Heartland Tack, Luxury Watches, Coffee Shop & More

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mayo Auction & Realty
Preview: Mon, July 22nd, 4:00-6:00 PM CDT Removal Shall Be: Wed, July 24th from 1:00-5:00 PM CDT and Thurs, July 25th from 9:00-12:00 PM CDT

THIS IS AN INTERNET AUCTION ONLY APPLICABLE SALES TAX WILL APPLY BUYERS PREMIUM: A 10% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00, you will be charged $110.00 at checkout. PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, local check (under $500) & cash. Vehicle assets must be paid using cash, certified check or wire transfer (Credit Cards are not an acceptable payment method for vehicles). Payment must be made prior to picking any items up. STAGGERED/DYNAMIC CLOSING: The auction will begin closing at Tuesday, July 23rd - 7:07pm CDT. The closing time of a lot will be automatically extended an additional 5 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes on the lot's timer. Shipping Is Available! Contact [email protected] for more info and to make arrangements. LOAD OUT: Winning bidders may pick their items up at 16513 Cornerstone Drive; Belton Missouri on Wednesday, July 24th from 1-5pm & Thursday, July 25th from 9-12pm. Any items left after the specified load out dates will be considered forfeited unless alternate pickup or shipping arrangements are made. It will be the buyer's responsibility to dismantle & disconnect any and all equipment. Please bring your own tools, labor, packing materials & moving equipment. WARRANTY & CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: All items are sold 'AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the condition of the items and bid accordingly. Items part of a court ordered sale are subject to court approval. CAUTION: For demonstration purposes various equipment may be joined. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected or pictured together. Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions. CATALOG DISCREPANCIES: You are bidding on the described item not the photograph, occasionally the wrong photo may be displayed, always read the item description. CHOOSE WISELY: We want everyone to get a good deal and most will. However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients are not willing to assume the cost of your mistakes. When in doubt about condition, completeness or suitability for intended use, please bid accordingly. Server & Software Technical Issues: In the event there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Mayo Auction & Realty reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. NEITHER THE COMPANY PROVIDING THE SOFTWARE NOR MAYO AUCTION & REALTY SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A MISSED BID OR THE FAILURE OF THE SOFTWARE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY FOR ANY REASON. Email notifications will be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary by Mayo Auction & Realty. The auctioneer reserves the right to add or remove items from the auction; split or combine lots; add minimum bids or reserve prices. The auctioneer reserves the right to cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or auction event or to make changes to the auction closing times or inspection or removal times.
16513 Cornerstone Dr, Belton, MO US

Lot #: 1

2002 Ford Explorer XLS Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV), V6, 4.0L, RWD, Odometer Reads 132,028 Miles, VIN # 1FMZU62E92ZB60704

Lot #: 2

2001 Chrysler Town & Country 4 Door Van LX, V6, 3.3L, FWD, Odometer Reads 206,383, VIN # 2C4GP443X1R219688

Lot #: 3

1974 Mirrocraft MRR21061 14' Jon Boat, 1990 Evinrude E10RES 9.9 hp Motor, Endura 34 Trolling Motor, 1974 Holsclaw Trailer

Lot #: 4

.999 Fine Silver Fifty (50) Troy Ounce Silver Bar from Sunshine Minting Inc.

Lot #: 5

999+ Fine Silver Ten (10) Troy Ounce Silver Bar

Lot #: 6

.999 Silver Coin, Five (5) Ounce, Image of Wolf on Obverse, Colored Image of Cat and House on Reverse, 2.5" Dia

Lot #: 7

.999 Silver Two (2) Ounce Coin With Ancient Egyptian Images on Obverse and Reverse

Lot #: 8

1997 American Eagle One (1) Oz. Fine Silver Dollar

Lot #: 9

1994 American Eagle One (1) Oz. Fine Silver Dollar

Lot #: 10

2010 Half (.5) Ounce Gold American Eagle Coin

Lot #: 11

2001 U.S. Capital Visitors Center Commemorative Coin

Lot #: 12

Rancilio Espresso Machine Two-Group Model Epoca S, Working When Removed From Coffee Shop

Lot #: 13

Condiment Station on Wheels, 47"H x 50"W x 26.5"D with 3 Doors and Condiment Holders

Lot #: 14

Manitwoc Q270 Ice Maker Model QD0272A, Powers On

Lot #: 15

True Refrigerator Model TUC-48 Two Door Stainless Steel Under Counter Refrigerator, 32"H x 48.25"W x 30.35"D, Powers On

Lot #: 16

Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer D500/D60, Powers On

Lot #: 17

Bunn Drip Gourmet Coffee Grinder, Powers On

Lot #: 18

Avantco 110 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Urn Model CU110ETL, Powers On

Lot #: 19

Quantum Q6 Edge HD Motorized Power Chair, Extra Wide, Seat Covers, New In Box Charger, Mounted Controller, Interactive Assist, Reclines, Manual, SEE VIDEO

Lot #: 20

We Are Offering Watches From Luxury Watchmaker "Niall". A Local Watchmaker That Once Aspired To Be America's Version of Rolex SEE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE

Lot #: 21

Niall GMT Four Horsemen 40mm Limited Edition "Notre Dame" Timepiece / Watch, Eterna 3914a Movement With 65 Hour Power Reserve

Lot #: 22

Niall GMT Black Swan 40mm "Black Swan" Colorway of the Niall GMT Timepiece / Watch, Eterna 3914a Movement With 65 Hour Power Reserve

Lot #: 23

Niall GMT Diamond Zen Custom Made 40mm "ZEN" Colorway of Niall GMT Timepiece / Watch, 1 Carat of VS1 Diamonds Around Bezel, Eterna 3914a Movement With

Lot #: 24

Niall One.4 Dutchman 40mm "Black Swan" Colorway of the Niall GMT Timepiece / Watch, Eterna 3914a Movement With 65 Hour Power Reserve

Lot #: 25

Niall One.4 Dutchman 40mm "Black Swan" Coorway of the Niall GMT Timepiece / Watch, Eterna 3914a Movement With 65 Hour Power Reserve

Lot #: 26

Niall One.4 Dutchman 40mm "Black Swan" Colorway of the Niall GMT Timepiece / Watch, Eterna 3914a Movement With 65 Hour Power Reserve

Lot #: 27

Niall One.3 Stealth Black One.3 All Black Timepiece / Watch With 65 Hour Power Reserve Eterna 3903a Movement

Lot #: 28

Niall One.3 Raw Stainless One.3 All Stainless Steel Timepiece / Watch With 65 Hour Power Reserve Eterna 3903a Movement

Lot #: 29

Niall One.3 Deep Blue One.3 "Deep Blue" Colorway, All Stainless Steel Timepiece / Watch With 65 Hour Power Reserve Eterna 3903a Movement

Lot #: 30

Niall One.3 5280 One.3 "5280-Denver" Colorway As Worn by John Elway, All Stainless Steel Watch With 65 Hour Power Reserve Eterna 3903a Movement, Not W

