Saturday, January 26, 2019 09:00 AM

Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc.
    909 auction ave, Larned, KS US



    SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 2019



    Notice:  We Comply with All State & Federal Laws.  Must Show Valid Driver’s License to Register for a Buyer Number.  We Are Required to Perform NICS Check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on All Firearms Purchases – Unless You Present Your Current FFL or Kansas Concealed Carry License.

    Any Announcement Made Sale Day Shall Take Precedence Over All Advertised Material.  No Absentee Bids Will Be Taken on Sale Day.  We Will Be Charging 9% Sales Tax.  No Buyers Premium for Attendees.


    Starting at 9:00 a.m. with Reloading Supplies, Some Ammo & Misc. Followed by Guns at 10:00 a.m. Gun Safes will Sell at 1:00 p.m. 

    Be Sure to Check Our Website for Pictures and Late Additions.


    (Commencing at 10:00 a.m.)


    1.       Remington M.700, .308 Win w/Tasco Scope SN:A6605614

    2.       S&W M.1500 .223 Remington w/Bushnell 4x12 Scope w/Box, SN:PN54656

    3.       Stoerger Arms Steyr-Daimler Model M, 30-06 w/3x9 Bushnell Scope & Sling, SN:10146

    4.       Winchester M.1895 Teddy Roosevelt Comm., High Grade 30-06 w/Box, SN:NFH1266

    5.       Henry Golden Boy 17HMR w/Box, SN:GB003582V

    6.       Henry Golden Boy .22LR w/Box, SN:GB129119

    7.       Henry Golden Boy .22 MAG w/Box, SN:GB031067M

    8.       Henry Golden Boy, .22, SN:GB023264

    9.       Ruger M.1022, 22-Cal. w/Bushnell 4x12 Scope and Box, SN:12409968

    10.     Browning Mag 12, 12-Ga., 3” w/Box, SN:04135PX151

    11.     Winchester M.12, 12-Ga., SN:866117

    12.     Browning BL22 w/Deerfield 3x9 Scope, SN:06510NX226

    13.     Marlin M.1894-0S, .357 or 38-Spl. w/Box, SN:09003395

    14.     Marlin 1894-S, 44 Rem Mag, SN:17081763

    15.     Ruger 10-22, .22LR w/Tasco Scope, SN:24364080

    16.     Ruger 10-22, .22LR w/Synthetic Stock, SN:25287632

    17.     Ruger 10-22, .22LR, Stainless Steel/Black Synthetic Folding Stock, Bushnell 3x9 Scope w/Box, SN:23568167

    18.     Ruger 10-22, .22LR w/Bushnell 3x9 Scope, SN:24584588

    19.     Browning BAR .243 w/Browning Scope & Sling, SN:07616M72

    20.     Browning BAR .338 Win Mag w/2x7 Redfield Scope & Sling, Misc. Ammo, SN:69731M70

    21.     Mauser Bauer 7mm Rem. Mag w/3x9 Scope M.660, SN:G27899

    22.     Ruger Stainless Steel Mini 14, .223, Aim Point 2000 Scope & Ram Line, Folding Stock w/Box & Leather Riding Case, SN:18434678

