Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Thursday October 27th @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday November 2nd at 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday November 4th 1-7:00 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLYBe sure to add Hollinger Auction to your safe senders list to "allow" your email to accept emails from [email protected] -some google updates are blocking emails that were once accepted and customers are not receiving their invoices nor other communications from us concerning pick-up, terms etc. WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for 7 days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY November 4th and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday November 3rd at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon November 3rd before card has been ran. If you are having items shipped, the credit card will be ran a 2nd time with the shipping/handling charges after item has been packed for shipping and recieved the actual shipping charges for USPS or UPS-depending on service using for shipping. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked on each shippable lot. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call or email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. Please note: your credit card will be ran on Thursday following close of auction for payment of the purchased items. Items that are to be shipped, will then be picked up, packaged and taken to USPS or UPS for shipping charges. Then credit cards will be ran 2nd time to cover the shipping/handling charges then mailed. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT: Friday November 4th from 1:00 p.m-7:00 p.m CST at 845 4th Road- Chase, KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. Call OR Text Jim @ 620-257-8148 to request your specific time. DO NOT attempt to contact via email as that source is NOT available at site. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: Will be given on invoicesBuyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS-by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped Priority Mail unless buyer requests different shipping. Note: if any shipping is needed the credit card on file will be charged twice- first for the purchased total, then 2nd charge after purchases are packaged for shipping to get acutal shipping cost from the postal service used for shipping.
845 4th Road, Chase, KS US
Mr. Boldt has moved into a retirement center and is selling the personal property that he did not take with him. All items that are being sold are no uploaded and ready for viewing and bidding. He has chosen to sell using the online auction method. Includes household items as well as furniture, tools, boat & vechicles. Including a 1937 Chevy truck, 1989 Allegro motor home, 1991 Olds 4 door, 1981 Ford Mustang, Motorcycles & road bikes. The real estate is being sold simultaneously in separate auction. That has already been uploaded with pictures and information
Lot #: 1

Industrial Tool 12 spd drill press

Industrial Tool 12 speed drill press. Floor model. Does not run motor- seems to need lubrication so we have included another motor that we think will work. A metal drop leaf typerwriter table full of dril lbits and vice to keep you busy
Lot #: 2

Miscellaneous lot

This mixed lot Includes two winder holders for your cords, some copper tubing, nail bar, couple of hoes- one is a scraper hoe and some long bolts. nice lot
Lot #: 3

Disc blades

Approximately 24 disc blades- most measure pretty close to a little over 20 inches. Plenty of wear left on these
Lot #: 4

Golden Rod fence stretcher

Golden Rod fence stretcher, like new framing square and a good medium duty plastic grip wood clamp-still has the tag
Lot #: 5

Minnow bucket & misc

Minnow bucket, 5 gallon kerosene can, sand blasting gun, steam iron, car jack, engine parts, propane bottles- most of them are empty and miscellaneous iron
Lot #: 6

Gas line

Gas line hook up for your stove, nice five shelf metal shelving unit, air gauges. All kinds of fluids, grease, oil & miscellaneous. Lidded metal garbage can. The shelves are full, see the picture. I tried to give us much detail in the pictures as I could
Lot #: 7

Floor & hydraulic jacks

One ton floor jack, 4 hydraulic bottle jacks: 1 ton, 1 1/2 ton
Lot #: 8

Sidekick Holster & batteries

Old recliner has a sidekick holster- put it on your horse or your motorcycle, and four old batteries (use for a refund) and a battery holder. Also a Jim Walker You Reely control and a mower blade
Lot #: 9

Vintage auto engine scope

Vintage auto engine scope: The scope is by Bell & Howell. There are keyhole saws, all kinds parts and pieces, gauges and lawn edging
Lot #: 10

Sterilite bucket of caulking & caulking gun

Sterilite bucket of caulking, caulking gun, little adjustable wrench that has every attachment known to man, battery clamps, miscellaneous chain, Fish Hook, bucket with all kinds of roof repair, mirror off a motorcycle probably- I don?t know. Some Very small welding rod and some cast iron electrodes
Lot #: 11

Tubing kit

Nice tubing kit with extra cutters and battery post replacement tool
Lot #: 12

Electric meat slicer

Rival Electric meat slicer. Looks in good condition. Does have a blade so could slice -hopefully not your hand though
Lot #: 13

Electric fencer

Zagreb's Electric fencer and a bunch more goodies: including a military ammo box, Rainbird connections, wire, Romax pipe and supplies plus concrete tools
Lot #: 14

Metal folding picnic table

Metal folding picnic table. The items on and under are selling in other lots This lot is just the metal picnic table
Lot #: 15

Garden planter

One row garden planter that has been used. Has black tape on the seed box. Has all the seed plates.
Lot #: 16

Briggs & Stratton PowerMate generator

Powermate generator 400 cc 4 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Looks good- we?re assuming it runs fine. Rope pulls good - engine not stuck
Lot #: 17

20th Century welder

20th Century heavy duty 295 amp welder. Comes complete with the Power Craft DC converter and the arc stabilizer for welding or sucker rod
Lot #: 18

Sanborn 3 hp air compressor

Sanborn 3 hp air compressor. Magna force model with lots of extra hose. It runs but the compressor feels weak- will need a little work
Lot #: 19

Electric hot spark sensor

Electric hot spark sensor Number 8555, reflector covers, miscellaneous plumbing, glue and lawnmower wheel hubs
Lot #: 20

Bolt cutters

30" Master Mechanics Bolt cutters-Like new as still has the original tag. Heat treated, harden steel jaws, slip proof rubber grips
Lot #: 21

Bolt cutters & ax handles

Bolt cutters for 3 to 8 inch bolts, pick ax handle and another ax handle, ball peen hammer and miscellaneous pieces of pipe
Lot #: 22

Misc plumbing supplies

Miscellaneous plumbing supplies including a tote for carrying parts of them around
Lot #: 23

Library table converted

Library table converted By adding a 4 inch bench vice to make a small worktable. All the contents that are on it and under are sold in the previous lots. This lot is just the bench vise and converted library table
Lot #: 24

Unknown brand arc welder

Unknown brand small arc welder. Hums when you plug it in- other than that we did not try to weld so that?s all I can tell you about it
Lot #: 25

Vacuum & shop supplies

Vacuum and shop supplies. These two boxes are full of goodies. I bet you can find something that will work for you
Lot #: 26

Chainsaw parts & hedge trimmer

Chainsaw parts and hedge trimmer: Looks like a pretty good Stihl 028- just needs a blade. Have all other kinds of chainsaw parts. Chain, medium duty plastic sheeting (still packaged), hedge trimmer and some old well pumps
Lot #: 27

