Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday @ 8:00 a.m. CST May 13 and soft closes Wednesday May 19 at 8:00 p.m. CST and pickup Friday May 21 1-7:00 p.m. CST WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday May 20th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon March 20th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. The cabinets, appliances and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass, such as canning jars etc will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS Friday May 21st from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 1015 Susank Road-Hoisington, KS. Pick-up is by appointment ONLY. To request pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. We will work with buyers for different day/time at request of buyer. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: Corner of Hwy 4 & Susank Road. Thence North 1 block on Susank Road to house number 1015. Watch for signs at the intersection and in front of the house. Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abondoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS-by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped Priority Mail unless buyer requests different shipping.
Hoisington, KS US
The Farmers have moved to a smaller home and are offering the items they did not move, to the highest bidder through online auction. Selling 355 lots of major appliances, household items, lawn garden items/equipment, collectible items, china hutch, Gun cabinet with lock, fishing poles
Lot #: 1

Craftsman riding lawnmower

Craftsman riding lawnmower with rear grass catcher, 21hp Briggs & Stratton engine, automatic transmission, Model YT 3000, 6 mowing levels. 42" mowing width
Lot #: 2

MTD Snowflte snowblower

MTD Snowflite snowblower, Tecumseh engine, model 5/24. We think this means 5HP and 24". Rope pull and engine has provisions for an electric starter kit
Lot #: 3

Charbroil gas grill

Charbroil gas grill with one propane tank. Has an auxiliary hot plate. On a rolling cart
Lot #: 4

Miscellaneous garden tools

Miscellaneous garden tools: Including roof rakes, axe, a double headed axe, handle for a pitchfork and a pitchfork but they?re not together, pieces of pipe, round tip shovel. It?s gardening time guys, better get in here
Lot #: 5

Nailbars and chainsaw blades

3 nailbars, hack saw and two chainsaw blades
Lot #: 6

Sisal rope and extension cord

Approx 50? Sisal rope and 50? extension cord
Lot #: 7

Gardening tools

Gardening tools: Garden hoes, hand cultivators and rope
Lot #: 8

Yale Half ton chain hoist

Yale half ton chain hoist
Lot #: 9

Stihl gas string trimmer

Stihl gas string trimmer. Model F5 55RC
Lot #: 10

Garden tools

Garden tools: Coal fork, post hole digger, sledge hammer, pick, rake without a handle, hoses, tow rope, soil breaker, sledgehammer
Lot #: 11

Sledge hammer and chains

Sledge hammer, truck 4-way tire wrench, handless scoop shovel and log chain plus 2 short chains
Lot #: 12

Pair of car ramps

Pair of car ramps
Lot #: 13

Two metal ammo boxes with wrenches

Two metal ammo boxes: One with misc wrenches and one with box open end wrenches
Lot #: 14

Assorted sizes plastic buckets

Assorted sizes plastic buckets
Lot #: 15

Big bearings and spool valve

3 Big bearings and 1 spool valve.
Lot #: 16

Shop cabinet

Shop cabinet with miscellaneous wrenches and ignition parts in two of the three drawers
Lot #: 17

Scotts whirly jig spreader

Scotts Speedy Green 1000 whirly jig spreader
Lot #: 18

Two minnow Seines

Two minnow Seines, minnow bait bucket & Patton space heater
Lot #: 19

Bait bucket and Bug zapper

Bait bucket, extension cord, plastic jug and Bug zapper
Lot #: 20

Two milkhouse heaters

Two milkhouse heaters
Lot #: 21

Air blow guns, wire chain and cleaning brushes

Air blow guns, wire chain and cleaning brushes. All in a plastic carrying crate
Lot #: 22

Bench vice

Bench vise
Lot #: 23

Garden ornament

Garden ornament: This is a true yard bird
Lot #: 24

Wooden stool

Wooden stool. Approximately 32 inches tall
Lot #: 25

Shop creeper stool

Shop creeper stool
Lot #: 26

Black and Decker bench grinder

Black and Decker bench grinder. Has extra shields and stones. Complete with lamp to light up your work
Lot #: 27

Chain boomer

Chain boomer, various sizes chain bars, two chains and a Stihl earmuffs with shield. Includes light.
Lot #: 28

Round mirror and boat propeller

Round mirror, Little Playmate lunch carrier and boat propeller, Mirror is backwards in the picture
Lot #: 29

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets
Lot #: 30

Coleman ice chest, sprayer and bucket

Coleman ice chest, hand sprayer and bucket
Lot #: 31

Part of a bundle of Heritage shingles

Better Part of a bundle of Heritage shingles
Lot #: 32

Echo leaf blower

Echo PB-1000 gas leaf blower
Lot #: 33

Electric ice auger

Electric ice auger, Used for drilling holes for ice fishing
Lot #: 34

Coleman propane fuel lantern

Coleman propane fuel lantern. Has both mantels looks like it?s ready to go to work for you
Lot #: 35

Gas containers

5 gallon is about a third full and the 1 gallon is empty
Lot #: 36

Gasoline hedge trimmer

Gasoline hedge trimmer. Made in Japan by Maruyama.
Lot #: 37

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw with a blade and parts. May need some work guys
Lot #: 38

Walker hydraulic jack

Walker hydraulic jack
Lot #: 39

Homelite XL2 automatic chainsaw

Homelite XL2 automatic chainsaw
Lot #: 40

Everstart Quickstart battery charger

Everstart Quickstart battery for 50,10, or 2 AMPS for 12 V batteries
Lot #: 41

Outdoor supplies

Outdoor supplies: Antiwar hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, bonemeal, fruits and vegetable spray, a small refillable pump and spray bottle to spray your vegetables, WD-40 and everything else a good shop needs
Lot #: 42

Garden supplies

Garden supplies: Fertilizer start and grow plant food, the bottom of a sprayer, mower blades, Styrofoam ice chest without a lid and just to make it interesting a garbage disposal. We presume it?s been used and replaced with a new one
Lot #: 43

Removable ball hitches

Removable ball hitches, Louisville slugger bat, garden shovel, fire extinguisher, ratchet handle, metal tubing for a wind chime
Lot #: 44

Johnson outboard motor

Johnson outboard motor. 3 HP-estimating late 40s early 50s. And the family says it works
Lot #: 45

1 1/2 ton floor jack

1 1/2 ton floor jack
Lot #: 46

Brass hydraulic gauges

Brass hydraulic gauges
Lot #: 47

Lawn and fishing chairs

Lawn and fishing chairs. One chair has wood arms
Lot #: 48

Igloo elite 2 gallon jug and an ice chest

Igloo elite 2 gallon jug and an ice chest, plus plastic planters, chimney sweep and pitchfork. Plus a surprise box
Lot #: 49

Indoor outdoor carpet ice chess

Indoor outdoor carpet, ice chest, Boat trailer wheel and tire, empty tote and stove pipe
Lot #: 50

