Firearms & Related Items Auction – Loris Luginsland Estate

Monday, February 04, 2019

United Country Great Plains Auction & Real Estate
1) All state and federal laws will be strictly adhered to in the conduct of this auction.2) All individuals must be legally able to purchase firearms or ammunition to register and bid in this auction.3) Must be 18 to bid on long guns and long-gun ammunition and 21 to bid on handguns and handgun ammunition.4) All firearms purchased by out-of-state buyers must be shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer of the buyer's choosing. (NO AMMUNITION OR OTHER MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED)5) Buyers within Kansas may have their firearms shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer of their choosing or pick up locally. (NO AMMUNITION OR OTHER MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED)6) All firearms shipping will be handled by a federally licensed firearms dealer, selected by the auctioneer, at an additional cost of $25, for each item, to the buyer.7) All buyers will be furnished with the contact information of the FFL dealer, selected by the auctioneer, upon the close of the auction. All buyers are responsible for contacting all FFL dealers and arranging shipping on their items. 8) All Kansas buyers shall complete a buyers form, furnished by auctioneer, and provide legal identification for each firearms purchase to receive their purchase.9) All individuals registering for this auction attest that they are legally able to purchase firearms and/or ammuntion and that they agree to complete all transactions in accordance with state and federal laws and be bound by all terms and condtions of this auction by registering for the auction. 10) All terms and conditions for this auction are agreed to and are binding upon all registered bidders regardless whether they have been thoroughly read or not.NOTICE:1) All firearms are selling in current and as-is condition2) All firearms were given a brief functionality test to determine if action could be cycled and trigger pulled. Any firearms that could not be cycled or dry fired were sent for repair.3) All modern and functioning firearms are believed to be in firing condition, however, none were taken to a range and fired or otherwise tested.4) All ammunition marked or identified as reloaded or remanufactured has been identified as such.5) Auctioneers nor auction companies are experts in firearms or firearms ammunition. As such, they make no warranties or guarantees as to the manufacture, condition of, or presence ofreloaded or remanufacturedammunition in any lot in this auction, nor do they make any warranties or guarantees as to the condition of, possible past modification of, functionality of, or safety of any firearm or weapon in this auction.6) Buyers are responsible for and must make their own investigations and conduct their own due diligence prior to bidding on any firearm, weapon, ammunition or item in this auction.GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONSThese Terms and Conditions constitute a CONTRACT between you, the bidder, and us, the Auctioneer. Do not submit any bids unless you understand and agree to ALL terms of this contract.United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate shall be known individually and collectively as "Auctioneers", or "Auction Firm"."All bidders must be 18 years of age or older and register with a valid credit card to bid on this auction. All bidders and others participating in this auction agree that they have read these terms and agree to be bound by and abide by these terms thereby. Bidder and his or her agents and employees agree to assume all risks of damage to person or property. Bidder and his or her agents and employees specifically release and forever indemnify Auctioneer, it's employees, agents, and assigns, from any liability and causes of action."All property is sold "as is, where is" without any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or REFUSALS. As the highest bidder, you are the buyer and are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and sale. In no event shall a bidder or buyer hold the Auctioneer responsible for having made or implied any warranty or merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose."The Auctioneer is acting solely as an agent for the Seller(s). The Auctioneer shall assume no liability for representations made, or information provided by the Seller(s). The Seller(s) reserve(s) the right to accept or reject any or all bids. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees."Bidders are encouraged to inspect all items before bidding. Public inspection & preview information is posted on our website for each sale."Bidder registration numbers are issued solely to individuals and are not transferable. Others are not authorized to use your bidder registration. Should you allow others to bid under your number, you will be fully responsible for all bids they make as though you made them yourself."Removal of any and all items shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the purchaser. All property must be removed within the time period stated by the Auctioneer for each auction unless otherwise agreed to and arranged between buyer and seller. Property not removed within the announced time period will revert to the Seller for resale or disposal, without refund or recourse to the bidder. Property not removed shall be considered abandoned and no refunds shall be issued. The Seller, at his or her discretion, may choose to have unclaimed items removed or disposed of at the expense of the Bidder who failed to collect the items. By participating in this auction, you agree to pay the removal costs of any unclaimed items that you won in the auction."The Seller and the Auctioneer reserve the right to withdraw items from sale before or during the auction without prior notice."Persons attending the preview or inspection period, or during the removal period assume all risks of damage, injury, or loss to their person and or property, and release the Auctioneer and the Auction Firm from liability thereof. Neither the Auction Firm nor its principals shall be liable for any defect in or condition of premises on which the auction is held. The Auction Firm is acting solely as the agent for the Seller(s) and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of its principals."Should any litigation or mediation be commenced between the parties to this agreement, concerning this agreement or the associated auction, the bidder / buyer agrees that the court shall award the prevailing party all reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees."The bidder / buyer agrees to reimburse the Auctioneer for all expenses incurred in the collection of any unsatisfied debt in conjunction with this auction."Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the county of Lyon within the state of Kansas and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in Lyon County, Kansas. Both parties waive any right to a jury trial and hereby agree to a bench trial before a judge. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Kansas. If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, that part will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible to affect the original intent of this agreement. If a part is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Such invalid or unenforceable part will be deemed severable from the other parts here and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts."Any Bidder who fails to perform as required under these terms and conditions may be banned from this or any future auctions."By registering for any auction, the bidder agrees to be added to the Auctioneer's email list. If you choose to unsubscribe, please follow the link at the bottom of each email to update your notifications.Vehicle & Equipment Auctions"Vehicles and equipment are sold "as is" with no warranty. The Auctioneer does NOT inspect vehicles or equipment, and makes no claim as to the condition of any vehicles or equipment. Some vehicles and equipment may be described as "started" or "ran". This is for informational purposes only, and is a representation of a past occurrence. There is no warranty or guaranty that the vehicle or equipment will start or run again. Bidders should not make buying purchases based on this information."Unless otherwise announced, sales taxes are NOT assessed at the time of sale on titled vehicles. Sales taxes will be paid when the vehicle is registered at the DMV."Minor mechanical work may be done on the grounds, limited to changing or inflating tires, and jump-starting the vehicles. No other mechanical work is to be done on the property.Payment"A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid on all items to determine the final purchase price of that item. "Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted." Credit card used to register for this auction will be charged upon the end of the auction for all purchases. " By participating in this auction, buyers expressly agree that they will not "charge back" or "deny" a credit card purchase. "There is a $35 service fee that will be assessed for any credit card that is declined for a purchase.Pick-Up" Merchandise pick up on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 3:00 ~ 7:00pm." Purchases must be picked up during the scheduled date and time unless otherwise arranged between buyer and seller."Items not picked up within 7 days of auction end will be deemed abandoned and ownership will revert to seller with no refund to buyer.On-Line AuctionsNeither the Auctioneer nor the Seller shall be responsible for any failure of any electronic or internet systems to accept or register a bid. Registered bidders must create a password that prevents others from using their account. Bidders are responsible for ALL bids placed under their name and password. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate owners, family members and employees.Online auctions use a "Dynamic" ending process. If a bid is received in the last few minutes before the scheduled closing of an item, the timer on that item will extend, and will continue to extend each time a bid is received. Once the bidding stops, and the timer runs out, that item will be eligible to close. In some cases, items are "linked", keeping one item open for bidding when a different item in the auction has been extended due to active bidding.It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor of all items. Auctioneer may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Auctioneer be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Auctioneer does not guarantee any appraisals, gradings or certifications. If you have any questions about the merchandise, contact the seller(s) and ASK THEM BEFORE BIDDING. Bidders shall be the sole judges of value. It is Bidder's responsibility to determine if any item is legal where they live.By placing a bid, Bidder acknowledges that her or she has inspected the items to his or her satisfaction or chooses to not examine them at his or her sole risk. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by the Auctioneer and the bidder receives an invoice. Auctioneer reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner he or she chooses.Bidding increments are automatically adjusted based on the chart provided for each auction, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Schur Success.Bids cannot and will not be removed or altered, unless in the opinion of the auctioneer, the bidder can establish that the bid was an obvious typographical error.Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy bidding feature and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction closes. Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.Some of the items in this auction may have a minimum bid to enter the bidding. Others may be treated as a "reserve" bid item. Others may be sold "Absolute", regardless of price, to the highest bidder.EXPLANATION OF STAGGERED CLOSING & SOFT CLOSE Staggered Close: If you'll notice in the Title of our Auction, it states that bidding BEGINS to close at 7:00pm CDT (Kansas Time). However, ALL items do not close together at that time. Items will close in the order listed on the site, (unless affected by the Soft Close as explained below) and typically close at the rate of 4 items per minute (every 15 seconds). Our Auction was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. You may also click on "Live Catalog" to view, in real time format, the lots that have current activity. Soft Close: Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 2 minutes, then the close time will be extended 2 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended for 2 minutes with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until 2 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. This does eliminate "snipers" from our Internet Auctions. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.United Country - Great Plains Auction & Real Estate (Auction Company) is providing an Internet auction as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall bidder have any kind of claim against Auction Company or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly during the online auction. Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source.
Emporia, KS US
Auction for the Estate of Loris Luginsland by Swift-N-Sure Auctions (Hope & Victor Edelman) and United Country - Great Plains (Lance Fullerton)
Lot #: 1