Two sump pumps & metal coal bin

Two sump pumps and a metal coal bin
Lot #: 28

Metal 3 shelf cabinet

Metal 3 shelf 2 door cabinet with metal pulls and magnetic closures. Air compressor that needs a little work since the piston is broke all the smithereens. Generator, some electrical parts and head gasket material
Lot #: 29

Misc shop supplies

Miscellaneous shop supplies: Sawblades, string, tape, miscellaneous parts, shelf brackets and there?s a lot more down inside that?ll just make your mouthwater
Lot #: 30

Simmons Spotting scope

Simmons blazer 20 x 60 spotting scope in the bag with the original box. A tape measure and scale to weigh your fish. This lot is an Outdoorsman deluxe
Lot #: 31

Vintage Bottle capper and Oil can

Vintage Bottle capper, vinatage Oil can and electric soup maker
Lot #: 32

Come- along and flashlight

Come-along and flashlight plus a set of screwdrivers with Holder
Lot #: 33

Miscellaneous tools

Miscellaneous tools: Lightweight welding rod, vehicle headlamp, drop light and more- see the pictures
Lot #: 34

Multifunction handy pliers

Multifunction handy pliers in original box plus pop rivet tool, gun cleaning rod and channel lock pliers
Lot #: 35

Drill bits and more

Drill bits, drill bit sharpener, washers, screwdriver head set and tool to use. C-Clamps and 2 tape measures- one is Stanley hundred foot
Lot #: 36

Tubing set

Double flaring Tubing set, Snap ring pliers- reversible internal external. Wire nut covers
Lot #: 37

30 piece screwdriver bit set

30 piece screwdriver bit set with plastic case
Lot #: 38

2 sets of 40 pc tap & die set

Two sets of 40 piece tap and die sets. What up looks One set is missing one chuck. Otherwise they?re all complete in tin boxes
Lot #: 39

Miscellaneous shop items

Miscellaneous shop items: An oil funnel, trouble drop light tape and wiring
Lot #: 40

Nelson gearbox

Nelson gearbox for a walking sprinkler, plus a new still in the box 5 inch portable black-and-white TV with AM/FM radio. It is dirty as has been sitting out in the shop
Lot #: 41

Allied parts washer

Allied parts washer. Top has some rust (probably from items sitting on it). Tub and frame are in good shape
Lot #: 42

Wood shelf full of oil

Wood shelf full of oil. Has four shelves plus storage, on top shelf to boot. ATF oil, pneumonic oil, WD-40 and more. Plus some brake fluid and a metal funnel
Lot #: 43

Horse halter & fish tackle

Horse halter and fish tackle, miscellaneous tubing and pulley
Lot #: 44

Toolbox full

Toolbox full: Fishing supplies, all kinds of plumbing parts, compression gauge- Metal toolbox 18 inches long
Lot #: 45

2 gallon sprayer

2 gallon sprayer and a power part off a little small vacuum
Lot #: 46

Electric wire welder

Chicago Electric wire welder. Flux 125. All looks good
Lot #: 47

Coleman camp stove

Coleman camp stove- needs the grate. A wooden storage box with metal hardware
Lot #: 48

18 inch Craftsman toolbox

18 inch Craftsman toolbox. Full of socket pieces, a little ratchet, good speed wrench and much more
Lot #: 49

16 inch metal Craftsman toolbox

16 inch metal Craftsman toolbox. Full of tools
Lot #: 50

Vintage Texas star tricycle

Vintage Texas star tricycle. The rubber on all three wheels is a little sad, the handlebar is damaged as shown in the picture and the pedals have no footpads
Lot #: 51

Vintage high wheel trike

Vintage high wheel trike. All three tires are in good shape, the cushion on the seat is in good shape but it is missing part of the handlebar as shown in the picture. The foot pedal pads need new pads on one of them
Lot #: 52

Milwaukee super Sawzall

Milwaukee super Sawzall. Includes a six piece package reciprocal saw blade set with pouch as well as some other blades. Looks in good shape. With metal storage/carrying case
Lot #: 53

AC gauges for car AC

AC gauges for car air conditioning and a Freon pump. Gauges are in a Stanley toolbox
Lot #: 54

18 inch adj wrench

18 inch adjustable Truecraft wrench. Stamped on the handle "Chrome Vanadium"
Lot #: 55

Four pipe wrenches

Four pipe wrenches. The 36 inch is a Rigid
Lot #: 56

Three sets of impact sockets

Three sets of impact sockets. Two are deep well. The set that have the rusty look says metric on the outside of the box
Lot #: 57

Acetylene cutting torch

Acetylene torch has a cart and extra gauges. Nice acetylene torch set. No lease or bottles
Lot #: 58

Grease & suction guns

Grease gun, suction guns, Propane Hose and parts, and electric wire. See the picture to see what you get
Lot #: 59

Auto transmission case

Auto transmission case,Batteries, fire extinguishers, wheel covers and a lot of shop miscellaneous. See the pictures
Lot #: 60

Good bench grinder

Good GTT Heavy Duty Bench grinder- industrial rated. 1/2 hp, industrial pull out push and has the shields. Includes 6 loose grinding wheels and brushes
Lot #: 61

Auto darkening welding helmet

Auto darkening welding helmet. Northern Industrial Welding DIN 9-13. Ready to go to work for you
Lot #: 62

Space heater & battery charger

Lakewood heater that does 750 W as well as 1600 W. Schauer select-a-charge battery charger. Is 10 amp automatic manual maintenance free for 6 or 12 V
Lot #: 63

Miscellaneous shop tools

Miscellaneous shop tools: Snap ring pliers, filter wrench, C clamp, shop made welding Jig, Ball peen hammer and small good come- along
Lot #: 64

Plastic toolbox & a vacuum gauge

Plastic toolbox with a vacuum gauge and a box one size fits all disposable nitrile gloves
Lot #: 65

Air tools

Air tools: Half inch air impact wrench, Thorsen air chisel and 2 little Air Grinders
Lot #: 66

Metal toolbox & hammers

Metal toolbox has plastic storage jars with air and paper towels in them. Two claw hammers- one wooden handle & one rubber handle. Nail bar, small ball peen hammer, horse Hoof nippers and other goodies. See the pictures
Lot #: 67

Craftsman 4" micrometer

Craftsman 4 inch micrometer in wooden box with depth gauges. Plus a machinist measuring caliber
Lot #: 68


Montgomery Ward jigsaw that is ready to go to work- once you buy a new belt as presently does not have a belt
Lot #: 69

Gear pullers

Allied Gear pullers. 4sets
Lot #: 70

Vintage auto scope

Vintage auto scope-Heathkit Oscilloscope
Lot #: 71

Small socket set & tools

Small socket set with metal storage box and misc tools in plastic box
Lot #: 72

Sears half inch electric drill

Sears half inch electric drill. Plugged it in and it ran
Lot #: 73

Electric saber saw

Electric saber saw. Plugged it in and it did run. Shop miscellaneous: shelf brackets, window cleaner, oil filter, Black & Decker little saber jigsaw and some brand new mower blades and saw guide
Lot #: 74

