Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday August 24 @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday August 30 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday September 1st 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Address for pick up will be on paid invoice.WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1st and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday August 31st at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon August 31st before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE Friday September 1st from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 2920 Ave D -Little River, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: 7 miles North of Hiway 56 on 29th road. Watch for directional sign Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS- viewing is by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped with tracking number and insurance and buyer can request particular shipping service.
2920 Ave D, Little River, KS US
Bill and Linda Teeter have moved into a retirement center and their son has moved into their house. They are offering their lifetime collection of antiques, glassware and farm tools to the highest bidder through online auction. They will be doing a 2nd auction this fall for toys, silver and coins. We will send out info on Auction 2 when time comes for that one.
Lot #: 1

Delta Milwaukee drill press

Delta Milwaukee drill press on shopmade stand. Runs but as you can see in the pictures, you might want, for safety reasons, put on a new cord
Lot #: 2

20 ton shop press

Dake 20 ton shop press with serial number 112720
Lot #: 3

Black and Decker cut off saw

Black & Decker Professional cut off table saw with shopmade table
Lot #: 4

Schumacher charger

Schumacher 10/40 amp charger and 100/200 amp starter charger for 6 and 12 V
Lot #: 5

Craftsman 10 inch table saw

Craftsman 10 inch table saw with cast-iron table. Has lots of attachments: fences, slides, safety guards and more.
Lot #: 6

1/2 Hp bench grinder

Sears 1/2 HP Grinder. Has both the wheel and wire brush. Stands on a shop made stand with light.
Lot #: 7

X324 John Deere tractor mower

X324 John Deere 48 inch from the Edge Extra cutting system series. Has deck leveling gauge, John Deere I torque power system. This is a nice unit folks and is ready to go to work for you. Has four wheel steering, hydrostat. Has a Kawasaki engine

in: 31

Lot #: 8

Tool holder & lariat

Wall hanging metal tool holder, lariat, iron handle for Jack but no jack
Lot #: 9

Mechanic creeper

Plastic mechanic creeper. Has a "tray" on each side for tools, parts etc. Have included picture of the bottom
Lot #: 10

10 foot Spraymate

Pull type Spraymate sprayer by Ag Enterprises with 10 foot boom. Has pump and 2 ten gallon tanks. On two wheels and ready to go to work guys.
Lot #: 11

Acetylene oxygen metal cart

Complete Smith Acetylene Set: cutting torch, gauges & strikers. Everything you need including the nice cart except no bottles and no lease. Just the Smith acetylene set
Lot #: 12

Three tiered metal rolling cart

Three tiered metal rolling cart. Has several triple grips, shelf brackets, antique iron and everything you need to put a "dish" up.
Lot #: 13

Vintage grinder

Vintage Stover MFG. grinder with wheel. Has a chunk of of the shield missing (that?s what we call a chip in the trade) and you can definitely see it in the picture
Lot #: 14

Metal toolbox

Nice empty G.I. toolbox painted red and open tray toolbox. Miscellaneous tools, string, bull lead and soldering supplies
Lot #: 15

String and hedge trimmers

Black & Decker and Worx string trimmers. Black and Decker hedge trimmers. The Hedge trimmer and Worx trimmer are electric The Black and Decker trimmer is lacking the power unit.
Lot #: 16

Karcher Power washer

Karcher Power washer with long cords and the wands. Also includes the warning of "electrocution if you live in California". Runs. Did not hook it up to water.
Lot #: 17

Two wheeled dolly

Nice straight two wheel dolly with pneumatic tires- like new
Lot #: 18

Sprayer and sprinkler can

Plastic 2 gallon hand sprayer and a plastic sprinkling can for the garden
Lot #: 19

Flexible Flyer snow sled

Hey guys winter is coming and this is a very nice Flexible Flyer III wooden sled with metal frame. Has a lot of living to do with your kids
Lot #: 20

Vintage snow sled

Vintage snow sled 3 foot long. Perfect for a little girl or boy. Still has a lot of fun left in it, folks
Lot #: 21

Makita 7" right angle grinder

Really nice Makita 7" right angle disc grinder. Has a custom made box to keep it in. Several pads and stones to go with it
Lot #: 22

Black & Decker rechargeable set

Black & Decker 14.4 rechargeable drill and saw with rechargeable batteries and charger. Comes with bag to carry it in- good unit guys
Lot #: 23

Three 30 gallon oil barrels

Three 30 gal barrels that to have transmission and hydraulic oil in them. All three are empty. One still has the lid with in a Spicket. One is full of miscellaneous iron that you can take to the Iron Man and get your money back by selling them and the third one has no lid and is empty.
Lot #: 24

Metal and plastic gas cans

2 1/2 gallon gasoline cans- one is galvanized metal and the other is Plastic. Phillips 66 5 gallon can with a lid and plastic pour spout. A galvanized metal 5 gallon can with pour spout. All four cans are empty
Lot #: 25

Propane bottles

Two propane bottles. One is a 20 pound bottle. Not seeing markings to tell us how big the other one is though is taller and skinnier than the 20 pound one. Both feel empty
Lot #: 26

100 pound propane bottle

100 pound propane bottle that has been refurbished, repainted and brought up to standards. Empty
Lot #: 27

100 pound propane bottle

100 pound propane bottle that has been refurbished, repainted and brought up to standards. Has the protective cap. Empty
Lot #: 28

100 pound propane bottle

100 pound propane bottle that has been refurbished, repainted and brought up to standards. Empty
Lot #: 29

Rubber mat for pick up bed

Rubber mat for pick up bed. Measures 78 inches long, 49 1/2 inches between the wheel well and 63 inches at the widest point
Lot #: 30

Grease gun and metal shelf

Grease gun, multipurpose lithium grease refill, oil can and three shelf metal unit that measures 2? x 11" x 3? high
Lot #: 31

Pilot punch set and metal stand

Metal stand measures 2? x 18" x 30" tall. Has a wood shelf in the middle & metal shelf on top. Mauhew pilot punch set, five punches. Missing the 5/16. Some Rice County-Kansas car tags.
Lot #: 32

Craftsman rolling tool chest

2 piece Craftsman rolling tool chest. Few screws in a drawer-otherwise this is an empty container to fill up with your tools. Does have the keys.
Lot #: 33

Rolling shop stool

Rolling shop stool with a wooden seat In tray under seat: Hayhook and tarp straps
Lot #: 34

Aluminum wheelbarrow

Aluminum wheel barrel. One handle has rubber grip. You even get a broom to sweep it out with after you clean out the leaves you collected. Very little if any rust. Rubber tire and metal frame
Lot #: 35

1 1/2 ton floor jack

One and a half ton floor jack
Lot #: 36

Lincoln AC 225 welder

Lincoln AC ? 225 ? S variable voltage AC arc welder. Helmet, 2 boxes of 6013 rod, 1 small box of low hydrogen 7918, leads, stinger and ground
Lot #: 37

Metal cart and bolt organizers

Nice rolling cart measures 2? x 18". Has two units of bolt organizers. Almost all the drawers have something in them. Lot of good bolts here guys. On bottom shelf is a bunch of hitch pins and a muffin tin with misc hardware
Lot #: 38

Vice grips & thread cutters

Two sets of vice grips, a set of wide mouth vice grips and a set of thread cutters
Lot #: 39


Four Carpenter saws- three with wooden handles & one with a plastic handle. 2 tree saws
Lot #: 40

Saws & draw knife

Wooden handled lumber saw that is missing one of the handles- so make it a two-man saw. Two wood saws- one with plastic handle. A corn knife that has the wood handle taped up,a tree saw and a draw knife
Lot #: 41

Pruning clippers & hedge trimmers

Wood handled pruning clippers and a set of plastic handled hedge trimmers
Lot #: 42

Yankee screwdrivers

Three Yankee screwdrivers, a regular screwdriver and two braces
Lot #: 43

Fencing Pliers

Fencing pliers, wood handle hatchet, hack saw blades, tree saw and two utility knives
Lot #: 44

Soldering guns

Two electric soldering guns- Weller and the other is an older model. Several open ended wrenches
Lot #: 45

Black & Decker 12 inch drill

Black & Decker 12 inch electric drill. There is some damage to the drill handle & the cord does need some attention. 2 full bit indexes-a lot of nice drill bits, guys
Lot #: 46

Tarpaper and wood box

Roll of tarpaper, a wooden box with a handle on it to carry tools and several wood blocks in different lengths and widths
Lot #: 47

Nail bars & hardware

Nail bars and Coffee cans of different sizes of nails
Lot #: 48

Vice grips & adj wrenches

Vice grips and adjustable wrenches
Lot #: 49

Quarter inch electric drill

Unmarked quarter inch electric drill and assorted bolts
Lot #: 50

Sledge hammers

Two wooden handled sledgehammers, to four-way tire wrenches, some large bolts and nuts, plastic pipe fittings and a caulking gun
Lot #: 51

Hose clamps

Several different sizes of hose clamps, several putty, knives, lightbulbs and a box of miscellaneous
Lot #: 52

Concrete birdbath

Concrete birdbath, 9 drawer plastic organizer that contains toenail clippers, sewing tape measure and pair of scissors
Lot #: 53

Metal step stool

Two-step metal folding stepstool with vinyl top. Wood braces been placed on the back of the metal stand
Lot #: 54

Stone kiln

Cress ceramic kiln. That is all I can read off the label
Lot #: 55

Hand crank post type drill

Vintage hand crank post type drill
Lot #: 56

Skill 3/8 electric drill

Skill 3/8 electric 1/3hp drill and attachments
Lot #: 57

Milwaukee Right angle grinders

Two Milwaukee 4 1/2 inch right angle grinders. One runs real good but the other one we couldn?t get anything out of- so probably for parts
Lot #: 58

C clamps and pullers

Adjustable "C" clamps and couple of pullers. Different sizes
Lot #: 59

Homak Metal tool box

Homak Metal toolbox and Allen wrenches
Lot #: 60

Miscellaneous wrenches

Box and end wrenches, tin snips and 1 John Deere channel locks
Lot #: 61

Tire and blacksmith hammers

Tire hammer plus blacksmith hammer. They both have wooden handles
Lot #: 62

Combination wrenches

Combination wrenches: Craftsman and Duracraft from 15/16 up to 1 1/4
Lot #: 63

Miscellaneous pliers

Needle nose pliers, regular pliers, tinsnips, wire pliers & snap ring pliers
Lot #: 64

Metal files

Assorted sizes and types of metal files, some with wood handles
Lot #: 65

Tool box full

Little metal tackle box full of pliers, brake tools, impact driver, battery pliers, snap ring pliers and a nice set of Dewalt driver bits
Lot #: 66

Chisels and punches

Chisels and punches
Lot #: 67

Wood chisels

Wood chisels
Lot #: 68

Assorted screwdrivers

Assorted screwdrivers and toolbox
Lot #: 69


Prybars - different lengths and diameters
Lot #: 70

Rigid 24 inch pipe wrench

Rigid 24 inch pipe wrench, heavy duty prybars and a small pipe wrench
Lot #: 71

Bubble level & yardsticks

4 foot bubble level, Metal straight edge yard stick, 2 small bubble levels and wood yardsticks
Lot #: 72