    23.     Ruger Stainless Steel Mini 14, .223, Laser Dot Aim Point, SN:18576048

    24.     Ruger Mini 14, .223, SN:18072839

    25.     S&W M.1500, .243 Win w/Bushnell 3x9 Scope, SN:PN02863

    26.     Browning Automatic .22, Grade II, NIB, SN:01145RR246

    27.     Browning Medallion A-Bolt, .243, Bushnell 3x10 Scope, SN:66475NM2M7

    28.     Browning Medallion A-Bolt, .223 Rem, Bushnell 4x12x40 Scope, SN:75124PR217

    29.     Sako AII, .243-Cal., Bushnell 3x9 Banner WA, SN:360302

    30.     Custom Bolt Action 30-06-Cal. Mauser

    31.     Ruger All-Weather 77/22 Stainless Steel, 22LR w/Black Synthetic Stock & Sling, Redfield 2x7 Scope, SN:70179192

    32.     Ruger Stainless Steel 10/22 22LR w/Tasco 3x9x40 Scope, SN:24632857

    33.     Sako AI .223-Cal. w/Bushnell 4x12 Scope Chief VI, SN:160630

    34.     Springfield Armory M1A, 308-Cal. w/Tasco World Class 3.5x10x50 Scope, SN:065519

    35.     Calico M-10, 22LR w/(2) 100 Rd. Magazines, SN:D002208

    36.     Custom Marlin M.922M Target Bbl., 22-Mag w/Banner 3x9x50 Scope, SN:05571919

    37.     Browning Stainless Steel A-Bolt, 7mm Mag w/Burris 3x9 Scope, SN:38376NY7S7

    38.     Browning Stainless Steel A-Bolt, .243-Cal. w/Tasco 3x9x44 Scope, Sling and Box, SN:30261NV857

    39.     Browning Stainless Steel A-Bolt, .338 Win Mag w/Tasco 2.5x10x44 Scope & Sling, SN:66213NZ7S7

    40.     FN Herstal FS2000, 5.56x45/.223 w/EO Tech Hologram & L3 Magnifier, SN:026674

    41.     Rugan SR-556, 5.56mm/.223 w/Millet DMS-1 & 1x4x24 Scope, SN:59025601

    42.     DPMS A-15, .223-5.56mm, SN:F111385K

    43.     Colt Sporter Match H-Bar, .223 w/Box, SN:MH077203

    44.     Colt Sporter Match H-Bar, .223 w/Scope & Box, SN:MH076972

    45.     Colt Sporter Match H-Bar, .223 w/Scope & Box, SN:MH031804

    46.     Winchester M.1300 Defender, 12-Ga. Black Synthetic w/Box, SN:L3307741

    47.     Marlin M.60SSK, 22LR, SN:00153851

    48.     Remington M.34, .22-Cal., SN:65342

    49.     H&A 44-Cal. Shotgun

    50.     U.S. Springfield Armory 1903, .30-Cal. w/Sling, SN:871600

    51.     CVA .50 Black Powder (Exempt)

    52.     Crosman Pellet Rifle (Exempt)

    53.     Benjamin Air Rifle (Exempt)

    54.     S&W M.14-4 .38S&W, 8 3/8” Bbl., w/Box, SN:24K0412 (Handgun)

    55.     S&W M.17, .22LR, 6” Bbl., SN:K396741

    56.     S&W M.629-3, 44-Mag., 4” SS w/Box & Extra Grips, SN:BJH9473 (Handgun)

    57.     S&W M.36-1, .38-Cal. w/Holster, SN:J464785 (Handgun)

    58.     S&W M.27-2, .357-Mag., SN:N163753 (Handgun)

    59.     S&W 14-4, .38-Spl., 6” Bbl., Wood Case, SN:88K3295 (Handgun)

    60.     S&W M.686, Stainless Steel, .357 Mag, 6” Bbl., Wood Box, SN:AAD7003 (Handgun)

    61.     Colt Anaconda .44 Mag, 4” Bbl., Stainless Steel w/Box, SN:MM17228 (Handgun)

    62.     Ruger GP100 357 Mag, 6” Bbl. w/Box, SN:17371995 (Handgun)

    63.     Ruger P.89, 9mm w/Box, SN:31073753 (Handgun)

    64.     Ruger MKIII Target, .22-Cal. w/Box, SN:27286733 (Handgun)

    65.     S&W M&P 9C 9mm w/Box, SN:DXP8278 (Handgun)

    66.     H&K USP 9mm w/Box, SN:24037667 (Handgun)

    67.     Ruger MKII Target .22 w/Box, SN:1819386 (Handgun)

    68.     Ruger MKII Target .22 w/Box, SN:21384951 (Handgun)

    69.     H&K USP Compact 9mm w/Box, SN:2707146 (Handgun)

    70.     Browning Buckmark .22LR with Box, SN:655NT01382 (Handgun)

    71.     Walther P-22, .22 LR w/Laser Point & Box, SN:L227565 (Handgun)

    72.     Astra A-100 9mm w/Box, SN:6263D (Handgun)

    73.     Glock 19, 9mm, w/Holster, SN:AGX730 (Handgun)

    74.     Glock 26, 9mm, SN:CVN657 (Handgun)

    75.     Glock 19, 9mm w/Laser Point, SN:AHP718 (Handgun)

    76.     S&W M.669, 9mm, SN:TBK2396 (Handgun)

    77.     S&W M.59, 9mm, Nickel, SN:A649414 (Handgun)

    78.     Ruger GP100, 357, SN:17150468 (Handgun)

    79.     Jennings J-22, 22LR, SN:661943 (Handgun)

    80.     Ruger SR-22, .22LR, SN:36118550 (Handgun)

    81.     Browning BDA 380, .380, SN:425PX07332 (Handgun)

    82.     Colt Junior .22 Short, SN:57783CC (Handgun)

    83.     Browning BDM, 9mm, SN:945NW08081 (Handgun)

    84.     Ruger 22 Auto, .22-Cal., SN:1666027 (Handgun)

    85.     Dan Wesson Stainless Steel, .44-Mag., Hogue Grips, SN:SB010357 (Handgun)

    86.     Remington 1100 Magnum 12-Ga., SN:L927904M

    87.     Spandau 1917 Gew 98, 8mm-Cal., SN:3326

    88.     Springfield Arms Co. 1929, .410 Single Shot, SN:61607B  

    89.     Turkish 98 Mauser (1947), 8x57, SN:24361

    90.     Ruger SP101 38-Spl.+P, 2” Stainless, SN:574-99726 (Handgun)

    91.     Hi Standard “The Victor” 22LR, 5½” Blue w/Weights, SN:ML40057 (Also 22 Short Conversion Bbl. & Slide w/2 Mags) (Handgun)

