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Notice:  We Comply with All State & Federal Laws.  Must Show Valid Driver’s License to Register for a Buyer Number.  We Are Required to Perform NICS Check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on All Firearms Purchases – Unless You Present Your Current FFL or Kansas Concealed Carry License.

Any Announcement Made Sale Day Shall Take Precedence Over All Advertised Material.  No Absentee Bids Will Be Taken on Sale Day.  We Will Be Charging 9% Sales Tax.  No Buyers Premium for Attendees.

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Starting at 9:00 a.m. with Ammo, Reloading, Knives, Military & Misc. Indian Collectibles.
Proxi-Bid will Start at 11:00 a.m. with Indian Artifacts and Collectibles (A1-A155), Followed by Numbered Military Blades (B1-B25).
Commencing on Firearms at Approx. 12:30 p.m.

Doors Open at 8:00 a.m.





                                                                  We use the following notes for categorizing: (HG)= Handgun; (EX)=Exempt


NOTE:  Indian Items are from the Collection of Tom Blair, who collected all of his life.  95% are Authentic Old Artifacts.     

Prior to Numbered Artifacts We Will be Selling Assorted Artifacts & Collectibles (not included in "ONLINE" Auction): Various Pottery Pieces Including Hopi, G. Fragna, Chinana Renakavena, Navaho; Pipes; Axes; Several Collector Plates; Stamps; Post Cards; Effigies, Fetishes, Kachinas & Other Dolls; Misc. Art; Books, Plus!

SELLING AT 11:00 A.M.:

A1.      Yellow Heyena Kachina Doll

A2.      Wolf Dancer Kachina Doll

A3.      Eagle Kachina by Kachada Doll

A4.      White Eagle Kachina by Kachada

A5.      Large Wolf Kachina on Top of Rock

A6.      Brass Bell w/Bone Handle

A7.      Hand Forged Spurs

A8.      Gary Monsey Art on Tortoise Shell

A9.      Gary Monsey Art Woman on Bone

A10.    Very Old Acuna Flower Burnt into Pot Caddo Arkansas Effigy Pot

A11.    Indian Chief Nutcracker from Germany

A12.    Old Olla Pima Pot

A13.    Santa Clara Pot; Fish Effigy Signed Pot

A14.    3-Pc. Metal Art: Warrior, Hatchet & Pipe

A15.    Gary Monsey Art: Man on Wood

A16.    Gary Monsey Art: Woman on Wood

A17.    Gary Monsey Art: Quanah Parker on Cow Skull

A18.    Gary Monsey Art: Chief Joseph on Turtle Shell

A19.    Gary Monsey Art: Sits Down Spotted Crow Hunter

A20.    Indian Blanket, 60" x 30"

A21.    2-Pc. Beaded Bow & Hatchet

A22.    1-Pair Game Sticks

A23.    Flute Signed by Bill Roberson

A24.    Dance Stick w/Rattlesnake Head

A25.    Dance Stick w/Antler & Hoof

A26.    Sioux War Axe & Hammer from Red Bud Reservation

A27.    Sioux Axe w/Slate Head

A28.    Dance Stick w/Horn & Hair

A29.    Beaded Quiver w/(3) Stone Tipped Arrows

A30.    Dance Stick w/Black Horn & Rattlesnake Head

A31.    Beaded Pipe

A32.    Pipe Bag; Bird Effigy w/Claws Pipe

A33.    Pipe Hatchet Metal

A34.    Case w/Stone Axe, Small Kachina, Bear Fetish & Arrowhead

A35.    Frame: (7) Agate Points w/Back Light

A36.    Stone Knife w/Antler Handle

A37.    Gary Monsey Art on Cow Skull & Horns

A38.    Shield & Drum from Red Bud Reservation

A39.    Deer Hide Shield (Broken Handle)

A40.    Gary Monsey Art: Woodrow Haney on Wood

A41.    Art: Indians Hunting Buffalo

A42.    Gary Monsey Art: Warrior on Deer Antler Mount w/(17) Buffalo Nickels

A43.    Bird Effigy Pipe

A44.    Frame: (2) Small Kachinas, Bear Effigy & Stone Axe

A45.    Framed Frederic Remington Print

A46.    Framed Robert Lindneux Print

A47.    Set of (4) Prints in (2) Frames

A48.    Framed Picture "May All Your Dreams Come True"

A49.    Framed Picture of War Chief

A50.    Sand Painting of Sun Kachina

A51.    Framed & Signed Jessie Ghere Print "The Magic Arrow"

A52.    Framed & Signed Jessie Ghere Print "Spirit Song"

A53.    Framed Water Color Picture "Buffalo Hunt"