Misc combination wrenches

Miscellaneous combination wrenches. Size 11/16 on down
Lot #: 73

Come-along & load boomers

One come along and 2 load boomers
Lot #: 74

Air chisels & paint gun

Two air chisels and one paint gun
Lot #: 75

Brass weight scale & wrenches

Winchester screwdriver, outlanders improved number two brass plate scales, pliers, adjustable wrenches. lots of neat stuff in there guys
Lot #: 76

Galvanized metal coal bucket

Galvanized metal coal bucket and a roll of metal wire
Lot #: 77

3/4? drive socket set

3/4" drive socket set in metal case
Lot #: 78

Combination set of wrenches

Midget combination set of wrenches and ignition wrenches. Recessed wrench set
Lot #: 79

Trailer hitch balls

Two trailer hitch balls and hitch pins
Lot #: 80

Master Mechanic drill

Master Mechanic double insulated, variable speed reversing 1/3 hp drill from True Value plus wood spade bits
Lot #: 81

Carpenters level square

Stanley Carpenters level square, a wooden scribe and 4 tape measures
Lot #: 82

Framing squares

Framing squares and tire repair items plus filter wrenches
Lot #: 83


Hi low Jack and a 12 ton hydraulic jack.
Lot #: 84

Tire irons

Tire irons
Lot #: 85

Wooden handled axes

Three axes- 2 have the wooden handles attached. One is a Winchester and the third one has the handle but needs to be attached
Lot #: 86

Snap on screwdrivers

Long snap on screwdrivers, snap on prybar set and a magnet
Lot #: 87

Socket tools

Various sizes of socket tools. Mostly half-inch, break over ratchet, speed wrench, a little socket set and some 3/8 ratchets
Lot #: 88

Miscellaneous sockets

A Metal John Deere box with miscellaneous sockets
Lot #: 89

Half inch sockets

Half inch sockets and some impact wrenches
Lot #: 90

Claw hammers

Five claw hammers- three with wooden handles, one with a rubber grip handle, and one small hammer that has no handle
Lot #: 91

Impact wrench and more

Campbell Hausfield half inch impact air wrench with two sets of impact sockets plus some extras
Lot #: 92


Craftsman 18 inch and a Homelite six super eight chain saws
Lot #: 93

Ball peen hammers

Ball peen hammers- two with wooden handles, two with no handles. Wooden blacksmith hammer and two metal handled small chipping hammers
Lot #: 94

Roller chain repair

Roller chain repair and miscellaneous bolts in a plastic toolbox
Lot #: 95

Nut drivers

Nut drivers and a metal cashbox in which they are stored
Lot #: 96

Combination wrenches

Simonson metal toolbox with combination wrenches
Lot #: 97

6 foot dining room table

6 foot wood dining room table with one leaf that is already inserted in the table. Four wood chairs complete the set. Nice solid set. It is not new so you know is well-made.
Lot #: 98

Sewing rocker

Sewing rocker in really good condition
Lot #: 99

Hoosier cabinet & shelf units

Vintage Hoosier cabinet with the flour sifter. Has the original pulls, black trim enamel tray top. Very nice piece. Enamel top is 40" x 22. The whole unit stands 70 inches tall. The top is not attached so easy to move around and carry. Included in this lot is two 3 shelf unit matching wood cabinets. 70 inches tall 18 1/2 inches wide 13 inches deep
Lot #: 100

2 pressed wood shelf units

Two Prestwood shelf units-15 inches wide, 72 inches tall, 15 1/2 inches deep. They have metal handles. One handle is good and the other one needs the handle replaced. They each have three shelves inside.
Lot #: 101

Decorated milk can

Decorated milk can with a picture on the front from the Wayside Inn. Can is an old one, but I don?t know how much milk it actually held
Lot #: 102

Two marble top tables

Lamp table has a chip on the base and stands 19 inches tall & 15 1/2 inches across on the marble. The other table has a wood frame is 3 feet long 21 inches wide and stands 17 inches off the floor.
Lot #: 103

Vintage wooden ironing board

Vintage wooden ironing board that has a torn advertisement from a magazine and an old decal that you can hardly read. Pepsi & Dr. Pepper bottles. Graveside flower holders with metal holders and a wood base to set stuff on
Lot #: 104

Pet taxi

Plastic pet taxi
Lot #: 105

Rain trains sprinklers

Two Rain Train sprinklers, one is marked Nelson. Looks like they still have a lot of traveling left in them
Lot #: 106

16" tire rim

16" five hole tire rim that has been painted white
Lot #: 107

Propane Space heater

Mr. Heater Buddy pro 75,000 to 125,000 BTU/hours propane space heater. Does have the hook ups for propane. Check out Lots 25 to 28 because those are the bottles that will fit this
Lot #: 108

Propane heater & bottle

Propane heater with bottle and regulator. 30,000/ 80,000 BTU/hour
Lot #: 109

Three folding chairs.

A bag chair and two other folding chairs, a folding desk lamp (the bulb cover/shield is not showing in the pix-UGH!) and a paint roller & pan
Lot #: 110

CO-OP Seeder

CO-OP galvanized seeder, plastic milk crate, part of a pulley and a little wood stool for a child to use as a stepstool to reach the sink
Lot #: 111

Blizzard bucket

Blizzard bucket, picnic cooler and two metal oil buckets. One is from Texaco and the other one you can barely read that is also from Texaco
Lot #: 112

5 gallon buckets

Plastic 5 gallon buckets- most look held Oil. Some still have their lids. Also getting plastic planter for flowers
Lot #: 113

Log chains

(2) 3/8" log chains with hooks on each end. One approximately 4 foot and one a about 16 footer
Lot #: 114

Small log chains

1/4" log chains. Includes good galvanized tow chain and others
Lot #: 115

Clevis and chain hooks

Clevis, chain hooks and tiedowns
Lot #: 116

Scotts lawn spreader

Scott lawn spreader
Lot #: 117

Coleman gas smoker grill

Coleman gas smoker grill with hose- just need a bottle and those are being sold in other lots if you look.
Lot #: 118

14 foot wood ladder

14 foot wood ladder-will get you high for sure
Lot #: 119

14 foot aluminum extension ladder

14 foot aluminum extension ladder
Lot #: 120

Four shovels

Two scoop shovels, round point and a square sand shovel
Lot #: 121

Rakes and sand scoop

Metal rake, round point shovel, sand scoop, tiki light for your backyard metal plating for around a door just one strip and a long handled brush scrubber. Scoop shovel with no handle
Lot #: 122

Educational group

This is an education group. You can get a PhD with a post hole digger, Roundpoint, sharpshooter, good hoe and a good garden rake
Lot #: 123

Bag chair & aluminum stepstool

Bag chair, garden claw, hoe, broom, and aluminum two step ladder
Lot #: 124

Pick ax & pointed round shovels

Nice wooden handled pickax, softball bat, two round point shovels and an iron bar
Lot #: 125

Pair of metal lawn chairs

A pair of vintage metal lawn chairs, really good shape other than might want to repaint them
Lot #: 126

Wood winter figures

A snowman and a snow boy without cap and another one is listening to his headphones. They?re all on a common base with a sign "Let it Snow"
Lot #: 127

Voit 400 gravity rider

Voit 400 GR gravity rider exerciser
Lot #: 128

Two Lumberjack saws

Two Lumberjack Saws- one is a two handled
Lot #: 129

Wicker basket & garden tools

Wicker basket that could use for laundry or a baby basket- but it does need some repair work done. Garden tools include a little shovel, plugger, small hoe and old cream bucket, plastic bucket and 3 large popcorn tins
Lot #: 130

Rolling entertainment Center

Entertainment center with shelves on all four sides. The ones in the middle go clear through. You can set your TV, record player or whatever on top. Has 4 wheels for easy mobility.
Lot #: 131

Oak table set

4 foot sofa table and two end tables. All made of oak
Lot #: 132

Two oak bookshelves

2 Oak bookshelves measure 6 foot tall and have five adjustable shelves. Are 32 inches wide and 1 foot deep
Lot #: 133

Oak dining set

Solid wood Oak Dining set includes: 2 piece China hutch with three glass doors with porcelain knobs and measures 50 inches wide. The top is 4 foot wide and from the base to the top of the hutch measures 85 inches. Does have the glass shelves. Two doors on the bottom portion of the cabinets. Oval harvest table with six chairs. 68" without the leaves. Has (4)10" wide leaves. Table sits on a two legged pedestal.

in: 31

Lot #: 134

Five Star post hole digger

Five Star 3 point post hole digger and has an extra bit. Good old post hole digger
Lot #: 135

Miscellaneous barbed wire

Approximately 12 rolls of barbed wire with various amounts and conditions
Lot #: 136

Dump rake wheel

Dump rake wheel
Lot #: 137

Post driver & 2 electric fence post

Post driver and two electric fence posts
Lot #: 138

T post

Approximately 36 T- posts in various conditions & various lengths. Look at the picture
Lot #: 139

Axle tires & wheels

Axle off an anhydrous tank, four wheels and tires so you can make a two wheel trailer and have two good spare tires. All goes together
Lot #: 140

Dump rake

Dump rake has cast iron seat and wheels- everything you guys want or need to rake your hay-except for the tractor

in: 31

Lot #: 141

Three. Bottom plow

Three bottom International Harvester or RHC. Most of the parts are there. Can always use as yard art if you do not need to "plow"
Lot #: 142

Delta miter saw

10 inch power miter saw model, 36?070. Even has the instruction manual. Includes the table that is sitting on
Lot #: 143

CI ashtray and corn knife

Block plane, pop rivet kit, corn knife, various metal files, Romax wire, cast-iron and aluminum ashtrays
Lot #: 144

Jumper cables & weed burner

Propane weed burner- just need a tank, jumper cables, tiedown straps and other miscellaneous connections and hooks
Lot #: 145

Miscellaneous hardware

Nails, staples, screws & some nice containers to keep them in
Lot #: 146

Various sad irons

Various Sad irons-some with handles. Most of them do not have a handle, and some of them are interchangeable.
Lot #: 147

Two metal sawhorses

Two metal sawhorses, and a piece of paneling to make a makeshift table. The items sitting on top sold in previous lots.
Lot #: 148

Black plastic & tarps

Black plastic tarps and weatherproofing landscaping
Lot #: 149

Wood cart & Scotts seeder

Wood cart on rollers. paint trays with paint roller, Scott?s hand seeder, antifreeze & weed killer
Lot #: 150

Coal bucket & 2 boot jacks

Galvanized coal bucket, wood boot jack and another boot jack made out of horse shoes
Lot #: 151

Nelson lawn sprinkler

Nelson sprinkler, another sprinkler and a pocket hose- just like advertised on TV. I?m not sure if really fits in your pocket though.
Lot #: 152

Winchester ammo box

Winchester ammo dovetailed box, milk jug with bail handle & glass insulators
Lot #: 153

Ice cream table & chairs

Ice cream table and two chairs with wood top and Wood seats
Lot #: 154

Vintage wooden ladies rocker

Vintage wooden ladies rocker- looks pretty sound, but it has a crack and does need some refurbishing. Will be a nice piece when you get it done
Lot #: 155

Vintage wash tub

Vintage washtub made of metal on four wheels and has the lid
Lot #: 156

End table & filing cabinet

Metal legal size 2 drawer filing cabinet, a piece of wood that was probably a shelf in some piece of furniture and a nice end table
Lot #: 157

