Large Estate Auction Bill & Billie Van Duyne

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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All Items being SOLD AS IS Preview Dates will be published on Website Preview 1st Auction/Garage Finds/Xmas Stuff /Yard/ Kitchen Dec 11th 4-6PM Auction Soft Close with 5min per Lot. All Items are to be Pick UP on Pick Up days or Forfitted . All Items are paid by Credit CArd/ Debit Cards VISA, MASTERCARD/DISCOVER/America Express Excepted. Buyer is Expected to Pick Up and Remove with their own supplies/packing materials. Buyers Premiunm 10% paid with final Bid. Local Taxes are collected. If shipping needed at BUyers Expense. Invoice and ID needs to be presented for PICK UP On Pick UP DAYS> Auctioneer not responsible for Accidents and Liability of items during Pick UP or Delivery.
Raytown, MO US
Large Estate /Auction HouseHold Items and More. Home of Bill & Billie Van Duyne all the treasures you can find. The Van Duyne Estate is A Tresure Hunters Dream. This is One of Three Auctions each Auction will have its Featured Items. The House is full of Vintage Tresure and Cheifs Fan Dreams. They were Season Ticket Holders for Years. All Items must Go and Each Lot is Start at a $3.00 or more. Auction 1 Xmas Treasures and Garage /Shed Finds Auction 2 Household Tresures including Furniture and Chiefs Fans Finds Auction 3 Basement and Metal Shop Finds Ending Sale Vintage Clothing Garage Sale. All Items Must GO! All Lots Start at $3.00 or more. Some Items Have Reserve Bids they will not Sell if its Not Meet. SHOP BID WIN Shop/BId/Win
Lot #: 101

Large Dinnerware Collection Wood Haven Collection

Plates. Cups Saucers
Lot #: 102

Coffee Cups/Mugs/ PlayGirl Mugs

Variety Of Coffee Cups 3 Black PlayBoy Club Glasses Entire Shelf of Glass Wear
Lot #: 103

Orange Set with 3 entire shelves of glass ware

10 Drinking Glasses/8 sm glasses/5 mugs / 3 goblets/6 shot glass
Lot #: 104

Measuring Bowl Set with Mix of Bowls

2 Lg Measuring Cups 1 sm Measuring Cup & 2 Large Mixing Bowl
Lot #: 105

Kitchen Bakewear

Kitchen Bakeware/Pie Pans Glass and More includes Corningware and items on entire shelf.
Lot #: 106

Oven Proof/Microwave Proof Glass Wear

2 white Corning Wear Bowls 3 lg clear Bowls 4 Dinner Platters Some corning wear
Lot #: 107

White Milk Glasses Platter Set w 4 Cups and More

8 platters 8 cups 1 tan Ice Bucket w/lid 1 cake holder 1 platter
Lot #: 108

Kitchen Utensils

2 Boxes Of Kitchen Utensils
Lot #: 109

Kitchen Knives

Large/ Small /Medium Kitchen Knives
Lot #: 110

Box Of Kitchen Misc Items

Strainer, Chesse Graer, Pizza Cutter/can opener
Lot #: 111

Salt & Pepper Shelf w/Collectable Plates & More

2 Platers 12 Salt & Peper shakers Misc Plates
Lot #: 112

Cermic Bowl & Mushroom Collection

Large Cermic Bowl and Pitcher Mushroom -SUGAR/FLour Container
Lot #: 113

Old Fashion Oil Lamps

qty3 Oil Lamps w Oil
Lot #: 114

Kerosene Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps with Red Oil
Lot #: 115

Storage Bag Lot /Foil & More

Storage Bag Lot & More
Lot #: 116

Cook Books

Shelf of Cookbooks
Lot #: 117

Cookbook Shelf

Entire Shelf of Cook Books Hardback/Indian Cook Books /Betty Crocker and More
Lot #: 118

Brown Pottery Dish Set w HULL Backing Dish

10 cups/spoons/creamers/sugar bowl 2 boxes Brown Vintage Pottery Dish Set includes HULL Vintage Baking Dish
Lot #: 119

