewing machine table, metal serving tray and light weight slant top tool box
Lot #: 292

Sunflower seed

Sunflower seed, blue tote and Preen weed preventer-approx half full
Lot #: 293

Wooden egg crate

Wooden egg crate, sewing notion wooden basket, Pyrex covered casserole dish in metal holder
Lot #: 294

Box antique glassware

Handpainted china bowl and other serving and glass pieces
Lot #: 295

Sad iron, shoe last & magazines

Tote with Hobby Magazines, nice sad iron, wooden pulley, shoe last, metal cloverleaf, onyx and wood flower frog and onyx flower frog
Lot #: 296

Tree pruner & cow kickers

Tree pruner, large scissors, 2 sets of cow kickers, large cross cut 1 man saw, oil can and some barb wire samples
Lot #: 297

Gray Graniteware Coffee Pot

Gray graniteware coffee pot missing the knob but has approx 25 wooden spools inside. Plus a hand Rapid washer plunger
Lot #: 298

Stairway pillar

Stairway pillar, perfume bottles and wooden bread drawer
Lot #: 299

Reversible 3/8" drill

Reversible 3/8" Black and Decker drill
Lot #: 300

Shelf full of hardware & Tools

Shelf full of hardware & tools: shelf brackets, oil can, air paint gun, peg board hooks, rolling pin, paint and supplies and chain
Lot #: 301

Hamper with ceramic tile

Hamper with ceramic tile, electric cord, overshoes and garden supplies
Lot #: 302

3 hp QSP shop vac

3 hp QSP shop vac-10 gal
Lot #: 303

Tail gating fold up lawn chairs

Blue tail gating fold up lawn chairs, license tags, curtain rods and hamburger wire basket for BBQ. Two baskets
Lot #: 304

Misc glassware

Pressed glass compote, pressed glass footed candy dish, hand blown blue sauce dish, hand blown by Pilgrim Glass Co. handled vase, 2 hand painted NIppon (with sticker mark) and Avon pyramid bottle
Lot #: 305

14 square footed blue tumblers

14 square footed blue tumblers
Lot #: 306

Montgomery Ward Style House Fine China

Montgomery Ward Style House Fine China: Duchess pattern 18 place setting with extra pieces. Serving bowls, S&P, Serving platters. Has original brochure. Made in Japan
Lot #: 307

2 pieces of crystal glass

Crystal water pitcher and divided candy dish
Lot #: 308

China Hutch

Wooden china hutch-very nice piece. 46" Wide and 60" tall. Contents selling on previous lots
Lot #: 309

Dining room table

Very nice dining room table. Top does need some TLC but sound table. Has 2 extra leaves that are stored in a wooden holder. You have plenty of room to socialize around this table
Lot #: 310

Dining room chairs

3 straight chars and 1 captains chair. Same color as the china hutch but different wood. Seats are red and look good. Probably will want to refinish the chairs but they are in good sitting shape. Captain chair has weak left arm. One of the other chairs has been repaired
Lot #: 311

5 Persian metal plates

5 Persian metal 5-6" plates. Three are same "pattern" and the other two are different
Lot #: 312

Kitchen Selectives Coffee Machine & glass plates

Kitchen Selectives Coffee machine and coffee filters, bag of tin "individual" molds, 4 Glass relish plates and glass snack bowl. Glass deviled egg plate
Lot #: 313

Table linens

Lace and linen table cloths and various pieces of material
Lot #: 314

Lift Chair

Lift chair. Works and in very good condition
Lot #: 315


Dress, jacket and camono sytle robe. Robe has oriental label with OS (size?), and is in an eyelet cloth bag and dress has size 14. Other item no labels. Fringed shaw and other linens.
Lot #: 316

Tied comforter

Hand made tied comforter with machine stitching. Looks to be in good shape.
Lot #: 317

Teddy Bear & pillows

Teddy bear, assorted pillows, caps and string purses
Lot #: 318

Folding ironing board & hanging rack

Folding ironing board with cover and homemade pipe clothes hanging rack
Lot #: 319

Shoe holders

Tan colored wall hanging shoe holder with three rows and white behind the door holder with 7 rows
Lot #: 320

