Malt Shoppe Memories Multi-Estate Auction

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Mayo Auction & Realty
Share some happy days with friends and family for the holidays or simply revel in the great finds yourself. From malt shoppe vintage, to Coca-cola and Hersey's, to power tools, cargo vans, and exquisite home furnishings, this is auction is the bee's knees.

Bidding Begins to Close: Tuesday, December 5th - 7:07pm

Preview: Monday, December 4th from 4:00-6:00pm

Load Out: Wednesday, December 6th from 1:00-5:00pm and Thursday, December 7th from 9:00-12:00pm



BUYERS PREMIUM: A 10% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00, you will be charged $110.00 at checkout.

PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, local check (under $500) & cash. Payment must be made prior to picking any items up. Load out staff cannot accept any form of payment.

STAGGERED/DYNAMIC CLOSING: The auction will begin closing at Tuesday, December 5th - 7:07pm CST at the rate of 2 lots per minute. The closing time of each lot will be automatically extended an additional 5 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the lot closing.

LOAD OUT: Shipping Is Available! Winning bidders may pick their items up at 16513 Cornerstone Drive; Belton Missouri on Wednesday, December 6th from 1-5pm & Thursday, December 7th from 9-12pm. Any items left after the specified load out dates will be considered forfeited unless alternate pickup or shipping arrangements are made. It will be the buyer's responsibility to dismantle & disconnect any and all equipment. Please bring your own tools, labor, packing materials & moving equipment.

WARRANTY & CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: All items are sold 'AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the condition of the items and bid accordingly.

CAUTION: For demonstration purposes various equipment may be joined. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected or pictured together. Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions.

CATALOG DISCREPANCIES: You are bidding on the described item not the photograph, occasionally the wrong photo may be displayed, always read the item description.

CHOOSE WISELY: We want everyone to get a good deal and most will. However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients are not willing to assume the cost of your mistakes. When in doubt about condition, completeness or suitability for intended use, please bid accordingly.

Server & Software Technical Issues: In the event there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Mayo Auction & Realty reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding.

NEITHER THE COMPANY PROVIDING THE SOFTWARE NOR MAYO AUCTION & REALTY SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A MISSED BID OR THE FAILURE OF THE SOFTWARE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY FOR ANY REASON. Email notifications will be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary by Mayo Auction & Realty.

The auctioneer reserves the right to add or remove items from the auction; split or combine lots; add minimum bids or reserve prices. The auctioneer reserves the right to cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or auction event or to make changes to the auction closing times or inspection or removal times.
16513 Cornerstone Dr, Belton, MO US
Lot#: 8

2002 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van, 184,531 Miles, VIN # 1GCHG39R221119425

Lot#: 9

1960's Charles Rogers Sumi Ink / Egg Emulsion, Signed, "Trees by the Ravine", UV Glass, Acid Free Back, 31"W x 27"H Framed, See Info

Lot#: 10

Old Fashioned Classic Movie Theater Style Popcorn Maker, Model 20215, Includes Popcorn Kit, 31"W x 59"H x 18"D

Lot#: 11

Regal Gold Medal Antique Deluxe 60 Special Old Fashioned Move Theater Style Popcorn Machine, Model 2660GT, Includes Extras, 22"W x 59.5"H x 19"D

Lot#: 12

Prince Castle Multimixer Model 9B Malt Shop Soda Fountain 5-Head Milkshake Maker, Includes 5 Stainless Cups, Powers Up

Lot#: 13

1991 Paul Flum Coca Cola Coke Juke Box Cooler / Entertainment Center, 26"W x 36"H x 16"D

Lot#: 14

1950's Progress Refrigerator Co Metal Ice Chest, "Drink Coca-Cola" Embossed Front, Bottle Opener Attached to Side, 17.5"W x 16.5"H x 13"D

Lot#: 15

1945 NY Times March 1-15 War Time Bound Volume, 17"W x 23"H

Lot#: 16

1945 NY Times July 16-31 War Time Bound Volume, 17"W x 23"H, Damage to Spine, See Photos

Lot#: 17

1946 NY Times April 16-30 Bound Volume, 17"W x 23"H

Lot#: 18

1947 NY Times January 16-31 Bound Volume, 17"W x 23"H

Lot#: 19

1937 Kansas City Star August Bound Volume, 17"W x 23.5"H

Lot#: 20

RECALLED Newsweek Hilary Clinton Madam President Commemorative Edition HILLARY WINS Magazine

Lot#: 21

Universal Star Universal Studios Hollywood Ella Hall Silent Film Movie Star Antique Publicity Felt Pennant, 8.5"L

Lot#: 22

Kendrick & Davis K&D Watchmakers Staking Set Tools in Original Wood Box and LCR Pat Parallel Caliper Watch Repair Tool, Box Measures 7"W x 6"H x 5"D

Lot#: 23

Hanau Engineering Co Vintage Brass Medical Dental Denture Press, 8"H

Lot#: 24

1930's Walzer "Moderne Vendor" 1 Cent Hershey Vending Machine, 4"W x 18"H x 5"D

Lot#: 25

The Justrite Acetylene Lantern No. 10 with Original Tin Container, Lantern Measures 9"H

Lot#: 26

Dietz Acme Inspector Railroad Lamp Lantern, 14"H

Lot#: 27

Rayo Hot Blast Railroad Lantern with No. 0 Red Hot Blast Globe, 13.5"H

Lot#: 28

1913 Armspear MFG Co Railroad Lantern with Dietz Vulcan Globe, 10.5"H, & Dietz No. 40 Traffic Gard Lantern with Dietz #40 Red Ribbed Glass Globe, 8"H

Lot#: 29

Handlan-Buck Co St Louis Railroad Lantern with Ribbed Red Glass Globe, 9"H

Lot#: 30

Wolf Safety Lamp Co of America Antique Coal Miners Lamp, 7.5"H

Lot#: 31

Wallin Foster Associates Auto Motor Kerosene Heater, 8"H

Lot#: 32

Unmarked Vintage/Antique Lanterns, Qty 4, 6"-12"H

Lot#: 33

1913 Dewar Lamp MFG ITP Miner's Lamp, Handle Marked "TC Edwards 8620", 10"H, & Miller Galvanized Metal Kerosene Lamp with Metal Shade, 8"Dia x 8.5"H,

Lot#: 34

Vintage/Antique Railroad Lanterns / Kerosene Lamps, Qty 4, Dietz No 2 D-Lite, 1924 Embury Supreme, Shapleigh Hardware Co, & Unmarked Lamp, 4"-14"H

Lot#: 35

Handlan St Louis USA Wabash Ry Metal Railroad Fuel Can, Wood Handle, 8"Dia x 10.5"H

Lot#: 36

Rockwood Sprinkler Co. Chicago Water , U.S. Gauge Co., Pressure Gauges, Patented Sep. 1906, Qty 2

