Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday June 23rd @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday June 29th at 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday July 1st 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLYWARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY July 1st and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday June 30th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon June 30th before card has been ran. If you are having items shipped, the credit card will be ran a 2nd time with the shipping/handling charges after item has been packed for shipping and recieved the actural shipping charges for USPS or UPS-depending on service using for shipping. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call or email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. Please note: your credit card will be ran on Thursday following close of auction for payment of the purchased items. Items that are to be shipped, will the be picked up, packaged and taken to USPS or UPS for shipping charges. Then credit cards will be ran 2nd time to cover the shipping/handling charges then mailed. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT: Friday July 1st from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 635 S Eagle- Little River, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. Call OR Text Jim @ 620-257-8148 to request your specific time. DO NOT attempt to contact via email as that source is NOT available at site. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: Auction pickup sign will be in front of the house located at 635 S Eagle -Little River KS. Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS-by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped Priority Mail unless buyer requests different shipping. Note: if any shipping is needed the credit card on file will charged first for the purchased item, then 2nd charge after packaged for shipping and getting acutal shipping cost from the postal service used for shipping.
635 S Eagle, Little River, KS US
The family of James A Romans has chosen the Online Auction method to help settle the estate. This auction contains a variety of items to be sold to the highest bidder. Includes personal property: household items and general line of furniture, collectilbles including Union Pacific RR track and cars, Fenton glassware, Star Wars Figures & Harley Davidson die cast replica cycles. If you wish to preview any of the items being sold prior to placing a bid, call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to make appointment to view.
Lot #: 1

Artwork and child?s gate

Artwork- One piece is canvases and framed it -a real nice painting of the wilderness, a framed abstract picture, framed barn, some miscellaneous empty frames and a child?s folding gate. Piece of plywood and pexi-glass
Lot #: 2

Vintage wall mirror & pictures

Vintage wall mirror and pictures. One picture is painted on canvas with no frame & the other looks like a goodie but oldie. The mirror wood frame needs some refinishing
Lot #: 3

Native American prints

Native American prints. Two are not in the frames but the metal frames are included in this lot.
Lot #: 4

Books and Indian prints

Assorted books/hardback ang paper backs. Two Indian prints. All in lidded tote. Some of the books: A flyer from Fort Larned, Indian signal language, The story of Little feather,The wall (about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial} and several other really good books for reading
Lot #: 5

Armed desk chair

Armed upholstered desk chair on rollers with five legs and two check file boxes- one is plastic and one is metal
Lot #: 6

Plastic display cases

Plastic display cases In assorted sizes- several have a heart shape on them. All in lidded tote.
Lot #: 7

Fish aquarium

Fish aquarium with rocks and plastic plants. We do not know if it works. Does have cord showing that it does have electrical components and has a pump
Lot #: 8

Metal music stand & feed trough

Folding Metal music stand, Metal animal feeding trough, light fixture with no bulbs and mirror off of an old medicine cabinet
Lot #: 9

2 Totes full of VHS tapes

2 Totes full of VHS tapes: "Tai Chi for seniors", Mouse Hunt, Erin Brockovich, Bike City, Forrest Gump, Dr, Doolittle and many many more. Some you probably have heard of and some not.
Lot #: 10

2 more totes of VHS tapes

Two more totes of VHS tapes; The Institute of Biblical Studies, Little Women, Romancing the Stone, Amazing Panda Adventure and there are a few CDs-from Downtown Church, Under the Influence
Lot #: 11

Ceramic kitchen canister set

Ceramic kitchen 4 canister set. Quick look shows no damage -nice set
Lot #: 12

Duo?therm gas space heater

Duo ? therm gas space heater-Model 11 02?0. Measures 25" x 22? and depth18 inches overall including the vent that?s on the back
Lot #: 13

MFC Brother copier/printer

MFC Brother copier/ printer with original box. Looks like has not been used or else little used. We know nothing about the history of this piece
Lot #: 14

Metal base floor lamp

Metal base electric floor lamp with glass diffuser -no shade
Lot #: 15

Brooms and crutches

Brooms and crutches. Assorted sizes and styles of metal curtain rods
Lot #: 16

Vintage wooden immigrant trunk

Vintage wooden immigrant trunk that is sitting on the wood floor. This is a large trunk-approx 3' long and 30" wide and 18" deep. Has two metal handles. You can tell it is old and probably came across the ocean. Really good condition. Been taken care of. Restore it and make it look new again or leave it alone and just enjoy the history that it stands for
Lot #: 17

Lifetime collection in a tote

Lifetime collection in a tote; Includes scrapbooks(one with assorted greeting cards), little boxes that look like they have recipes and newspaper clippings, pictures and a really nice orange Tupperware canister set. Included is a nice big tote with lid to carry your goodies home
Lot #: 18

Miscellaneous glassware

Miscellaneous glassware- Including several pieces of a Gibson that is marked dishwasher and microwave safe
Lot #: 19

Kenmore microwave oven

Red Kenmore microwave oven with turntable
Lot #: 20

Painting supplies and more

Painting supplies, a bike helmet, fluorescent light tubes & canning jars. Nice tote with lid and all kinds of cables for electrical items like radios etc.
Lot #: 21

Metal finder

Metal finder, pair of size 9 almost new rubber high top boots, wooden campstool with canvas seat and a nice size mailbox that has a name on it -but you can sure put a different name on it
Lot #: 22

Cassette tapes

Cassette case holder that has Harley Davidson cycles emblem. There?s assorted cassettes-most of them are religious oriented, there is some blank ones some empty cases plus you get two nice totes
Lot #: 23

Vintage metal lawn chair

Vintage metal lawn chair that is painted yellow and could use some new paint
Lot #: 24

Octagon dining room table

Octagon shape wooden dining room table with pedestal legs and 2 leaves. No chairs
Lot #: 25

Weatherstripping & moisture barrier

Weatherstripping and moisture barrier plus some Gott water jugs, assorted hard back books, metal checkbox and a vintage glass pedestal table lamp with no shade
Lot #: 26

Welding gloves & hardware

Welding gloves and hardware: Nifty colonial style hat, straw hat, tins, laundry basket, paper towels and wire hanging flower baskets
Lot #: 27

Electric ice cream freezer

Electric ice cream freezer, Ceiling light fan, miscellaneous barbecue cooking utensils and wooden crate
Lot #: 28

Whirlpool dehumidifier

Whirlpool dehumidifier
Lot #: 29

Fishing tackle box & motorcycle trophies

Fishing tackle box and motorcycle trophies. Wooden birdhouse, assorted tools including a 30 foot tape measure. Some plastic crates for storing items
Lot #: 30

Water heater insulation blanket

Water heater insulation blanket, Culligan water jug, assorted plasticware storage containers, wooden crates that contain 3 jack stabilizers, ball of string, headphones to protect your ears from running loud machinery
Lot #: 31

Shop creeper stool

Shop creeper stool
Lot #: 32

Galaxy window fan

Galaxy window fan and Holmes 98.97% Hepa fan
Lot #: 33

Vintage art books

Vintage art books, Picture of a multicolored peacock with frame, glass cover, hollow pot metal eagle, quick wax and mitt to shine up your car
Lot #: 34