Electric oscillating tool

Project Pro electric oscillating tool. Black & Decker right angle grinder with the sanding wheel. We plugged both in and grinder does run, the oscillating tool did not run
Lot #: 75

Black & Decker deluxe router

Black & Decker deluxe router. Plugged it in and it runs
Lot #: 76

Heavy duty diesel oil

Heavy duty diesel oil SAE 15W-40. There are eight plastic jugs, some are almost full and others are about a third full
Lot #: 77

Allen wrench set & 8 track stereo system

Allen wrench set and eight track stereo system. Don?t see any eight tracks to try it out. Buyer also getting a tube full of lightweight aluminum welding rod, butane lighters, a toolbox with some sockets and some pieces of metal. There is also a speaker but have no idea if works but maybe good for parts. Pair of framing tools
Lot #: 78

Kerosene lantern

Kerosene lantern without a wick and a battery operated wall clock. Lantern does not look like has ever had fuel or been lit
Lot #: 79

22 long rifle cartridges

22 long rifle cartridges. 3 boxes of Remington golden bullet 550 bonus packs and one 525 box. we are assuming they?re full if they?re not there awfully close
Lot #: 80

22 long rifle cartridges

22 long rifle cartridges. Two are marked Federal, one is Winchester. One has a 550 round pack that?s never been opened. The Winchester has 500 and has been open- we don?t know if all there. The other Federal 550 has also been opened and don?t know if all there. There is a bag with some loose shells that might make up the difference
Lot #: 81

30-06 ammo

Winchester full box of 150 grain PowerPoint and Federal 180 grain SoftPoint high shock bored- it is only half full
Lot #: 82

30-30 Remington cartridges

Full box of Remington 30 150 grain Express Core-Lockt cartridges and a little case to carry them while you go hunting
Lot #: 83

12 gauge shotgun shells

12 gauge shotgun shells: Federal 7 1/2 shot, Remington six shot, ACTIV all plastic eight shot, partial boxes of Remington nine shot, Federal 2 3/4 Magnum Buckshot and then two other boxes
Lot #: 84

Winchester 20 gauge

One full box of Winchester 20 gauge,eight shot. Six extra shells of 7 1/2 shot
Lot #: 85

Miscellaneous ammo & parts

Miscellaneous ammo and parts: Two boxes of BBs, 2 partial boxes of 22 long rifles cartridges plus quite a few in a sack. Cylinder out of the six shot pistol and 338 Snub nose bullets
Lot #: 86

Panasonic carousel microwave

Panasonic carousel microwave. Has the turntable. Does need a good cleaning as has been stored out in the shed. Included is a TV cabinet with the double doors and metal handles but no TV nor back
Lot #: 87

Clipper fanny mill seed cleaner

Clipper fanny mill seed cleaner. This is a nice one and has extra screen. Comes from the A.T. Ferrell Co. Saginaw Michigan. I cannot read the number of the clipper it. Looks like changed to electric from belt run
Lot #: 88

Thermos charcoal grill

Thermos gas grill. Plus you get extra goodies: bags of Monarch concrete- doubt if any good anymore, wood plus desk pads, three tripods for cameras, motorcycle seat and other miscellaneous things. Includes a toilet seat some miscellaneous pipe including a tail pipe
Lot #: 89

Plastic trashcan full of goodies

Plastic trashcan full of goodies, a window air conditioner- we do not know if it works. Is in the shed and is a big one. Two lawnmowers & lawnmower parts, a chicken water. Miscellaneous tools and hoses in the trashcan
Lot #: 90

Frigidaire deep freeze

Frigidaire deep freeze. It has been kept plugged in so it?s still working. It is full- including frozen strawberries, raspberries, milk, Cherryies, okra. None of the produce look like has been thawed or refrozen, Even a large selection of single serving apple pies. Bidder under no obligation to take what?s in the freezer but you will be responsible to empty the chest. There is a dumpster onsite till after the pickup day. Measures 4? x 28" 34 inches tall
Lot #: 91

Masterbuilt electric smokehouse

Masterbuilt electric smokehouse. 25 gallon barrel buckets of Orscheln premium 303 tractor hydraulic and transmission fluid. Miscellaneous pieces that are sitting on both the buckets and the smoker
Lot #: 92

Old gas space heater

Old gas space heater. Do not know if it works and do not know the brand name other than it starts with MOO. Sitting on blocks. Has been covered with plastic sheeting. 40 inches wide 30 inches tall
Lot #: 93

Two 220 extension cords

One looks to be 50 and the other one 10 foot
Lot #: 94

Lennox furnace

Lennox furnace, Don?t know anything about it other than has been sitting in the shed for awhile
Lot #: 95

Simplicity riding mower

Simplicity riding mower #3312H. Has the mower deck, a snowblower, a second seat. Has parts and belts- we don?t know if this is the right mower deck but it?s what he had sitting by the mower when we entered the building. Currently is hooked up to the snowblower so it?s ready for the winter folks as far as hookup is concerned
Lot #: 96

Plywood pieces

Plywood pieces, A strip of carpet that was probably left over when carpeted the house. New lawnmower blades, roll of smooth wire, a 5 gal Berryman bucket with all purpose carburetor and parts cleaner that is about 1/4 full and two metal trashcan?s
Lot #: 97

Propane weed burner

Propane weed burner
Lot #: 98

20 pound propane bottle

20 pound propane bottle. Feels full so you might want to buy it and use it on with the burner in number 97
Lot #: 99

Roofing paper

Roofing paper, Metal folding magazine rack and some channel metal that could be used on a door. 2 metal motorcycle racks
Lot #: 100


Transit. Trademark says Milwaukee Wisconsin "David White Company". Includes the wooden tripod
Lot #: 101

Coleman 3 burner camp stove

Coleman three burner camp stove, two 1 gallon cans of camp stove fuel. They feel almost full. A Rebel plastic tackle box that has stink bait in it as well as hooks etc.
Lot #: 102

Garden sprayer

Small sprayer to hook to hose to spray your trees. Propane wet leg hose, miscellaneous shop supplies and lots of propane bottles. Some have a little bit and some are empty. Oil filters-look like for the lawnmower
Lot #: 103

Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw

Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw. Craftsman diehard chainsaw and extra chainsaw blades and parts
Lot #: 104

Chain Boomer & ball peen hammer

Chain boomer and ball peen hammer, Lawnmower blades, electrical plugs, Long and short bolts
Lot #: 105

Phantom double sided tackle box

Phantom double sided tackle box. Look at the pictures to see what is in there. Lures, hooks and etc. You?re ready to go fishing here folks
Lot #: 106