Lot#: 37

Antique and Vintage Tom Swift Books, Qty 18, and The Moving Picture Boys Books, Qty 2

Lot#: 38

Vintage Sears 55mm F2.8 Macro & Sears Tele-Zoom 90-230mm F4.5 Camera Lenses & Cases, 3x Auto Tele Converter, Lens Filters, Astron Sport Glasses, Mor

Lot#: 39

Vintage Toys- Cap Guns, Qty 5, Hubley Flintlock Midget, PET, PAL, TEX, and Pluck Cap Gun with Holster, and Slingbow-Slingshot w/ Original Box

Lot#: 40

National City Bank Kansas City, Missouri Walnut Street "Capital and Surplus $1,800,000" Depression Era Lock Box Cash Box Deposit Box, 11.5"W, No Key

Lot#: 41

Vintage/Antique Oil Cans, Qty 6, 1912 Eagle Can, American Standard, and Unmarked Cans

Lot#: 42

Vintage Caterpillar Tractor Hobson & Co Kansas City Advertising Watch Fob, St Louis "Meet Me on the Pike" 1904 Watch Fob & Westinghouse 25 Badge

Lot#: 43

Stetson Salesman Sample Hats (5) Weyenberg Salesman Sample Shoe, Winthrop Advertising Shoe, Baby/Child's Shoe Form, Weatherbird Shoes Whistle, More!

Lot#: 44

Schlitz Beer Can Table Lighter & Golf Ball, Himyar Cigarette Case, Salem Menthol Fresh Lighter, Ronson Vara Flame Ladylite, Vintage Beer Advertising S

Lot#: 45

Antique/Vintage Desk Accessories- Ink Blotter, Carters Inky Racer, Roover Notary Desk Press, Advertising Pens & Pencils, Excelsior Stamp Pad, More

Lot#: 46

Assorted Animal Skulls and More- Raccoons, Sparrows, Duck, and Snapping Turtle Skulls, Taxidermy Frogs, Snail Shells, More

Lot#: 47

1963 Chilton Auto Repair Manual, 1956 Ford Truck Manual,1980-1996 Ford Pickups & Bronco, & 1966 Conoco Service Guide, Mini Gas Pump Model, More

Lot#: 48

Grabill's Min-O-Life 480 and My Buddy Galvanized Minnow Buckets, Japanese Fly Fishing Rod & Lures, Vintage Wood Tackle Box, Wicker Fish Basket, More!

Lot#: 49

Vintage Carved Wood Folding Bookshelf / Book Stand, and Carved Wood Box, 7"W x 2.5"H x 5"D

Lot#: 50

Remco Tiny Tim Crystal Diode Radio with Original Box, and Vintage Ranger Outdoor Glow in the Dark Wrist Compass

Lot#: 51

Vintage Dominoes, Qty 5 Sets, Embossing Co Lion Dominoes, Halson, and Unmarked Sets, Unknown if Complete

Lot#: 52

Jewelry- Assorted Cuff Links, Timex Ladies Wristwatch, and Snakeskin Style Coin Purse

Lot#: 53

1933 Chicago World's Fair Electric Pick-Up Lighter, Old Spice Shaving Mug and Vintage Razors, (2) Animal Figurines, Incense Burner, and Miniatures

Lot#: 54

Tobacciana- (16) Cigar Boxes and Tobacco Tins, Including Boot Jack Tobacco, General Arthur Midgets, Prince Albert, King Edward, La Fredrich, and More!

Lot#: 55

Quack Medicine Vintage Medical Equipment- Caustic Balsam, Glass Syringe, Ethyl Chloride Canister, Anti Toxin Syringe, Medical Tools, More, See Photos

Lot#: 56

Vintage Dentist Tools- Impression Trays, Dedco Grinder Wheel, Pulp Canal Files, Trubyte Bioform Teeth, Bite Registration Paste, More!

Lot#: 57

Tooled Sterling Silver Pocket Utility Knives, Qty 2, Doesn't Open, Needs Cleaning, 3.2"L and 2.75"L

Lot#: 58

1920's Advertising DRINK NEHI Soda LEG Remington Pocket Knife, 3"L

Lot#: 59

2004 Winchester Limited Edition 3 Knife Set, with Original Tin Box

Lot#: 60

Assorted Pocket Knifes, Aprox. 18- John Wayne "The Comancheros" Knife, Morley Scout Knife, Barlow, Advertising Knives, "The Office Knife," Imperial

Lot#: 61

Knives and More- E.C. Solingen, Kriss w/ Sheath, Throwing Knife, Rosterfi Snake Knife, Sharpeners, Bayonet, Folding Knives, and More!

Lot#: 62

Vintage Kitchen Scale and Swansdown Cake Flower Measuring Cup

Lot#: 63

Vintage Metal Tabletop Slot Machine Coin Bank, 11"H

Lot#: 64

Michael Ricker Pewter "Fisher of Men" Complete Set with Display Case, Qty 13 Figures with Certificates of Titles & Paperwork, Case Measures 17"W x 8"H

Lot#: 65

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition Mythology Series 1991-1994, "Chris", "Darrick", "Shawn" & "Castle Wall" w/ Certificates of Titles, 18.5"W x 12"H

Lot#: 66

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition Legends of Jazz Series 1995-97, Qty 7 Figures w/ Display Float, Includes Certificates of Titles, 12"W x 8.5"H

Lot#: 67

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition New Orleans Jazz Band Series Set, Qty 7 Figures w/ Stage Display, Includes Certificates of Titles, 14"W x 10"H

Lot#: 68

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #50/300 Birds of Prey Collection "Barn Owl" Sculpture, Includes Certificate of Title, 7"W x 14"H

Lot#: 69

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #236/500 Birds of Prey Collection "The Bald Eagle" Sculpture, Includes Certificate of Title, 7"W x 15"H

Lot#: 70

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #252/300 Birds of Prey Collection "Golden Eagle" Sculpture, Includes Certificate of Title, 7"W x 14.5"H

Lot#: 71

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #70/400 Birds of Prey Collection "Peregrine Falcons" Sculpture, Includes Certificate of Title, 7"W x 14"H

Lot#: 72

Michael Ricker Pewter American Predator Series "The American Eagles" Number 521/620, with Certificate of Title, 13"H

Lot#: 73

Michael Ricker Pewter American Predator Series "The American Wolf" 602/750, On Marble Base, With Certificate of Title, 9"W x 7"H

Lot#: 74

Michael Ricker Pewter American Predator Series, "The Mountain Lions" and "The Black Bears", 10/750 and 274/750, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 75

Micahel Ricker Pewter Limited Edition Sea Life Series #1 Set, Including- "Sea Turtles", "Sharks", "Dolphins", "Blue Whales", with Certificates of Tile