    92.     Ruger Ltd. Ed. Mark III Stainless 5½” Bull Bbl., 22LR Semi-Auto w/Mags & Scope Base USA Shooting Ed. SN:RIO-00198 (Handgun)

    93.     Ruger New Vaquero Single Action 4¾” Blue Color Case Frame, 357-Mag, SN:510-03627 (Handgun)

    94.     S&W M.15-3 K-Frame, 2” Ni 38-Spl. 6-Shot Reveolver, Pinned Bbl., SN:6K93858 (Handgun)

    95.     S&W N Frame Performance Center 45ACP, 4” Stainless Revolver 625-8 w/Moon Clip, SN:CSJ2452 (Handgun)

    96.     S&W K Frame 67-5 38-SPL+P, 4” Stainless, SN:CYH9175 (Handgun)

    97.     Marlin 336 BL 30-30 Micro Groove Bbl., 18½” Blue w/Laminate Stock & Large Ring Lever, SN:MR7452IE

    98.     CVA Wolf MAG 50-Cal., Black Powder Muzzle Loading Rifle, 1/28 Twist, SN:61-13-107591-85 (Exempt)

    99.     US Rock Island Arsenal M.1903, 30-06 Rifle, Bbl. 11-18, SN:256724 (low #)

    100.   US Rifle Cal. M1 H&R Arms Co. 30-06 Garand, LMR 2-55 Bbl, CMP New Stock, SN:5609390

    101.   US Rifle Cal 30 M1 Springfield Armory, 30-06 Garand, Mil Stock as new, SA 6-64 Bbl., SN:976187

    102.   Remington Speedmaster M.552, 22LR Semi Auto, SN:239506

    103.   Winchester M.1400 MKII, 12-Ga. 2¾” Semi Auto Shotgun, Plain Bbl. w/Choke Tube, SN:N603773

    104.   Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun (Exempt)

    105.   Colt SAA 1st Gen., 45-Cal., 4.75” Bbl., Blue w/Letter: Long Flute Shipped to El Paso, SN:330764 (HG)

    106.   Colt 1911 A1, 45 Auto, Blue, SN:415820 (HG)

    107.   Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Auto, 25-Cal., Blue, SN:94377 (HG)

    108.   Colt Vest Pocket Auto, 25-Cal., Blue, SN:122246 (HG)

    109.   Winchester 92, 25-20 Cal., 24” Bbl., Blue, SN:444436

    110.   Winchester 69a, 22-Cal., Blue

    111.   Winchester 69a, 22-Cal., Blue

    112.   Winchester 06 Expert, 22-Cal., Blue/Nickel, Nickel Receiver, Pistol Grip, SN:558586

    113.   Winchester 90, 22-Short, Blue, SN:336156

    114.   Winchester 61, 22-Cal., Blue, SN:274802

    115.   IBUS M17S Bullpup, .223-5.56mm, SN:02158

    116.   J. Stevens Single Shot, 12-Ga., SN:219LI

    117.   Browning A-5 12-Ga. Auto Shotgun, SN:03648, Like New

    118.   Winchester 41, .410-Ga. Shotgun

    119.   Winchester 61, .22-Cal. Pump Rifle, Nice

    120.   Browning BL-22, .22-Cal. Lever Rifle, SN:04984Z242, NIB

    121.   Ruger 10-22 Carbine, .22-Cal. w/Bull Bbl. & Scope, SN:25813898

    122.   Ruger 10-22 Carbine, .22-Cal. w/Scope, SN:23181831

    123.   Chiappa M1-22 Rifle, .22-Cal. SN:M500.079

    124.   Springfield 87A, .22-Cal.

    125.   Muzzle Loading Dbl. Bbl. Hammered Shotgun, Antique (EXEMPT)

    126.   Tri-Star Setter ST O/U 12-Ga. Shotgun, 3” Vent Rib, SN:KRU00798 w/Box

    127.   CVA 1300 Buckhorn 209 Magnum .50-Cal. Black Powder w/Box (EXEMPT)

    128.   Stevens Visible Loader .22-Cal., SN:0873

    129.   Marlin M.336, 30/30 Win Cal., SN:26016457

    130.   Remington 700 BDL, 17 Rem Cal. w/Tasco 5x20 Scope, SN:A6767984

    131.   Remington 870 Express Magnum 20-Ga. Shotgun w/26” Vent Rib Rem Choke, SN:A1327672

    132.   Remington 1100, 12-Ga. Shotgun, 2¾”, 28” Vent Rib, Mod., SN:M499982V

    133.   Remington 870 Express, 12-Ga. Shotgun, 2¾”, 28” Vent Rib, Rem Choke, SN:XO86215M

    134.   Iver Johnson 12-Ga. Dbl. Bbl. Shotgun, SN:5000

    135.   Stevens Favorite .22-Cal. Long Rifle

    136.   Remington 1100 Magnum 3”, 12-Ga., 26” Vent Rib, Modified Choke, SN:N977154M

    137.   1873 Mexican Revolver Made by Colt, .45-Cal. w/Holster, SN:238 (Handgun)

