Monday, July 27, 2020

Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC.
PICKUP: July 28, 3-6 pm (You will receive an invite to schedule your pickup time slot)

A Buyer's Premium of 15% is added to the high bid. Please take this into consideration when bidding. Bid price + buyer premium = sales price PAYMENT: Visa, MasterCard, Discover are the PREFERRED methods of payment. Payment will be automatically made using the card with which the Buyer registers. Any other specific payment arrangements would have to be approved by Theurer Auction/Realty PRIOR to bidding. Upon receipt of payment in full, the buyer will receive a paid invoice by email which must be presented at time of pick-up. (Check SPAM folder!) If your payment is declined, you will need to contact our office first thing the next morning to arrange payment. No item is to be removed from the auction site until full settlement arrangements have been made. Auction Company and/or sellers not responsible for accidents on auction/load out day, or accidents involving machinery or items after sold. Items left more than five days after the sale ends will be forfeited and resold. Buyers that are in default of picking up their items will be black flagged in our database, making them unable to bid on future sales. If you have large items or need help loading your lot(s), you MUST bring your own help to the load out. All sales are FINAL- no refunds. All Theurer Auction/Realty Online Only Auctions are timed events that have an auto-extend feature. The lots in this auction will close in groups of 10 lots beginning at the time indicated ... and with each additional group of 10 lots closing in 3 minute intervals. Any bid placed on an item within 3 minutes of the auction ending will automatically extend the auction for 3 minutes on that item. Example: If an auction scheduled to end at 6:00 pm receives a bid at 5:59 pm, the close time of the auction automatically extends to 6:03 pm. The auto-extend feature remains active on a per-item basis until no further bids are received within the 3 minute time frame. Bidding increments are as follows: $0 - $25 = $1 $25 - $50 = $2.50 $50 - $250 = $5 $250 - $500 = $10 $500 - $2,000 = $25 $2,000 - $7,500 = $50 $7,500 - $10,000 = $250 $10,000 - $20,000 = $500 $25,000 - $100,000 = $2,500 $100,000 - $500,000 = $5,000 $500,000 and up = $10,000 All items sold AS IS, WHERE IS with all faults and without warranty expressed or implied. Theurer Auction/Realty LLC is not responsible for any missing or incorrect listing information. We have attempted to provide accurate descriptions. However, it is the bidder's responsibility to conduct any inspections to determine the condition and feasibility of the bidder’s intended use. Descriptions that are provided by the auction company are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. It is automatically acknowledged by registering that you have either personally inspected the items being sold, hired an agent to inspect the items being sold or waive your right to inspect the items being sold. By placing a bid, this creates a contractual agreement to purchase the items being sold at the high bid price plus Buyers Premium and any additional fees. Sale on all items is subject to seller approval. Auction company reserves the right to confirm the sale with the seller, and bid on behalf of the seller, if necessary. Items may have reserves that may or may not be noted. Items must be removed at load out unless other arrangements have been made. If you do not come to the load out, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the high bid price, plus buyer premium and any other fees associated with the item. The successful bidder not attempting to settle their invoice after the conclusion of the auction will be considered in default and will be black flagged in our database. Theurer Auction/Realty LLC reserves the right to sell to the next highest qualified bidder in the event the successful high bidder does not comply with the terms of the sale. By bidding on the items in the auction, the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. By registering and placing a bid you agree that if you happen to become a default bidder, Theurer Auction/Realty LLC has the right to charge your credit card for the entire balance of your invoice, plus any and all costs incurred by the seller and Theurer Auction/Realty LLC in a subsequent resell of the item(s). If Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, is able to sell your item to the next highest qualified bidder at a price lower than the auction high bid price, the default bidder agrees to allow Theurer Auction/Realty LLC to charge