Lot#: 76

Micahel Ricker Pewter Limited Edition Sea Life Series #1 Set, Including- "Pelicans", "Penguins", "Seals", "Humpback Whale", with Certificate of Titles

Lot#: 77

Michael Ricker Western Collection/Series "Wyatt Earp" 471/1000 and "Billy the Kid" 146/100, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 78

Michael Ricker Pewter Western Collection/Series "Custer" 493/100 and "Buffalo Bill" 539/750, with Certiicates of Title

Lot#: 79

Michael Ricker Pewter Civil War Series "Stonewall Jackson" 759/1250 and "General Lee" 940/1500, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 80

Michael Ricker Pewter Civil War Series "Sherman" 543/1400 and "General Grant" 689/1500, Reattached To Base, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 81

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition Wizard Series, "Duane" 287/1000, "Brian"490/900, "David" 863/1000, "Steve" 484/900, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 82

Michael Ricker Pewter 1991 Nativity Scene "Mary, Jesus and Joseph, 1151/2250, with Certificate of Title

Lot#: 83

Michael Ricker Pewter Peices, Qty 11- Showpeice, Show Editions, Friendship Commemorative, See Photos

Lot#: 84

Michael Ricker Pewter Collector's Society Series Figures, Qty 13, with Certificates of Title, See Photos

Lot#: 85

Michael Ricker Pewter 1991-1997 "Christmas The Gift of Love" Figures, Qty 7, with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 86

Michael Ricker Pewter Children's Orchestra Figures, Qty 6- "Neil", ""Pat and Gordon", "Kerrie", "Jacob", with Certificates of Title

Lot#: 87

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #114/775 Knife Series #4 Eagle "Frank" Knife in Display Case, 12"W

Lot#: 88

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #484/775 Knife Series #1 "Mountain Lion" Knife in Display Case, 12"W

Lot#: 89

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #63/775 Knife Series #3 Wolf "Joe" Knife in Display Case, 12"W

Lot#: 90

Michael Ricker Pewter Limited Edition #708/775 Knife Series "Big Horn Sheep" Knife in Display Case, 12"W

Lot#: 91

Tom Clark Cairn Studio Gnomes, Qty 2, "Yule" and "Boots", 8"H

Lot#: 92

Northwestern 10 Cent Dime Gumball Candy Vending Machine on Cast Iron Stand, Embossed Glass Globe, 43"H, No Key

Lot#: 93

Northwestern 10 Cent Dime Gumball Candy Vending Machine, 7.5"W x 16.5"H, No Key

Lot#: 94

Vintage 1 Cent Penny Gumball Candy Vending Machine with Key, 6"W x 15"H

Lot#: 95

Ford 10 Cent Dime Gumball Candy Vending Machine, Glass Globe, 6"W x 15"H, No Key

Lot#: 96

Northwestern Model 60 1 Cent Penny Gumball Candy Vending Machine, Glass Globe, 7"W x 15.5"H, No Key

Lot#: 97

The Steamship Brand Molasses Candy Souvenir Scottish National Exhibition Candy Tin Mounted as Lamp, 24"H, Works

Lot#: 98

Antique Toledo Scale Company Model 622D Mercantile Scale, "No Springs Honest Weight", 5 Lb Capacity, 22"W x 21"H

Lot#: 99

Badger Fire Extinguisher Company KS-6990 Co2 Cartridge Weighing Scale, 14"W x 8"H

Lot#: 100

Vintage Ornate Brass MDCV Apothecary Balance Scale, 17"W x 19"H

Lot#: 101

1967 Detecto Posto-Gram 50 Lb Postal Parcel Scale, 20"W x 11.5"H

Lot#: 102

1898 Pelouze Scale & MFG Co Candy Scale, 8"H

Lot#: 103

Landers Frary & Clark Columbia Family Household Scale, 8"H, and Vintage Liberty Postal Scale, 6.5"H

Lot#: 104

H Fereday & Sons London N.1 Kitchen Balance Scale with Weights, 17.5"W

Lot#: 105

Cast Iron "To Weigh 7 Lb" Kitchen Scale with Weights, 11"W

Lot#: 106

Vintage Detecto Beam-Type Jacobs Bros Co Baby Scale, 20"W

Lot#: 107

Antique and Vintage Brass Hanging Scales, Qty 9, 1867 Chatillon No 2, John Chatillon & Sons, Warranted Balance, C Forschner's No 2, 1900 Belmont, More

Lot#: 108

Primitive Pelt/Fur/Tobacco/Cotton Scales, Qty 2, 100 Lb and 45 Lb Weight Capacities

Lot#: 109

Vintage Truetone Tombstone Model 585 Art Deco Style Tube Radio, 11" x 14", May Need Repair or New Tubes

Lot#: 110

Vintage Presto Mini Brass Fire Extinguisher with Original Box and Railroad Spikes (3)

Lot#: 111

Vintage Animal Traps, Qty 5, Victor No 2 Double Spring, Unmarked Double Spring Trap, and 3 Victor Coil Spring Traps

Lot#: 112

Vintage Animal Traps & Leg Shackles, Qty 7 Pieces

Lot#: 113

Ford Model A Brass Threaded Grease Hubcap Dust Covers, Qty 4

Lot#: 114

Independent Paper Cutter Co St. Louis Mo Vintage General Store Paper Hanger/Cutter, 22"W, and Weis Oak Desktop Directory, 9.5"W

Lot#: 115

"Ride with the Devil" 1999 Civil War Movie Set Prop Brass Hanging Fireplace Pot, Hand Forged, 7.5"Dia x 5"H

Lot#: 116

Vintage Cast Iron General/Country Store Twine / String Holder, 11"H, and No 124 Gold Seal Southern Supply Co Nickle Plated Quilting Scissors

Lot#: 117

Tokheim Co Cedar Rapids Vintage Glass Tank Gauge Float, 10"Dia x 6"H

Lot#: 118

Vintage Art Deco Beveled Glass Chrome Shaving Mirror with Accordion Extending Scissor, 8"Dia, Valet Auto Strop Razor, Vintage Razor Boxes, More

Lot#: 119

Vintage Pistol Grip Leather Working Tool with Brass Accents, Draw Gauge Strap Cutter, Marked "SOH"

Lot#: 120

Vintage Tools- Stanley Folding Tool, Crimping Tool, Newton Kansas City Wrench, Brass Slot Screwdriver, Brass Pin, Shears, More, See Photos

Lot#: 121

Brass & Metal Eagle Finials, Qty 4, 2.5"-5", American Pewter Eagle Dish #28279, 3.75"Dia, & National Lead Company Dutch Boy Babbitt Paperweight

Lot#: 122

Salt and Pepper Shaker Collection, Qty 10 Sets, 5 Singles, 14 Salt Dishes, and Cruet Set with Holder, Includes Crystal and Sterling Silver Shakers