Protege suitcase & wooden office chair

Protege Soft sided suitcase full of clothes, Wooden armed chair with leather back and a table lamp with metal base with lampshade
Lot #: 35

Carom board

Carom board, Bocce ball set from Eddie Bauer and a nice umbrella to shade players playing with the balls
Lot #: 36

Zodiac rug

Zodiac rug. Put it on your floor or hang on the wall. Looks like has pet hair on it so needs a good cleaning
Lot #: 37

Dove Tailed dynamite wooden box

Wooden dove tailed Dupont Explosives dynamite box, 3 fruit crates and handled wicker basket
Lot #: 38

Scotts lawn spreader

Scotts Speedy green .1000 lawn spreader
Lot #: 39

Wooden magazine rack

Doubled sided Wooden magazine rack. See pix showing small crack on side at top of rack
Lot #: 40


Vintage oak wooden chair, metal folding chair and plastic lawn chair
Lot #: 41

Bird feeder

Wooden Bird feeder with plexiglass, 2 suet feeders and metal pole
Lot #: 42

Vintage wooden chest unit

Vintage wooden chest with wooden knobs. Has a nice little shelf unit with open back for the top shelf plus 3 drawers. In very good condition- solid wood. Top needs refinished.
Lot #: 43

Flag and canes

Red and white striped flag on a wooden pole with a red pull over cover for storage, a metal pole with a metal eagle finial, 2 umbrellas, two canes- one made of wood and the other is metal. Steel bar for turning on water
Lot #: 44

Howard Miller mantle clock

Howard Miller clock to sit on a mantle. Does have the key to use for the three different key holes for setting the clock. The cabinet is in really nice condition. You can see the gears through the sides due to glass windows on each side. Do not know about the working condition of the clock
Lot #: 45

Wooden Coca-Cola crate

Wooden Coca-Cola bottle crate and wooden 2 compartment box. The coke box is not marked on the outside of the crate-is marked on the inside. Hope you can see in pix
Lot #: 46

Handled saws

One wooden handled saw and two plastic handled saws. Box with plastic drop cloths, spray paint, extension cord and a rope halter
Lot #: 47

Wooden end table

Wooden end table with three shelves. Made of solid wood- it?s not new press wood folks. It?s a nice old piece that still has a lot of life. Two folding "super size" tv trays to watch your big screen TV. They have metal legs that fold up for easy storage
Lot #: 48

Metal mission bells

Metal mission bells. Metal pail- looks like about a gallon size. Aluminum small sauce pan, wicker baskets and some decorating rocks
Lot #: 49

Unique Oak wooden hall tree

Unique Oak wooden hall tree
Lot #: 50

Extra large ski pants

Extra large ski pants plus a tote full of goodies that includes: stainless steel chopper, vintage double door knob, binoculars, flashlights, plastic whirling sticks to hang outside, tin "patchwork" design cross, Country Doctors Book of Cures and a series of books including Who?s Who in the Bible
Lot #: 51

Rototillers and push mower

2 Rototillers and push mower for parts. Includes 3 grass catchers. Parts are parts. Metal rim off a patio table
Lot #: 52

Rubber belting

Two rolls of rubber belting- comes in handy for all kinds of things. Two five hole 13" tires and rims. Rims look pretty good and two other tire. Take what you want & leave the rest
Lot #: 53

Miscellaneous bicycle parts

Miscellaneous bicycle parts. Metal yard chair, green garden hose, axle plus there is a little more belting in this lot
Lot #: 54

Dump rake teeth

11 Dump rake teeth
Lot #: 55

Wire rimmed tires

2 Wire rimmed tires-Maybe from a model A. They are 17"
Lot #: 56

Two riding mowers

Two riding mowers. The larger one runs extremely quiet but maybe it?s because there?s no motor. This is parts are parts folks. Lot also includes the blue buckets shown in the pix. Do not know what they contain
Lot #: 57

Iron square tub

Iron square tub 1? deep and measures 2 x 2? square. Does hold water. What looks like rust in the pix is "leaves" sticking to the sides and bottom after dumped out the water to take pix
Lot #: 58

Timbers & angle iron

6x6 wood Timbers, angle iron and metal bed frames
Lot #: 59

Lawn spreader & plastic tubs

Agri-Fab Lawn spreader and plastic tubs. Bonus-you get a hula hoop
Lot #: 60

Manufactured fold up trailer

Manufactured fold up trailer: Two wheel that is 4?x8? that folds in middle for easy storage or taking down road empty. Has 2 sheets of plywood for flooring. Will need work on the lights
Lot #: 61

4x8 shopmade trailer

4 x 8 shopmade trailer with wood sides, metal frame and metal floor. Comes with receiver hitch insert and 11 tires-one with a five hole rim
Lot #: 62

Heavy duty shop made trailer

Heavy duty shop made trailer. Original bed would?ve been 4 foot and 1/2 x 10 needs a few repairs on some of the side boards as you can see in the pictures
Lot #: 63

Approximately seven plastic barrels

Approximately seven plastic barrels. 30 gallon drum, and one that has been cut down. Rest are 55 gallons with some had tops cut open. Some are full- we don?t know what is in the barrels so you get what you get in these. Take what you want and leave the rest
Lot #: 64

Heavy duty drop axle trailer

Heavy duty drop axle trailer. Nice old trailer with a 6 x 6 bed of expanding metal. Comes filled with goodies: tires, cement blocks and many other things. Bring a chainsaw and help as there are trees and brush that have grown around it. This lot includes the tires on and by the trailer and all the contents of the trailer it does NOT include the fuel barrel that is on the ground behind the trailer-that sells in lot 65
Lot #: 65

Iron and metal barrels

55 gallon steel barrel, (2)30 gallon metal barrels, roto tiller with motor. Husky mower base and an air compressor that has been sitting outside. Some1 1/2" pipe approximately three pieces 3 foot long
Lot #: 66

Small animal stanchion

Small animal stanchion for washing them to get them nice and clean before you take them to the show or Milk them
Lot #: 67

Vintage metal wheelbarrow

Vintage metal wheelbarrow and eight hole tire rim with no tire
Lot #: 68

Contents of shed

This shed is structurally unsafe to do a lot of movement in it so we are selling the contents as one unit. Buyer needs to be aware that there is structural problems with the building and by placing a bid on this lot you are stating that you are aware of risk. Buyer may take what you want leave the rest. Enter at your own risk. By choosing to bid on this lot you are acknowledging that you have read there is structural problems with this shed. We have taken several pictures to give you an idea what?s in there and you can deem what is salvageable and what is not
Lot #: 69

Chevy pick up bed trailer

Chevy pick up bed trailer and contents.
Lot #: 70

Snow shovels and pipes

Snow shovels and pipes plus lawnmower blades
Lot #: 71

Roofing nails

Almost a full box of roofing nails plus garage door supplies (pulleys and etc), encyclopedia set and a gallon of paint
Lot #: 72

Pair of sawhorses and plywood

Pair of sawhorses and plywood
Lot #: 73

Double Ooga Horn & welding rod

Double Ooga Horn & approximately 10 pounds of 7018 low hydrogen welding rod with a few others mixed in. Nice container that has kept it dry
Lot #: 74