A54.    (2) Framed Prints Western Brother & Sister

A55.    Dennis Yates Oil Painting of Viejo Oro

A56.    Sioux Breast Plate from Red Bud Reservation

A57.    Stone Point Spear from Red Bud Reservation

A58.    Stone Point Spear from Oklahoma

A59.    Frame: Ceremonial Eagle

A60.    Frame: (4) Points from OK, MO & AR

A61.    Frame: (5) Points from MO & OK

A62.    Frame: (1) Obsidian Point from Washington

A63.    Frame: Black Turtle Effigy

A64.    Frame: Calf Creek Point

A65.    Frame: Sea Turtle from Washington

A66.    Frame: Tree Spear Point

A67.    Frame: (7) Points from MO, AR & OK

A68.    Frame: (1) Stone Fish Hook & (2) Agate Points

A69.    Frame: (3) White Points

A70.    Frame: (2) Points & (1) Indian Head Penny

A71.    Frame: (1) White Point

A72.    Frame: (1) Eccentric Point

A73.    Frame: (1) Bird Point

A74.    Frame: (2) Bird Points

A75.    Indian Blanket, 15" x 32"

A76.    (2) Matching Frames: (11) Pts. (10 Dart & Bird Points w/Large Dalton Point; & 3-Pts.

A77.    Frame: (20) Pts. & (24) Turquoise Nuggets

A78.    Frame: (15) Pts. From OK

A79.    Frame: (13) Pts. w/Buffalo Nickel & (4) Turquoise Nuggets

A80.    Frame: 20-Pts. & Nose Ring w/(2) Indian Head Pennies & (16) Turquoise Nuggets

A81.    Frame: (16) Pts. w/Turtle Effigy w/(32) Coral & (12) Turquoise Nuggets

A82.    Frame: (30) Pts. w/Beaded Round; (2) Buffalo Nickels; (8) Turquoise Nuggets

A83.    Frame: (1) Spear & (26) Arrow Points

A84.    Frame: (1) Spear w/(18) Other Points

A85.    Frame: (23) Points w/(1) Buffalo Nickel & (14) Turquoise Nuggets

A86.    Frame: (14) Points

A87.    Frame: (20) Points w/(1) Buffalo Nickel & (10) Turquoise Nuggets

A88.    Frame: (1) Drill w/(1) Effigy & (16) Other Points

A89.    Frame: (1) Snake Effigy w/(7) Points & (22) Old Beads

A90.    Frame: (7) Points w/(4) Buffalo Nickels & (2) Indian Head Pennies

A91.    Frame: (1) Dalton w/(19) Other Points & Copper Indian Head

A92.    Frame: (12) Points

A93.    Frame: 9-Pcs. Effigies, Points & Drills

A94.    Frame: (18) Obsidian Pieces

A95.    Frame: (1) Large Knife & (12) Points

A96.    Frame: (11) Points from MO & AR

A97.    Frame: (22) Points w/(1) Carved Bird & (4) Coral Nuggets

A98.    Frame: (16) Points w/(1) Lizard Effigy, (4) Indian Head Pennies & (4) Turquoise Nuggets

A99.    Frame: (17) Points w/(2) Indian Head Pennies & (10) Turquoise Nuggets

A100. Frame: (1) Large Snider Point from Grove, OK

A101. Frame: (49) Fancy Bird Points

A102. Frame: (17) Points

A103. Frame: (1) Eagle Effigy & (46) Points

A104. Frame: (9) Points

A105. Frame: Old Oval Curved Glass Frame w/Large Drill, Disc, Spear & (44) Other Points

A106. Frame: (1) Large Spear & (34) Rare Adena Points

A107. Frame: (1) Turkey Tail Spear, (47) Other Points & (4) Clay Beads

A108. Frame: Indian Head Made of Whole & Broken Points

A109. (2) Beaded Hair Ties

A110. (1) Stone Knife w/Beaded Handle

A111. (2) Eccentric Ceremonial Spears

A112. (7) Agate Points & (2) Small Points

A113. Box with (48) Pcs.: Axes, Hoes & Scrapers

A114. Box with (16) Nice Pieces

A115. Box with (15) Nice Pieces

A116. Box with (6) Effigies & (49) Other Pieces

A117. Box with (7) Nice Points

A118. Box with (3) Van Meter Points

A119. Box with Turtle Effigy

A120. Box with (11) Very Nice Points

A121. Box with (19) Very Nice Bird Points

A122. (4) Boxes with (7) Very Nice Pieces

A123. (1) Game Ball

A124. (3) Pipes & (1) Slate Plummet

A125. (1) Snake Effigy Pipe

A126. (148) Arrowheads

A127. (1) Steel Arrowhead & (1) Tool Found in MO

A128. (3) Axe Heads, All Approx. 5" Long

A129. Granite Tomahawk Head, Other Tomahawk Head & Small Axe Head

A130. (4) Axe & Tomahawk Heads

A131. (3) 4" Grinding Stones

A132. (4) Axe Heads, 3 1/2" to 5 1/2"

A133. (2) Effigy Bird Pipes

A134. 8" Bone/Point Tool & Quartz Pc.