Wood two shelf bookcase

4 foot long 34 inches tall shopmade bookcase with two shelves and it does not have a bottom. Thus you can put loose things under the bottom shelf
Lot #: 158

Wood end table

Wood end table which has a place to put your magazines, a little box to store things in and place to get a metal bridge lamp
Lot #: 159

Vintage gas light fixtures

Vintage gas light fixtures-pretty special guys
Lot #: 160

Halogen light & kitty litter box

Halogen light to light up the litter box for the kitty so he can find it in the middle of the night, A wooden stand or low seat and a plastic trashcan
Lot #: 161

Vintage Wood parlor table

Vintage wood parlor table- has a shelf. The top does have cracks but is still a very nice solid piece and could be refurbished
Lot #: 162

Fishing poles & Walker

This is a matched set folks- if you need the walker then you are ready to start enjoying the fishing poles
Lot #: 163

Folding 4 ft table & contents

4 foot folding table, pieces of carpet, some tile, sonic telephone, light fixture to cover your ceiling lights, steel wool, pair of scissors and a few other odds and ends. All yours for one money
Lot #: 164

Wooden box & contents

Wooden box measures 32 x 16, has metal handles and metal edges to give support. Tire chains, electrical supplies, trailer lights and lawn trimmer line
Lot #: 165

Oak Bookcase Secretary

Vintage Oak bookcase secretary with drop front desk, 3 drawers with original hardware, glass front door on the 5 shelf bookcase. There are some keys, but none of them work on this piece. It is NOT locked. Set of 4 glass furniture coasters are inluded.
Lot #: 166

Pair of folding chairs

Pair of padded seat/back Samsonite folding chairs. Made in China.
Lot #: 167

Whirlpool SidexSide Frig

Whirlpool side x side refrigerator. Has indoor ice dispensing system. 27" deep x 33" wide x 66 1/2" tall. The pictures show there is lots of room for food. Has all the storage drawers.
Lot #: 168

Globe Wernicke barrister bookcase

Globe Wernicke barrister bookcase with 3 shelves, base and top. Very good condition- see no damage. Measures 4' tall x 34" wide x 11" deep
Lot #: 169

Oak Roll Top Desk

Oak roll top desk with metal name plate states "OAK CREEK BY RIVERSIDE". This Oak desk is in very good condition. We see no damage
Lot #: 170

Artificial Flowers

Plastic clothes basket with artificial flowers and a wood napkin holder with carving of a horses head with initials BT
Lot #: 171

Folding ironing board

Metal folding ironing board with cover. Cover does have a small tear. Included in this lot is a metal cane with plastic grip handle
Lot #: 172

Metal free standing clothes rack

Metal free standing clothes rack with bar for hanging clothes and wire shelf for hats etc. Has 4 wheels to easily move around. 38" wide x 64 tall. Also included is bar to suspend in a doorway for hanging clothes
Lot #: 173

Wood quilt rack

Nice maple wood quilt rack
Lot #: 174

Vintage Wedding Ring Quilt

Vintage Wedding Ring hand stitched Quilt. Approx 80" x 145". In very good condition
Lot #: 175

Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt

Vintage Dresden Plate hand stiched Quilt. Approx 72" x 150" . In very good condition
Lot #: 176

Cowboy hats & office supplies

Cowboy hats are size 7- one is straw and other is felt. Plastic trashcan and a box full of office supplies including magnifying glass, scissors, staplers, etc. Just what the cowboy needs while he?s wearing his hat
Lot #: 177

Baseball style caps

Fort Hays State University, BusyBee- Lyons, Kansas, John Deere, some feed seed caps plus a Big Blue stocking cap. There?s some very expensive caps in here such as John Deere-cost $150-$200,000
Lot #: 178

Single size bed

Single size bed with wooden frame and slats. There is a Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress and springs that look almost new that are being given to you with the purchase of this bed
Lot #: 179


Bedding includes a nice comforter, pillow, toilet cover, and bathmat, curtains and table cloths
Lot #: 180

Bambi & a box of religious books

Box full of books that include Walt Disney?s Bambi, several religious books, a print of an old wagon under a tree and "The Foot Prints of God" print. Nifty looking letter openers- one with a fish and one is a sword
Lot #: 181

Hardback & paperback books

Three boxes of books, crossword puzzles, dictionary Bibles, novels, Readers Digest books, and even a book about the "Memories of Harry S Truman" Lots of reading
Lot #: 182

Folding card table & chairs

Folding card table with set of 4 chairs. Plus a cute little rabbit shaped wall hanging
Lot #: 183

Chenille bedspread & bedding

Chenille bedspread, sheets, afghan & blanket
Lot #: 184

Steam iron and Wits Wagers game

Steam iron & various games: Jinga, Wits Wagers games & Bible challenges. Heated neck support & a nice little candle in a base
Lot #: 185

Boxes of greeting cards

Several boxes of greeting cards: sympathy, get well, birthday, Praying for you, Thinking of you. Lots of cards here. Won?t have to buy any for a while.
Lot #: 186

Hair blower and more

Hair blower, colored pencils, glue guns, telephone and more. See the pictures
Lot #: 187

Sewing notions

No sewing machine but have some attachments, spools of thread, clips, etc. in a handled wicker basket, embroidery hoops, some pillowcases and handiwork
Lot #: 188

Exercise weights

Ankle and wrist weights, jump rope and more
Lot #: 189

Curlers and pillboxes

Box full of colorful hair curlers, a hot curlers set, a box of latex medical gloves, assorted gloves and pill organizer boxes
Lot #: 190

Copper crisper

Still in the box a "Copper Crystal" by Copper Chef- it says XL Oven air fryer pan set. Transform your oven into an air fryer with a no stick basket. It?s a deluxe family size.
Lot #: 191

Cleaning supplies

Broom, dust mop, dust cloths, dust pan and a string mop
Lot #: 192

5 shelf unit

54 inch tall 5 Shelf unit made of hardwood. In very good condition
Lot #: 193

Clothes hamper & wire shelving

Clothes hamper made with plastic wicker, a three shelf metal unit. Looks like it might of had glass on it at one time- but they are open now.
Lot #: 194

Christmas wrapping paper

Christmas & other wrapping paper. Plus you get a pump to blow up your air mattresses. A plastic milk crate and a couple of plastic snack bowls
Lot #: 195

Metal log carrier

Metal log carrier, metal coal shovel, toy shovel and a wood battery operated clock
Lot #: 196

Wood lamp table & lamp

Small wood lamp table with a rack on the bottom for magazines. Has a glass plate on top for a lamp or candle.
Lot #: 197

Pro sport stepper

Pro sport ZX 65 stepper
Lot #: 198

Knickknack shelf & table lamp

The little wooden shelf unit has a drawer with a porcelain knob on the bottom and narrow shelves. Metal spiral metal base table lamp and shade. Has a cherub finial
Lot #: 199

Four Samsonite chairs

Set of four folding Samsonite chairs
Lot #: 200

Samsonite folding chairs

Set a four Samsonite folding chairs
Lot #: 201

Louis l?Amour books

Several boxes of Louis l?Amour westerns books. If you are one of his fans, this is a good way to start your collection.
Lot #: 202

Louis l?Amour & Lonesome Dove

Two boxes of different western authors, including Louis l?Amour, Lonesome Dove, Dana Fuller Ross and others
Lot #: 203

Zane Grey Western paperbacks

Zane Grey Western paperbacks
Lot #: 204

Viking Barrister Bookcase

Viking five stack Barrister bookcase really neat piece. Does have the top. We do not see that would sit on a base. There is no base on this particular unit.
Lot #: 205

2 ice chest

Thermos and Coleman ice chests
Lot #: 206

Three lanterns

A Dorcy two tube lantern & 2 battery operated novelty lanterns
Lot #: 207

Two drawer filing cabinets

2 two drawer letter size metal filing cabinets
Lot #: 208

Sears catalogs & elec supplies

Plastic storage boxes with lids. One has Sears catalogs from 1980 to 1993 and others. A smaller container full of electrical multi plugs and other electronic wires etc.
Lot #: 209

Typewriter table & bucket

Metal typewriter table on wheels. Has pop up leaves to flip up can spread out paperwork. Lot includes a galvanized bucket
Lot #: 210

Space heaters

Holmes space heater with thermostat and a milkhouse space heater
Lot #: 211

American Cutlery MFG balance scale

American Cutlery MFG balance scale. Patten year is 1906 with capacity of 240 lbs. Has brass tray
Lot #: 212

Space heater and air cleaner

Lakewood space heater and Defender room air cleaner from Health-Mor
Lot #: 213

Blowable air mattress bed

INTEX Global air double size mattress with bag for storage. A Coleman eight can cooler, a shower chair and a folding stadium seat
Lot #: 214

Kitchen knives and steel wool

Assorted kitchen knives: Electric Hamilton Beach knife, steak and butcher knives in a nice little yellow carry tote plus a box with steel wool and sandpaper
Lot #: 215

Vintage lunch pails

Walt Disney school bus lunch pail and Texaco Star lunchen box that looks like a train
Lot #: 216

Kneading Fingers 2000

Commercial model Kneading Fingers 2000 to massage your neck. A Square Shooter 2 from Polaroid with its bag. Does have some bulbs and the instructions, but no film.
Lot #: 217

Good Grips food mill

Good Grips food mall from Oxo with original box
Lot #: 218

Toshiba DVD VHS player

Toshiba DVD/VHS hi-fi player with remote
Lot #: 219

Lighter & pocket knife sets

Two collectible sets of pocket knife and lighters. One is with an old tractor. The other set is with the American Eagle. Both have their own display boxes.

in: 31

Lot #: 220

Vintage implement toolboxes

Implement tool boxes: one is marked Avery. The other is unmarked-could be off of an International. They are coming with a JS Dillons and sons wood produce box.
Lot #: 221

Norman Rockwell music/jewelry box

Hallmark Galleries Days Remember Norman Rockwell music jewelry box that plays "Ole Suzanna. Two really cute ceramic bunnies. The eggs are two pieces so you can store a little goodies in them.
Lot #: 222

Collectible kitchen tools

No 1 Universal food chopper, egg beaters, ice cream scoop, meat tenderizer hammer, hand beaters, cookie cutters, knife sharpener and more
Lot #: 223

Glass canisters

Two of the glass canisters say, "Old Fashion Candy Sticks". The other glass piece is a rolling pin. No lids for the canisters
Lot #: 224

Collectible pencils

Collectible pencils: ones from the Bicentennial 76, Made by Shafer candle, Boot Hill Pencil, Western, Kansas, Bob Taylor, and many more- some known in some unknown. Also, some ballpoint pens
Lot #: 225

Collectible pencils & pens

Printer rollers, Christmas pencils, ink roller, Shawnee County golf course, Batman and some ballpoint pens
Lot #: 226

Crockpot and Fry Daddy

Proctor Silex crockpot, Presto Fry Daddy and a plastic bowl
Lot #: 227

Little River State Bank Coin Bank

January 2002 Little River State Bank grand opening bank with original box. Souvenir pins from Windom Tigers, Farm Bureau Mutual & other miscellaneous give aways: fingernail clippers etc.