Bathroom scales

Bathroom scales, queen size mattress pad, small wastebasket and small hooked rug with rose
Lot #: 321

3 plastic holders

3 holders filled with historical quotations and one is empty. Example: "Leadership is an opportunity to serve, It is not a trumpet call to self-importance" J. Donald Walters from "Secrets of Life"
Lot #: 322

Eureka Enfiro Steamer

Hot shot pressurized hand steam cleaner-still in the box
Lot #: 323

3 straw hats & stuffed dog

2 straw hats. straw safari hat, stuffed dog from Showboat Branson Belle, Christmas wall hanging, small wall hanging of mushrooms, wire basket, small hooked rug in shape of heart and wicker basket
Lot #: 324


Afghan that just came back from the cleaners and still in the plastic bag. Large-maybe bed size
Lot #: 325

Store display cabinet with 6 drawers

Gibson store display cabinet with 6 drawers. One is empty. The other 5 full of sewing notions and supplies. Also has 2 pull-out cutting boards. Measures 21" deep, 4' long and 30" tall. It is solid and heavy. Jim says bring 2 football linesmen. Maybe a slight exaggeration.
Lot #: 326

Filing cabinets

2 drawer large index card metal filing cabinet. Plastic file box with letter size file holders
Lot #: 327

Wood wall hanging unit

Wood wall hanging unit full of sewing supplies, clothes brush, Christmas gift bag, tracing wheel, iron-on, craft hoops and more
Lot #: 328


Wicker basket and tin full of buttons
Lot #: 329

Knitting hooks & sewing supplies

Knitting hooks, pink yarn, laminating sheets, clip boards, Strips Ohoy Jr, buttons, hooks & eyes, snaps
Lot #: 330

Samsonite card table and chairs

Green top card table and 4 unmatched chairs. 2 are white and 2 are brown, but no two are alike. Small tear in corner of table
Lot #: 331

Kirby Sweeper

Kirby G4 upright sweeper with attachments
Lot #: 332

Elna sewing machine

Elna sewing machine and sleeve ironing board
Lot #: 333

5 drawer vanity

5 drawer vanity with mirror. Very good condition
Lot #: 334

Bolo tie & paper

Bolo tie from Bennett, AZ * Typing paper, Two empty file card plastic containers with lids, box of clear heavy weight sheet protectors. large plastic container with lid
Lot #: 335

Wood framed wall mirror

Wood framed wall mirror-good condition
Lot #: 336

Victorian 2 sectional couch

1840's Victorian large Couch is in 2 sections. Been reupholstered, ornate trim sleigh arms, flame mahogany apron. Empire style. Very good condition. Been covered so stayed clean. Lot includes the 2 covers that were used on the couch, 2 bed pillows and neck pillow
Lot #: 337

Knick Knacks

Four metal pieces-small bowl, small plate, small cup and small compote. Planters, clock reading lamp, music box, artificial flowers, Anniversary plate, hammered copper plate and box of misc staplers
Lot #: 338

China doll on stand

Collectible china doll on stand. Cloth body. No markings
Lot #: 339

Rubber body doll

Rubber body doll, wood crane sculpture and wood Christmas tree. Doll has no markings but is an old doll. Rubber on face is glossy. Also includes crocheted doilie in shape of a star
Lot #: 340

Royal York Plates from Germany

4 Apple Blossom Royal York plates from Germany
Lot #: 341

Framed prints

Pat Lawrence framed etching, framed print that is sealed -looks like fabric medium for the art work, and framed fabric from Thailand, Angel snow globe, Dance of Sugar plum fairy that does not work, Green mark England saucer with embossed purple flowers around edge, woven straw bird house
Lot #: 342

Heart shape box

Heart shape box "Dezine", Doll made of yarn, Rose 1997 China piece, Cookie stamp, metal doll stand and milk glass lidded nest. Confucius type figurine, Ceramic figurine of girl with stripped leggings
Lot #: 343

China doll

China doll with cloth body. No markings. Nice doll
Lot #: 344

Bisque doll

Bisque doll with cloth body and china legs. No markings. Nice doll
Lot #: 345

Cloth doll

Old cloth doll, small doll made with little wooden spools, metal rimmed place mat, and pair of shoe spats
Lot #: 346