(12) 2x3 pieces of lumber

(12) 2x3 pieces of lumber
Lot #: 75

5 gallon wet/dry vac

Central Machinery 5 gallon wet/dry vac with original box. Not seeing the "tools" just hose and nozzle
Lot #: 76

Dining room table & chairs

Wood dining room table and chairs with Oak finish. Has three leaves, four chairs and the two pedestals ready to attach
Lot #: 77

100 years poster HD motorcycles

100 years poster of Harley Davidson motorcycles and a red kerosene lantern
Lot #: 78

Card table & 2x6s

Card table, 2x6's and Styrofoam cooler. Table top does have some damage
Lot #: 79

Sewing rocker & foot rest

Sewing rocker and foot rest with needlepoint cushions. Nice pieces
Lot #: 80

Pair of step end tables

Pair of step end tables made with good solid wood. These aren?t Pressed wood modern pieces folks. Leave them with the distressed look or refinish. Will look good in your home either way
Lot #: 81

Oak framed mirror

Oak framed mirror. 22" x 3?. Mirror needs a good cleaning
Lot #: 82

Night stand

Night stand with drawer and metal pull, 16" x 19" and 23 inches tall
Lot #: 83

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls. The larger one is 12" tall. The little one is 8". The larger one has new vinyl body, arms and legs, porcelain hands and face. The little one is a cloth doll with plastic head and neck
Lot #: 84

Vintage wooden bookcase

Vintage wooden 3' bookcase with three shelves plus the top shelf. Has open back with cross bars on each of the 4 corners to keep it stable. Nice solid wood
Lot #: 85

Vintage small trucks & cars

Vintage small trucks and cars-one is a Tootsie plus 2 hard rubber vehicles. Two packs of planter and terrarium miniatures. 6 packages of "new" -just in time for the Fourth of July-easy No 8 gold light sparklers. The packages have never been opened and still have the cellophane that wraps the 6 together. New still packaged daisies tea party set. Just for the little girl to have fun with
Lot #: 86

Alvin silver company Hampton 1912

Alvin silver company Hampton 1912 tableware, Leather belts- one even has a tag on it as still new. Plastic watering pitcher for plants, dust pan, back scratcher and shoehorn combo, a kit for polishing up your tire and car body
Lot #: 87

Radio Flyer retro tricycle

Radio Flyer retro tricycle with bell
Lot #: 88

Radio Flyer wagon

Radio Flyer wagon. This is not a reproduction or new one as it?s been around for a while. Has some rust in the bottom of the bed but it still has a lot of fun left in it
Lot #: 89

Western Flyer tricycle

Western Flyer tricycle. The front tire has some of its tread worn off because it?s been ridden a lot. But still ready for more fun
Lot #: 90

Rolling vegetable Cart

Rolling vegetable cart with four shelves plus you get three photo albums. Each have empty display pages and looks seldom if ever used
Lot #: 91

Food Saver

Food Saver will seal up your bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and even meats. Store in the refrigerator or freezer for long-term storage. Includes 10 roll of 11 x 10" bags to make your own size and some individual ones
Lot #: 92

Doll house furniture

Doll house furniture. Includes Easy Electric Wiring Cord, power strip and cord. You can do your dollhouse in style guys
Lot #: 93

Oscillating fan

OSC Oscillating fan. Does not say whether it?s a heater or a fan
Lot #: 94

Roseville urn

Roseville urn. Marked 196?8"
Lot #: 95

Tea jug & pottery bowl

Tea jug with spigot & bail handle. Pottery kitchen colander. The sieve holes are grouped into shapes
Lot #: 96

Bionic wrench & other tools

Bionic wrench, Pet chaser, knife sharpener, Cleaver cutting board with knife, assorted tools including: screwdrivers and 16 foot digital tape measure.Scissors, screws, nice little screwdriver set in case and other tools
Lot #: 97

Assorted elec plug accessoraries

Assorted electrical plug accessories. Including timers, alarm clocks, multi plugs to plug into one unit so you can plug several things in, anti-tip bracket and bag of Debbie Myers Evert Fresh green bags
Lot #: 98

Handled glass mugs

At least 6 matching handled glass mugs plus other glassware
Lot #: 99

Elec Robert Irvine glass lidded cooking pot

Electric Robert Irvine glass lidded cooking pot and Rival ice cream maker
Lot #: 100

Elec candles with candle stands

Pair of electric candles with glass candle stands and two wall hanging plaques
Lot #: 101

Cooks Essentials kitchen ware

Cooks Essentials: pressure cooker and baking sheets. Dash Mini waffle maker in original box and instruction manual
Lot #: 102

Sharper Image socket shelf

Sharper Image socket shelf, EVO Oil sprayer, MFS cleaners including leather fabric fresh & wood furniture polish
Lot #: 103

Vintage milk jug

Vintage milk jug, Plus egg and ice trays, cleaning supplies, brushes, as well as cleanser and stain removers
Lot #: 104

Casserole carriers

Blue Casserole bowls with wire carriers, measuring cups for both dry and wet items in various increments, a really neat KitchenAid cheese grater with bowls. The bowls have measurement marks and fit on bottom of the grater so can grate right into the bowls. The bowls have lids that you can store the grated cheese in them. Ovenware oval serving tray, Swiss Stainless steel Kuhn Rikon pitcher with a wire basket
Lot #: 105

Single cup Keurig

Single cup Keurig Plush. Included is some classic Starbucks Keurig hot cocoa cups & Mott?s hot cider cups. Also a refillable cup so you can grind your own and use your own flavors
Lot #: 106

Iris & herringbone depression glass

Amber Iris and Herringbone depression glass- Fluted bowl and large vase. Two clear glass serving trays, a footed bowl looks like wood but it?s really ceramic and two small pieces of Onyx
Lot #: 107

Cooks Essentials food chopper

Cooks Essentials food chopper, lidded bowls plus trivets to put hot food on. Includes a rubberback area rug
Lot #: 108

Decorative glassware

Decorative glassware: Lidded decor stemmed candy dish, fliptop lid jar, a squirrel candle holder, pretty frosted blue footed dish and a little vase
Lot #: 109

Electric Ceramic Christmas Tree

Electric ceramic Christmas tree
Lot #: 110

Liberty Falls Christmas town collection

Liberty falls Christmas town collection. See individual pictures in this lot for description. There are eight different boxes. Remember to bring your own packing supplies
Lot #: 111

Liberty Falls Christmas village houses

Liberty Falls Christmas village houses This lot has nine. Look at the pictures to see what?s in this lot. Buyer will need to bring own packing supplies to take home. These are not being sold in a container
Lot #: 112

Dickens Collectibles town series

Dickens Collectibles town series Christmas village- houses and buildings. Look at the pictures to see ones included in this lot
Lot #: 113

Christmas village pieces

Christmas village pieces. Two are from the Dickens Collectibles and one is from the Lemax series. Look at the pictures to see what are in this lot
Lot #: 114

Dickens collectibles town series

Dickens collectibles town series Of Christmas houses and buildings. See the pictures for individual box descriptions. One is a Lemax
Lot #: 115

Dickens collectibles town series

Three Dickens collectibles town series. See pictures to see the individual information for each of these three
Lot #: 116