    138.   High Standard HD Military .22-Cal., SN:269161 (Handgun)

    139.   Davis Industries Derringer, Model D-25, .25 Auto Cal., SN:05743B (Handgun)

    140.   Taurus PT99A5, 9mm Para Cal., (2) Clips, SN:TKH09791AFD (Handgun)

    141.   Jennings Firearms Bryco 58, .380-Auto, SN:955308 (Handgun)

    142.   U.S. Springfield 1864 Muzzle Loader, Civil War Antique (EXEMPT)

    143.   Antique Double Bbl. 20-Ga. Shotgun, Pinfire, As Is (1-Hammer Missing) (EXEMPT)

    144.   Winchester U.S. Enfield 1917, 30-06 Cal., SN:368325

    145.   Remington Wingmaster 870TC, 150th Anniv., 12-Ga., SN:997853V

    146.   Winchester Super X3 Blackfield 12-Ga., 28”, SN:11HZT17363 w/Box

    147.   Remington Model Seven .223-Cal., Brown Laminated Stock, 18½” Bbl., 1:9 Twist, SN:RR70392G w/Box

    148.   Winchester M.70 Extreme Weather Stainless Steel, 7mm Mag, 26” Bbl., SN:35EZV06845 w/Box

    149.   Walther CCP 9mm, 8-Rd., SN:WK020221 w/Extra Bag & Hard Case (Handgun)

    150.   Ruger New Model Blackhawk Convertible 357/9mm, 6½” Bbl., SN:3858900 in Hard Case (Handgun)

    151.   J. Stevens Arms Co., Chicopee Falls Mass. USA M.335 Dbl. Bbl. 12-Ga. 2-3/4” Chambers, SN:A10073,  30” High Pressure Forged Steel Bbls., Chokes Unknown. Fagen Buttstock Installed 1988 + Original Cut Down Stock

    152.   Browning M42 .410-Ga. Pump Shotgun, Grade 1. SN:02979-NZ882 w/Org. Boxes & Papers, 3” Chamber, Full Choke, 26” Bbl., Little Usage

    153.   Rohm RG15 Dbl. Bbl. Derringer .22 S-L-LR, SN:51122, circa 1964, Very Little Use, w/Box (Handgun)

    154.   Beretta 92FS INOX 9mm Luger. 2015 NWTF Gun of the Year 1/700, SN:NWTF2015004, Access. Include Matching SN, Boxes & Org. Wood Grips, Beretta Target Sight & Rubber Wraparound Grips Installed (Handgun)