Lot#: 123

Vintage/Antique Glass Bottles & More- Rochester Kansas City Bottles, Blown Glass Bottle, Atlas Mason Jar, 1998 Dom Perignon Bottle & Box, More

Lot#: 124

Royal Ironstone China Johnson Bros China Chamber Pot with Lid, and Unmarked Chamber Pot

Lot#: 125

Stoneware Primitive Spittoon Crocks, Qty 2, and Porcelain on Metal Spittoon, One Stoneware crock has Large Chip

Lot#: 126

Vintage Brass Spittoon Cuspidors, Qty 5, and Brass Spittoon Tops, Qty 4,

Lot#: 127

Hammered Brass Bucket, Appears Old, 10.5"Dia, 9" and 11" Brass Planters/Pots with Lion Head Handles, and Vintage Tin Pails with Lids, Qty 2

Lot#: 128

Large Brass Bucket / Planter, 12"Dia x 13"H, and Brass Umbrella Stand, 19"H

Lot#: 129

Antique 1865 Hand Hammered Brass Bucket, 15"Dia x 10"H

Lot#: 130

Copper Bed / Foot Warmer and Ceramic Hot Water Bottle / Foot Warmer Marked "3"

Lot#: 131

DB Smith Brass/Copper Bug Plant Sprayer, 17.5"L, and Unmarked Vintage Sprayer, 17.5"L

Lot#: 132

Wood Egg Crate with Cardboard Inserts, Metal Egg Collecting Basket, Mother Goose Ceramic Cookie Jar, Repaired,Primitive Drying Rack, 13"W x 8"H, More

Lot#: 133

Copper Kettles, Qty 3, Rome, Revere, and Unmarked Kettle, 8"-10"Dia

Lot#: 134

Silver Plated Ornate Pitcher, 9"H, Broken Wood Handle, Sheffield Plate Sugar & Creamer Set, U Bellini Italian Dinner Bell, and Homan Jewelry Box

Lot#: 135

Vintage Proctor Chrome Toaster, Solid Pewter Gravy Boat Set, International Pewter Bowl, 7.5"Dia, Ornate Serving Dish Holder, Metal Colander, More

Lot#: 136

1960's Oster Airjet Model 202 Chrome Electric Hair Dryer with Original Box, Appears New, Includes Original Box and Paperwork

Lot#: 137

Vintage Jerdon Magnum Revolver Novelty Blow Dryer / Hair Dryer with Holster, Works!

Lot#: 138

Vintage Radios, Qty 3, General Electric Model 7-4145A Table Radio, General Electric GE Model 7-2450A, and Magnavox Model 1R1201, All Radios Work

Lot#: 139

Vintage Western Electric Bell Systems F1 Rotary Dial Desk Phone, Red Numbers

Lot#: 140

Vintage Wood Church Donation / Ballot / Vote / Suggestion Box, 11"W x 8"H x 7"D, No Lock

Lot#: 141

Antique 1910 Electric Singer Sewing Machine with Case, Foot Pedal and Light, SN# G-4650448, Works, Needs Belt Tightened

Lot#: 142

1950's Electric Singer Portable Sewing Machine with Wood Case,Foot Pedal and Light, SN# AJ400094, Powers Up, Stiff Belt, May Need Oiled

Lot#: 143

Vintage Bottle Collection- Coca-Cola Coke, Dr Pepper, Snuff Bottles, Clorox, Mason Jars, Milk Bottles, Rochester Breweries, Washington Brews, More

Lot#: 144

Vintage 9.5"Dia Brass Confectioner's Candy Pan, 8.5" Copper Sauce Pan, 12" Oval Copper Pan w/ Brass Handles, 14" White Brass Tray w/ Wood Handles, Mor

Lot#: 145

Grand Rapids Inst Co Cornet with Case, SN# 37953

Lot#: 146

Vintage Wood Nightstick Police Baton Billy Club with Leather Strap, 30"L

Lot#: 147

Vintage Wood Nightstick Police Baton Billy Club, 22.5"L

Lot#: 148

Vintage Pine Wood Nightstick Police Baton Billy Club, 20.5"L

Lot#: 149

German Kaschie Candlestick Lighter, 12.5"H Barley Twist Candlesticks, Candlestick Holder, Brass Table Lamps (2) One has Jointed Swivel Arm, More

Lot#: 150

Vintage/Antique Letter Holders / Receipt Spikes / Desk Tools, Qty 9, One is Eastlake Style and Marked "1872"

Lot#: 151

Vintage Office Supplies- Bell Systems Mechanical Pencils (3), Dymo Mark VI Label Maker, Seiko Desk Clock, Ink Bottles, Advertising Inkwell, More!

Lot#: 152

Homer Laughlin Pitcher Marked "420N" and Wash Basin

Lot#: 153

White Porcelain Pitcher and Basin with Gold Accents, Unmarked

Lot#: 154

Mid Century Schoolhouse Ceiling Light Fixture, 6"Dia Opening

Lot#: 155

Glass Insulators, Qty 18, w/ Power Pole Wood Display Marked "UTS", Fits Hemingray-9 Insulators, Brands Include Hemingray, Brookfield, & AM Tel & Tel

Lot#: 156

Assorted Glass and Porcelain Insulators, Qty 11, Hemingray and Unmarked Porcelain Insulators

Lot#: 157

Dietz "Buckeye Dash Lamp" Lantern with Red Glass Globe, 13"H

Lot#: 158

Cast Iron Stove Dome Top, Graniteware Enamel Coffee Pot, Unique Porcelain Enamel Dish, and Gold Accent Ceramic Dishes

Lot#: 159

Pair of Myers OK H 310 Wood and Metal Pulleys (2), and 1890 Stover MFG Co Ceiling Lamp Lowering Pulleys (2)

Lot#: 160

Clayton Lambert Protection Brass Blow Torch, 9.5"H

Lot#: 161

Glass Kerosene Oil Lamps, Qty 4, Waterbury, Pat 1877 Lamp, Des Moines Iowa Lamp, More

Lot#: 162

1881 Antique Ornate Cast Iron Victorian Oil Lamp Wall Mount Bracket with Mirror Reflector

Lot#: 163

Aladdin Lamps Nu-Type Model B Beehive Clear Glass Kerosene Lamp, No Globe

Lot#: 164

Aladdin Lamps Nu-Type Model B Lincoln Drape Kerosene Lamp, 24"H

Lot#: 165

Pair of Vintage Figural Lamps, 10.5"H Base, One Lamp Shade

Lot#: 166

Clear Glass Vintage Kerosene Oil Lamps, Qty 4, Miller, Waterbury, Eagle, and Unmarked Lamp

Lot#: 167

Vintage Kerosene Oil Lamps, Qty 3, Scovill Clear Glass Lamp, 19"H, 1880's Hitchcock Lamp, and Rayo Lamp