Lot #: 31

Niall One.3 Custom one.3 All Stainless Steel Timepiece / Watch With 65 Hour Power Reserve Eterna 3903a Movement

Lot #: 32

Niall Cairenn - Stainless Roman 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Roman Numeral Markers

Lot #: 33

Niall Cairenn - Stainless - Numbers 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Traditional Numbered Markers

Lot #: 34

Niall Cairenn-Stainless Numbers 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Traditional Numbered Markers

Lot #: 35

Niall Cairenn-Stainless Numbers 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Traditional Numbered Markers

Lot #: 36

Niall Cairenn-Stainless Roman 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Roman Numeral Markers

Lot #: 37

Niall Cairenn-Stainless Roman 36mm Ladies Timepiece / Watch, Quartz Powered With Roman Numeral Markers

Lot #: 38

Niall GMT-Noir 40mm GMT "Noir" Colorway, Timepiece / Watch Has a Broken Hand, Needs Service

Lot #: 39

12" Leather Saddle With Leather Covered Wood Stirrups and Brass Horn, and Button Accents

Lot #: 40

13" Leather Western Show Saddle Includes Saddle Pad, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 41

15" Tooled Leather Western Pleasure Saddle, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 42

16" Australian Style Pack Saddle, includes Saddle Pad, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 43

17" Wintech Sport Synthetic Dressage Saddle Includes Sheepskin Saddle Pad, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 44

15" English Leather Hunt Seat Saddle, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 45

Cotton And Poly-Cotton Leads Ropes, Assorted Lengths Qty 9, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 46

36" Western Fleece Girths Qty 3. One New in Package, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 47

Metal Hanging Saddle and Bridle Racks Qty 5, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 48

Equine Grooming Supplies Including Brushes, Curries, Sweat Scrapers and More, Two Totes, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 49

Stranded Rope Girths Qty 3. 26", 28", and 30", More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 50

English Hunter And Dressage Girths Qty 4. 56"(2) and 50" (2), More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 51

Cotton Lunge Line, Stud Chain Lead, Poly-cotton Cross Ties, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 52

Cashel & Kensington Velcro Fly Boots and Cotton Standing Racks, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 53

Equine Fly Sheets, Assorted Sizes and Styles, Qty 4, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 54

Rambo, Horseware, Centaur Coolers and Horse Blankets, Assorted Sizes Qty 4, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 55

Weaver, Valhoma and Hamilton Halters, Average to Large Size, Qty 10, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 56

Weaver, Valhoma, and Ronmar, Pony and Foal Holsters, Qty 6, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 57

Leather English Reigns Qty 3 Sets, Leather Headstall, Billet, Fly Mask, and 5" English Stirrups/Irons, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 58

Leather Bridles with Reigns and Bit. Qty 2, and Nylon Halter/Bridle Combo, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 59

English Saddle Pad Assortment Qty 4, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 60

English Equestrian Clothing Including Riding Breeches, Show Shirts and Garment Bags, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 61

Synthetic Abetta 16" Western Trail Saddle, No Stirrups or Girth, Includes Foam Rubber Saddle Pad, Stand Not included

Lot #: 62

Fels Bach AG 17" English Hunt Seat Saddle With Cotton Saddle Pad. Stand Not Included, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 63

Simco Tooled Leather 18" Western Pleasure Saddle, Includes Woven Saddle Pad and Rear Cinch. Stand Not Included, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 64

Handcrafted King Brushed Leather 15" Trail Saddle With Synthetic Skirt and Fenders. Includes Western Woven Saddle Pad. Stand Not Included

Lot #: 65

Wintech 15" Synthetic Western Trail Saddle Square Skirt. Includes Woven Saddle Blanket. No Stirrups, Stand Not Included

Lot #: 66

Wintech Easy Change Fit Solution 16" English Hunt Seat Saddle, Includes Saddle Pad. Stand Not Included, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 67

Wintech Pro Synthetic 17" English Hunt Seat Saddle. Includes Saddle Pads. Stand Not Included, More Tack Available in Lots 385-400

Lot #: 68

Niall Branded Wall Clock by American Time, "Deep Blue" 16" Diameter

Lot #: 69

Niall Branded Wall Clocks by American Time, "Deep Blue" 16" Diameter Qty 2

Lot #: 70

Niall Branded Wall Clock by American Time, White With Silver Case 16" Diameter

Lot #: 71

Niall Branded Wall Clocks by American Time, "Arctic" 16" Diameter Qty 2

Lot #: 72

Niall Branded Wall Clock by American Time, Black with Silver Case 16" Diameter

Lot #: 73

Niall Branded Wall Clock by American Time, Black With Silver Case 16" Diameter

Lot #: 74

Niall Branded Wall Clocks by American Time, "KU Rock-Chalk" 16" Diameter Qty 2

Lot #: 75

Niall Branded Wall Clocks by American Time, "KU Rock-Chalk" 16" Diameter Qty 2

Lot #: 76

Antique Grandfather Clock With Brass Face 79"H X 18.25"W X 9.5"D

Lot #: 77

30 Day Grandfather Clock Needs Weights Assembled 75"H x 16"W x 10"D

Lot #: 79

Howard Miller Westminster Chime Hanging Wall Clock Quartz. 26"H x 12"W x 4.25"D

Lot #: 80

Antique J Unghans Model B05 Table Clock With Beveled Glass Front, Includes Winding Key

Lot #: 81

William L Gilbert Table Clock With Stenciled Glass and Carved Wood, Includes Winding Key

Lot #: 82

Antique Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Includes Winding Key

Lot #: 83

Table Clock Marked ESJ

Lot #: 84

Gilbert Clock Co Wall Hanging Clock, Includes Winding Key

Lot #: 85

E Schmeckenbecher Regula Cuckoo Clock With Dancing Couple and Horn Blower, Number on the Weights is 320 ET

Lot #: 86

Colorful Wood Wall Clock, Needs Repair, Unknown Maker

Lot #: 87

Sessions Co Vintage Table Clock, One Leg Missing

Lot #: 88

Wood Bookshelf With Three Adjustible Shelves 41"H X 34.5"W X 13'5"D

Lot #: 89

Antique Secretary Desk Bookcase Side-By-Side With Beveled Mirror And 1 Drawer, Has Key, Adjustable Bookcase, 37.5"W x 64"H x 13.5"D

Lot #: 90

Jenny Lind Bed Frame For Bunkhouse Bed Includes Headboard, Footboard, Side Rails and Slats, Made for a 26" x 72" Mattress (Not Included)

Lot #: 91

Gilt Metal King Size Headboard With Scroll Design 57"H X 79"W

Lot #: 92

Wood Munition's Crate For Howitzer Ammo With Rope Handles and Latch 7.5"H x 37"W x 12"D

Lot #: 93

Century Furniture Lighted China Cabinet (See Description)

