Loesch Ranch Absolute Land Auction

Saturday, September 22, 2018 10:00 AM

Brown Auction & Real Estate
American Legion Hall, Protection, KS US

“The Loesch Ranch”

1640 Acres – Hunting & Pasture


Clark & Comanche County, Kansas

Saturday, Sept. 22nd ~ 10:00 A.M.

American Legion Hall on Main Street


TRACT #1 – Approx. 320 acres, more or less - SURFACE RIGHTS ONLY (The east entrance is     

                         located 4 miles north of Protection on blacktop & 2½ miles west on I Road):


                         COMANCHE COUNTY, KS: The West Half of the Southwest Quarter (W/2 SW/4) of

                         Section 7 and the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section 18, all in Township 32, Range 20. 


                         CLARK COUNTY, KS: The East Half of the Northeast Quarter (E/2 NE/4) of Section 13,

                         Township 32, Range 21.

Auctioneer’s Note:  This may be the best hunting tract we have sold in several years!  This tract consists of 35 acres of cultivated land which lays nearly level.  The remaining acreage is grass pasture, roadways and waste.  Bluff Creek enters this acreage along the West and runs West to East, providing live water.  Heavy tree cover, grass and sage brush makes for great deer hunting opportunities!  This tract also features an old set of improvements including a barn, shed and home, however all are in bad disrepair.  The house was occupied until approximately 2 years ago and might make a “camp cabin”.  Other water for livestock provided by wells and solar pumps.

TRACT #2 – Approx. 1,320 acres, more or less - SURFACE RIGHTS ONLY (The west entrance

                         is located 5 miles west of Protection on Hwy. 160 and 4 miles north on County Road 30):    

                         CLARK COUNTY, KS: The Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW/4 NE/4), the   

                         South Half of the Northwest Quarter (S/2 NW/4), and the South Half (S/2) of Section 13; the  

                         South Half of the Northeast Quarter (S/2 NE/4), the South Half of the Southwest

                         Quarter (S/2 SW/4) and the Southeast Quarter (SE/4) of Section 14; the North Half (N/2) of

                         Section 24; the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of Section 23, all in Township 32, Range 21.

                         COMANCHE COUNTY, KS:  The West Half of the Southwest Quarter (W/2 SW/4) of

                         Section 18, Township 32, Range 20.

This large tract has pasture typical to the area, however, it also features some wonderful scenic views consisting of approximately 200 acres of Badland-Woodward soils with sharp canyons, bluffs, mesa and marsh areas.  This is also a good area for deer to roam but mostly cattle country.  Livestock water by both solar pumps and windmill.  There are a couple ponds that help out in wet years.

TRACT #3 – This will be a combination of Tracts 1 and 2, therefore offering the entire ranch (surface only) complete as one unit.  The top bids of Tracts 1 and 2 will be combined and the opening bid for Tract 3 must be at least $25,000.00 over that amount.  Should that bid be placed, then the bids on Tracts #1 and #2 will be null and void.

GENERAL COMMENTS:  This ranch has been owned by the Loesch family for nearly 100 years.  There is some fencing for a calving pasture on Tract #1, but other than that, it has been operated mostly as one large pasture. The existing fence ranges from nearly new to average across the ranch.  Surface rights are selling ABSOLUTE!

TERMS:  Buyer will pay $50,000.00 down on each Tract 1 and 2, or $100,000.00 down on Tract 3, day of sale.  Full balance will be due at closing on or before October 22nd.  The cost of title insurance and escrow fee shall be split 50/50 between both parties.

INCOME/TAXES:  Seller will retain 2018 pasture rent, as well as pay all of the 2018 real estate taxes.

POSSESSION:  Present tenant has a grazing lease until Dec. 31, 2018. For hunting purposes, tenant has agreed to cooperate with the new owner(s). There is no present lease for hunting.

MINERAL RIGHTS AUCTION – Please read carefully!

Seller owns 100% of the mineral rights.  There is some present production.  Seller is retaining current royalty interest from existing wells only and only for her lifetime.  After her death the royalty will remit to the buyer. The purchaser of these minerals will own all rights to any new well or even an offset well that may be drilled on current lease.

Minerals will sell in 2 tracts that match the legal descriptions listed above.  This will give the surface buyer the opportunity to purchase the mineral rights under their purchase.

TRACT #4:  Same legal as Tract #1 above.  There is one producing well and the lease is on the W/2 of the SW/4 of Section 7, Township 32, Range 20, Comanche County.  Lease name – Gene 1-7 drilled in 2007 by Murfin Drilling.  The remaining 240 acres are open and not leased.

TRACT #5:  Same legal as Tract #2 above.  There is a unitized well that holds the lease on the NE/4 of Section 23, Township 32, Range 21, Clark County.  Lease name is Loesch #1 drilled in 2015.  The remaining 1160 acres are open and not leased.

TERMS on Tracts #4 & #5:  Buyer will pay 20% of the purchase price on day of sale.  Balance due at closing on or before October 22nd. A mineral search has been done.


Auctioneer’s Note:  Mineral rights are being sold subject to an opening bid of $50.00 per acre. If this amount does not receive a bid, then seller will retain ownership.

To view this ranch, there are no open roads.  Therefore, a representative of Brown Auction & Real Estate will be available on Sunday, August 26th and Saturday, September 1st.  Call for time slots and bring your ATV if you own one.  If these dates don’t work for you – call and we will make other arrangements.  Please note: the present tenant still has cattle on this ranch.  If you wish to view this property yourself, please call Scott @ 620-546-4173 so we can notify the tenant.

LaVeta Loesch – SELLER

Charles Herd - Attorney


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Brown Auction & Real Estate, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.