Ruger GP100 DAO .357 Magnum Revolver

Lot #: 2

Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 3

Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special Revolver

Lot #: 4

Bond Arms Snake Slayer Derringer in Var. Calibers

Lot #: 5

Armi Filli Tanfoglio .22LR SA Revolver

Lot #: 6

Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 7

Lorcin 9MM Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 8

Czech CZ-52 7.62X25MM Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 9

Harrington & Richardson .38 S&W DA Revolver

Lot #: 10

Iver Johnson .22 DA Revolver

Lot #: 11

Thomson Center Contender in .223 Rem.

Lot #: 12

Romanian Tokarev 7.62X25MM Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 13

Thompson Center Contender in .44 Magnum

Lot #: 14

Thompson Center Contender in .22LR

Lot #: 14a

Thompson Center Contender Oct. Barrel in .22LR

Lot #: 15

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .44 Magnum

Lot #: 16

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .44 Magnum

Lot #: 17

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .44 Magnum

Lot #: 17a

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .44 Magnum

Lot #: 18

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .41 Magnum

Lot #: 19

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .357 Magnum

Lot #: 20

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .45 Win. Mag.

Lot #: 20a

Thompson Center Contender Barrel in .45 Colt/.410

Lot #: 21

Harrington & Richardson DA .22 Revolver

Lot #: 22

High Standard Dura-Matic .22 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 23

Beretta Centurion 96D .40 S&W Semi-Auto Pistol

Lot #: 24

J.C. Higgins Model 80 .22 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Lot #: 25

Harrington & Richardson .22 DA Revolver

Lot #: 26

Iver Johnson .32 Revolver

Lot #: 27

SP2 .177 Single-Shot Pellet Pistol

Lot #: 28

Crosman BB Pistol

Lot #: 35

Remington 700BDL .25-06 Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 36

Remington 700BDL 7MM Magnum Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 37

Winchester M70 .264 Win. Magnum Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 38

Win. M70 .300 Win. Magnum Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 39

Winchester 1917 Enfield .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 40