Lot #: 94

Vintage Dressmaker's Female Adjustable Model

Lot #: 95

Lane Furniture Cedar Chest With Hinged Lid, Push Button Lock, Some Cosmetic Damage On Front Surface, 26.5"H X 43"W X 18.75"D

Lot #: 96

Wood Chair With Hand Woven Cane Seat and Spindle Back

Lot #: 97

Vintage Wood Two Tiered Magazine and Newspaper Stand 24"H X 28"W X 18" D

Lot #: 98

Three Wood Rocking Chairs With Spindle Backs, Two With Arms, Two With Carved Headrests, One Has Damaged Seat

Lot #: 99

Antique Camelback Trunk With Wood Insert Tray, Embossed Metal Exterior, 24"H X 32" W X 18.5"D

Lot #: 100

Wood Cabinet With Single Drawer and Two Lower Shelves With Non Matching Top With Glass Door And Four Shelves, 69"H X 30"W X 16"D

Lot #: 101

Vintage Secretary Desk With Carved Wood Front, Lower Shelf, Interior Organizer, No Key 50"H X 24"W X 16"D

Lot #: 102

El Chico Three Drawer Chest of Drawers, Brass Pulls, Dovetail Construction, Stamped Elm & Pecan 30.5"H x 30.5"W x 17.75"D Matches Lots 103 and 104

Lot #: 103

El Chico Wood Six Drawer Dresser With Brass Pulls, Dovetail Construction. 30.5"H x 55.75"W x 17.75"D Matches Lots 102 and 104

Lot #: 104

El Chico Wood Four Drawer Desk With Brass Pulls, Dovetail Construction. 30.5"H x 43.75"W x 17.75"D Matches Lots 102 and 103

Lot #: 105

Century Furniture Bar Buffet With Flip Open Top and 2 Door Lower Area With Single Hidden Drawer, Dovetail Construction, On Wheels

Lot #: 106

Bumper Billiards Table, Includes 11 Balls, 5 Cue Sticks, Cue Rack and Table Cover, 30"H x 50.5"W Hexagonal Table

Lot #: 107

Vintage Baby Carriage With Articulating Shade, Needs Repair, Vintage Wood Bassinet on Casters And More

Lot #: 108

Pair of Metal Cafe Style Chairs With Vinyl Padded Seats

Lot #: 110

Corner Writing Desk With Single Drawer, Dovetail Construction, 30.5"H x 45.25"W x 35.25"D

Lot #: 111

Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 385.19153 In Sewing Machine Cabinet Model 272.9616, Both With Manuals, Powers On

Lot #: 112

Thayer Coggin Chaise Lounge Couch 29H x 62"L x 36"W

Lot #: 113

Wood With Faux Stone Insert and Two Door Compartment 20"H x 28"W x 28"D

Lot #: 114

Pair of Wood Pedestal End Tables with Faux Stone Inserts 18H" x 19"W x 19"D

Lot #: 115

Wood Hutch Top Stamped Elm & Pecan With Spindle Sides and Two Shelves, 38"H x 37.75"W x 12"D

Lot #: 116

Pair of Wood Bookshelves With Two Shelves Each, 30.25"H x 26"W x 13"D

Lot #: 117

Solid Oak Bed Desk, Fully Assembled, 2 Side Magazine Holders, In Original Box

Lot #: 118

Sandicast Lab Pup Sitting, 14'" x 8" x 11", and Laying, 9" x 7" x 16", And Dog Figurines And More, Total Qty 6

Lot #: 119

Replogle World Nation Series Globe On Stand, Spins, 16" H

Lot #: 120

Austin Production, Rodan's "The Thinker", 9.25" Tall

Lot #: 121

Tin Signs, Various Sizes, Includes Coca-Cola, Dixie Delight, Grandma's Babysitting And More, Total Qty 6

Lot #: 122

Austin Production Bronze, Cowboy On Horseback, 11.5" Tall, Michael Garman Plaster Cowboy Statues Qty 5, Metal Cowboy Welcome Sign and More

Lot #: 123

Gold Toned Metal Over Wood Magazine Holder With Raised Image Of Plowing Scene, 13"H x 15.5"W x 8"D

Lot #: 124

Nautical Home Decor, Includes Copper Ship, Seashell Ship and Hand Painted Plate

Lot #: 125

Assorted Figurines, Includes Precious Moments, Snowmen, Fisherman, Bird In Tree And More, Qty 9

Lot #: 126

Mikasa China Tea Set, Pattern G9059, Includes Tea Pot, Sugar, Creamer, And Tea Candle Stands

Lot #: 127

Royalton China Company, Translucent Porcelain Pitcher, Six Glasses and Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lot #: 128

Collection Of Pressed Glass Cups, Dishes And Trays, Qty 8

Lot #: 129

Wine Glass Collection With Cut Glass Design And Hobknob Stands, Qty 15, And Matching Glass Plates, Qty 8

Lot #: 130

Luminarc Verrerie D'Arques France Wine Glasses, Qty 10

Lot #: 131

Genuine Crystal Coates Embossed Wine Glasses (6), Glastenbury Sparking Glasses With Floral Pattern (10) And Glass Plates, Total Qty 17

Lot #: 132

Bar Glasses With Gold Pine Cone, Sailboat, And Floral Designs, Shot Glass, Glass Teacup And More, Total Qty 12

Lot #: 133

Depression Glass Rose Tone, Includes 6 Sherbet Glasses, 7 Saucers, Sugar, Creamer And 6 Bowls

Lot #: 134

Season's Greetings Tumblers, Qty 8, Coca-Cola Partial Frosted Glasses, Coca-Cola Santa Claus Glasses And 3 Unopened Coke Classic Bottles

Lot #: 135

Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Pattern Set, Includes Casserole Dishes, Creamer, Pie Pans, Soap Dispenser, Hurricane Lamp And Much More, Total Qty 15

Lot #: 136

Legendary Ships Of the Sea Collector's Plates, With COA's, In Original Boxes, Qty 10, And 2 Wall Hanging Plate Holders

Lot #: 137

Collector's Plates, Various Sizes, Includes "Summer Girl" With COA And "Morning Retreat" With COA, Floral Designs And More

Lot #: 138

Two Jewelry Boxes, One is Walnut With Relief of Mare and Colt, Other has Log Cabin Image, Both With Contents, Gold Toned Watch And More

Lot #: 139

Southwest Inspired Home Decor, Includes Mayan, Kokopelli, And Native American Inspired Pieces, And Ceramic Asymmetric Bowl

Lot #: 140

Set Of Ceramic Oriental Vases And Chinese Exercise Balls in Box

Lot #: 141

Ceramic Biscotti Jars, Clay Apple Pot, Ceramic Cup, Glass Candlestick And More

Lot #: 142

Wood Home Decor, Including Animated Biplane Music Box, Plays "Fly Me To The Moon", Wood Pine Trees, And Driftwood Accents