in: 31

Lot #: 228

Buttons and jacks

Button button who?s got the buttons- nice box full here, Bank of Inman match holder, a box with game of Jack?s with a rubber ball that does not bounce very well. A 5th Ave. Michael C. Fina ballpoint pen with box
Lot #: 229

Peanuts Noel table piece

Peanuts Resin Noel table piece that has never been taken out of its original packaging and a vintage hand dial telephone
Lot #: 230

12 piece clamp set

12 piece clamp set from Sierra tools- made in China. A box of assorted keys
Lot #: 231

Sharpsu 2000 cutlery set

Sharpsu 2000 10 piece gourmet cutlery set. We didn?t take it out to see if all the pieces are there, plus you get a plastic tub with ice cream scoops and angel cookie cutter. Other cookie cutters as well as a few other kitchen utensils
Lot #: 232

Wood kitchen tools

Rolling pins, small hammer, wooden handled knife, salad serving set, mallet, and a river plunger
Lot #: 233

Miniature planes collection

Three boxes that state they are made in China. Each are filled with metal planes. Each is in their own individual bag and they?ve never been unsealed. We are shown a few of them.
Lot #: 234


Cracker Jack, Bingo, Magnifying glass, Sports binoculars, miniature playing cards, The Christian Fish from Oppenheim- Israel, plastic funnel, salt and pepper shakers. Oil can. Glass bottle stopper
Lot #: 235

Peanuts Christmas decorations

Peanuts Resin Noel tablepiece. Still in its original packaging. In fact, all of these are in original packaging. They are various Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree Peanuts style.
Lot #: 236

Paper weights

30 year anniversary McDonald paperweight, two grizzly bears from Yellowstone park, paper weights and a Native American pottery piece
Lot #: 237

Collectible Tires

Three are in tires from Goodyear, Brunswick, and Firestone. One is from Best Western the other 2 are unmarked
Lot #: 238

Mikasa Christmas Crystal

Four Christmas tree candles, one sweet dish with a poinsettia basket, one with Angel music and a Christmas night light
Lot #: 239

Pumpkin decorations

Nice orange ceramic pumpkin and a glass pumpkin cookie jar
Lot #: 240

Watch Fobs

Watch fobs: several are Caterpillar, one from Pueblo Midwest Old Settlers Thrashing Association. Nice old ones here folks, plus you get a glass vase to store them in.
Lot #: 241

Winchester Watch fobs

Nice good watch fobs: Winchester, International, Keen Kutter, Caterpillar, Huber-some nice all these guys
Lot #: 242

Libby hostess glasses

Eight Libby, hostess glasses, four Manon double old fashion glasses. Both sets are in their original boxes and do not look like they have been used.
Lot #: 243

Marquette Agra Services thermometer

Marquette Agra Services thermometer, Colson Company from Illinois bell, hand sifter, Mugmate to keep your coffee hot, Nobodys Perfect mug, glass furniture coasters, collectible medicine bottle and a file box with colored index cards
Lot #: 244

Davy Crockett Child suitcase

Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier child suitcase- still in really good shape but it has been used and enjoyed
Lot #: 245

Wicker baskets & Clay duck

Two wicker baskets- one with a handle & the other is a serving tray. Nice oldie, but Goodie clay duck
Lot #: 246

Pair a bedside lamps

A pair of bedside lamps with plastic prisms- very nice vintage pieces
Lot #: 247

Gumball machine

Gumball machine- buy this then find some gumballs at a candy store to fill it up
Lot #: 248

Oil lamps

Oil lamp with green glass and a miniature lamp with yellow glass. The chimney on the yellow has a chunk broke off. The green one has a metal halo
Lot #: 249

Metal oil lamp

Metal oil lamp patented in 1905, has stars on the fill cap and we are not finding any name anywhere on it. Has a chimney but it is missing the globe
Lot #: 250

Icebox jug & sun tea jar

Vintage icebox jug, sun tea jar, atlas half gallon canning jar, and another large canning jar with a wire bail glass lid
Lot #: 251

Three wood nutcrackers

Three wood nutcrackers- the tallest one is little over 14 inches tall
Lot #: 252

Three wood nutcrackers

Three wood nutcrackers- the tallest is just short 12 inches
Lot #: 253

Three wooden nutcrackers

The Wizard of Oz scarecrow, Santa, and a school teacher. The scarecrow has its original box. Santa is approximately 14" and scarecrow is approximately 14". The top book on the teacher stack needs re-glued
Lot #: 254

Bedside night lights

Pair of lights with crystal bottoms, red chimneys and red prisms. Make good bedside lamps. Approximately 18 inches to the top of the chimney
Lot #: 255

Daisy #40 butter churn

Daisy. Number 40 butter churn with the sunflower, but it is missing the screen. Otherwise it is in really good shape.
Lot #: 256

Pickle jar & butter churn parts

Pickle jar has a metal lid and wire handle. The butter churn is a 4 quart and is unmarked other than "4 quart" There is a paddle and lid that has no markings on it other than HO. Does not fit the 4 quart jar so it?s for a smaller churn
Lot #: 257

Pair of elec dresser lamps

Pair of electric dresser lamps with milk glass bowls. One has the chimney & the other one does not. They both have their cords- nice pieces
Lot #: 258

Coffee pot & can opener

GE 12 cup coffee maker and a Hamilton Beach can opener with original paperwork
Lot #: 259

Picture advertising thermometers

Two advertising pictures with thermometers. One from Lost Springs Garage, One from RL Olson- does not say where either place is located. Nice vintage Chesterfield cigarette poster & a wood cutting of a windmill. "Please lower your seat" picture with a duck. A really nice print of bird feeding her babies in a mailbox- mothers love, a leather bound photo album with a picture of an Indian Maiden as well as a rectangle frame for circle mirror. That is NOT a crack in the mirror-it is reflection of electric light cord
Lot #: 260

Drugstore pickle jar

This vintage drugstore pickle jar with Bail wire handle has been turned into a piggy bank. The print has faded enough that can?t read it, but I?m showing you a picture.
Lot #: 261

Sunbeam table top mixer

Sunbeam table top mixer that has beaters and dough hook. Plus I really neat Aladdin thermos carrier for a hot casseroles.
Lot #: 262

RS Prussia chocolate set

Redmark RS Prussia chocolate set. Consists of cream and Sugar, the chocolate pot and 6 cups & saucers. Quick glance, I am seeing no damage - very nice set.
Lot #: 263

Dog Gone golfing figurines

Seven different figurines, Dog Gone Golf and some of them say Moose Creek Crossing
Lot #: 264

Kerosene bottle

Kerosene bottle off of a kerosene stove and a blue lightning rod ball
Lot #: 265

Winnie the Pooh & friends figurine

Winnie the Pooh and friends figurine with original box and authenticity papers dated 1999 edition. Plus a package of satin holiday three oil candles with the oil
Lot #: 266

Pyrex mixing bowl set

Three piece Pyrex mixing bowl set. Largest is 10 inch
Lot #: 267

Vintage photo album

Vintage cloth covered photo album that does not have any pictures. Has a few tears but is still in good shape to store your pictures. 2 calendars (2009 and 2010) featuring Norman Rockwell Artwork and a box of Swiss style kerchiefs that have never been used. Album is missing part of the closure
Lot #: 268

Vintage knife steel

Vintage knife steel, three sets of wrought iron shelf brackets. 1 wooden stirrup used for holding table napkins, a real nice brush set for your fireplace called "The Revenge" with picture of a ship. Has a brush, shovel and poker
Lot #: 269

Kitchen linens

Kitchen linens: potholders, HotPads, casserole carriers, wicker plate, hot plate, insulated bag
Lot #: 270

Kitchen utensils

Kitchen and utensils include measuring cups, dough cutters, whisks in different sizes, metal cookie cutters, measuring cups, measuring spoons, flour scoops, juicers, syringe for basting and much more hidden in the bottom
Lot #: 271

Kitchen appliances

General electric percolator, two stainless steel insulated cups, aluminum ice bucket, Whistling teapot, a coffee pot to sit on the stove for perking and it does have the grounds basket
Lot #: 272

Pitcher & six glasses

Heavy Glass pitcher & six tumblers. They don?t match, but they?ll still do the trick.
Lot #: 273

Kitchen pans & cutting boards

Cutting boards- Corning, plastic, wood, several different types/sizes of cookie sheets, cake pans and cooling racks as well as a small square aluminum cake pan
Lot #: 274

Metal tins of buttons

Two metal tins of buttons. Some are still on the original card, some have been taken off of clothing. Lots and lots of buttons even a couple of plastic belt buckles, spool of thread- who knows what goodies you?re gonna find as you go through the buttons
Lot #: 275

Aluminum ware pitcher & glasses

Color Craft pitcher with several aluminum cups from different makers- including Sunburst
Lot #: 276

Monterrey Western Dinnerware

Monterey Western Dinnerware: 5 cups, 12 bowls and six plates. Little bit of rust in a couple of the cups but everything seems to be in pretty good shape. Any damage I see on the bowls is just on the rim on a few of them
Lot #: 277

Fiesta ware

Fiesta pitcher, gravy boat and eight mugs
Lot #: 278

Film splicer and Nutcracker

Films splicer from Bell & Howell from the 1920s and the tag says it works. A cast-iron "made in China" nutcracker
Lot #: 279

Enamel roasting pan

Three piece enamel roasting pan- in really good shape. It will still do a turkey for you.
Lot #: 280

Blue enamelware roasting pans

A pair of very nice blue enamelware roasting pans in two different sizes. Both in really good condition.
Lot #: 281

Silver trim salad bowl

Silver trimmed glass salad bowl with a set of tongs and a spoon fork server. Pair of crystal candlesticks, a Crystal kitty candleholder and a Glasgow measuring cup from the pharmacy
Lot #: 282

Bread box and stewpot

Vintage metal bread box and blue graniteware stewpot
Lot #: 283

Windom high school pix

2 Wood burning pictures of Windom high school, three 8 x 10 American Oak pix frames-never been used, an 8 x 10" picture frame that has never been used, 5 x 7 Metal frame and 2 landscape pictures with wood frames, plus another wood frame
Lot #: 284

Tupperware & tablecloths

Tupperware glasses and pitcher, plastic glasses and insulated mug. 12 insulated mugs- one with handle. Tablecloths including plastic covered ones
Lot #: 285

Collectible tins

Nabisco Premium Crackers, Ritz Crackers, Snickers, Carnival Carousel Horse on one, the original Toll House Cookie tin, Pepsi-Cola can and two pieces of a canister set
Lot #: 286

Galvanized tub & metal pail

Galvanized tub with two handles- in very good condition, a metal pail-decorated with a farmstead, a wicker basket filled with wicker picnic plate holders to keep those paper plates from falling apart
Lot #: 287

Collectible tins

Franklin's famous Java coffee, Hershey?s cocoa, Cracker Jack Ballplayers, Caines Coffee, Lifesavers, Lipton tea, Raggedy Ann and Andy & others
Lot #: 288

Tabletop barbecuer

Tabletop barbecuer- looks like has hardly been used
Lot #: 289

Kerosene heater

Kerosene heater
Lot #: 290

Philip Morris metal sign

This Philip Morris metal sign says Stout Sign Company St. Louis, and it looks like is vintage. Says is "made in the USA" so must be vintage-right?
Lot #: 291