Dickens collectibles town series

Dickens collectibles town series of collectible Christmas village pieces. See the pictures to see what?s in each of these two boxes
Lot #: 117

Christmas village buildings

Christmas village buildings. One is from the classic series of the collectible Dickens and the other is Christmas Valley series. See the box for individual information. The box of the church looks like it says broken on it. The building has a chip on the bottom but is not broken
Lot #: 118

Two framed pictures

Two framed pictures. One is a painting of Irises and the other is a needle point of the Lords Prayer. Four drawer blue Sterlite storage cabinet
Lot #: 119

2 sterilite storage units

Two Sterilite storage units. Each has three drawers and they are both white
Lot #: 120

5 foot aluminum step ladder

5' aluminum folding step ladder
Lot #: 121

Charcoal Grill

Shopmade Charcoal Grill
Lot #: 122

Hitching post

Hitching post. Iron ring on a concrete base that is not buried in the ground so you can pick it up and put it in your pick up
Lot #: 123

Framing squares & hedge trimmers

Framing squares, hedge trimmers, Miscellaneous spray paint, deicer etc.
Lot #: 124

Survival knife

Survival knife with sheath, ball peen hammer and hooks and eyes
Lot #: 125

Pressed wood 3 shelf bookcase

Pressed wood three shelf bookcase, already filled with books so you don?t have to go buy any. Most are religious oriented, plus some stress relief books and the healing powers of olive oil etc. You are not required to take all the books if you win this lot. Bookcase matches the one in lot 127.
Lot #: 126

Holmes ceramic heater

Holmes ceramic heater with original box-has been used. Framed picture of a gentleman on a really nice cycle
Lot #: 127

Pressed wood bookshelf

Pressed wood bookshelf with three shelves full of books. A lot of religious books and Bibles plus a dictionary for words you may not know how to pronounce. As in the other lot take the books you want and leave the rest. Bookcase matches the one in lot 125.
Lot #: 128

Unique lamp end tables

Unique lamp end tables. Both have a lamp on one end and have a place to put store magazines or books. One has some iron in the legs while the other is all wood. They don?t match but they?re pretty cool. Put them in different parts of the house like Mr, Romans did
Lot #: 129

Tote full of books

Tote full of books, Artist supplies, a grabber to get things off of a high shelf, throw rugs-is woven rug. A book on Readers Digest Illustrated Great World Atlas
Lot #: 130

Metal shelf unit

Metal shelf unit with three shelves plus an electric Pelonis space heater
Lot #: 131

Three shelf stand

Three shelf stand with desk lamp, landline phones and cordless phones
Lot #: 132

Coleman lantern

Quick pump 40 battery from Coleman, Coleman battery operated lantern in original box, Rayovac lantern and another battery operated lantern plus a tech sport foot pump
Lot #: 133

Harley Davidson & other calendars

Anniversary Harley Davidson calendars and some other nice scenery calendars. If you look at all these you may need the Bible that is included in this lot
Lot #: 134

Micro shop vac

Micro shop vac
Lot #: 135

Vintage bridge lamp

Vintage bridge lamp with nice porcelain shade, metal base pole and swingarm
Lot #: 136

Wooden TV trays

4 Wooden TV trays with wood holder
Lot #: 137

Tote of vintage kitchen tools

Tote of vintage kitchen tools: Eggbeater, ground strainers, Premium Saltine tin, blue Granite coffee pot, wooden spoons and other utensils. Two metal flour sifters, soda can storage holder plus Durabrand steam iron in box
Lot #: 138


Tableware: Oneida and silver plate. Picture shows most of the different patterns that are in the mix
Lot #: 139

Tents & Camping supplies

Camping supplies: Foldable chill chest, a pup tent in a bag, another tent and a bag- we do not know what size it is. Another bag with tent pegs
Lot #: 140

Battery Lantern & metal popcorn popper

Battery Lantern, metal fireplace or open flame popcorn popper, Stove vent, wire hanging baskets for fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Magnifying glass with clips to string your fish hooks, wicker basket, steamer basket and more goodies in this tote
Lot #: 141

4 foot yard sticks

4 foot yard sticks, (First National Bank & Farmers Coop) Square yard stick from the High Plains journal, Walking stick and a pool que with case - really fancy guys
Lot #: 142

Games and more

Tote filled with games such as dominoes, bags etc. see pictures
Lot #: 143

Dupont dovetail dynamite box

Dupont dovetail dynamite box. Chamber pot with no lid, glue guns, small tapestry of an Indian, Dodge Durango Haynes repair manual, Natural Healing picture book and a TY International Bears II
Lot #: 144

Electronic sewing machine

Electronic sewing machine with case. Says Electronic on foot pedal. Unable to take pic of machine as could not get release button to release the catch. Includes the instruction manual
Lot #: 145

Glass insulators

Glass insulators & Cobalt blue medicine bottles
Lot #: 146

Cooks paint & varnish metal sign

Cooks paint and varnish metal sign. Gallon milk jug with bail handle and 2 wooden spoons
Lot #: 147

Kerosene lamps & misc tins

Kerosene lamp, extra glass chimney, package of 3 window/door alarms, fabrics cement and miscellaneous tins
Lot #: 148

Decorating knickknacks

Decorating knickknacks: Metal butterflies, wooden fish, metal frog, ceramic bears, hedgehog, caterpillars turtles, rocks & bricks
Lot #: 149

Wooden shelf unit

Wooden shelf unit with five shelves plus you can set things on the top of the case. The bottom three sets of shelves are divided into two parts with a divider panel. Made of pressed wood and in very good shape. The items on the shelves are selling in lots 147 and 148
Lot #: 150

Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera, Instamatic camera, decks of cards, and Wahl electric vibrator
Lot #: 151

Stuffed animals & jars

Stuffed monkey and Bear. Canning and storage jars. A Vitamix mixer that is still in its box -do not know if it?s been used
Lot #: 152

Hall teapot & Royal Copley vase

Hall teapot and Royal Copley rooster vase. Lidded stein and open top stein. Tin church and a small brown crock
Lot #: 153

Pressed wood shelf unit

Pressed wood shelf unit with three shelves, Two of them are divided with an insert and there is a divider for the third shelf. All the contents inside the shelves: eagle happy birthday, books, wicker box, seashells- all are included with the shelving unit. All the items on the top shelf are being sold in lot 152
Lot #: 154

HP wireless printer

Computer desk with storage for CDs or discs. HP wireless printer, vintage globe, 3 wireless mouses, DVD recorder with Magnavox remote, Do not know the workability of the printer or the stereo. Keyboard tray has no keyboard but it does have an almost new package of white copy paper, box full of staples, notebook for keeping notes, a cool pencil box made of wood, Webster?s dictionary that?s probably doesn?t have a bunch of the new words in it that we use today
Lot #: 155

Barn hinge- hand painted

Barn hinge with hand painted farm scene, Rubber boots for cowboy boots, three storage tins- one without a lid. A sledgehammer plus tubes of tub seal
Lot #: 156

Dupont explosives wooden box

Dupont explosives wooden box Marked 50 pounds plus a metal Coleman ice chest. The hinges are there but they need reattached to the box -just hangs on the lid
Lot #: 157