Cookware & More

pizza pans cookie sheets Roasting Pans Muffin Pans 1/2 cup muffin pans
Lot #: 120

Box of 4 pcs grill set & misc cooking items

4 pcs Grill Set/ Egg Ring/ Glass Bowl /Cake Pan & Wood Cutting Board
Lot #: 121

Kemore Garbage Compactor & Bags-Works

Kenmore Compactor
Lot #: 122

Wooden Bread Box Shelf with Hand Made Pot Holders

Home made Pot Holders/ Wooden Bread Box with Corn Muffin Pans
Lot #: 123

Kitchen Knives & More

Utality Kitchen Knives
Lot #: 124

MIcrowave Stand and Toaster

Microwave Stand and Toaster with Pans
Lot #: 125

Old Fashion Wooden Wall Mounted Telephone

Hang On Wall Old Fashion Telephone-Works
Lot #: 126

Wooden Oil Lamp and Mugs with Glass Vase

Old Fashion Wood Oil Lamp and Mugs
Lot #: 127

Assortment of Pots N Pans

Many Pots N Pans Skillets & More
Lot #: 128

3 Trays of Glasses Red Drinking Glasses

Total 22 Glass Red Set Fancy Glasses
Lot #: 129

Glass Drinking Glass & More

Set of 21 Drinking Glasses
Lot #: 130

Cast Iron Skillets

Kitchen Skillets 4 Cast Iron 6 Various Size Skillets
Lot #: 131

Large Crown China Set Service for 12

12 piece serving set Plates /Bowls cups /saucers gravy bowl Etc.
Lot #: 132

Box of Glass Butter Wear

Glass Butter Dishes
Lot #: 133

Decorative Oil Tray Set

3 piece Oil Set
Lot #: 134

MIneral Rock Collection

Rock Collection w/Book & Shells Small in Bags/Tiger Eyes & More
Lot #: 135

Cleaner Specialist Supplies

12 pcs of Cleaning Supplies Blind Cleaner Wand & More Vaccum Cleaner
Lot #: 136

Novelty Item

Fun Novelty Items Misc Tupperware cups w /lids Small Bottles & More
Lot #: 137

School Supplies Box

Box of Crayons/Markers/Pens/rulers and more
Lot #: 138

Large Shelf of Hardback Cookbooks

Hardback Cook Books Approx. 40
Lot #: 139

Cosco Kitchen Black Stool

Kitchen Stool with Steps Costco-Like New
Lot #: 140

Spiral Bond Kitchen Cook Books

Entire Shelf of Spiral Bond Kitchen Cook Books Raytown Historical Society & More
Lot #: 141

Dog Figurines & More

Dog Statue Figures Set of 3 Glass Bowls & More All Items on Display Shelf
Lot #: 142

Indian Art Plate & Clay Girl Pottery

Indian Plate with Girl Pottery & More All Items on Shelf included in Lot
Lot #: 143

Golden Tree Small Figurines

Corner Shelf w/ Golden Tinsel Tree Items All Items on Shelf
Lot #: 144

TV RCA with Remote Small

RCA Small Kitchen TV on Stand/With Remote-Works 14" Screen
Lot #: 145

Hardback DO It Yourself Books

Hardback Books Enitre Shelf How to Fix HouseHOld Books and More
Lot #: 146

Box of Miscellaneous Items

Kitchen Misc Items 2 Box Set Matches and More Must See
Lot #: 147

Trviia Game Book/w Ceramic Tree

Game/Tree/Decorative Bowl
Lot #: 148

Gold/Orange Pottery with Spinner Shelf

Lab Desk/ Orange/Gold DIp on Spinner
Lot #: 149

Large Box with Folder of Unused Hallmark Cards

Large Box over 200 Hallmark Unused Cards with folders All Cards are New w Envelops Various Seasons/Styles
Lot #: 150