Lot #: 143

Red Glass Pitcher With Matching Cup, Onion Shaped Jars With Lids, 7 Mason Jars

Lot #: 144

Norcrest China Tea Pot With Hand Painted Norma Beauty Rose Tray, Glass Tray Set, Candy Dishes, Color Prism And More

Lot #: 145

Milk Bottles, Various Sizes, Candy Dishes, Glass Corn Cob Holder, Juicer, Glass Candle Stands And More

Lot #: 146

Ginger Bathroom Towel Bar, Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster, Vintage Baby Shoes And More

Lot #: 147

Brass Decor, Includes Rocking Horses, Articulating Crab And Cricket, Candle Snuff And Candle Stand

Lot #: 148

Resin "10 Commandments" Tablet 11.5" x 16", Cross Of Nails, Porcelain Nun Music Box, No Longer Plays

Lot #: 149

Set Of Charles M. Russell Limited Edition Collector Plates, Qty 4, Wooden "High Water" Statue by R. Cotter And Decorative Rocking Horses

Lot #: 150

Glazed Ceramic Bowl, Frog and Lilypad Design With Oriental Writing, On Spinning Wood Base 10"H x 17.5" Dia

Lot #: 151

Games Collection, Includes 4 Metal Horseshoes With Stakes, Peg Puzzle And Oversize Checker Set In Box, No Mat

Lot #: 152

Neptune Brass Hurricane Lamp In Enclosed Glass And Brass Lantern Box

Lot #: 153

Pair Of Glass Hurricane Oil Lamps, 18" Tall, With Wicks

Lot #: 154

2 Oil Lamps With Metal Bases, Hurricane Shades, And 2 Extra Hurricane Shades

Lot #: 155

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killers, Qty 2, And Flowtron Indoor Flying Insect Killer In Box

Lot #: 156

Camping Supplies, Includes 2 Sleeping Bags, Igloo Legend 6 Cooler, Igloo Thermos, Stanley Thermos, Cotton Rope And More

Lot #: 157

Lewis And Clark Outdoor Collapsible Camp Chairs With Fold Down Side Trays And Side Pockets, Qty 2

Lot #: 158

Budweiser Centennial Year Cases, Reproductions of Original Beer Cases, Qty 2, 11.5" x 18" x 12"

Lot #: 159

Goetz Company Wood Crate With Vintage Glass Bottle Collection, Qty 24

Lot #: 160

Metal Fruit Bowls With Fake Fruit, Qty 2, One is 7.5"H x 18" Dia, Other is 5.5"H x 14.25" Dia

Lot #: 161

Porcelain Oriental Vases With Pink Cherry Blossom And Woman Playing Flute And Oriental Writing On Spinning Wood Basses, 17" And 15" Tall, Qty 2

Lot #: 162

Decorative Wood Bowls On Carved Wood Stands With Painted Hollow Wood Balls, Qty 2, 19" and 14" Tall

Lot #: 163

Large Glass Jars, One With Wood And Wire Handle, 22"H x 10" Diameter And 13"H x 8.5" Diameter

Lot #: 164

2 Decorative Urns With Tassels, 18" and 17" Tall

Lot #: 165

Large Wood Painted Geese By Roger Moore 17.5" x 26" And 10" x 30", One Broken Beak

Lot #: 166

Wood Duck Decor By J. Kammith, Qty 4

Lot #: 167

Wood Duck Decor By J. Kammith, Qty 4

Lot #: 168

Wood Painted Duck Decor By Tom Table, Phase IV Concept Wood And 2 Wood Ducks On Plank, Total Qty 3

Lot #: 169

Pair Of Wood Duck Decoys

Lot #: 170

Dakota Alert, Inc. WR-3000 Wireless Receiver, Qty 2 In Box, And WPT-3000 Wireless Probe Transmitter, Both With Manuals

Lot #: 171

Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera And Brother P-Touch Electronic Labeling System PT-1950, With Manual In Box

Lot #: 172

Hoover Steamvac Jr. Portable Deep Cleaner, Powers On, Vicks Vaporizer Model V150 In Box And Panasonic Steam Iron Model NI-532R In Box, Powers On

Lot #: 173

Honeywell, Model HHT-055 Fan, Powers On And Holmes Clip Fan With Manual In Box

Lot #: 174

World Bazaar, Santa Claus Cookie Jars In Boxes, Qty 2 And Robert Laessig Christmas Collector Plate, Commemorative Edition

Lot #: 175

Grandeur Collectors Edition 18 Pc Nativity Accessory Set, And 2 Porcelain Angel Sets Each Different From Each Other

Lot #: 176

Antique Double Handled Butter Churn With Metal Containers and Wood Frame

Lot #: 177

Antique Double Handled Butter Churn With Metal Containers and Wood Frame

Lot #: 178

Antique Brass Torches Includes Clayton & Lambert, Craftsman and More, Total Qty 3

Lot #: 179

Anchor Oil Lamp In Brass and Glass Protective Carrying Case

Lot #: 180

Antique Kerosene Lamps With Red and Blue Glass Includes Dietz, Bell System and Handlan, Total Qty 3

Lot #: 181

Brass Spittoon And Brass Airplane Artwork

Lot #: 182

Vintage Metal Magazine/Newspaper Stand With Crossed Legs and Scrollwork Design, Plastic Coated Base 19"H X 25"W X 14"D

Lot #: 183

Floor Lamp With Marble Shelf, Three Brass Legs And Pole, 62"H x 24" Dia, Powers On

Lot #: 184

Pair of Brass Touch Lamps With Etched Tinted Glass Shades and Brass Lotus Design Table Lamp With No Shade, All Power On

Lot #: 185

Oriental Inspired Hanging Candle Lantern with Translucent Glass and Chain

Lot #: 186

Globe Light Style Table Lamp With Mesh Shade and Yellow Metal Base, 31"H, Powers On

Lot #: 187

Decorative Metal and Glass Candle Lantern With Locking Door and Carrying Handle 20"H

Lot #: 188

Brass and Etched Glass Ceiling Light, Three Candelabra Style Lights, Hardwired

Lot #: 189

Antique Brass Electric Chandelier With Four Candelabra Style Bulbs, Glass Prisms, Hardwired

Lot #: 190

Lotus Style Brass And Colored Glass Hanging Light, Hardwired

Lot #: 191

Opalescent Glass Hanging Swag Lamp, Powers On

Lot #: 192

Decorative Wire-Frame Style Chandelier With Five Bulbs, Hardwired

Lot #: 193

Antique Brass Chandelier with Frosted Hurricane Lamp Shade and Pink Shade Cover, Hardwired, Some Prisms Missing

Lot #: 194

5-Piece Brass Fireplace Set

Lot #: 195

Assorted Tackle Boxes Including Plano, Field & Stream, Cabela's and More. Fishing Reels Including Zebco, Johnson, Daiwa nd More

Lot #: 196

Diecast Cars Includes 1930 Packard, 1905 Ford Delivery, 1941 Chevy And More, Various Scales, Total Qty 11