Lot#: 168

Vintage Brass Kerosene Oil Lamps and Table Lamps, Qty 3, Electric Lamp Marked "Made in USA" w/ Frosted Shade, and Pair of Risdon Lamps

Lot#: 169

Vintage Kerosene Oil Lamps, Qty 2 Risdon Egg Hatcher/Chicken Incubator Lantern, and Wall Mount Lamp

Lot#: 170

1948 Coleman Sunshine of the Night Model 242B Single Mantle Lantern, 12"H

Lot#: 171

Large Brass Perfection Kerosene Oil Heater, "Use Only No 500 Perfection Wick", 8"Dia

Lot#: 172

Vintage Rayo Nickle Plated Kerosene Oil Lamp with Frosted Glass Shade, 18"H

Lot#: 173

Vintage "Miller Lamp" Brass Kerosene Lamp Converted Electric, Parker Brass Kerosene Lamp, and Brass Table Lamp with Federal Style Shade & Prisms

Lot#: 174

Vintage Ed Cummings #20 Trout Net

Lot#: 175

US Military Snowshoes, Wood, Rawhide, Leather and Metal, Marked "US" on Leather, 42"L

Lot#: 176

Bamboo Ski Poles with Leather Strap and Bindings and Brass Tip, 47"

Lot#: 177

Wood Trekking Sticks with Wrist Straps and Metal Tips, Appear Old, 37.5"L

Lot#: 178

Vintage Canes / Walking Sticks, Qty 5, Hand Carved Mexico Cane, Black Cane with Brass Accents, Bamboo Cane w/ Pineapple Style Handle, More, 35-37.5"

Lot#: 179

Leather Bull Whip, 90", Some Wear

Lot#: 180

Oval Frames with Convex Curved Bubble Glass, Qty 2, One Includes Antique Portrait, 16" x 23" and 18" x 24"

Lot#: 181

Oval Frames with Antique Portraits, Qty 3, WW1 Sailor w/ Curved Glass Frame, 16" x 22", Woman, 20" x 24", and Convex Man Photo, 17" x 23", No Glass

Lot#: 182

Jane Freeman "Chums" Framed Prints, 23" x 27", 1 Missing Glass, Renoir "Little Irene" Print, 14.5" x 16.5", and "Spring Song" Print,

Lot#: 183

Framed Presidential Portrait Prints (2), George Washington, 14" x 16", Abraham Lincoln, 13" x 15", Lincoln Bust, 11", & Lincoln and his America Book

Lot#: 184

Antique Framed Portraits, Qty 5, Frame Sizes Range 13.5" x 11.5" - 17" x 21"

Lot#: 185

Antique Framed Portraits in Ornate Frames, Qty 2, 30" x 26" and 29" x 25", One Frame has Broken Glass, See Photos

Lot#: 186

Antique Framed Portraits, Qty 3, 21" x 25" (2) and 25" x 29"

Lot#: 187

Framed Prints, Qty 3, 1898 Mountain & Deer Print, 20" x 24", Duck & Dog Print, 21" x 18", & "The Challenge" Moose Engraving, 25" x 17", Ornate Frames

Lot#: 188

Barn Landscape Print in Ornate Black Frame with Gold Accents, 28.5" x 24.5"

Lot#: 189

Max Ehrmann "Desiderata" Framed Poem "Go Placidly Amid the Noise & Haste..." 23.5"W x 34"H

Lot#: 190

Maurice Utrillo Framed Print in Ornate Frame, 27" x 24", and Wood Framed Antique Wall Mirror, 15" x 23", Imperfections on Glass, See Photos

Lot#: 191

Decorative Wood Framed Hall Mirror with Hooks, Unique Design, 26" x 26", Heavy

Lot#: 192

Seller's Oak Hoosier Cabinet Kitchen Cupboard with Porcelain Enamel Counter, "Klear Front 48B" on Back, Rustic Country Kitchen, 48"W x 70"H x 28"D

Lot#: 193

RCA Mark 8 Floor-Model Stereo in 1970's Model VTT510 L Console, Works, 50"W x 26"H x 20"D

Lot#: 194

Empire Highboy Chest of Drawers, Carved Spiral Columns, Inlaid Wood Accents, Dovetail Constructed Drawers, 42"W x 55"H x 23"D

Lot#: 195

Washstand on Casters, Carved Wood Accent, Dovetail Constructed Drawers, 33"W x 42"H x 19"D, One Broken Drawer Pull

Lot#: 196

Primitive Slant Front Secretary Desk, 24"W x 42"H x 14"D

Lot#: 197

Antique Mexican School Desk with Cast Iron Base and Fold Down Seat, 37"W x 27"H x 12"D

Lot#: 198

New Peabody Antique Cast Iron and Wood School Desk with Folding Seat, 23"W x 30"H

Lot#: 199

Antique Cast Iron and Wood School Desk with Folding Seat, Marked "2" on Cast Iron Legs, 23.5"W x 30"H

Lot#: 200

Antique Cast Iron and Wood School Desk with Folding Seat, 21.5"W x 27"H

Lot#: 201

Spindle Back Rocking Chair, 25"W x 36"H, and Spindle Back Captain's Chair Side Chair, 23.5"W x 35"H

Lot#: 202

Lowboy Dresser / Chest of Drawers, 34"W x 32.5"H x 20"D, Missing Two Drawer Pulls

Lot#: 203

Rockport Furniture Spindle Back Bench, 58"W x 29.5"H x 17"D

Lot#: 204

Drop Leaf Table with Scalloped Edges,22"L x 36"W x 30"H w/o Leaves Extended, 43"L w/ Leaves Extended, and 4 Spindle Back Chairs

Lot#: 205

Wrought Iron Patio Rocking Chair with Scroll Design, 23.5"W x 41"H

Lot#: 206

Coca-Cola Coke Folding Metal Patio Chairs (2) and Table, 24"Dia x 26"H

Lot#: 207

Coca-Cola Coke Bar Height Patio Set, Qty 2 Chairs, 30"W x 39"H Table, powder Coated Steel Frame, Tempered Glass with Umbrella Hole, Appears New

Lot#: 208

Coca-Cola Coke Casual Furniture Deluxe Backyard Swing, 63"W x 64"H x 40"D, Appears New in Box

Lot#: 209

Coca-Cola Coke Mead Merchandising Floor Cooler Display, 20"W x 35"H x 16"D

Lot#: 210

Coca-Cola Coke Vintage Edition Checkers Set in Dovetail Constructed Box on Metal Stand, 17.5"W x 28"H x 12"D

Lot#: 211

Primitive Style Crank Butter Churn on Legs, 20" x 32" x 14.5"