Fishing rods

Fishing rods: one is Garcia Ambassador, Bearing system and other is Zepco
Lot #: 51

Five fishing rods

5 good rods, 3 with reels. One reel is a Daiwa
Lot #: 52

Echo pole chainsaw

Echo pole chainsaw approximately 8 foot long
Lot #: 53

Stihl Kim 90 R pole hedge trimmer

Stihl Kim 90 R pole hedge trimmer
Lot #: 54

Metal yard cart

Quality Pro Farm & Country Metal yard cart. Wood sideboards. Needs tires put on. They are in the cart
Lot #: 55

Yard art and tub

Yard art-Some kind of strange bird made out of metal plus plastic tub that could be a large garden planter
Lot #: 56

Montgomery Ward Rototiller

Montgomery Ward Rototiller With a Briggs & Stratton engine. Works but has been sitting out in the weather
Lot #: 57

Aluminum extension ladder

Aluminum extension ladder 22?
Lot #: 58

Plastic hose reel & metal trash holder

Plastic hose reel and plastic trash cans with metal holder. Few pieces of scrap pipe
Lot #: 59

Woven wire stretcher and more

Woven wire stretcher, plastic chair, plastic buckets, boat gas can & other miscellaneous items
Lot #: 60

True Temper wheelbarrow

True Temper wheelbarrow with wood handles, metal frame and rubber tire
Lot #: 61

Yard Man lawnmower & pick up rubber liner

Yard Man push lawn mower and pick up rubber liner.
Lot #: 62

Two wood loading ramps

Two wood loading ramps
Lot #: 63

4 way tire wrench

Four-way tire wrench, clevis, box of small clamps, some pipe clamps, all kinds of used mower blades and piece of conduit
Lot #: 64

Brooms & shovels

Two good push brooms, three good straight brooms, plastic broom for washing cars and vans, round point shovel, square point shovel, snow shovel
Lot #: 65

Fishing rods and reels

Nice lot of 8 fishing rods and 7 reels: Shakespeare bait cast, Ambassador by GarcĂ­a bait cast, Zepco 304 open face, Shakespeare Platinum open face, Zepco 33L and others.
Lot #: 66

Bait cast net

Brand new bait cast net and plastic carrying case, insulated cooler, plastic carrier and sprinkler cam
Lot #: 67

Dip nets

Two nice dip nets and two folding stadium seats
Lot #: 68

Aluminum step ladder

Model 366 Werner safety 6 foot step ladder aluminum
Lot #: 69

Lawn chairs

One purple plastic lawnchair, one Styrofoam ice chest, one pink and one blue folding chairs. Pink one does not have cover
Lot #: 70

Fishing tackle bucket

Fishing Bucket with plywood seat is full of fish stringers, bobbers, miscellaneous hooks. Old Hummingbird LCR4000-has no cords. Three other buckets with fertilizer, ashes etc. Get those at no extra money
Lot #: 71

Electric drill

Two Electric drill-3/8" Black & Decker, Unmarked 1/4 inch drill and Black and Decker saber saw
Lot #: 72

Worm bedding & nails

Containers of Worm Bedding, about a pound of eight penny nails, tire iron and wood handled hedge trimmer?s
Lot #: 73

Coffee table top

Cherry wood coffee table top and box. Does not have legs
Lot #: 74

Chaise lounge

Nice aluminum chaise lounge with good pad but no rubber on the wheels
Lot #: 75

Life jackets and lawn chairs

Three good life jackets, car seat, two folding lawnchair?s and one collapsible camp chair with cover
Lot #: 76

Hose and Light tube

Good small garden hose- nice small hydraulic or air hose and blue light tube
Lot #: 77

Pet supplies

Nice pet carrier, dog dishes and dog bed with blankets and pillows
Lot #: 78

Hanging light, grass plugger, log chain

Nice section of log chain, good tiedown strap, grass plugger, nice hanging lamp and some Christmas greenery
Lot #: 79

2 window light sets and tins

Two nice tins, humidifier and two window 100 light sets plus some miscellaneous carrying bags
Lot #: 80

End table and bookshelf

Heavy duty end table and low two shelf unit
Lot #: 81

Picnic set & fishing light

Blue Enamel cup, picnic set, brand new B and K faucets inbox, life preservers and a very nice floating fish light
Lot #: 82

Tote and camping supplies

Nice Rubbermaid tote for roof of car, foam cushion, sponge wand for windshield washing, nice green Christmas tree and painting supplies
Lot #: 83

Coleman Propane stove

Nice Coleman propane stove and three different gas hoses
Lot #: 84

Mailbox, cooler, at the light parts

Mailbox, Styrofoam cooler, box full of lamp parts and string of Christmas lights
Lot #: 85

Two shelves full of goodies

Paint, plumbing supplies, caulking guns, Grip-Rite Fasteners, Rain-X for your car, Coated wire and plaine wire
Lot #: 86

Two short shelves full of lights and more

Two short shelves full of lights and more: Carry-on bags, best part of a double mantle light, Christmas lights, all kinds of tool holders, lube and some paint
Lot #: 87

Miscellaneous supplies

Spray paint, Thompson?s water seal, flower grower, some shoes and boots-size 10, sewer snake, gas cans
Lot #: 88

Bench grinder

Small Kmart bench grinder
Lot #: 89

Large Spotlight and Tool carriers

5 million candle power quartz halogen spotlight 12 V, small green toolbox, tin storage box, wooden storage box and some roller chain
Lot #: 90

Tote full and more

Tote full of Christmas lights, miscellaneous plumbing & electric cords, box of rags, the best part of the dining canopy- don?t see the canvas, charcoal and stove pipe
Lot #: 91

Log chain and tools

Several tire chains, log chains, electric hedge clippers, long handled scraper, hoe, post hole digger and yardsticks
Lot #: 92

Shop rags and supplies

Lots of shop rags, windshield cover, nice set of jumper cables, good 220 pigtail and nice set of wooden handled pruners
Lot #: 93


Very good Western Clipper sled- just missing two outside boards
Lot #: 94

Trash cans

Two good Rubbermaid approximately 30 gallon trash cans with lids and a set of closet shelving
Lot #: 95

Miscellaneous bolts & nuts

Miscellaneous bolts, nuts, Heet and other things for cars. Two large cans with big nails, screws etc, Krylon paint and a little rust-oleum
Lot #: 96

Air cleaners and tarp

Brand new 5 x 7 blue tarp, two large air cleaners, some sawblades for circular saw and taillight
Lot #: 97

DVD player

DVD player, 2 telephones-1 cordless & other is line, clipboards
Lot #: 98


One very nice organizer full of all kinds of screws, bolts, knickknacks. Another one that is missing some drawers but it?s clear full of bolts and screws
Lot #: 99


Nice canteen came up with Marshall Dillon?s horse we think :)
Lot #: 100

Chainsaw parts

Chainsaw parts, steel motor, oil high-performance mix for two cycle engine
Lot #: 101