Box of Umbrellas /Car organizer & more

Box with umbrellas Car Organizers
Lot #: 151

Large Maple Wood w/ Leaf and 4 Chair Set

Maple Table 36 x 72 with Leaf and 4 chairs
Lot #: 152

Indian Proverb & wooden Framed Picture

Wooden Framed Picture of Orange Flowers Old Indian Proverbs On Wood
Lot #: 153

Kitchen Clock VA Decantur and Mugs

Kitchen Clock and Mugs with Indian Bowl
Lot #: 154

Plastic Small Trash cans

5 Small Trash cans 2 Clear Floor MAts New in Plastic
Lot #: 155

Kitchen Extras

Kitchen Stool Food Steamer New In Box Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer In Box
Lot #: 156

Walker For Extra Support

Almost New Small Walker
Lot #: 157

Box of Drink Mugs

Drinking Mugs & More
Lot #: 158

Vintage DInnerwear Set - Vernon's by Dis-N-Dot

Made in USA Vintage Dinnerwear Set Vernon's Set for 8
Lot #: 160

Vintage Bathroom Metal Shelf

Over the Toliet Shelf -Some Rust
Lot #: 161

Hall Wooden Coat Rack and its contents

Hall Coat Rack w shelf Flashlight Therpy Crystal/ Thermos/Glass Candle Holder All Items Included Crystal for therapy and more finds.
Lot #: 162

