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GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONSThese Terms and Conditions constitute a CONTRACT between you, the bidder, and us, the Auctioneer. Do not submit any bids unless you understand and agree to ALL terms of this contract.United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate shall be known individually and collectively as "Auctioneers", or "Auction Firm"."All bidders must be 18 years of age or older and register with a valid credit card to bid on this auction. All bidders and others participating in this auction agree that they have read these terms and agree to be bound by and abide by these terms thereby. Bidder and his or her agents and employees agree to assume all risks of damage to person or property. Bidder and his or her agents and employees specifically release and forever indemnify Auctioneer, it's employees, agents, and assigns, from any liability and causes of action."All property is sold "as is, where is" without any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or REFUSALS. As the highest bidder, you are the buyer and are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and sale. In no event shall a bidder or buyer hold the Auctioneer responsible for having made or implied any warranty or merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose."The Auctioneer is acting solely as an agent for the Seller(s). The Auctioneer shall assume no liability for representations made, or information provided by the Seller(s). The Seller(s) reserve(s) the right to accept or reject any or all bids. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees."Seller reserves the right to bid or have agents, including auctioneer, bid on their behalf on any merchandise where a set price, the reserve, must be met." Bidders are encouraged to inspect all items before bidding. Public inspection & preview information is posted on our website for each sale."Bidder registration numbers are issued solely to individuals and are not transferable. Others are not authorized to use your bidder registration. Should you allow others to bid under your number, you will be fully responsible for all bids they make as though you made them yourself."Removal of any and all items shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the purchaser. All property must be removed within the time period stated by the Auctioneer for each auction unless otherwise agreed to and arranged between buyer and seller. Property not removed within the announced time period will revert to the Seller for resale or disposal, without refund or recourse to the bidder. Property not removed shall be considered abandoned and no refunds shall be issued. The Seller, at his or her discretion, may choose to have unclaimed items removed or disposed of at the expense of the Bidder who failed to collect the items. By participating in this auction, you agree to pay the removal costs of any unclaimed items that you won in the auction."The Seller and the Auctioneer reserve the right to withdraw items from sale before or during the auction without prior notice."Persons attending the preview or inspection period, or during the removal period assume all risks of damage, injury, or loss to their person and or property, and release the Auctioneer and the Auction Firm from liability thereof. Neither the Auction Firm nor its principals shall be liable for any defect in or condition of premises on which the auction is held. The Auction Firm is acting solely as the agent for the Seller(s) and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of its principals."Should any litigation or mediation be commenced between the parties to this agreement, concerning this agreement or the associated auction, the bidder / buyer agrees that the court shall award the prevailing party all reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees."The bidder / buyer agrees to reimburse the Auctioneer for all expenses incurred in the collection of any unsatisfied debt in conjunction with this auction."Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the county of Lyon within the state of Kansas and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in Lyon County, Kansas. Both parties waive any right to a jury trial and hereby agree to a bench trial before a judge. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Kansas. If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, that part will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible to affect the original intent of this agreement. If a part is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Such invalid or unenforceable part will be deemed severable from the other parts here and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts."Any Bidder who fails to perform as required under these terms and conditions may be banned from this or any future auctions."By registering for any auction, the bidder agrees to be added to the Auctioneer's email list. If you choose to unsubscribe, please follow the link at the bottom of each email to update your notifications.Vehicle & Equipment Auctions"Vehicles and equipment are sold "as is" with no warranty. The Auctioneer does NOT inspect vehicles or equipment, and makes no claim as to the condition of any vehicles or equipment. Some vehicles and equipment may be described as "started" or "ran". This is for informational purposes only, and is a representation of a past occurrence. There is no warranty or guaranty that the vehicle or equipment will start or run again. Bidders should not make buying purchases based on this information."Unless otherwise announced, sales taxes are NOT assessed at the time of sale on titled vehicles. Sales taxes will be paid when the vehicle is registered at the DMV."Minor mechanical work may be done on the grounds, limited to changing or inflating tires, and jump-starting the vehicles. No other mechanical work is to be done on the property.Payment"A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid on all items to determine the final purchase price of that item. "Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted." Credit card used to register for this auction will be charged upon the end of the auction for all purchases. " By participating in this auction, buyers expressly agree that they will not "charge back" or "deny" a credit card purchase. "There is a $35 service fee that will be assessed for any credit card that is declined for a purchase.Pick-Up"Items must be picked up at the Client Property within seven (7) days of the conclusion of the auction unless otherwise arranged with and agreed to by buyer and seller. Any and all such agreements are strictly between buyer and seller." Items not picked up during the designated pick-up times will be deemed abandoned and will revert back to the seller with no refunds.On-Line AuctionsNeither the Auctioneer nor the Seller shall be responsible for any failure of any electronic or internet systems to accept or register a bid. Registered bidders must create a password that prevents others from using their account. Bidders are responsible for ALL bids placed under their name and password. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees.Online auctions use a "Dynamic" ending process. If a bid is received in the last few minutes before the scheduled closing of an item, the timer on that item will extend, and will continue to extend each time a bid is received. Once the bidding stops, and the timer runs out, that item will be eligible to close. In some cases, items are "linked", keeping one item open for bidding when a different item in the auction has been extended due to active bidding.It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor of all items. Auctioneer may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Auctioneer be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Auctioneer does not guarantee any appraisals, gradings or certifications. If you have any questions about the merchandise, contact the seller(s) and ASK THEM BEFORE BIDDING. Bidders shall be the sole judges of value. It is Bidder's responsibility to determine if any item is legal where they live.By placing a bid, Bidder acknowledges that her or she has inspected the items to his or her satisfaction or chooses to not examine them at his or her sole risk. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by the Auctioneer and the bidder receives an invoice. Auctioneer reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner he or she chooses.Bidding increments are automatically adjusted based on the chart provided for each auction, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Schur Success.Bids cannot and will not be removed or altered, unless in the opinion of the auctioneer, the bidder can establish that the bid was an obvious typographical error.Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy bidding feature and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction closes. Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.Some of the items in this auction may have a minimum bid to enter the bidding. Others may be treated as a "reserve" bid item. Others may be sold "Absolute", regardless of price, to the highest bidder.EXPLANATION OF STAGGERED CLOSING & SOFT CLOSE Staggered Close: If you'll notice in the Title of our Auction, it states that bidding BEGINS to close at 7:00pm CDT (Kansas Time). However, ALL items do not close together at that time. Items will close in the order listed on the site, (unless affected by the Soft Close as explained below) and typically close at the rate of 4 items per minute (every 15 seconds). Our Auction was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. You may also click on "Live Catalog" to view, in real time format, the lots that have current activity. Soft Close: Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 2 minutes, then the close time will be extended 2 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended for 2 minutes with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until 2 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. This does eliminate "snipers" from our Internet Auctions. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate (Auction Company) is providing an Internet auction as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall bidder have any kind of claim against Auction Company or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly during the online auction. Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source.
Address Provided Upon Payment of Invoice, Lebo, KS
Living estate auction in Lebo, KS for Mara Jean Edelman, who has decided to move to town. This auction offers a lifetime accumulation of farm & livestock equipment, tools, household items, collectibles and much more!Auction Conducted by Swift-N-Sure Auctions & Real Estate and United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate
Lot #: 1

