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United Country Kansas City Auction and Realty
Terms and Conditions of Online AuctionUnited Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty (Auction Company) is providing an online (Internet) auction as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that there is always a possibility that the technology service may or may not function correctly during the auction. Under no circumstances shall bidder have any kind of claim against the Seller, the Auction Company, it's Agents or Representatives in the event the Internet service fails to work correctly during the online auction. The Auction Company will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid may be acknowledged in the event of technology failure, should use the "maximum bid" feature and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction closes. Auction Company reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction at any point prior to the end of the auction. The following describes the terms on which offers you access to the Online (Internet) Auction hosted by United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty. By placing a bid in this auction, you hereby confirm that you have read and agree to comply with the Auction Terms and Conditions, as stated below. Online Bidder/Buyer's Contract: Your bid(s) placed on the United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty website are a contract and you are responsible for paying all amounts due for items purchased in this online auction. If you cannot pay for and remove the items during the pick-up times specified, then please DO NOT BID on any items in this auction. Retention of Credit Card Information: By providing your credit card information, you authorize United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty to charge your credit card for the purchase amount of any successful bid plus associated taxes, shipping costs (if any) and Handling Fees (if any,). You also agree and acknowledge that United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty will keep your credit card information on file so long as you maintain an account with United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty. BY BIDDING, YOU HEREBY AUTHORIZE UNITED COUNTRY - KANSAS CITY AUCTION AND REALTY TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR ANY OF THE FEES LISTED ABOVE. IF NEED BE. Pick-Up Period:"Friday May 4th, 2018 from 2:00pm until 7:00pm (CST). All items MUST be removed on or before the Pick-up Period noted above. Any items purchased and not removed during the scheduled pick-up period will be charged to the winning bidder's credit card on file, along with an additional $37.00 handling fee for disposal of said item, unless prior arrangements have been made with the auction compnay. Do not bid if you do not intend on picking up your purchased items. Shipping Instructions: (NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE, PICK-UP AT AUCTION LOCATION ONLY). United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty will make NO shipping arrangements. ALL shipping and/or quotes for shipping are the buyer's sole responsibility by contacting their choice of the shipping companies directly. Contact any shipper -AT YOUR OWN RISK- Buyer is obligated to pay all shipping expenses DIRECTLY to a shipper of their choice. It is preferred that all items be picked up in person. A paid invoice will be required before any items are removed. Pick up Location: onsite at 11718 Donahoo Road, Kansas City, Kansas 66109. Sales Tax: 0% Sales Tax (estate sale). No Kansas sales tax is charged in an estate sale of one seller. Buyer's Premium (15%): A buyer's premium of fifteen percent (15%) shall be added to the high bid price online, which will determine the final sales price for each auction lot. Participation Requirements: Name, address, daytime phone number, email address and a Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Payment Instructions: ALL accounts will be settled at the conclusion of this auction. We will immediately charge the credit card you have on file with United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty/HiBid for your purchases, plus buyer's premiums. *** A $25 service fee will be charged to any account whose credit card on file is declined requiring additional time and telephone contact to establish payment for merchandise. Please respond to the Auction Company immediately by phone or email, if you KNOW that you need to use an alternate credit card. U.S. Currency: All sales and bidding shall be in U.S. dollars only. Special Terms of Sale: 1.YOUR BID IS A CONTRACT TO BUY should you be the winning bidder. You are responsible for paying for all purchases you are the winning bidder on.2.All property is sold "AS IS, WHERE IS", with no warranty or guarantee. 3.No Returns: All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds or adjustments on price. 4.Age Requirement: All bidders must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this auction. 5.Our Internet on-line auctions move quickly! If you are interested in an item, bid quickly. If you win an item in the auction you will be notified by email following the auction. 6.In the event "forced collections" are needed, the purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by the Seller or Auction Company in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a fee of 18% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due the auction company and any other costs or losses incurred by the purchaser's failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be heard in Platte County, Missouri. 7.ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Your bid IS A CONTRACT TO BUY should you win an item(s) in the auction. 8.The Seller and/or Auction Company reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity. 9.All announcements made prior to the close of the Internet bidding take precedence over any and all written or verbal statements.10.United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty attempts to describe the merchandise to the best of our abilities however we make no representations or guarantees. In no event shall United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. United Country - Kansas City Auction and Realty will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise. 11.Items in this auction are being offered and sold with "no minimum bid or reserve price". 12.EXPLANATION OF STAGGERED CLOSING & SOFT CLOSE Staggered Close: If you'll notice in the Title of our Auction, it states that bidding BEGINS to close at a certain time. ALL items do not close together at that stated time. Items will close in the order listed on the site, (unless affected by the Soft Close as explained below). Our Auction was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. Within a 30 minute window of the auction beginning to close the first lots, you may also click on the "Live Catalog" (which should be flashing on your screen) to view, in real time format, the lots that have current activity and are the next lots to closing. Soft Close: Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes, then the close time will be extended 3 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended in 3 minute increments with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until the 3 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. This eliminates "snipers" from an Internet Auction and encourages a fair and impartial platform for all bidders to participate. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.13.By bidding on any item in this auction, the bidder is acknowledging and demonstrating their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the auction, as outlined in this document.
Kansas City, KS US
Antique Furniture * KU Memorabilia * Medical Supplies * Kitchen Items * Glassware * Dolls * Many Craft Supplies * Miscellaneous **ONLINE ONLY AUCTION**Personal Asset Auction: We are selling personal property in this auction and it can be viewed during the property inspection dates and times. The personal property consists of items like: Antique drop leaf table, vanity with stool, vintage golf clubs, china, glassware, books, dolls, picture frames and lots of crafting items.Auctioneers Note: Please make plans to attend the property inspection periods and you can participate in this auction ONLINE ONLY. Register and begin bidding today!
Lot #: 1

