Johnson Antique Tractor Auction

Friday, November 16, 2018 10:00 AM

Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc.

1983 Rd. E | Minden, NE 68959

From Heartwell go 11 miles south on 40 Rd (Blacktop) to Rd E then 1 ¼ miles west.

Personal Property Auction Terms: Cash, check, Visa, Discover, or Master Card day of auction with ID. Everything sells in as is condition, no warranty or guarantees implied. Absolutely no returns of merchandise for any reason. Auctioneers and sellers not responsible for accidents, lost or stolen items. A 4% administration fee will be charged on all purchases. (Fee waived for cash or check payment day of sale.) There will be a $15 processing fee applied to the purchase of a titled vehicle.

All Odometer or Hour Meter readings reflect readings as of the date of inspection and are not guaranteed. Please make your own inspections.

Sellers: Donald & Sandra Johnson Estate

1983 Road E, Minden, NE US

Online bidding via Bid Caller begins at 10:00 AM SHARP!

Donald was an avid International Tractor & Crawler collector. His entire collection will be sold including over 70 tractors & crawlers plus a large amount of supporting equipment. DON’T MISS THIS AUCTION!


  • International 1468, SN 2650118U009293, 20.8x38” duals, cab, power steering leaks, does run
  • International 1066 Hydro with FWA, Factory cab, 18.4x38” tires, SN 2610156U023422, 1,000 & 540 PTO, two hyd., loader sells separate.
  • International 1466, SN 650134-U029706, 18.4x38” duals, cab, wide front, 3-pt., center link, 2 hyd., 1,000 & 540 PTO, glass broke in cab on right side
  • International Super M, SN 36421J-Aftermarket wide front, gas, live hydraulics, does run.
  • Case CZ, SN C328342, steel wheels with parade pads, narrow front, does run.
  • International 650, factory LP, not running, rear end stuck. No SN.
  • Allis Chalmers WC, SN WC72135, unstyled, new tires all the way around, narrow front, runs, repaint
  • McCormick Industrial ID9, 18x26” diamond tires, last ran 15 years ago when placed in dry storage. No SN.
  • Allis Chalmers 45, SN 160700, narrow front, engine loose, not running.
  • International 460, SN 8243 S Y, fast hitch, wide front diesel.
  • Allis Chalmers D19 with Farmhand F11 Loader, SN AM4821-5, wide front.
  • International Farmall B, SN 13858, engine loose, needs some work, good tires, with Sunmaster Belly Mower
  • International Farmall B, SN FAB52530, narrow front, rear weights, does run
  • International McCormick W-4 Standard, SN WBH-12428W, wide front, belt pulley, straight tin, repaint, does run
  • International Farmall 560, SN 66995Y, narrow front, fast hitch, non-running
  • International 450 LP, gas, factory wide-front, fast hitch, does run
  • International Farmall 450, SN 8971, factory wide-front, fast hitch, non-running.
  • International 400, SN 6236-S, factory wide front, Dual loader, PTO pump, non-running
  • McCormick-Deering W9, WCB27116-W1D, 18.4x34” tires, engine loose, non-running
  • Allis Chalmers WD, SN WD142054, narrow front, engine loose, non-running
  • International Farmall M, SN 46326, factory LP, wide front, engine loose
  • International Super MTA, SN 75413, wide front, 1 hyd.
  • Allis Chalmers WC, SN WC23296, unstyled, narrow front, no knowledge if engine is loose, tin is stenciled wrong (not a WD)
  • International McCormick WC, SN WBK39090W-1, engine loose.
  • International A, SN FAA113214, wide front, 540 PTO, does run.
  • International B, SN 156464, 540 PTO, tires good, wide front, does run.
  • McCormick Deering W6, Standard, SN W6BK32821W-1, 540 PTO, 16.9x30 rear tires, engine is loose.
  • 1950 McCormick Deering WD6, SN WDK33005, Charlynn PTO pump, engine is loose, non-running
  • International Farmall M, SN FBK31875, 15.5x38” tires, 540 PTO, does run
  • International Farmall M, SN FDBK220191, diesel, narrow front, 540 PTO, does run.
  • International FC, SN13122, narrow front
  • International Farmall Cub, FCUB, SN 2255, belly sickle mower, wide front, engine is loose
  • International McCormick-Deering WD-9, SN WDCB24104W12B, diesel, wide front, Cab, Charlynn PTO pump, engine loose, non-running
  • International Farmall Super M, SN FDBK230501, 540 PTO, 15.5x38” tires, 1 hyd., rear weights, does run
  • J.I. Case D, SN 5003676D, non-running
  • International 450, SN 14975-S, Schwartz wide front, fast hitch, PTO, 1 hyd., 15.5x38” rear tires, blade sells separate.
  • International 826 hydro, SN 2510120U008574, wide front, 3-pt., 540 PTO, two hyd., does run.
  • International Farmall C, SN 25114, narrow front, PTO, does run.
  • International 650, SN 2639J, 18.4x38” tires, PTO, 1 hyd., Factory power steering pump.
  • International Farmall 806, SN 4877-S-Y, diesel, wide front, Fast Hitch, 1,000 PTO, 2 hyd., 18.4x38” rear tires, does run
  • International Farmall H, SN 178408X5, narrow front, 540 PTO, repaint
  • International McCormick-Deering WD-9, WDCB42590W12B, wide front, diesel, 540 PTO, does run.
  • International MTA, serial plate missing, narrow front, PTO, 1 hyd., engine loose, will run.
  • International Farmall A, SN FAA257813, wide front, 540 PTO, new rear tires.
  • International Cub “Lo Boy,” SN 10495-J, 2-pt., does run