Lot #: 197

Diecast Cars Includes 1937 Cord, 1931 Ford Model A, 1935 Duesenberg And More, Total Qty 15

Lot #: 198

Pyrex Bakeware, 1.3L, 1.7L and 3.3L Bowls and 9x13 Casserole Dish

Lot #: 199

Lionel Train US Presidential Box Car Series, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 6-82335 In Box O-Scale

Lot #: 200

Lionel Santa Fe Lighted Caboose 6-9163 In Box O-Scale

Lot #: 201

USS The Sullivans DD-537 1:350 Scale Model Ship and 1:25 Scale Snap-Together Batmobile, Both in Box

Lot #: 202

Lionel Burlington Northern Flat Car With Trailer Cargo In Box

Lot #: 203

Lionel Wabash Coal Car, Not Original Box

Lot #: 204

Lionel Rock island Caboose 6-17603 In Box

Lot #: 205

Lionel Rock Island PS-1 Boxcar 6-27215 In Box

Lot #: 206

Lionel US Navy Flatcar With Ertl Helicopter 6-16952 In Box

Lot #: 207

Petersen Supply Missouri Pacific Stock Car 52433 In Box

Lot #: 208

Rail King "Rugger Rails Series" Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe, 4-6-0 10-Wheeler Steam Engine #30-4157-1E In Box With Manual

Lot #: 209

Cox Backdraft Control Line Spy Plane Flying Model Airplane In Box

Lot #: 210

Revell 1:40 Scale Corporal Missile With Transporter Model, Unopened

Lot #: 211

Model Toy Airplanes Various Scales, Diecast and Plastic, Contents Of Boxes

Lot #: 212

Model and Toy Airplanes, Diecast and Plastic, Some Damaged

Lot #: 213

Model Tanks Plastic, Military Police Jeep Diecast and Plastic Humvee, Total Qty 8

Lot #: 214

Toy Military Jeeps, Plastic and Glass, Various Scales, Contents of Boxes

Lot #: 215

Military Vehicle Toys, Plastic Diecast and Glass

Lot #: 216

Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, In Box

Lot #: 217

Corning Ware Casserole Dishes, Pyrex Measuring Cup, Anchor King Batter Bowl And Spice Jars

Lot #: 218

Speckle Ware Water Bath Canner With Rack, Bourgeat Copper Sauce Pan and Ladle

Lot #: 219

Cuisinart Waffle Maker Model WMR-CA in Box, Nostalgia Electrics Electric S'mores Maker in Box and Progressive 5-Piece Food Mill Set in Box

Lot #: 220

Pyrex Bowls and Arcoroc Glass Bowls, Total Qty 17

Lot #: 221

Metal Bakeware Includes Casserole Dishes With Lids and Skillet, Qty 3

Lot #: 222

Crystal and Glass Candy Dishes, Bowls, Vases, Pitchers, Bells And More, Total Qty 11

Lot #: 223

Pyrex Pie Pans, Qty 2 And 12.25" Oval Glass Plate

Lot #: 224

Collection of Lighters Includes Ronson, Zippo (1), Scripto and More, Westclox Pocket and Wrist Watches And More, Total Qty 26

Lot #: 225

Lucerne 17 Jeweled Pocket Watch and Mearcel 17 Jeweled Pocket Watch

Lot #: 226

Serving Trays and Platters Includes Hand-Painted Ceramics, Silver Toned, Nordic Ware and More, Total Qty 11

Lot #: 227

Party Hostess Warm-O-Tray Electric Food Warmers, Model 60, 2 Sizes, In Boxes, Powers On

Lot #: 228

Electric Food Warmers With Wood Side Handles, Qty 2, Powers On

Lot #: 229

The Works of Arthur Conan Doyle in 1 Vol., Victor Hugo in 1 Vol., 5 Volumes of John Steinbeck and The Pilgrim's Progress

Lot #: 230

Anton Pichler Vintage Hat in Anna's Hats of New York Hat Box, No Size

Lot #: 231

Glenover Vintage Ladies Hats, Qty 2, in Mallory Hat Box, No Sizes

Lot #: 232

Mallory Fifth Avenue Vintage Man's Hat, Size 6-7/8, In Hat Box

Lot #: 233

Australian Outback Collection Drifter Pure Fur Felt Hat, Size 7-1/8, In Box

Lot #: 234

Bakeware Including Baker's Secret Pans, Oneida and Wear Ever Muffin Pans, Baking Sheets, Colanders and More, Total Qty 17

Lot #: 235

Progressive International 25lbs Stainless Steel Roaster in Box

Lot #: 236

All American Heavy Cast Aluminum Pressure Canner/Cooker Model 915 In Box

Lot #: 237

Rival Crock Pot/Slowcooker, Naturewood Pattern, Powers On

Lot #: 238

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. Powers On. Plastic Coffee Pitcher and Glass Pyrex Coffee Pitcher

Lot #: 239

Hamilton Beach Gourmet Center Meat Grinder, Powers On and Action's Perogie Makers In Box

Lot #: 240

Pusan Perimeter Breakout Commemoration Plate In Box With Stand and "Fighting On the Brink: Defense of the Pusan Perimeter" by Uzal W. Ent. Two Copies

Lot #: 241

Vintage LP Album Collection Includes Tommy Dorsey, Johnny Long, King Cole Trio, And More in Case And Additional Carrying Case

Lot #: 242

Reliance Vintage Table Mounted Meat Grinder

Lot #: 243

Antique Stereoscope with 24 Stereo Cards

Lot #: 244

Antique Cruet Set with Five Bottles and Spinning Rack

Lot #: 245

Book Collection Includes, Tom Sawyer, A Man Without a Country by Vonnegut, Portrait of the West and More

Lot #: 246

Vintage Remington 5 Manual Typewriter In Carrying Case

Lot #: 247

Vintage Boy Scout Collection Includes, Uniforms, Handbooks, Mess Kits, Supplies and More

Lot #: 248

Silver Toned Serving Tray with Carving Set, Pyrex Bowl in Wm. A. Rogers Dish and More

Lot #: 249

Silver on Copper Serving Set Includes, Decorative Platter, Three Teapots, Sugar, Creamer, Chafing Burner

Lot #: 250

Silver Toned Rotating Sectional Tray with Glass Insert Dishes, Carving Set, Silver on Copper Butter Dishes and Ladle

Lot #: 251

Silver Plated Tray, Embossed Knife, Butter Dish, Candy Dish, Bowl Stands, Qty 7, Two Need Repair

Lot #: 252

Trinket/Jewelry Box Collection, Includes Wood, Stone and Ceramic, Qty 6

Lot #: 253

Decorative Vases, Metal, Porcelain, Wood and Glass, Qty 7

Lot #: 254

International Doll Collection, Includes England, Spain, Japan and More, Qty 24

Lot #: 255

Carved Wood Statuettes, Man 13" Tall and Woman with Lamb and Wool 6.5" Tall

Lot #: 256

Wood Banana Tree and Tropical Fruit Tree Decor, Approx 12" Tall

Lot #: 257

J K Bavaria Painted Plate, Daher Decorated Metal Bowls, and Kelvin Chen Decorative Metal Teapot

Lot #: 258

Jack Daniel's Tumblers Qty 6, and Wine Glasses of Various Sizes Qty 28

Lot #: 259

5th Avenue Crystal 54 Oz. Footed Decanter "Estate" In Box

Lot #: 260

Silver Plated Wire Basket, Metal Lidded Pan, Decorative Basket, Metal Creamer and More Qty 7

Lot #: 261

Chafing Dish Collection, Qty 3, Metal Pans Have Burners, Glass Pan Has Electric Base

Lot #: 262

Astor Lane Star Pillar Candle Holder In Box 11.5" Tall x 11.75" Diameter, and Metal Glass Hanging Candle Holder

Lot #: 263

Glassware - Tumblers (7), Champagne Glasses, Wineglasses, Juice Glasses, Vases, IKEA Bowls (4), IKEA Serving Trays (4) And More!