their credit card for the difference in their high bid price and the actual selling price to the backup bidder. SHIPPING: BUYER must contact Theurer prior to bidding to arrange shipping. We will be glad to ship your items via your preferred method. Buyer will be responsible for the cost of actual shipping, any handling fees as well as insurance, which will be required on items totaling more than $50 in value. ITEMS WILL ONLY BE SHIPPED TO THE ADDRESS PROVIDED AT REGISTRATION. During this auction process there is a chance that you will be outbid. At that time you will receive an outbid notification by email. Bidders may also find out if they have been outbid by refreshing the individual lot information. Due to varying internet connections/speed, sometimes email notifications can be delayed. We are not responsible for the failure of any part of the bidding process or internet bidding. If you are bidding against someone who has placed a max bid in the system, the max bid that is placed first will take precedence over a bid placed after. This means that the person who placed the bid first will have the high bid, in the event that the same bid is placed. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO PLACE YOUR MAX BID. Theurer Auction/Realty LLC has full discretion to modify the date and time, order, and details of the auction for any reason or no reason at all, including but not limited to technical issues, emergencies, and convenience of Theurer Auction/Realty LLC or the Seller. In the event that there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, MarkNet Alliance and the Seller reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software nor Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, MarkNet Alliance or the Seller shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. Email notifications may be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary. Your use of this site and bid placement constitutes your acceptance and agreement to adhere to these terms. Please print a copy for your records. All bidders are responsible for reading all terms and conditions carefully. Lack of knowledge of Auction Terms and Conditions will not release bidders from their obligations. AGENCY DISCLOSURE: In all transactions, the auctioneers are acting as agents for the seller, not as buyer’s agents. LEGAL COURSES OF ACTION: Bids are a binding offer to enter a contract and you are responsible for honoring them. Every legal remedy available will be used to ensure buyer's performance of this contract. Buyer accepts responsibility for and agrees for buyer and all of buyer's agents, representatives, successors and assigns to indemnify, defend and hold harmless sellers & Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, its employees, governing body, officers, owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, agents, and representatives from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, fees, costs, and expenses including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses related to, arising from, or associated with (1) the sale of the property, including, but not limited to, personal injuries or property damage incurred on the sale premises or during removal and transport of any auction item, (2) buyer's use of Theurer Auction/Realty LLC website and (3) a dispute with another bidder. Seller agrees to hold harmless the Auctioneers against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract. Venue for any controversy or claim arising from or relating to this agreement, or breach thereof, shall lie exclusively with District Court of Sumner County, Kansas. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of Kansas. WARNING! - EXPLANATION OF CREDIT CARD FRAUD: In order to bid online, buyers must register and create an account at our website, www.theurer.net. The credit card will be charged upon completion of the auction for any items won plus applicable buyer's premium. If, when charged, it is determined that the card is not valid or does not have a sufficient balance to cover the charges, and the bidder or representatives of the bidder knowingly registered with this card, this constitutes "Credit Card Fraud" under Federal and Kansas state law, and Theurer Auction/ Realty LLC, reserves the right to press criminal charges for such fraud, including the swearing out of an arrest warrant in the county of the bidder's residence. In addition to any criminal charges, Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC reserves the right to seek civil restitution. Theurer Auction/Realty LLC reserves the right to revise The Terms and Conditions.
218 S Washington, Wellington, KS US