Italian Glass Flamingo by Molono

Italian Glass Molono Flamingo Figurine
Lot #: 163

Coin Collector-John Wayne

Coin Collector -John Wayne and Lincoln Penny Collection
Lot #: 164

Coins-Statehood Collection Book

Coin Collection -StateHood Quarters in Blue Binder
Lot #: 165

Coin Collection State Quarters 1999 & 2008

1999 quarters With Washington State Quarters included
Lot #: 166

Coin Collection State Hood Quarters

Blue State Hood BInder with Quarters
Lot #: 167

Postal Collection-American Beauty 1st Ladies

Postal Collection-1st Ladies Blue Binder Collection
Lot #: 168

America The Beautiful Coin COllection

America the Beautiful COin COllection in Binder
Lot #: 169

BB Gun and Pellets

BB Gun and Pellets
Lot #: 170

Guidebook & State Coin

Guidebook to 50 State quarter Series Folder -Coins Included
Lot #: 171

American Historic Society Series -Coins

American Historic Society Coin COllection Framed
Lot #: 400

Yard-Shed Wire Cage

3 Pcs of wire Cage Garden/Tomatoes Etc W Lawn Spreader on Wheels
Lot #: 401

Gas Cans

4 5 Gallon Gas Cans with Spouts
Lot #: 402

Cleaning SUpplies

Large Selection of Cleaning Supplies in Trash Can
Lot #: 403

Shovels & Lawn Equipment

Lot #: 404

Wheel Barrow & Leaf Bag

Light Duty REd Wheel Barrow & Leaf Bags
Lot #: 405

Leaf Yard Bags with Sprinkler

Large Lawn Leaf Bags & Sprinkler New Lawn Leaf Bags
Lot #: 407


Used Chain Saw
Lot #: 408

Large Tarps

2 LArge Tarps
Lot #: 409

Plant Holder Long Handled Tree Trimmer

Plant HOlder 8ft pole Tree Trimmer
Lot #: 410

Yard Equipment Weed Eater Gas Powdered

Yard Equipment Weed Eater/ Broom/Shoval
Lot #: 412

Green Folding Benches

2 3ft Long Green Folding Chairs
Lot #: 413

OutDoor Lounge Golden Louge Chair

6 ft Long OutDoor Camping Louge Chair
Lot #: 414

Garden Hose & More

60" Length Garden Hoses w 9 Hose Nozels Used Garden
Lot #: 415

Plastic Stack Chairs

Used Plastic Chairs Set of 4
Lot #: 416


Large Collection Planter w Sundial for the Yard
Lot #: 417

Planters Pots/Wire Cage/River Rock

Collection of Outdoor Planter Pots & More
Lot #: 418

Concrete Outdoor Figurines Frogs

Outdoor Statues
Lot #: 419

Outdoor Yard Ornaments

Light House/Swans -Concrete
Lot #: 420

Large Concrete Bird Bath

Large 4ft round Concrete Bird Bath w/Pump
Lot #: 421

Metal Outdoor Glider

Glider w Cushions
Lot #: 422

All Items on Shelves & Plastic 4ft Shelves

4 Ft Plastic Shelf w/Gardening Supplies & more
Lot #: 423

Bird Feeder Supplies

Corn on Cob Wild Bird Feed Seed
Lot #: 424

Green Yard Cart

Pull Behind Yard Cart Yard Tractor Cart
Lot #: 425

Planter Pots & Yard Figure

Yard Figure
Lot #: 426

Clay Planter Pots

Large Clay Pot 2 Small Clay Pots
Lot #: 427

YArd Pot Collection

Yard Collection
Lot #: 429

14" Screen Color TV on Stand

14" ScreenTV
Lot #: 430

Wooden Stand with Bird Feed

Wooden Stand/Bird Feed Bird Outdoor Figurine & Temp. Gage/Outdoor Clock
Lot #: 431

Extension Cords

2 50' Foot Extension Cords-Used
Lot #: 432

Extension Cord

Qty1 100' Foot Extension Cord Qty 1 50' Extesion Cord qty 1 10 ' Extension Cord
Lot #: 433

Folding Red Bench Picnic Table -Camping Equipment

Folding Picnic Table Set
Lot #: 434

Silver Metal Wind Chime

Hanging Silver Metal Wind Chime
Lot #: 435

Box of Cords-

Full Box of Cords=Various Sizing
Lot #: 436

Garden Tools & Supplies

Box of Garden Tools & Supplies
Lot #: 437

Trimmer Homelite w String Electic

Electric Weed Trimmer w String and Bench
Lot #: 438

Wrought Iron Black Chair & Table

Wrought Iron Outdoor Chair & Table
Lot #: 439

Large Collection of Outdoor Pots

Collection of Pots for Plants /Plastic qty 3
Lot #: 440

Wood & Wrought Iron Bench

Outdoor Seating Bench/Wood
Lot #: 441

Concrete Outdoor Figures

Boy & Girl Kissing Figures-outdoor
Lot #: 442

Concrete Plant Pots

Heavy Planter Pots qty 2
Lot #: 1000

Cleaning Supplies/Shelf

Shelf Full of Cleaning Supplies -Some New Bug Spray Etc
Lot #: 1001

Cleaning Supplies

Various Cleaning SUpplies SOme New
Lot #: 1002

Metal Castors for Bed/Mobile/Metal Pans

Kickboards 4 Metal Castors Rolling Castors Cleaning Supplies
Lot #: 1003

Cleaning Products Shelf

Cleaning Products Shelf
Lot #: 1004

Baking Tins Food Storage Cups/Lids/Plates & More

Large Shelf of Products/Cups/lids plates & More 3 Boxs of Lids/Cups Plastic
Lot #: 1005

Plastic Box Grater

Grater for Cheese
Lot #: 1006

Pizza Tins/Vintage Bed Tray

Vintage Bed Tray/Pizza Tins & More
Lot #: 1007

Mixer Master

Master Mixer=Electric Mixer- kitchen white
Lot #: 1008

Vintage Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker
Lot #: 1010

Coffee Maker/ Plastic Containers/Candy Box Glass

Veggie Trays Glass Vase
Lot #: 1011

CookWare Kitchen- Vintage

Corning Wear Glass Containers Storage Container
Lot #: 1012

Tupperware w/Lids

Various Containers-Kitchen Storage Containers & More
Lot #: 1013

Dog Bowls & More

Dog Bowl Lot Bundt Pan & More
Lot #: 1014

Sewing Chest/Hot Cold Warming Drink Holders

VIntage Drink Holders/Hot & Cold Sewing Chest in Box-New
Lot #: 1015

Supply of Microwave Tin Kitchen Items

Large Collection of Microwave Storage Containers & Kitchen Supplies
Lot #: 1016

Vintage Stereo=Clarinette 20 Realistic Stereo

Realistic Stereo Turn Table with Speakers-Works 20" Needle included
Lot #: 1017

Trash Can full of Household Cleaning Supplies

Small Trash Can full of Mops/Umbrella/Household cleaning supplies
Lot #: 1018

Chiefs Team Fan Items- YArd Sign

Outdoor Flag- Chiefs Outdoor attachable Table-Red Party Table to small SUV & More
Lot #: 1019