Miscellaneous bolts and nuts

Several container full of nails, screws etc. and a nice wine wood box to store things in
Lot #: 102

Car polisher

Speedway Series 10" car polisher 120 V 2580 RPM, in original box
Lot #: 103

Fishing tackle and more

Propane bottle, two flashlights, all kinds of fishing line, a whole box of power bait worms and ice cooler
Lot #: 104

Coffee maker and tape

Krupps Coffee maker, all kinds of packaging tape, gray tape and this is your chance to monkey around
Lot #: 105

Trailer hitch and more

7/8 trailer hitch and ball caulking gun, dog collars, cleaning dust pan and hacksaw
Lot #: 106

Impact wrench

Half inch GP 740-2 impact wrench- air pierced very good
Lot #: 107

4 1/2 inch grinder

Black & Decker professional 4 1/2 inch grinder sounds good
Lot #: 108

Wrenches and more

Carquest smog pump domestic 32?209, stone hammer 3/8 inch drive socket, has a speed wrench lacks a ratchet
Lot #: 109

Parts of all kinds

Seneco box with various cords, C-clamps, fish bait and fish tackle
Lot #: 110

TV trays in yardsticks

Yardsticks including a 4 foot one, baskets, nice set of TV trays, umbrella stretching frames and more
Lot #: 111

Rechargeable drill

Skill 9.6 V rechargeable drill with no charger but we have a craftsman 12 V fast charger. Nice BBQ set in case
Lot #: 112

Cabinet full

Nice rolling cabinet with three drawers. Bottom drawer has a lot of welding rod- looks like Fleet World. Middle drawer has pick up sticks and screwdriver sets and in the top drawer bits & bit index
Lot #: 113

Cabinet full

Cabinet matching the last lot with the top drawer full of a nice sledgehammer, tape measures and paint brush. C clamps in the second drawer and in the bottom drawer- nail bar and torque wrench
Lot #: 114

Deep well socket sets

Three eights and a half inch deep well metric socket sets It says SKT
Lot #: 115

Farm Tough Husgavana cutting bars

Farm tough Husqavarna cutting bar & other cutting bars plus three nice grease guns
Lot #: 116

Christmas lights and car parts

Several screens of Christmas lights, paint brushes, all kinds of door hinges, wiring reflector lights, taillights and many other parts
Lot #: 117


20 inch Craftsman toolbox with tray plastic
Lot #: 118

Toolbox full of tools

Approximately 22 inch plastic toolbox clear full: hatchet, vice grips, battery tools, oil fillers, adjustable wrenches many more
Lot #: 119

Skil saw

Very nice 7 1/4" Skil saw- still has its original box 11 AMP, 2.3HP, #5150, sounds great
Lot #: 120

Everything for the car

Miscellaneous antifreeze, wipes, STP treatment, trashbags, little bit of everything
Lot #: 121

Lamp and things

Nice table lamp with a very ornate shade, metal tins for candy, nice decorative pot, planters and some coffee cans to keep things
Lot #: 122

Repellent of all kinds

Repe,repellent for ants, roaches, weeds, grass, crab grass, flies, mosquitoes and there?s several good boxes of screws and brads
Lot #: 123

First aid plus tools

Very nice levels, automatic auto tape by Black & Decker, deep well socket set minus one, nice first aid kit
Lot #: 124


Great fishing books including Advance Bass Fishing Skills, Chilton 1967 to 1988, public speaker and the listeners guide to the musical understanding- that way you can sing to the Fish
Lot #: 125

Fireplace set

Nice fireplace set
Lot #: 126

Fireplace insert

Aladdin Fireplace insert, fire glass door heater - ready to install. Model Quadra-Fire 3100-1 Act Insert
Lot #: 127

Shelf full of supplies

Tape, wire, flashlights, multiple plug, watering can Miracle Grow and glue
Lot #: 128


Realistic AM/ FM 110 or battery operated Radio
Lot #: 129

Work bench full

Nice metal organizer with all kinds of screws, nuts, bolts. Nice tape measures, multi plug, nice funnels and all kinds of part for your ignition on your chainsaw
Lot #: 130

Fishing tackle

Four small compartmentalized tackle boxes full of lures, worms, spinners, floats, weights and more
Lot #: 131

Drawer full

Workbench drawer clear full: soldering iron, drill bits, C clamps, electrical parts- little bit of everything
Lot #: 132


Good approximately 20" plastic toolbox clear full of tools, tray full of sockets, adjustable wrenches, ratchet box end, screwdrivers- little bit of everything
Lot #: 133

Everything on the bottom of the tool bench

Hydraulic jack, splitting wedges, sprayer parts, drip pan, claw hammer, scale, case with miscellaneous bits
Lot #: 134

Tool bench

Nice craftsman workbench- bottom compartment pull out drawer, pegboard back and top shelf really nice
Lot #: 135

Collector cars

Five little collector cars -some of them have doors that open- kind a unique. Most are made in China
Lot #: 136

Chainsaw parts

Chainsaw parts- lots of chain bars, tie down strap and rope, miscellaneous nuts, tongue depressors- anything you need
Lot #: 137

Tool holders and tools

Several Craftsman tool organizers, two wire brushes, two pipe wrenches, claw hammer and nice small framing square
Lot #: 138


Echo gas powered model PB-200 power blower
Lot #: 139

Table and plywood

Footstool and table, miscellaneous pieces of plywood, partial oil cans and miscellaneous oil squirt cans, screwdrivers etc.
Lot #: 140

1 quart electric ice cream freezer

1 quart electric ice cream freezer. No brand name
Lot #: 141

Two piece living room set

Two piece living room set. Very nice matching sofa and chair. They are over stuff tan colored with floral country with design of buggy
Lot #: 142


Telstar telescope by Media with tripod
Lot #: 143


Box of yarn with different gauges and colors, greeting cards, Twin Graph Guards Styrofoam-insulation for doors and windows and packages are still sealed. A small lantern
Lot #: 144

Corner shelf

Four level corner shelf unit
Lot #: 145

Matching lamp tables

Nice set of two light colored two-tiered matching lamp tables
Lot #: 146

Table lamps

Pair of matching table lamps. One has some damage- is cracked and its shade is dented, so turn it to the back and you can?t see the crack nor dent
Lot #: 147

Stereo system

Very nice Sound Design total stereo system. Nice tower has all the bells and whistles including tape deck, turntable, AM/FM and two nice speakers
Lot #: 148

Coffee and end table set

Nice cherry wood coffee and two end tables set. They match the table top in lot 63 but these are nicer, The coffee table is little lighter than the end tables.
Lot #: 149

Shelf unit

Nice pressed wood shelf unit with three shelves plus compartment down below with two doors. Everything on it sells separately in other lots.
Lot #: 150

Shelf unit

Shelf unit Similar to the shelf unit in lot 149. This is just a little lighter. Has three shelves and 2 door compartment at the bottom. Everything on it sells separate. You are just bidding on shelf.
Lot #: 151

