Monday, March 20, 2017

Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC.
1. All purchases will be charged directly to the credit card on file.2. If the Auctioneer determines that any bid is not commensurate with the value of the article offered, he may reject the same and withdraw the item from the auction. If, having acknowledged an opening bid, he decides that an advance is not sufficient, he may reject the advance. The Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of Buyers/ Seller/Secured parties.3. Ownership title passes upon the fall of the Auctioneer's gavel, and thereafter the property is at the risk of the buyer, and neither the seller nor the auctioneer shall be responsible for loss or damage.4. Every item is sold "as is, where is", with all faults. Neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller makes any warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to said property. All sales are final. Catalog descriptions are for simple identification purposes only; no representations are made as to authenticity, age, origin or value. The Buyer relies solely on his/her own inspection and judgment when bidding.5. All purchases by attendees shall be paid in full within 48 Hours after Auction, and prior to removal. Any items not removed by date stated shall be deemed abandoned by bidder and shall be disposed of at bidder's expense without recourse. 6. Purchasers are responsible for all costs involved with removal of their purchases and any and all damages incurred during removal of purchases. 7. 15% BUYER'S PREMIUM shall be added to the top bid to become part of the purchase price.BUYER'S PREMIUM DEFINITION: The Buyer's Premium is that portion of the commission(s) which is being paid by the buyer. It is clearly understood and agreed by both the buyer and the Seller that the Auctioneer and Broker represent the Seller only.8. The highest approved bidder is determined to be the buyer. In all cases of disputed bids, the property shall be resold, but the Auctioneer will use his judgment as to the good faith of all claims, and his decision is final.9. All bidders are required to register and give full identification prior to the beginning of the auction and are required to use the number issued them when identifying themselves as the successful bidder.10. Should a dispute arise after the auction, the Auctioneer's records shall be conclusive in all respects.11. This is a privately owned and operated auction. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person(s). No transfer shall be recognized from one buyer to another.12. Bidder agrees to pay any and all charges and expenses incurred by reason of any breach of Terms & Conditions of auction, or in case of default, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees, as well as any dollar deficiencies which may result in the resale of the property and the cost of re-marketing said property. Additional commissions shall be due and payable.13. Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any property prior to auction.14. Bidder agrees to the above Terms and Conditions of the auction prior to receiving a bid card for this auction, and all other auctions said bidder attends of THEURER AUCTION/REALTY in the future.15. The above-stated Terms & Conditions of Auction cannot be altered except in writing by all parties of the contract, or by verbal changes to terms given by the Auctioneer at time of auction.16. Bidder does hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Auctioneer and Seller from any and all damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever, caused before, during, or after the auction.17. In event that description differs from photos, photos take precedence over description.18. Buyers are responsible to make sure they receive everything at point of pickup.19. Bidder gives permission for Auctioneer and those acting pursuant to its authority to photograph, video tape, or use any other electronic method of recording my likeness and/or voice to be used at the Auctioneer's discretion in auction-related publications and/or websites. I have read, understand and agree to accept the above-listed Terms & Conditions of auction.
Wellington, KS US
This auction has lots of antiques, tools, primitives, furniture, and much more. Be sure to check out every lot. Something for everyone.

Lot#: 1 - Bell collection, with display post

Lot#: 2 - Wood shelves & contents includes glassware and

Lot#: 3 - Contents of the mantle in the living room

Lot#: 4 - 36" x 36" shelf with contents

Lot#: 5 - Brass fireplace folding screen

Lot#: 6 - Shopping cart, full-size

Lot#: 7 - Northwest corner of the living room contents

Lot#: 8 - TV and contents and living room, includes

Lot#: 9 - One flat of glassware, living room

Lot#: 10 - Chandelier and miscellaneous brass in a box

Lot#: 11 - Hall tree, single post style

Lot#: 12 - Small step ladder and ottoman

Lot#: 13 - Large piggy bank- 10 inches by 12 inches

Lot#: 14 - Sunburst style electric clock 30"