Everything but the kitchen sink

Everything but the kitchen sink: TV antenna, outdoor toilet, propane bottles, wooden gun rack, misc cleaning supplies, 2 good "weight" pieces to put on the bottom of the pulls to weight them to keep it in place and hardhat. See the pictures and see if you found some goodies that you could use. There?s even some roller chain
Lot #: 107

Wards wet and dry vac

5 gal Wards wet and dry vac, Two air conditioners- we have no clue if they work. Trouble light, COR rotor and Coleman fuel
Lot #: 108

Flaring tool

Flaring tool, Terminal disconnects, miscellaneous tubing, a metal visor, clip clipboard- we haven?t even gotten to the bottom of these yet. I am sure there is probably some really prized possessions
Lot #: 109

Red rotory phone

Red rotor phone. Since it?s red maybe came right out of the White House. Clown doll, little plastic carrier box, twisted wire, foam insulation, metal shelf brackets. All kinds of good stuff here
Lot #: 110

Multi tester & welder rod

Some kind of a little multi tasker in the box. Paint, electrical supplies, miscellaneous welding rod we found on the floor and some other cans with goodies. Check out the pictures
Lot #: 111

Vintage stereo system & speakers

Vintage stereo system and speakers-The brand name is elusive. Box with stereo headphones, a label on one of the speakers has "three disc CD changer", hubcaps and more goodies
Lot #: 112

Auto Supplies & Vintage Tubes

Miscellaneous auto supplies. Motor oil, flashlights, a box "Help non-emergency call system for your car". pipe, disc brake pad, buffers for cleaning your car. Vintage tubes in original boxes
Lot #: 113

Vintage tubes-either a radio or TV

Vintage tubes for either a radio or TV: Coleman lantern, brake fluid, hubcaps, miscellaneous garden supplies for getting rid of bugs, lath tools. You will find goodies in these boxes guys
Lot #: 114

Leather bound slide rule

Leather bound slide rule , Photography equipment, fishing tackle, ear phones. Mixture of items here, folks
Lot #: 115

Wood cement float

Wood cement float, Metal trowel, disposal with original box but it looks like it?s been used, assorted cans: enamels, finish and others. Most of them have started to rust
Lot #: 116

Decorative lights

Decorative lights including Christmas lights & multicolor plastic hanging lights-one looks like :-), a bear, and others. A box with electrical cords and electric boxes. Box with camping pans and rope- maybe you can take it when you go mountain climbing
Lot #: 117

Collector tins with candles

Collector tins with candles, A motor- probably only good for parts, cassette tape holder and other electronic pieces
Lot #: 118

Wooden box Brooder

Wooden box Brooder. Has a heat lamp you can use it for baby chicks, quail or whatever you want. Included in this lot is several fishing rods. There are several plastic and glass jars filled with some kind of juice. We have no clue what it is. You are welcome to empty the contents and take the containers. If you wish to do so, please ask for guidance as to where to dump.
Lot #: 119

Piece of iron bed

Piece of iron bed, Mats that go underneath a wood stove and a piece of painted plywood
Lot #: 120

Honey bucket

Honey bucket. Separates the honey from the honeycomb. More bee keeping equipment in lot 155
Lot #: 121

Michelin tires

Michelin 225/70 R 19.5 radial tires. Pilot XZA L125. Look like just were taken off. We don?t know how old they are but they look like they have good tread left. There are five of them
Lot #: 122

Good ice auger

Good ice auger
Lot #: 123

Lumber and shop lights

Lumber and shop lights: Piece of a kitchen counter, side boards that look like that might have been on the sides of a trailer, other lumber that could be used as ladders and then some single pieces behind the ladders that size wise are like bed slats but longer
Lot #: 124

26 foot wood ext ladder

Approximately 26 foot wood extension ladder. In very good condition and you would be very safe using it as is very heavy -so we know it?s not made of cheap plywood
Lot #: 125

Catalytic heater

Catalytic heater, co-ops metal sign and screen & styrofaom
Lot #: 126

Metal shelving and tiki lights

Metal shelving. Bottom metal shelving has five shelves and a two shelf unit sits on top. 6 tiki lights. There is a plumbing fixture, 5 gallon gasoline can and some other odds and ends on the shelving that you get with this lot. Includes an empty Ruger box
Lot #: 127

Post hole digger & potato fork

Post hole digger, Wooden handled axe, snow shovels, a plastic scoop shovel with a wooden handle, a plastic leaf rake and potato fork
Lot #: 128

Metal rack & wood shavings

Metal rack and 1bag of wood shavings
Lot #: 129

Electric Cocina grill

Electric Cocina grill
Lot #: 130

McCulloch chainsaw

McCulloch chainsaw. Includes a bucket of miscellaneous parts
Lot #: 131

Canning jars

Canning jars: quarts, tall one and a half pints, pints and even some jars that are not for canning with tops to use as storage canisters
Lot #: 132

10 cement blocks

10 cement blocks
Lot #: 133

Skis and plastic sheeting

Head Snow Skis, Miscellaneous wiring tubing and plastic sheeting
Lot #: 134

Queen Anne dining room table

Queen Anne dining room table. As you can see from the pictures it makes an excellent holder for your belts. Has all four legs but two of them need reattached. Has been stored in the shed so you?ll need to do some cleanup
Lot #: 135

Shop supplies

Shop items: Thompson?s water seal, Clearwood preservation, 3 boxes of replacement fire brick, Duralast cables and some welding rod- see the pictures
Lot #: 136

Homemade Barnwood ice chest

Homemade Barnwood ice chest on its own stand. Pretty cool guys- would make a great Christmas present which is just around the corner. Lined with Styrofoam to keep the ice from melting and the drinks cold
Lot #: 137

Electric fence post

Approximately 20 Electric fence posts with double insulators
Lot #: 138

Three wheel barrel tires

This is a great lot: have three long cart or wheelbarrow tires, some 2 x 4 wood blocks & a whirl pool add on pump. As a bonus you get a some Kind of fancy exercise or torture bench depending on your mood when you use it
Lot #: 139

4 bicycles

4 bicycles. Santa Fe Huffy 101, Open Rd., Schwinn, roll fast vintage stretch bike. Various conditions
Lot #: 140

Plastic storage unit w/drawers

Plastic storage unit with 3 drawers. electric box fan. Computer speakers, wiring, chargers, remotes- all kinds of things. See the pix
Lot #: 141

Miscellaneous tires

Miscellaneous tires. Some are still good and some are scrap- take the ones you want and leave the rest. There are some good radials
Lot #: 142

Garden Maid soil blender

Garden Maid soil blender. Label says it digs, mixes cultivates trails and hills. Is electric
Lot #: 143

Cast-iron pitcher pump

Cast-iron pitcher pump. Brand new still in the box. Water Worker Brand
Lot #: 144

