Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday September 28th @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday October 4th p.m. CST with pickup Friday October 6th 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Address for pick up is at 1002 W Lincoln-Lyons, KS. Watch for signsWARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday October 5th @12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon October 5th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE Friday October 6th from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 1002 W Lincoln-Lyons, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: 1002 W Lincoln: West of Garfield and Lincoln-Watch for directional sign Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS- viewing is by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped with tracking number and insurance and buyer can request particular shipping service.
1002 W Lincoln, Lyons, KS US
Helen Stockstill has moved and is offering her personal property that she does not need, to the highest bidder through online auction. Complete line of furniture and collectibles are being offered. The Stockstills' were avid travlers so there are lots of interesting items they collected as they traveled. Lots 300-411 are located in the basement
Lot #: 1

Galvanized buckets

Four galvanized buckets, including one " Wanda Lubricants" and the other three are unmarked
Lot #: 2

Two wooden canes

Two wooden canes and a nice gun rack with no guns but it does have two nice canes. A shelf to put your shells or other storage items
Lot #: 3

Brass fittings

Coffee cans full of brass fittings
Lot #: 4

Pipe fittings

5 gallon bucket, oil can and a coffee can filled with gas fittings, unions and nipple fittings
Lot #: 5

3 cans of Pipe fittings

3 Cans full of elbows, tees and plugs
Lot #: 6

Box Fan

Box fan- we know it works as we plugged in and used in the garage.
Lot #: 7

Yard tools

Wire basket, probably out of the deep freeze, filled with garden tools, such as sprayers, pluggers, sprinklers, plus you get clay pots and rack out of an oven
Lot #: 8

Metal rooster

This metal rooster will not wake you up in the morning. it will just look pretty out in your garden. Approximately 30 inches tall
Lot #: 9

Electric hedge trimmer

Black & Decker Hedgehog number 23 electric hedge trimmer. Plus a plastic bucket and a plastic watering can
Lot #: 10

Hedge trimmer

Black & Decker 16 inch electric hedge trimmer, two plastic watering cans & two lawn sprinklers
Lot #: 11

2 Pair of wooden Hames

Two pairs of wooden Hames. Looks like for two different sizes of animals
Lot #: 12

Metal Hames

A small set of metal hames that probably for either a pony or a mule
Lot #: 13

Pair of metal hames with brass

Pair of metal hames with brass knobs
Lot #: 14

Metal Hames with brass knobs

This pair of metal hames has the number 7.9 and it looks like WASH. See the pictures
Lot #: 15

Set of springs & half of Hames

Set a springs. Don?t know if they came off of the wagon or what they came off of. Half of a hames with brass knob
Lot #: 16

Pair vintage kerosene cans

Pair of vintage kerosene cans- one is missing one of the lids. A metal top to another old piece.
Lot #: 17

Missouri Pacific Railroad can

Missouri Pacific Railroad kerosene can plus a blow torch
Lot #: 18

Railroad clamp

Railroad clamp and steel wheel
Lot #: 19

Lawn sprinklers and hardhats

A pair of lawn sprinklers, 2 hardhats, pair of work boots, milk crate, metal canister and a plastic small trashcan
Lot #: 20

3 gal "Never Fail Gasoline" can

Galvanized 3 gallon "The Never Fail Gasoline" can and a propeller that says "Martin oil. Need Lease their fan Harper 2"
Lot #: 21

Two Kerosene cans

Two kerosene cans. One is a pretty unique size and needs a lid plus a plastic watering can
Lot #: 22

Kerosene can & plastic waterers

Kerosene can & 2 plastic watering cans
Lot #: 23

PVC pipe fittings & hamper

Box full of PVC pipe fittings and a wicker clothes hamper without a lid
Lot #: 24

Vintage wrenches

A plastic tote with vintage wrenches, roller and tray , a Branding iron with "SF" and a Bent Wagon hammer.
Lot #: 25

Vintage tools

These vintage tools include a horseshoe, pulleys, wire stretchers and cable pullers. Also half of a cow kicker set
Lot #: 26

Vintage come along?s

Three vintage come along?s
Lot #: 27

Vintage wire stretcher?s

Vintage wire stretchers and come alongs
Lot #: 28

Rope fence stretcher

Rope fence stretcher
Lot #: 29

Plastic desk mat

Plastic desk mat. This is only the desk mat, the other items sell in other lots
Lot #: 30

Vintage gaslight parts

Vintage Gas lamp and gaslight parts
Lot #: 31

Vintage biscuit tin lids

Four biscuit can lids. One has glass damaged. Three of them are from the Independent Baking company and the other is from Protection Brand Biscuits- you suppose that is Protection, Kansas?
Lot #: 32

Porcelain & pottery insulators

Coca-Cola case full of porcelain and a Coca-Cola case with pottery and other insulators. These are all nice old insulators. In good condition
Lot #: 33

Vintage insulators

Two plastic Coke cases of brown insulators. In good condition
Lot #: 34

Vintage glass insulators

Two plastic crates with vintage colored glass insulators. In good condition
Lot #: 35

Vintage green glass insulators

Two plastic crates with mostly green glass insulators there is a few darker ones and a clear one. In good condition
Lot #: 36

Glass insulators

Green glass insulators in box and plastic crate. In good condition
Lot #: 37

Clear glass insulators

Two Coca-Cola plastic trays with clear glass insulators. In good condition
Lot #: 38

Pottery insulators

Pottery insulators in different colors: dark brown, light brown, even three Westinghouse. Good condition. A galvanized bucket full of rods. Bucket is marked M. P. Lines
Lot #: 39

Damaged insulators

This blue crate from Foods Kansas City Missouri is filled with green, clear and Westinghouse insulators that have some kind of damage.
Lot #: 40

Hoover floormate

Hoover Floor Mate- never wait for floors to dry again. The hard floor cleaner washes and dries
Lot #: 41

Kirby Heritage III vacuum

Kirby Heritage III upright vacuum with Tech Drive
Lot #: 42

Pet stepstool

Pet stepstool is Tommee Tipee. Has paw marks for dog to stand on plus, a Currier & Ives popcorn tin that is empty
Lot #: 43

Vintage tools

5 gallon plastic bucket that has some vintage tools, including a draft control off of a stove, a pulley system, hooks for a chain-link fence and some barbed wire
Lot #: 44

Gasket material

Gasket material, brown paper, rain suit, windshield scraper, a pair of used Redwing boots-approximately size 9. And partial roll of chicken wire
Lot #: 45

Rockwell flow meter

Rockwell flow meter- measures barrels in the oil field
Lot #: 46

Cordless 3/8 drill

Skill cordless 3/8 drill with charger and bit
Lot #: 47

Bench hand grinder

Bench hand grinder, horseshoe, little metal bucket with miscellaneous hardware
Lot #: 48

Vintage tools

Vintage tools include an ice chipper, a tool to carry sucker rod, a folding wooden ruler, wood scribe and other tools. A cast-iron claw ball foot off a table,
Lot #: 49

Wagon wrench and Shoe Lasts

Wagon wheel wrench, shoe last with stand and awls
Lot #: 50

Crescent sprinkler

Crescent sprinkler, a metal butterfly to put in your flower bed, a wire whisk and more
Lot #: 51

Wine and bottle opener

Toy wooden rolling pins, bottle openers for wine bottle, magnets, etc.
Lot #: 52

Vintage wood kitchen cabinet

Vintage wood kitchen cabinet. Was a white color at one time, now is off-white. Missing the top. Has been used as a storage unit in the garage. Measures 78" tall x 36? wide X 13? deep
Lot #: 53

Wood cabinet

Wood cabinet was originally white but has been sitting in the garage holding garage items. Good shape. Measures 69" tall x 24" wide x 16" deep
Lot #: 54

Brooms and dust pan

Brooms, dust pan, two folding chairs, folding ironing board- the old style with a wood frame. Grapevine hanging decoration, windshield cleaner and power nozzle to wash your car. Two wooden handled mops without the mopheads and a handbasket
Lot #: 55

Antique adjustable pole

This adjustable pole can be used to hang a plant or anything else. Nice old piece.
Lot #: 56

Vintage barbed wire

Vintage ribbon barbed wire and other barbed wire
Lot #: 57

Metal insert

Metal insert that could be used inside a window pane of a door or a window. Folding lawn chair and a piece of metal flashing that can use to plug a hole or whatever needs covered.
Lot #: 58

Vine Christmas decorations

Christmas decorated large wreath made out of vine. Small wreath and a larger wreath that needs decorated and a wooden star that is lined with lights. Some crosses made out of a wire fence.
Lot #: 59

