JR Sales & Surplus Liquidation Sale: Wholesale, Ammo, Fixtures, General Merchandise, Storage, Restaurant Supplies, Commercial Items, Office Furniture, Housewares, Cleaners & Cleansers, Building Materi

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
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1202 Cardinal Drive, Eudora, KS US
This is the last of our Moving Sales. There will be some larger wholesale lots along with my staple items as I am moving my business to a smaller storage space: Wholesale Merchandise, Antiques, Ammo, Knives, Self Defense Items, General Merchandise, Office Furniture, Fixtures, Restaurant Supplies, Commercial Items, Storage Units, Tools, Housewares, Toys, Cleaners & Cleansers, Electronics, Building Materials, Retail Items, Household, Emergency Supplies, Bedding, & Kitchen Items. There will be two scheduled load out days. Please do not bid if you can not pick up your items on one of those two days. Anything left over from the auction will be for sale - so show up with cash.
Lot#: 101

5' x 8' Motorcycle ATV Trailer. Has 2 steel grates are bolted over outer two motorcycle tracks for ATV's or mowers. The grates can be removed to trailer 3 motorcycles.

Lot#: 102

4 Drawer Schwab Fire Proof Vertical File Cabinet. Includes keys and has slight cosmetic damage.

Lot#: 103

Waddell 78" x 48" x 18" Lighted Display with Glass Shelves. Lamps and locks work in all 3 of these displays. These retail for over $1700 each.

Lot#: 104

Waddell 78" x 48" x 18" Lighted Display with Glass Shelves. Lamps and locks work in all 3 of these displays. These retail for over $1700 each.

Lot#: 105

Waddell 78" x 48" x 18" Lighted Display with Glass Shelves

Lot#: 106

John Deere Belt Driven Snow Blower Lawn Tractor Attachment. 38" wide in good working condition.

Lot#: 107

John Deere Wheel Weights, Wheel Weight Bolts, and Rear Wheel Chains

Lot#: 108

John Deere 42" x 16" Front Blade. Does have some rust, but is in good working condition.

Lot#: 109

Two Werner 36" Aluminum Step Ladders 30" Wide. One has slight damage but still works properly.

Lot#: 110

Two Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Shelf Speakers

Lot#: 111

96" x 44" Conference Table. File is not included in sale. Buyer responsible for removal.

Lot#: 112

60" x 30" Desk. Buyer responsible for removal.

Lot#: 113

6' x 4' Wide Section of Lozier Shelving with Peg Board and Hooks. Buyer responsible for removal.

Lot#: 114

96" x 44" Conference Table. Buyer responsible for removal.

Lot#: 115

Lot of Yard & Gardening Tools

Lot#: 116

100 Rounds of CCI Blanks 22 Short Ammo

Lot#: 117

Survival Knife with Fire Striker and Case

Lot#: 118

24" Extension Baton with Case

Lot#: 119

Lot of Survival/Emergency Supplies: Hatchet, Multi-Tool, Containers, Poncho, Water Bottle, Clean Wipes, Sewing Kit, Credit Card Knife, Carabiner, Candle, Flashlight/Alarm, Sutures, Hand Warmer and more.

Lot#: 120

Tactical Stun Gun with Flashlight

Lot#: 121

2 - Stanley 24" x 24" diamond steel grate

Lot#: 122

Lot of 10 - 2XL Perfect Fit Inside Velcro Security Belts

Lot#: 123

Lot of 4 Bags and Satchels

Lot#: 124

Lot of 12 Tubular Nylon Cinch Bags With Strap 51" x 10"

Lot#: 125

Case lot of Tech Wipes 12 Bags of 300

Lot#: 126

Case of 20 Reusable Elastic Support Wraps

Lot#: 127

Acrylic Adhesive SCHONOX VMI 91 - 4 Gal Container

Lot#: 128

50 Pounds of Plaster Gauze

Lot#: 129

96" x 30" Folding Tabe

Lot#: 130

96"L x 36"W x 36"H High Standing Folding Table

Lot#: 131

Circular Activity Table Made of Plywood With Steel Folding Legs. 7' from end to end.