Metal check file

Metal check file, Accu Chek advantage blood pressure testing system, one touch glucose monitoring system, cross made out of wheat weaving, Tonka toy plastic truck and a a TSF caboose. Stapler, perfume and a couple ceramic pieces in the checkbox
Lot #: 158

Vintage Arctic Air Elec Fan

Vintage arctic air electric fan with cast-iron base- we have not plugged it in as there has been some taping repair on the cord so we don?t know if safe to plug in without repairs, so do not know if it works or not
Lot #: 159

Ceiling fan & kitchen faucet

42" Ceiling fan and 2 handle kitchen faucet. Not sure they?ve ever been taken out of their boxes- they look new
Lot #: 160

Motorcycle fleece blanket

Motorcycle fleece blanket and two Native American blankets
Lot #: 161

Harley Davidson clock

Harley Davidson battery operated clock. Probably works but it does need a battery
Lot #: 162

Bike riders apparel

Bike riders coats, vests and pants. Some are denim, some leather, some pseudo leather. Some are for ladies and even have a beanie helmet that looks brand new in the box. Some of them in sizes are medium
Lot #: 163

Glass eagle & a Coca-Cola bottle

Glass eagle and a Coca-Cola bottle, Cobalt blue medicine bottles and other medicine bottles in clear and blue. Smokehy toy gun, Bullhorn, pan holder, child?s tin tea cup, back scratcher and other miscellaneous items. See the pictures. Even have an eagle trying to carry a tree
Lot #: 164

Christmas coke bottle and several other

Christmas coke bottle and several other knickknacks. See the pix
Lot #: 165

Wooden cabinet

Wooden cabinet. has three shelves plus two doors on the bottom. Nice solid wood piece. All of the knickknacks are selling in lots 163 and 160. The cabinet doors have metal hardware
Lot #: 166

Native American art

Native American art and other pictures- some framed and some not
Lot #: 167

Assorted canes

Canes: Two are adjustable metal, 3 wooden and umbrella to keep you dry. All in white tall plastic trashcan
Lot #: 168

Abstract paintings

Canvas Abstract paintings. 4? x 5? has a metal edging and the other is 1? x 1?. If we have them hanging wrong we apologize. The large one has JE initials on it or it may be a JB. Can?t read very well
Lot #: 169

Wind chimes

Dalmatian puppy with bells which have paw prints on them. Another chime has several metal pieces such as a sewing shuttle plus some other really unique pieces.
Lot #: 170

Man's Black Top Hat

Man's Black Top Hat. Only markings on the inside of the band says "stovepipe". Jim is thinking size 6 7/8
Lot #: 171


Clocks: Better Homes and Gardens digital atomic wall clock- still in original box. Quartz battery operated clock that?s on a plate with strawberry plants for decor and only has one hand
Lot #: 172

American Eagle Decorative Plate

Names of God from the Old Testament on a plastic coated sheet to hang on the wall. Candles, mama and kitten figurine, Peachtree saucer, American Eagle decorative plate from Franklin Mint and some other plates
Lot #: 173

Exercise DVDs

Exercise DVDs, Motorola digital cellular telephone, Uniden landline telephone, metal folder storage, rack for grilling in the microwave and a wall hanging set for steak knives
Lot #: 174

Two plate glass mirrors

Two plate glass mirrors. One has a metal frame and the other one needs some kind of a frame to put on it so you can hang it up. 22" x 3?. The larger one is 4 1/2? x 2 1/2?
Lot #: 175

Vintage Eclipse food grinder

Vintage Eclipse food grinder, Universal gourmet meat chopper model 333 so you can choose between the old or the new. Unique jar opener and a nice Hassock in very good condition which opens up for storage. Also a knife steel and a flat sharpening stone to sharpen your knives
Lot #: 176

Lighted Christ picture & shadow box

Lighted Christ picture, an empty picture frame and a shadowbox which has a screen back and little cubbyholes for small things so they won?t fall off the shelf. Needlepoint cross to hang on the wall
Lot #: 177

Surprise wooden box

Surprise wooden box. This vintage wooden box is full of all kinds of miscellaneous ornaments. We put a sampling on top to give you an idea what is in there.
Lot #: 178

Paper shredder & charcoal

Paper shredder that fits on top of a trashcan and can shred upto five sheets at a time. Brand new bag of backyard grill charcoal briquette and a plastic lid that we do not know what it belongs to
Lot #: 179

Ice chest & wicker basket

Handled Ice chest and handled wicker basket. Brand new still in the box Lenox dresser set
Lot #: 180

Sun Cloud portable elec heater

SunCloud portable electric heater with an oak wood box frame
Lot #: 181

Glider rocker & ottoman

Glider rocker and ottoman. Even the ottoman moves. The cushions need cleaned and still got a lot of use left
Lot #: 182

Boot drying rack

MAXX Dry Boot drying rack that is missing one of the extensions. A roll of linoleum, tennis racket and plastic sheeting
Lot #: 183

Hamilton Beach blender

Hamilton Beach blender, Panasonic cassette player, small decorative water pitcher and a little wooden box for displaying things on the wall
Lot #: 184

Eagle on a pedestal

Eagle on a pedestal, Glass candle stick holders with candles, a praying angel glass figurine, small snow globe with a bear and other desktop items. The tapestry liner with the Native American design also goes with this lot
Lot #: 185

Eight drawer chest

Wood eight drawer chest. Has wooden handles. The drawers are solid wood with light weight boarding for the bottoms of the drawers. This is in really good shape. Measures 4 foot long 14 inches deep 33 inches tall. Items on the top sell in lot 183 and 184
Lot #: 186

Glass fronted whatnot shelf

Glass fronted whatnot shelf, Desktop barometer, really cute wooden covered wagon driven by Santa Claus and being pulled by a very large pony. Wood duck cut out. Walnut shelf has five shelves and double doors with metal pulls, Is about 3 1/2 inches deep
Lot #: 187

CDs & CD rack

CDs and CD rack. Mostly religious oriented. Christmas Classics, Shout. The greatest hits of the Dave Clark Five, Hillsong, Home for Christmas by Kenneth Copeland and many more
Lot #: 188

CDs & cabinet

More CDs and a cabinet with a drawer to keep them in. The little cabinet is solid wood measures 19 1/2" x 17? and stand 19" tall. Has a wooden knob on the drawer
Lot #: 189

Assorted pictures

Tote with lid and is full of assorted pictures. Most are framed. Have some Christmas bear, old small lampshade, American flag, picture of an Indian and his horse and a landscape. Several other pictures
Lot #: 190

Exercise CD & hand dumbbells

Exercise CD & hand dumbbells. Two books on art -one from Georgia O?Keeffe and the other "The American Painting"
Lot #: 191

Picnic table service

Lidded tote with picnic table service includes Tumbler set, tablecloth, plates of various sizes
Lot #: 192


Pictures: Still Life, Jesus with open hands, lake
Lot #: 193

Cuisinart set

Cuisinart Stainless steel pots and pans set
Lot #: 194

Panasonic microwave

Panasonic microwave with turntable. 1100W high-power. the unit itself is 20" x 13 1/2? deep and stands 32 1/2" tall
Lot #: 195