A135. (4) Round Grinding Stones, 3" to 4"

A136. (4) Grinding/Roller Stones, 3 1/2" to 8"

A137. (3) Granite & Stone Grinding Stones, 4" to 5"

A138. (4) Various Game Balls, 1 1/2" to 3"

A139. (2) Grinding Stones, Round, 4" & 5"

A140. (1) Grinding Bowl, 14" x 6" x 11" *DO NOT SHIP – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY*

A141. (1) Grinding Bowl & Grinding Stone, 18" x 10" x 5" " *DO NOT SHIP – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY*

A142. (9) Signed & Numbered Don Stivers Prints: "Passing Through" 451/1000; "No Surrender" 1759/2500; "Will You Give Us Our Whiskey Now" 639/1000; "Ready for 10" 3750/3800; "The Promise" 3821/5000; "The Redoubtable Sergeant" 3407/4800; "Stay and Fight it out" 383/1300; (2) "Stand Off at Check Point Charlie" Berlin Edition, 552/800 & 553/800

A143. (6) Various Modern Native American Belt Buckles

A144. Buffalo w/Turquoise Belt Buckle

A145. Sterling w/Bead Accents Jewelry Pkg.

A146. Sterling Eagle w/Feathers Necklace & Liquid Sterling Necklace

A147. Sterling (?) & Turquoise Medallion Necklace

A148. Sterling Bracelet w/Flowers & Stones

A149. (5) Sterling Rings

A150. (3) Beaded Chokers

A151. (2) Sterling Beaded & Red Coral Necklaces

A152. Zuni Stack Fetish Necklace w/(95) Fetishes

A153. Pink Coral Necklace

A154. Rock Necklace, Beaded Necklace w/Shells, Beaded Round Patches

A155. Old French & English Trade Bead Necklace

Also Selling Other Assorted Indian Artifacts & Collectibles (not included in "ON LINE" Auction): Various Pottery Pieces Including Hopi, G. Fragna, Chinana Renakavena, Navaho; Pipes; Axes; Several Collector Plates; Stamps; Post Cards; Effigies, Fetishes, Kachinas & Other Dolls; Misc. Art; Books, Plus!



(Sells Following Indian Artifacts)


B1.      1906 Cavalry Sword Made by Ames Sword Co.

B2.      1865 Civil War Cavalry Sword Made by C. Roby W. Chelmsford, Mass.

B3.      Civil War NCO Sword 1862, Made by Emerson & Silver, Trenton, NJ

B4.      French M.1871 Bayonet (Officer Name on Spine)

B5.      French M.1874 Bayonet

B6.      M.1886 Lebel French Bayonet

B7.      1895 British Martini-Enfield Bayonet

B8.      1895 British Martini-Enfield Bayonet

B9.      British Pattern 1907 MKII Bayonet

B10.    M.1886 French Lebel Bayonet

B11.    M.1892 Mannlicher Berthier Bayonet

B12.    M.1891 Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen Matching Bayonet/Scabbard

B13.    1899 US Krag Bayonet

B14.    WWII German Forestry Dagger Elkhorn, Solingen w/Acorn Accents

B15.    WWII German Forestry Dagger, Solingen

B16.    Spanish M.1964

B17.    Swiss SG-57 Sturm Gewehr

B18.    WWII German Firefighter Dress Bayonet by Solingen

B19.    Spanish WWII M.1941 Bayonet

B20.    WWII German K98K Dress Bayonet, P.D. Lune Schloss

B21.    WWII German K98K Bayonet, 1943 CRS (Numbers Matching)

B22.    WWII Czech. VZ-24 Bayonet

B23.    WWII U.S. Air Force Survival Machete – Camillus

B24.    Ideal Bullet Mold, New Haven Conn., 1884 Patent, 38L-Cal.

B25.    1800's Shotgun Lead Leather Pouch







1.       S&W 64-1, Stainless Steel, 38-Spl., SN:D799901 (HG)

2.       Remington 700, 22-250 w/Bushnell Banner 6x24 Scope with Bi-Pod, SN:F6262578

3.       Mossberg 9200, 12-Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:SH3636

4.       Remington 788, 22-250 w/Bushnell 6-18x40 Banner Scope, SN:A6133192

5.       Remington 870 Wingmaster, .410-Ga., 2 1/2" or 3", Modified Bbl., Vent Rib, 25" Bbl., SN:D034302H

6.       Remington M.1100, 28-Ga., 2 3/4" or Shorter, Skeet Bbl., Vent Rib, 25" Bbl., SN:L295204J

7.       Hunter Arms SxS, 20-Ga., 30" Bbl, SN:34516

8.       J. Stevens Springfield M.5100, SxS, 16-Ga., 28" Bbl.

9.       L.C. Smith (Hunter Arms) SxS Field Grade, 16-Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:95032 (Forearm SN Not Matching)