6" ProTech Bench Grinder with Adjustable Lamp

Need screw on left hand side to hold grinder in place
Lot #: 1a

Sanborn MagnaForce Air Compressor and Assessories

Lot #: 2

Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vac

10 gallon, 4 HP
Lot #: 2a

Lincoln 225amp. AC Welder & Accessories

Lot #: 3

DuraCraft Drill Press

1/2", sprindle speeds, 42" tall
Lot #: 3a

2 Halogen Lights on Stand

Lot #: 4

Coleman Vertex 5500w Generator

Lot #: 5

Concrete Mixer

Lot #: 6

Shop Fan

2 speeds and off on switch
Lot #: 7

Decorative Corner Cabinet

Made from old door, 78" tall and 22 1/2" wide
Lot #: 8

Milwaukee Super Sawzall

Lot #: 9

Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drill

7/8" SDS and assorted bits shown, tested-works
Lot #: 10

Craftsman Tool Box and 2 Tool Trays

1 tray plastic
Lot #: 11

Vintage Metal Toolbox with Assorted Tools

Assorted pieces to tap and dye set, 6 coffee cans
Lot #: 12

Assortment of Hand Tools

3 pipe wrenches-a little rusted but work, 2 hammers, 2' level, 2 squares
Lot #: 13

7 1/4" Skil Saw, 5 Hand Saws

Skill Saw tested and works
Lot #: 14

Lot of Assorted S&K Tools and Bits, Etc.

Other name brand bits, assortment of hand tools, three flashlights, 1 hammers, 3 utility knives, S&K standard case
Lot #: 15

14" Husqvarna and 14" Stihl Metal Saw Blades

Stihl saw blades-2
Lot #: 15a

John Deere 5420 4X4 Tractor w/Cab & Quick Attach

2005 John Deere 5420 Tractor w/ Cab & Quick Attach*Serial # LV5420P447259*4X4*2,135 hours* Radio* Air & Heat *All the attachments starting at Lot 58 fit this tractor.VIN Number: LV5420P447259
Lot #: 16

Tire Chains, New Auto Emergency Warning Triangle

2" ball, seven blade to six round electric plug adapter, chain for trailer to clip to truck
Lot #: 17

Assortment of Chemicals

1/4 full of a 5 gallon #1 engine oil, Thompson's water seal almost full, two gas treatments, a 2 cycle engine oil
Lot #: 18

Garden Items

Black edger
Lot #: 19

3 Buckets, 2 Garden Hoses, Assortment of Pots

plants, 2 stands
Lot #: 20

Animal Items

Small pet taxi, pooper scooper, water, one feeder, kitty litter
Lot #: 20a

Pet Supplies

Old bathroom rugs, tennis balls, dishes, brushes
Lot #: 21

4' 3" Metal Peg Board with Bottom, Metal Trunk

Lot #: 22

Reddy Heater Kerosene Space Heater

115,000 BTU, about 1.5 gallons of kerosene in container and heater is half full of kerosene
Lot #: 23