Vintage kitchen tools

Vintage kitchen tools: The Seller used them for artwork in the kitchen. Some we left hanging so you can see how he displayed them. Egg beaters, whisk, cheese grater, gray graniteware dipper and more
Lot #: 196

Elec hot plate & cookbooks

Electric hot plate and cookbooks: The Fanny Farmer, Mix it up Vitamix, Wesley Towers Retirement Community Book and several others
Lot #: 197

Bakers rack

Bakers rack. Been in the kitchen with a gas stove so needs a good cleaning but it?s in really good shape. Not an old one but it is a good one. This lot is bakers rack only, the other items sell in lot 194, 195 and 196
Lot #: 198

Harley Davidson tumblers

Tin spice cans and glassware. Includes Miller draft mugs, Harley Davidson cycle tumblers, Harley Davidson cycle beer cans-one has not been opened and Harley Davidson handled mugs.
Lot #: 199


Plastic Ware and electric chopper for chopping up nuts and small vegetables. Some Tupperware, Styrofoam and paper plates/cups. The cabinet sells in lot 200
Lot #: 200

Pressed wood cabinet on wheels

Pressed wood cabinet on wheels. Double doors on the bottom, shelf that looks big enough to hold a microwave though most recently used for storage. Unit is in the kitchen so it needs a good cleaning, All the items in and on it sell in lot 199. Measures 19 1/2" deep and 34" tall
Lot #: 201

Jars and hot pads

Jars and hot pads, 13 gallon kitchen bags and a jumbo helper shelf to stack things inside a cabinet
Lot #: 202

Hamilton Beach elec coffee server

Hamilton Beach electric coffee server, Tea pot to put on top the stove, Lazy Susan to give easy access to items that you put in a cabinet, splatter screen for skillet, cutting board, loaf pan with removable slotted insert so you can keep the grease away from the meatloaf
Lot #: 203

Coffee cups & insulated glasses

Coffee cups and insulated glasses, small teapot, small thermos, Coca-Cola bottle glass with straws and a couple of stemware goblets
Lot #: 204


Dinnerware includes plates, mugs, blue bowls- more than 1 pattern
Lot #: 205

Blue granite ware roasting pans

Blue granite ware roasting pans-1 dark blue and other is lighter blue. Plastic storage container
Lot #: 206

Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools; lighter, vegetable scrub brushes, wooden utensils, measuring cup, church keys, injector for your turkey
Lot #: 207


Springtime stainless steel tableware: dinner forks, salad forks, serving spoons, teaspoons, ice tea spoons and assorted odds and ends- steak knives etc.
Lot #: 208

Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools: Measuring cups, measuring spoons, plastic spoons, spatulas, stainless spoons, pizza cutter, rubber spatulas, funnels, everything that you need to equip your kitchen to cook and bake- utensil wise
Lot #: 209

Baking equipment

Baking equipment: Pyrex cake dishes, stainless steel cake pans- some with lids, cookie sheets, muffin tins. Also in this lot: glass vases to decorate your kitchen after you get done baking, ice cube trays, wicker holders for cake pans as well as dishes. Dish drainer and a lid for a pan we could not find
Lot #: 210

Sunbeam mixer

Sunbeam mixer with two bowls, 10 cup Black and Decker coffee maker and some extra filters. There is a cloth cover for the mixer that?s laying beside it in the picture
Lot #: 211

Corning ware & Pyrex

Corning ware different size of casseroles. Storage bowls, mixing bowls, deviled egg Tupperware storage square and rectangle glass cake pans plus a plastic lazy Susan for spices
Lot #: 212

Vita mix machine

Vita mix machine with blenders, four slot toaster, Pyrex mixing cup, thermoses, insulated cups, baking crisper. Shelf unit sales in lot 213
Lot #: 213

Plastic storage unit

Four shelf plastic unit that has been sitting in the kitchen with gas stove so needs a good cleaning. All the items on the shelves still in lot 212
Lot #: 214

Commemorative fire items

Commemorative fire items: Axe, fire ax tie tack pin and Harley Davidson clip
Lot #: 215

Harley Davidson toys

Harley Davidson toys: One of the cycles makes engine noises and one has saddlebags. Two big ones, a miniature that says Harley Davidson, medium size has SS and license tag holder and a Day Star picture on a happy birthday card
Lot #: 216

Indian motorcycle

Indian motorcycle and police cycle
Lot #: 217

Iron Horse & classic cycle

Iron Horse & classic cycle
Lot #: 218

Harley Davidson metal die cast replica cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle. Two series, one series and 2 others- road and track all four are in original boxes.
Lot #: 219

Harley Davidson Die cast metal Replica Cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle. A FLSTS Heritage Springer set up on display and two Mighty Motors in original boxes that are Indian cycles
Lot #: 220

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles. 1/18 Maisto- two series 9 and one series 8
Lot #: 221

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle - series 8
Lot #: 222

Harley Davidson diecast replica metal replica

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle. Series 7 and the other is a series 20, a "Any Purpose Krazy Kan" Tin. Bikers Edge and Big Dog "Happy Birthday" postcards and "hogs riding a hog" souvenir plate
Lot #: 223

Harley Davidson diecast metal replicas

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycles. All three series 7
Lot #: 224

Harley Davidson diecast metal replicas

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- Series six
Lot #: 225

Harley Davidson diecast metal replicas

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- series 567
Lot #: 226

Harley Davidson diecast metal replicas

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle-series 3,4 and five. The series 3 has a hole in the plastic- probably price tag torn off left them on the other two
Lot #: 227

Harley Davidson diecast Metal replica

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- all three are series 5
Lot #: 228

Harley Davidson diecast metal replicas

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle-series 3 and two of them are series 4. The series 3 boxes marked 95th anniversary models
Lot #: 229

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- two are series 3 and they both are Marked 95th anniversary models and the other one is a series 4. Both series 3 has a little square out- looks like he probably tore off the price sticker
Lot #: 230

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- series 2, two number fours-one of the number four boxes has some damage. The series No. 2 looks like had the sticker removed so there?s a hole in the plastic of the box
Lot #: 231

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- series 2 and the other two don?t have a series indicated. The series 2 does have a piece of plastic removed probably because he took the sticker off and left hole in the plastic
Lot #: 232

Harley Davidson diecast metal replica cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle- Series 2 has a hole in the plastic where a sticker was probably torn off. Another one is a series 9 and the other one does not have a series noted
Lot #: 233

Harley Davis diecast metal replicas cycles

Die cast metal replica 1/18 scale Harley Davidson Maisto Cycle-Two are marked series 2, the other no series identified. All three have damage to the plastic where stickers have been removed.
Lot #: 234

Harley Davidson items

Harley Davidson items: Quick drying enamel, leather lacquer, black hogs on motorcycles, money clip, saddlebags, keychain, picture of a Harley, an empty box that used to have a diecast miniature Harley pencil sharpener and a Harley Davidson parts box with a little metal stand
Lot #: 235

Indian motorcycle poster

Metal ?53 Roadmaster Chief Indian motorcycle poster and post board covered with plastic movie poster for "Angels Hard as They Come"
Lot #: 236

Poster of the Mini skirt mob movie

Poster of "The Mini skirt Mob" movie, framed picture have a Harley Davidson cycle plus plastic Harley Davidson cycle key ring
Lot #: 237