Metal advertising signs

Metal advertising signs. They both look like they?re old, but we have no way of knowing for sure. One is for Woodbury Chemical Company. The other one is for Frontier high-pressure hydraulic hose
Lot #: 292

Deluxe food grinder

Deluxe food grinder by Maverick from the Integrated Food Chain appliances. Not sure has ever been taken out of the box as the grinder is still covered with plastic.
Lot #: 293

LED stick on lights

Three LED stick on instant light set. Looks like they have never been used. Four SmartHome clip on lights. We took one of the package so you can see what they look like. A desk lamp and heating plate to keep your food warm. A wall hanging of the DaVincis's Last Supper
Lot #: 294


Appliqued and crocheted pillowcases and doilies. Also some cheese cloth-not decorated.
Lot #: 295

Maps of yesteryear

Remember when we use to pick up maps from the Texaco station well, here?s some of the oldies from Conoco, Texico, DX, and many more for several different states and places. Suppose they will still get us where we want to go?
Lot #: 296

Webcor Melody record player & 45s

Vintage Webcor Melody record player that plays 78s, 45s and 33s. Also in this lot are 45s for Joe Smith, Lynn Barry, the Beatles, Deacon, Andy Griffith, Romeo and Juliet, Pat Boone, John Sebastian, Wayne King, and many many more.
Lot #: 297

Bentley portable TV

Bentley portable TV, wooden box with clock mechanism and a Hamilton Beach two slice toaster. The TV has a place for nine batteries. It does have an AC outlet but no cord. Wooden box with the clock in it but don?t know if the clock works. Two slice toaster
Lot #: 298

Handiwork & John Deere curtains

Handiwork includes pillowcases & table tops. Some are purchased pieces- aprons and a brand new package of John Deere curtains
Lot #: 299


I have taken a picture of the jug so you can see if you can figure out who made it-I can't. The other piece is a pair of birds made from a Holland Mold
Lot #: 300

Gotham skillets

Pair of Gotham skillets, hammered aluminum metal tray, sterling silver meat tray, metal 2 handled tray, metal tea pot, Gorham nut bowl, 2 part angel food cake pan and a steamer
Lot #: 301


Four big tumblers, four glass ashtrays, Amber covered fairy lamp, bud vase, 2 bigger glass vases, a canning jar and a fancy red jar
Lot #: 302

Kerosene jar & cookie jar

Good old kerosene jar that?s got a little rust on the rim and a cookie canister jar
Lot #: 303

Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine

George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine with owners manual, two trays and tool for turning and removing the food from the grill
Lot #: 304

Vintage milk glass spice jars

Vintage milk glass spice jars. A few have labels the rest do not. They all have red lids. One set it is in an eight jar metal tray and the others are in a wax paper dispenser. There is one lid from a broken jar (we removed the broken and kept the lid-in case you run across another jar that needs a lid
Lot #: 305

Toy Rescent cast iron stove

Toy Rescent cast iron stove. All the parts are here. Some of them are wrapped up in the paper inside the stove
Lot #: 306

McDonald glasses

Muppets and Peanuts collectors glasses from McDonald?s. Three juice glasses with Apple decals, a Pyrex lid casserole and an extra glass lid that looks like came off of a crockpot.
Lot #: 307

Sears Commentator electric typewriter

Sears Commentator electric typewriter with case
Lot #: 308

Cast iron "The Buckeye Fence"

Cast-iron "The Buckeye Fence"- nice heavy piece. An Indian style weaved plate holder and a cast-iron trivet
Lot #: 309

14 spd solid state Sears Insta blend

Sears Insta blend 14 speed blender, Pampered chef food grating/slicing system, a crock pitcher with wooden spoons and rubber spatulas
Lot #: 310

Food cutter & storage unit

Food cutter -standard 5 cone model. Has shredder, stringer, thin slicer, waffler and thick slicer-comes with instruction manual. Large plastic container that has three layers of multi individual cups that you could probably use in the kitchen, but they also work out in a workshop to put nuts and bolts in. Nice plastic orgainser unit
Lot #: 311

Christmas is coming

Holiday ceramic mug in original box, a can of co-op multipurpose white glass enamel that was given away as a sales promotion, a pair of candles, a treat bag, a wooden box with a handle with candles, a Santa wooden basket. Ceramic tree tray, tissue, and placemats.
Lot #: 312

Coleman propane fuel

Three canisters of propane fuel. 2 feel full and the other one about half full
Lot #: 313

Pfaltzgraff China set

Pfaltzgraff China - salt and pepper, cream and sugar, serving platter, gravy boat, covered stick butter holder, one dinner plate, three salad plates, 8 saucers & 6 cups. There are four mugs that are being included in this lot from Longaberger
Lot #: 314

Instamatic Kodak camera & more

Kodak Instamatic, X 45 camera, Midland International a.m., portable radio with original box, Frontier Ford Cheez-It stainless steel set- looks like has never been used and is safe for the dishwasher. A nice portrait of an Indian squaw with feathers, a pair of book ends, a shadow box picture of "Mother is another name for love"
Lot #: 315

Pumpkin Tea set

Five piece pumpkin tea set that includes tea pot, cream and sugar & salt and pepper shakers. Four tumblers with polar bears on them
Lot #: 316

Spices & juice glasses

Spices include a double chocolate cocoa can with Santa Claus on it, four plastic juice glasses and metal display of wheat, a ball of string, and 1 made in Korea bowl
Lot #: 317

Steam vaporizer

Steam vaporizer with original box. Has 24 hour operation and holds 2.2 gallons plus has a nightlight. A big plastic tray for your turkey and a smaller one for the ham
Lot #: 318

Vintage metal patio trays

Five vintage patio trays. Two were give aways from the Mountain Ridge Cooperative Creamery Christmas of 1953 or 58- can?t read it that well. Bavaria China dinner plate and 4 Royal Sovereign "forever yours" plates
Lot #: 319

Vintage Metal lap trays

Two vintage metal lap trays-one from Walt Disney?s Magic Kingdom and the other one is 1979 Popeye. One leg loose from the Magic Kindom tray
Lot #: 320

Lead crystal candle stick

Lead crystal candle stick with original box. Says is a six way candle holder with 24% fine lead crystal. Four cigarette ashtrays for individuals, Bavarian butter pat, a miniature picture & petrified rock, a little piece from Kodak I presume to look at slides, but don?t know. King Edward tobacco box as well small Avon bottle.
Lot #: 321


Tableware includes serving spoons, knives, salad forks, pie server, spoons plus you get steak knives & serving forks
Lot #: 322

Framed pictures

Five framed pictures, including a Ducks Unlimited print.
Lot #: 323

Sleighbell & mission bells

Sleigh bells on a leather strap, cowbells, mission bells- see the pictures
Lot #: 324

4 qt ice cream freezer

4 quart electric ice cream freezer-is a complete outfit. A microwave turntable- just no microwave
Lot #: 325

Table lamp & glass decanter

Table lamp without a shade but does have a finial. A glass decanter with stopper and a red bud vase
Lot #: 326

Fancy lampshades

A pair of fancy lampshades with fringe. We did not find any lamps that they go with
Lot #: 327

Vintage table lamp

Vintage table lamp that looks like it has a place for a globe. It has vintage cord is very attractive.
Lot #: 328

Vintage brass vase table lamp

Very nice table lamp with milk glass shade & chimney. Has been electrified
Lot #: 329

Electrified gas lamp

This is a gas lamp that has been electrified. Has milk glass globe and chimney- nice piece.
Lot #: 330

Collectible soda pop bottles

Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Sparkling Beverage collectible soda pop bottles. (8 bottle) 7-UP and (6 bottle) Sprite cardboard carriers
Lot #: 331

Collectible pictures

Framed Artwork: Pix of Indian boy and pony framed with Barnwood, velvet painting with wood frame, a painting of grain elevators in wood frame, 2 Indians on horses with buffalo in the red ski painting plus a painted autumn day all framed
Lot #: 332

Collectible framed pictures

A young girl reading to her dog, the front page of Collier National weekly with a little girl crying while she?s cutting onions- even the puppy is crying, three little girls in mischief, boy and his rabbit and cute two little kids sharing a special moment
Lot #: 333

Glass snack sets

Glass snacks that includes the cups and the plates. Did not count them, but there are plenty here for a large gathering
Lot #: 334

Oak medicine cabinet

Oak medicine cabinet to hang on the wall. Has a towel rod, metal knob on the mirrored door & three shelves on the inside
Lot #: 335

Small China soup terrine

Small Bavairan soup terrine with soup ladle and Noritake China. Several sake cups made in China.
Lot #: 336

Cuisinart pots & pans set

Cuisinart pots & pan set. Small blue enamel granite pots in several different shapes and sizes-skillet, sauce pans and more
Lot #: 337


Tea towels, blankets, pillowcases, baby blankets, doilies, sheets, some of handiwork done on them. Even got some fancy quilted covers. Lot of hard work here folks.
Lot #: 338

Wooden medicine cabinet

Wooden medicine cabinet with mirror in the front. Three shelves & hangs on the wall. Nice piece.
Lot #: 339


6 Pewter steak trays,4 saucers,4 pie plates, 4 dinner plates, 2 veg trays, One mug, "United States of America McPherson, Kansas, Centennial tray" and a set a four great American Revolution picture trays
Lot #: 340

Two sets of glasses with metal holders

Set of eight iced teas and eight tumblers with gold motif. Both sets have brass holders to carry them and store them
Lot #: 341

Two spice racks

Two wooden spice racks, one has doors and two little drawers. Also has the bottles with the labels on them plus some extra labels. The other spice rack is just the rack with no bottles.
Lot #: 342

Coke trays

Three Coca-Cola trays: one is from Kroger?s 100th anniversary in 1983. Another was made in 92, which is a replica of a poster from 1948 and the other one has no date on it
Lot #: 343

Tarzan & other comic books

Tarzan, Patsy Walker and Henry Wolf, Archie and Walt Disney?s plus some old newspapers and magazines
Lot #: 344

Two Coca-Cola trays

One tray is marked 1981. I can not find date on the other one. Nice metal trays.
Lot #: 345

LP record albums

Boston Pops, Fiddler, Mary Poppins, Readers Digest Oregon Moods and Memories, Babes in Toyland, Elvis Presley and many more oldies but goodies LP record albums
Lot #: 346

Coca-Cola trays

Two Coca-Cola trays- neither one have any years marked on them
Lot #: 347

Canning jars, snack tray & coffee mugs

Canning jars are all widemouth, but they are half pints and pints. Snack tray, a jar with painted cows on it, coffee mugs and Royal Sovereign cup and saucer
Lot #: 348

Two metal trays & coffee cups

Two metal trays - one has grapes on it. The other has Coca-Cola bottles and a fiddle. The coffee cups are for Christmas, "Guess what?", A "dad?s" cup and more
Lot #: 349

Collectible tins plus puzzles

Plastic plates, Christmas bags- Christmas is coming soon-They have never been used. Four different boxes of puzzles- 500 piece & 1000 piece. Folgers coffee cans, an Oreo tin, mixed nuts tin and other tins-see the pictures
Lot #: 350

Collectible postcards

Postcards: Easter, Christmas, birthday, valentines, best wishes, quite an assortment. Also some scenery ones including one from Las Vegas. There is a fold up one as you can see in the picture. Not enough space to describe them all. Also Thanksgiving. Did not examine all the postmarks but they?re from the early 1900s including 1911 so there are some oldies but goodies here guys
Lot #: 351