Metal Shop Desk

Rusted on top - could be sanded and painted, 50" x 30" x 30 1/2"
Lot #: 24

Toilet, Camper Toilet, RV Propane Tank Cover

plastic water holder House toilet been in storage for 2 yrs
Lot #: 24a

Pallet of 8" Blocks and (12) 4" Blocks

(2) 6" blocks, Aprx. (35) 8" blocks
Lot #: 25

Quikrete 80 lb Mason Bag, Wall Ties

Box and a half of mortar color a few anchor bolts, plastic
Lot #: 25a

Pallet of 8" Blocks

Most are hadite, 2 solid
Lot #: 26

4 Wheeled Cart and 2 Wheeled Cart

Cart is 36 1/2" x18" x 29"
Lot #: 27

Small Ladder PC, Scoop Shovel, 2 Crow Bars

1 pry bar, 4' level, push broom
Lot #: 28

Snow Shovel, Wheel Barrow Handles, Push Broom

sledgehammer, hay fork, 1 ended pick, antique hand weed whip
Lot #: 28a

4 Yard Tools, Electric Wire, Hand Tools, Horse Bit

half antler rack
Lot #: 29

(3) 5gal Kerosene Cans Used for Diesel,

2 smaller gas cans, 1 yard sprayer
Lot #: 30

Masonry Tools

Tuck pointers, line blocks, Striker, utility knife
Lot #: 31

Brick Tongs

Lot #: 32

Masonry Tools

Screwdrivers, trial, string lines, to trials, one helmet
Lot #: 33

Mining Blasting Drill Bits and Other Fittings

Lot #: 34

Tyvak Paper Nails, Window Tilt Locks, Screws

Lot #: 35

Assortment of Nails, Screws, and Staples

Lot #: 36

Assortment of Nails and Screws

Lot #: 37

Electric Fence Charger and Plastic Clamps

metal post clamps, Some wireElectric Fence Charger works
Lot #: 37a

Electric Fence Charger and Clips

Lot #: 38

Painting Supplies

Lot #: 39

Brinkmann Smoke N Grill

Hot dog roasters
Lot #: 40

Large Boom and Fence Stretcher

Lot #: 41

Pile of Used Fence Posts

Different Lengths
Lot #: 42

Large Planter, 3 Electric Cords, & Battery Holder

Lot #: 43

2 Small Rolls of Barbed Wire Fence

Lot #: 44

2 Heavy Steel Metal Plates

Lot #: 45

Pile of Dry Fire Wood

Lot #: 46

Angle Iron

(2) 20' pieces, 10 plus other pieces 21" to 9'
Lot #: 47

5' Scaffold Piece w/ (2) 7' Braces, & 4 Planks

Lot #: 48

(2) Sets of 4' Scaffold and (3) Sets of Braces

Lot #: 49

(1) Set of 5' Scaffold, (2) 8' Braces etc

and set of Lloyds scaffold- broke off screw on 1 end to hold brace on. Named after person who welded them! You can put a plank on the bottom part and use for mud boards and brick or a plank on the bottom to stand with a plank on the top and put your mud and boards on top of it
Lot #: 50

4 Scaffold Wheels and 2 Pins

Lot #: 51

PVC Pipe

(1) 6" x 9', other 4 smaller
Lot #: 52

Wood Posts and Pieces of Plywood

(2) 2" x 4" Aprx. 93", 2" x 2" aprx.94", 4" x 5 1/2" aprx. 96", octagonal plywood and other plywood- some are damaged.
Lot #: 53

2 Mud Stands and Boards

Lot #: 54

(3) 50gal Plastic Water Barrels

and (1)12 gallon water bucket, 6' fiberglass ladder-2 good to lean or need to fix 1 leg side which is broken
Lot #: 55

Assortment of Boards/Planks

2x 7, 9, 10
Lot #: 55a

Plywood Inch Boards

Great for shelves. Aprx: (12) 20"x24", 11 1/2" x 84 1/2", (4) 11 1/2" x 47", 16" x 36", (11) 16" x 96"
Lot #: 56

Big Construction Spot Light

Use outside or inside, bulb is $50 new
Lot #: 57

Fire Place Insert

You move. Weight maybe 500+? Have people or furniture dolly to help you load.
Lot #: 58

John Deere Bucket for Tractor 73" Wide

Lot #: 59

John Deere Tractor Back Attachment

for equipment,like the mower- 37"
Lot #: 60

Frontier Equipment MS1112 PTO Manure Spreader

Works, 54" across, it's been in the shed and washed after everytime it been used. Great condition.
Lot #: 61

John Deere MX 7 Brush Mower

86" wide and kept in a shed when not in use.
Lot #: 62

53" Tractor Forks

Fits the 5420 tractor just all the other equipment
Lot #: 63

Balemaster John Deere Hay Speer for Large Bales

49 1/2"
Lot #: 63a

8' Tractor Blade

used very little Great condition
Lot #: 64

Homemade Mud/Cement Holder

to be lifted with Skid loader or tractor with fork lift, 3' bottom to 5' top
Lot #: 65

Like New Honda 4-Wheeler 2019

80 miles on it. Has Title. 4X4 and power steering.
Lot #: 66

2002 Honda Rancher ES 4-Wheeler

Has Title
Lot #: 67

Fimco Sprayer

Can use hand spray or bracket sprayer attachment- new motor put on recently-can attach to 4-Wheeler
Lot #: 68

Titan 20' Gooseneck Stock Trailer

Great condition. Washed after spring and Fall used. Kept in a shed. Good floor. Have a title. Side gate , slide with swing gate in back.
Lot #: 69

14' Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trailer with Ramps

Neal Mfg, extra rim/tire, 82" bed floor, passed last DOT inspection, Title.
Lot #: 70

16' Stock Trailer

2 separate areas in back/gated 2" ball hitch, W-W Trailer mfg, floor needs some repairs, extra rim/tire slide gate and swing gate, also side door.
Lot #: 70a