Lot#: 212

1950's Style Soda Fountain Diner Table and Chairs, Table Marked "Pr1mo The Outstanding One", Qty 4 Chairs, Table Measures 30"W x 29.5"H x 30"D

Lot#: 213

1950's Retro Soda Fountain Diner Chairs with Metal Frames and Padded Vinyl Seats, Qty 3, 16"Dia Seat, 33"H

Lot#: 214

Retro Chrome Bar Stools with Red Glitter Vinyl Swivel Seats, Qty 2, 15"Dia x 30"H

Lot#: 215

Retro Chrome Bar Stools with Red Glitter Vinyl Swivel Seats, Qty 2, 15"Dia x 30"H

Lot#: 216

Cosco Retro Style Counter Chair / Step Stool, Chrome Finish, 16"W x 34.5"H

Lot#: 217

Vintage Metal Hand Painted Doll Highchair, 12"W x 29"H, and Child's Pub Style Spindle Back Captain's Chair, 15"W x 19.5"H

Lot#: 218

Wicker Stools with Carved Bow Ladder Backs, 18"W x 23.5"H to Seat, 39"H Overall

Lot#: 219

Vintage Stools, Qty 3, 28.5"H Wood Spindle Stool with Black Vinyl Seat, 24"H Painted Wood Watermelon Stool, and 24" Retro Red/White Metal Stool

Lot#: 220

Retro Metal 2-Tier Table on Casters, 24"W x 29"H x 16"D, and 3-Tier Wood Accent Side Table, 27"W x 27"H x 14"D

Lot#: 221

Porcelain Enamel Top Kitchen Nook Work Table with Drawer, 41"W x 30.5"H x 25"D, Missing Drawer Pull

Lot#: 222

Refinished Serpentine Front Washstand, Dovetail Constructed Drawer, 30"W x 33"H x 17"D

Lot#: 223

Wicker Settee, 53"W x 37"H, Some Cosmetic Flaws and Paint Chips

Lot#: 224

Wicker Armchairs, Qty 2, 27"W x 34"H, and 2-Tier Wicker Table, 30"W x 18"H x 20"D

Lot#: 225

Wicker Armchairs, Qty 2, 29"W x 37"H, and 2-Tier Wicker Side Table, 17"W x 22"H x 17"D

Lot#: 226

Flexible Flyer Metal Wagon for Dolls / Plush Toys, 21"L x 10"W x 8.5"H, and Painted Wood Slat Wagon with Metal Wheels, 34"L x 14"W x 18"H, See Info

Lot#: 227

Serpentine Front Sewing Machine Table with Cast Iron Base, 34"W x 29"H x 17"D, and Vintage Smoking Stand Table / Cabinet, 11"W x 30"H x 9"D, See Info

Lot#: 228

Refinished Metal Wrapped Vintage Wood Trunk with Metal Accents, 34"W x 22"H x 19"D

Lot#: 229

Craftsman Contractor Series 10" Belt Drive Table Saw, 3 HP, 61"W x 36"H x 31"D, Works

Lot#: 230

Sears Craftsman Router Table Model 25444

Lot#: 231

Craftsman 12.5" Thickness Planer, Model 351.233731, SN# 236489, 25"W x 55"H

Lot#: 232

Craftsman Disc-Belt Sander Model 572.247600, Works

Lot#: 233

Craftsman 16" Direct Drive Scroll Saw, Works

Lot#: 234

Craftsman 25 Gallon 5 HP Air Compressor, Model 919.165250, 130 PSI, 1 Phase, Works

Lot#: 235

Allied ASME/ANSI 3 6000 Lb Capacity Hydraulic Service Jack

Lot#: 236

Sears Bench Grinder Stand Model No. 319.190640, Table Size 6-1/4" x 8-5/8", Height 29", 31", 33" 35", 37", New in Box

Lot#: 237

QEP 4" Ceramic Tile Wet Saw with Original Box, and 17"L QEP Tile Cutter

Lot#: 238

KingCraft 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander, Craftsman 10" Compound Miter Saw & Accessory Kit, & Craftsman 1/3 Sheet Sander Model 315.116920, All Work, See Info

Lot#: 239

Weedeater FB25 25cc Gas Blower, and Scotts Standard Broadcast Spreader

Lot#: 240

CM Model B 3/4 Ton Aluminum Chain Ratchet Puller Hoist

Lot#: 241

Craftsman Plane Joiner Model 900.277300, 10,000 RPM, 120 Volts, 6.5 Amps, Double Insulated, Appears New

Lot#: 242

Sears Automatic Battery Charger, 2 Amp 12 Volt, 10 Amp 6/12 Volt, and 50 Amp Engine Start

Lot#: 243

General Electric AC Motor Model 5KC65AB5553, 3/4HP, Type KC, Works

Lot#: 244

Pair of Lincoln Jacks Model 93505 2 Ton Capacity Jack Stands

Lot#: 245

US Military Model 1916 Bacon Can, SKS Rifle Straps, Load Bearing Suspenders, Dbl Powder Flask w/ Asian Symbols, Canvas Pouches, M6 Wrench Comb, More

Lot#: 246

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Combo, Appears New/Complete in Box, See Photos

Lot#: 247

Lee Loader Deluxe Model Complete Reloading Tool Kit, and Case Gard 100 Shot Gun Ammo Box

Lot#: 248

MG M60 7.62mm 200 Cartridges Ammo Cans, Qty 3, 1964 Shooter's Bible Gun Traders Guide, 1970 No 80 Herter's Catalog, and Storage Box, Appears Old

Lot#: 249

Navy Aviation Uniform Trim, US American Legion, Crawford's Shop Sutes, and Freemason Buttons

Lot#: 250

Coca-Cola Coke "Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles" Wood Crate with Metal Fittings, 18.5"L x 12"W x 4"H

Lot#: 251

Pepsi Pepsi Cola Wood Crate with Metal Fittings, 16.5"L x 12"W x 12"H

Lot#: 252

Flynn Dairy Galvanized Metal Insulated Milk Delivery Box, 12"W x 12"H x 9.5"D

Lot#: 253

Coca-Cola Coke Collectors Glasses, Tumblers, & Mugs, Qty 50+, freezer Mugs, Coffee Mugs, Plastic Cups, 1995 Polar Bear Glasses, More, See Photos

Lot#: 254

Coca-Cola Coke Collectors Glasses, Qty 30, Nascar Series, Christmas 1997, 1999 Coke Bottle Glasses, and "Its the Real Thing" Glass Sets

Lot#: 255

Coca-Cola Coke 1996 Gibson 6 Pc Bowl and Plate Set, 4 Pc 8 Oz Glass Set in Metal Cooler Tin Box, & 4 Pc 13 Oz Frosted Glasses w/ Metal Tray

Lot#: 256

Coca-Cola Coke Red White and Blue Plastic Dinnerware Set for 8 with Tray and 16 Tumblers, 8 Dinner Plates, 8 Salad Plates, 8 Bowls