A metal ceiling tile

A metal ceiling tile with crown framed with wood
Lot #: 60

Metal corn stalk

Metal Cornstocks that have wire "sticks" that you can put in flower bed. Plastic flower pot and other flower pots. An American flag made out of metal windchimes, a flag to stick in the ground and a flag to stick on your window of your car, broom and "I love apples" hanger
Lot #: 61

10 sections of folding theater seats

These theater seats came out of the old City Hall. 10 sets of 3. We?re showing you a picture of a set of three that are indicative of the condition of the majority of the sets of chairs. There are seat cushions for all of them, plus a few extras
Lot #: 62

Vintage metal bathtub

5 foot long vintage metal bathtub with wood trim around the edge. Sits on a metal frame with metal legs. It is a neat old piece.
Lot #: 63

Wooden Childs rocker

Vintage wood Child's rocker that is engraved "Jesus loves me"
Lot #: 64

CB Transceiver

Realistic TRC ? 40 channel CB transceiver with a 12 V DC positive negative ground in original box. Included is a citizen band antenna for trunk or rooftop Mount
Lot #: 65

Stepstool & wood drawer frames

7 Wood drawer frames and step stool
Lot #: 66

MoPac Railroad kerosene can

MoPac RR kerosene can. Fruit can full of bird feathers
Lot #: 67

Antique hat holder

Antique hat holder, two signs: one says "If you met my family you?d understand", the other says "Welcome", plus a collectible Welches Grape Juice Glass bottle, a rolling furniture caster and a sharp spade for the flower bed
Lot #: 68

Black & Decker electric sander

Black & Decker electric sander. Holder for toilet paper, Motorcraft spark plugs in original boxes, bag with bolts, nuts and fittings.
Lot #: 69

Knives & graniteware spoons

Assorted knives, blue graniteware spoons, wooden spoons, plastic ladle, tongs and a wire brush to put on your drill to strip paint. White enamel black trimmed sauce pan and oil can funnel.
Lot #: 70


Squirrel-A-Whirl to keep squirrels away from birdfeeders. Has never been put together. Is original box. Bonus is three straw hats.
Lot #: 71

Cutler hammer control box

Cutler hammer control box, a bag with nutcrackers and picks to break walnuts, glass furniture coasters, a candle holder, picture wire and bait canteen
Lot #: 72

Gas Coleman lantern

Gas Coleman lantern- does not have the glass shield. Plastic tote with a damaged gas lantern with no base
Lot #: 73

Cowbell and kickers

Cowbell, cow kickers and tools to a woodstove
Lot #: 74

Measuring tube

1000 mL measuring tube, rat trap, empty first aid kit so if you get snake bit you?re in trouble. Wood blocks for lettering and picture frame maker, hardware and some little dolls made out of stone
Lot #: 75

Wood strirup lamp

Wood stirrup lamp- missing the lampshade
Lot #: 76

(3) 5 gallon plastic buckets

(3) 5 gallon buckets, suspended ceiling support and a grabber to get things off the top shelf that you can?t reach from the floor
Lot #: 77

Wood sleigh planter

Little planter in shape of the sleigh. Does not look like has ever been used
Lot #: 78

School made tool chest

Metal shop made School toolbox. You can always tell it was made at school because the hinges never last. :)
Lot #: 79

Dinner plate & silverware

Dinner plate has been turned into a wall hanging and silverware glued to it plus a framed handwork of best friends
Lot #: 80

Sad irons

Six Sad irons and three handles.
Lot #: 81

Sad irons & vintage elec irons

2 Abestos 12-A sad irons and two vintage electric irons without the cords. One says "wizard control"
Lot #: 82

2 Gas Irons

Two gas irons. Cannot find the name on either one of them
Lot #: 83

Blue gas iron

Looks like is a blue Coleman but is not marked. Only wording we could find "close tight"
Lot #: 84

Vintage padlocks

Vintage padlocks with no keys
Lot #: 85

Match collection

Several packages of matches. Some for motels, some from diamond. If you?re a matchbox collector, this is your lot to look at.
Lot #: 86

Magnetic clips & fishing line

Magnetic clips, fishing line, large picture, hangers, yarn, thumbtacks and more
Lot #: 87

Extension cords & tools

A plastic tote full of miscellaneous tools, including water pump & needle nose pliers, side cutters, pruners. scissors, regular pliers, vice grips and much more. Lanyards and extension cords
Lot #: 88

Big bag of key rings

Looks like the Stockstill's got keyrings everywhere they went. Nice big bag full. Band-Aid box with Allen Wrenches, misc bolts and screws, wire brush and a cute ring from the Crutchfield Teeter Lumber Company Headquarters.
Lot #: 89

Travel buttons

Travel buttons plus a box lid that is full of refrigerator magnets. Probably some of the items the Stockstills picked up in their travels from all over the country
Lot #: 90

Sad iron trivets & vintage picture

Three sad iron trivets, a miniature sad iron trivet, a metal match double holder, a vintage framed fruit picture, framed mirror that has plow horses in the center
Lot #: 91

Three drawer plastic cabinet

Three drawer plastic cabinet on rollers, a metal tray with assorted brushes and spray bottles
Lot #: 92

Wax stripper and Moen faucet

Three bottles of instant wax stripper, a plastic juice, jug full of plastic wear an empty gallon jug with the lid. A wire basket filled with flyswatters a Moen kitchen faucet that looks like it?s never been taken out of the box a little wood cardinal on a string hanging on the wall and an apple display to hang on the wall.
Lot #: 93

Two jewelry boxes & a round table

Two jewelry boxes- one has a key but no jewelry. A round 3 legged plywood table covered by foil
Lot #: 94

Table lamp with three globes

Three fluted globes on a really neat looking table lamp. Has bulbs to go with them
Lot #: 95

French Ivory dresser set

French Ivory dresser set which has a hair receiver, powder box, handheld mirror, button hole hooks and buffer for the finger nails
Lot #: 96

Free standing jewelry case

Free standing jewelry box. Has a mirror in the top, place to put your rings, place to hang your necklaces, and 6 drawers to store all the rest of the jewelry. 38" tall x 15" wide and essentially 13" deep
Lot #: 97

Home decor set

A rectangle picture, 2 wood hangings with roses, a metal framed wood top wall hanging shelf with a porcelain light switch plus a candle, a flower vase and a heart. Nice set to hang on your wall
Lot #: 98

Wallhanging Groupings

Glass shelf sitting on a metal bracket, pictures of ladies from yesteryear and in full dress, a mothers first gift is Love plaque, 2 framed pictures of roses ,2 ceramic butterflies and wood framed Rose
Lot #: 99

Vintage binocular set

Vintage Bioscope binoculars with original case. This has been around more than a couple of years and is in really good shape.
Lot #: 100

Symphony of Shimmering plates

6 Symphony of Shimmering Beauty Collection of plates and the hallmark of WS George. Includes" Xenia Finale", "Poppy Pastorale", "Penny Prelude", "Dahlia Melody", "Gladiolus Romance", "Carnation Serenade". The certificates of authenticity are also included in this lot. Another 6 plates in the series in Lot 171
Lot #: 101

Four Framed pictures

Four framed pictures: one of roses and a Birdsnest, three of flower gardens and one ornate fan that has been spread out and displayed
Lot #: 102

Three tiered shelf unit & flowers

Three tier shelf with made in China pottery vases and one is Red Mark Germany
Lot #: 103

Evening handbags

Six handbags: nice little single piece, three black, clutch bag and a small handle evening purse
Lot #: 104

Clothes hamper & Sooners slippers

Clothes hamper and a pair of Boomer Sooners OU slippers and a pair of 6 1/2M loafers
Lot #: 105

Vintage handbag & evening bags

A nice vintage black handbag that has been used and two really nice evening bags- one is beaded
Lot #: 106

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry, pendants and earrings
Lot #: 107

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry: pendants, necklaces, cameo, earrings, bracelets
Lot #: 108

Craft jewelry & alarm clocks

A bag of jewelry that are damaged or broken- so good for making craft items. Three alarm clocks. One is the battery & the other two are wind up. Candle and a glass bud vase with a glass rose
Lot #: 109

Costume jewelry

Nice old pieces of jewelry with clear stones, maybe diamonds or they might be rhinestones in the necklace. Vintage cufflinks, tie tacks and a piece that says Sterling Silver. Can?t figure out what is used for- see the pictures.
Lot #: 110

Glass ring holder & rings

A glass ring holder with rings, a vintage jewelry box, a glass jewelry holder with lid, a belt buckle for scarf style belt and a miniature compact
Lot #: 111