16' Trailer

Lot #: 70b

Trailer Dolly Mover

Lot #: 71

Pile of 6' Used T-Posts

50+ count
Lot #: 72

3 Wood Corner Posts

(2) 95" and an 80"
Lot #: 73

Set of Loading Ramps by Erickson

One is a little bent
Lot #: 74

9' 6" Swinging Gate & 3' 6" Gate

You take off!!
Lot #: 75

2 Wooden Panels 5' x 128", 2 Wooden Panels 3'

2 metal panels- 35" x 57", 37" x 93", a couple cut to go over cattle drinkers
Lot #: 76

(2) 5' x 12' Gate Panels

Lot #: 77

(3) 10' Panels

Lot #: 78

(6) 12' Panels

-most missing middle and 3 top clips missing may get them from the next lot.
Lot #: 79

(7) 12' Panels

-damaged or rusted out in spots, Broken in some way or the other. Good for parts or scrap.
Lot #: 80

4 12' Panels

Lot #: 81

4 12' Panels

Lot #: 82

4 12' Panels

Lot #: 83

4 12' Panels

Lot #: 84

90" Round Hay Bunk

Used but good condition, other than a few dents
Lot #: 85

9' Round Metal Hay Bunk Feeder

extra-heay, used but in good condition black
Lot #: 86

9' Round Metal Hay Bunk Feeder

Dextra-heay, used but in good condition.
Lot #: 87

9' Round Metal Hay Bunk Feeder

Beztra-heavy , used but in good condition. Black
Lot #: 88

8' Round Metal Hay Bunk Feeder

Used but in good condition, other than a few dents and little rust.
Lot #: 89

(2) 6' Feeders & 10' Feeder

Lot #: 90

12' Feeder

Previously had a metal plate added inside on one end
Lot #: 91

(3) 12' Feeders

Used but in Good condition
Lot #: 92

Cattle Oiler

Lot #: 93

2 Rubber Water/Feed Barrels

Both have holes so wouldn't hold water without repairs
Lot #: 94

Behlen Country Metal Water Stock Tank

water tank no leaks, heavy 20 gauge bottom, 100+ gallons, Used but good condition.
Lot #: 95

Metal Water Stock Tank

100+ gallon
Lot #: 96

(4) Buckets

Lot #: 97

(4) Buckets

Lot #: 98

(3) Buckets

Lot #: 99

(4) Buckets

Lot #: 100

20gal Trash Can and (4) 5gal Buckets

Lot #: 101

Bulk Grain Bin

Lot #: 102

12' Metal Feed Bunk Prairie Product from Bluestem

Lot #: 103

12' Metal Feed Bunk Prairie Product from Bluestem

Used but in good condition, heavy metal,
Lot #: 104

13' Metal Feed Bunk Prairie Product from Bluestem

Little rust on legs , but still in good condition.
Lot #: 105

12' Metal Feed Bunk

Lot #: 106

5 Wrapped Prairie Hay Bales

Approximately 2 to 3 years old, been in shed the whole time
Lot #: 107

5 Square Prairie Hay Bales

Approximately 2 to 3 years old, have always been in the shed
Lot #: 108

16 Wood Pallets

Lot #: 109

3 Buckets with Bailing Wire

Lot #: 110

Medical Dart Gun and Accessories

like new,Pneu-Darts, gun cleaner, rod cleaning system, Pneu dart (4)10 cc 3/4", 14: (8) 7cc 3/4", 14: (5) 5cc 3/4" 14, 5 practice darts, 10 ml refill syringe and some needles for fill Pneu Darts . You can get darts at Bluestem farm and ranch in Emporia. Gun was always kept inside.
Lot #: 111

Assortment of Cattle Supplies

A couple dog collars, rattle paddle, 2 cattle prodder, K-State flag stick, fly dust, 2 pour on & back rubber fly spray, Cydectin pour on applicator, de horner's, pill pusher, tag cutter, some ear tags
Lot #: 112

Cattle Chemicals, Variety of Needles

Lot #: 113


4' x 71" x 21"
Lot #: 114

(2) 5' Tables

Lot #: 115

(2) 6' Tables

Lot #: 116


48" x 22" 71"
Lot #: 117

Floating Tank De-Icer, Heater

Lot #: 118

Rockwell 18 Volt Cordless Drill

Battery charger and two batteries
Lot #: 119

Central Pneumatic Model 960 1/2" Impact Wrench

3/8" air ratchet wrench and set of Craftsman sockets in carrying case-1" to 7/16", impact driver in case
Lot #: 120

Hand Tools

2 claw hammers, Ever Grip brick/masonry hammer, deadbolt cutters, hacksaw, tin benders
Lot #: 121

Vehicle Items

Plastic Wheel hub, vehicle seat belts, license plate frames, three oils, caution tape and a hard hat
Lot #: 122

8pc Drill Bit Set, Assortment of Bits

3/8" drives- 9/16" to 1/2"
Lot #: 123

Tap and Die Set, Set of Hay Hooks, Chains

couple fence items, bolts and nailsSome pieces missing from the tap and die set
Lot #: 124

Assortment of Nails, Bolts, Rivets, Hand Tools

1-in rubber leg tips, court marking tool kit
Lot #: 125

2 Grease Guns and 2 Multi-Purpose Grease

gardening items, some chemicals, stain and varnish, mystic oil treatments
Lot #: 126

Electrical Items, 2 Chrome Fender Ornaments

one boar and one eagle, Garmin, little AM/FM radio, foldable headphones, binoculars, electrical items
Lot #: 127