Lot#: 257

Coca-Cola Coke Collectibles- Freezer Mug, Coke Bottle Radio, Glass Bottle Clock, Thermometer, Dominoes, 1983 Metal Tray, Magnets, Pens, MORE

Lot#: 258

Coca-Cola Coke Collectibles- Polar Bear Articulated Tumbler, Drink Buddy, and Big Sipper, Cooler with Pitcher and Jug, 44 Oz Cup, Tin Box, More

Lot#: 259

Coca-Cola Coke Collectibles- 10-1/4" Can Cookie Jar, "The First Hundred Years" Book, New, Stationary Set, Coke / Nascar Folder Notepad Holder, Napkins

Lot#: 260

Coca-Cola Coke 3 Piece Barbecue BBQ Set

Lot#: 261

Coca-Cola Coke 3 Piece Barbecue BBQ Set

Lot#: 262

Coca-Cola Coke Bathroom Set- Soap Dish, Toothbrush Holder, Lotion Bottle, Shower Curtain & Hooks, Trashcan, Towels, Washcloths, Rug, More

Lot#: 263

Vintage Wicker Woven Picnic Basket with Hawkeye Dinnerware Set, Tupperware Salt and Pepper Shakers, Morgan Plate Holders and Red/White Tablecloth

Lot#: 264

Large Campfire Marshmallows "5 Lb" Tin, 10"Dia, Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey Wood Display Box, and 5" Jar with Locking Lid

Lot#: 265

Wood Log Hide-a-Key Secret Log Box, 7"L, Adlake Railroad Lock, and Unmarked Lock with Key, Appears Old

Lot#: 266

Antique Sad Irons, Qty 4, Colebrookdale Iron Co, Asbestos Sad Iron, AC Williams Co, and One Marked but Illegible

Lot#: 267

Norma Johnson Wood Town Scene Jail, General Store, Saloon in Mirrored Shadowbox, 25"W x 13"H, Mounted Antiques on Board Primitive Wall Art, More

Lot#: 268

Primitive Wood Well Water Bucket w/ Metal Bands, 18"H, Burlap Cote Divoire Cocoa Bag, 44"L x 26"W, and 14"W Shelf,

Lot#: 269

Cross Sterilized Tacks Wood Crate Carpet Tacks Advertising Box, 13.5"W x 2.75"H x 9"D

Lot#: 270

Antique Coal Scuttle Bucket, Rustic Country Decor, Porch Hanging Flower Pot Planter, 17"W x 12"H

Lot#: 271

Bovine Skull, 15"L

Lot#: 272

WD Allen MFG Co Vintage Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, 24"H

Lot#: 273

Miller-Peerless MFG Co Standard Vintage Copper and Brass Fire Extinguisher, 24"H

Lot#: 274

Unmarked Vintage Fire Extinguisher, 24"H

Lot#: 275

Miller Lite Pilsner Beer Harvard Dartboard Cabinet, 19.5"W x 26"H when Closed, One Side Screwed Shut

Lot#: 276

Wood Egg Crate with Cardboard Inserts, Seed/Corn Grader Sizer, 19"L x 11"W x 2.5"H, and Dried Gourds, Qty 3, Largest Measures 12"Dia x 15"H

Lot#: 277

AC Gilbert Co Polar Cub Fan Model P-439B, 8"Dia, Works

Lot#: 278

Vintage and Antique Kitchenware- 1910 Syrup / Creamer Dish, 11.5"Dia Porcelain Enamel Bowl, Metal Colander, Koffee King Model 8842 Warmer, More

Lot#: 279

Mill Creek Studios "Freedom" Eagle Sculpture, 12"H

Lot#: 280

Thrifty The Wise Pig Cast Iron Coin Bank, Antique Roller Skates, Tin Litho Battery Operated Car, and "King of the Road" Copper Music Box w/ Moving Car

Lot#: 281

Cast Iron Mechanical Dog Nutcracker Marked "24 H", 10"L x 5"W x 5"H

Lot#: 282

6-Arm Candle Chandelier with Glass Inserts, 18"W x 14"H, Appears New

Lot#: 283

Pair of Wall Sconce Light Fixtures with Frosted Glass Shades, 10"L

Lot#: 284

Cherry Blossom Pink Depression Glass, Qty 9 Pieces, 10.5" Footed Bowl, 9"Grill Plates (3), 11" Oval Platters (2), 8.5" Bowl, and Center Handled Plates

Lot#: 285

Ashtray Collection, Approx Qty 31, Advertising Ashtrays, Golden Ox, Bally's, Cut Glass Ashtrays, Colored Glass, More, See Photos

Lot#: 286

Outdoor Garden Party Hanging Lanterns, Terracotta Moon and Stars Hanging Votives, Assorted Paper Lanterns and Hooks (6), & String of 10 Bamboo Lights

Lot#: 287

Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Hand Painted Porcelain Houses, Qty 3, "Tea Time", "Sorting Mail", & "Waiting for the Vet", Appear NIB

Lot#: 288

Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Hand Painted Porcelain Houses, Qty 3, "How to Diet", "Puppet Maker", & "Freedom to Worship", Appear NIB

Lot#: 289

Christmas Streets Ceramic Christmas Village, Qty 6 Pieces, Lighthouse, House, Mill, Tree Seller, Restaurant, and Stable, & Coventry Cove Church

Lot#: 290

Christmas Streets LARGE Assortment of Village Accessories and Figures, Trees, Fire Hydrants, Snowmen, Santa, Fences and More

Lot#: 291

Assorted 1990's The Cats Meow Wood Block Village, Approximate Qty 30, Artist Signed, See Photos

Lot#: 292

Sunkist Oranges California Fruit Growers Exchange Vintage Wood Crate, 26"L x 12"W x 12"H

Lot#: 293

Large Lot of Assorted Water Toys and Yard Games- Ring Toss, Paddleball, Water Basketball, Pool Ring Toss, Squirt Guns, Bubbles, Bouncy Balls, MORE

Lot#: 294

Antique Fixtures, Knobs & More- Brass Yale Door Locks, Door Stop, Flag Mount Bracket, Door Plates, Brass Entry Lock Set, Porcelain Paper Holder, MORE

Lot#: 295

Brass Wall Mount Gas Scroll Fixtures, Qty 2, 12"L, Electric Brass Wall Fixtures Marked "F" on Switch, 6"L Wall Mount, & Kerosene Lamp Swivel Fixture

Lot#: 296

Ford Model T Kerosene Headlamps with Mounting Brackets, Qty 2

Lot#: 297

Ford Model T Kerosene Headlamps, Qty 2

Lot#: 298

Eagle Early Metal Spotlight with Bracket, Works, 4"Dia

Lot#: 299

Assorted Dinnerware China and More- Habsburg MZ, M&C France, Caribe Puerto Rice Footed Mugs, Crystal Sugar/Creamer Set, Pressed Glass Candy Dish, MORE