Wood jewelry box

Wood jewelry box that is currently empty, a chain necklace, rings, wristwatch, earrings, an empty ring box, and a gold colored medallion
Lot #: 112

Alarm clocks

Alarm clocks, a hair comb and leather billfold, round spectacles without the earpieces and an under glass Jesus praying
Lot #: 113

Pendants, necklace & bracelet

Several pendants with no chains, necklaces- one says "Mom", a sweater guard & some silver colored bracelets
Lot #: 114

Three piece bedroom set

This high-quality, three-piece bedroom set includes a bureau with mirror, five drawer chest and a bed. The bed does have a mattress and springs that sells with it, but you are under no obligation to take the mattress and springs. Queen size bed
Lot #: 115

Watches & bracelets

Watches, bracelets, earrings & necklace
Lot #: 116

Costume jewelry

Pendants, bracelets, brooches- nice assortment
Lot #: 117

Three pillows & bedding

Three pillows, a heated mattress, cover with plastic bag to protect it & thermal type blankets
Lot #: 118

Small Afghans

Three small Afghans
Lot #: 119

Lampshade and bedskirt

Lampshade, mattress pad, night light, portable hairdryer and never used mattress skirt
Lot #: 120

Stadium blankets

Stadium blankets and two unmarked ones
Lot #: 121


Neckties- use your imagination and make: quilts, rugs etc or wear one every day and throw it away when gets dirty
Lot #: 122


Three afghans
Lot #: 123

Sun bonnet girl quilt

Sun Bonnet and Farmers boy quilt. It?s been done by machine. 86 " x 68"
Lot #: 124

Pink little girl quilt

Machine stitched measures 64" x 7?. Girl with sunbonnet dressed in pink
Lot #: 125

Southern Belle quilt

104" x 84? machine stitched quilt with southern bell girls
Lot #: 126

Machine stitched quilt

Southern Belle machine stitched quilt, 104" by 96?
Lot #: 127

Carnival glass

Blue carnival glass includes a bowl, fairy lamp, hen on nest, a blue hand made of glass, carnival glass, tooth picker and a square glass box
Lot #: 128

Blue custard & blue glass boot

Made in China cameo dresser dish, blue custard basket, blue glass tooth picker and boot. Crock jar with cork and Goebel piece with purple Iris
Lot #: 129

Oatmeal glass plate

Green oatmeal glass plate, a decorator plate with pink roses & another with yellow roses. Blue carnival glass plate, oriental style bowl and urn, cobalt blue oriental style vase and a blue wildflowers Yellowstone mug
Lot #: 130

Table lamp and roses

Vintage table lamp without a shade- has the finial, a nice centerpiece for the dresser that has white roses with pink centers
Lot #: 131

Blue custard lamp

Electrified blue Custer hurricane type lamp with metal base and centerpiece
Lot #: 132

Porcelain doll

Porcelain doll with a knitted outfit. Very pretty face and has open and shut eyes
Lot #: 133

Wall grouping

Wall grouping includes three oblong mirrors and a framed heart made of flowers
Lot #: 134

Fan & space heater

Small air Duracraft fan with clear tape to keep white fan blade cover on the blue fan- so obviously the front keeps falling off -but does put out air. Lasko oscillate free standing space heater with thermostat
Lot #: 135

Wall decor

Three metal wall hangings and three stone hangings
Lot #: 136

Foot and headboard of bed

Metal foot and headboard for queen size bed, no rails. Does have the hardware as shown in pix
Lot #: 137

Bathroom scales & hangers

Wood pant hangers, Plastic pant hangers, plastic & cloth clothes hangers and a Taylor bathroom scales
Lot #: 138

Wall mirror

This wood framed wall mirror probably went with a dresser, but there is no dresser. You can hang it on the wall. 47 inches wide and 39 inches tall
Lot #: 139

Small wood baby crib

3? wood baby crib that has rollers and it does have a plastic covered mattress that looks in really good shape. See no damage to bed nor mattress.
Lot #: 140

Hanging lamps

Hanging light fixtures there is a picture showing the three bulb hanging light.. Do not have pix of the single shade lit up
Lot #: 141

Hanging light

This hanging light has been removed from the ceiling and you?ll see a picture of it displayed as well as the parts
Lot #: 142

Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clocks that is stamped "Made in Germany". Measures 19 inches from the top of the vine to the bottom of the leaf and the widest point is 13 inches.
Lot #: 143

Decorative blocks & silver tray

Two decorative blocks. One block feels like stone. The other is either a light stone or a light wood. An unmarked silver tray that needs cleaned.
Lot #: 144

Vintage shaving materials

A display box that says "Dad Oliver Click" with two ivory handled razor blades, safety razor & shaving brush. A razor strap, 2 Colgate cup soaps that are still in the original packaging, 4 shaving brushes and a shaving mug from Waverly with note "Original shaving mug from Father Oliver Miller Click (1900-1986).
Lot #: 145

Vintage fishing, lures and spoon

Vintage fishing lures and spoon
Lot #: 146

Christmas ribbon & answering system

Christmas ribbon and package labels. Christmas paper, VTEC coordinate cordless digital answering system with both a headphone and hand held phone receiver. Straw hats, a padded cloth to put on top of furniture to protect from hot pots, an autumn theme placemat and flowers.
Lot #: 147

Small lamp table & figurine

A small marble top end table with stone base, a stone angel reading a book, a stone bench to hang on the wall and a grape wreath to put around a picture
Lot #: 148

Wall Decour

Two metal framed pictures of flowers and a wood frame of treasure. "All the wonderful things life gives you" plaque.
Lot #: 149

Wood tiered shelf

Wood tiered 5 shelf unit. Contents sell in Lot 150
Lot #: 150

Contents of shelf unit

Shelf unit sells in lot 149. This lot consists of a glass note on the back" Lovebirds, mirror tray & metal butterfly. See the pictures.
Lot #: 151

Pressed wood shelf unit

Pressed wood shelf unit with two shelves. The contents sell in lot 152. The shelf measures 3 foot wide 30 inches tall 12 inches deep
Lot #: 152

Contents of shelf unit

Louis Amore paperbacks, Alex Haley?s "Queen", Methodist Hymnal, Moby Dick. a box full of souvenir picture postcards, road atlas, plastic paper divider, cards and notepads
Lot #: 153

Singer table top sewing machine

Touch and Sew Singer table top sewing machine. Comes with a sewing machine cabinet. Box full of Sewing attachments: including bobbins, scissors, sewing machine needles, tape measures and more
Lot #: 154

Wall decor

A five piece wall decor, plus a folding wall shelf
Lot #: 155

Holmes space heater

Clothes hanger unit that you can put by your ironing board as you finish ironing shirts that folds up to store easily. A OSC one touch space heater from Holmes
Lot #: 156

Artist folding table

An artist folding table has a tip tray to put it at different angles. Nice piece. The top is 36" x 24" and when it opened up-is 26 inches from the floor.
Lot #: 157

Decor pieces-vintage briefcase

Vintage briefcase (or may be an overnight case) a coffee pot turned into a flower pot, a metal frame with two potted artificial flowers, knitted dolls and other decor
Lot #: 158

Gumwood wash stand

Refinished Vintage Gumwood washstand. In really nice shape. Four wood casters for easy mobility
Lot #: 159

Wall decor

Hanging "Joy" bell banner, two gold colored framed pictures and brass trinkets. Two purple and one gold tassels currently on a door knob
Lot #: 160

Wall decor

This display includes several wood plaques with wire hangers & banner with oriental theme. "A retired husband is a wife's full-time job". "My children are the apple of my eye"."We will be friends until we?re old and senile. Then we will be new friends" and more. See the pictures
Lot #: 161

Handwork T towels & table cloths

This lot is mostly handiwork: Table cloths, flannel sheet, some crocheted items as well as hand stitch
Lot #: 162


A drawer full of linens: mostly table cloths & table scarves
Lot #: 163


Handiwork: Pillowcases, potholders, table cloths, dresser scarves
Lot #: 164


10 foot table cloth with crocheted edging, other table cloths- some card table size
Lot #: 165

Metal shelf with greeting cards

Metal 4 shelf unit with greeting cards, Arts and Crafts magazines, crocheted hat favors, rolls of ribbon and other goodies
Lot #: 166

Dresser scarf & candleholders

A dresser scarf or you can hang it on the wall. A tote with metal candle holders. Wooden and plastic picture frames & easels in different sizes. Electric adding machine
Lot #: 167