10.    Winchester M.24, SxS, 16-Ga., 2 3/4", 28" Bbl., SN:71603

11.    Colt Mark IV, Series 70 Gold Cup Nat'l Match, 45-Cal., SN:70N10238 w/Case (HG)

12.    Walther Arms PPQ Sub-Compact 9mm, SN:FCP9380 w/Extra Mag & Case (HG)

13.    Ruger SP101, 38-Spl., 3" Bbl., SN:570-15340 w/Extra Grips w/Crimson Trace & Case (HG)

14.    Ruger GP100, 357-Mag. Revolver, 4" Bbl., SN:175-98238 w/Case (HG)

15.    Storm Ruger Single Six, 22-Cal., 5 1/2" Bbl., SN:23321 w/Holster (HG)

16.    Storm Ruger New Model Blackhawk, 357-Magnum, 4 3/4" Bbl., SN:32-73904 w/Holster (HG)

17.    Ivers-Johnson Tip-Up, 5-Shot, 3" Bbl., 32-Cal., SN:3991 (HG)

18.    U.S. Revolver Co. Tip-Up, 5-Shot, 38-Cal., Pearl Grips, 3 1/4" Bbl., SN:27806 (HG)

19.    Ruger Old Army Black Powder 6-Shot, .45-Cal., 7 1/2" Bbl., SN:145-13160 w/Holster (EX)

20.    Colt Army Spl. 6-Shot Revolver, 32-20 WCF, 5" Bbl., SN:411081 (HG)

21.    Axtell Rifle Co. 1877, 45-Cal., Oct. Bbl., 30" Bbl., SN:410 w/Case

22.    Fabrica 1955 Bolt Action 7.92-Cal. Carbine, SN:FR8-378219

23.    Lee Enfield SMLE British Sporter, 303 British Bolt Action GR BSA Co. 1916, SN:82828

24.    Sheridan Silver Streak Air Pump Rifle (EX)

25.    L.C. Smith (Hunter Arms) SxS 12-Ga. SN:114569, (Non-Functioning - Wall Hanger)

26.    Sharps 1851 Carbine, Pat. Date 1848, 50-Cal., (EX)

27.    U.S. Springfield 1873, 40-70, SN:217504 (Cracked Stock & Missing Piece) (EX)

28.    CVA 50-Cal. (Stalker Rifle), SN:91-805748 (EX)

29.    Stevens 940E 12-Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:P240745

30.    H. Pieper Rolling Block, 22L-Cal., (Broken Stock), SN:E5772

31.    J. Stevens Crackshot, 22LR-Cal., SN:V-0-4 (?)

32.    Crackshot 22LR-Cal.

33.    Roll Block Pistol, 22-Cal., Pat. July 22, 1902 (HG)

34.    Euro Arms Navy Model Pistol, 36-Cal., Black Powder, SN:13161 (EX)

35.    British Enfield-Snider 1858 Conversion Model Breech Loading Artillery Carbine .577-Cal.,
SN: 6293

36.    Swiss Verletti M.M78 Rifle, 10mm Cal., Swiss Rimfire, SN:186345

37.    Remington Rolling Block Rifle M.1879 Argentine, .43-Spanish Cal. (EX)

38.    Enfield M.1853 Muzzle Loading Musket, Black Powder (Early High Quality Italian Reproduction circa 1970s-80s), .58 Cal., SN:0019 (EX)