Lot#: 132

5' Round Table Made of Plywood With Steel Folding Legs

Lot#: 133

78"T x 36"W x 18"D Steel Cabinet with Shelves

Lot#: 134

43"T x 36"W x 18"D Steel Cabinet with Shelves

Lot#: 135

4' x 3' Industrial Shipping Table with Storage Underneath

Lot#: 136

4' x 3' Industrial Shipping Table with Storage Underneath

Lot#: 137

60" x 30" Metal Desk

Lot#: 138

2' x 3' Check Out Counter

Lot#: 139

78"T x 36"W x 21"D Steel Cabinet with Shelves

Lot#: 140

78"T x 36"W x 18"D Steel Cabinet with Shelves

Lot#: 141

Timex Watch Display

Lot#: 142

Set of Tensabarrier Retractable Barrier & Stanchion.

Lot#: 143

Set of Tensabarrier Retractable Barrier & Stanchion.

Lot#: 144

5' Wide Chemical Storage Cabinet. 18" Deep.

Lot#: 145

3 Northern Tool High-Profile Machinery Guards 4.5" Thickness Bollards 48" x 42". These retail for $159 Each.

Lot#: 146

25' x 8" x 4" Steel Channel Beam with 8" x 8" Plate

Lot#: 147

25' x 8" x 4" Steel Channel Beam with 8" x 8" Plate

Lot#: 148

Bale of Crushed Corrugated

Lot#: 149

20' x 6' High Chain Link Fence

Lot#: 150

96" x 44" Conference Table

Lot#: 152

Case of 83mm Chungking Boiled Brush Bristles. Approx 100

Lot#: 153

4 Cases of Simple Solutions Hard Surface Sanitizing Wipers

Lot#: 154

Craft and Organizer Lot: Scrap Booking Embossing, Monogram Punch Outs, and Visual Puzzle Book with Drawer Organizers.

Lot#: 155

Lot of Displays and Document Holders

Lot#: 156

Lot of Office Supplies: Labels, Legal Pads, Tags, Pens, Markers, Staplers & More.

Lot#: 157

Lot of Approximately 20 Real 3D Glasses

Lot#: 158

Lot of 8 1/2" x 11" Acrylic Frames Approx 25

Lot#: 159

7 Containers of Holiday Snap-N-Wrap Rubber Bands

Lot#: 160

2" Rubber Bumper Wheels Approximately 125

Lot#: 161

Lot of 25 Westward Carbon Steel Taps 5/8"-11 #2LXL8

Lot#: 162

Lot of Saber, Jig, and Bayonet Saw Blades. Approximately 30

Lot#: 163

Lot of Taxidermy Molds and Bases

Lot#: 164

Lot of Electronics and 5 Lamps

Lot#: 165

Lot of Restaurant and Kitchen Items: 200 Count Roll of Bun Pan Bags Size 21" x 6" x 35", 54 Wit & Delight Snack and Condiment Holders, 2 Food Trays, Glassware, 1 Case of 1000 Plastic Teaspons, 3000 Plastic Knives, and more

Lot#: 166

Case of 240 Colgate .85 oz Travel Size Toothpaste Exp 12/17

Lot#: 167

Samsonite Car Rooftop Cargo Luggage Soft Carrier

Lot#: 168

Lot of over 300 Peg Hooks

Lot#: 169

Lot of 24 Sea Life Weaving Mats and 7 Bible Packs

Lot#: 170

Lot of 4 Chef's Jackets Size Small

Lot#: 171

5 Acrylic Trophys or Awards

Lot#: 172

13 Cases of Gel System Refill Air Freshner for Time Mist: Very Cherry Scent.

Lot#: 173

Wheeled Golf Bag Travel Cover

Lot#: 174

3 Piece Traveler Club Luggage Set

Lot#: 175

New Tuf-Tug Come-Along Hoist/Puller

Lot#: 176

This is a Hand Truck Ladder Combo, but it is missing the wheels for the hand truck part.