Heating pads

Electric heating pads and a hot water bottle
Lot #: 168

Garment bags

Two garment bags and three folding umbrellas
Lot #: 169

Fur collar

Fur collar with ties-in very good condition. No label
Lot #: 170

Wall hangings

A pair of metal candlesticks with red candles, Three plaques: one with "faith", "peace" and 3rd one with "love"
Lot #: 171

6 Symphony of Shimmering plates

Six Symphony of Shimmering Beauty Collection by WS George. Created from an original silk painting by Lena Liu. "Hollyhock March", "Lily Concerto", "The quartet", "Hibiscus Medley", "Rose Fantasy" and "Tulip Ensemble" All six have their certificate of authenticity. Six other plates in the series are in Lot 100
Lot #: 172

Iron flower holders

Wrought iron plant stand & piece that holds a bouquet of purple artificial flowers. A little wood bench to put your dolls on
Lot #: 173

Plastic framed mirror

Ornate plastic framed mirror is painted gold to give it an elegant look. Measures approx 25 inches at widest point and 34 inches at the tallest point
Lot #: 174

Rocking horse

This little pony is black and white on a wood platform. He has metal stirrups and is ready to carry a child into the land of imagination. The reins are broken
Lot #: 175

Pair of blue swivel rockers

Pair of "Charles Schneider" candy blue swivel rockers
Lot #: 176

Floor lamp

Chrome colored Metal floor lamp with shade and finial
Lot #: 177

Norman Rockwell prints

Norman Rockwell and other prints, See the pictures for the different prints plus books from Washington DC., Classical composers, "America Medical Association Encyclopedia", Joys of Friendship and "Getting Old Ain?t for Wimps".
Lot #: 178

3 piece living room table set

Oval coffee table & 2 end tables- each of the end/lamp tables have a drawer. See the pictures. All 3 tables are like new
Lot #: 179


Centerpieces: fruit, flowers and a large metal bowl shaped like a half of an acorn filled with artificial gourds. Glass wall shelf
Lot #: 180

Two Polaroid cameras

Two Polaroid cameras with cases
Lot #: 181

Pair of vintage looking table lamps

This pair of table lamps have brass with metal and glass with matching shades but are not matching set
Lot #: 182

Glass centerpieces

These two footed glass centerpiece bowls have dried flower petals and the other one has artificial fruit
Lot #: 183

Metal pole floor lamp

Metal pole floor lamp with a plastic shade
Lot #: 184

Potted plant

A potted artificial plant, hanging flower arrangement and metal music bars wall hanging
Lot #: 185

Painted wood chairs

A pair of vintage chairs that have been painted and padded seats added.
Lot #: 186

Vintage china hutch

Vintage China hutch with metal pulls on the drawers and porcelain knobs on the doors. It is 2 pieces.
Lot #: 187

Three section mirror

Three section mirror that is currently above a couch and has really nice metal looking flowers and greenery. Is 57 inches wide
Lot #: 188

Throw pillows

10 throw pillows. "Mirror mirror on the wall, I have become my mother after all" and ?Genuine Antique Person, Been there done that can?t remember? The rest are just decorated pillows -nothing special
Lot #: 189

7 foot couch

7 foot Charles Custom Furniture from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Has two side pillows- really nice condition.
Lot #: 190

Oriental style rug

Oriental style rug with tag "Handmade in China" and measures 3 x 6. Not showing any wear
Lot #: 191

Room decor

Battery operated clock & hanging banner
Lot #: 192

Metal chest

Metal chest that holds bigger objects. Has metal "woven" wire decorative sides, top and bottom
Lot #: 193

Plates with painted birds

Three clear salad plates with painted birds in the center, a framed keepsake with somebody?s dentures & first tooth brush and cream and sugars that state belong to Helen
Lot #: 194

Collectible Porcelain pieces

Collectible porcelain miniature vases, miniature pitcher, Swans with rosettes on them. Nice set from Japan, a vase with Cupid and other miniatures. See the pix
Lot #: 195

40th anniversary plate

40th anniversary plate, original newspaper from Attica Kansas from 1902, gravy boat, sugar and salt & pepper shaker set
Lot #: 196

Stemmed fruit compote

Stemmed fruit compote, three salt dips, opalescent dishes and other collectible dishware, including a ruby red glass bell
Lot #: 197

American Bicentennial Collection

Six "The Great American Revolution 1776 American Bicentennial collection" from 1776 through 1976 with the original paperwork. These plates are made with pewter and the centers are porcelain
Lot #: 198

President and Mrs. John F Kennedy plate

President and Mrs. John F, Kennedy plate, Vicksburg National Military Park medallion and a World War II memorial medallion
Lot #: 199

Pres Clinton picture & Blue cobalt tumbler

President Clinton?s picture and history on his presidency, souvenir Cobalt blue Tumbler plus a blue mug from Carnegie Hall 1997, Homestead in Winter Plate from Courier and Ives and a another vintage blue trim plate and a left handed mustache cup
Lot #: 200

Tooth pickers & individual creamers

Vintage tooth pickers including some ruby red ones from the state fair of 1936. Some individual creamers from Dodge City and the others do not have markings, a little glass Kewpie doll that has been repaired and needs repaired again, candle stick holder and other pieces. Nice assortment of small collectibles
Lot #: 201

Bradford Exchange Heaven Sent

Two plates from The Heaven Sent Series: "Puppy Dog Tails" and "Sweet Dreams"- They are the first and second edition. A wood carving of a steam engine Hand done by local artist Kenneth Bolton, called Locomotive. A metal framed hanging of a cross with a quote from 1st Cor 13:13
Lot #: 202

Bradford exchange plates

These plates have certificates of authenticity and are from the Bradford exchange. From different series. Titles include: "Dreaming of you", "The sweetest of dreams", "Porcelain Treasures". "A place to dream dreams of poetry,"Where her friends dream dreams of gather," plus Victorian Beauty, The Woodridge and the Richfield
Lot #: 203

Railroad map

1906 Railroad map of Kansas, "The Victory towed into Gibraltar" and the project map of Oil Field south of Larned
Lot #: 204

3-D silhouette pictures of God bless home

Two 3D "God bless our home" silhouette pictures with metal frames & concave glass
Lot #: 205

French ivory letter openers

A pair of French ivory letter openers from Geneseo Kansas, a metal chain scrubber, plaque that says "I?m not bossy. I just know what you should be doing", iron spoon and fork figurines to hang on the wall & 2 glass trays
Lot #: 206

Metal candle sticks

A pair of nice old, heavy metal candlesticks with claw feet, a plastic tray with either Humpty Dumpty or potato heads and matching mug. Tarnished silver includes forks, knives, serving spoons & teaspoons. One does have the word "Rogers" and we can?t decipher the rest
Lot #: 207

Miniature tea set

Miniature tea set, a child?s mug that says, "Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee", hummingbirds made a glass, a doll baby bottle, a porcelain head, an extra little teacup that doesn?t have a saucer, blown crystal glass bird and babies in the nest, thimble & medicine bottle.
Lot #: 208

Lovebirds and pheasant

A pair of lovebirds, a pheasant from Lefton, little boy getting into the bathtub and a metal Rose
Lot #: 209

China serving set

China serving set with no markings just a number on the bottom, salt and pepper shaker, cream and sugar without the sugar lid a small covered bowl and a platter
Lot #: 210

Depression crystal serving pieces

Depression crystal: Two pieces look like they could go together, except one has tulips and the other one has roses, but they both have pink and green. The other two are uncolored pieces.
Lot #: 211

Vase and glass rose

Bud vase, a glass rose with a metal stem, a glass apple to put on the teachers desk, two glass trays, bowl, rectangle bowl and a black extra large marble (not solid like a marble
Lot #: 212

Bells including a Mary Gregory type

Woodville is a really a music box that plays "Amazing Grace", a bell from the United Nations. Georgia's Alpine Village with "Helen" and a Hershey Pennsylvania Bell (Mary Gregory style".
Lot #: 213

Wood birdhouse & brass candlesticks

Wood birdhouse that has a cross on top, so maybe it?s where the birds go to church. A pair of brass candlesticks, a brass plate holder and a pair of plaster of Paris that look like they go on the edge of your mantle. They do have holes in the back to hook onto something.
Lot #: 214

Roll your own cigarettes

This bag includes a lighter and genuine Durham bag of tobacco. The other bag contains miniature keys and padlocks.
Lot #: 215

Oak dining room table & chairs

Modern Queen Anne style oak table with six chairs (includes 1 captain). Has two extra leaves and has the protective pads for the leaves and the table. Very nice set.
Lot #: 216