Glider rocker and ottoman

Very nice glider platform rocker and matching ottoman
Lot #: 152

Bathroom items

Nice mirrored front medicine chest and toilet paper dispenser with room for spare. Wood heart shape design
Lot #: 153

Accordion and case

The accordion case has Alligator type cover that needs a little repair, The Scandalle accordion is ready to take home and play
Lot #: 154

Zenith color console TV

Zenith color 26" console TV with nice wooden cabinet along with a four head VHS. Has two remotes and extra USB cables- all for One money
Lot #: 155

Sony TV

Here?s a chance to own a Sony of your very only. Sitting on a nice cabinet and this 26" TV has remote
Lot #: 156

Train engine

Kansas City Royals train engine that is still in the box. HO scale
Lot #: 157

Mantle clock

Sessions mantle clock with inlaid wood and is made in the USA. Is an eight day clock. Purchased in 1951
Lot #: 158

Video cassette rewinder

Video cassette rewinder is in the shape of a 1957 Chevy with plug-in adapter. Kind of neat guys
Lot #: 159

Two shelves full

Two shelves full: frosted mirrors, framed picture from the Ozarks, other wall hangings. Apple clock for your teacher, nice clock with compartment, some nice hand carved swordfish and a nice wall hanging "Bless this House"
Lot #: 160

Shelf of books

Shelf of books: 1952 Cardinal yearbook, lots of good paper targets from the National Rifle Association, a picture album of country western stars- this was a gift from the Harry Peeples Agency plus several science atlas books
Lot #: 161

Three shelves full

Nice tobacco and pipe stand, painted saw blade, Horsehead bookends, Norman Rockwell mugs, figurines, nightlight, glass case some very nice items here
Lot #: 162

Compartment full

Notebooks, photograph albums, all kinds of religious pamphlets, books and some finance records
Lot #: 163

Double bed

Nice lattice headboard with Hollywood frame and box springs
Lot #: 164


4 foot mirrored dresser with six drawers- missing just one pull
Lot #: 165

Chest of drawers

Four drawer chest of drawers- looks pretty good
Lot #: 166

Plant stands and printer

Wooden bucket on legs, multi level wood plant stand and Lexmark Z45 printer- make copies of your fast growing plants
Lot #: 167


Wall shelf with figurines, Avon duck, dresser box and a relief picture of our savior
Lot #: 168

Pictures in Rome

TV watching throw with sleeves, with a 3 picture wall hanging set, and wall hanging Cross
Lot #: 169

Safe and clock

Electric clock made to look like a grandfather?s clock and a safe piggybank
Lot #: 170

Closet full of Christmas

Christmas tree, Christmas stocking, Christmas tree stand, Christmas candles and many other decorations
Lot #: 171

Shelves full of decoration

All the items on the shelf unit, wall hangings, bud vase, other vases, snow globe, fancy wreaths, fancy tin. The shelf will sell separate
Lot #: 172

Metal shelf

Four level metal shelf unit- black with gold trim. Very nice shelf
Lot #: 173


Two shelves of canning jars: quarts, pint, widemouth, narrow jelly glasses- little bit of everything
Lot #: 174

Coffee mugs

Selection of all different kinds of coffee mugs- some commercial, some handmade pottery, some big, some little and a nice tea pot with matching sugar- no creamer
Lot #: 175

Three shelves of jars

Canning jars,some mugs with handles otherwise all kinds including narrow and wide mouth, big and small- little bit of everything
Lot #: 176

Coffee maker and thermos

Nice box full of extension cords, tins, lightbulbs, air cleaner, thermos and Coffee Maker
Lot #: 177

Nativity set

Small tote with nativity set, miscellaneous Christmas decorations. Nativity set looks to be ceramic
Lot #: 178

Enamelware set

Field and Stream enamelware set -four cups and soup pot with lid and handle
Lot #: 179

Blue Graniteware Roaster

Blue graniteware roaster, Mr. coffee and the inside of a large crock pot
Lot #: 180


Nesco 18 quart roaster oven with cord and rack included
Lot #: 181

Shelf unit

Pressed wood shelf unit
Lot #: 182


Classic breeze fan on a stand- three speed oscillating
Lot #: 183

Sewing machine and supplies

Singer stylist 830 for Console sewing machine with extra sewing basket, mini cabinet. Miscellaneous threads, needles and buttons
Lot #: 184


Like new Roper refrigerator cross top freezer. 28 inches wide 62 inches tall. Very clean & nice manufactured in 1999. Magenets included
Lot #: 185

Kitty cats for the kitchen

Kitty cat towel and foil dispenser with matching kitty cat drain shelf. Very nice wood bread box with some steak knives and a pencil sharpener in drawer on bottom of bread box
Lot #: 186

Shelf unit

Lightweight Three shelf step metal unit
Lot #: 187


Sharp carousel microwave
Lot #: 188

End table and microwave stand

Nice solid end table with drawer and a nice rolling microwave stand
Lot #: 189

Shelf unit

Four shelf bookcase presswood unit-approximately 4? x 4?. Items in unit sell in other lots
Lot #: 190

Shaving mirror and nutcracker

Good little wooden framed painted shaving mirror that hangs on the wall and nutcracker made in China
Lot #: 191

Tupperware and more

Shelf full of Tupperware, plastic ware and drinking mugs from different hospitals- they were very expensive
Lot #: 192

Two shelves full of plasticware

Two shelves full of all kinds of plasticware Plus some ceiling paint, some vases, coffee mugs and storage containers
Lot #: 193

Enamelware Water Bath Canners

One dark blue and one light blue enamelware water bath canners. Do not have the wire inserts
Lot #: 194

Black & Decker lid off

Two nice insulated coffee mugs, two nice igloo 1 gallon water jugs and a nice Black & Decker lids off -no need of a strainer anymore
Lot #: 195

Electric & cleaning supplies

Swiffer jet replacement and two nice wicker wall hangings of chickens, electric multi plugs, bag full of clothes pins and other cleaning supplies
Lot #: 196


Some nice brooms, mops, dry mop, swiffer jet and others
Lot #: 197

Box of cleaning supplies

Mr. clean Magic eraser, mop head, dust mop, plumbers helper, all kinds of cleaners, Windex and so forth
Lot #: 198

Whirlpool Portable Dishwasher

Really clean, nice portable Whirlpool dishwasher with cutting board top. Rolls easy and it looks really really nice inside
Lot #: 199

Kenmore Electric Dryer

Kenmore model 400 electric dryer- air fluff, auto and timed dry, Air fluff cycle. Gray push to start button,front loader- very nice. Has the instruction book that came with the dryer when purchased
Lot #: 200

Dining room table with 4 chairs

Dining room table with two captain chairs and two side chairs. Few scratch?s/knicks on chairs as shown in pix. One arm on one chair is little loose. Upholstery on chairs in good shape but need good cleaning. Very nice dining set
Lot #: 201