Two Jerry cans

Two Jerry cans. Look new
Lot #: 145

Ground driven fertilizer spreader

Ground driven fertilizer spreader: Model 1970 and 4 and 6 ton unit with a 45 foot swath. Always shedded. it looks pretty good. We found a tarp that we will put with the unit. We did not spread it out and we do not know how good it is. Will need to air up some of the tires
Lot #: 146

8 wood shelf boards

8 wood shelf boards Measure 6 foot long 15 inches wide
Lot #: 147

Two motorcycle tires

Two motorcycle tires. One is new ,the other is well used. 130 x 90 x 16
Lot #: 148

Gas cans and more

Gas cans, Really good snatch block pulley, good chain boomer, heavy duty nice trailer bumpers and some copper among other items. See the pictures
Lot #: 149

Old barn lantern & blocks of wood

Old barn lantern, blocks of wood, window out of a camper, a TV tray with fishing line wrapped around it, plastic sheeting with in packaging- but it cover has been torn. Nuts and bolts and other miscellaneous things
Lot #: 150

Shop organizers

Shop organizers. Set of two that have some rivets and a few other things not much in these two
Lot #: 151

Three shop organizers

Three shop organizers. Jewelry and automotive parts in a few but mostly empty
Lot #: 152

Two shop organizers

Two shop organizers. These two include some bolts, washers, nuts, some finishing nails and other items. More of these items are filled
Lot #: 153


Some panel, two by sixes, some that are very long. Have various lengths from 4 up to 15 feet. Lots of shelf lumber, one by tens and a little bit everything. Start up your old lumberyard
Lot #: 154

Airplane flap parts

Airplane flap parts. Best part of the airplane wing and if we?re wrong you can tell us what they really are when you come for pickup
Lot #: 155

Beekeeping supplies and hives

Beekeeping supplies, hives and smoker. Lot 120 has the honey bucket to separate the honey from honey comb
Lot #: 156

Shop equipment

Creeper, Briggs & Stratton engine, weight bench and supplies and some Case tractor parts
Lot #: 157

Two vehicle mufflers

Two vehicle mufflers. We think one is off a car and one?s off a Case tractor. Four jugs of various amounts of antifreeze. A one and a quarter inch seam binder that is still in the bag. Electric Toro home duty trimmer weeder with automatic linefeed
Lot #: 158

Music and shop parts

Box full of LP records, HP one in one printer and miscellaneous shop parts
Lot #: 159

Reservoir off a Case Tractor

Reservoir off a Case tractor. This comes complete with warning "remove Reservoir daily to clean and fill to Mark with thin engine oil" - so if you buy this don?t mess up
Lot #: 160

Containers of liquids

Lot that has a lot of containers of liquids. Including antifreeze, coolant, paint thinner plus a bag of concrete that?s probably not any good as feels solid
Lot #: 161


Lumber. Miscellaneous plywood, some one by fours and a little bit of everything
Lot #: 162

Automotive supplies

Automotive supplies: Parts of Bell & Howell school books for assembly manuals, other books, speedometers, all kinds of piping and suppliers, filters -a little bit everything
Lot #: 163

Marvel and Super Tech Oil

3 gallons of Marvel Mystery Oil that look like they?re full. 9 bottles of Supertek motor oil SAE 10W-30 with various amounts in the jugs
Lot #: 164

Toolboxes and more

Toolboxes and more: Toolbox with some air-conditioning gauges, galvanized bucket full of shop tools, empty toolbox, brand new case of toilet paper-been in the shed for a while folks and 150 cc cylinder
Lot #: 165

Tarp and ropes

Do not know how big the tarp is it- looks like a large size. Does have a tear in it that we can see without unfolding. Rope and 3 point pieces
Lot #: 166

Fishing Tackle

Two boxes filled with fishing tackle- hooks, line, corks, weights and even some reels and bobbers. One case is plastic, the other case is metal
Lot #: 167

Milo pick up guards

Milo pick up guards, A TV that is basically just parts- has been sitting in the shed for quite a while. Screening, Milo guards and tile- small as well as the larger pieces
Lot #: 168

Heavy duty drive line

Heavy duty drive line. When you buy it and come to pick it up you can tell us what it?s out of because we have no clue
Lot #: 169

Metal pot with pegboard brackets

Metal pot with pegboard brackets, assorted buckets that we do not know what goodies they have in store for you. One from Orscheln?s that says hydraulic but he recycled buckets for a lot of stuff guys
Lot #: 170

Metal frame for a bed

Metal frame for a bed, Lumber, fiberglass that could go on skylights, the metal part of an old stove and a piece of plexiglass
Lot #: 171


Plywood in assorted sizes and condition
Lot #: 172

Lawn whirly jig

Earthway EV-N-SPRED lawn whirly jig
Lot #: 173

Mercury 8 horse boat motor

Mercury 8 horse boat motor. We don?t know if it works or not -it?s sitting in a galvanized can with an oar
Lot #: 174

6 foot wood stepladder

6 foot wood folding stepladder. Piece of angle iron- heavy duty 3" about 4 foot long and a plastic tub with rope handles that has pitchfork and two short handled shovels. A folding chair when you get tired
Lot #: 175

Welding helmet & grass seeder

Welding helmet, Porta pot, Scott?s easy hand held grass seeder, galvanized bucket with handle that has two glass bowls, nails, JB Wells glue stick, sterilite three drawer storage unit and a piece of Masonite
Lot #: 176

Master grip bit index

Master grip bit index. Very nice- brand new. Each bit has most of the SAE and metric size listed. This nice guys. Don?t forget ladies Christmas is coming or buy it for yourself
Lot #: 177

Animal traps

Animal traps. Catchall for mice and a unit to catch three creatures. Welding goggles, Quorum Pro Black and Decker blades, a plastic bucket with some plumbing supplies, guide from zircon
Lot #: 178

Spool of wire

Spool of wire, Automotive drive belts, shop light, cassette tape recorder, Brinkman cubing electric spotlight and a tin full of miscellaneous items including a little creamer
Lot #: 179

Wards trash compactor & Dominic frig

Wards trash compactor and Dominic refrigerator. Do not know if they work. A tote with a winter jacket, ladder poles off of the steps of a swimming pool, cords, buckets of goodies, hoses, some belts that have never been used but we don?t know what they go on. A piece of board but the contents on top of the board sold in lot 177 and 178
Lot #: 180

Woodbench and contents

Woodbench, two pet waterers with cords to keep them from freezing, a tank water with electric cord, a small fluorescent tube light for the kitchen, fancy wrought iron bird cage though I?m afraid the bird will get out because it?s got a pretty wide opening where the bars have been pushed apart. But the wood bench is nice solid piece and really sturdy and good
Lot #: 181

A lot full of surprises

A lot full of surprises. Surely there is at least one thing in here that you have got to own. VHS player, unique plastic hubcaps, battery cables, you just don?t know what you have till you purchase and go through this lot
Lot #: 182