Lot#: 177

Case of 144 Pairs of Rubber Feet for Crutches

Lot#: 178

Homelight Leaf Blower, Untested.

Lot#: 179

ViaTek Mosquito Trap

Lot#: 180

Case of Lowes Paint Stirrers

Lot#: 181

Lot of 300 Peg Hooks

Lot#: 182

5 Cases of Dispenser Style Liquid Hand Soap: Four Cases are Dojo and One Case is Purrell.

Lot#: 183

Large lot of Household Cleaners, Cleansers, and Other Chemicals

Lot#: 184

Large Lot of Automotive and Garage Oils, Cleaners, Cleansers, Protectants and more.

Lot#: 185

King Size Comforter

Lot#: 186

King Size Comforter

Lot#: 187

King Size Comforter

Lot#: 188

Two Tier Pipe Cart

Lot#: 189

Commercial Waste Basket with Ashtray Lid

Lot#: 190

Two Tier Pipe Cart

Lot#: 191

Pipe Cart

Lot#: 192

Two Tier Pipe Cart

Lot#: 193

Two Leather Office Chairs With Extra Seat Coverings

Lot#: 194

Pallet of Signs, Labels, 2 Emergency Lights, and More.

Lot#: 195

Lot of 3 Office Chairs

Lot#: 196

Pallet of Misc Housewares: Sporting Goods, Helium Balloon Tank, Hangers, and More.

Lot#: 197

Pallet of Health and Medical Supplies: Two Cases of Sitz Baths (12) and 1 Case of Raised Toilet Seats (2).

Lot#: 198

Open Top Cooler

Lot#: 199

Garden Hose. Approximately 150 Ft.

Lot#: 200

Pallet of Retail Merchandise

Lot#: 201

Pallet of LIned Paper Bags

Lot#: 202

Pallet Jack - In Working Condition

Lot#: 203

3 Section Locking Cork Board Display 6' x 3'

Lot#: 204

Pet Supplies: Kennel, Carrier, and a Screw in Stake.

Lot#: 205

Pallet of 3 Low Bay Lighting Shades and Other Electronics

Lot#: 206

Pallet of Misc Commercial Goods: Case of Small Lamps, Case of Retail Tagging, 4 Fire Extinquisher Brackets, and More.

Lot#: 207

Pallet of Electrical Supplies: 2 Cases of Conduit Couplers, Case of Boxes, Case of Light Fixture Bases, Ballast, and Much More.

Lot#: 208

Pallet of Industrial Supplies and Automotive: Industrial Pieces, Oil Filters, 7 Boxes (Pk20 each) of Cambell MAS 4 1" Male Adapters, Large Conduit, and Much More.

Lot#: 209

Pallet of Misc Hardware and Building Materials: 75 lbs of Pottery Clay, Finials, Casters & Wheels, Latex Mold, Patio Chain, and Much More.

Lot#: 210

Box of Freezer Packs, Refrigerant Bricks, and Cooler Blocks

Lot#: 211

Dual Fan - No Base

Lot#: 212

Flat Cart with Fold Down Handle

Lot#: 213

Four Bags of Oil Dri Premium Absorbant

Lot#: 214

Lab Safety Shield

Lot#: 215

Two Furniture Dollies

Lot#: 216

7 Bags of Grill Rocks (60 Rocks in Each Bag)

Lot#: 217

Pallet of Automotive and Air Compressor Chemicals

Lot#: 218

Pallet of Electrical Supplies: Heater, Relay, Capacitors, Pump, Alternator, Speakers, Battery, and More

Lot#: 219

Pallet of Misc Housewares

Lot#: 220

Folding Aluminum Bench

Lot#: 221

Lot of Lawn Care: Home & Garden Sprayer, Edger Kit, Yard Sprayer, Pool Floater

Lot#: 222

Lot of 3 Traffic Cones


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Equip-Bid Auctions Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.