Lot#: 15 - Side table with contents

Lot#: 16 - Magazine rack into inches long 22" tall

Lot#: 17 - Side table contents 24" x 24" top 28 inches tall

Lot#: 18 - 3 lamps, 1 floor lamp and 2 table lamps

Lot#: 19 - Coffee table, 36" includes contents

Lot#: 20 - One flat of misc. includes large Cowbell,

Lot#: 21 - One flat of playing cards, new and old

Lot#: 22 - Oak Bureau 36" Tall 18 x 20" 5 drawer

Lot#: 23 - Two flats includes brass horns, brass cuspidor

Lot#: 24 - One flat of brass candlesticks

Lot#: 25 - Table 22" tall with a 16" x 16" top

Lot#: 26 - The Last Supper tin relief & 2 shelves

Lot#: 27 - 16" tall dropleaf table 21" x 10" top

Lot#: 28 - Small cedar chest, one 16 x 10, one 12 x 5

Lot#: 29 - Ertl Backhoe 750 Ford

Lot#: 30 - Tonka dump truck, with an extra truck

Lot#: 31 - Stereo cabinet with the contents

Lot#: 32 - Dietz lantern, kerosene lamps and coconut monkey

Lot#: 33 - One flat of glassware,

Lot#: 34 - Five beer Steins

Lot#: 35 - Five beer Steins

Lot#: 36 - Seven beer Steins

Lot#: 37 - Six beer Steins

Lot#: 38 - Auction sale bill 1919

Lot#: 39 - Wooden shelf 54" x 24" with contents

Lot#: 40 - Wooden shelf 40" x 24" with contents

Lot#: 41 - Reading lamp, iron frame

Lot#: 42 - Computer desk and chair includes contents

Lot#: 43 - Small cabinet in office with contents

Lot#: 44 - Small shelf in office includes contents

Lot#: 45 - Potato box, includes nail aprons

Lot#: 46 - 36" x 36" pine shelf in office includes contents

Lot#: 47 - Oak office chair

Lot#: 48 - One flat of lamps and lanterns

Lot#: 49 - Small desk with contents in office,

Lot#: 50 - Small wall hanging shelf with pottery and

Lot#: 51 - Marilyn Monroe memorabilia

Lot#: 52 - Movie posters includes Super Speedway, The Magic

Lot#: 53 - Double Bed metal frame

Lot#: 54 - Antique curling iron collection and misc

Lot#: 55 - Contents of north east corner of the northwest

Lot#: 56 - Baby Crib w/ drop front

Lot#: 57 - Cabinet with VHS storage includes lots of VHS

Lot#: 58 - Antique -Cub Scout Vest and Cub Scout plaques

Lot#: 59 - Contents of bed in Northeast bedroom includes

Lot#: 60 - Double bed with frame in north east bedroom

Lot#: 61 - Two nightstands with contents and electric fan

Lot#: 62 - CD tower, pedestal fan, antique floor lamp,

Lot#: 63 - Chest of drawers in the north east bedroom

Lot#: 64 - Contents of the closet in the north east bedroom

Lot#: 65 - Kitchen table and 4 chairs

Lot#: 66 - Sanyo television

Lot#: 67 - One flat, coke bottles, sad iron and trivet

Lot#: 68 - One flat of tea cups

Lot#: 69 - 2 flats of misc kitchen items and glassware

Lot#: 70 - 1 flat of decorative plates and platters

Lot#: 71 - White China set

Lot#: 72 - One box of misc includes bottle openers

Lot#: 73 - Clock and batteries; 9v and AA

Lot#: 74 - Kitchen utensils and primitives includes

Lot#: 75 - 2 gas lamps

Lot#: 76 - Contents of the drawers and cabinets south side

Lot#: 77 - Contents of drawers and cabinets west side of

Lot#: 78 - Popcorn machine electric

Lot#: 79 - Wooden bench with contents includes Montgomery

Lot#: 80 - Cub Scout chest includes toys and memorabilia

Lot#: 81 - Plant stand, bench, yardsticks, toys, rug beater

Lot#: 82 - Metal steamer trunk, upstairs Northeast bd room

Lot#: 83 - Bed with contents and nightstands

Lot#: 84 - Blonde dresser with mirror includes contents

Lot#: 85 - Chair, floor lamp and table

Lot#: 86 - Airbeds, umbrella, nightstand, lamp

Lot#: 87 - End table, lamp, ashtrays air bed and mattress

Lot#: 88 - Contents of the closet South bedroom upstairs

Lot#: 89 - Antique 3 foot pool table with balls and cues

Lot#: 90 - Metal ice cream parlor chair

Lot#: 91 - Stick horse with Wheel

Lot#: 92 - 24" x 36" mirror and small western rocking chair

Lot#: 93 - Contents of the attic includes:

Lot#: 94 - Whitetail deer antler mount, Large

Lot#: 95 - 35 yardsticks and a stoneware crock

Lot#: 96 - Glass insulators in a large paper box

Lot#: 97 - Ben Hogan golf clubs and bag

Lot#: 98 - Coca-Cola collection in basement

Lot#: 99 - Contents South RM of the basement include

Lot#: 100 - Contents of the North room of the basement

Lot#: 101 - Small chest style freezer in basement: works

Lot#: 102 - Benches and TV trays on front porch

Lot#: 103 - Shovels, pitchforks, rakes, hoes and other hand

Lot#: 104 - Old windows in the east shed 10 are 24" x 30"

Lot#: 105 - Five wooden crates

Lot#: 106 - Six soda crates

Lot#: 107 - Wood and fabric room partitions

Lot#: 108 - Fishing rods and reels

Lot#: 109 - 12 foot aluminum extension ladder

Lot#: 110 - Single cylinder 110 V air compressor

Lot#: 111 - Contents of shelves in the east shed includes

Lot#: 112 - Toolbox with tools, yard light, deicer, metal box

Lot#: 113 - Four wooden doors

Lot#: 114 - Push lawn and misc

Lot#: 115 - Barrel dolly

Lot#: 117 - Contents of the West side of the toolshed

Lot#: 118 - Contents of the East side of the tool shed

Lot#: 119 - Saw horses and lumber

Lot#: 120 - Lumber and miscellaneous

Lot#: 121 - Three cans of kerosene

Lot#: 122 - Craftsman 7 hp mower

Lot#: 123 - Go kart with fiberglass body

Lot#: 124 - Snowblower 5 hp 20 inch width

Lot#: 125 - Small children's wagon

Lot#: 126 - Tackle boxes and tackle, minnow buckets, fish

Lot#: 127 - Wood table, lumber and other misc

Lot#: 128 - Small cage fan and motor w/ plug-in

Lot#: 129 - 2 Milk cans

Lot#: 130 - 2 Wheel barrows

Lot#: 131 - 2 Old traffic violation fee boxes - Larned, KS


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.