    155.   Cimarron 38-40 Cat 12893 A. Uberti, Italy, SN:W02632 Lever Saddle Ring, New

    156.   Cimarron M.1873 44 WCF Uberti, Italy, SN:W58810, Lever Saddle Ring, New

    157.   Winchester M.94 XTR Big Bore 375, SN:BB041847, Lever Saddle Ring, New

    158.   Puma M.92, 454 Casull, SN:MA025985, Lever, 90%

    159.   Henry M.H0045M, 22 Mag Oct., Lever, SN:SB00413M, New with Box

    160.   Winchester M.94E, 356-Cal., Lever, SN:5571901, New

    161.   Winchester M.9422M XTR, Lever, SN:F585105, 85%

    162.   Winchester M.94, 30-30, Lever, SN:2581380, 85%

    163.   Winchester M.94, 32 SPL, Lever, SN:2021842, 90%

    164.   Winchester M.94, 25-35WCF, Lever, SN:1257762, 85%

    165.   Winchester M.94, 25-35, Lever, SN:1684206, 85%

    166.   Winchester M.94, 32 WS, Lever, SN:165870, 90%

    167.   Winchester M.94, 32 Win Spl., Lever, SN:1834303, 65%

    168.   Winchester M.94, 32 WS, Lever, SN:1667152, 85%

    169.   Pedersoli Made in Italy, Cabelas Sydney NE, 45/70-Cal., Cat. 17667, 1886/71, 24” Lever, SN:LA00577, New

    170.   Yildizsilah Sanay Turkish Dbl. Bbl. Shotgun, SxS, 20-Ga., 3” Mag. SN:E2495

    171.   Kalashnikov AK-47 22LR, 2-Mags, Wood Stock & Soft Case, SN:A347585

    172.   S&W AR-15, 22LR Mod M&P 15-22, Bushnell Scope w/(2) Mags & Case, SN:DVA4305, New

    173.   Norinco AK-47, 223, Mod M&P 15-22, 84-S CSI Dallas TX Wooden 1 Mag, w/Soft Case, SN:66 845-309031 (older gun)

    174.   Armalite AR-15, 223 Adjustable Stock, (2) Clips, SN:M006120 w/Soft Case             

    175.   Arsenal AK-47, 223 Bulgaria, SN:1490, 90%

    176.   Winchester M.70, 308 Win, 22” Bbl., Lever, SN:35CZY03738 w/Box

    177.   Winchester M.94 Legendary Frontiersman Engraving, 38-55 Win, Lever, SN:LF19525 w/Box

    178.   EMF Hartford 45-Colt Octagon Brass Butt Brass Middle, Lever, SN:AM181177 w/Box

    179.   Pedersoli Italy 45 Colt Pump, SN:PL01436

    180.   EMF Hartford Octagon 44-40, Lever, SN:N094914 w/Box

    181.   Henry 22 Octagon, Lever, SN:T77992H w/Box

    182.   Winchester M.94, 25-35 WCF, SN:1314155

    183.   Charles Daly Superior II, 20-Ga., 3”, SN:5203675

    184.   Winchester M.94, 30-30, SN:2323856

    185.   Winchester M.64, 30WCF, SN:1783513

    186.   Browning Silver Hunter, 20-Ga., 28”, SN:114MP09805

    187.   Charles Daly by Zastava, 22 Win Mag w/Scope, SN:D07937

    188.   Winchester M.94, 38-55, SN:3006650

    189.   Henry Golden Boy 17HMR, SN:GB108703V w/Box

    190.   Winchester M.94AE, .45 Colt, SN:5516075 w/Box

    191.   Cimarron Frontier, 4” Bbl, 44WCF, Black/Bone Revolver, SN:E440959 w/Box (Handgun)

    192.   Cimarron Frontier, 4¾” Bbl., 45 Colt Engraved Silver/White Revolver, SN:E069266 w/Box (Handgun)

    193.   Cimarron Frontier, 4” Bbl., 45 Colt, Engraved Silver/Bone Revolver, SN:E066882 w/Box  (Handgun)

    194.   Cimarron Frontier, 4” Bbl., 45 Colt, Engraved Silver/Bone Revolver, SN:E061952 w/Box (Handgun)

    195.   Cimarron Thunderer, 4” Bbl., 45 Colt, Black/Ivory Revolver, SN:P06890 w/Box (Handgun)

    196.   Uberti 1873 Cattleman, 4” Bbl., 38-40-Cal., Black/White Revolver, SN:U43045 w/Box (Handgun)

    197.   Cimarron Frontier, 357-Mag, 4¾” Bbl. Revolver, Black/Brown, SN:E47029 w/Box (Handgun)

    198.   Cimarron Frontier, 45-Colt, 4¾” Bbl., Black/Brown Revolver, SN:E063829 w/Box (Handgun)

    199.   Cimarron Frontier, 45 Colt, 3” Bbl., Black/Brown Revolver, SN:E48108 w/Box (Handgun)

    200.   S&W M.19-4, .357-Mag, 7” Bbl., SN:93K1355, New (Handgun)

    201.   Colt Frontier Scout 22LR, PTFA Hartford, CT, 5” Bbl., Revolver, SN:I3173P (Handgun)

    202.   Winchester M.94 Golden Spike Comm., Lever Action Repeating Carbine, 30-30-Cal., 20” Bbl., Boxed w/Sleeve SN:GS21171

    203.   Winchester M.94 Legendary Frontiersman Comm., Lever Action, 38-55-Cal., 20” Bbl., Boxed w/Sleeve, SN:LF12364

    204.   Winchester M.94 Lone Star Comm., Lever Action Repeating Carbine, 30-30-Cal., 20” Half-Round/Half-Oct. Bbl, Boxed w/Sleeve, SN:LS13536

    205.   Winchester M.94 Antlered Game Comm., Lever Action Repeating Carbine, 30-30-Cal., 20” Bbl., Boxed w/Sleeve SN:AG13766

    206.   Winchester M.94 Chief Crazy Horse Comm., Lever Action Rifle, 38-55-Cal., 24” Bbl., Boxed w/Sleeve, Includes Comm. Chief Crazy Horse Stamped Envelope, First Day Issue Postmarked from Crazy Horse SD (1/15/82), SN:CCH16417

    207.   Winchester M.9422 XTR Cherokee Trail of Tears Comm., Rim Fire Lever Action Repeating Carbine, .22 S-L-LR, Boxed w/Sleeve, SN:CKF3178

    208.   Winchester M.94 Cherokee Trail of Tears Comm., Lever Action Repeating Carbine, 30-30-Cal., 20” Rd. Bbl., Boxed w/Sleeve, SN:CKO5756

    209.   Winchester M.94 Cherokee Trail of Tears Comm., Lever Action 30-30-Cal., SN:CKO8584

    210.   Winchester M.94 Lone Starr Comm., Lever Action Repeating Carbine, 30-30-Carbine, 20” Half-Rd./Half Oct. Bbl. w/Sleeve (Boxed with Gun #211) SN:LS30221

    211.   Winchester M.94 Lone Star Comm., Lever Action Repeating Rifle, 30-30-Cal., 26” Half-Rd./Half Oct. Bbl. w/Sleeve (Boxed with Gun #210) SN:LS30220