Turkish Mauser 8MM Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 41

1903 Springfield .308 Win.(?) Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 42

Thompson Center Encore 7MM Magnum SS Rifle

Lot #: 43

Thompson Center Contender 7-30 Waters SS Rifle

Lot #: 44

Thompson Center TCR87 .270 Win. SS Rifle

Lot #: 45

Winchester M94 .30-30 Lever Action Rifle

Lot #: 46

Henry Varmint Express .17HMR Lever Action Rifle

Lot #: 47

Marlin 336SG .35 Rem. Lever Action Rifle

Lot #: 48

Mossberg M152 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Lot #: 49

USA Arms Mod. PMA-1 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Lot #: 50

Remington 341 Sportmaster .22S,L,LR BA Rifle

Lot #: 51

Marlin M783 .22WMR Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 52

Marlin Mod. 922M .22WMR Semi-Auto Rifle

Lot #: 53

Interarms Mauser .25-06 Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 54

Norinco SKS 7.62X39 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Lot #: 55

Mossberg 46M .22S,L,LR Bolt Action Rifle

Lot #: 56

Stevens Junior .22 Single Shot Rifle

Lot #: 57

Western Field and Stevens .22 Partial Rifles

Lot #: 58

Winchester-Daisy M1000X Cal. 177 Air Rifle

Lot #: 59

Crosman 2100 Classic Cal. 177 Air Rifle

Lot #: 60

Remington Peerless Field 12ga. O/U Shotgun

Lot #: 61

Stevens 311 16ga. SXS Shotgun

Lot #: 62

Remington 870 Wingmaster 20ga. Pump Shotgun

Lot #: 63

Ithaca-SKB 12ga. O/U Shotgun

Lot #: 64

Richland 20ga. SXS Shotgun

Lot #: 65

Richland M41 .410 O/U Shotgun

Lot #: 66

Lefevre Nitro Special 16ga. SXS Shotgun

Lot #: 67

American Arms Silver 1 28ga. O/U Shotgun

Lot #: 68

Utica Fire Arms-London Fluid Steel 20ga. SXS

Lot #: 69

Winchester 1897 12ga. Pump Action Shotgun

Lot #: 70

Marlin M42 12ga. Hammered Pump Action Shotgun

Lot #: 71

Stevens M1907 12ga. Pump Action Shotgun

Lot #: 72

Gaucha-IGA 20ga. Single Shot Shotgun

Lot #: 73

Remington 11-48 16ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun

Lot #: 74

Savage M720 12ga. Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Lot #: 75

Champion .410 Single Shot Shotgun

Lot #: 76

Braztech 12ga. / .22WMR Shotgun/Rifle Combo

Lot #: 77

Harrington & Richardson 28ga. Single-Shot Shotgun

Lot #: 100

American Security 38-Gun Safe

Lot #: 101

Safari By Cannon 24-Gun Safe

Lot #: 102

2 Full Boxes Winchester .45 Win. Magnum Ammo

Lot #: 103

2 Partial Boxes .45 Winchester Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 103

2 Partial Boxes .45 Winchester Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 104

2 Partial Boxes .45 Winchester Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 105

Lot of Mixed .45 ACP Ammunition

Lot #: 106

US Military .45 ACP Ammo & Ammo Box

Lot #: 107

2 Partial Boxes .44 Rem. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 108

3 Boxes CCI .44 Rem. Magnum Shot Shells

Lot #: 109

2 Partial Boxes .44 Rem. Magnum Shot Shells

Lot #: 110

2 Boxes Pioneer Express .44 Special Ammunition

Lot #: 111

Mixed Lot 3 Partial Boxes .44 Special Ammunition

Lot #: 112

Mixed Lot 2 Boxes .41 Rem. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 113

Lot of Winchester .41 Rem. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 114