39.    Colt Lightweight Commander 1911 Auto Pistol, .45-ACP, SN:XE02508 (HG)

40.    WW2 German SS Double Decal Transitional Steel Helmet (EX)

41.    WW2 German Army Yellow Piped Officers Visor Cap (EX)

42.    WW2 Japanese Army Privates Service Tunic (EX)

43.    WW2 Lot Misc. German Buckles, Insignia, Medals etc. (EX)

44.    Pre-1939 Czech Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard (EX)

45.    WW2 Period German Army Dress Bayonet with Scabbard & Leather Frog (EX)

46.    WW2 Period German Fire Police Dress Bayonet (No Scabbard) (EX)

47.    Imperial German Train Battalion Sword with Triple Etched Blade (EX)

48.    Wall Decorator German Eagle (EX)

49.    German Officer's Dress Knife w/Scabbard (EX)

50.    S&W 5906, Stainless, 9mm, SN:VBK1740 (HG)

51.    Colt Diamondback 22LR, 4" Bbl., SN:P09958 (HG)

52.    Thompson Center Contender, 222 Remington Bbl. w/Bushnell Magnum Phantom 1.3x Scope, SN:69475 (HG)

53.    Colt Mustang Pocketlite, .380-ACP, 2 3/4" Bbl., SN:PL41458 w/Box (HG)

54.    Colt Gold Cup National Match, Mark IV/Series 70, 45-Auto, 5" Blue, SN:70N77453, Unfired, NIB (HG)

55.    Erma Luger M.KGP68A, .380 ACP/9mm Kurz, SN:120926 (HG)

56.    Ruger New Vaquero, 45-Colt, SA, Blue, SN:512-46907 (HG)

57.    Savage Arms M.11, 243 Win, SN:F970601

58.    Savage Arms M.93R17, 17HMR, Stainless, Laminate Stock, SN:0314658

59.    Ruger No. 1 Tropical, 45-70 Gov't, SN:131-25752

60.    Ruger M77 Mark II, 30-06, Stainless, Laminate Stock, SN:785-49872 w/Box

61.    Savage Arms M.64 TR SRV, 22LR, Semi-Auto, Threaded Bbl., SN:2124119 w/Box

62.    Henry Repeating Arms M.H010, Lever Action 45-70 Gov't, SN:FFS001086 w/Box

63.    Browning 425 Grade 1, 12-Ga. O/U, 30" Bbl., InvectorPlus Chokes (Mod./Imp.), Adj. Comb, SN:04450NTK13 w/Box

64.    Savage Arms Mark II  FNS, 17 Mach 2 Only, SN:1354424 w/Box

65.    Baikal M.1ZH-27, .410-Ga. O/U, 26" Bbl., 3" Chambers, SN:022704119B w/Box

66.    Remington 1100 LW, .410-Ga. Tournament Skeet, Skeet Choke, Vent Rib, 2 1/2" Chamber, 25" Bbl., SN:N097839H w/Box

67.    Ruger No. 1, 22-250 Cal., Heavy Varmint Bbl., SN:131-33207 w/Box

68.    Charles Daly Little Sharps, .218 Bee, Dbl. Set Triggers, Unfired, SN:SH11195 w/Box

69.    Benelli Montefeltro, 20-Ga., 2 3/4" or 3", Vent Rib, 26" Bbl., (5) Chokes, Shims, Manual w/Case & Box, SN:N108664

70.    Walther PPK/S, .380 ACP/9mm Kurz, Stainless, Interarms Stamped, (4) Factory Magazines, Manual, Org. Paperwork, 1984 Test Target w/Case, SN:S004191 (HG)

71.    Beretta Pietro 92FS Inox, 9mm, (2) 15-Rd. Factory Magazines, Manual, Made in Italy, SN:A284147Z, NIB (HG)

72.    Savage Rascal 22LR, SN:3397769

73.    W. Henry Handmade Spurs, DR Griffiths "Wild West" Spur Straps

74.    Barra 1886 Cowboy Series, .177-Cal. BB/Pellet, Rare, SN:0521220209126780C (EX)

75.    Winchester M.94AE, Lever Action "Audie Murphy", .30-30 Cal., Gold & Stock Engraved w/Case, SN:6386383, NIB

76.    Remington Nylon M.77 Apache (Seneca Green Stock), Semi-Auto, .22LR, SN:A2374500 w/Simmons 4x20 Scope, Clip

77.    Remington Nylon M.66, .22LR, Black Diamond w/Weaver Scope, SN:A2234424

78.    Remington Nylon Mohawk 10C Semi-Auto w/Clip, .22LR (Brown Stock), SN:2322388

79.    Remington Nylon M.66, (Brown Stock), Semi-Auto, .22LR

80.    Winchester M.61, .22-Magnum, Rare, Pre-War, SN:346718-A

81.    Browning Citori O/U, .410-Ga. w/Invector Tubes, 26" Bbls., SN:24139M2131, Very Good Condition

82.    Daisy & Heddon .22-Cal. VL Rifle, SN:A0137336

83.    VL Shooting System Caseless .22-Cal., 1000-Rds. (EX)

84.    Colt SAA, 2nd Generation, .44-Spl., 7 1/2" Bbl., Nickel w/Stagecoach Box, SN:SA34568, As New (HG)

85.    Colt Diamondback Revolver, .38-Spl., 4" Bbl., SN:R23669 w/Soft Case (HG)

86.    Gosky Sporting Scope, Zoom 20-60-80mm, w/Soft Case and Box (EX)

87.    Bond Arms Rough 'n Rowdy, 45-Colt or .410-Ga., 2 1/2 Bbl., SN:189370 w/Custom & Factory Grips, Leather Holster & Case (HG)