Lot #: 264

Wood Boxes Made to Look Like Books With Latches, One Holds Glass Decanter and Plays "Impossible Dream"

Lot #: 265

Genuine Teak Wood Salad Set Includes Mixing Bowl with Spoon, 8 Bowls And 2 Painted Wood Spoons

Lot #: 266

Ceramic Tea Pot Collection Includes Kerag, GHO Bavaria, Sugar, Creamer, and Royal Halsey Saucer, Total Qty 7

Lot #: 267

Glass Dolphin Blue Tint, 7.5" Tall

Lot #: 268

Brass Decorative Pots with Handles, Serving Tray, Ceramic Cups in Brass Holders and Metal Tray in Footed Holder With Ceramic Cups. One Cup Chipped

Lot #: 269

Oriental Statuettes, Range 8" to 12" Tall Qty 3, and Framed Oriental Drawing

Lot #: 270

Oriental Collection, Includes Dragon Bowls Qty 5, Floral Vases and Pots, Two Tiered Wood Trinket Box, Total Qty 11

Lot #: 271

Intricately Carved Wood Oriental Scene in Display Box, Hand Fans, and Brass Trivet

Lot #: 272

Royal Chelsea Bone China Tea Set, Includes Teapot, Cups, Saucers, Creamer, Sugar, And Butter Dish, Coasters, Candy Dish and More

Lot #: 273

Dragon Figurines, Soapstone and Ceramic, Qty 4

Lot #: 274

Blue On White Ceramic Serving Items, Includes Tray with Lid, Pitcher, Salt and Pepper, Footed Platter and More

Lot #: 275

Daisy Powerline Model 1200 CO2 BB Pistol and Daisy Model 93 CO2 BB Pistol with CO2 Cartridges, BBs , Safety Glasses and More In Case

Lot #: 276

Country Flowers by Andrea Casserole Dish, Decorative Plate, Glass Bowls, Ashtrays and More, Total Qty 13

Lot #: 277

Floral Decorated Ceramic Collection Includes, Plates, Vases, Bell, Gravy Boat and More, Total Qty 11

Lot #: 278

Decanter Collection, 13 Glass and One Metal, Total Qty 14

Lot #: 279

Bitburger Pils Glass Set Qty 13

Lot #: 280

Mikasa Dish Set, Cordon Bleu Design, Includes Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Cups, Saucers, Bowls, Serving Platter and More, Approx Qty 58, Some Chips

Lot #: 281

Casserole Pans 9.5x12 and 8.5x10 and Seashell Shaped Bowl 10" Diameter

Lot #: 282

Studio Designworks, Hand Painted Pitcher and Tray, Painted Wood Bowls Qty 2, Plastic Parrot Tray Framed Tiles and Base

Lot #: 283

Collection of Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Yarn and Other Knitting/Crochet Supplies, Contents of Boxes

Lot #: 284

Decorative Bird Cages With Fake Birds and Greenery, Qty 3, 33" Tall, 14" Tall and 9.5" Tall

Lot #: 285

Ceramic Owl Vases,Two are 9.5" Tall and One 6.5" Tall And Owl Light Cover

Lot #: 286

Ceramic Monkey with Bananas 9" Tall

Lot #: 287

Ceramic Gourds with Metal Leaves 10" Tall and 6" Tall

Lot #: 288

Three Oriental Ceramic Figurines Range 7"-8" Tall, One Has Been Reglued

Lot #: 289

Bronze Oriental Figure of Man and Dragon 21" High on Wood Stand 17"x12"

Lot #: 290

Ceramic Decorative Bowl Shaped Like Flower with Stand

Lot #: 291

Occupied Japan Vases 2.5" Tall Qty 2, And Floral Decorative Saucers, Teapot, Cups and More, Qty 19

Lot #: 292

Corning Glass Cups Qty 4 and Buffalo China Creamer

Lot #: 293

Three Straw Oriental Conical Hats

Lot #: 294

Wall Hanging Relief Of Men on Horseback Killing A Lion 22.25" High x 12" Wide x 1.25" Deep

Lot #: 295

Hutschenreuther Plates Qty 11, Saucers Qty 5 and One Teacup. Wine Glasses, Mugs and More, Qty 18

Lot #: 296

Ceramic Lotus Candle Stands, Resin Flower Decor, Glass Candle Stands, Floral Coasters and More Total Qty 12

Lot #: 297

Tinted Ripple Glass Serving Trays With Gold Floral Design on Two-Tier Wire Stand

Lot #: 298

Glass Vases, Qty 3, Includes Clear Ripple Glass With Blue Stripes, White Ripple Glass and Square Vase

Lot #: 299

Shakespeare Model #2230BT Surf Wondereel In Box, Handle Damaged, And Pflueger Fish Hooks

Lot #: 300

Memorex Universal Charging Speaker With USB Charging Port, Tray Fits 5" Screen, In Box

Lot #: 301

Porcelain Buddha 10"H x 10"W and Framed Embroidery Depicting Butterfly and Flower

Lot #: 302

Framed Lace Hand Fan and Oriental Metal and Stone Trinket Boxes, Total Qty 4

Lot #: 303

Gold Toned Shell Shaped Bowl, Utensils, Brass Carving Set, Bowl, Ladle, Goblet and More

Lot #: 304

Glass Ships in Bottles, One With Stand And Glass Vintage Telephone

Lot #: 305

Collection of Glass Animal Figurines, Includes Cats, Duck, Dragon, Whales, Stone Whales, Turtles, Frogs and More, Qty Approx 21

Lot #: 306

Corningware Casserole Dishes, Loaf Pan, Some with Lids and 6-Cup Coffee Pot

Lot #: 307

Mariano Biu Acoustic Guitar, No Strings, Missing 3 Tuning Pegs, Some Damage

Lot #: 308

Busch Beer Relief Wall Mounted Sign With Attached Light, Powers On

Lot #: 309

Stroh's Beer Lit Wall Mounted Sign, Powers On

Lot #: 310

LA Anheuser-Busch Lit Sign With Pull Chain, Powers On

Lot #: 311

Baseball, Football, Basketball And Hockey Player's Cards, Unsorted In 7 Binders and Baseball Gloves, Caps and More