Hearthside Garden Festival stoneware

Hearthside Garden Festival stoneware set. As you can see from the pictures there are several pieces: plates, serving bowls & platters, cereal bowls, cups and saucers, pie plates, covered butter, two sets of creamer and sugars. Two sets of salt and pepper shakers and one gravy. There are a few pieces that have chips, but 99% is in really good shape
Lot #: 217

Tote with decorated pillows

A tote with decorated pillows, a couple of purses, a wicker basket with artificial roses, another basket with Ivy, a lined metal 2 handled tub that you can either use for bread or maybe a cat
Lot #: 218

Christmas is coming

Check out these Christmas decorations, including wood block that says "Merry Christmas". Another one says "Dear Santa, before I explain, how much do you really know already", a drum, extra large cup and more
Lot #: 219

Artificial flowers & TV trays

A nice fall arrangement in a plastic container, 4 TV trays, metal bucket, metal door stop, a metal urn and a bird basket with bird eggs
Lot #: 220

Cool looking vase

21 inch tall vase- not sure what is made of- looks like it could be stone or some type of a composite- but is really cool looking and has some weight.
Lot #: 221

Christmas flowers

Red candle in a metal candle holder and two poinsettia pieces
Lot #: 222

Framed mirror

35" x 22? framed mirror
Lot #: 223

Austria and Lefton bowls

M&Z Austria bowl, Lefton, hand-painted stemmed bowl, assorted unmarked coffee cups, unmarked creamers- one is Oriental. A little oriental square sugar with no lid
Lot #: 224

Four vintage glass bowls

Three serving bowls and one divided dish. These are nice old pieces. A glass heart approximately 8 inches in diameter. Not seeing any chips or cracks
Lot #: 225

Metal base candleholders

Pair of metal base candleholders that I have no candles in them. Not sure they have ever been used. Approx 14 inches tall. Table lamp with shade base is included
Lot #: 226

Glass bud vases

Glass vases- some are bud vases. Plus you get some stemware.
Lot #: 227

Chicken cookie jar

Chicken cookie jar that has no markings on it. See no damage.
Lot #: 228

Assorted miniatures

Assorted miniatures" one looks like a conductor or navy cap that could be used as an ashtray, a pelican soap dish, miniature teapot that holds a teabag, little crock, couple of wallhangings: one about mother and one about friendship, Butterpat & candleholder. Check out the pictures
Lot #: 229

Chip and dip set

Vintage set that has a tray with the sauce dish an individual six holders for either veggies or chips. Bud vase, two storage jars with lids that have plastic attached to"seal" the jars, handled nappy, custard cups etc.
Lot #: 230

Collectible glassware

Covered compote dish, a footed bowl, a small footed bowl chrome, trimmed bowl, pedestal candy dish, petal edged saucers and two dishes
Lot #: 231

Ruby red bowl

5 inch deep Ruby Red bowl with leaves, a 12 1/2 inch glass tray with Christmas decor, bread tray with deer and evergreens
Lot #: 232

Ginger jar & metal candle holder

Ginger jar- made in China, sunflower, ceramic watering pitcher says Home Sweet Home from Japan, flower holder, little covered pot with apples and a metal candle holder that has four candles
Lot #: 233

Crosses and portrait of Jesus

Plastic cross, a metal crucifix, . "A joyful heart blooms. year around" plaque and a deca podge picture of Jesus.
Lot #: 234

Desk pen and pencil set

2 pen and pencils sets-one is missing one of the utensils. Wooden box and four stone hangings." Don?t try to understand me, Just love me". " it?s been Monday all week", "I don?t need your attitude. I already have one". "I only look sweet and innocent".
Lot #: 235


Six each of the two goblets that are shown, the others are still wrapped up in the tote behind them
Lot #: 236

Wagner cast iron ashtray

Wagner, cast-iron ashtray, metal bucket that says "apples", an old vintage "Blue Harp" harmonica with case. A Red Head gun butt cover and a square glass vase
Lot #: 237


A man made it out of three spoons and 2 Forks holding a rose. Pig figures, a hook shaped apple and a plastic dresser top tray
Lot #: 238

Collector buttons

One marked "US", a cast iron metal with an "S", one with an eagle, 2 with metal wires to hook to the shirt and others-see the pictures. All are made of some kind of metal
Lot #: 239

Two cake glass trays & bowl

Two cake glass trays with feet and a nice bowl
Lot #: 240

Foreign money

Three bags of foreign money, mostly coins but there is some paper
Lot #: 241

Metal & and wood tokens

Small bag of metal and wood tokens
Lot #: 242

Wall hangings & Peter Marshall calendar

Peter Marshall and David Manuel "The Glory of America Calendar" with history facts each day, miniature book- "A Father's Book of Wisdom", "you put the grand in grandmother" wall hanging. bumper stickers, picture of irises and a package of several unused five cent postcards
Lot #: 243

Metal wall shelf

Metal wall shelf with glass tray, a metal Basket with an electric glue gun. a wicker chicken for putting notes in- see the pictures of other neat stuff in this lot
Lot #: 244

Decorative ceramic pieces

13 inch ceramic tray with fall theme, a jar with apples and bananas, two flower pots and a porcelain basket with handle
Lot #: 245

Scrib Ink & plastic birds

Vintage flip phones- don?t see them much anymore. 2 thermoses coffee cups, a bag of plastic birds, a pad, stuffed mouse, two bottles of Scrip ink- one is empty, miniature metal jalopy, wall hanging with bell chimes, solid brass "Made in Italy" paperweight and an Avon porcelain covered jar
Lot #: 246

Wicker baskets & vintage gloves

A pair of wicker baskets. Illustrated Holy Bible, pair of vintage gloves, plastic serving trays, a pair of wooden braces for a wall shelf, and "Heartwood Creek Jim Shore figurine
Lot #: 247

Rogers silverplate

Roger?s silverplate in case includes: soup & tea spoons, forks and knives. Set of Five Rogers and Brothers silver plated fish knives plus a copper shovel
Lot #: 248

Vintage Cruets

Four vintage Cruets- one without a stopper. A milk glass Anchor Hocking piece-might be bottom to a hen on the nest but no hen. Three small glass trays.
Lot #: 249

Candlewick tumblers

12 candlewick tumblers
Lot #: 250

Metal serving trays

Set of three metal serving trays, a covered stick butter holder and three enamel pans with metal trim & plastic covers. They are unmarked.
Lot #: 251

Serving trays & Knife set

Serving trays: one for chips and dip, a Regent Sherwood two piece stainless steel cutlery set with holder, two pieces of Corelle sauce dishes, and some cereal bowls
Lot #: 252

Two Glass pitchers and trays.

Two Depression era glass pitchers and two glass serving trays. One of them is similar to one with roses that are in lot 210 -but they are not alike
Lot #: 253

Candles and candleholders

Two pairs of candleholders without the stems plus assorted candles in jars- even one with a snowman
Lot #: 254

Salt & pepper Shakers & footed tumblers

Three sets of salt and pepper shakers- one set in a wire crate carrier, pint jars, Custard dishes- including some marked Pyrex. Two pieces of stemware and three footed goblets. Plus you get "History of fruit jars" from mason jars.
Lot #: 255

Frankoma bean pot

Yellow Frankoma, bean pot marked 4V and a spooner?) marked 302
Lot #: 256

Melamine dinnerware

Melamine salad and dinner plates, stoneware vegetable bowls, a correlle bowl, Fire King gold trim bowl and damaged tea pot.
Lot #: 257

Berry bowls & glassware

Berry bowls, small serving bowls, four different size & styles of glasses and a pair of stemmed goblets
Lot #: 258

Playing cards & hand held mirror

Decks of playing cards- some look as never been opened. A Barbara Johnson "Every time I get my act together the curtain comes down" inspiration booklet. Handheld mirror, "clear gel" shoe inserts- and a clear plastic tote. Flashlights
Lot #: 259

Rubber tree plant

Actually, it?s an artificial tree with plastic leaves on wood branches in a pot
Lot #: 260

Plastic Legos

Two containers of plastic Legos. The one box says 100 pieces- we did not count them
Lot #: 261

Young children?s plastic toys

Two containers full of plastic toys- some are Sesame Street including Big Bird. Some Legos, plastic rings and wood blocks
Lot #: 262


Coronado Country Sweet Adeline?s 1987 recipe book, 366 Lowfat brand-name Cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens, Betty Crocker and more
Lot #: 263

LifePro infrared heater

LifePro medium room infrared tower heater/fan with its original box and a unique small vice grip dial control
Lot #: 264

Oak China hutch

Lighted Oak China hutch with three pieces of glass in the top, porcelain knobs and handles. Is a modern piece of furniture and in really good condition. Measures 79" tall, 50 inches wide 20 inches deep on the bottom side. Is in two pieces. It is Oakwood from Memphis Missouri
Lot #: 265