88.    MW Adams Marked Spurs in Unused Condition (EX)

89.    FN Spl. Police Rifle Receiver & Stock Only (No Bbl.), SN:FN16848 (OTHER)

90.    Inter Arms Mark X, 250 Ackley Mag, SN:A221007

91.    Browning Gold Hunter, 12-Ga., 3" Invector Plus, 26" Bbl., SN:F51NR13140

92.    H&R Classic Carbine, 45-Colt, SN:HY202265

93.    RWS Diana M.48/52, 5.5/.22-Pellet Air Rifle w/Simmons 4x12 Scope, SN:02078475 (EX)

94.    Savage Receiver, Bbl. Needs Head Spaced, "DO NOT FIRE", As Is, SN:G247111

95.    Ruger M77 Mark II, 260 Rem Cal. w/Burris 3X-9X Fullfield Scope, SN:792-35815

96.    Winchester M.70SA, 243 Win Cal. w/Scope Rings, SN:G183147

97.    Huglu Ring Neck (CZ), 12-Ga., 3", 28" Bbl., SN:08C2764

98.    Marlin 336-S.C., 30-30 Cal., (Cracked Butt Plate), SN:K2618

99.    Yildiz NBD TS 870, 20-Ga., 3" Mag, 28" Bbl., SN:E3664

100.  H&R Handi-Rifle, .223 Rem., S.S. w/Nikon Omega 3x9 Scope, SN:HX339466

101.  Interarms Mark X, 6.5x55 Swede Cal., SN:A217842

102.  Mossberg 500A, 12-Ga., SN:R985885 (OTHER)

103.  Ruger 10/22 Airrow Rimfire Archery Bbl., 22 Blank Only Cal. w/Tru-Glo Site, SN:253-21384 Plus Accessories

104.  Thompson Center Arms Omega Z5, 50-Cal. Black Powder w/Nikon Omega Scope, SN:Z28543 (EX)

105.  H&R M.157, 22 Hornet w/SPI 4x32 Scope, SN:AY500742

106.  Anvil Arms AA15 Lower, SN:AA002715 with Bohica Arms MK III Upper, SN:1334, .50 BMG

107.  S&W M&P9, 9mm, Threaded Bbl., (Some Rust) SN:MFP6104 w/Hard Case (HG)

108.  PMC Ultra Mag 38J Spl.+P, 66 Gr. Tubular Cookie Cutters (Rare) (EX)

109.  M3-F34 25-06 S.S. Bbl. Only (EX)

110.  A&B LF 34 Mauser S.S. Bbl. Only (EX)

111.  Savage M.11, 204 Ruger Bbl. Only (EX)

112.  Mossberg 12-Ga., 20" Accu-Choke (2 3/4" and 3") Bbl. Only (EX)

113.  Court 9 Coups "Unique" 7.65mm, SN:414784 w/Holster (HG)

114.  Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE-Cal., 6" Stainless, Ported, SN:DK0039013 w/Case (HG)