McCulloch chainsaw

McCulloch chainsaw. If this one was too big, check out the smaller version in other lot. A box of electric fence insulators, a bag of fertilizer that it had very little taken out of it and a galvanized bucket with microwave oven- we have no idea how it works or not and a radio plus some other Surprise goodies
Lot #: 183

Electric winch

12 V DC winch X3
Lot #: 184

Portland power washer

Portland 1750 psi power washer
Lot #: 185

12 gauge shells

12 gauge shells- Two from Federal, one from Winchester and there?s some loose ones in the bottom. You get an army ammo box to keep them in
Lot #: 186

Gasoline jugs

Gasoline jugs. 7 jugs plus a plastic container that is broken and a plastic funnel Various sized jugs some have liquid in them but do not know what they have in them
Lot #: 187

Heavy duty wheel barrel

Heavy duty wheel barrel with wooden handles. Do not see any holes or damage. Ready to work for you. We are throwing in three lawn chairs for those people that like to sit and watch you work. The chairs have spent a lot of time in the outside weather
Lot #: 188

Two tackle boxes

Two tackle boxes. A roll of plastic to put under you while you?re cleaning your fish. A lot of nice tackle between these two boxes
Lot #: 189

Electronic parts

Electronic parts and a magnetic base in original box. We do not have any clue as to what it goes to. See the picture for the type of electronics. Some boxes of Aladdin Wicks
Lot #: 190

Reloading equipment

Rock chucker combo with original box. Small press
Lot #: 191

Reloading equipment

Reloading equipment: SB die set .30?06 Springfield- it says it has three but there?s only two-presume that the missing one is on the press in lot 190. Another box of 3 die set .44 mag/.44 Spec with all three. and then a partial set- FL die set 30/30 WCF plus you get a powder measure and a case lube pad
Lot #: 192


All of these are partial boxes. Have 30 caliber 150 grain flat nose from Sierra, Speer 44 caliber 240 grain jacketed SoftPoint, Hornady 44 caliber 240 grain, Speer 30 caliber 150 grain Spitzer and Hornady 30 caliber 150 grain .308 round nose
Lot #: 193

Reloading equipment

Shotgun shells and wads
Lot #: 194

Reloading equipment

Reloading equipment. These are empty brass cartridges for reloading. All different sizes 44 30/06 and many more
Lot #: 195

Reloading equipment

Reloading equipment: 25# Bag of hard lead shot number six.-might be about half there, Blue rock thrower, funnel for your powder, a little bit of everything Shot gun cleaning kit in metal box
Lot #: 196

Cafe booth

Cafe booth. Blue in color, in good condition, the cushions are good. Make a nice addition to your house. You can put it on your front porch and take your wife out to dinner (don?t come complaining to me when she does not find the humor). No table just the benches
Lot #: 197

30-06 ammo

30-06 ammo cartridges. The Remington box is full and you can see the Winchesters displayed and then three oddballs
Lot #: 198

Centerfire cartridges

Centerfire cartridges. Two boxes of Winchester 44 Remington magnum 240 grain jacketed soft point, one box of 44 Remington magnum by Federal with 180 grain jacketed hollow point
Lot #: 199

Remington 22 long rifle cartridges

Remington 22 long rifle cartridges - 550 bonus pack. Winchester 30 30 WIN 150 grain PowerPoint and it?s full. Remington 30 30 WIN 150 grain that is half full. Army ammo box is included but it?s not marked army just green like the others
Lot #: 200

Blue rock thrower and blue rock

Outers Blue rock thrower and 6 boxes partially full of blue rock
Lot #: 201

Entertainment Center full of goodies

Entertainment Center full of goodies : Vintage pressure canner, roll of copper tubing, miscellaneous pet supplies and much more. Take a look at the pictures I?m sure there?s something in there you want
Lot #: 202

Boxes of motor oil

Boxes of motor oil. Some of the cases have not been opened. Looks like most are 10W-30 but there is a lot so you should be stocked up for a while. We are counting at least four boxes
Lot #: 203

Stereo scope cards

Stereo scope cards (some are in color) and two plastic cabinets with four drawers each for storing small items but at moment they are empty
Lot #: 204

Two galvanized buckets

Two galvanized buckets. One is very rare as has a curved bottom. The other is a calf milk nurser
Lot #: 205

Vintage tool case

Vintage tool case. Still has some tools
Lot #: 206

Welding rod and wipers

Welding rod and windshield wipers. Some brass and aluminum rod
Lot #: 207

Two skill saws

2 hp and 2 1/2 hp Skill saws. One works. We did not have a blade for the other one
Lot #: 208

Vintage cast-iron tea kettle

Vintage cast-iron tea kettle
Lot #: 209

Gopher trap & tackle box

Gopher trap & tackle box
Lot #: 210

Auto maintenance kit

Auto maintenance kit: Rubber mallet, Allen wrenches, open-ended wrenches, socket set, miscellaneous pliers
Lot #: 211

Double plastic box w/electric parts

Double plastic box that usually used for tackle but this time is being used for electrical supplies
Lot #: 212

Poulan chainsaw

Poulan chainsaw. Great compression- probably runs good. Says is 40 cc/18 inch
Lot #: 213

Kmart power tools

Kmart power tools: 7 1/4 inch circular saw and a two speed Sabre saw
Lot #: 214

1/4 inch to 3/8 inch drive socket wrench

1/4 inch to 3/8 inch drive socket wrench set with box. Looks like most all the pieces are there
Lot #: 215

Carpenters smooth plane

Carpenters 9" smooth plane. Has 2? cutter. In original box and it does not look like it has been used very much
Lot #: 216

Dewalt hand planer

Dewalt 3 1/4" power hand planer with box. Does not look like been used very much
Lot #: 217

Black & Decker belt sander

Black & Decker deluxe belt sander. Number 7451, type 1542 A, 3" x 24? is the belt size
Lot #: 218

Multi band radio

National Multi band radio.
Lot #: 219

Motorcycle gas tank

Motorcycle gas tank. Zundapp
Lot #: 220

Wagner paint gun & Skill sander

Wagner Power painter gun- the base and a Skill sander
Lot #: 221

RCA movie camera

RCA 2 XX movie camera, side mirror for a vehicle, screening and belting- we don?t know what the belts belong to
Lot #: 222

DC to AC power inverter

DC to AC power inverter. Soft start technology from Vector 700 W
Lot #: 223

Pro USA 3 1/4 electric planer

ATE Pro.USA 3 1/4 inch electric planer
Lot #: 224

True Scale Farmall toy auger

True Scale Farmall toy auger in original box. We don?t think anybody?s ever taken it out of the box
Lot #: 225

Hedge trimmer & grass Shear

Toro hedge trimmer that is cordless plus a Black & Decker cordless grass shear
Lot #: 226