5 Boxes Fiocchi .40 S&W Ammunition

Lot #: 115

Mixed Lot .40 S&W Ammunition

Lot #: 116

Mixed Lot .40 S&W Ammunition

Lot #: 117

1 Box CCI .40 S&W Shot Shells

Lot #: 118

7.62X25mm Tokarev Ammunition

Lot #: 119

Lot of Mixed .357 Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 120

Lot of CCI .38/.357 Shot Shells

Lot #: 121

1 Box .38 Automatic Ammunition

Lot #: 122

Lot of Mixed.38 Special Ammunition

Lot #: 123

1 Partial Box Remington .38 S&W Ammunition

Lot #: 124

Lot of Mixed 9mm Luger Ammunition

Lot #: 125

Lot of Mixed .380 ACP Ammunition

Lot #: 126

Lot of Mixed .32 Automatic Ammunition

Lot #: 127

Lot of Mixed .32 Smith & Wesson Short Ammunition

Lot #: 127

Lot of Mixed .32 Smith & Wesson Short Ammunition

Lot #: 128

Lot of Mixed Vintage .32 Short Rim Fire Ammunition

Lot #: 129

Lot of CCI .22WMR Shot Shells

Lot #: 130

Lot of CCI .22LR Shot Shells

Lot #: 131

Lot of Mixed .22 Blank Cartridges

Lot #: 132

Lot of Mixed Hornady .17HRM Ammunition

Lot #: 133

Partial Box .22 Hornet Ammunition

Lot #: 134

Lot of Mixed .22WMR Ammunition

Lot #: 135

2 Boxes CCI .22WMR Ammuntion

Lot #: 136

Lot of Mixed .22WMR Ammunition

Lot #: 137

7 Boxes Federal .22LR Ammunition

Lot #: 138

Lot of Mixed .22LR Ammunition

Lot #: 139

Lot of Mixed .22LR Ammunition

Lot #: 140

Lot of Mixed .22 Short Ammunition

Lot #: 141

.223 Remington Ammunition

Lot #: 142

1 Partial Box Federal .243 Win. Ammunition

Lot #: 143

Lot of Mixed .250 Savage Ammunition and Brass

Lot #: 144

Lot of Mixed Remington .25-06 Ammunition

Lot #: 145

3 Boxes Winchester .25-06 Ammunition

Lot #: 146

Bag .25-06 Ammunition

Lot #: 147

Lot of Remington .270 Win. Ammunition

Lot #: 148

Lot of Mixed .264 Win. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 149

2 Boxes Prvi Partizan .264 Win. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 150

Lot of Mixed .264 Win. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 151

Lot of Federal 7-30 Waters Ammunition & Brass

Lot #: 152

2 Boxes Federal Premium 7-30 Waters Ammunition+

Lot #: 153

Lot of Mixed 7X57 (7mm Mauser) Ammunition

Lot #: 154

1 Box Federal Premium 7mm Rem. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 155

Lot of Remington 7mm Rem. Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 156

7.62X39mm Ammunition

Lot #: 157

1 Box Hornady .30-30 Win. Ammunition

Lot #: 158

Lot of Mixed .30-30 Winchester Ammunition

Lot #: 159

Lot of Mixed .30-30 Winchester Ammunition

Lot #: 160

Lot of Mixed .30-06 Ammunition

Lot #: 161

Lot of Mixed .300 Winchester Magnum Ammunition

Lot #: 162

Lot of Mixed 8X57 (8mm Mauser) Ammunition

Lot #: 163

1 Box Hornady .35 Remington Ammunition

Lot #: 164

2 Boxes Wisconsin Cart. .35 Remington Ammunition

Lot #: 165

Lot of Mixed .35 Remington Ammunition

Lot #: 166

250 Rounds US Military .30 Cal. Linked Ammunition

Lot #: 167

3 Bandoleers Military Issue .30 Cal. Carbine Ammo

Lot #: 168

1 Bandoleer .8mm Ammunition in Stripper Clips

Lot #: 169

13 Boxes Barnaul .410 Steel Cased Slugs

Lot #: 170

2 Boxes S&B .410 Shotgun Buckshot Shells

Lot #: 171

Lot of Winchester .410 Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 172

Mixed Lot .410 Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 173

2 Boxes Winchester .410 Shotgun Buckshot Shells

Lot #: 174

Mixed Lot Remington .28g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 175