Fishing Items, Electrical Items

Lot #: 128

Light Bulbs

Lot #: 129

Assortment of Spray Paints

Lot #: 130

Western Books

Several Trailsmen books
Lot #: 131

Western Books, Handyman, Household Books, Fiction

Lot #: 132

Children's Books and Activity Books

Lot #: 133

Assortment of Books

Christian and fiction books
Lot #: 134

Assortment of Books

Money, Christian, crossword puzzles
Lot #: 135

Church Hymnal Books

Hymns of Zion, Zions Harp, gospel hymns, Tabernacle hymns
Lot #: 136

3 DVD's, CD's

Lot #: 137

Small Tote of Children's Books

Lot #: 138

Small Tote of Children's Books

Lot #: 139

Container with Coloring Books

children's play books
Lot #: 140

Box of Puzzles

Lot #: 141

Box of Puzzles, Thomas Kinkade Coasters

Two Thomas Kinkades, one Terry Redlin
Lot #: 142

Box of Puzzles

Lot #: 143

Leg Vibrator

calm restless legs, help blood circulation
Lot #: 144

Hide and Seek, No Faced Doll

Lot #: 145

2 Dolls

One plastic yeah, one porcelain
Lot #: 146

2 Dolls

One plastic, one porcelain
Lot #: 147

2 Dolls

Both are porcelain, one on a stand
Lot #: 148

2 Dolls

Both porcelain
Lot #: 149

2 Angel Dolls and Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus

One is musical, One is fiber optic
Lot #: 150

2 Barbies, Assortment of Doll Clothes

Lot #: 150a

Pattern Book for American Doll Clothes

clothes Will fit an American doll, clothes and others, all dolled up girls 8-in doll book
Lot #: 151

4 Stuffed Animals

Rabbit, elephant, dog, sheep
Lot #: 152

2 Animated Stuffed Animal Dogs

Lot #: 153

3 Stuffed Bears

Brown bear has the sound of a heartbeat
Lot #: 154

3 Stuffed Dolls

Lot #: 155

Doll Size, Wood Bench and 2 Chairs

Lot #: 156

Doll Sized Wooden Table, Small Rocking Chair

little basket, two decorative baskets used for a variety of things
Lot #: 157

Wooden Doll Bench

Lot #: 158

Little Tike Xylophone, Popcorn Fisher-Price Popper

Fisher-Price phone toy
Lot #: 158a

Fisher Price Activity Center

Ages 3 to 24 months
Lot #: 159

Disney Infinity Xbox 360

Lot #: 160

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sprinter in Package

and separate turtle
Lot #: 161

Box of Games

Bingo, Bible challenge, speak out
Lot #: 162

Box of Games

The logo board game, checkers, table top shuffleboard, cards, Chinese checkers, coffee county Kansas game
Lot #: 163

Assortment of Kids Toys

Boomerangs, water balloons, building block dough, chalkboards
Lot #: 164

Assortment of Kids Toys

Water toys, recorder, has dispensers, other toys
Lot #: 165

Farm Animals, Farm Gates, Other Toy Animals

Lot #: 166

Assortment of Toy Cars

Lot #: 167

Kid and Baby Toys

Wooden blocks, Disney Domino's
Lot #: 168

Kid Toys and Stuffed Animals

Harry Potter metal figurines, marvel comic heroes, others
Lot #: 169

Flat of Kid Toys

24 piece Sofia the first puzzle
Lot #: 170

Bat, Several Softballs, Baseballs

Ping pong pieces, football, bag of marbles, golf balls, tennis balls
Lot #: 171

3 Tonka Truck Toys

We're we'll played with in the sand pile
Lot #: 172

2 Tonka Trucks, Bull Dozer, Truck, & Plastic Truck

we'll played with in sand pile, as is
Lot #: 173

K'Nex and Legos

Lot #: 173a

K'Nex 3 in 1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set

Think all parts are included
Lot #: 174

2 Little Tikes Chairs and a Plastic Basket

Lot #: 175

Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lights

Lot #: 176

Christmas Decorations, Suitcase

Two boxes of 150 count twinkling icicle lights
Lot #: 177

Storage Bag w/ Wheels, Christmas Garland & Lights

Lot #: 178

4 Centerpiece Foliage, Christmas Lights

Candle stand
Lot #: 179

Large Christmas Centerpiece with String of Lights

Lot #: 180

Home Interior 11 Piece Nativity Set

Strand of Christmas lights
Lot #: 181

Home Interior Green Foliage

Lot #: 182

Assortment of Artificial Foliage

Lot #: 183

Pink Artificial Foliage

Lot #: 184

Straight Swag and Heart Swag

Lot #: 185

Easter Wreath, Flower Cross

Lot #: 186

Flower Foam Pieces, Easter Grass

Bags for items
Lot #: 187

Box of Old Home Interior Bags, Stencils

tickets, boards, envelopes
Lot #: 188

Present Bows and Ribbon

Lot #: 189

Lots of Ribbon

Lot #: 190

6 Baskets

Lot #: 191

2 Storage Containers, Extra Tote Lids

Lot #: 192

5 Framed Pictures with Easels

Lot #: 193

Luggage Piece with Assortment of Picture Frames

Lot #: 194

4 Wooden Framed Newspaper Articles

Lot #: 195

2 Wooden Framed Native American Pictures

Lot #: 196

Lot of Chicken Decorations

Pictures and other decor, wooden crate
Lot #: 197

Home Interior Wall Decorations

and a fourth of July decor-shelf, sconces, 2 mirrors
Lot #: 198

2 Concrete Angels, Outdoor Decor

2 artificial plants, 3 small angel statues
Lot #: 199

4 Tea Sets & Assortment of Pieces

Lot #: 200

3 China Sets and Tea Light

Lot #: 201

20" X 28" "We Can Do It" Poster in 26" X 38" Frame

Lot #: 202

Home Interior Picture

27 1/2" x 31 1/2"
Lot #: 203

Home Interior Picture- Hometown Lake

by Thomas Kinkade library edition, certificate of authenticity, Thomas Kinkade painter of light
Lot #: 204