Lot #: 312

Area Rug With Oriental Symbols, Cream, Blue and Burgundy Colors And Matching Hall Runner

Lot #: 313

Area Rug With Floral Design. Cream, Blue, Pink and Green Colors, Some Stains

Lot #: 314

Area Rug with Floral and Vine Design, Cream, Blue and Pink Colors 142" x 104"

Lot #: 315

Folding Oriental Style Art, Depicts Perched Bird with Flowers and Bamboo, 35"H x 60"W (Fully Extended)

Lot #: 316

Telcer Model Brevettato Retro Rotary Phone with Four Pin Plug (One Pin Missing)

Lot #: 317

Serving Trays with Floral, Denim, and Christmas Designs Qty 3

Lot #: 318

Bar Set In Box, Includes Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, and Long Spoon And Covered Matzoh Box

Lot #: 319

Retro High Top Roller Skates Believed to be Size 9 With Ware Bros. Wheels, In Carrying Case

Lot #: 320

Copper Kitchen Moulds, Various Sizes and Shapes, Qty 9

Lot #: 321

Vintage Aluminum Cookware, Includes Saucepans, Skillet, Sifter and More, Qty 14

Lot #: 322

Stained Glass Art, includes Fur Trapper, Grapes, and Flowered Mirror, Qty 3

Lot #: 323

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving, 34.5"H x 47.5"W x 18"D

Lot #: 324

Stainless Steel Wire Rolling Shelf, Four Adjustable Shelves. 76"H x 38"W x 18" D

Lot #: 325

Stainless Steel Wire Rolling Shelf, Four Adjustable Shelves. 76"H x 38"W x 18" D

Lot #: 326

Adjustable Wire Rolling Cart with Side Hooks 34"H x 24"W x 14"D and Two Tier Metal Rolling Cart 30.5"H x 35"W x 18"D

Lot #: 327

Desk/Stand With Pull Out Shelf 32"H x 24"W x 15.5"D, Shelf Needs Repair

Lot #: 328

2.2L Airpots Qty 5, Includes Plastic Bin

Lot #: 329

Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder With Timer Model 311822, Powers On

Lot #: 330

Wearing Commercial Bar Blender Model BB300, Powers On

Lot #: 331

Avantco Induction Cooker Model ICBTM20, Powers On

Lot #: 332

8 qt Plastic Bins with Lids Qty 8, Ice Scoops Qty 5 and Two Water Softeners

Lot #: 333

Assorted Restaurant Supplies, Includes Tongs, Knives, Bins, Thermometers, Cutting Boards, Aprons and More

Lot #: 334

ITI China Teacups and Saucers Qty 11, and Espresso Cups Qty 9

Lot #: 335

Latte Mugs, Various Styles, Qty 13

Lot #: 336

Glass and Ceramic Cups, and Shot Glasses, Various Styles Qty 27

Lot #: 337

Saucers, Various Styles, Qty 23 Round and Qty 8 Square, Some Chips

Lot #: 338

Stainless Steel Pitchers of Various Sizes, Utensils, Cocktail Shakers and More

Lot #: 339

Plastic Coffee Pots, Shakers, Creamers, Measuring Cups, Coffee Bean Scoops and More

Lot #: 340

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blenders, Includes 2 Bases, 3 Jars and Lids, 2 Jar Bottoms and 1 Blending Assembly

Lot #: 341

Plastic 13 gal Trash Cans with Lids, Mats, Broom and Dustpan

Lot #: 342

Thermal Receipt Printer Model 1634-0109-8801 with Stand, Cash Register Drawer with Key, Receipt Paper and More

Lot #: 343

3-Tier And 2-Tier Pastry Display Cases With Doors, 16.5"H x 21"W x 17.5"D and 14"H x 14.75"W x 12"D

Lot #: 344

Wire Racks for Dispensing Condiments/Cups and More, Total Qty 8

Lot #: 345

5-Gallon Beverage Dispensers with Handles And Spigots, Qty 2

Lot #: 346

Watering Can, Flower Pots, and Plastic Buckets

Lot #: 347

Large Collection of Disposable Cups, Lids, Straws, Spoons, Cup Holders and More

Lot #: 348

LBP Manufacturing "Pop, Fill & Go" 96 Oz. Beverage Containers Qty 8 and Wood Stirrers

Lot #: 349

Collection of Coffee Bags, Bag Ties, Paper Towels, Deli Paper, Salt & Pepper Packets and More

Lot #: 350

Magtech 3TK Black Magnesafe Idynamo Portable Card Readers for Apple Products

Lot #: 351

Rival Electric Food Slicer Model 1030V With Manual In Box

Lot #: 352

Collection of Ceramic Bowls and Trays with Pool and Tourist Theme and More

Lot #: 353

Large Collection of Pool Party Supplies, Includes Plates, Cups, Trays, Serving Platters, Glass Caddies, Pitchers and More, Contents of 8 Boxes

Lot #: 354

Bar Height Table and Four Chairs With Padded Seats, Table 36"H x 49"W x 25"D, Slight Wear on Seat Fabric

Lot #: 355

Antique Gilt Wood Frame Approx 34"H x 44"W

Lot #: 356

Bar Height Wood Swivel Chairs Qty 2

Lot #: 357

Burnett, Original Oil On Canvas Of European Street Scene, Framed 32"W x 27.5"H

Lot #: 358

Unknown Artist, Original Oil on Canvas, Woman Dancing in Large Room, Framed 32.75"W x 27"H

Lot #: 359

Bozis, Oil on Canvas of Woman in Woods, Framed 20.5"W x 24"H

Lot #: 360

Jerry Brown, Watercolor of Girl Sitting on Rock While Drinking, Matted Framed under Glass, 37.75"H x 27.25"W

Lot #: 361

Patti Rock, Original Painting of Lighthouse And Home, On Wood, Framed 25.25"W x 17.25"H, Frame Damage In One Corner

Lot #: 362

Vintage Print of Girls By Pond and Home, Framed Under Glass, 28"W x 16" H Cosmetic Wear on Frame

Lot #: 363

Dog Prints Includes, Dog Tired by Shipman, Trail Buddies by Manning, and Dog In Snow

Lot #: 364

Dimensional Artwork Of Stone House Done In Layers Of Metal, Framed Under Glass 15.5"W x 13"H

Lot #: 365

Bill Alexander, Art Depicting Skiers and Hikers Qty 3, Each Signed on Mat By Artist, Framed 11"W x 9"H

Lot #: 366

Tin Signs, Includes Remington, Winchester, Saturday Evening Post, Various Sizes, Jack Daniels Wood Clock and More, Total Qty 22

Lot #: 367

Floral Artwork, Includes Pat Woodworth Rose, Original Oil on Canvas, and Framed Knit Floral Art, Total Qty 3