Collectible postcards

Another large assortment of post cards. This one includes a couple of cartoon ones, Easter, Christmas, lots of scenery and animals as well as a few unused $.19 USPS postcards- all you have to do is add some extra postage and there?s still good to use. Plus two hoops of handiwork of a little boy and little girl.
Lot #: 352

Collectible pottery

A piece of McCoy, Weller, Roseville, 427?8. Not seeing any chips- they all look good
Lot #: 353

4 pottery pieces

An elephant creamer with faint mark on it that I can?t read, a bird, a pig (has slot so must be a bank), and a snail that?s marked Greystone, 307. Not seeing damage
Lot #: 354

Saturday Evening Post & other calendars

Norman Rockwell featured on Saturday Evening Post, Hummel, McKesson appointment calendar, Longaberger Collectors Calender, bamboo calendar to hang in the kitchen, Cowpokes, Classic Farm Tractors. If you are a collector of calendars this lot is certainly for you.

in: 31

Lot #: 355

Roseville and Hull pottery

Roseville 177?6, Hull W 7- 7 1/2, Hull L3, Roseville 729?12. The only damage I found was a small chip on the Hull L3. I showed it in the picture.
Lot #: 356

Owl cookie jar & Roseville crock

Owl cookie jar has no markings. I?m not seeing any damage other than maybe a little repaint touchup needed. The Roseville is from Ohio and is a nice little crock.
Lot #: 357

Crystal swans & ducks

3 crystal swans. One is Fine French Crystal made expressly for the Princes House, two little glass ashtray ducks, red glass swan & swan with red wings,
Lot #: 358

Tea set & relish tray

International Silver four piece tea set includes the pot, creamer and sugar and tray. Tray still in original bag, which is still sealed, but it does show some tarnish on the edges. Lazy Susan Chrome relish tray with glass dishes and metal lid with plastic knobs. A Jeanette glass Baltimore cream and Sugar with its original paperwork.
Lot #: 359

Bohemian & Mary Gregory type glass

Three pieces of Bohemian glass and one piece of Mary Gregory type glass. All four are very nice pieces-not finding damage. The tallest one (the blue one) is 9 3/4" tall. The tallest Bohemian glass is 10 inches, Four nice pieces. The blue vase has a sticker that says its from the Czech Republic
Lot #: 360

Set of 4 Pyrex mixing bowls

Set a four Pyrex mixing bowls. 2 are white with brown trim. The other two are brown with white trim- not seeing any damage.
Lot #: 361

Pyrex bowl & cake pan

Two Pyrex mixing bowls, a 12 x 7 cake pan, six coffee mugs that are marked with an F and are heat resistant plus matching napkins
Lot #: 362

Vintage Man & Woman pocket watches

Ladies & man?s Elgin, Mastercraft, and a Wrangler watches. Wrangler has leather band. The two Elgin pocket watches have nice chains. On "gold" watch could not open the back and we do not have any jeweler tools. The other back screws off but does not have any markings showing if gold or not.
Lot #: 363

Coca-Cola bears & small glasses

Coca-Cola polar bear cubs "you bring out the best of me". Their number is 872055 and they are 1998 issued. Four small Coca-Cola cups. a pair of minstrel singers and some marbles including one that says Winchester and another says John Deere.
Lot #: 364

Marigold colored crystal

Fruit compote, 8 1/2 inch serving bowl, relish plate, a 10 inch oval plate and a small bowl with pears in the bottom. Six very nice pieces of glassware from the Depression era.
Lot #: 365

Men & women watches

Vellaccio Man & woman set of watches in a box with $259.99 price tag. A Pulsar Quartz watch in store case that is 50 meter water resistance. These three look like they have not been used or worn. Two very nice ladies watches- one with rhinestones and the other with a stretchable band. Two men stretchable band watches. Quartz Westclock alarm clock, A watch band watches that has not been taken out of its case and more watches- so take a look
Lot #: 366

Black memorabilia plastic table pieces

Three sets of salt and pepper shakers: 2 large size, one set of smaller ones and one only has the salt shaker and a little cream pitcher. Nice group of memorabilia. Stamp on bottom "F & F MOLD & OIE WORKS Dayton, OH"
Lot #: 367

Suitcases and dolls

Samsonite suitcase and a small overnight case (latch is broken)- they do not match. The overnight case has doll clothes and four dolls. One doll is marked "Elizabeth". The others don?t have markings on them.
Lot #: 368

Hotel Spittoon

This hotel spittoon says Bell Star Hotel. Looks like it?s been around more than a couple of days. Not banged up- just needs cleaned up. Does have a "bend" on one side of the brim as shown in picture.
Lot #: 369

Three framed pictures

One is a Farmstead with "out buildings" in the background and featuring an old battered bucket. The other two framed prints are of flowers and one has Cupid. The frames measure 33 x 24 , 26 x 30 and 26 x 23
Lot #: 370

Crock shoulder jug

Crock shoulder jug
Lot #: 371

Kerosene style electric lamp

Kerosene style electric lamp with Globe and chimney. Really nice piece. From the base to the top of the chimney is approximately 22 inches
Lot #: 372

Electric table lamp

Electric table lamp with metal stand measures 20 inches. Really nice piece
Lot #: 373

Jewel T ware

Halls Jewel T kitchen ware: Pitcher, three different sizes of bowls and bottom of a casserole. Not seeing any damage
Lot #: 374

Galvanized water can

A unique galvanized water can decorated with gold colored handles, gold trim around the bottom edge, gold Sunburst on the side and a gold covered sprinkler head. A nice plastic trashcan that has a silver colored metal outer cover
Lot #: 375

Electric lamp

This is a very unique electric lamp. I have not seen one before. It has a pot metal base with electric bulb and a really nice decorated glass top.
Lot #: 376

Pink Planters glass cookie jar

Pink glass Planters cookie jar that matches the Depression goblets. Three are 6 1/2 inch and six are 5 3/4 inch. Makes a pretty table setting while you?re eating the cookies out of the Planters cookie jar
Lot #: 377

Indian maiden, Bambi & wedding vase

Framed picture of an Indian maiden with a fawn and a vase that we think is a Native American wedding vase
Lot #: 378

Seth Thomas Mantle clock

Seth Thomas 8 day mantle clock -does have the key and original paperwork
Lot #: 379

Winchester 2 burner propane stove

Trailblazer by Winchester 2 burner propane camping stove with original box Box full of Christmas lights, a tree skirt and Christmas balls
Lot #: 380

Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany Fine China

Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany fine China. It is the blue garland pattern. It does not look like has ever been taken out of the boxes. A beverage server, covered casserole, soup bowls. Dinner plates, cups, saucers, bread & butter dishes, dessert bowls, Butter pats, gravy bowl and tray, creamer salt and pepper shakers sugar bowl & serving platter. Several boxes have never been opened. You can see them in the pictures. There is one box that has been taken out of their original boxes that holds salad plates and dinner plates. Nice large set folks with hardly any or no use.
Lot #: 381

Precious Moments Sugartown Train Station

Enesco Precious Moments Sugartown Train Station- complete six piece collector set in original box. Also six "Jesus Loves Me" figurines and "Just popping in to say hello" figurine which does not have a box. Everything else does.
Lot #: 382

Ice bucket & crystal glass

Longchamp crystal tumblers-six matching never been taken out of the box. Glass pitcher with 4 matching tumblers. A porcelain collectible 10 piece mini tea set that does not look like has ever been taken out of the box. A leather covered ice bucket and a three tiered metal hors d?oeuvre tray with original box - you will need to take apart to be able to put back in box
Lot #: 383

Tasco zoom sporting scope

Tasco 15?405 x 50 mm zoom spotting scope includes instructions. Does not look like has ever been used
Lot #: 384

Depression glassware

Three glass bowls, orange serving dishes include cups, sugar, saucer and leaf plates
Lot #: 385

Made in Germany tea set

Made in Germany tea set includes: teapot, 4 cups and saucers. Box with 6 silver gold rim mugs plus a porcelain butterfly tray
Lot #: 386

Thermal acrylic blanket & bed linens

Still in original packaging- thermal acrylic blanket from Penny?s. Some sets of sheets, Shower curtain with the rings and a framed picture of a flower and seashell plus a hand painted wall hanging of a rose
Lot #: 387

Cake pans

2 piece Angel food cake pan, a fancy cake pan, assorted sizes of glass and metal cake pans
Lot #: 388

Pyrex bowl

Pyrex covered bowl with carrier, glass serving bowl, a small glass sauce bowl and a glass double boiler
Lot #: 389

Cloisonn? & brass pieces

Four really nice cloisonn? vases with wooden pedestals. Crystal angel, bird on wood pedestal, China bell, turkey salt & pepper shakers, turkey figurine, metal tricycle and two brass pieces (turtle & pitcher).
Lot #: 390

2 Presto griddles

Two Presto griddles
Lot #: 391

Binoculars & laser level

Montclair 7 x 35 field glasses with case and a laser level Pro three central line level with original box. A Craftsman piece that we?re not sure what is supposed to do, but has a nice case.
Lot #: 392

Clocks & Weather band radio

A quartz battery operated clock-give away from Pioneer Seed. Another quartz clock that is "Made in Taiwan". WeatherBand TV sound Emerson radio. 3 plaques: "Bless our farmhouse", "We buy junk and sell antiques" and "give thanks to the lord".
Lot #: 393

Waffle makers

Pick the style of waffles you want-use the classic Cuisinart waffle maker, ToastMaster Belgian waffler and Proctor Silex Morning Baker. The Cuisinart has a recipe booklet. Hey, can always give to someone for Christmas.
Lot #: 394

Kitchen tools

Hand flour sifter, kitchen meat grinder, Pampered Chef nut chopper, Red trimmed enamelware coffee pot- no innards and a nice brass piece to put a plant in to bring "pleasant" into your kitchen.
Lot #: 395

Pyrex and Tupperware

Two Pyrex pieces with plastic covers and a really nice Pyrex portable to carry the larger piece with hot pack pocket. A large Tupperware bowl with lid.
Lot #: 396

Glass Bowls & pie pans

4 glass Pyrex bowls, pie pan and 2 baking dishes. Corning pie pan, pumpkin pie baker that came from the WR flour company with recipe on the back for the pie crust. A nice little small glass bowl for mixing egg yolks, 2 Corning type mixing bowls and two small casseroles with lids.
Lot #: 397


Pyrex dark casserole with metal carrier, an unmarked metal pan with enamel interior and a two handled "made in the USA" crockery bean pot-or cookie jar (has some damage to rim-see pix)
Lot #: 398

Metal cookware

Aluminum bun warmer (not electrified), aluminum Mrs. Anderson?s piecrust shield, metal loaf pans in different sizes, stainless steel mixing bowl with handle to use for liquid things like pancake batter and a three piece stainless steel mixing bowl set
Lot #: 399

Longaberger kitchen set

Lidded casserole from Country Glen. The rest of the pieces are Longaberger pottery, which includes a mixing bowl, casserole bowl, creamer, sugar, salt & pepper shaker and 4 mugs.
Lot #: 400

NJCAA tournament programs

NJCAA tournament programs from Hutchinson Kansas. Start in 1972 and go through 1996. Two good binders full
Lot #: 401