Home Interior Picture

Lot #: 205

RCA Electric Stove

Lot #: 206

Bosch Washer- Next 300 Series

27" x 28 1/2" (to door) x 37", Oct. 2009 bought, Was floor display- bought with a little crack on dash, still using! Just selling because moving
Lot #: 207

Bosch Dryer

27" x 28 1/2" (to door) x 37", Oct. 2009 bought, Was floor display- bought with a crack on door, still using, just selling because of moving
Lot #: 208

Gibson Heavy Duty Commercial Freezer

61 1/2" x 29" x 34 1/2", Aprx. 20 yrs old, still runs/works good
Lot #: 209

Hamilton Beach 18-Core Roaster Oven

Lid is not correct lid but would cover and heat
Lot #: 210

3pc Canner and Jars

Lot #: 211

Solid Copper Tea Kettle

Aprx. 4 qt.
Lot #: 212

Kettle and Stainless Steel Bowl

Lot #: 213

West Bend Stir Crazy Corn Popper

Longaberger 9" plastic bowl
Lot #: 214

4 Tupperware Pieces w/ Lids, 2 Glass Containers

with lids, wood canister set
Lot #: 215

Assortment of Houseware

Monkey coconut glass, two extra lids, roaster pan for oven, two coffee mugs, bullet pieces/drink shakers, pampered chef measuring spoon
Lot #: 216

IGA 1998 and 1999 Circus Daze Cookie Jars

great condition . Still in original boxes
Lot #: 217

Watermelon Slicer and Pineapple Slicer

beautiful painted colander
Lot #: 218

Assortment of Cups, Snowman Teapot

and glass pumpkin shaped jar
Lot #: 219

2 Chrysanthemum Bundt Cake Pans

and 4 plastic platters, 1 round metal
Lot #: 220

Wall Rack, Variety of Utensils

Lot #: 221

Assortment of Measuring Cups, Metal Tongs, Scoops

Lot #: 222

Assortment of Utensils

Lot #: 223

Lot of Serving Spoons, Ladles, Knives, Flatware

Lot #: 224

2 Beer Steins and Mexican Lead-Free Bowl

Lot #: 225

3 Flower Vases, 2 Plates and 2 Platters

Lot #: 226

Punch Bowl, Snack Trays and Glasses

Lot #: 227

18 Home Interior Hummingbird Wine Glasses

Lot #: 228

4 Glass Cut Crystal Serving Bowls Crystal

Lot #: 228a

Decorative Lot of Thanksgiving Items

Platter, bone pillow, fall swag, fall candle holders, hand towels, throw blanket
Lot #: 229

5pcs of Clear Decorative Glassware, Some Crystal

Lot #: 230

8pcs of Glassware

2 crystal vases, a pitcher, 3 candle holders or decorative pieces, 1 large candle holder with removable bottom
Lot #: 231

2 Glass Platters & 4 Glass Snack Bowls

Lot #: 232

Glass Pitcher, 4 Champagne Glasses

Creamer pitcher, flower vase, Cognac Glass, creamer , some Crystal
Lot #: 233

2 Glass Dessert Bowls, Beehive Glass Jar

2 bells, two candle holders, 2 toothpick holders
Lot #: 234

99% Purity Silver Coated Glass Bowl,5 Napkin Rings

silver plated tray and bowl
Lot #: 235

Bavaria China Dish Set Great Condition

12 plates, 17 dessert plates, seven coffee plates 12. Dessert bowls, two suit bowls, one sugar bowl, one butter plate and salt and pepper shaker
Lot #: 236