    212.   Savage Arms Stevens M.512 Gold Wing, 28-Ga. O/U Shotgun, Silver, SN:U12C0655, NIB (Disassembled)

    213.   Ithaca M.37 Featherlight 20-Ga., 27” Bbl., 2¾” Chamber-Imp Cyc., SN:371551765, NIB

    214.   Winchester M.1500 XTR 12-Ga., 28 V.R. Bbl. w/Winchoke, Semi-Auto, SN:NX042111, NIB

    215.   Winchester M.1300 XTR 12-Ga., 2 2/3” or 3” V.R. Bbl., SN:LX035908, NIB

    216.   Marlin Golden 39A Lever Action .22-Cal., SN:18290433, NIB

    217.   Excel Arms M.441, 12-Ga. SxS, Dbl. Trigger, Made in Spain, SN:168167, NIB

    218.   Browning Bar 22 Semi Auto Rifle, SN:02114PX166, NIB

    219.   Winchester M.94 John Wayne Comm. Carbine Lever Action 32-40, SN:JW24821, NIB

    220.   Rossi Circuit Judge .410/45LC Stainless Steel, SN:ET9176, NIB

    221.   Interarms Mark X Alaskan Rifle, 458WIN Cal., Bolt Action, SN:B75222, NIB

    222.   Winchester M.94 Classic Lever Action 30-30 Cal., Oct. Bbl., SN:3100359, NIB

    223.   Norinco MAK 90-AK 47, 7.26x39-Cal., Dark Wood, SN:26568, NIB

    224.   Norinco MAK 90-AK 47, 7.62x39-Cal., Blonde Wood, SN:27543, NIB

    225.   Norinco MAK 90-AK 47, 7.62x39-Cal., Blonde Wood, SN:42254, NIB

    226.   Remington Magnum Wingmaster M.870, V.R., 12-Ga. Magnum, 3”, Pump, SN:V977669M, NIB

    227.   H&R M.340, 30-06 Bolt Action w/Tasco 6-18x40 Scope, SN:A217079, New Never Fired

    228.   Norinco MAK 90-AK 47, 7.62x39-Cal., Blonde Wood, Has Had 1 Clip Shot Thru It, SN:42323, In Box

    229.   Ithaca M.51 Featherlight 12-Ga. Magnum, 3” Auto, SN:510067804

    230.   Ithaca M.37 Featherlight 12-Ga., 2¾” Pump, Plain Bbl., SN:814446-4

    231.   Springfield M.67F Savage Arms .410-Ga., 3”, Pump Action, Plain Bbl., SN:A311924

    232.   Winchester Ranger M.120 Pump, 20-Ga., 2¾” or 3” V.R. Bbl., SN:L1697493

    233.   Remington Magnum Wingmaster M.870, 12-Ga., Magnum, 3” Full Choke, SN:753843M

    234.   Browning Belgium 2000, 12-Ga., 2¾” Auto, Vent Rib, SN:27650 C-47

    235.   LAURONA-EIBAR Made in Spain 20-Ga. SxS, Dbl. Trigger, SN:29000

    236.   Stevens SxS 12-Ga., Dbl. Trigger, Monte Carlo Stock, SN:H3C914

    237.   IMP Stoeger Uplander (Made in Brazil) .410-Ga., 3” SxS, Dbl. Trigger, SN:411705 with Box

    238.   Remington Nylon 66, .22-Cal., SN:A2223314

    239.   Ithaca M-49, .22-Cal., Lever Action, SN:490371573

    240.   Browning BLR .243-Cal. Lever Action w/Weaver Scope, SN:52903K57

    241.   Marlin M.336, 35 REM Lever Action, SN:23160703

    242.   Marlin 30-30 Cal., Lever Action Zane Grey Comm., Oct. Bbl. w/Bushnell Scope, SN:ZG06308

    243.   Marlin Golden 39A, .22-Cal., Lever Action w/Scope, SN:20291582

    244.   Colt “Colter” .22 LR, Auto

    245.   Colt “Stagecoach” .22 LR, Auto, SN:SC25872

    246.   Browning .22 LR, Made in Japan w/3X Burris Scope, SN:02299PY146

    247.   Ruger M.10-22, .22 LR w/Scope & Sling, SN:122-01695

    248.   Remington M.788 Bolt Action, 22-250 Cal. REM with 4X Bushnell Scope, SN:6025623

    249.   Ruger 77-22, .22 LR, Bolt Action w/Apollo Scope, SN: 700-53839 with Box

    250.   Winchester M.70, 22-250-Cal., Bolt Action with Simmons Scope, SN:G1091999

    251.   Marlin M.990L, .22-LR w/Laminated Stock, SN:6148509, NIB

    252.   Winchester M.94 Wrangler AE 30-30-Cal., 16” Bbl. Big Hoop Lever Action, SN:5654625, NIB

    253.   Browning BL-22 Lever Action, Engraved with Gold Trigger, Made in Japan, SN:05270PM226