Round wooden table

Lot #: 2

Small end table

Lot #: 3

Set of 2 chairs

Lot #: 4

Oval Side Table

Lot #: 5

Mixed group of 4 lamps

Lot #: 6

Antique drop leaf table with 2 chairs

Lot #: 7

Antique Secretary Table

Lot #: 8

Small chest of drawers

Lot #: 9

Vanity with stool

Lot #: 10

Set of 2 end tables with storage

Lot #: 11

Antique padded sitting chair

Lot #: 12

Three Drawer Chest of Drawers

Lot #: 13

Twin Bed

Lot #: 14

Light wood dresser

Lot #: 15

Wall mirror

Lot #: 16

Miscellaneous wicker baskets

Lot #: 17

Blankets, sheets and towels

Lot #: 18

Vintage golf clubs and BB gun

Lot #: 19

Various electronics and entertainment accessories

Lot #: 20

Miscellaneous Dcor

Lot #: 21

Metal and Glass shelving

Lot #: 22


Lot #: 23

Painting, Prints and Mirror

Lot #: 24

Small antique wooden boxes

Lot #: 25

Wooden dining room table with 8 chairs

Lot #: 26

Side Bar with drop leaf sides

Lot #: 27

2 wooden end tables

Lot #: 28

2 corner shelves, 1 long wooden wall shelf

Lot #: 29

Vintage girl scout and cub scout uniforms

Lot #: 30

Black storage cube with beige storage baskets

Lot #: 31

Antique copper lined humidor

Lot #: 32

Desk with shelf underneath

Lot #: 33

Metal corner desk

Lot #: 34

HP Envy 7645 Printer

Lot #: 35

2 black desk chairs

Lot #: 36

Lot of 4 metal 2 drawer file cabinets

Lot #: 37

Single drawer file cabinet and 2 door file cabinet

Lot #: 38

(4) 2 drawer legal size filing cabinets

Lot #: 39

White desk lamp

Lot #: 40

Lot of office supplies

Lot #: 41

Monitor screen, 3 screen projectors, screen slides

Lot #: 42

Health Care and Senior Medical Items

Lot #: 43

Electric blankets, ottomans, space heater

Lot #: 44

Antique binoculars and camera

Lot #: 45

Small wooden bench, Chest of drawers

Lot #: 46

Miscellaneous glass home dcor

Lot #: 47

Costume Jewelry

Lot #: 48

Large Handicap ramp

Lot #: 49

Handicap ramp with handle

Lot #: 50

Handicap ramp with handle

Lot #: 51

2 Shelf book case

Lot #: 52

3 desk chair mats

Lot #: 53

KU memorabilia

Lot #: 54

Vintage KU magazines (1944, 1945 & 1946)