Golden wheat table settings

Golden wheat made in USA 22 karat gold oven proof dinnerware. Includes dinner plates, salad plates, pie plates, cups and saucers, sauce dishes and water glasses. Looks like 8 place settings couple types with extra pieces We have the tote that this set was stored in along with the packing that goes with these items. This is included in your purchase so will not have to bring boxes for this lot
Lot #: 266

RCA CD/Cassette player

RCA three CD changer/cassette player. Has the speakers and buyer even gets four CDs to go included as well as user manual and remote
Lot #: 267

Presidential Dollars Collection Case

This is a nice wood case to keep the presidential dollars collection. Contains the boxes to store the dollars but "sorry" there are no dollars. You have to find them yourself and start/make your collection. There is a slot for a box that is not in here, so assuming there?s one box short
Lot #: 268

Presidential dollars

These are all individual Presidential Dollars. We do not think they belong with the box in Lot 267, but you be your own judge
Lot #: 269

Decorative Plate Racks

Two of the decorative plate racks are in the original box and one does not have a box. None of the racks have been used.
Lot #: 270

Glass baking dishes

Rectangle and square glass baking dishes and a refrigerator dish with lid
Lot #: 271

Table lamp with shade

Metal base table lamp with shade & finial
Lot #: 272

Potholders and more

Pot holders & cloth/padded chickens to keep your food warm by putting it over the top of the bowl. Fondue Fork Set, multicolored butterfly light catcher and others- see the pictures.
Lot #: 273

Stainless tableware

Plastic divided tray with stainless tableware, marked Oneida. Teaspoons, tablespoons, dinner and salad forks, knives and there is some other tableware in the lot
Lot #: 274

Framed landscape pictures

Most of the frames are 11 x 14 and some of them are 17 x 14. Sunsets over the water, bridge that goes through the river, double doors, a padlock, ships and picture of fish. Total of 9 framed pictures
Lot #: 275

Tote with linens

This tote includes towels, baby blanket, crochet work, but mostly towels
Lot #: 276

Assorted totes

These are all empty totes- different shapes, sizes, some have lids & some are open topped. That?s the way they were purchased plus some silverware trays- see the pictures. The first picture is a picture overall and the last picture is the same group of totes from the other side of the pile. Buy these to put your other purchased lots in so you won't have to bring boxes
Lot #: 277

Plastic ware

Assorted plastic ware, covered cake carrier, round storage containers. bowls- a couple do not have lids, plus some plastic cups- see the pictures
Lot #: 278

Cutting board & rolling pin

Wooden cutting board, wood rolling pen, one & a 2 cup glass measuring cups, a metal meat drippings container with lid, the wood off of a trim of old house mantle and a metal sifter
Lot #: 279

Tupperware measuring cups/spoons

Tupperware measuring cups and spoons, rubber spatula, scissors, clips for potato chip bags. tooth pickers, box of wax to use for sealing jelly jars, oven timers, flour scoop.
Lot #: 280

Plastic tub of kitchen supplies

This plastic tote has a timer, funnels, baster, grater, T-ball for tea leaves, candy thermometer, spatulas, etc.
Lot #: 281

Stuff out of the desk

Push pens, highlighters, scissors, masking tape, ballpoint pens, scotch tape, long life bulbs, mosquito trap from Alaska, yard sticks- most of them are wood, some plastic colored beads & paper clips
Lot #: 282

Oak kitchen table & four chairs

Laminated Oak kitchen oval table with two leaves. The leaves are already inserted. Has two metal legs with oak trim that match the chairs. The 4 chairs are cushioned and are on rollers. The table is 77" long with the leaves. The leaves measure 18 inches each.
Lot #: 283

Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

Almond colored, Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator that distributes ice and water out of the door. You choose rather the ice is either crushed or cubed
Lot #: 284

Hamilton Beach microwave oven

Hamilton Beach 1000 W microwave oven with glass turntable. Has the owners manual. Includes a bacon cooker and splatter guard
Lot #: 285

Spectra Electric Oven & Hood

GE Spectra electric oven true champ. Automatic oven includes the racks and the hood. The hood is an Allure and the owners will take it down for you. Stove has Corning type top and a drawer below the oven.
Lot #: 286

Plastic cake carrier

Cake carrier, Corning 6 1/2 inch skillet for the stove or microwave, two 9 1/4 inch Corning pie plates, an extra glass lid and a brown Anchor Hocking casserole with lid
Lot #: 287

Metal salad bowls & baking pans

Large stainless steel mixing bowl with two smaller ones plus another set of three stainless steel mixing bowls, square & rectangle pans for baking bread and cakes, a steamer ball, metal cookie sheets, cooling racks, rings to put on top of a pie to keep the crust from burning. pie tins to set fruit pie on so it won?t leak all over your oven. Cooling racks and jello molds
Lot #: 288

Glass rectangle cake pans & pie plates

Pyrex cake pans for oven or microwave
Lot #: 289

Four cutting boards

Three different size of glass cutting boards and a ceramic rectangle cutting board
Lot #: 290

Toaster and waffle maker

ToastMaster two slice toaster and an Oster waffle maker. The waffle maker has the instruction booklet .
Lot #: 291

Knife blocks and knives

Knife block with kitchen knives- different shapes and sizes. None of them match. A block with six steak knives.
Lot #: 292

Blender, chopper, and mixer

Waring 14 speed electric blender, mini food chopper, and a Black and Decker hand mixer with extra beaters
Lot #: 293

Three skillets & three sauce pans

Two skillets are marked " T Falls". Another skillet looks like it?s says "Rival but it might be Regal-hard to read. The sauce pans are stainless steel. There is an extra lid. Also, included is a wrought iron shelf with wood base to hang on the wall to display spice sets etc
Lot #: 294

Glass tumblers

Eight large and 11 smaller tumblers that all match
Lot #: 295

Three sets of drinking glasses

A set of 8 large and 11 shorter that match. 6 look like gold Fostoria. Set of eight is smoky colored and the other six are clear
Lot #: 296

Collection of roosters

This collection includes dishwasher and microwave, safe bowls, salad plates and dinner plates. Hand-painted, spoon rest figurines, wall plaque, two canisters and egg candy dish. another dish without the bottom and long picture with chickens in a barn. 3 sets salt and pepper shakers
Lot #: 297

Rooster collection

Rooster Collection: Wood hanger with hooks plus the items displayed. Plates, clock "Every day is a gift:" etc
Lot #: 298

Plate holder and plates

Plastic coated plate holder, dinner plates, oval tray, Serving bowls, wine goblets and coffee mugs
Lot #: 299

Lazy Susan spice racks

Lazy Susan spice racks, a box full of dish cloths and wash cloths. A plastic step stool
Lot #: 300

Metal filing cabinet

Four drawer metal letter size filing cabinet
Lot #: 301

Box fan & broom

Eskimo Box fan that has had handle replaced with a wire covered with gray tape. Alsoa wood handled broom
Lot #: 302

Four ice chests

Four Ice Chests. One is a Playmate, two small ones and medium size one
Lot #: 303

Wood top opening carpenter chest

32 inch long wood carpenter chest that has a place for the saws and has Mr. Click?s name on the inside. Top opening
Lot #: 304

Three Waggon hub lamps

Three wagon hubs, turned into lamps. Two of them are complete. The other one needs the cord and socket
Lot #: 305

Wood shelf unit

Three shelves plus the top and then there?s three round shelves on the end. 39 inches at the longest point, and stands 32 inches
Lot #: 306

Golf cart & clubs

Golf clubs are from the Northwest Golf Company. Has clubs & irons plus balls and tees in the pocket
Lot #: 307

Chamber pot & Sugar sack

Chamber pot with a lid and a chip on the rim. Sugar sack from Garden City Company Garden City, Kansas, plus a little tin flask type pitcher
Lot #: 308

Vintage canteen

Vintage canteen cloth carrier, not seeing any markings. It does have some rust and small hole
Lot #: 309

Coca-Cola items

Coca-Cola items include two picture frames, a dresser box, and a vending machine disguising that it?s a can
Lot #: 310

Vintage looking telephone

Wood desktop telephone not sure it?s old, but they made it look old. Sewing machine drawer and bells off of vintage telephone
Lot #: 311

Humidifier & microwave

Duracraft humidifier and Sharp carousel microwave with the turntable tray
Lot #: 312

Fossils and barbed wire

Five pieces of vintage barbed wire, a piece of clay,that has fossil pieces. Plastic two-tiered vegetable holder. Brown canning crock with no lid and some milk glass light pieces
Lot #: 313