Homemade Knitted Items and Yarn Animals

Lot #: 237

7 Lace Tablecloths and Decorative Items

Lot #: 238

Assortment of Lace, Coasters

Lot #: 239

Kitchen Hand Towels

Lot #: 240

Kitchen Linens- Tablecloth Covers

three sets of place mats hand knitted washcloths
Lot #: 241

Quilted or Stitched Items

Lot #: 242

Assortment of Bed Sheets, Bed Skirt

Lot #: 243

Tote of 2 Blankets

queen size?
Lot #: 244

5 Blankets

Lot #: 245

5 Throw Blankets and 2 Rugs

Lot #: 246

5 Jars of Sea Shells

Lot #: 247

Collectible Pins and Metal Buttons

Lot #: 248

Jewelry Box w/ Assortment of Jewelry Pieces

Lot #: 249

Wallace Sanyo Musical Egg Box

Lot #: 250

10 Ornamental Birds

Lot #: 251

Assortment of Shirt Pins

Lot #: 252

Women's Watch, Collectable Lip Stick Cases

pill cases, mirrors, little jewelry boxes
Lot #: 253

Tray of Jewelry

- all these pieces have signatures on them
Lot #: 254

Tray of Necklaces, Bracelets, Necklace Charms

,mostly chains
Lot #: 255

Tray of Jewelry Brooches

Lot #: 256

Tray of Earrings

Lot #: 257

Assortment of Jewelry

some red hatters jewelry, Earrings, necklace, bracelets
Lot #: 258

Assortment of Jewelry

Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings
Lot #: 259

Tray of Brooches

Lot #: 260

Assortment of Jewelry

Lot #: 261

Assortment of Jewelry

Bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces
Lot #: 262

Seth Thomas Pocket Watch

unsure if works, Seth Thomas foldable wind-up clock
Lot #: 263

West Clark's Pocket Bin

Lot #: 264

2 Sets of Men's Tie Tacs and Cufflinks

Both are Sarah Coy
Lot #: 265

3 Men's Tie Tacs

Lot #: 266

5 Rings

Lot #: 267

Silver Sterling Tie Tac

Lot #: 268

Pocket Knife from Pakistan

First Federal Savings Bank belt buckle
Lot #: 269

Brooches and Watch Pieces

2 Home interior brooches
Lot #: 270

Pottery/ Rock on Magnets

Lot #: 271

Assortment of Jewelry Pieces

Bracelets and pieces for it
Lot #: 272

Variety of Jewelry

Lot #: 273

Coors Bottle Opener, Stein Cooler Emporia Kansas

bottle opener, antique wall bottle opener sunglasses key rings
Lot #: 274

5 Cooler Items

Lot #: 275

Lot of Coolers and Collectables

Camel filters freezer carrying bag, Miller genuine drafts container, cooler/lunch pail, 5 gallon drinking container
Lot #: 276

3 Coolers

4 gallon drinking container with original box from the The Gridley Lumber yard, Aladdin's 1 gallon
Lot #: 277

2 Boxes of Cotton Material for Sewing

Lot #: 278

2 Boxes of Assorted Material

assortment of quilting items, one denim curtain and one denim valance, denim seams use to make coasters
Lot #: 279

2 Boxes of Double Knit

and some old quilting patterns
Lot #: 280

Loom and Tote Full of Yarn

Lot #: 281

Tote of Yarn, 2 Boxes of Yarn

Lot #: 282

Treadle Cabinet with Brunswick Sewing Machine

Lot #: 283

Treadle Cabinet with Damascus Sewing Machine

Lot #: 284

Sears Kenmore Treadle Sewing Machine

2 drawer, serial number 0064118, model number 158.13200, attachments
Lot #: 285

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

3 drawer
Lot #: 286

Empty Sewing Machine Cabinet, Art & Craft Books

Lot #: 287

Arts and Craft Items

Glass vase-to make into angel with plate wings, craft books, notebooks
Lot #: 288

Box of Craft Netting, Other Craft Items

Netting used to make scratchers with, corsage or other flower boxes, pins, crayons, paint, ribbon, glitter, stampers
Lot #: 289

Assortment of Scrabble Letters

Use for game or arts and crafts
Lot #: 290

Candles, Candle Holders, Decorative Items

Lot #: 291

Assortment of Empty/Decorative Tins

Lot #: 292

Assortment of Bags, Yardsticks etc

sun shelter- 10 1/2' x 10 1/2'- unknown if all parts are with it
Lot #: 293

2 Large Easels

45" and a 35" will hold a large paper tablet
Lot #: 294

Bathroom Items

Carmex, suave cocoa butter and Shea body wash, perfumes, handheld mirrors, lavender set, hair products, oral swabs gold perfume refill.
Lot #: 295

Cleaning Supplies

from Shaklees Basic G is pretty full, other 2 are1/4 full, box is new
Lot #: 296

Assortment of Caps

One is a John Deere strawhat, Coldwell Banker, Russell stovers candies, ABC American Builders, Army-Navy , telecrafter
Lot #: 297

Assortment of Purses and Wallets

Wilson leather marked $100 brand new
Lot #: 298

2 Containers, 12" Paper Cutter, Paper Stacker

Lot #: 299

Office Supplies

Lot #: 300

VHS Tapes, Box and Rewinder

Lot #: 301

Space Saving Shoe Organizer, Shoe Hanger

women's Skechers size 6.5 American
Lot #: 302

Pair of Women's Black Boots Size 8.5

Lot #: 303

Track/Spike Running Shoes Size 10

Unsure if for men or women
Lot #: 304

4 Pair of Kids Rubber Boots, 2 Pair of Work Boots

Lot #: 305

2 Pieces of Luggage

the black is for crafters, Scrappers. Good condition.
Lot #: 306

Set of Crutches, 2 Homemade Wooden Canes

medical cane
Lot #: 307

3 Set Locker Piece

36" x 12" x 66"
Lot #: 308

Showcase with Glass Cover

32" x 29 1/2" x 5"
Lot #: 309

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

30" x 26" x 5 1/2" with inside being 3"
Lot #: 310

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

34 1/4" x 24 1/2" x 7" with inside 4"
Lot #: 311

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

35" x 24 1/2" x 7" with inside 4", needs some enforcement
Lot #: 312

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

38" x 25 3/4" x 6" with inside 4 1/2", need some reinforcement
Lot #: 313

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

48" x 31 1/2" x angles 17" down to 7", unique opening in back and opens from front, finger hole by back entry and you hug the lower side...makes it easy to carry!!
Lot #: 314

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

48 1/2" x 24" x 10" with inside 9", extra chains and handles And hinges, no chains in showcase for lid
Lot #: 315