Electric Stair Chair

24Foot Length Electric Stair Chair Works Great AMERI GLIDE Min Bid $100.00
Lot #: 1020

Ladder-Metal Aluminum

8ft tall Aluminum Ladder
Lot #: 1021

Entire Shelf Tupperware w Lids

Shelf w Tupperware Storage Containers
Lot #: 1022

Coffee Grinder & More

Coffee Grinder/Coffee Thermos & More
Lot #: 1023

Brite Water Filter System-New

Water Filter System Latern Misc
Lot #: 1024

Coffee Brewer Machines-Slightly Used

Coffee Keurig Oster Mr Coffee
Lot #: 1025

Glass Vases

Entire Shelf of Vases
Lot #: 1026

Coke Bottles Shelf

Entire Shelf -Coke in Bottle Collection Red Flower Vase
Lot #: 1027

CrockPot & Fryer

Crockpot & Fryer New In Box
Lot #: 1028

Box of Bandages

Large Box of New Bandages
Lot #: 1029

New Electric Grill & Crock Pot

Vintage Electric Grill & Crock Pot
Lot #: 1030

Xmas Bell w Bow

Xmas Bell Cermanic & Xmas Dish
Lot #: 1031

Large Box of Crochet Thread On Spools

New Many Colors Box of Crochet Thread Many Colors of New Crochet Thread
Lot #: 1032

FUll Tackle Box of Beads- Crafts

Crafters Heaven Of Beads/ Full Large Fishing Tackle Box of Craft Beads and Thread for those who Love to CRAFT
Lot #: 1033

Xmas Village Houses & More

Shelf with Xmas Village Figures Collection
Lot #: 1034

Christmas Shelf Decc Items/W Candles

Christmas Shelf - Entire Shelf-Glass Cups/Large Xmas Balls Xmas Deco Items
Lot #: 1035

Metal Vintage Tins w Buttons

Qty 4 Metal Tins/w Buttons-Ribbons Craft Supplies
Lot #: 1036

Christmas Box-Deco Items

Christmas SUpplies /Items Deco and More
Lot #: 1037

XMAS Ribbon

qty 2 Ribbons & More
Lot #: 1038

Crafts- 2 Boxes of Beads

Craft Beads- 2 Boxes w Wire
Lot #: 1039

Xmas Lights Box

Box of New Xmas Lights W other Xmas Decorations
Lot #: 1040

Folding Portable Camping Chairs

qty 3 Folding small Camping Chairs Slightly Used but In Great Shape to sit around the Fire Pit
Lot #: 1041

Chiefs Hats & Scarfs Lot Gloves & More

Chiefs Winter Hats/Gloves & More
Lot #: 1042

Large Box of Xmas Wrapping Paper

Box of Xmas Wrapping Paper & More Entire Box of Xmas Wrapping Paper & More
Lot #: 1043

Xmas Pillow & Throw

Red Pillows & Xmas Throw
Lot #: 1044

Large Box of Hallmark Xmas Cards

Large Box of Many Xmas Cards- New Unused Various Sizes and Colors
Lot #: 1045

New Ruffled Kitchen Curtains In Packages

Green Ruffles/Kitchen Curtains Many-New in Bags-Entire Lot Qty 20 Vintage Curtains White with Green Ruffles Tier for Standard 36 In Window
Lot #: 1046