Vintage cream can plus lockbox

Vintage cream can that has a wire/wood handle and is . filled with vintage canning jar rings & lids. Universal #2 meat grinder. Check box with key that looks like is fireproof, but it does not say it is
Lot #: 314

Vintage lunchbox tin

Vintage tin box looks like it used to be an old lunchbox, 2 bowling trophies, "grandma" sitting in a little wicker chair holding a broom- She?s tuckered out from cleaning the house. Wood trim piece turned into a wall hanging.
Lot #: 315

A full body massager

Full body massager & an infant seat with stuffed animals
Lot #: 316

Soft sided luggage

Soft sided luggage with three pieces match. All 4 pieces have rollers to pull around the airport. Included are two straw hats
Lot #: 317

Vintage pop bottles

Fanta, Frosty, Ellweins, Dr Pepper, Yorks, Beauty Cheap Water, Pepsi-Cola, Coke and more
Lot #: 318

Canning jars

Vintage canning jars plus some newer ones. Most of them are clear, there are some aqua ones. There are zinc & glass lids with bail handles, an old box of Kerr economy caps. Even some medicine bottles and a small cream bottle marked producer Hutchinson Kansas.
Lot #: 319

Canning jars & vintage bottles

Pop bottles, wine bottles, canning jars, syrup bottles see the pictures
Lot #: 320

Vintage pottery insulators

Vintage insulators- some are glass & some are pottery. Look them over. If you are an insulator collector, I am sure you know more than I do
Lot #: 321

Vintage lamp burner

Vintage lamp burner, porcelain insulators, assorted glass and brass insulators for electric fence, stove polish, cork screw, opener?s- see the pictures
Lot #: 322

Vintage washboards

Three vintage washboards: one says Rich/Con, one says Flyer Silver and the third one, we cannot read
Lot #: 323

Vintage Button collection

Jars & plastic bags full of vintage buttons, plus a 1 quart handle jug that has no buttons and a box that holds plastic checkers
Lot #: 324

Vintage jars

Vintage jars: some with bail & glass lids, one has artificial fruit in it. some with porcelain inserts from some of the old jars.
Lot #: 325

Crocks and jars

Two small crocks, a crock jar with lid missing the bail handle, assorted sizes: pints, half pints and quarts. Glass jars with glass lids in bail handles plus some extra glass lids and a box of assorted lids including zinc
Lot #: 326

Vintage cell phone

Oilfield crank telephone. We think it was Thomas Edison?s last try to create a cell phone, Alexander Graham Bell had already given up.
Lot #: 327

Seashells in Frosty hangar

Seashells in lidded tin and others in two plastic containers, including a plastic coated rack. Frosty the Snowman wind chime made with seashells
Lot #: 328

Vintage iron items

Some of these are reproductions, but part of them are older. Railroad spikes, cast-iron trivets- one for hanging tickets, two for setting hot pots on, a wood Tom Cat box that holds lemons at the store to sell and a wooden mallet
Lot #: 329

Two sets metal gray shelves

Five shelf unit is 5 foot tall and 30 inches wide. The shorter unit is 4 foot tall 3 foot wide. Contents sell in lot three 320,321, 327 & 328
Lot #: 330

Two sets of white metal shelves

Two sets of white metal shelves that measure 30 inches wide. One is not quite 5 foot tall and the other is 5?1" tall. Contents sell in lots 320 to 323 and 325 and 326
Lot #: 331

Metal two door cabinet

Metal two door cabinet measures 20" wide and 5? tall. Contents sell in lot 324
Lot #: 332

Decorated potted plant with no Plant

This pot is oriental style nice heavy pot ready to put plants in. Not quite 12 inches deep
Lot #: 333

Vintage wrenches

Vintage wrenches includes some left-handed monkey wrenches, Fence pliers and more. See the pictures
Lot #: 334

Vintage wrenches

Alligator wrenches, stone hammer, pipe wrenches, fence stretcher- little bit of everything
Lot #: 335

Three boxes of caps

These three boxes are full of miscellaneous caps, mostly oil field, but there are others- even a stocking cap
Lot #: 336

Jars and vintage milk bottles

Brown medicine jar, quart jars and includes some with glass lids. Assorted medicine,jars and milk bottles-mostly unmarked
Lot #: 337

Oil lamps

Four oil lamps and assorted shapes, styles and sizes of chimneys
Lot #: 338

Artificial flowers

Four containers of artificial flowers: roses to poinsettias. Have flowers in your house year around without water keep them alive or aggrivate allergies. Totes are included
Lot #: 339

Wicker picnic basket

Wicker picnic basket that does not have any other picnic contents, other wicker pieces: three handled baskets and several trash baskets
Lot #: 340

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations that include wreaths, stockings, greenery to hang above the windows and lights. Plus a wooden candleabra with candles-candleabra needs some repair
Lot #: 341

Four folding chairs

Four metal folding chairs. One has laminated padded seat
Lot #: 342

Five metal folding chairs

Five metal folding chairs with padded seats
Lot #: 343

Four metal frame folding chairs

Set a four metal frame folding chairs with composite seats. These are basically new chairs as they look like they have hardly been used, if at all. Very lightweight and easy to carry around
Lot #: 344

Metal filing cabinet

Metal filing cabinet with Legal size drawers. Plus you get a desk lamp
Lot #: 345

TV trays and pole rack

Set of eight TV trays with holder and a ceiling to floor hanging rack with a fish on it. Ideal for the bathroom
Lot #: 346

Three boxes of silk flowers

Three boxes of silk flowers- does not look as if any of them been used
Lot #: 347

Decorative wallhangings

Banner saying, "do you see what I see" is a snowman and animals looking at the Eastern star for when Jesus was born. A spider and his web and a yarn ornament
Lot #: 348

Vintage leather rocker

Clawfoot vintage wooden rocker with leather seat and back. The seat needs some repair, but the chair itself is in really good condition.
Lot #: 349

Antique mule eared woodchair

This is a nice old wood chair with spindle back (missing one of the spindles). A leather seat has been purchased to redo the seat because the woven part is gone. Nice old chair that can be easily restored. The leather seat replacement for the chair is from "bookstore replacement chair" and it tells you how to use it to fit the chair and replacing the cane seat, So you can get it fixed up as good as new. Included in this lot is a vintage kitchen step stool
Lot #: 350

Framed picture & decorative pieces

Nice large wall hanging- we?re sure this is a family picture. We don?t know who they are or the age of the picture, but obviously plaid was in style at that time. Also, in this lot is some items that don?t look like they have ever been used. One is a decor piece of the wood shelf to put on the wall to display items, a tin with mountain scenes and a rectangle basket for food. None look like have been used.
Lot #: 351


Table cloth, sheets & blankets
Lot #: 352

Ranch style coffee table

40 inch square ranch style coffee table. Linens in the pix sell in lot 351
Lot #: 353

Vintage foot stools

Vintage foot stools. One is an adjustable footstool to raise your feet if you have gout. The other one looks like make with fruit cans and covered with fabric and ball trim
Lot #: 354

Ladies upholstered rocker

Victorian style ladies upholstered rocker- in really good condition
Lot #: 355

Tote with Christmas wrapping pieces

Tote filled with Christmas wrapping pieces and another tote that you can use to carry home stuff that you are buying in this on line auction
Lot #: 356

This lot consists of baskets & totes

Tote & baskets-we recommend you buy these to help carry home items that you are purchasing in the other lots of this online auction. If you need a lid, there are some extra lids that you can go through when you pick up your merchandise.
Lot #: 357

Sewing machine cabinet & floor lamp

Wooden sewing machine cabinet. There are no drawers in it but it has a place to store your foot pedal. Just needs a sewing machine. Included in this lot is a metal base floor lamp with square shade
Lot #: 358

Folding lawn chair

Folding lawn chair plus a fold up aluminum cot with mattress
Lot #: 359

Vintage wood rocker

Nice vintage wood wall rocker with a padded pad on the back and seat
Lot #: 360

Pencil collection

This is quite a pencil collection. There is an unused box of pencils from the Kansas City Chiefs of 1996, all kinds of pens and pencils plus a screwdriver, scissors and clothes brush
Lot #: 361

2 land lines phones

To landline phones (these are collectibles :), a glass flower frog, acrylic paint, abstracts, Maps, wire baskets to put on your desk, extension cords and masking tape
Lot #: 362

Wooden yard sticks

Wooden yardsticks: Young Motor Company, co-op, Grand Radiator. Looks like several of them are local Lyons area businesses that are now closed. Plus artificial flowers, a placemat, old calendars, including from the University of Oklahoma 2016, 1989 American Legion and an office desk pad
Lot #: 363