Lot #: 55

Glass Walking Sticks, Cane, Umbrella Stand

Lot #: 56

Stemware, Misc colors

Lot #: 56a

China and Other Decorative Plates

Lot #: 57

Keurig and Coffee accessories

Lot #: 58

Miscellaneous silver items

Lot #: 59

Blue and White Dishes and cups

Lot #: 60

Set of Yellow Dishes

Lot #: 61

Hoosier Vase, Miscellaneous glassware, and vases

Lot #: 62

White Dishes

Lot #: 63

Teal green plastic dishware

Lot #: 64

Miscellaneous kitchenware

Lot #: 65

Shelf and kitchenware contents

Lot #: 66

Antique wooden chest of shelves with door

Lot #: 67

Miscellaneous glassware/Glass serving trays

Lot #: 68

Miscellanous kitchenware/glassware/cookbooks

Lot #: 69

Large lot of Kitchen Items

Lot #: 70

Light wood hutch/kitchen cabinet

Lot #: 71

Lot of bathroom and cleaning supplies

Lot #: 72

Stainless steel microwave

Lot #: 73

5 wooden chairs

Lot #: 74

Vintage Collection of Medical Books (1930's)

Lot #: 75

3 boxes of miscellaneous craft books

Lot #: 76

6 boxes of books

Lot #: 77

Lot of Andrew Wyeth art and books

Lot #: 78

Wall Curio cabinet

Lot #: 79

Pair of Matching Lamps

Lot #: 80

Group of 3 lamps

Lot #: 81

Lot of mixed cow decorations & jugs, pitchers

Lot #: 82

Cowboy beer glasses

Lot #: 83

Large book shelf

Lot #: 84

Sailfish with certificate

Lot #: 85

Large lot of craft supplies

Lot #: 86

Lot of Children's books

Lot #: 87

Small wooden spice box, pedestal glass candy dish

Lot #: 88

Long coffe table with slate top

Lot #: 89

Round coffee table

Lot #: 90

White Reclining Chair

Lot #: 91

Sofa Table with drawers and basket storage

Lot #: 92

Floral Arm Chair

Lot #: 93

3 Ottomans and throw pillows

Lot #: 94

2 Chairs and an End Table

Lot #: 95

Rugs, Three runners and one larger rug

Lot #: 96

Large lot of Doileys and Table Clothes

Lot #: 97

Book ends, Picture frames, box of glass items

Lot #: 98

Vintage Walleye Mount

Lot #: 99

Small 3 drawer dresser and bookshelf

Lot #: 100

Coffee Table with drawers

Lot #: 101


Lot #: 102


Lot #: 103


Lot #: 104


Lot #: 105


Lot #: 106

Set of Dolls

Lot #: 107

Lot of Dolls

Lot #: 108


Lot #: 109

Native American Porcelain Doll

Lot #: 110

Large lot of handmade dolls and other dolls

Lot #: 111

Stereo Equipment, VCR

Lot #: 112

Large Horse Picture, Fire Ladder, Prints, Mirror,

Lot #: 113

Entire Contents of Shelves on West Wall

Lot #: 114

Entire Contents on South Wall

Lot #: 115

Large Projector

Lot #: 116

Lifetime 8' Table

Lot #: 117

Contents of East Wall

Lot #: 118

Shelf with Baskets

Lot #: 119

Contents of North East Corner of Basement

Lot #: 120

Life Magazines, Year 1957 and Hotel Robidoux Menu

Lot #: 121

Wall Clock


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country Kansas City Auction and Realty, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.