Lot#: 300

Large Assortment of Vintage Model Kits, Approx Qty 14 Boxes, Most are Incomplete, 32 Ford V8 The Deuce, 1960 El Camino, Pickup Truck, 3 in 1 Boat Kit

Lot#: 301

Pioneer Creamery 8 Gal Milk/Cream Can w/Tractor Seat Topper and 16 QT Milk/Cream Can w/Handle

Lot#: 302

Iron Gate Trellis w/Fleur De Lis Design 45"H x 25"W and Iron 56" 3 Candle Floor Candelabra

Lot#: 303

Vintage Croquet Sets (2), One Set Missing A Couple Balls and A Mallet, Play Wear

Lot#: 304

Vintage Wooden Paris Kindersled, Bent Back and Runners 33.5"L and Primitive Toddler Sled 22.5"L

Lot#: 305

Used Wooden Lobster Trap 36" x 12" x 24"

Lot#: 306

Rustic Barnwood Framed 3-D Relief Diorama Pictures, Made With Barnwood, Plants, Mushrooms, Sizes 40" x 28" to 20" x 16" by Rhoda McClintock, Qty 3

Lot#: 307

Babco Audio All Weather Patio Speakers (2), 24"H, Open But Unused, Complete

Lot#: 308

Pier 1 "The Pier" Painted Wood Green Folding Dining Chair, New in Box, Unassembled, Qty 2

Lot#: 309

Large 3'H Black Metal Star Hanging Wall Accent and Light Garden Illuminated Willow Branches w/Power Supply

Lot#: 310

Vintage Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser Bicycle, Bike, Used With Wear, Tires Are Flat

Lot#: 311

Cass Toys Large Children's Standing 2-Sided Chalkboard 4'H

Lot#: 312

Miller Lite Beer Plastic Hanging Relief Promotional Display 32"H, Lite Wear haha

Lot#: 313

1958 Schlitz Retail Store 6-PAK Advertising Display Dolly, Vintage Breweriana Promotes, Displays, and Moves Beer Around! Great Bright Graphics 47"H

Lot#: 314

Vintage 6-Pane Window Frames Qty 3 and Old Door With Glass Window and Yellow Crackled Paint 77" x 32"

Lot#: 315

Garden Oasis Screenhouse 12FT x 20FT, Powder Coated Steel, Mosquito Netting w/Zippers, Extra Large Canopy w/Screen Shade, Complete In Box

Lot#: 316

Vanderwall 5-Tier Black Steel Shelvng Unit #8361, Complete In Box, 6'

Lot#: 317

Regal Living 34" Square Folding Table, Vinyl Top, Unused In Box

Lot#: 318

Inca Hammock Adult Full Size Hammock, 54" x 82" Excellent Condition and Comfort Zone King Size Mattress Pad In Package

Lot#: 319

Island King WINDFIGHTER Unused Tiki Torches, Qty 2, and Tiki Torch Mounting Brackets, Qty 6, New

Lot#: 320

GardenLine 9 Foot Cote D'Azure Stripe Aluminum Umbrella #43319, Stain and Mildew Resistant, NEW

Lot#: 321

GardenLine 9 Foot Wood Market Umbrella #5397, Hardwood Pole and Ribs, Pulley System To Open And Close, In Box

Lot#: 322

Garden Treasures 9 Foot Wood Market Umbrella #0166522, Hardwood Pole and Ribs, Pulley System To Open And Close, New In Box

Lot#: 323

9' Garden Umbrella, Hardwood Pole and Ribs, Metal Umbrella Base

Lot#: 324

Vintage Brass and Glass Paneled Pendant Ceiling Light Fixtures, Qty 2, 12-Light 24"Dia Fixture, and 3-Light 23"H Fixture

Lot#: 325

Vintage Dual-Light Brass Ceiling Light Fixtures, Qty 2, Milk Glass Lamp Shade Fixture, 12"W, and Hand Painted Frosted Glass Fixture, 11"W

Lot#: 326

Vintage 4-Light Brass Pendant Light Fixtures, Qty 2, 10" Diameters

Lot#: 327

Vintage Brass Pendant Light Fixtures, Qty 2, 12"Dia 4-Lamp Fixture, and 12"Dia 5-Lamp Fixture

Lot#: 328

5-Lamp Candlestick Style Chandelier, Scroll Design, Metal and Wood, 19"Dia x 17"H

Lot#: 329

Ornate 5-Lamp Chandelier with Crystal Prisms, 21"Dia x 16"H

Lot#: 330

Antique Metal Fireplace Coal Scuttle Ash Box with Ornate Handled Shovel and Tin Ash Liner Box, 11.5"W x 13"H x 16"D

Lot#: 331

Antique Coal Scuttle Bucket, Rustic Country Decor, Porch Hanging Flower Pot Planter, 16"W x 12"H, and Heavy Footed Kettle Marked "8 JP", 10"Dia x 9"H

Lot#: 332

Pair of Brass Ball and Cast Iron Andirons, 17"H

Lot#: 333

Pair of Brass Ball and Cast Iron Andirons, 10.5"H

Lot#: 334

Pair of Brass and Cast Iron Andirons, 20"H

Lot#: 335

Pair of Brass and Cast Iron Andirons, 23"h

Lot#: 336

Pair of Brass and Cast Iron Andirons Marked "A1", 20"H

Lot#: 337

Pair of Brass and Cast Iron Andirons, 16"H

Lot#: 338

Pair of Brass and Cast Iron Andirons, 21"H, Single Brass Andiron, 17"H, and Brass Fireplace Tongs

Lot#: 339

Copper-Color Fireplace Screen, 22"W x 26"H, and Fireplace Tools

Lot#: 340

Brass Claw Foot Firewood Tote / Log Holder, and 3 Piece Brass Fireplace Tool Set

Lot#: 341

Antique Brass Bucket, 15"Dia x 9.5"H, 8"Dia Cast Iron Skillet, and Cast Iron Base, 26"Dia

Lot#: 342

Antique Tools- Walnut/Brass Angle Tool, Carpenters Wood/Brass Squares, Stanley No. 25 8" Bevel Blade Tool, & Waltham & Lufkin Folding Measuring Sticks

Lot#: 343

Vintage Kitchen Items, Brass Soap/Sponge Dish, Soap Holders/Dispensers, Grater, Hot Plate, Mortar & Puree Sieve, Mixers, Mallets, Trivets, MORE

Lot#: 344

Vintage Kitchen Utensils, Joseph Rodgers & Sons Stag Handle Carving Set, Ornate Carved Wood Handle Knife, Landers Frary 3 Pc Set, Wood Spoons, MORE


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Mayo Auction & Realty, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.