Corner cabinet

7? 3" Corner cabinet with glass front door in top portion, open shelf in middle and 2nd shelf unit I bottom section.
Lot #: 202

Pair of Costco folding chairs

Pair of Costco folding chairs with padded seats. Seats are in good condition. Onechair has an extra pillow
Lot #: 203

Metal ironing board

Metal Seymour ironing board with cover
Lot #: 204

Wire shelving on wheels

Wire shelving on wheels with 3 shelves. Bonus piece Ez moves-furniture lifter
Lot #: 205

Pressed wood shelf unit on wheels

Pressed wood shelf unit on wheels with two shelves plus the top can be used to put a microwave on or an entertainment center -whatever you need. 28" wide 20" deep 28" tall from the floor- that includes the wheels
Lot #: 206

Small crock pot

Small crock pot
Lot #: 207

Relish plate and serving bowls

12" Depression Relish plate, set of 5 graduating size serving bowls, 3x5? footed bowl with chip on edge and 14? stoneware vase
Lot #: 208

Glass loaf pan and take out containers

Anchor Hocking "Fire King" Glass loaf pan, new unusedHappy Holidays foil containers to use for gift food boxes plus wood "say grace" block
Lot #: 209

Two covered casserole dishes

Two Corning covered casserole dishes and grater with plastic base
Lot #: 210

Lazy Susan relish plate

Glass Depression Lazy Susan relish plate with Metal base, 7" leaded glass vase and lidded candy dish
Lot #: 211

Pyrex measuring cups and assorted glass lids

Pyrex measuring cups (4cup and 2 cup) and assorted glass lids to fit those casseroles and dishes that you no longer have the lid for because it got broke
Lot #: 212

Complete set of Homemade Treats Cookbooks

Complete set of Homemade Treats Cookbooks. Four books of little gifts from the heart. plus Tau Sig Bible class church cookbook, Harrison First Christian Church cookbook and 1994 Albertsons country radio celebrity cookbook. Plastic tablecloth
Lot #: 213


Cookbooks: Taste of Homes Diabetic Cookbook from 2005, set a little books on diabetic recipes, Cheap Easy Cookbook, Fresh Fruit Cookbook, Great American Home Baking, Splenda, Natural Sweets and Treats, Better Homes & Gardens Candy- Good eating out of these guys
Lot #: 214

Box for the recipe collector

Box for the recipe collector. Includes two boxes of individualized Easy to Bake Easy to Make and recipes, And several recipe books cooking for a cure favorite recipe from Best Cooks, crockpot recipes, cooking magazines, another church cookbook collection, Arkansas recipes great for anybody that?s into the collecting the cookbooks. Even have included some potholders that have never been used
Lot #: 215

Pots and pans

Pots and pans: sauce pan with egg poaching ring in with cups, stainless steel salad bowls in multi sizes, bag for carrying a hot casserole, metal stove top griddle, food grinder with instructions
Lot #: 216

Small cast iron skillet

5" Cast iron skillet 14",blue granite ware roaster pan, two piece aluminum angel food cake pan
Lot #: 217

Betty G cooker fryer

Betty G cooker fryer and 8 inch coated frying pan
Lot #: 218

Bosch compact mixer

Bosch compact 400 W Kitchen Machine
Lot #: 219

4 place setting of Melmac

4 place setting of Melmac type plates, apple pie plate with lid for keeping pie fresh, several collector plates including some state plates fir Wyoming an South Dakota. Also plastic cloth back tablecloth, wood fruit and bowl centerpiece, cloth covered bun basket, mother heart shape plate
Lot #: 220

Punch bowl and More

Punch bowl, Lighthouse cup and saucers, teapot, miscellaneous mugs, crystal handled glass basket, wicker placemats and more items that have already been wrapped up. Do not see any punch cups
Lot #: 221

Presto burger cooker & more

Presto burger cooker, silverplate crystal serving tray, 32 ounce Quiktrip coffee thermos by Aladdin, Oster citrus juicer, Pyrex loaf pan, glass serving tray, Jell-O molds, plastic and metal molds, nut cracker with just two picks and tote
Lot #: 222

Tote full of kitchenware

Tote full of kitchenware: Pineapple slicer, metal pan with dividers to make your brownies pre-cut, roasting pan, omelette cooker, cake pans, form pans, grease splatter shield, pizza pans, graters, Pyrex baking dishes, turkey platter and wire strainer
Lot #: 223

Tote full of kitchen items

Tote full of kitchen item including: wood chipset, stoneware cheese crock, smart LED bulb- brand new in the box, plastic pitcher with lid, steamer pot for rice, 2 skillets with one glass lid, stoneware creamer, salt shaker and butter dish, small copper bottomed sauce pan, Pyrex cooking dish, tea towels
Lot #: 224

Tote full of kitchen items

Tote full of kitchen items: three quiche baking dishes, Tupperware deviled egg carrier, Pyrex pie plate and holder, metal cake pans, Hamilton Beach table top can opener, wooden wall hanging recipe box, Plasticware storage bowls. Placemats
Lot #: 225

Cast iron corn bread pans

2 Made in China Cast iron corn bread pans and GE square grill pan
Lot #: 226

Box full of glassware

Box full of glassware: Including snack trays, crystal. I have unwrapped a sampling of what?s in the box
Lot #: 227

Popcorn tin full of knitting yarn

Popcorn tin full of knitting yarn, Four insulated plastic glasses from Portland - Boston Harbor, Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras as well as a large vase and a plastic storage bin
Lot #: 228

Mr. coffee iced tea maker and more

Mr. Coffee iced tea maker, Two wood wall hanging clothes hangers, flashlight, plastic storage tub with lid and a wrought iron piece to hold small potted plants
Lot #: 229

Better homes and Gardens cookbook and More

Better homes and Gardens cookbook (Could not find a date but it does include microwave recipes), pot holders, tapered candles, triple blend cleaning brush sets, apple shaper timer, Jiffy 1893 blade, flameless candle set, silicone baking cups for cupcakes-some are heart shaped, Merry Christmas paper napkins, tablecloth and coasters Plus a box that says Christmas magnets
Lot #: 230

Oreck XL sweeper

Oreck XL Buster B compact sweeper, Attachments and bags. There is also 8 bags that fit Oreck XL uprights that do not fit this model
Lot #: 231

Paper shredder

Paper shredder WM845XE model, covered candy dish, footed trivet for a hot plates, 4 metal caster wheels for a small desk-(just the caster wheels). Cavalier MinkOil with silicone for all smooth leather and a microwave Campbell?s soup cup
Lot #: 232

Footed cake holder that plays music

Footed cake holder that plays "How Great Thou Art" and still plays, Silent Night wood blocks, Solar indoor suction bug zapper from Smart Home and electric warming plate
Lot #: 233

The genuine whirley popper

The genuine whirley popper, Krups coffee grinder and stove top water heater teapot
Lot #: 234