Showcase with Plexiglass Cover

40" x24 1/4" x 2 1/2"
Lot #: 316

2 Showcases with Plexiglass Cover

20 1/2" x 18" x 2" and other with compartments is 32" x 16 1/2" x2 1/2"
Lot #: 317

2 Metal Racks

45 1/2" x 16" x 12 1/2"
Lot #: 318

2 Animal Cages

23 1/2" x 36" x 24" and a 17" x 24" x 20"
Lot #: 319

Pet Transporter

and strip heat- 2 feed scoops, 24" x 24" x 16", strip heat can be used to warm and outside area or for food- replacement. Indoor cord included
Lot #: 320

Pet Taxi

lock mechanism for door is gone, big age- Cage is 28 1/2" x 42" x 30"
Lot #: 321

Assortment of Chicken Waters, Bowls

Rabbit water pieces, leg hook
Lot #: 322

Hanging Chicken Waterer

and an Electric Heated chicken waterer
Lot #: 323

2 New Hoses

Ends have gripper to screw on to faucet or other hose better
Lot #: 324

Husqvarna Push Mower

Auto walk, variable speed, drive system, HD 800 BBC, unable to start- don't know why, bagger or mulcher
Lot #: 324a

52" Hustler FasTrak Zero Turn Riding Lawnmower

2006. Great running machine with Honda 20 hp motor. Just wanting to upgrade. Call Hope to view/drive it if need be. Serviced by CF Cy Honda then Diligent Trailer every year.
Lot #: 324b

Echo SRM-225 Commercial Weed Whip

Used. Still works
Lot #: 325

Assortment of Clay Pots

Lot #: 325a

4 Heavy Duty, Tomato Cages

Lot #: 325b

21 Wood Shutters

Lot #: 325c

7 Railroad Ties

Aprx. 8'
Lot #: 325d

Teatherball on Tire Rim, 2 Tire Rims

one has concrete in the middle
Lot #: 325e

Triumph Exercise Equipment

Work legs, biceps etc-in basement-you move.
Lot #: 326

VHS Tapes

Lot #: 327

Longarm Western Books

1-159 plus others
Lot #: 328

3 Space Heaters

Lot #: 329

Christmas, Craft Decor

Recipe cards, reflexology massage footprint
Lot #: 330

Music Items/Sheet Music

Mark Twain books and others
Lot #: 331

Sharp Cash Register, MiFi, Speaker, Stereo

Lot #: 332

2 Concrete Owls, Lamp Bottom

heavy duty water repellent, size 12 rubber boots
Lot #: 333

Pink Depression, Glasses, Ribbon Bowl

Lot #: 334

Assortment of Clear Glass

Four Great Wolf Lodge Champaign glasses, plates, Mr. And Mrs. Wine glass set
Lot #: 335

38 Blue Champagne Glasses

Used to drink or use to decorate
Lot #: 336

Tupperware Pieces, Hamburger Patty Containers

Antique ice cube trays, cookie cutter, other tupperwares
Lot #: 337

Plates and Bowls

Lot #: 338

4 "In the Garden" Corning Coffee Cups

Corelle coffee cup place, other coffee cups
Lot #: 339

Presto Fry Daddy, Bella Bullet Machine

sushi items, fragrance items, microwave bacon dish
Lot #: 340

Antique Nurses Hat, Mr. Peanut Metal Bank

basket to keep it in, two decorative plates, other decorations
Lot #: 341

16 Green Light Bulbs, 10 Insulators

Pepsi-Cola bottle
Lot #: 342

Decorative Baskets

Lot #: 343

Queen 11 Piece Comforter Set in Bag

2 Sets of twin bedding
Lot #: 344

Office Chair

back won't stay up, small stool-pin is missing
Lot #: 345

Ryobi Tool Set 14.4 Volt- No Battery Charger

no batteries, metal pieces
Lot #: 346

4 Tarps

Different sizes, have been used, some may have holes
Lot #: 347

5 Life Jackets, Snorkel Fins

Lot #: 348

6 Pieces of Luggage

Lot #: 349

6 7/8-55 Beaver Western Hat

Black, from Branson, MO
Lot #: 350

King-Sized 2-Sided Electric Blanket

2 throw blanketsWorks
Lot #: 351

Fisher-Price Play Family School

old Archie magazines, 10 volumes of the Bible story, other books, activity pads and the game Guesstures
Lot #: 352

25 Laurell K. Hamilton Books

Lot #: 353

Assortment of Books

Lot #: 354

2 Reversible Blanket Wraps

Lot #: 355

DVD+R New Discs, CD-R New Discs, Sleeves and Cases

Olympus digital voice recorder
Lot #: 356

24" X 20" Eagle Picture and Copper Music Box

teeter tooter
Lot #: 357

Food Trays 10x14- 24

. New in a box and 23 loose
Lot #: 358

12 Oval Baskets

- 12 are 9x6x2.25 in, one's in box are 11.75 by 8.5 and red- box says 3 dz.
Lot #: 359

10 Pkgs of Decorative Tooth Picks

frills, towels/rags
Lot #: 360

2 Popcorn Poppers, 2 Face Shield Protectors

2 candy dishes, matches, other kitchenware
Lot #: 361

All-in-One Capsule Machine

to make. 00 capsule size and an assortment of gelatin capsules- count may not be 1000-some may have been used
Lot #: 362

12 Bags of Lime Cocktail Mix

and 2 Raspberry puree liquid mixes


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country Great Plains Auction & Real Estate, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.