Lowe's Overstock Inventory Includes:

  • RainBird Sprinkler Heads -- Large quantity
  • Bath Fixtures
  • Cordless Vinyl Blinds
  • Fountain Pumps
  • Tool Sets
  • Dryer and Appliance Supplies
  • Outdoor Window Shutters
  • Area Rugs
  • BBQ Items
  • Tarps
  • Plus Much, Much More!!!

Lot #: 1572

Newel Post Support

Lot #: 1573

Gas Line Conversion Kits

Lot #: 1574

Hardware-Variety of Pieces

Lot #: 1575

Eaton Ground Bar Kit

Lot #: 1576

Black Spray Paint, Various Sandpaper, Wood Putty, 2 Painting Sponges

Lot #: 1577

Siemens 20A Combination Type Arc-Fault Circuit interrupter

Lot #: 1578

15 amp Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

Lot #: 1579

15 amp Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

Lot #: 1580

20 amp Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

Lot #: 1581

65 Watt Replacement LED Lights

Lot #: 1582

8 Watt LED Light (Yellow)

Lot #: 1584

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1585

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1586

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1587

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1588

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1589

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1590

3 Watt LED Lights (Red)

Lot #: 1591

8 Watt LED Light (Blue)

Lot #: 1592

3 Watt LED Lights (Blue), Energetic LED Light (Clear)

Lot #: 1593

8 Watt LED Light

Lot #: 1594

Utilitech Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Lot #: 1595

Utilitech Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Lot #: 1596

Utilitech Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Lot #: 1597

6" Halo Lights

Lot #: 1598

Shakespear Electric Hybrid Twist

Lot #: 1599

Orbit Rain/Freeze Sensors

Lot #: 1600

Orbit Rain/Freeze Sensor

Lot #: 1601

Orbit Rain/Freeze Sensor

Lot #: 1602


Lot #: 1603


Lot #: 1604


Lot #: 1605


Lot #: 1606


Lot #: 1607


Lot #: 1608


Lot #: 1609

Plunger & Toilet Snake

Lot #: 1610

Plunger & Toilet Snake

Lot #: 1611

Plunger & Toilet Snake

Lot #: 1612

Plunger & Toilet Snake

Lot #: 1613

Plunger & Toilet Snake

Lot #: 1614


Lot #: 1615

Kids Garden Shovel

Lot #: 1616

Dryer Vent Accessories

Lot #: 1617

Adjustable Duct Clamps

Lot #: 1618

#36 Clamps-Various Sizes

Lot #: 1619

4" Dryer Tension Clamps

Lot #: 1620

4" Dryer Tension Clamps

Lot #: 1621

Black QZL Valentina Ceiling Light

Lot #: 1622

Halo LED Direct Wire/ Plug-In Undercabinet Kit

Lot #: 1623

Halo LED Direct Wire/ Plug-In Undercabinet Kit

Lot #: 1624

Halo LED Direct Wire/ Plug-In Undercabinet Kit

Lot #: 1625


Lot #: 1626

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kit, Aged Bronze Finish

Lot #: 1630

Kichler Chesterton 3-Light Chandelier

Lot #: 1634

Scott Living Nuwallpaper Summerlin. Blue 20.5" x 18'

Lot #: 1635

Scott Living Nuwallpaper B-Spoke Blue 20.5" x 18'

Lot #: 1636

End Splash Kit 24"

Lot #: 1637

Ez-Set Timer

Lot #: 1638

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1639

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1640

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1641

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1642

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1643

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1644

TEC Thermostat w/ Floor Sensor

Lot #: 1645

Softtouch Doorstops 2" x 5-1/8"x 1-18"

Lot #: 1646

Softtouch Doorstops 2" x 5-1/4" x 1"

Lot #: 1647

Furniture Leg Caps

Lot #: 1648

Softtouch Appliance Anti-Vibration Pads 2-3/4"

Lot #: 1649

Key Identity Covers

Lot #: 1650

Softtouch Gripper Bars Felt Strips 1"x 4"

Lot #: 1668

Super Sliders- 3 packages of Furniture Moving Kits with 16 Reusable Sliders, 4 packs of 2.5in self s...

Lot #: 1669

Super Sliders- 7 packs of 4, 1in sliders and 9 packs of 4, 1 1/4in Sliders

Lot #: 1670

Softtouch felt pads- 11 packages with 24pc 1.5in

Lot #: 1671

Softtouch Felt Strips- 6 packs of black 1/2in X 60in and 8 packs of beige 1/2in X 60in

Lot #: 1672

Softtouch felt pads- 2 value packs with 36pc, 3 packs 3in, 3 packs of 2in, and an 80pc value pack

Lot #: 1673

Softtouch felt pads- 4 packages of 72 self stick pieces, 2 packages of 16 pieces, 1 pack of 80 piece...

Lot #: 1674

Super Sliders- 4 packages of 4 Reusable Sliders 2.5in x 9in

Lot #: 1675

Softtouch felt pads- 3 value packs and 6 packages of 8pc 1.5in Shepherd Commercial Grade Felt

Lot #: 1676

Softtouch felt pads- 5 Value packs of 162pc each

Lot #: 1677

Softtouch self stick felt pads- 6 packages of 16 1 1/2in, 2 packages of 36pc- 16 1in, 16 1.5in, 4 2....

Lot #: 1678

6 2in Hooded Ball Casters


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.