Pictures of motorcycles

Large picture of boys admiring a fancy motorcycle with padded seat, TEX on the wheels and a really nice framed picture of a Harley plus a Kansas map
Lot #: 238

Two pictures of bald eagle

Two pictures of bald eagles. One is a print the other is a painting by B, Bemis from 1983.
Lot #: 239

Midtown cycle clock

Mid-Town Cycle Sales and Service Milwaukee Wisconsin battery operated clock and a nice wall thermometer that is not marked anything particular
Lot #: 240

Bun coffee maker

Bun coffee maker, Small Rubbermaid tote for carrying cans of cold drinks, a storeage containers, some clay pots, some work coats-at least one of them says large and child?s gate. The paint stays with the house
Lot #: 241

Weslo exercise machine

Weslo Momentum 635 exercise machine with user manual. Has an insulated cup in the cup holder. The extension cord and cord winder are not part of the lot.
Lot #: 242

Small heavy duty chest freezer

Kenmore small heavy duty chest freezer. It is empty but it has been kept plugged in so is nice and cold. Approximately 30 inches tall and 2? x 2?
Lot #: 243

Pressed wood computer desk

Pressed wood computer desk and an aluminum folding chair that has been updated with homemade skills with a new seat and back. There is also a shelf unit that is separate that?s sitting on top
Lot #: 244

Harley belt and hat

Harley Davidson belt and hat plus a Calculator and padlocks
Lot #: 245

Kwik Seal, flashlight & more

Kwik Seal, flashlight, Chromatic tuner and more fix it up items. Mouse traps, pipe threading and outlets. florescent kitchen tube
Lot #: 246

Coleman 1 gal thermos jug

Coleman 1 gallon thermos jug, a lidded tote full of miscellaneous items including: office envelopes, caps, speakers for a computer system, small tote with flashlights and a wall hanging for a candle
Lot #: 247

Box of tools

Glue, caulking gun, power tool batteries which belong to other tools not in the sale, pipe wrenches, saws, toaster oven and a topsy-turvy as seen on TV to grow your vegetables
Lot #: 248

Bottles of Lamp oil

Several Bottles of Lamp oil. Several have never been opened plus a bottle of tiki torch fuel
Lot #: 249

6 foot metal utility cabinet

6 foot metal utility cabinet. The oil in the bottom and the tiki oil sell in lot 248. Everything else in the cabinet goes with this lot. Wicker baskets, metal trays, plastic forks and a wall clock
Lot #: 250

Maytag dehumidifier

Maytag dehumidifier, rubber tub with extension cords, whisk broom, transfer pump tubing and drill power pump (pump and tubing new still in packaging)
Lot #: 251

Maple refractory table

Maple refractory table with two matching chairs-1 is captains chair and other is straight chair-no arms
Lot #: 252

Bear cookie jar

Bear cookie jar, Miscellaneous cups, 32 ounce Coke bottle with sunflowers, peacocks feathers, cast iron pot with rocks
Lot #: 253

Clock & other wall hangings

Battery operated clock with a picture of an eagle fishing, a note holder that also will hold your keys, couple of butterflies, an angel and other hanging pieces. A rug beater, a hanging basket with kitchen utensils and donut cutter in it including, an angel and wire shaped like a stocking
Lot #: 254

Flashlights and flex tape

Flashlights and flex tape, electric skillet-no lid, Horseshoe puzzle game, empty box for a Hallmark Keepsake from Harley Davidson, Bible cover, calculator & miscellaneous pens and pencils
Lot #: 255

Hooker Oklahoma yearbooks

Hooker Oklahoma yearbooks. Stack of elementary and stack of high school, Some of the years, 1989, 1994, 1995, 1997
Lot #: 256

Kitchen cleaning supplies

Kitchen cleaning supplies, Army Strong Rear window graphics back window of pick up, carpet sweeper, broom, plumbers helper
Lot #: 257

Electric milkhouse heater

Electric milkhouse heater
Lot #: 258

Pet taxi

Pet taxi
Lot #: 259

Items from the bathroom

Items from the bathroom: Corning space heater, battery operated wall clock, metal over the toilet three shelf unit, shower caddy trash cans I need a little box unit that you store, toilet paper and other items in a wicker basket of seashells, a three drawer unit to put Band-Aids and other small items in, a vintage hand held mirror
Lot #: 260

Schick styling dryer

Schick styling dryer with original box- does not it look like it?s ever been taken out of the box, Wahl electric hair trimmer, Two Norelco rotary razor with cases, and Oracle shaver cleaner. Two Instamatic style cameras, interior glass anti-fog kits, scotch tape, 25 foot Measuring tape and a 12 foot tape measure
Lot #: 261

Contents of cabinet

Contents of cabinet: Rival stoneware slow cooker, Black & Decker food chopper, blue Bell bail lidded spaghetti jar, glass canisters with no lids, an extra coffee pot for a coffee maker, plasticware, a Rubbermaid shelf storage unit, candles and canning jars
Lot #: 262

760 Power Master pellet gun

760 Power Master pellet gun. Some damage to the end of the gun butt-cannot tell if glue or what is. Tried to get a pix
Lot #: 263

Oscillating heater

Oscillating heater with remote control and a tailored bathroom floor scale
Lot #: 264

Three piece bedroom set

Three piece bedroom set: Regular size bed with headboard and metal frame. Mattress and springs are included but you can leave them if you do not want them. Two dressers with metal pulls. Each have five drawers and made of solid wood not pressed wood. You get two sets of sheets- one set still on the bed with the pillows and the other is laying on the bed to be taken with you
Lot #: 265

Wooden flutes

Pr of wood flutes with cloth cases. Three harmonicas with their original boxes and music books to go with your instruments
Lot #: 266

Pictures of butterflies

Pictures and metal butterflies and everything that?s hanging on the wall as shown in the pictures
Lot #: 267

Belts and belt buckles

Belts and belt buckles: One is a leather belt. one has handiwork belt the other one is a combination of handiwork and leather, Several different really nice belt buckles including eagle, cross and Bible. Digital smart set clock, 2 touch dresser lamps plus a nice piece of wood
Lot #: 268

Rubber mallet and other tools

Rubber mallet, Screwdrivers, knives, pliers and wire stripper. Just in time for Fourth of July- POP-ITS and for those that don?t like noise there?s a bubble stick
Lot #: 269

3 foot wooden bench

3 foot wooden bench. He kept it at the foot of his bed. In really nice condition
Lot #: 270

Two wooden crates full of books

Two wooden crates full of book, Both the crates are fruit crates but one does not have any of the labels. Books are a mixture of religious ones such as one on Proverbs and others on health such as one that says Sugar Control. Nice assortment of hardback, tape and paperback
Lot #: 271

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs in sterilite containers. Life of the Bible in the pages, Gloria Copeland?s God's master plan, The Word of Promise From the New Testament. Renee Bondi music tape and more
Lot #: 272

Two drawer chest

Two drawer chest 16 x 18 x 20" tall-two drawers with metal handles. Nice solid piece
Lot #: 273

Cheval mirror

Cheval mirror. In very good condition. Has metal hooks and mirror is movable so you can get a picture of all your sides. 5? tall
Lot #: 274