    254.   Rock River Arms LAR-15, Chambered for 5.56mm & .223-Cal., (5) Extra Mags & Hard Case, SN:KT1131324, NIB

    255.   HK 416 D .22 LR, Adjustable Stock w/Illuminated Scope, SN:HK022762, NIB

    256.   Browning Belgium .22 LR

    257.   Marlin 30-30 Lever Action, SN:21106192, New Never Fired

    258.   Winchester M.1200 Pump 12-Ga. Riot, 2¾” Chamber, SN:246848

    259.   Mossberg M.500 ATP8, 12-Ga., 2¾” or 3” Riot w/Sling Attachment, SN:H089346

    260.   Rossi 12-Ga. 3” SxS Dbl. Hammer, Dbl. Trigger, SN:S29444

    261.   Rossi 12-Ga. 3” SxS Dbl. Hammer, Dbl. Trigger, SN:T61456

    262.   Made in Spain 10-Ga., 3” Magnum, Choke is Full & Full Coach Gun, Dbl. Trigger, SN:206347

    263.   Beretta Silver Snipe 12-Ga., O/U Vent Rib, Gold Trigger, SN:99318

    264.   RARE: F.I.E. SPAS 12, Made in Italy, 12-Ga. Pump or Semi-Auto (Both) 10-Shot, Fold-Up Stock, SN:AA6794, New Never Fired

    265.   Mossberg 500A, 12-Ga. Persuader Mariner Marine-Coat, Pump w/Stock & Pistol Grip, SN:P932909, NIB, Never Fired

    266.   Ruger SR 1911 .45 ACP, Stainless, SN:670-06994, NIB (Handgun)

    267.   Ruger Security Six .357-Mag, Stainless, 2¾” Bbl., SN:160-51212 (Handgun)

    268.   Ruger Security Six .357-Mag., Stainless, 6” Bbl., SN:158-61568, NIB (Handgun)

    269.   S&W M.629, .44-Cal., Stainless, 8 3/8” Bbl., Spl. Ed., Unfluted Cyl., SN:BBY1746, NIB (Handgun)

    270.   Ruger Mark II, .22-Cal., 6” Bbl., Stainless, SN:212-61208, NIB (Handgun)

    271.   Ruger Mark II, .22-Cal., 6” Bbl., Blued, SN:18-23773, (Handgun)

    272.   Ruger Mark II Target, 22-Cal., Bull Bbl., Blued, SN:18-05550, (Handgun)

    273.   Ruger New Model “Blackhawk” .30-Carbine Cal., 7½” Bbl., SN:51-29115, NIB (Handgun)

    274.   Ruger New Model “Single 6”, .22-Cal., 9” Bbl., Reg. Cyl. & Magnum Cyl., SN:69-85572, NIB (Handgun)

    275.   Ruger New Model “Blackhawk” .357-Mag Revolver, 6½” Bbl., SN:36-26719, NIB (Handgun)

    276.   Sig Sauer P938, 9mm w/Finger Grips & SIG Laser Sight, SN:52B111900, NIB (Handgun)

    277.   Intratec Tec-DC9 9mm w/Threaded Bbl. Extension, 30-Rd. Mag., SN:D058781, NIB (Handgun)

    278.   Sig Sauer 1911-45 STX 2-Tone, SN:GS72547, NIB, (Handgun)

    279.   Colt Cobra .38 Spl. Snub Nose, SN:M83023 (Handgun)

    280.   Stevens Arms M.235, 12-Ga. SxS Outside Hammer, Needs Blued, SN:A52769

    281.   Mossberg & Sons M.183K, .410-Ga., 3” Bolt Action

    282.   Ithaca M.37, 16-Ga., 2¾” w/Polychoke Bbl., SN:242980

    283.   Colt AR-15 M.SP1 Carry Handle .223-Cal., SN:SP52781

    284.   Beretta Field O/U 12-Ga., 28” Mod/Full, 2¾”, V.R., SN:D99938B, As NIB

    285.   H&R Topper M.88, 20-Ga., 3” Full, SN:AY482492

    286.   Anderson AM-15, M416 Billet, 2.23/5.56 Cal., SN:315, NIB

    287.   Anderson AM-15, M416 Billet, 2.23/5.56 Cal., SN:316, NIB

    288.   Adcore MB-RFP (Gas Piston) 2.23/5.56 Cal., Full Rail, Dust Wiper, Optics Ready, 16.1 Bbl., SN:AD04292, NIB

    289.   Sig Sauer P239SAS (Gen 2), 9mm w/Hard Case & Extra Mag, Nitron Sights, SN:56A002598, NIB (Handgun)

    290.   High Standard Sports King 22LR Semi Auto Rifle, SN:3015801

    291.   Winchester US Model 1917, 30-06 Rifle, SN:11569



    (Safes Sell At 1:00 p.m)

    Fort Knox Gun Safe (Maroon) (Dial) 6’H x 40½”Wx26½” D (#1)

    Fort Knox Gun Safe (Maroon) (Dial) 6’Hx30½”Wx25”D (#1)

    (2) Centurion Voyager Liberty Gun Safes (Black) (Digital Lock) 59”Hx30”Wx25”D (#1)