115.  Colt Combat Commander Series 70, 45 ACP, Mfg. 1979, SN:70SC67335 (HG)

116.  Ruger M77V, 220 Swift, Heavy Varmint Bbl., SN:77194336

117.  Calico M100, 22LR w/Scope, SN:D002532

118.  CIA AK Pistol, 7.62x39 Cal., SN:AKMP01127 (OTHER)

119.  New Frontier AR Five Seven 5.7x28mm, "Sight Mark" Site, SN:NLV12791

120.  Savage M.110, 223 Rem w/Simmons 4-12x40 Scope, SN:F237355

121.  Colt Anaconda 44 Mag, S.S., 4" Bbl., SN:             MM61584 w/Box (HG)

122.  Springfield Armory XDS, 45-ACP w/Tac Pac, 3.3" Bbl., SN:XS599050 (HG)

123.  Christopher Assoc. M.SAM180, 22LR w/Tasco 4x32 Scope w/Bipod, Extra Bbl. & Case, SN:A005543

124.  German G34, 7.9mm, (c.1942), SN:3980 w/Access. & Case

125.  Rossi Ranch Hand 44-Mag, SN:RH92M180652 w/Box (HG)

126.  CM-2037, 37mm Flare Launcher w/Box (Mounts on AR15 or M16) (EX)

127.  Model M72A2 66mm Anti-Tank LAW (EX)

128.  TNW U.S. Gov't Model AAM3, 50-Cal. w/(4) Bbls. & Tripod, SN:000736

129.  Springfield M.1892 Trapdoor, 45-70 Cal., SN:55334

130.  Savage Arms O/U, 20-Ga./22LR, 20" Bbl., SN:D643020

131.  Richland Arms (Spain), M.202, 12-Ga., 3" Chamber w/Extra 12-Ga. Bbls., SN:67462

132.  Ithaca SxS 20-Ga., SN:364887

133.  Remington-Baikal MR221, 45/70 Cal., Dbl. Bbl., SN:0822104063R w/NC Star Scope, New (No Box)

134.  Winchester M.94, 30-30 Win, SN:3741109

135.  Stevens by Savage 94-C, .410-Ga., 26" Bbl., Full Choke, SN:D798818, NIB

136.  Springfield XDM, 45ACP, SN:MG55594 w/Extra Clip & Soft Case (HG)

137.  Colt Python (.357 Magnum CTG/4.5mm) .177-Cal. Air Gun, SN:16D02958 (EX)

138.  Colt Lawman WK III, .357 Magnum Ctg., SN:J60962 (HG)

139.  AMT Auto Mag II, 22 Rim Fire Magnum, Stainless, SN:H41450 w/Holster (HG)

140.  Sig Sauer P224, 40 S&W-Stg., SN:50E004768, NIB (HG)

141.  EEA Girsan Regard MC (Gold Plated), 9mm, SN:T6368-22A01696, NIB (HG)

142.  Cobra M.CLB9, 9mm, SN:CT053312 w/Holster (HG)

143.  Mossberg MMR, 5.56mm, Adj. Stock, SN:MMR25779A

144.  Vortex Spitfire 3X Prism Scope (EX)

145.  Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer, 22LR, SN:A142779 w/Box

146.  Iver Johnson Single Shot, 12-Ga., 32" Bbl., SN:13489

147.  Iver Johnson Single Shot, .410-Ga., 26" Bbl., SN:45977

148.  Remington M.550-1, 22S-L, 24" Bbl.

149.  Stevens Visible Loading Repeater, 22LR, SN:G6

150.  Stevens Favorite 22-Cal., SN:969

151.  Springfield M.120, Single Shot, 22 S-L-LR

152.  Stevens Single Shot, 22S-L

153.  S&W CTGE Tip-Up, 38-Cal., SN:121556 (HG)

154.  Deutsch Werke Ortgies (German) 7.65mm, SN:183973 (HG)

155.  Ray Smith Custom 300 RUM Necked to 7mm Choreographed at Mill Creek Gun Club (3650 FPS) w/3x9 Swarski Scope, (5) People Each Shot at 100-Yards.  They got a 1/2" Group.  28" Match Stainless Bbl.  This Gun was Sent to Remington at their Request, which then became the 7mm Remington Ultra Mag, SN:S6310569

156.  Harrison Gunworks (Built by Randy Brooks, Barns Bullets Custom Rifle) 300 Win Mag, Match Grade Bbl., SN:S6214342 w/26 Ported Bbl. Mounts SWARSKI 3x9 Scope

157.  Harrison Gunworks (Built by Randy Brooks, Barns Bullets Custom Rifle) 338 Win Mag, SN:C6599720 w/26 Ported Bbl. Mounts SWARSKI 3x9 Scope

158.  Ruger M77 Mark II 300 Win Mag, Meopta 3-9x42 Scope, SN:786-18225

159.  Marlin Model 1895M, 450 Marlin Cal., SN:00057773

160.  Gonic 50-Cal. Black Powder, SN:105002, 3-9x42 Sightron Scope, Muzzle Brake (EX)

161.  Benelli Super Black Eagle 12-Ga. w/Case & Chokes, SN:U323013

162.  Freedom Arms M83, 44-Magnum, 6" Bbl., Premium Grade Stainless, Factory Red Ramp Front Sight, Black Micarta Grips, SN:F8087, NIB (HG)

163.  Ruger Super Redhawk, .480-Cal., 7.5" Bbl., w/Burris 1.5x4 Scope, SN:551-9343, NIB (HG)

164.  Ruger Blackhawk 357 Magnum (+ 9mm Cyl.), 7.5" Bbl., Blue Carbon, SN:38-58734, NIB (HG)

165.  S&W M.686, 357 Combat Magnum, 6" Bbl., Stainless, SN:A7K9921, NIB (HG)

166.  Glock 32 Gen 4, 357-Sig, SN:YNC051, NIB (HG)

167.  Leica Ultravid 10x42 BR Binoculars, NIB (EX)

168.  Leica LRF Ranger Master LRF1200 Range Finder (EX)

169.  Remington XP-100 (.221 Rem Fireball), SN:3466 w/Case (HG)

170.  Colt SAA .45-Cal., 7 1/2" Bbl., SN:SA12462 w/Holster & Ammo (HG)

171.  S&W Performance Center M&P 9 Shield EZ, 9mm, SN:RHDH225 w/Box (HG)

172.  Colt New Python 357-Mag., SN:PY025299, NIB (HG)

173.  Zastava M.59Long/66, Yugo SKS, 7.62x39 Cal., w/Grenade Launcher, SN:319396

174.  Remington Sportsman M.58, 12-Ga., Full Choke, 30" Bbl., SN:62149V

175.  Remington Wingmaster 870 TB, 12-Ga., Full Choke, 30" Bbl., SN:S945584V

176.  Winchester M.670A, 30-06, SN:GI58009 w/Leupold 3x9 Veri-XII Scope

177.  Auto Ordinance 1927 AI (Chicago Typewriter), 45-Auto, SN:KN2928 w/Drum & Stick Mag, NIB

178.  Remington Wingmaster 870 TX, 12-Ga., Full Choke, 30" Bbl., Sun Grain Stock, SN:721817V, w/Remington Letter & Case, VERY RARE