Vintage oil cans & hotel bell

2 small vintage oil cans and a hotel desk bell
Lot #: 364

Framed baby pictures

Two framed baby pictures and a framed picture of an elderly gentleman with a beard. Folded umbrella, a plaque that says, "Even a dirty old man needs love". A barometer and leather with some bead work
Lot #: 365

Western magazines & covered chest

Frontier Times, Wild West, Old West. Quite a box full of magazines plus a covered chest. Should either sit on or fill with toys or whatever.
Lot #: 366

Handled Porcelain basket

Handle porcelain gold trimmed basket, an unmarked horn of plenty glass vase, hummingbird feeder & Indian type jug
Lot #: 367

Tote with autumn decor

Tote with autumn decor, Plastic table cloths- one is for a round table that has never been opened. Wire racks, cardboard frames for mounting pictures. A large cloth bunny
Lot #: 368

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations include Santa, another Santa with Holly and wreath, three candle candelabra plus some Christmas boxes
Lot #: 369

Christmas items

Little drums and packages as well as crystals to hang on your tree, a glass angel, 3 wisemen figurines,a box with large gold trim and decorations and a nice angel figurine
Lot #: 370

Nativity set

Nativity set, Christmas balls, wood chair, 3 wood bears, Christmas decor a pillow, Santa Claus and ceramic basket
Lot #: 371

Framed pictures

Pictures include-The pheasants are not under glass. In other words there?s no glass on the picture. An ocean view and a forest as well as the pheasants.
Lot #: 372

Christmas fireplace screen

Unfolded three piece fireplace screen with Christmas decorations, a throw rug to put in front of the fireplace and a metal frame to hang the mistletoe on
Lot #: 373

Picture framing material

Picture framing material- including a frame, some glass & mats
Lot #: 374

Vintage oval framed pictures

There is an oval frame picture of a baby and the glass is cracked on it. Wood framed pix looks like might be paint on glass, but it might be just glass covering a curved picture.
Lot #: 375

Craft items

Plastic tote full of Easter items, including chicks in baskets, eggs, etc. jars of colored balls and beads. A pair of ducks, assorted vases, "Grandmas are for loving" mug and potpourri jars.
Lot #: 376

Vases & Donald Duck puppet

Glass vases, Donald Duck, papier-m?ch? puppet a bowl of potpourri Christmas items, including flowers and pinecones, glass fruit, ceramic duck. See the pictures
Lot #: 377

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers, some in boxes, some in a nice display case, poinsettias in a plastic bag, pinecones in a basket and other flowers in floral baskets
Lot #: 378

Wood craft table

Folks, the pictures and my description are going to be so in adequate- but this is really a neat craft table. The two ends fold down and make very narrow so does not need much room to store. Has four wood chairs that fit inside the metal legs(you can see the three that are still in "storage") it is just really cool. Has a drawer on the opposite side and once you fold it up the four wheels under the center move it around easily
Lot #: 379

Doll collector plates

Two different sets of doll collector plates. Four from the Honu Down Museum presented by the Franklin mint. "Portrait of Bridget, "Antique doll portrait of Sophie" and Portrait of Madeline" the other six are all Sealy doll plates from the Mildred Sealy, antique doll collection, French Bebes. 6 plate hangers included
Lot #: 380

Punchbowl set

Punch bowl, base and plastic ladle, nine matching punch cups
Lot #: 381

Punch bowl and cups set

Punch bowl with glass base, plastic ladle and 12 cups
Lot #: 382

Punch bowl set

Punch bowl with 5 cups
Lot #: 383

Picture frame materials & metal candle holder

Sectional picture, framing pieces from Hobby Lobby. Wood display of a man praying over bread, a metal candle stick holder, vintage music box, and a miniature bowl & pitcher set from Lefton
Lot #: 384

Collectors plates

A piece of Flow Blue, other plates that have their certificates- ones from Knowles and the other is from Germany. The others do not have paperwork.
Lot #: 385

Laminated table with leaf

Laminated table with the leaf already inserted. Is 6 foot long and 22 inches wide with the leaf. Has two legs and two matching rolling chairs that have upholstered seats and back with wood trim on arms an legs
Lot #: 386

Books and Halloween

Hardback books include "Rocks and Minerals", "Seven Rivers West" another is Halloween decorations. A pumpkin basket, paint brushes, magazines from the art world- see the pictures
Lot #: 387

Framed pictures

Barnwood framed pix of a roaring ocean, wood frame of a wagon close-up of the wheel, metal frame of Salvador Dali DALI2, wood pictures of Cowboys-one with an oil well and the other is a gunfighter
Lot #: 388

A clear umbrella & fall hangings

A clear umbrella and fall theme wreath, plastic peppers and two shop light units with bulbs. A potted artificial plant
Lot #: 389

Flags and Weatherbox

Flags in a metal flower holder, vintage piece to measure temperature and humidity, a Tupperware box with no lid that has a Black Bird West Clock alarm clock and a pair of ball feet off a parlor table
Lot #: 390

Ingraham 8 day mantle clock

Ingraham 8 day mantle clock with key.
Lot #: 391

Four drawer metal filing cabinet

Four drawer metal filing cabinet
Lot #: 392

Framed mirror & fireplace set

A mirror with an ornate frame that hangs on the wall, a frame of three ducks under glass and a three piece fireplace set with holder
Lot #: 393

Rolling office chair

Office chair with four wheels, one of the arms has been repaired with tape. Padded seat and vinyl back.
Lot #: 394

Rabbits and bears

Two shelves of knickknacks that contain a metal box with an elephant on top, rabbits, A framed "The leads 2.5 word processor" which shows sharpened pencils, OU money clip and other knickknacks- see the pictures
Lot #: 395

Wire fisherman

A wire fisherman, a Kenneth Bolton wood carving "Iwo Jima", Presbyterian Church Centennial Tray, coasters, pipe holder, ducks- see the pictures
Lot #: 396

Collectible cameras

Collectible cameras and their cases. One is a Kodak. A couple of vintage tools.
Lot #: 397

Metal shelf unit

Metal shelf unit- all the contents sell in a prior lots. 5 foot tall & 2 foot wide
Lot #: 398

Native American

Three pieces of native American artwork
Lot #: 399

Sioux pottery

Three pieces of Sioux pottery and an Indian figurine. The pottery has a paper. See picture of the bottom of the Indian, but do not know where he?s from.
Lot #: 400

Mail Coach History from England

Hardback book of the Mail Coach History of England, a history of fencing "Facts and Fancies", by George Jelinek, The Lord's Prayer" in Cherokee, "The Northern Cherokee Nation of Louisiana History" and a ?Beach craft AT-11 bombing trainers on the line? from 1945
Lot #: 401

Pictures & flowers

These are all artificial flowers- guaranteed not to die. Doesn?t mean they won?t shrivel up because of dust. There are several different objects for displaying the flowers. Assorted pictures
Lot #: 402

Flowers and display pieces

Small crock, some fancy vases-1 has gold trim and artificial flowers in a tall glass one
Lot #: 403

Walt Disney Donald Duck

Walt Disney?s productions, Donald Duck rubber figurine. He stands 11" tall
Lot #: 404

Reproduction Dietz Lantern

Reproduction Dietz lantern, oil lamp, plus a bottle of oil, a weaved tray, cowboy figurine, diet scale and a metal frame for a dual pictures
Lot #: 405

Pottery & picture frames

Some foil prints, modern pottery, placemat, jar of wheat And an empty case that says "gas detector"
Lot #: 406

Wood buffalo & Indian

Wood buffalo, Indian chief, a metal deer that is unmarked as to who is the artist, pieces of pottery and crocks and a needle point. Polished-decorated stones
Lot #: 407

Wood shelf unit

4? wide x 5? tall wood shelf unit. Contents sell in Lots 405,404, and 406. Buyer needs to be aware that the shelves are loose and they?re just braced with other shelves.
Lot #: 408

Artificial flowers

Several containers of artificial flowers. Baskets, pottery and metal crock
Lot #: 409

Caps and Calendar

A block calendar and two caps. One is Stanley?s and the other one is from his oil company
Lot #: 410

Channel Master Stereo System

The speakers say zenith and the tape deck says Channel Master. Plays eight track tapes, is an AM/FM radio and also plays records. Basket full of eight track tapes and a Dean Martin?s record
Lot #: 411

Stadium blanket and pillows

Stadium blanket, wood magazine rack, Kansas City Chiefs pillow, southwest design pillow, hand crocheted pillow, and 60 years of Life book


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.