  • International TD6 crawler, SN B22581T14A, good tracks, not running
  • International T6 crawler, SN TBK6881, engine loose, not running
  • International TD12 crawler, SN TDCB23281T7CC, 10 ft blade, engine loose.
  • International TD14 Crawler, SN TDF26179T7CM, engine loose, rear end stuck.
  • International TD6 crawler, SN 1DBK135077CM, 6 ft. blade, does run
  • International 270 “Pay Scraper”, SN 2T75-1046, engine loose, scraper itself is model 2575, SN 1027
  • International TD18 crawler, SN 38201, ROPS, w/ dozer, non-running

Donor Tractors

  • International W9, SN 8866-DE, non-running, parts tractor
  • Allis Chalmers WC unstyled, SN WC9662, belt pulley, PTO, parts/donor
  • International M, SN F417945, parts tractor
  • International M, SN 215629, wide front, live hyd. Pump (after market), 540 PTO, non-running, parts tractor
  • International BN, SN FABN180269, narrow front, 540 PTO, parts tractor
  • International McCormick-Deering WD-6, SN WD61DBK23118, 540 PTO, 1 hyd., parts tractor
  • John Deere model A, SN 587662, single front wheel, parts tractor
  • International W-30, SN WB14955HA, non-running
  • Allis Chalmers WD, SN D105843, non-running
  • International H, SN FBH60022, non-running
  • International H, SN FBH390639-X, non-running
  • International M, SN FBH119213-X, non-running
  • International H, SN 54125, parts only
  • Allis Chalmers WC, SN WC75731, non-running
  • Allis Chalmers WC, SN 83620, non-running
  • International F20, SN FA2789, parts tractor
  • International F20, FA32414, parts tractor
  • Massey Harris 44 special, SN 44-GR9973, Schwartz wide front end, PTO, 1 Hyd., non-running
  • Massy Harris 44, SN 44-CP27978, narrow front, PTO, single hyd., with Kosch power steering conversion.
  • International W-D, SN 3816J, diesel, parts tractor

Power Units

  • Ford power unit, 4-cylinder, propane, on cart, with jack-shaft, clutch, engine loose, non-running
  • International power unit, Model U164, SN U164-1348
  • 413 Chrysler power unit
  • 413 Chrysler power unit-on cart
  • International 1468 engine, 550 V8 diesel, with radiator & clutch

Trucks & Trailers

  • 1962 Ford F602 grain truck, SN F60BK662334, steel box, single axle, 4&2 transmission, not running
  • 1990 Wabash drop deck trailer, beaver tail, wood floor, 50 ft, tandem
  • 1988 Chevrolet Pickup-4x4
  • 1971 International Cargo Star truck, model 1950 A, 28-foot bed, hoist, tandem axle, wood floor, SN 227951C067815, last ran in 2011
  • Pickup box trailer-used for fencing
  • International KB6 Truck
  • 1951 Dodge G152 Truck
  • Blue trailer, dual wheels, bumper hitch, wood floor.
  • Pair of 500-gallon tanks on trailer, 3 axle, with engine.
  • Custom Made trailer, single axle, bumper hitch, 12’x5’