(25) Handmade Damascus Steel Knives w/Custom Wood, Bone or Resin Handles (#4)

Powder Measure Kit (#5)

Crosman M.1300 22-Cal. BB Gun (#5)

Lee Reloading Press; RCBS JR-2 Reloading Press; MEC 600 JR Mark 5 Reloading Press; RCBS 505 Scale; Bullet Puller; Lee Manual; Asst. Powder, Wads, Dies & Primers (#8)

Crockett 1980 4H Horseshow Belt Buckle; Rendale Belt Buckle; Dole `88 Belt Buckle; Rendale Ammo Belt; Kid's Vintage Cowboy Boots Sz. 5 1/2; Saddle Pouch; Lyntone Belt & Buckle; Basket Made Out of Lariat (#14)

Man's Citizen Wristwatch, New; Gruen Men's Wristwatch (#14)

(2) Nikon Monarch 4-12x40 AO Scopes (#16)

Nikon Omega 3-9x40 Matte NP Scope (#16)

Leupold VX-II 2-7x33mm Scope (#16)

Knoxx Butt Stock (#16)

Dies (#16)

Wham-O Pistol Crossbow (#18)

Military Uniforms (#18)

Midland Weather Radios/Midland 36 Walkie-Talkies (#18)

(2) Military Bayonets (#18)

(9) Mid 1980's Carol Burns Duck Decoys (#24)

Ziess 10x25 & Rolls Razor Binoculars (#24)

Collection of (16) Knives: Gordon, John Evans, L. Rice, AG Russell, Dozer, Benchmade, Gerber & Beretta (#24)

White Wing Trap Thrower w/Battery (#25)

Big Game Shooting Bench (#25)

1 1/2 Box Clay Targets (#25)

Blackhawk TC Contender/Rem XP-100 Holster (#25)

Invicta Reserve Watch w/Case (#25)

Remington Choke Set (#25)

(2) Sets Mounted Moose Paddles (#26)

Asst. Ammo: 38-Cal., 36-Cal. BP Balls; 16-Ga.; 12-Ga.; 10-Ga.; 22WRF; 30-30 Rem.; 17 HMR; 222 Mag; 380-Auto; 25-Auto; 7.62x54R; 243; 44-Mag; 38-Spl.; 357; 45-Auto; 45; CO-2 Cartridges (#8)

250-Rds. Winchester .410; 250-Rds. Remington .410; 250-Rds. Remington 16-Ga; 600-Rds. Herters 9mm; 400-Rds. Wolf 45 ACP; (2) Factory Sealed Sardine Cans of Wolf 45 ACP (450-Rds. Ea.); 1500-Rds. Eley 17 Mach 2; 1500-Rds. of Hornady 17 Mach 2 (#10)

250-Rds. Federal 12-Ga. 2 3/4" Heavy Field Lead 4's; 175-Rds. Boss 12-Ga. 3" Copper Plated Bismuth 1's; 250-Rds. Fiocchi 20-Ga. 2 3/4" Field Dynamics Lead 5's; 249-Rds. CCI Blazer Brass .380 Auto 95 gr. FMJ; 50-Rds. Federal Premium Personal Defense 12-Ga. 2 3/4" CP Lead #4 Buck; 75-Rds. Winchester 16-Ga. 2 3/4" Game Load Lead 8's (#12)

Carton of 22WRF Ammo (#14)

260 Remington; 6.5x55 Sweed; SW 9mm Mags; 12-Ga; 308; Black Powder Box (#16)

Hornaday & Federal Ammo (#24)

Hornaday Unprimed Cases (#24)

Federal Small Rifle 205 Primers (1000) (#24)

(5900) Winchester Primers: Small Pistol, Large Pistol, Large Rifle Std. & Magnum (#24)

CCI Primers: 250 Large Rifle Magnum (1000); 550 Small Pistol Magnum (900); Large Pistol Magnum (1000) (#24)

(7) S&W M 41 New Magazines, 10-Rds. (#24)

50-Cal. Rds., Bullets, Brass & Access.; 30-06 Military; 7.62x52 Military; (5) 50-Rd. PS90/P90 Mags.; 22LR Federal Hi Power; "Atchisson" .22 Cal. Conv. (Colt AR/15/M16); AR Mags; (6) Remington 597 Mags (#18)

500-Rds.+ 45LC; 30-06 Military; 400-Rds. Korean GI 30-06; (6) Boxes 12-Ga 00 Buckshot; (9) Boxes 12-Ga Target/Game (7 1/2/8-Shot); 12-Ga. Target Loads (Loose); (2) Boxes John Wayne 32-40 Winchester (#25)




Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.