Mixed Lot Winchester 28g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 176

Mixed Lot Winchester 28g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 177

Mixed Lot 28g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 178

Full Case Federal 20g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 179

Lot of Mixed Federal .20g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 180

Lot of Mixed 20g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 181

Lot of Mixed 20g Shotgun Slugs

Lot #: 182

Large Box of Mixed 20g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 183

Full Case Winchester 16g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 184

Mixed Lot Federal 16g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 185

Mixed Lot Winchester 16g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 185a

Mixed Lot Remington 16g. Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 186

2 Boxes Mixed Federal 16g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 188

Box Mixed 16g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 189

Lot of Mixed Federal 12g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 190

Lot of Mixed Remington 12g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 191

Lot of Mixed Winchester 12g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 192

Lot of Mixed 12g Buckshot/Slug Shells

Lot #: 193

Lot of Vintage 12g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 194

Large Box Mixed 12g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 195

Lot of Mixed 10g Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 196

Lot of Empty Shotshell Boxes/Reloading

Lot #: 197

Lot of Mixed Shotgun Shells

Lot #: 198

Box Mixed Handgun Ammunition

Lot #: 199

Box Mixed Rifle Ammunition

Lot #: 200

Box Mixed Handgun and Rifle Brass/Reloading

Lot #: 201

Remington Adjustable Shooting Rest

Lot #: 202

MTM Adjustable Rifle Rest

Lot #: 203

Police Duty Holster & Ammuniton Carriers

Lot #: 204

Strong Tuff Pancake Holster

Lot #: 205

Guide Gear Holster for K-Frame Revolver

Lot #: 206

Shoulder Holster with Mag. Carriers

Lot #: 207

Leather Buscadero Western Holster & Gun Belt

Lot #: 208

Ruger Holster for Ruger GP100 Pistol

Lot #: 209

Hunter Brand Shoulder Holster

Lot #: 210

Uncle Mike's Scoped Shoulder Holster

Lot #: 211

Ambidextrous Nylon Shoulder Holster

Lot #: 212

Bianchi Shoulder Holster

Lot #: 213

Lot of Leather Holsters

Lot #: 214

Lot of Hunter Brand Leather Holsters + 1

Lot #: 215

2 Crossbreed IWB Concealment Holsters

Lot #: 216

2 Blackhawk Retention Holsters

Lot #: 217

Lot of 3 Assorted Composite Holsters

Lot #: 218

Lot of 5 Nylon Holsters

Lot #: 219

Lot of 5 Nylon Holsters

Lot #: 220

Triple K CSA Percussion Cap Pouch

Lot #: 221

Lot of 2 Rifle Ammunition Carriers

Lot #: 222

Lot of 3 Magazine/Cartridge Carriers

Lot #: 223

Lot of 4 Nylon Butt-Stock Cartridge Carriers

Lot #: 224

Lot with Powder Flask and Leather Stock Wrap

Lot #: 225

Maglula Magazine Loader + Super Loader

Lot #: 226

Lot of HSK Revolver Speed Loaders

Lot #: 227

Lot of .40 Caliber Beretta 92/96 Magazines

Lot #: 228

Lot of 2 Glock .40 Caliber Magazines

Lot #: 229

Lot of .380 Caliber Magazines

Lot #: 230

Lot of 2 .30 Caliber Carbine Magazines

Lot #: 231

Lot of Skeet/Trap Shooting Shell Bags, Etc.