Lot #: 368

David Lakish Original Paintings of Wood Scenes on Masonite, Qty 2, Framed 24" x 13" and 24" x 20"

Lot #: 369

Marian Hatcher Drawing of Young Ballerina, 15" x 21" and Painted Line Art Of Dancer 14" x 17", Both Matted Framed Under Glass

Lot #: 370

LeRoy Nelman Print Of "Bar At 21" Framed 29.5"x23.5", Howard Chandler Christy Lithograph of "A Plea For Arbitration" Matted Framed 25"x21"

Lot #: 371

Corcoran Gallery Of Art 1987 Wyeth Art Promotional Print, Framed 25"x35" And Unknown Artist Print Of Rug, Matted 24"x40"

Lot #: 372

Long Beach Museum Of Art 1980 Brian Davis Promotional Art and National Gallery Lawrence Promotional Art, Both Framed Under Glass, 24"x36" and 20"x30"

Lot #: 373

Painting of Bird, Mountain and River on Canvas, Butterflies and Print of Victorian Woman, All Framed Matted Under Glass, Various Sizes

Lot #: 374

University Art Museum Pandora's Box Showing Promotional Art and Lyric Opera April In Vienna, Promotional Art, Both Framed 20" x 32" and 16.5" x 24.5"

Lot #: 375

Jenanne Jenkins Plaza Autumn Photo, and Palermo E La Sua Provincia Poster 30" x 26" and 20.5" x 28"

Lot #: 376

Rico Tomaso Artwork of Clowns, On Paper with Plastic Frames, Qty 3, One Has Corner Damage

Lot #: 377

Ornate Wood Frame With Shelf in Middle, 33"H x 43"W x 8.5"D, Some Damage

Lot #: 378

Marilyn Monroe Print 12"H x 36.25"W Framed And Marilyn Monroe Tin Sign Promoting Lustre-Creme Shampoo 12.25"H x 16.5"W

Lot #: 379

Keen Kutter Hatchet Head With Keen Kutter Logo Used from 1870-1940

Lot #: 380

Fredric Remington Print, Depicting Native American on Horseback Shooting at Covered Wagon

Lot #: 381

Framed Patent Application in Taiwan for AT&T In Chinese with English Translation

Lot #: 382

Drexel Furniture Wall Hanging Resin Mirror, With Gilt Frame 50.5"H x 17.25"W

Lot #: 383

Mirror With Painted Frame 30.5"H x 22.25"W

Lot #: 384

Kenmore 18 cu.ft. Top Freezer/Refrigerator with Glass Shelves Model 60502, Cosmetic Damage to Top Back Corner, Powers On

Lot #: 385

Nylon Abetta Buddy Saddle and Pair of Youth Nylon Horn Strap Stirrups

Lot #: 386

Professional's Choice Western Saddle Pads Qty 3

Lot #: 387

Professional's Choice Western Pad, Air Ride, Felt Pad and Cloth Western Pad

Lot #: 388

Troxel Riding Helmets, Youth Small and Med, Adult 7.25"

Lot #: 389

International Large Adult Riding Helmet Model #108817 and Old Max Hoof Suspension Trail Boots

Lot #: 390

English Girths 36" Tressage Girth, 46" and 48" Girths

Lot #: 391

Leather Weaver Halters Including Trail Bridle/Halter Combo

Lot #: 392

Leather Western Bridle Set with Reigns and Sweet Iron Bit and Western Bridle Headstall with Browband

Lot #: 393

Western Show Bits Qty 3

Lot #: 394

Training Bits Qty 6

Lot #: 395

Hackamore Bits, Bossles and Tie-Downs, includes One Set of English Reigns

Lot #: 396

Nylon Halters Qty 6, Five are Pony

Lot #: 397

Stirrup Assortment, Qty 4 Sets Including Grooming Tote, Reflective Tail Wrap, Tail Guard and More

Lot #: 398

Leather Saddlebags Including Cantle and Horn Bags, Nylon Rope Hay Bags

Lot #: 399

Pony Tack Including Hackamore Bridle Set with Reigns, Stranded Rope Girths, Leather Bridle Headstalls and Muzzle

Lot #: 400

Felt Bareback Riding Pad

Lot #: 401

Craftsman Cordless Drill Model 315.115410 19.2V Battery With Charger In Hard Case And Metal Yard Stick

Lot #: 402

Extension Cord on Wood Spool, Length Unknown

Lot #: 403

Wood Sign for DeWalt Industrial Router Bits 25"W x 6"H

Lot #: 404

2 Vintage Wood Tool Boxes With Pulley, Hand Drill, Crank Wrench And More

Lot #: 405

Vintage Buck Saw With 27" Blade

Lot #: 406

Galvanized Metal Watering Can

Lot #: 407

Vintage Shoe Last With 3 Interchangeable Sizes And Wood Box

Lot #: 408

Antique Ice Tongs, 23" Spread

Lot #: 409

Antique Ice Tongs, 14" Spread, Qty 2

Lot #: 410

Vintage Shopmasater Scroll Saw on Stand, Motor Powers On, Belt Drive Needs Work

Lot #: 411

Rubbermaid Hard Plastic Trunk with Hinged Lid, No Key, 20"H x 36"W x 17.25"D

Lot #: 412

Murray 21" Push Mower With Briggs & Stratton 450E Motor, Runs

Lot #: 413

MTD Yard Machines Gas Powered Edger With Briggs & Stratton 3HP Engine Model 90212, Engine Needs Repair

Lot #: 414

Niall Branded Shopping Bags, 8x5 and 10x5, Approx Qty 4750 (in Boxes of 100)

Lot #: 415

Niall Branded Shopping Bags 13x6 and 16x6, Approx Qty 3500 (in Boxes of 100)

Lot #: 416

Niall Branded Tissue Papers, 20"x30", 5 Boxes Each Containing Approx 5 Reams with Approx 480 Sheets Per Ream

Lot #: 417

Office Equipment, Including Desk Lamps, Round Side Table With Glass Top, LED Light Strips, Acrylic Frames, Roasterie Coffee Packets, Books And More

Lot #: 418

Stainless Steel Work Prep Table With Adjustable Wire Lower Shelf, 35.5"H x 49.5"W x 24"D

Lot #: 419

Fallon Neon Open Sign, 32"x17" Model FR001870, Powers On

Lot #: 420

Choice LED Open Sign with Four Display Modes Model 4660P2412RG, Powers On And Collection of POS Signs

Lot #: 421

Blue Ribbon Cage Connection Bird Cage, Includes 3 Perch Rods, Food/Water Trays and Hanging Toy 14"W x 16"D x 18"H

Lot #: 422

Freestanding Magazine/Document Holder W/ 10 Acrylic Trays on Metal Stand, 52.5"H x 13.25W, 1 Tray Cracked And Floral Print, Framed Matted Under Glass


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Mayo Auction & Realty, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.