Deviled eggs tray and microwave plates

Deviled eggs tray with lid and 2 sets of eight piece microwave divided colorful plates with lids. One still has not been open the other has. Three wicker baskets for flowers, two are empty, one has artificial flowers
Lot #: 235

Golden Tell-A-Tale books

Golden Tell-A-Tale books, A First Little Golden Books, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book and A Superscope Story Teller Book
Lot #: 236

Little golden books

Little golden books
Lot #: 237

Little golden books

Little golden books
Lot #: 238

Walt Disney little golden books

Walt Disney little golden books
Lot #: 239

Walt Disney?s world of reading books

Walt Disney?s world of reading books, classic holiday collections and favorite fairytales. One has been chewed around edges-probably by a dog
Lot #: 240

Kenmore top mount refrigerator

Kenmore top mount refrigerator, have the original books. 5 1/2 feet tall 2?30"deep 2?33" wide. White color. Has an ice maker
Lot #: 241

Kenmore electric stove

Kenmore electric glass top stove with broiler pan and bottles of Weiman Glass Top Cleaner and Polish. Has "Warm and Ready Zone" as well as the regular 4 burners. No manual
Lot #: 242

Metal wall hangings

Metal wall hangings. Currently above the stove in the kitchen -a coffee pot, teapot and skillet motifs
Lot #: 243

Gun cabinet

Gun cabinet with no guns- does have the key to the lock. The gun cabinet portion is 4?3" long 1?10" wide with the bottom storage section is 1?4? tall, the whole cabinet is 6?2" tall. total width of cabinet with the side shelves is 3?2". Nice etching of geese against the moon or sun flying over the water
Lot #: 244

Corner shelving unit

Corner wood shelving unit with five shelves. 5?10" tall to the top of the tallest peg 10 1/2 inches deep
Lot #: 245

Wood wall hanging organizer

Wood wall hanging organizer. 1?10" tall 8 inches wide. has three compartments- one for letters, bills, miscellaneous and three pegs to hang keys. Included is Rayovac lithium CR 2032 battery, some keychains and a strap off of a purse
Lot #: 246

Heart shaped box

Heart shaped box with glass silver trimmed coaster, reindeer Christmas pen, thimble, some earrings and a candy cane that probably has been in the box for a while. Even get a hand written recipe for South Carolina sweet potato pecan pie
Lot #: 247


Planters. One milk glass and the other is painted pottery piece. These two pieces have been sitting on a shelf by the stove in the kitchen. As seen in the picture there is a chip in the rim of the larger planter
Lot #: 248

Glass vase and more

Glass silver painted vase, Dairy Queen travel mug and an Avon 100 year celebration glass sack
Lot #: 249

Pair of pliers and more

Pair of pliers, Breast cancer pink ribbon strap and keychain, CIGNA keychain, " I am loved" pin and "back the ride" for US deputy sheriff association medallion
Lot #: 250

Mr. Coffee carafe

Mr. Coffee carafe, and two vases -one has been coated with silver painting
Lot #: 251

Four piece Tupperware canister set

Four piece mustard color Tupperware canister set. plus 2 plastic planters and a glass canister jar with lid
Lot #: 252

The last supper painting

5 Wall hangings. The last supper painting, Two side panel ceramic type pictures- one with rocking chair & one with fire place cooking pot, plastic candle holder with votive candle and My kitchen prayer plaque.
Lot #: 253

USA Apple pottery

USA Apple pottery: Cookie jar and milk pitcher
Lot #: 254

Cheese Crock and More

Cheese Crock with bale lid, Ozark souvenir half cup with hairline crack, cream pitcher, "sweet things in life" candleholder, lidded miniature jug and a metal tea bag holder
Lot #: 255

Lighthouse salt and pepper shakers

Lighthouse salt and pepper shakers and pewter lighthouse with clock
Lot #: 256

Pair of light houses

Pair of light houses. One is battery operated but needs a battery to work
Lot #: 257

Two lighthouse candles

Two lighthouse battery operated candles. One works and other needs battery which is a 2004 Thomas Kinkade and missing the"top?
Lot #: 258

Assorted glass vases

Assorted glass vases: Different sizes one is a milk glass, four are bud vases- one for any occasion
Lot #: 259

Glass vases and dishes

Glass purple vase, clear square planter/dish, green planter/dish with wooden blackbird for hanging on wall and 12"x8? oval new merrigold footed fruit bowl embossed with fruit
Lot #: 260

Smoke colored glasses

Smoke colored glasses: 8 small, 2 medium and 2 larger tumblers
Lot #: 261

Drinking jar & coffee mugs

Drinking jar, coffee mugs, Decorated cream pitcher that does not have a pouring spout, a saki typeset with cup and handled hot beverage holder
Lot #: 262

American Fostoria footed tumblers

3 gold colored American Fostoria footed tumblers, 8 (7?) gold colored tumblers. Maybe they are big enough to satisfy the ice tea drinker
Lot #: 263


Knickknacks: Made in Taiwan duck, insulated coffee pot, Aladdin child size thermos, miniature vase, a friend plaque, a nesting duck and a bumblebee that needs some work
Lot #: 264

Pedestal cake plate and cookie jar

Pedestal green cake plate with clear glass lid with knob handle and reindeer cookie jar. Glass cover is heavyweight. Reindeer is holding bird behind back. Tail of bird has broken off
Lot #: 265

Thermos and plastic pitchers

Thermos, Aladdin stainless steel carafe, gallon plastic pitcher and Britta plastic pitcher
Lot #: 266

Flower holders

Flower holders: Milk glass vase with beaded "plant", sunflowers in a Drey pint canning jar filled with flat marbles, a votive candle with flower decorated base and a Regina red cooking wine that has not been opened
Lot #: 267


Lighthouse from Boston Harbor Maine sitting on a plastic base with rock decor
Lot #: 268

Miscellaneous knives

Plastic bucket with miscellaneous knives, nice Pearing knives and an aluminum cutlery set that has a peeler and a straight knife. Don?t just stick your hand in here folks because most do not have shields on, so dump out the bucket and see what you have
Lot #: 269

Hamilton Beach hand blender

Hamilton Beach hand blender with interchangeable Wisk, also included is a strainer, electric knife by ToastMaster with no cord, can opener, a pair of pliers, paper punch and handled strainer to get stuff out of hot water and a Phillips screwdriver
Lot #: 270

Cookie cutters

Plastic tub with assorted Cookie cutters: Metal hearts in the original box, musical note and Santa Claus plus plastic snowman, turkey, pumpkins, ghost and flag
Lot #: 271

Box of kitchen utensils

Box of kitchen utensils including Rubber spatulas, turners, can openers, beaters for a mixer, meat forks, miscellaneous tableware. -Advise you to dump out this box and sort through as there may be some knives. I tried to get them all out but not sure I did
Lot #: 272