Piano music

Sheet music and books. "Cruising down the river", "Isle of Capri", "Here comes Santa Claus", "Will you remember me", "Smoky Mountain" plus 2 guitar books
Lot #: 402

Oak parlor table

Oak parlor table with unusual ironwork- see the pictures Measures 22 x 22 and 26 inches tall
Lot #: 403

Searchlight cookbooks

"The Household Searchlight Recipe Book" from the Household Magazine, "Betty Crockers Picture Cookbook", tested recipes books, and others
Lot #: 404

Wooden tea cart

This is a nice tea cart. Has three shelves- counting the top shelf. So have place for pastries as well as the drinks- very nice piece
Lot #: 405

Framed pictures

Five framed pictures, mostly of landscapes. An unframed picture of sailboats
Lot #: 406

Needlepoint & prints

Two needlepoint pictures: one is a honeymoon sampler and the other is of children?s clothes. Three prints: one of the trees by a river, mountain cabin in the snow and mountains and third is a metal tin plate of the Lord?s prayer.
Lot #: 407

Readers Digest & children?s books

Readers Digest health books, Health and Healing the natural way, plus a diagnosing disease book. Children?s Little Golden Book, The Shoebox, tiny tunes, and a Walt Disney?s Bambi, The Runaway, Flea Circus and What do you communicate, Winston Churchill?s books, triumphant tragedy, closing the ring, and the hinge of fate. 3 old school text books
Lot #: 408

Bookcase & books

Wooden bookcase measures 31 x 31 x 70" and the books go with the bookcase. Holy Bible, Happy Harvest, Johnson?s notes on the New Testament, Collegiate Webster Dictionary, Donna Parker on her own and other books

in: 31

Lot #: 409

Bookcase & books

Bookcase measures 3 foot wide 45 inches tall 17 inches deep. Books includes: Alice in Wonderland. The mayor of Casterbridge, Irving Stones Love is Eternal- see the pictures.
Lot #: 410

Wooden kitchen table

Drop leaf wood kitchen table that has been painted white. Not sure what the original wood is. Measures 36 inches, 42 inches wide with the leaves up & 30 inches tall
Lot #: 411

Smith Corona typewriter

Smith Corona manual classic 12 typewriter with case. Black & Decker steam/dry iron
Lot #: 412

Weber charcoal grill

Weber charcoal grill with original box. It does look like has been used some
Lot #: 413

Fenton glass Snow people

A pair of Fenton glass snow people with their original boxes, old hickory knife set with knife store or that you hang on the wall, small bowl and pitcher set that are made in the USA, Certificate of authenticity for a piece of artwork called "Walt" by Thomas F Clark, Piece of stain glass, little sewing kit. There is a little bit of everything in this lot folks
Lot #: 414

Collectors books

Schroeder?s 1999 Antiques price guide, Antique Trader antiques and collectibles from 2001, Pepsi Cola collectibles, silver plated flatware, the ABC?s of collecting online coins, antique furniture. Lot of good research material folks
Lot #: 415


Two framed prints, A Norman Rockwell of a teacher in front of her class & the other is a still life. An unframed painting of people in a sailboat
Lot #: 416

Two vintage floor lamps

One floor lamp has a really nice cloth Shade as well as the globe inside. The other one is a nice bridge lamp and we know it works because were using it to help light up the place while we take pictures
Lot #: 417

Oak Barrister 4 stack bookcase

Barrister four stack Oak bookcase includes the top and the bottom. All the shelves have glass and knobs. Very nice piece. Measures 61" tall x 34" wide x 12" deep
Lot #: 418

Books, including the iron Eagle

Mostly hardback books include:The Iron Eagle, Second Chances, The great American West, Iacocca?s autobiography, national parks, accomplices to the crimes, how to decorate like Martha Stewart, Centennial, remembrance and more
Lot #: 419

Bakers rack

7? x 38" bakers rack with four shelves. Very nice piece that includes a stack of magazines and some Christmas decorations
Lot #: 420

WR flour sack & Eisenhower portrait

A 100 pound net weight WR flour sack which probably has never held any flour. A nice framed picture that is number 452 out of 2500 called the "Kansas Legend" showing Eisenhower and the states history
Lot #: 421

Oak washstand

Oak washstand with metal pulls and wood towel rack. Is in really good shape
Lot #: 422

Hand blown art glass

Handblown art glass, some of are from Japan. Vases, candy dish, 2 aqua colored canning style jars with wire bail/glass lids, figurine and a golden sun jar with cork lid
Lot #: 423

Corner wood knickknack stand

Five shelf corner wood knickknack stand with glass furniture casters to go with it
Lot #: 424

Samsung TV

31 inch Samsung flatscreen TV with remote and manual
Lot #: 425

Wooden bookcase unit on wheels

Wooden bookcase unit on wheels for the cookbooks. All goes as one unit except for the TV sitting on top which is selling in lot 424. Case measures 28" x 28? x 15?. Has three shelves. Cookbooks include Mr. Food, Great American recipe, First Christian Church Cookbook, and many more
Lot #: 426

Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock. We know does cuckoo because did for us
Lot #: 427

Four framed prints

Still LIfe with a chair full of flowers, trees with a picket fence & a pond, another tree with a little girl and her dog and a pair of ducks
Lot #: 428

Two Framed pictures & 2 Prints

2 still life framed pictures, a Headley House Fine Art print by Terry Redlin, and a certificate of authenticity Barnhouse print of an International tractor pulling a horse. Redlin's Print is limited edition number 8353, out of 29,500 -be sure to get yours now

in: 31

Lot #: 429

Vintage 5 gallon cream can

Vintage 5 gallon green can has been decorated. Really nice piece and still usable
Lot #: 430

Vintage saloon chair

Saloon chair with spindles in back and spindle chair rungs. Maybe it came from Boot Hill from when Matt Dillon was sheriff. I don?t know, but it?s a very nice solid vintage wood saloon captain style chair
Lot #: 431

Vanity chair & magazine rack

Nice low back vanity chair with a pink cushion. The frame is metal. Two-sided wood Magazine rack to sit on the floor by your chair
Lot #: 432

Curved glass China hutch

Nice solid oak piece, beautiful china hutch with curved glass, three glass shelves & a mirror on top. Measures 64 inches at tallest point, 3 foot wide at the back. There are currently Hummel figurines in the case but they will sell in the next auction. We?re giving you a taste of what?s to come
Lot #: 433

Framed picture of eagle

Framed picture of a bald eagle in the forest. Picture measures 27 inches wide 3 foot tall. Nice oak frame
Lot #: 434

Wood oak folding stand

4 foot tall Oak 3 shelf folding stand. We do not know what the Teeter's used it for but takes up very little space when not being used and is folded up. Otherwise you have three shelves nice, nice piece
Lot #: 435

Oak Wood bookcase & books

Three shelf wood bookcase full of books that are included. Winston dictionary, Chicken Soup for the grandparents, Series of western books, History of the church and other books. See the pictures. 30 inches wide, 3 foot tall and 10 inches deep. Be Sure to bring boxes for your books.
Lot #: 436

Knickknack shelf and hat

Wood knickknack shelf with little cubbyholes full of miscellaneous figurines which are included in this lot. The shelf unit is shape of a barn. Nice decorated straw hat made into a wall hanging.
Lot #: 437

Painted Saws and pottery

Two wooden handle saws that have been painted with farm scenes on them. Two pieces of Mexican pottery. One is from Acapulco Mexico and other is a nice pottery piece

in: 31

Lot #: 438

Lead glass

Lead glass vase and three other pieces including a fluted bowl, small footed bowl and a small bowl-Looks like could be leaded glass too but the only one marked is the vase
Lot #: 439

Wood 3 shelf unit

Three shelf wood unit & two jewelry boxes made of wood. Both boxes have mirrors in the lids, keys and padlocks. A watch band and a really nice wood wall hanging chime. The shelf unit is 22 inches high and you can see has three graduated length shelves
Lot #: 440

Glass miniatures

Glass miniatures are glass except one which is a little metal jalopy. The glass pieces include penguins, birds, dolphins, leaves, several dogs, elephants & paperweight
Lot #: 441

Oak table

This nice little oak table has fake handles. There is no drawer plus you get another pair of metal handles that you can use somewhere else or change them for with those in the table if you don?t like the first ones. Table measures 33" x 20? and stands 24 inches tall
Lot #: 442

Clear & crystal glass

Very nice pieces of glass. A lead glass vase, a German piece, glass handled basket, 2 handled pitchers. Really nice pieces.
Lot #: 443

Decorative vintage bowls

Red Mark RS Prussia bowl plus a portrait bowl and other bowls-one is from Germany
Lot #: 444

40th anniversary Bell & other china

40th anniversary bell, cream and Sugar sets from Lefton Germany, as well as some salt and pepper shakers and a nice little tea pot
Lot #: 445

Chess board & framed print

Nice solid wood piece that is made into a chess or checkerboard and a framed painting of a barn and fence
Lot #: 446

Crystal bowl and tray

The two pieces of crystal glass match. They both have pink flowers & fluted edges. Nice show pieces to put in the center of your table
Lot #: 447

Hisense dehumidifier

Hisense Dehumidifier that looks as if not very old and still has all the paperwork
Lot #: 448

Small couch

Small Legacy couch is 78 inches long, has three cushions, arm covers and two throw pillows. Very nice piece.
Lot #: 449

Wall hanging items

Framed picture of a woman and a little girl on a swing, another one with a young mother and her daughters saying good night prayers, votive candle with metal bracket and a little straw hat. Make a nice display on the wall together.
Lot #: 450

Pressed glass

Several pieces of pressed glass: punch bowl with cup and plastic ladle, relish tray and cream & sugar set. A lid that does not belong to anything that we have found. A nice little too handled oval piece. See the pictures.
Lot #: 451

Lazy boy recliner

Lazy boy recliner with a handle on the right hand side when you?re sitting down. This fabric is in good condition. Is a rocker when not reclining. Really nice piece
Lot #: 452

Vintage Oak rocker

Nice vintage oak rocker. In very good condition. It can still rock those babies.
Lot #: 453

Oak library table

Oak library table with drawer and wood casters so you can move it around easily. The lamps on top sell in the next lots and not included with table. Table is 40" x 28 1/2? and stands 29" from the floor with the rollers
Lot #: 454

Vintage table lamp

This table lamp has a pot metal base, two globes, glass prisms and a chimney. The artwork is signed by B Hart. 23" tall
Lot #: 455

Horseshoe table lamp

This table lamp has a base that is made out of horse shoes. Fabric shade. Don?t think lamp is all that old but it is pretty unique and stands 27 inches tall.
Lot #: 456

1958 Napco head vase

1958 Napco head vase, 2022 "Sarah Kay- from the garden" serial number 43 from Licensed United Treasury. A little picnic table style stand with an atomizer
Lot #: 457

Depression glass

Blue Carnival Hen on the nest, Green Depression: five sherbets and a cream sugar bowl
Lot #: 458


10 inch nappy, 4 cigarette ashtrays, miniature sugar & creamer and 8 inch plate
Lot #: 459

Shirley Temple pitcher

4" Shirley Temple pitcher and blue depression creamer.
Lot #: 460

Blue Willow style child?s tea set

Child's Tea Set. These pieces are made in China. Tea pot, cream and sugar, two saucers and cups with tray to set them on. A nice set of salt and pepper shakers on another tray. They all match and remind me of Blue Willow.
Lot #: 461