    Fort Knox Gun Safe (White) (Dial) “Protector 50”, 5’x24½”x19½”D (#1)

    (2) Bear Hide/Head Rugs (#1)

    Various Antler Mounts (#1)

    (3) Sets Mounted Cattle Horns (#19)

    Lg. Set (68”) Mounted Longhorns (#20)

    Leather Saddle, Ozark Leather Co., Waco TX, Hand Tooled (#14)

    New Herford Brand Tex Tan of Yoakum Saddle & Tack w/Stand (#20)

    Amish Healing Horse Collar (#14)

    Branding Iron (#14)

    Golden Spike Presentation Box (#14)

    Kelly Spurs (#14)

    (3) North & Judd Spurs (#14)

    1940’s Crockett Spurs (#14)

    Pair Brass Mexican Spurs (#20)

    Pair Sm. Band Garcia Silver Engraved Spurs-Gun Metal Blue (#20)

    Pair Small Band Garcia Silver Engraved Spurs-Gold & Silver Inlayed & Engraved (#20)

    Pair Wide Band Garcia w/Large Spur Rowel-Gun Metal Blue, Silver Inlayed & Silver Engraved (#20)

    Bowerman Single Spur (#14)

    Twisted Bit; 1948 Crockett Bit; Bit w/Anchor Mark; (2) Other Bits (#14)

     (2) Western Horse & Rider Statues (#19)

    Bronze “Going for the Gold” Saddle Bronc Rider by Fred Fellows, Spl. Ed. By Hesston Mfg. (#19)

    Ford Wagon w/(2) Horses (Dealer Ed.) (#19)

    (5) Tony Lama & Justin Boot Co. Dealer Rugs (#19)

    Knives Including: Lg. Bowie Knife; Lock-Blade Knife w/Bone Handle w/Scrimshaw Horses;  Large Gill-Hibben Collectors Knife, Gunmetal Blue And Silver; Small T-Handle Knife; Small Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife; Black & Chrome Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife; Small Lock Blade Knife w/Stagg Handles & Bear Etched Blade; Buck Master #184 Knife, NIB; Marble© Plainsman Knife 4¼” Blade w/Stacked Leather Handle, NIB, Made In 2000 w/Vintage Catalog & Bag; (15) Misc. Knives

    MIRRORS: (6) Coors Wildlife; Indian Tobacco; S&W; Captain Morgan Spiced Rum w/Boat Cleat Frame (#20)

    Plaque Mounted Brothel Belt Buckles Collection-Awards Design Metals, Solid Brass (#20)

    Savage Suwa Japan Model 0433 (4x33mm) Post Reticle Scope, Includes Set Weaver Tip Off Mounts (#16)

    Bushnell Yardage Pro 4-12x42, NIB (#1)

    Mayville Eng. Co. Inc.. Mec 600 Junior SN:456741 Shotshell Reloader, Includes Reloader, 25 Lbs. Plus Leadshot, (2) Antique Wooden Ammo Boxes, Misc. Access. (#16)

    Pacific D-L250 & D-L350 Loaders (#10)

    (2) Herters Cast Iron Loaders (#10)

    RCBS Equipment (#10)

    Lyman Sights, Trimmers (#10)

    Lee Bullet Molds – 6-Cavity, 2-Cavity (#10)

    Large Selection Dies: 30-30; 22-250; 25-06; 270; 41Mag; 30-06; 357 Mag; 243; 45ACP; 308/307; 45 Auto; 44Mag; 223; 38/357; 22 Hornet (#10)

    (2) Colt 45 Magazines (#10)

    Colt 1911 Wood Grips (#10)

    1911 Parts; Various Stocks (#10)

    30-Cal. Military Ceremony Blanks (#14)

    Remington 1950’s Vintage Wooden Crate for 25000 of Number 6-1/2 Small Arms Primers. Approx. 13½” Wide, 12½” Deep, 8” Tall (#16)

    Collection of (4) 1950’s Remington Kleanbore Ammo Boxes: 348 Winchester w/Fired Brass; 38-Spl. Targetmaster, Mixed Fired Shells; 357 Magnum Shells, Used; 22-L Rifle High Speed, Empty (#16)

    Bore Sight Set (#20)

    SW Grips (#1)

    Misc. Magazines: 223-Cal; 308; Glock 9mm (#1)

    30 Carbine Mags (#10)


    7.62x39; .223; 30-06; .357; 38-Spl.; 40 Auto; 45 Auto; 45 Long Colt; 7mm; 22-250; .243; 9mm

    308-1000 Rds; 9mm; 338 Win Mag 600 Rds; 22LR-10,000 Rds; 7.62x39–1000 Rds; 9mm–5000 Rds; 223-1000 Rds; 20-Ga.; 6mm Bullets

    30 Carbine; 45 Colt; 41 Mag; 25-06; 22 Hornet

    (5) Boxes 220 Swift; Partial Box 25 Auto; .410 Ga. Shotshells, 2½  & 3”


    Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.