Miscellaneous kitchen utensils

Miscellaneous kitchen utensils: Plastic ladle, long handled spoons, wooden spoon, wooden fork, metal handle sieve & miscellaneous tableware. The plastic tub is included
Lot #: 273

Plastic tub with kitchen utensils

Plastic tub with kitchen utensils: Fat skimmer, slotted large handled spoon, plastic spoon, turner, rubber spatula, assorted tableware, measuring spoons, metal tongs
Lot #: 274

Round plastic tub with kitchen utensils

Round plastic tub with kitchen utensils: Salt and pepper shakers, cheese grater, melon Baller, kitchen scissors and more
Lot #: 275

One hand can decorator with original box

One hand can decorator with original box , 2 metal trays-1 is tarnish protected silverplate
Lot #: 276

New kitchen utensils

New kitchen utensils. Cheese grater with catch container, egg slicer, knife, spatula/ tongs set, serrated plastic handled knife and a plastic handled server- good for somebody that?s needing one for their wedding cake
Lot #: 277


Dell Computer, Keyboard, speakers, screen, mouse, 570 tower with fast AMD processor rich graphics large capacity hard drive premium sound system, runs great with Windows 7, Sony headphones, Kodak ESP 3.2 all in one printer and all the cables- great set up
Lot #: 278

Sound Design stereo system

Sound Design stereo system with speakers
Lot #: 279


Lighthouse, Garfield playing golf, Santa Claus snow globe, angel & bear spelling out friends in blocks, wooden shelf unit holding Scottie dog, an angel, another lighthouse and goodies for all
Lot #: 280

Wooden computer desk

Wooden computer desk-The farmers used it for their computer. Has a locked door with the key and includes tray for the keyboard. Nice computer desk
Lot #: 281

Office chair

Office chair with 5 rollers- has a nice back support Chair is adjustable- includes a padded extra seat
Lot #: 282

Desk items

Desk items: Leather caddy, Casio adding machine, Kodak easy share C433 camera, scissors, wicker pencil holder, and a Timex thermometer to hang on the wall. Humidity, temperature, weather wall hanging, black plastic plaque with squirrels, two plaster wall hangings with cherubs and doves plus a candle
Lot #: 283

Electric Lighthouse

Electric Lighthouse from Goldenvale collection. Ceramic praying hands, rubber frog sitting on a plastic log, plaster of Paris fish and a tin frog holding a flower with a butterfly
Lot #: 284


Three Thomas Kincaid?s guiding lights collection: the light of peace, delight of comfort and the light of hope. the light of peace has its official certificate of authenticity, the other two do not. plus a salt and pepper set and a potpourri jug plus hanging lighthouse wind chime
Lot #: 285


Four angels plus to decorative hanging angels, pumpkin, plaque, a lighthouse in an egg. The hanging angels are lighted -you?ll need batteries
Lot #: 286

Four pictures

Four pictures. Three are paintings and one is a print
Lot #: 287

Windchimes and two pictures

Two Windchimes (one is with lighthouses), feathers surrounding picture of soaring eagles and framed wood etched with outside of a house
Lot #: 288

Queen Anne chair

Queen Anne wing back chair with claw and ball feet. Very nice piece
Lot #: 289

Cosco kitchen stool

Cosco kitchen stool. This will still get you high where you need to be safely. Old heavy style like they used to make
Lot #: 290

Oriental vase

Oriental vase-dark blue color with Oriental bird and foliage, Street car from fisherman?s wharf, sexy pig, metal candle lamp, Easter bags basket with Bunnie and bears
Lot #: 291


Knickknacks: 50 anniversary salt and pepper shakers, glass picture and footed egg shaped vase and some neat figurines
Lot #: 292

More knickknacks

Bells: glass, brass & porcelain. Two bears on a shoe another bear ready for the cold weather, leprechaun, angel, glass hummingbird
Lot #: 293

Shelf full of knickknacks

Dalmatian puppies, bird sitting on a stump, salt and pepper shakers from Hawaii, looks like the mice and sewing machine from Cinderella, glass blown bear and bird, Crystal bell bear and a teapot
Lot #: 294

Another shelf of knickknacks

Red Cardinals, praying hands, praying angel, dresser boxes for rings, little boy sitting on a toy horse
Lot #: 295

Bird knickknacks

Bird knickknacks, wooden salt and pepper shakers, crystal goblet with a rose, hummingbird anf a bird in a nest
Lot #: 296

Lighted display cabinet

Lighted display cabinet with 4 glass shelves, front & side are glass and mirror in back. All items sell on prior numbered lots. 77 inches tall 18 inches wide 10 inches deep
Lot #: 297

Three wind chimes

Two windmill wind chimes and one basket
Lot #: 298

Bunnies and bears

Bears sitting in a wooden rocking chair that originally had a pin cushion in the seat, ceramic bunny, a stuffed bunny, happy anniversary candle and other anniversary items, preserved roses in a vase
Lot #: 299

Duck and bunny

"A mother is a purest form of love" framed picture, roses, candle, worlds greatest pop, frog, Minnie Mouse Goose planter, rabbit and duck, cross
Lot #: 300

Shelf and wall hangings

Wood wall shelf and 5 pictures/wall hangings
Lot #: 301

Glass musical wind chime

Glass musical wind chime-chimes in shape of musical notes/treble clef and suncatcher of a bird over in the sky
Lot #: 302

Full length mirror and a framed print

Full length mirror and a framed print of a horse running in the field
Lot #: 303


Hanging clothes carrier, American tourist hard case another hard case with no name and soft sided floral case
Lot #: 304

Office chair and ladder back chair

Office chair with 5 rollers and ladder back chair that has good vinyl seat but wood needs refinished
Lot #: 305

Duraband cd player

Duraband CD disc player with AM/FM radio
Lot #: 306

Rifle sheath and thermos set with bag

Rifle sheath and Thermos set with bag. Thermos set has 2 cannisters. Plus yard from Foster lumber company and two daul sticks. Picture of ocean at sunset
Lot #: 307

Tote full of goodies

Tote full of goodies including Emmets Scamps of Ireland-Ireland Cream Liquer emply tin, four large and one small 3 ring binders. cashbox, wicker basket, a nice little plastic bag with shower/bath set, Christmas package labels and a wooden box with handle
Lot #: 308

Wooden low barstool & magazine rack

Wooden low barstool, wood magazine rack and wood shoeshine box
Lot #: 309

Seat massager and briefcase

Five motor seat massager-still in the box, briefcase, Encore radio alarm clock still in the box, two big display calculators and other calculators plus a trashcan
Lot #: 310

Christmas tin full of pens and pencils

Christmas tin full of pens and pencils, Kansas Russell Stover?s tin full of pens and pencils, Folgers plastic container with lid full of pens and pencils and angel wall pocket
Lot #: 311

Hamilton Beach electric knife and Vivitar camera

Hamilton Beach electric knife with original box, Vivitar T101 camera with box, Small flashlight and a roller clothes brush
Lot #: 312