4 foot plastic level

4 foot plastic level
Lot #: 227

Ryobi grass trimmers

Ryobi gas powered string trimmer with extra engine Plus a Rototiller
Lot #: 228

Weed Eater string trimmer

Weed Eater string trimmer
Lot #: 229

Sawhorses & plywood

Three sawhorses, an extra set of legs, Lazy Susan being used to support the plywood table, also partial sheet of plywood and a 4 x 8 sheet of subfloor
Lot #: 230

Gas rototillers

Gas rototillers. One is a Craftsman the other is a Mantis. The Craftsman says is 10 inch and it looks like the other one probably is also a 10 inch
Lot #: 231

Chicken feeders wall blocks for hanging coats in

Chicken feeders, wall shelf for hanging coats and display small items. Gallon coffee cans- one has nails most of the others are empty
Lot #: 232

Trailer hitch & electric wire

Trailer hitch and electric wire. A metal tin and extra tote lid
Lot #: 233

Fish aquarium and halters

Fish aquarium, Folding chair to sit and watch the fish, Rope halters, sound amplifier, nails and etc.
Lot #: 234

10" fishing boat W/Vintage Mercury Motor

Ten foot Sea king fishing boat. Vintage Mercury outboard Mark 55 motor. Has a fishing seat sitting by the motor, an extra seat inside, fishing rods, a fish sensor, trolling motor. Sitting on the boat trailer. There are 2 tarps, as do not know which actually goes with the boat. You will need to bring air for the tires. Has hitch so ready to hook up and take home after you air up the tires. Other than being out on the lake it has been stored inside
Lot #: 235

1980 Cadillac

Cadillac. Mr. Boldt was in the process of refurbishing so all the parts that are around it are included. Had taken off the two tires on passenger side. They are laying to the side. Has a Colorado Certificate of title
Lot #: 236

Goldwing Honda 1200 motorcycle

Goldwing Honda 1200 motorcycle Replacement title has been applied for.
Lot #: 237

Sundiro Scooter

Sundiro scooter. The seat foam is still there but seat needs recovered. Do not know last time was ridden. Has "Flipper????) embossed on both sides. Replacement title has been applied for
Lot #: 238

Kawasaki motorcycle

1976 Kawasaki motorcycle. Has a Colorado Certificate of Title. Do not know the last time was ridden
Lot #: 239

Big letter 1982 Honda

Big letter 1982 Honda. Has a Colorado Certificate of title. Has gray tape on the seat. Do not know last time was ridden
Lot #: 240

Case tractor

Case LA propane tractor. Has been more than a couple years since has seen any work in the field. The only numbers we can find on it are for the firing order
Lot #: 241

4 foot chain-link fence

Three rolls 4 foot chain-link fence. Woven wire, a metal spindle from an old tractor, brackets, tire & couple of steel post
Lot #: 242

Service Equipment Co 3 pt blade

Service Equipment Company 3 point 8? blade
Lot #: 243

Metal 8 x 5 utility trailer

8 x 5 two wheel metal utility trailer. No name. Has a wood floor, bumper jack and drop down gate to load
Lot #: 244

Vintage Avery Jack

Vintage Avery Jack and 2 1/2 pieces of pipe
Lot #: 245

Cement mixer

Cement mixer. Just need to add a motor and it is ready to use. In really good shape folks
Lot #: 246

15 foot last master boat

15 foot Glassmaster. Has an Evinrude motor number 60. The bottom of the motor with the propeller is laying on the ground. The boat has been sitting outside. Is sitting on a good boat trailer other than the tires need air added. Last time it had the license renewed was 1997 to be able to go on the water. We will give you a bill of sale
Lot #: 247

Ranger bass boat

18' Ranger bass boat. Sitting on a Ranger Trail boat trailer, has a V-6 Evinrude 175 in a motor. Been sitting out so all the leather is going to need updated. The tires are definitely needing some air inside of them
Lot #: 248

Allegro motorhome

1989 Allegro motor home. We do have a title that is being processed. See the pictures. The contents do go with the motor home. There is a rolled up sun awning as shown in couple of the pictures. Odometer reads (?0)47228.8
Lot #: 249

1985 Ford ranger

1985 Ford ranger with four-wheel-drive. Unknown condition as to it running. Last time it was tagged was March 2019. The replacement title has been filed for Odometer reads 17921.4
Lot #: 250

1983 Ford Escort L

1983 Ford Escort L. Last tagged in 1999. Replacement Title has been applied for. Sun damage to the dashboard
Lot #: 251

1991 Oldsmobile 88

1991 Oldsmobile 88. Last tagged in 2014. Replacement title has been applied for
Lot #: 252

1968 Old Delta 88

1968 Old Delta 88. Last tagged in the year 2000. Replacement title has been applied for
Lot #: 253

1937 Chevy truck

1937 Chevy truck. You will get a bill of sale for parts. We unable to get a title due to fact we could not find the Vin number. Have been told the Vin number is on the frame underneath the bed but bed is not torn up enough yet for us to be able to tear it apart. You will also get steel post fencing insulators and wire you see it on the truck
Lot #: 254

Heavy duty shop made splitter

Heavy duty shop made splitter
Lot #: 255

Shop hoist

Superior 1 ton triple gear shop hoist. On a three steel wheeled frame. Everything works good. Also including a car ramp and Oil catcher
Lot #: 256

Metal birdbath

Metal birdbath. Not a biggie but it?s a cutie plus you get a disc off an old one-way. The sun made the bird throw a shadow which makes the bird bath look like big chip is out and you will miss the bird. Make the pix bigger so you can see the bird sitting on the edge
Lot #: 257

Two horse corn worker

Two horse corn worker. Least that?s what it looks like to us. Vintage piece with two metal wheels, a metal seat not cast-iron, but does have a two horse evener with a missing "whatever" they used to work the Ground
Lot #: 258

Toro Wheel Horse Unit

Toro Wheel Horse 269-H tractor with mower deck and 3 foot rear rotor tiller. Has 1219.9 hours on the odometer.
Lot #: 259

Lance pick up camper

1985 Lance pick up camper. The camper measures 4? x 92" as far as a bed size for the pick up that needs to be used. Have the title. Needs a good cleaning. The items around the camper are included as you can see in the pictures
Lot #: 260

1981 Ford mustang

1981 Ford Mustang. Last tagged in 2001. Replacement title has been applied for
Lot #: 261

ISUZU Impulse

ISUZU Impulse. Last tagged in 2001. You will be given a bill of sale "for parts". No title.
Lot #: 262

Hein Warner Creek transmission jack

Hein Werner transmission jack. Miscellaneous iron including the paint pot and hose
Lot #: 263

Iron pile

Iron pile: Floor jack, post hole digger, wheels of several different sizes, Cody lawn Moore, nice old yard gate miscellaneous pipe and a t post
Lot #: 264