Lot #: 232

BSA 4X32 Rifle Scope New in Package

Lot #: 233

Barska Colorado 3X9X40 Scope New in Box

Lot #: 234

BEC Inc. 1X Dot Reticle Scope New in Box

Lot #: 235

Tasco Pronghorn 3X9X40 Scope with Caps

Lot #: 236

Simmons Wide Angle 3X10X44 Scope

Lot #: 237

Tasco Pronghorn 4X Scope with Box

Lot #: 238

Lot of 2 Rimfire Rifle Scopes

Lot #: 239

Western Field 7X20 Rifle Scope

Lot #: 240

BSA Sweet 17 Scope New in Box with Rings

Lot #: 241

BSA 3X9X50 Scope New in Box with Caps

Lot #: 242

Set of Thompson Center Scope Rings and Base

Lot #: 243

Pair of Ruger Super Redhawk Scope Rings

Lot #: 244

Lot of Weaver Scope Rings and Mount

Lot #: 245

Set of Millet Rear Sights for Colt 1911 .45 Auto

Lot #: 246

New Century 7mm Mag. Laser Bore Sighter New in Box

Lot #: 248

Wheeler Eng. Level-Level-Level Scope Mounting Kit

Lot #: 249

Lot of Handgun Grips

Lot #: 250

Bushnell Adjustable Spotting Scope Tripod

Lot #: 251

Lot of Assorted Scope Caps and Spot Scope

Lot #: 252

Lot of Assorted Hunting Clothing and Gear

Lot #: 253

Lot of Assorted Game Calls and Hunting Items

Lot #: 254

Set of 3 Clamp-on Shooting Rests

Lot #: 255

Adjustable Length Slip-on Recoil Pad

Lot #: 256

Lot of Assorted Rifle and Handgun Targets

Lot #: 257

Lot of Assorted Cleaning Tools, Chemicals, Etc.

Lot #: 258

Lot of 3 Military Bayonets

Lot #: 259

Lot of Military Gear Suspenders and Web Belt

Lot #: 260

Daisy BB Rifle

Lot #: 261

Winchester Replica '73 Cap Rifle

Lot #: 262

Double Barrel Pirate Cap Pistol

Lot #: 263

Lot of Empty Handgun Ammo Boxes and Case Block

Lot #: 264

Lot of Sierra Bullets and H4895 Powder

Lot #: 265

Lot of Lee Rifle Dies and Shell Holders

Lot #: 266

Lee Handheld Case Primer and Case Lube Pad

Lot #: 267

Lot of Lee Reloading Equipment

Lot #: 268

Vintage Winchester Primer Box

Lot #: 269

Lot of Thompson Center Stocks, Grips, Etc.

Lot #: 270

Lot of Assorted Shotgun Stocks, Sights and Choke

Lot #: 271

Brass Shotgun Choke Gage

Lot #: 272

Lot of Assorted Grips

Lot #: 273

Lot of Assorted Fixed Blade Knives

Lot #: 274

Lot of Assorted Folding Knives

Lot #: 275

.50 Cal. BMG Dummy Round

Lot #: 276

Set of Handcuffs with Keys and Belt Case

Lot #: 277

Tasco 20X60 Spotting Scope with Adj. Tripod & Case

Lot #: 278

Lot of Assorted Handgun Hard Cases

Lot #: 279

Lot of Assorted Soft Pistol Cases

Lot #: 280

Kolpin Gun Boot Case with Mounting Hardware

Lot #: 281

2-Gun Rifle Hardcase

Lot #: 282

Lot of 2 Rifle Cases

Lot #: 283

Lot of Assorted Vinyl Soft Rifle Cases

Lot #: 284

Lot of Assorted Cloth or Canvas Rifle Cases

Lot #: 285

Handcarved Leather Rifle Case

Lot #: 286

Lot with Compound Bow and Accessories

Lot #: 287

Lot of Clay Targets

Lot #: 288

Lot of Airgun BB's and Pellets

Lot #: 289

1# Cannister Exploding Target

Lot #: 290

Lot of 2 Sentry Safe Pistol Safes

Lot #: 291

Lot of Misc. Hardware and Items

Lot #: 292

Leather Rifle Scabbard

Lot #: 293

Redhead Take-down Shotgun Case

Lot #: 294

Large Sportsman's Dry Box


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