Books: Danielle steel, set of paperback select additions from Readers Digest, Chicken Soup for the soul, Patricia Cornwell -lots a good reading
Lot #: 313

Clock and miniature Cedar chest

Clock and miniature Cedar chest full of beaded jewelry. A set of DVDs of lighthouses of America, 50th wedding anniversary album with no pictures and photo albums ready to fill with fun memories, a little gadget with a screen radio and TV options with a leather cover
Lot #: 314

Early Christmas shopping here

Brand new still in the packages gift type items such as: Singer shears, rubber spoon rest and spoon. All kinds of goodies plus a little radio/TV combo that is not new
Lot #: 315

New unused photo/memory albums

New unused photo/memories albums, two folding hand fans, refill and Keepsakes sheets for the picture album- fun box guys
Lot #: 316

Desk lamp and more

Desk lamp, Shade for a larger lamp, wicker basket lined with cloth, bath/shower set, candle, wood magazine rack. towel, glass square dish with metal handle in center and thumb Spica Bin Medium LT wristband with original box
Lot #: 317

Afghans and throw

2 afghans and a fleece lined throw
Lot #: 318

Hard case luggage

3 pieces OshKosh Hard case luggage. 2 pieces match
Lot #: 319

Floor protector

Vinyl Floor protector for under desk chair, vinyl covered"Checkers? carry all bag and pair wire shoe racks
Lot #: 320

Toothbrushes and more

New Toothbrushes still in the packages, blow dryer, lighthouse box full of note sheets, Diabetic testing supplie-still in sealed packages, curling iron, wristband & ankle bands in original boxes
Lot #: 321

Handicap items

Shower stool, cane. Support walking boot armor support and a grab it
Lot #: 322

Two drawer filing cabinet

Two drawer filing cabinet for hanging files with the key plus two round food tins
Lot #: 323

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations, Wooden box with season greetings and Santa Claus waving plus a picture of the 1999 First Christian Church women?s retreat at United Christian youth Camp
Lot #: 324

Tote full of men & women?s hats

4 men and 2 women?s hats. Two of the men?s are 7 3/8 Setsons, Man's Adam 7 3/8 and other man?s hat is made in China with no size. The women?s hats have no sizes
Lot #: 325

Lane Cedar chest

Lane Cedar chest with no key. Is in very nice shape. Has couple of dings on the edge but it?s still nice solid nice piece
Lot #: 326

Box of books

Box of books of all kinds of good reading/entertainment -including Readers Digest through the Bible in a year, Walt Disney the Biscuit Eater VCR tape, crossword puzzles
Lot #: 327

Box of books

Box of books Including- Your Brain and Body Answer Book, The Purpose Driven Life and other religious books, Delicious Deviled Eggs, Books from authors: Max Lacado and Billy Graham and more
Lot #: 328

Box of books

Box of books including Webster?s New Explorer Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, hymns, Old Age is Always 15 years Older Than I Am and more
Lot #: 329

Byways of Kansas

Byways of Kansas and other travel magazines in carry-all bags so you can take them on the road while you?re looking for places to go and see. There?s also some cooking magazines and other magzines
Lot #: 330

Box of books

Box of books: Christ the Healer, The Bible in the Light of Our Redemption, Principles of Managerial Finance, Jim Plunkett Story
Lot #: 331

Two framed Indian pictures

Two framed pictures of Indians- One is by M Carousel and other is a Media Advanced Graphics from 1991 United Designs
Lot #: 332

Two framed pictures

Two framed pictures. One is a framed paint picture of a girl and her pony. Signature looks like " Olna Raugh". The other is a padded cloth picture of deer and elk
Lot #: 333

Ladies watches

Ladies watches still in the cases. Helbros, Boulevard, Timex and Boliva
Lot #: 334

Watches and lidded candy dish

Watches and lidded candy dish. Watches are in cases and -one is a pulsar
Lot #: 335

Deer and fawn

Deer and fawn figurine, wicker basket, Country Welcome sign in its original box and handcraft petrified wood
Lot #: 336

50th season Kansas City Royals

50th season Kansas City Royals trophy 1985 replica, TP link wireless Nano USB adapter Model No. TL-WN725N-150Mbps and cup/glass coasters
Lot #: 337

Shoeshine sponge and more

Shoeshine sponge, Ashtrays, shoeshine kit, multi plug shoe brush and cleaning cloths
Lot #: 338

Colonial furniture

Colonial furniture coffee table and matching end table. They both have storage compartments with lids. Both in very good condition. The items on each of them are selling in other lots and they do not sell with the tables
Lot #: 339


Jewelry Including earrings, beaded necklaces, woven chain necklace, pins- there?s even a small pair of cameo earrings
Lot #: 340

Two pocket knives

Two pocket knives. Smaller one needs some oil -has been rusted
Lot #: 341


Watches. Mostly men. A nice case for a pocket watch. Boulevard and Relic ladies watch in original tin, Quartz and others
Lot #: 342

Multipurpose bag clips & recipe box

Multipurpose bag clips & recipe box. Jumbo glass nail file set of six, tea towel, candle pumpkin candle holder, crystal Christmas tree and more
Lot #: 343

Five drawer chest

Five drawer chest. Very nice piece made of solid wood. Metal drawer pulls. This is a very nice piece, guys
Lot #: 344

Wood desk

Wood desk with middle drawer plus two drawers on each side of knee hole. One file drawer on each side of the knee hole. Jewelry sold separately in other lots
Lot #: 345

HP computer tower

HP computer tower, fancy scissors, deodorizer to hang on the wall and two tabletop clocks
Lot #: 346

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes and some jewelry. One jewelry box is wood and lid has mirror. the other is plastic inserts with metal frame. Pie shaped Tupperware pieces with jewelry in all but one. Have necklaces, beads, pens chains, lockets
Lot #: 347

Candles and incense burners

Candles and incense burners Plus Macayo souvenir cup from "Mexican Restaurants"
Lot #: 348


Jewelry including pens, heart shaped pendant on chain, initials on chains, beads and a box with note paper
Lot #: 349

Cigarette lighter and belt buckle

Cigarette lighter in shape of pistol and belt buckle. Lighter does not work
Lot #: 350


Jewelry including bracelet, pens, gemstone studded earrings, beads
Lot #: 351


Jewelry: Cross shaped pierced earrings, necklace, ring and earring set. Other pierced earrings, breast cancer pendants
Lot #: 352


Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, pens and you?ll even get a petty egg
Lot #: 353


Jewelry: necklace/earring sets, chains brooches and necklaces
Lot #: 354

Desk supplies

Desk supplies: hand paper shredder, Cannon electric calculator, AM/FM radio, rubber bands, staples and stapler. Decorate your desk with aqua globes or stick in potted plants after filling globe with water. Still in the box
Lot #: 355

Games and more

Games, Puzzles, candles, playing cards, flashlights, two small lanterns and a Christmas battery operated candle


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.