  • J I Case 5 bottom plow, mech. Lift
  • John Deere 4 bottom plow, mech. Lift
  • International 4 bottom plow, fast hitch
  • Allis Chalmers 2 bottom plow, steel knobby land wheel
  • Allis Chalmers 3 bottom plow, snap coupler
  • Allis Chalmers 2 bottom plow, snap coupler
  • Allis Chalmers 4 bottom plow, semi-mount, snap coupler
  • International 510, 4 bottom plow, semi-mount, snap coupler
  • Allis Chalmers 4 bottom plow, 3-pt., semi-mount
  • J I Case 3 bottom plow, mech. Lift
  • International 3 bottom plow, mech. Lift, steel wheels
  • International 3 bottom plow, pull-type, hyd. lift.
  • International 4 bottom plow, pull-type, hyd. lift
  • International 4 bottom plow, mech. Lift
  • John Deere rod weeder, steel wheels
  • John Deere rod weeder, steel wheels
  • Roseman pull-type grass reels, golf course style
  • Toro pull-type grass reels, golf course style, SN 33115-10567
  • Ferguson 2 bottom plow
  • Deere Born 3-pt. disk, 10 foot
  • International 3 bottom plow, mech. Lift
  • John Blue NH3 fertilizer machine, coil shanks
  • International potato planter, steel wheels
  • International potato digger, PTO drive
  • Tumble Bug dirt scraper
  • 1 row horse drawn lister
  • Horse drawn plow-single row
  • John Deere 1 bottom plow-mounted
  • International Giant sickle mower, 5 foot
  • International 2 row planters-qty. 2
  • New Idea trail type sickle mower
  • International manure spreader, ground drive
  • John Deere model 6 corn sheller
  • International sickle mower, 7-ft
  • John Deere corn sheller #6, mounted on Dodge Truck, SN 5072(on sheller)
  • Nichols & Shepard Co. Threshing Machine, 22x36, SN 42661
  • Gleaner-Baldwin pull-type combine, With Ford Model A engine
  • International 2 row lister planter
  • Minneapolis Moline 2-row corn picker with side elevator
  • Woods Bros. 1 row corn picker
  • Go-Dig cultivator
  • Case Threshing Machine, SN 107764, size 32.54
  • International corn sheller, pull type.
  • JS Bloom corn chopper, stationary, does run
  • International 2M Picker, mounts onto tractor
  • International sickle mower, balanced head, 9 foot
  • Big Ox 2 pt. blade, manual adjustment


  • Single wheels for International M tractor
  • Several tractor tires
  • International tractor parts-gas tanks, fenders, 3-pt pieces, engine parts
  • Large selection of IH wheel weights
  • 3-point arms for IH 66 series, IH 450 front axle, IH 706 front axle, Farmall grills and fuel tank, IH “M” pedestal front ends (qty 4
  • Truck tires
  • John Deere 40 series cornhead snoots
  • Several Pallets of tractor parts


  • Clark Forklift, SN LT2935, propane, leaks some oil, does run, poor brakes.
  • Old Smiths Welding Portable acetylene generator
  • Gunning Common Sense Trip Hammer #2
  • 3,000 ft of 8” irrigation pipe-Pipe fittings
  • Adams Leading Wheel Grader #11, steel wheels, SN 158
  • Wood Phone poles
  • Old grain elevator
  • Well column pipe
  • Creosote posts
  • Several rolls of barbed wire-some woven wire (new)
  • Old Water Wagon-steel wheels
  • Gehl Bros. single row silage cutter
  • Pickup box trailer
  • US motors gear head
  • Feed weigher
  • Pair of tool boxes
  • Farmhand 228 loader, 8-foot bucket
  • Rear 3-point cherry picker
  • Bush Hog Shredder, 12 foot, does run
  • Brown 12-foot box scraper
  • John Deere Barge wagon with hoist
  • Winpower generator-20KW, PTO, on trailer
  • M & W Dynometer, Hi Capacity Horse Power Tester, Model p-400A, SN24909
  • Post driver, 3-point
  • T & L center pivot point (great for deer stand!)
  • Loschen Pipe trailer


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.