Roseville and Hull pottery

Pair of Roseville candlestick holders number 651 and a Hull vase L ? four 6 1/2 no damage
Lot #: 462

Circa 1920s women?s head

Soeken 1920s replicas from Avon made in the 80s of women?s heads. Comes with a wooden stand that holds part of them and a nice little blue crock. Crock measures 5 3/4" across the top outside rim and little short of 5" on the inside of the rim. Stands 3" deep
Lot #: 463

Tied comforters

Tied comforters, a pillow done with scraps of material stitched together, a stadium blanket and a nice big yellow exercise ball
Lot #: 464

Oak parlor table

Oak parlor table with a shelf and measures 20 inches wide 28 inches long stands 31 inches tall, has porcelain coasters to roll it around. Nice piece
Lot #: 465

Coasters in a piano

Really cute piano holding six wood coasters. Peppermints and Christmas tree candles that has not been opened. A Royal Copley tray with a bird & USA pottery crock. Missing the lid. Miniature template of Cameo kids in plastic so you can hang them on the Christmas tree. Pair of birds
Lot #: 466

Vintage butter dishes

Vintage butter dishes plus an extra lid. Nice pieces- see the pictures.
Lot #: 467

Oak Buffet

Oak buffet with one large drawer, two small ones and 2 little side cabinets. All have wooden knobs. The Buffet is 48 1/2" x 18? and 36 1/2" tall.
Lot #: 468

Longaberger baskets

Four Longaberger baskets: one with a lid, one is lined. a box for a tie on, but I don?t see anything in the box and there is also a sunset bread liner in the regional packaging plus a handled basket. Four very nice baskets. We did not find "specific boxes for them, but do have a few left over. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 469

Longaberger picnic basket

Longaberger picnic basket with plastic tray really nice piece. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 470

Longaberger basket

Square Longaberger basket. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 471

Metal bakers rack

Metal bakers rack measures 30 inches wide, 68 inches tall 18 inches at its widest point. It is painted white
Lot #: 472

Longaberger baskets

Five Longaberger baskets- different shapes different sizes- different colors. Included in this lot is a laundry basket which consists of frame with cloth bag lined with mesh that can be thrown into washing machine. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if baskets purchased in this lot goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 473

Longaberger baskets & boxes

These two baskets include their boxes. One is 1990 edition of the berry basket and the other one is a collectors club membership basket
Lot #: 474

Longaberger bankers waste basket

1989 Longaberger bankers waste basket and box
Lot #: 475

Longaberger baskets

1993 edition of the original Easter basket, 2000 edition of the Springmeadows basket. It also includes a collector club cottage Inaugural Tie-On and collectors club card. Both of them have their original boxes
Lot #: 476

2 Longaberger baskets

Two Longaberger baskets. Looks like one is for pies. 2 Longaberger baskets with no boxes. Has a wood shelf so can set one pie on top while shelf protects pie on bottom of basket. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 477

Three Longaberger baskets

Three Longaberger baskets- one says is a 1994 lilac combo from the main series and the other two don?t have any marks on them as to what they are. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 478

Three Longaberger baskets

3 Longaberger baskets. Christmas collection 1996 Edition Holiday Cheer Basket. Discovery Basket 1492 to 1992 and Century hostess appreciation basket. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 479

Longaberger baskets

Three Longaberger baskets. One is Marked 1993 on the bottom, another one says 1990 and the third one is also 1990. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 480

Longaberger baskets

2 Longaberger baskets. One says KC 85 the other says M&M 84. There is also Inaugural Tie-On from 1997 and a wooden rabbit with the trademark name on it. Took pix of the leftover boxes so buyers can see if purchase goes with any boxes left. Check them out when come for pick up
Lot #: 481

Hawkeye hamper picnic basket

Hawkeye hamper picnic basket with suspension shelf unit to so you can put food in layers and a 4 legged square that you can layer pies. Comes with some tableware
Lot #: 482

Depression era glassware

Glassware from the depression era. Fluted footed dish, green brand snifter for those that drink a lot of brandy, metal base on a green Rose Bowl, Orange colored lidded-footed candy dish, a blue pitcher with a narrow neck ruby red tumbler and yellow crystal plate
Lot #: 483

Vintage china pieces

Most of these vintage china pieces are unmarked. Mug that says Royal Castle bone china, mug says Made in Russia and one says Silesia RS creamer, divided vegetable dish, tea set with sugar and creamer. Each piece has some kind of damage. Unmarked teapot, two bowls-One is an Anchor Hocking Fire King bowl with gold trim
Lot #: 484

Canister & Tiffen glass vase

The vase is marked Tiffen. It has a red body with clear base. The other has a red ring with a clear lid, base and is not marked.
Lot #: 485

Pair of glass bedside lamps

Pair of vintage glass bedside lamps with plastic dangling prisms
Lot #: 486

10 piece mini tea set

Classic Treasures porcelain collectible 10 piece mini tea set with original box. Annesely England lidded jar, made in Japan vintage cracker jar with a chipped in the brim, an Asta West Germany enamelware casserole and hand-painted
Lot #: 487

Ruby Red creamer, sugar & pitcher

Ruby red creamer and sugar, a red glass pitcher, a recently made Roseville number 631-14", milk glass footed compote and a white glass vase
Lot #: 488

Vintage China

Vintage China: Germany, Bavaria, painted china, includes two bowls, three oblong dishes and a plate
Lot #: 489

Part of an old kitchen cabinet renewed

Someone is taken the flower bed out of an old kitchen cabinet. Has oak trim, metal handles and put it into a really neat little side desk with a porcelain knob drawer. Measures 24" x 18 1/2? and stands 26" tall
Lot #: 490

RS Prussia hat pin holder

Red Mark RS Prussia hat pin holder. "Denim Days" by Homco 1985 plate with holder, powder box, 2 plates and a bowl
Lot #: 491

Crystal berry set

Crystal Berry set consists of Bowl and six individual bowls. Really nice set from the Depression Era
Lot #: 492

Decorative cups & saucers

Cup & Saucer sets. Five sets marked Astor with different months of the year plus some others. A long handled pot with a matching cup and saucer. Lidded sugar. Nice pieces.
Lot #: 493

Royal Vale English Bone China

7 coffee cups, saucers, plates and one bowl of Royal vale English bone china. We only unwrapped a few pieces for you to see
Lot #: 494


Tupperware: Cake carrier, casserole with lid, mixing bowl with lid, salad keeper, and various other pieces, There is even a Lazy Susan. Not all pieces are Tupperware but they?re all plasticware
Lot #: 495

Rubber plant and pot

Rubber plant with pot and hardback books, including "Atlas of America", "Times and Remembrance a Kansas Legacy" and others
Lot #: 496

Oak lamp table

Oak lamp table is in very good shape. Has spindle legs. The lamp on top sells separately in Lot 497. Does have a shelf on the bottom and measures 23 x 23 and stands 26 inches tall. You will not have to refinish it as in really good condition.
Lot #: 497

Vintage table lamp with trains

This vintage table lamp has a metal stand, very ornate shade that has pictures of different locomotives. This is a really, really nice piece. 26" tall
Lot #: 498

King comforter set

King comforter set for your bed. Looks like has hardly been used. Really nice and even has plastic bag to store it in. Bag states in 8 piece set. Did not take out all the pieces, but "believe" all are there.
Lot #: 499

Chenille bedspread

Chenille bedspread, lace tablecloth and another bedspread. Looks like they fit regular size beds
Lot #: 500

Table cloths

Several table cloths of different shapes and sizes. One even has matching napkins pinned to it. Looks like has chickens on it. Crosstitch cloth plus some other handiwork in this pile. Napkin, ring holders and a comforter plus a mattress pad.
Lot #: 501

Handmade quilt

Handmade quilts with star and colors green and red. Is handstitched. Approximately 82" x 92? it does have some wear
Lot #: 502

Handmade quilt

Handmade hand stitched quilt looks with flowers. Approximately 90" x 84?. Some different colors in one of the flowers but is a nice piece
Lot #: 503

Handmade quilt

This handmade quilt looks like it?s been hand stitched as well. It has scalloped edges and has a nice big star in the center. Does have some loose threads. It?s been used. Measures approx 72 x 80
Lot #: 504

Handmade quilt

Handstitched handmade quilt with multi colors and multi pieces & scalloped edges. Approximately 80 x 88"
Lot #: 505

Queen size hide a bed

Queen size hide a bed has three seat cushions and two arm covers. Really good condition
Lot #: 506

Wood framed print

Wood framed print of cowboys, their guns and their horses. Has really neat metal stars on all four sides of the frame. Looks like a reproduction print of a Russell painting
Lot #: 507

Depression thumbprint glass

Clear thumbprint depression glass consists of cups, saucers, plates and bowls
Lot #: 508

Covered casserole & Bundt cake pan

Two covered casserole bowls, Bundt cake pan, plastic colander for draining lettuce, footed Crystal bowl that has never been taken out of its box, Santa plate, and a couple of other things. See the pictures.
Lot #: 509

DP Powerstride II

DP Powerstride II that?s been made in the USA. It even has a piece of carpet underneath it that goes with it so you can put it under it when you get it to your house. It runs and it is way too fast for the auctioneer or his wife
Lot #: 510

Depression blue bubble glass

Depression blue bubble glass- cups and saucers. There are at least 10 sets maybe more.
Lot #: 511

Vintage cream & sugar sets

Vintage cream and sugar sets. Some are unmarked. Lefton, Bavaria, Germany, China company, Bavaria and Czechoslovakia. One of the Lefton sets is missing the lid on the sugar
Lot #: 512

Glass bowls

Three decorative glass bowls and a set of four Crystal coasters
Lot #: 513

Two Framed pictures.

One picture is a little boy sitting with his fishhook dangling in the water while he?s sitting on the wooden pier eating an apple- it?s called "My Place". The other is a picture of Farms connected by a single road.

in: 31

Lot #: 514

Santas boots

A set Santa's boots consists of large for Santa and the small ones for his helpers. A couple of pitchers, four measuring cups in the shape of pitchers and a pig milk jug
Lot #: 515

Red Mark Germany bowls

Most of these Red Mark and either say Prussia or Germany. Large Berry bowl and 4 individual bowls, cream and sugar, a gravy boat on a tray and two celery plates. The gravy boat is blue mark RS Prussia
Lot #: 516

Depression glassware

This lot consists of a vinegar cruet, creamer and sugar, three vases and rectangular dish
Lot #: 517

Pink depression glassware

Pink depression multisided handled plate, spiral bowl, divided relish plate, three footed bowl and a small cake or snack plate with Handle
Lot #: 518

Decorative bowls

Decorating bowls: two are marked Germany. The set with the fruit are marked Japan, two bowls and four plates- Have gold trim, though do not all match. There are two bowls that are marked Germany and the others are unmarked.
Lot #: 519

Pink depression

Pink depression glass, includes a covered dish and divided dish, candlesticks, goblets and an open lace footed bowl
Lot #: 520

Clear depression glass

Pitcher, large vase, cereal bowls, divided dish, oval shaped serving bowl, creamer and sugar even a couple of pieces of glass


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.