Vintage Car Automobile AC Unit

Vintage AC Car Unit in Box
Lot #: 1047

Straw Basket Collection/Guys Pototoe Tin

Straw Basket Collection w Angel and Collectable Tin
Lot #: 1048

Halloween Devil Costume & More Mask

Halloween Costume-Devil & More Mask Xmas Bulbs
Lot #: 1049

Craft Sweatshirts/Material Sewing

Craft Sweatshirts-Material w patterns Add your own Design Box of Sweatshirts for you to Design Box of Pre Pattern Material to Cut and Sew Halloween/ Christmas/Easter & More
Lot #: 1050


Crafts- qty 2 Box of Beads
Lot #: 1055

Glass 5 Gallon Jugs

qty 2 Starting Bid $3.00 Each 2 Large Glass Jugs
Lot #: 1056

Cable Pull IN Box

Metal Cable Pulley
Lot #: 1058

Terra cotta Angel & Wind Chime

Wall Terra Cotta Golden Angel Small Wind Chime In Box
Lot #: 1059

Feathers Beads & Bells Craft Items

Craft items used to make Indian WarHeads Feathers Beads & Bells
Lot #: 1060

Tupperware with Lids Kitchen Storage

Large Box of Tupperware Box and Lids
Lot #: 1061

Xmas Decorative Items

2 Boxes Of Decrotive Xmas Items Tinsel Hangings for Party Ribbon for Crafts New
Lot #: 1062

Christmas Paper Party Products

Box of Xmas Plates & More Paper Products Glass New Measuring Cup Set
Lot #: 1063

Suitcase full of Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns -Pre-Printed to Cut & Go
Lot #: 1064

Cardinal Pattern-Cardinal Quilted Sewing

Cardinal Pattern Rings Sewing Items & More Paint for Fabric Tin with New Strip Womens Socks & More
Lot #: 1065

Camping Coolers Set 4

Camping Coolers
Lot #: 1066

Lunch Box Coolers & More

Lunch Box Coolers & Large Mason Jar
Lot #: 1067

Yoga Lot Items

Yoga Mats qty 4 Thermos
Lot #: 1068

Osterizer Blender - Ziploc Pack

Osterizer Blender -New In Box ZipLock Pack Storage Containers-New
Lot #: 1069

Electric Grill-Camping/Lumber Support

West Bend Camping Electric Grill New Lumber Support
Lot #: 1070

Cooler-Entire Shelf

Smaller Coolers entire Shelf Blue Small & More
Lot #: 1071

Hard Hat Shelf & More

Entire Contents of Shelf Hard Hat Metal Crow Bar Seat Belt Extension & More Knee Pads
Lot #: 1072

Camping TeaPot & More

Entire Shelf Red Teapot & More Red Small Tool Box w Tools Sun Shades For Inside Car Grease Gun
Lot #: 1073

Car Assortment Shelf

Car Hitch/Ball Car Items & More Large Glass Jars with Lids Wooden Paper Towel Rack
Lot #: 1074

Car Wash Shelf

Car Wash Items & More- Entire Shelf Wipers Ice Breaker for Car Car Extra Suppies
Lot #: 1075

Camping Supplies Propane Stove

Camping Gear- Outdoorsman Coleman Latern Propane Stove in Box for Cooking Over Open Fire Popcorn Cooker & MOre
Lot #: 1076