Black milk glass lidded bowl

Black Milk glass lidded bowl, Couroc of Monterrae (2 pieces), Dark red vase, Oriental hanging, ceramic edged bowl and Old Bible. Black glass handled vase. Wall plaque
Lot #: 347

Pat Laudermilk Water Color

Pat Laudermilk water color with the providence. Includes picture of Pat with the painting
Lot #: 348

David Bernard painting

David Bernard 1975 collagraph with providence
Lot #: 349

Painting and needle point

Painting on canvas and needle point
Lot #: 350

Brass & crystal desk lamp

Brass base with crystal globe desk lamp
Lot #: 351

Purses and pin cushion

Leather purse with broken handle, 2 Beaded evening bags, 2 shoulder bags, pin cushion and piece of tatting
Lot #: 352

Jewelry Box/Butter mold

Pressed glass plus lonely pressed glass lid, Ink bottle, jewelry box and old wood butter mold
Lot #: 353

Great old books

Blackstone commentary with notes of reference to the constitution and laws of the federal gov. with 1803 date. Book that Lincoln studied? Other old law books including Spalding Trestie
Lot #: 354

Duncan Pitcher

Duncan Pitcher, art glass rooster-looks cool, china saucers and other pieces
Lot #: 355

Little Leather Library

Set of Little Leather Library. Looks like there are 31 volumes. The Ancient Mariner, Man Without A Country, The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam and more. Different authors. No publishers page to show date. They have been around for awhile
Lot #: 356

Glassware and china

Large round crystal plate that looks like may have been base for a fruit bowl- Smith Glass Co. in Penn. 1920's and is Garland Pattern. Mangus hand painted plate with gold trim. Onyx paperweight made in Mexico, Unmarked oriental plate, Gold rim with Music Lyres embossed on footed cake plate, hand painted pie plate. Star of David glassware
Lot #: 357

4 pieces of Goofus glass

4 pieces of Goofus glass:Bowl, fruit bowl, candy dish and plate. Handpainted Nippon bud vase
Lot #: 358

Zahradnik pottery bowl

Zahradnik pottery bowl, 2 pieces of pressed glass and blue urn with Taiwan sticker
Lot #: 359


Drawer full of jewelry- necklaces and other pieces, cedar jewelry box, old plastic jewelry box and small saucers
Lot #: 360

Cast iron Fruit mold

Cast Iron Fruit Mold muffin pan from late 1880's, Has a note on the back that Mrs. Flickinger wrote
Lot #: 361

Sterling "The Cub" Yearbooks

Sterling "The Cub" yearbooks from '46. '47 & '48. 1906 leather receipt book. Shoe box full cards and Warp's Yuletide Greetings from various years.
Lot #: 362

3 Post Card Albums

3 post card albums filled with old post cards. Really fun to look at. The cards are not taped or glued. Most, if not all, are inserted into corner holders. See pictures
Lot #: 363

Various china

Various pieces of china, snack sets and bowls
Lot #: 364

Indian Style Rug Runner

Indian style rug runner. 8' long. Wonder if has ever been walked on. Very good condition
Lot #: 365

3 drawer walnut chest

3 drawer walnut chest with metal pulls. Has the key. Very good condition. Items on top of chest and CI muffin tin selling in previous numbered lots. Chest only selling on this lot. Very good condition.
Lot #: 366

Norman Rockwell Prints

Kansas and Kansas History, post cards, old stamps, Large picture post cards, Norman Rockwell Prints, crafty wall hangings
Lot #: 367

Green slate board & small table

Several pieces of green slate board (12"x9"), small and short end table (15"x15"), two old phones with answering machines and "Kookie" kettle, Shoe box with clothes pins and paper clips
Lot #: 368

Rival Microwave

Rival microwave with turntable. Color black. Plastic trash can and heating pad
Lot #: 369

Davis & Kidders Magneto Elec Machine

Davis & Kidder Patent Magneto Electric Machine for nervous diseases. It works. Made the auctioneer as nervous as "H". Looks like couple of pieces missing. We did hear from a person that owns a complete one that the two metal tubes that showed in another lot actually belong to this gadget so updated these pictures. Still No crank. Nice wooden box with original label in the lid
Lot #: 370