Movable closet

Movable closet. Freestanding unit with clothes rod to hang your clothes on. Comes complete with hangers, bedding and an extension cord. 2 foot deep 32 inches wide 6 foot tall. Has no door nor back just some braces on the back to give it support
Lot #: 275

Framed Abstract picture and DVDs

Framed Abstract picture and DVDs. Also includes CDs. Mostly religious oriented and they come with good storage units
Lot #: 276

Three shelf Pressed wood unit

Three shelf Pressed wood unit and contents: Do Cats Think?, Bible prophecy, Runaway Buggy, Hitched. Wonder hanger from TV and old fashion style lantern with a candle. Wicker baskets, bulletin boards. The unit is approximately 3 foot tall x 10" deep and 3 ft wide
Lot #: 277

Size 9 men?s rubber boots

Size 9 men?s rubber boots, plumbing supplies, miscellaneous clothes, nice wooden shelf unit, hairdryer and a pair of leather size 9 men?s boots
Lot #: 278

Closet full of linens

Closet full of linens: Towels, pillowcases (some trimmed with needlework), pillows etc. also pair of thermal crew top shirts that are brand new still in the packages
Lot #: 279

Lasko floor fan

Lasko Oscillating floor fan- we can vouch that works as we used it while we were lotting this auction
Lot #: 280

Three totes & other storage units

Three totes and other storage units Plus lids. You can buy these to make sure you get something to carry your new purchases home with
Lot #: 281

Boot drying rack

MAXX Dry Boot drying rack and knife with sheath
Lot #: 282

Cooks Essentials Muffin Baker

Cooks essentials muffin Baker, Sunbeam heating pad for an office chair and a Nesco small roaster oven
Lot #: 283

Cooks Essentials cookware

Cooks Essentials cookware Aluminum with steel base 8 inch skillet, a larger skillet, two sauce pans, to handled wok. Total of seven units and three lids. Set looks as though it?s never been used
Lot #: 284

Carnival glass

Carnival glass: Handled Fenton basket, Fenton footed compote (see pix as bottom is damaged), candy dish, tooth pickers and some neat little decorated balls to hang on a tree
Lot #: 285

Window Curtains & photo albums

Window curtains, 3 photo albums and a framed "footprints of God". The curtains consist of two 56" x 36? tier pairs and two 56 x 14? valances and a "maroon color"
Lot #: 286

Thomas Kincaid Christmas houses

Thomas Kincaid Christmas houses: Skaters pond, a village Christmas, Stonehearth Hutch, Sunday evening sleigh ride
Lot #: 287

Lennox Christmas decorations

Lennox Christmas decorations In their original boxes, book on "all about dollhouses", ceramic geese, lovebirds, plastic and tin cookie cutters, oil sprayer, small sewing basket, 2 coloring books and a little wooden jewelry box
Lot #: 288

Thomas Kincaid Hawthorne village

Thomas Kincaid Hawthorne village: Guiding point lighthouse, sweetheart cottage, sweetheart bridge and Boyds Bears village number 4, some hummingbirds
Lot #: 289

Currier and Ives plate & carnival glass

Currier and Ives plate "The Rocky Mountains" plate, two pieces carnival glass tumblers, Insulated drink cup, NFL team Mug, Epcot Center, Tumbler, salt and pepper shakers, Tea leaf holder, custard cups
Lot #: 290

Silhouette pictures & Bisque Dolls

Pair "old" Silhouette pictures. Three reproduction bisque dolls but they are cute
Lot #: 291

Child?s headphones & elec waffle iron

Child?s "safe volume headphones", Ice cube trays, Christmas plates, triangle shaped what not shelf to hang on the wall, brand new metal towel rod, wooden rolling pin and electric waffle iron
Lot #: 292

Salt/pepper shakers & tea brewer

Salt and pepper shakers, Salt and pepper grinder, bail lidded sealed jar, Baylin tortilla warmer that has never been used -still has the wrap on it, three glass canister jars and a neat little tea brewer that you can make hot or cold tea
Lot #: 293


Glassware: Footed pink ruffle bowl, purple divided dish, small compote, two stemmed goblets, vase with fall leaves and a nice little blue bowl
Lot #: 294

Hanging art glass shade & candles

Hanging art glass shade- Shaped and formed like a pumpkin, Pair of candlesticks with holders for easy carry, round nice little "made in China" bud vase, miniature butter dish with lid, pair of pink candle sticks with candles, hurricane lamp shade and a bowl
Lot #: 295

Micro popcorn popper & Christmas cookie cutters

Silicon microwave popcorn popper (have the instructions) and Christmas cookie cutters, Small food chopper, mosaic watering globe, lettuce keeper, salt and pepper shakers, gold trimmed Christmas longstem goblets, square fruit bowl, refrigerator thermometer, handheld flour sifter
Lot #: 296

Sterilite storage boxes

Sterilite storage boxes Three sets of smaller ones-2 sets has six drawers and the other side has two small drawers and two larger drawers. they?re a nice shape and one set has rollers
Lot #: 297

Sterilite plastic storage cabinet

Sterilite plastic storage cabinet with three drawers and has a set of rollers
Lot #: 298

Lionel Union Pacific Fast Freight Train

Lionel Union Pacific fast freight train, Ready to run. Train set includes train sounds, digital chef steam whistle and bell sounds, "0" gauge train set. Includes the engine and tender 2314, the caboose, boxcar & oil car that are all new in the box and then a flat car that has been opened. Lots of boxes of track have not been opened plus a powerful CW 80 transformer. There is also a TYCO control and more track selling in lot 305
Lot #: 299

Star Wars Darth Vader & others

Star Wars figurines and moveable display stand. Storm trooper, Darth Vader (minus his cape) and brand new in the package from the Saga collection is Dud Bolt and Mars Guo. There are some other figurines-the test is to see if you remember who they are. Star Wars sabre that definitely needs batteries -don?t know if it works. Jawa is also available but selling alone in Lot 305
Lot #: 300

Star Wars falcon & X-Wing Fighter

Star Wars Falcon and NSB 450 X-Wing fighter. These were found in the back of a garage so they have not had the best treatment over the years. They are discolored, pieces are missing on each of them. Should be added to any true Star Wars fan- they?ll go great in your collection. Can tell everyone that the ships got damaged and wrecked during the "War" for Independence.
Lot #: 301

Mason jars and material

10 quart Golden harvest mason jars with lids and rims, pint jar wide mouth with no lid, box of miscellaneous material that can be use for making doll clothes or whatever you want. Table top or desklamp with shade
Lot #: 302

CI Blue Enamel Covered Lidded Kettle

Lidded Cast Iron cooking pot covered with Blue enamelware. Four Curtis Noll insulated tumblers depicting old cars
Lot #: 303

Bushnell compact binocular

Bushnell compact binocular with an original box and a case to carry it around in. Canteen that is missing the cap
Lot #: 304

Miscellaneous railroad pieces

Miscellaneous Tyco railroad pieces. Trustle parts and supports of all kinds. A little bit of everything including different sizes of track
Lot #: 305

Star Wars Jawa Sandperson

Star Wars Jawa is missing his cape, but is in very good condition


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