Protocal Wheeled Duffle Bag New & Cannister Set

Red Cannister Set Gym Bag Protocal Duffle Bag in Box
Lot #: 1078

Manson Jars w Lids-New

Canning Jars/Lids & More
Lot #: 1079

Mens _Used Work Boots

Enitre Shelf -Mens Work Outdoor Boots Size 10 3 pairs
Lot #: 1080

Car Lock Bar-Box of Misc

Red Car Lock Bar New Laundry Board Cover & More
Lot #: 1081

5.0 Frezzer

Works 5.0 Frezzer
Lot #: 1082

Large 6.0 Upwright Refrigator/Freezer-works

Kenmore- 6.0 UpRight Refrigator/Freezer Min $15
Lot #: 1083

Basket Full OF Mens Hats & Gloves

Nice Mens Gloves & hats for Winter Driving
Lot #: 1085

Yard Foto Umbrella

Lot with Crutches/ Winter Salt Yard Foto Umbrella
Lot #: 1086

Small Red Tool Box

ENtire Tools Included
Lot #: 1087

Iron Man Exercise Table

Iron Man Exercise Inversion Table
Lot #: 1088

Fun Custom Made Hard Hats

Chiefs Hard Hat/Beer Fun Volunteer Firemen Hat
Lot #: 1089

Snow Shovel & Broom

Snow Shovel Shop Broom Heavy Duty Straps w/ Pull
Lot #: 1092

Tires. Spare

2 Spare Tires
Lot #: 1093

Coleman Camping Cot

Folding 6ft Cot -Camping/Slightly Used- Good Shape
Lot #: 1094

Xmas Box of ribbons & Wooden Magazine

Wrapping Ribbon & Supplies
Lot #: 1095

Large box of Wrapping Paper/Sacks

Wrapping Paper & Supplies Entire Box
Lot #: 1097

Crochet Books =Lot

2 Trays of New Crochet Books with Ideas & Patterns
Lot #: 1098

Wreath Making Ribbon

Wreath Craft Ribbon for making Door Wreaths & More
Lot #: 1099

Large Box of Greeting Cards-Hallmark and More

Large New Box of Greeting Cards In Boxes
Lot #: 1100

Door Wreaths -Cheifs & More

qty 4 Door Wreaths Cheifs Xmas Wreath & More
Lot #: 1101

Ribbons & Bows & Wrappiong Paper Rolls

2 Boxes of Ribbons & Bows with Wrapping Paper for XMAS New IN Bags
Lot #: 1102

2 Boxes of FLOWERS

Decorative Flowers for planters and Grave Sites
Lot #: 1103

XMas Ornament Box

Box of Ornaments Vintage & New
Lot #: 1104

Holiday Decorative Box

Mixed box of Decorative Holiday Items Easter Eggs Holiday Tree Trimmings Harvest Decorations
Lot #: 1105

Planter Figures

Decorative Planter Figures Indoor/Outdoor Planters
Lot #: 1106

Xmas Ornaments

Used Xmas Ornaments/In Box
Lot #: 1107

Xmas Wrapping

Large Selection of Xmas Wrapping Dont go buy a Roll at Walmart You can get all of this for $3.00
Lot #: 1108

Christmas Cards In Boxes

Christmas Cards IN Boxes-Vintage
Lot #: 1109

Small Exercise Pink Hand Weights

Exercise 5lb. Weights Box of Weights
Lot #: 1110

Bread Beer Lot

Collection of Bread/Beer Collectors Stryo Form Molds
Lot #: 1111

Crafters Paradise Box of Goods

Entire Plastic Tub with Crafters Materials Craft Paint **MUST SEE TO REALLY APPRECIATE IT**
Lot #: 1112

Crafters Paradise #2

Many Crafters Items Patterns & More Plastic Tub w/Lid **MUST SEE** HUGE FIND
Lot #: 1113

Yarn/Zippers & More

Yarn/Sewing Materials & More Sewers Delight
Lot #: 1114

Sewing Thread & More

Sewing Thread & Patterns
Lot #: 1115

Sewing Patterns & More

Patterns -Vintage Craft Supplies Must See
Lot #: 1116

Ribbon/Cards & More

Approx 60 Hallmark Cards & New Ribbon for packages and Crafters Items
Lot #: 1117


Rolls & Rolls of Ribbons
Lot #: 1118

XMas Mugs & Ornaments

Holiday Mugs-New Holiday Vintage Ornament Chiefs Santa & More
Lot #: 1119

Xmas Stoking Hats & Red Ball Ornaments

Stocking Hats & Red Ball Ornaments Window Electric Candles
Lot #: 1120

Nativity Scene & Cermaic SANTA

Santa Figure NAtivity Scene
Lot #: 1121

Black Fan and Stand

Black Fan & Stand Floor Fan -USed Wooden Table Legs
Lot #: 1123

Liberty Falls Vintsge Minatures

Liberty Falls Minatures Cottage Xmas Village Collectables


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