Step end table

Blonde step end table with tiles added to the top with 1 drawer. Also, a plastic letter holder has been attached to the side. Plastic black step stool
Lot #: 371

Three Cast Iron pieces

CI griddle-marked DT, Wagner CI flat top dutch oven, CI unmarked deep skillet with lid and metal ham plate
Lot #: 372

Household items

Pots, pans, skillet, clothes hangers,heat lamp, LED flashlight,candles, hose rubbers, claw hammer, wire pliers, scrapper, scissors, metal file, nail bar, utility knife, pill organizer and more treasures
Lot #: 373

Wood billie club & mallet

Old bull whip, wooden mallet & wood billie club
Lot #: 374

Empire binoculars

Empire 1.x35 wide angle binoculars with case and stapler plus woman's hand bag
Lot #: 375

Kitchen Items

Corningware pieces with lids, bowls. Nice selection of corningware
Lot #: 376

Cedar jewelry box

Cedar jewelry box, 2 desktop plastic paper/letter holders and glass coaster in box
Lot #: 377

Cloth bags & recipe boxes

Cloth shopping bags, recipe boxes, Book on Logic, Size 32 leather belt (approx size) and other goodies
Lot #: 378

Pyrex and stoneware

Pyrex cake pans, approx setting of 6 Stoneware, pitcher, carafe, lots of coffee mugs
Lot #: 379

Nice box of kitchen ware

Mixing bowls, electric carving knife, blender, colender and more items
Lot #: 380

West Bend stainless steel cookware

Universal meat grinder, pots, pans, pie pans, Presto pressure cooker, red knob measuring flour sifter, Lifetime salad grater
Lot #: 381


Pennsylvania Dutch style wall hanging, macramae, sheets, throw. Nice lot of household items
Lot #: 382

Metal roasting pan

Pyrex insulated carrier, misc recipes and cookbooks, White table lamp with lamp shade, metal roasting pan and electric radiant heater
Lot #: 383

Yarn bedspread

Very nice yarn bedspread
Lot #: 384

Pair occasional chairs

Pair green upholstered occasional chairs with wood arms and legs. In very good condition. Marked FC Furniture City. Yes the pictures look like the chairs are blue, but believe me not the camera-they are GREEN not blue. Stupid technology
Lot #: 385

Box of jars

Box of jars, cups, measuring sets, Continental Electric hand mixer
Lot #: 386

Canning supplies

Canning supplies, jar rings and flats.
Lot #: 387

Baking supplies

Cooke sheets, muffin/cupcake pans, "Kousins in the Kitchen"-a collection of recipes from the descendents of Clyde & Eva Leach. CI nutcracker Made in China (you think maybe from the Ming Dynasty ?) Large commercial size cake pan, rolling pin
Lot #: 388

Pizza stone

Pizza stone, hand held blender by Braun, misc ironstone platters, headband lamp, Hamilton Beach coffee grinder in original box
Lot #: 389

2 boxes coffee mugs & Tupperware

Assorted coffee mugs. Plasticware: cereal containers, and other storage containers, water bottle, plastic square serving bowl, wine bottle holder
Lot #: 390

Large Legos, Zebra print lounger

Large Lego blocks, wooden "EAT", Zebra print lounger, desk top clock, Apple cookie jar, Friendship plaque. large wicker bowl
Lot #: 391

Kenmore dehumidifier

Kenmore dehumidifier
Lot #: 392

1500 lb motocycle jack

Big Red 1500 lb motorcycle jack
Lot #: 393

Transmisson jack

Transmission jack with heavy duty doilies
Lot #: 394

Duracraft drill press

Has bench style 3 speed Duracraft drill press
Lot #: 395

Craftsman 1/2 HP bench grinder

Craftsman 1/2 Hp bench grinder on wooden stand. Complete with a desk lamp
Lot #: 396

Pair of jack stands

Pair Heavy duty factory built jack stands with no name
Lot #: 397

Pr of larger jack stands

Pair of larger set heavy duty factory built jack stands with no name
Lot #: 398

Dunlap golf clubs

Dunlap Talon golf clubs with 2 wheel cart. Original box for the clubs and bag
Lot #: 399

Propane Flex Lighter & Heat Gun

Propane Flex lighter and Wagner Heat Gun-Hot air paint removal tool
Lot #: 400

Welding C Clamps

5 Gallon plastic bucket full of assorted welding c clamps
Lot #: 401

Combination wrenches

Combination wrenches 13/16-1 1/8th. Trim fastener and mold removal set, Heavy duty dent puller
Lot #: 402


Ignition set, misc screwdrivers, vise grips
Lot #: 403


Fencing pliers, wire knippers, scrappers
Lot #: 404


Adjustable wrenches-12" and 18" and 6", 2 small claw hammers, antique fits all open end wrench set, bolt cutters
Lot #: 405


Ignition set, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, punches, screwdrivers and ply bars
Lot #: 406

Home tool storage tool chest

Craftsman home tool storage tool chest. on rollers. 2 parts. Two flash lights so can see what you are doing, Full drawer of sockets, brakeovers and more. Chest is not in mint condition but still does its job.
Lot #: 407

2 extension cords

2 extension cords and pole lamp. No shade so gives out more light in your shop. One cord does not have one end
Lot #: 408


Two 5gal plastic buckets with misc tools . Channel locks, scrappers, pipe wrenches, torque wrench and misc sockets
Lot #: 409

Tarp and tools

Tarp, set of rat tail files, quarter inch drill, antique 45 degree drill of unknown make and tow rope
Lot #: 410

Skill rechargeable screwdriver set

Skill rechargeable screwdriver set, Dewalt variable 3/8" drill
Lot #: 411

Troy built weed whip

Brass mallet set with some damage, Part of Troy built weed whip, pry bars
Lot #: 412

Tote full of tools

Screwdrivers, jack handles, pulleys and more. Plenty good items to take home and use
Lot #: 413

Battery charger

Surprise box that cannot get opened, Battery charger for instant power, glue gun
Lot #: 414

Filter wrenches

Vise grips, sev good filter wrenches, set of air chisel attachments
Lot #: 415

5 gallon bucket full of tools

Several of the tools, still in original packaging. Screwdrivers, Fix-It-Kit, etc
Lot #: 416

Gas cans and tools

Gas cans, welding clamp, soldering gun, mud flaps, adj wrenches, combination wrenches, nail bar
Lot #: 417

Tub full of tools

Plastic tote full of pipe wrenches, vise grips, filter wrenches, tape measure, screwdriver sets and all kinds of stuff to stock your shop. Big surprise box
Lot #: 418


Plastic milk crate: grinder and Craftsman Sawsall, blacksmith hammers, claw hammers, big set of channel locks, nice set metric comb wrenches-missing #16
Lot #: 419

Tool Bucket Full

Tool bucket full which includes tools hanging on the side, 1.5 amp trickle charger, tool belt full of tools, combination wrenches and much much more
Lot #: 420

elec power tools

Heavy Duty AllSaw, Rockwell drill, Craftsman sander, Skill right angle grinder
Lot #: 421


Shop lights, slide hammer, nice double flare tubing set, and much more
Lot #: 422

Assorted Board games

Assorted board games and jigsaw puzzles. Games include: UpWords, Scrabble, Rumikub. Kent. Aggravation, Encore 500, Cactus & other wood figurines/decorations and a large roll of vinyl back table covering.
Lot #: 423

Goofus glass

3 nice pieces of Goofus glass: bowl, salad size plate, sauce bowl, plus a pressed glass round butter dish cover (no bottom) and painted china shaker.
Lot #: 424

Merrigold punch bowl set

Merrigold orange punch bowl set with 12 punch cups. Original box. Very good condition. Looks like was seldom used
Lot #: 425

Votive candle holder set

Sophia Elan Home 6 piece votive candle holder set. 10 hurricane lamp chimneys: 2 with ruffled top edge, 1 with "home sweet home", and 7 plain
Lot #: 426

Two Battery operated robots

Magic Mike II and 228 battery operated robots. "Ole Glory" doll with wicker holder


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