Bolens garden tractor

Bolens Diesel H1 502 Hydro garden tractor is a hydrostatic drive. Comes complete with one bottom plow, three-point and also has the front engagement drive. Put things on the front like a snowblower. Does not have a battery. Condition unknown but as far as we can tell it should run but really don?t know
Lot #: 265

King cutter XB. Harrow blade

3 point King cutter XB harrow blade
Lot #: 266

1994 Lincoln town car

1994 Lincoln town car. Tag expired March 2022. 4.6 L overhead cam, V-8 now. The front seat vinyl has been repaired with clear wrapping tape to fix tears in the drivers side seat. Now you know about as much as we do. Have the title
Lot #: 267

Contents of outbuilding

Contents of outbuilding. We did not try to move anything. There are shutters, looks like parts of a lawn chair, electric fencing supplies, carpet, lumber, chairs, bug killer. I believe you can have fun finding treasures in here
Lot #: 268

Contents of second building

Contents of second building. This one is quite a bit better. Gotts plant food, electric chainsaw, lawn fertilizer, lots of garden tools and supplies, different hoses, little red wagon filled up with wood, wood door and much more
Lot #: 269

Garden trimmers

Garden trimmers. One Stihl gas, Black and Decker hedge trimmer, plus a Black & Decker string trimmer
Lot #: 270

Workmate 85 Black & Decker work table

Workmate 85 Black & Decker work table, Two pairs of Lawn shears, Post hole digger and a small cultivator
Lot #: 271

Push mower and lawn sweeper

Push mower and lawn sweeper. Plus a pile of miscellaneous that includes an extension cord
Lot #: 272

Sterlite 3 drawer storage unit

Sterlite three drawer storage unit,Tupperware full of wood legs, a metal patio table and an air hose
Lot #: 273

Power washer

1800 psi 1.1 GPM hyper tough power washer. A plastic tote full of Pinic supplies, a little carry case full of screwdrivers. Piece of three-quarter inch plywood that is not a full sheet
Lot #: 274

Cast iron bean pot

Cast iron bean pot and cleaning supplies
Lot #: 275

Toro Wheel Horse lawn cart

Toro Wheel Horse lawn cart to pull behind your garden tractor. Measures 3? x 5? roughly and has two wheels. Has a dump bed
Lot #: 276

Patio table & chairs

Lawn rocker, patio table, 2 metal shell chairs and a 4th chair
Lot #: 277

Vintage wheel barrel

Vintage wheel barrel with metal base & wooden handles. Since it rained last night while it was sitting outside it shows it holds water
Lot #: 278

Vintage Garden cultivator

Vintage Garden cultivator. The tire has no rubber on it. A cedar wood drink chest line with Styrofoam
Lot #: 279

Chair & miscellaneous items

A birdfeeder, a live animal trap,parts of a TV antenna and a chicken feeder
Lot #: 280

Stove pipe

Stove pipe, Bicycle tires, clothesline poles and very nice miscellaneous auto supplies
Lot #: 281

Several pieces of burlap

Several pieces of burlap, Metal cabinet with shelves and door, there is rubber that could be part of a pool, floats to throw out the boat and part of an old lawnmower
Lot #: 282

4 foot snow blade

4 foot snow blade- I am sure fits on something that was here
Lot #: 283

#5 cast iron skillet & more

Number five cast iron 8 1/2" skillet, Plastic tub full of things from the kitchen including microwavable bowls & glasses, bacon tray, a propane bottle -we don?t know if it?s holds propane or if it?s even any good. Box of lawn lites. Misc decorating items to hang stuff on the wall
Lot #: 284

PVC and tin

PVC and tin
Lot #: 285

Ice chests

Ice chests: Coleman, Rubbermaid, Island breeze plus a couple of plastic trash cans. Some Lazy Susan spice holders, slatted wood base to store feed and stuff on
Lot #: 286

Stainless steel step can

Stainless steel step trash can and metal pole light, Rubbermaid step stool with a trashcan, motorcycle helmet, jars and a drainer
Lot #: 287

Small tent & throw rugs

Small tent in its original box with a carrier, throw rugs, what looks like it might be part of a waterbed, a multicolored flag, boxes of crockery- such as plates, candlesticks, coffee cups plus a dish strainer and more. Look at the pictures
Lot #: 288

Items from the camper

House kitchen items from the motor home. Assorted caps. Rain tree parts, rug, looks like some cord see the pictures and then plan on digging through to see what goodies you bought
Lot #: 289

Vases and lamps

Unusual tall vases, bottles, tin airplane and a couple of nice lamps
Lot #: 290

Coffee pot & sauce master

Coffee pot right off the trail, sauce master food straightener, stainless steel bucket and much more
Lot #: 291

New 30" ceilng fan light

Tote basket, Coleman lantern, 30" ceiling fan light, fiberglass repair kit, basket full of goodies that you could go through
Lot #: 292

Picture frames & statues

Onyx birdbath type statue. Lyle and angel picture. frames, ceramic a little bit of everything
Lot #: 293

Aquarium & supplies

Aquariums and aquarium supplies, shop lights and shop bulbs, music stand, still life pictures, stereo cabinet, vegetable bin, picture frames and more
Lot #: 294

Commercially Canned Wheat

Cross cut saw, sand scoop, a box of 4 gallons of canned wheat, a cat box of 4 gallons of sugar cane-canned in the 1990's -very unusual
Lot #: 295

Globe and cheese box

Globe old enough when the world was still a planet in good shape, cheese box painted blue, wood rubber plant and a small music box
Lot #: 296

Full length mirror

Full length mirror, some dowel rods, figurines and more. Sewing notions, vases, Chinese fella hauling water figurine
Lot #: 297

Bookcase full good bucks bought a mess but

Solid wood bookcase has been wet on the bottom but there are five shelves a pretty doggone good books. Take a look guys. There is a Centennial atlas of Rice County and more. Be sure to bring boxes to put your new books in. Take what you want and throw the rest in the dumpster sitting in front of the house
Lot #: 298

Bookcase full of bottles & books

Bookcase full of bottles &books. The bookcases are solid wood and adjustable. Be aware the bookcases have been wet. Has some nice blue bottles, propane lighter, lots of good books- National Geographic. a lot of other governments. Be sure and bring boxes for the books. Take the ones you want and throw rest into dumpster that is sitting in front of the house
Lot #: 299

Two bookcases of Books

All of these bookcases are five or six shelves. They are solid word and adjustable. Be aware they have been wet on the bottom. Be sure to bring boxes for the books. Take what you want and put the rest in the dumpster in front of the house. This lot of books has just a little bit everything about wisdom and life in general
Lot #: 300

Small shelf unit

Small plastic shelf unit with magazine holders, nice tote with lid plus extra lids. Two surprise tins are full of something but I don?t know what
Lot #: 301

Stool & bench

Good metal folding chair, nice metal kitchen stool, nice wooden bench and a tote full of snack sets, misc glassware, pottery and screwdriver
Lot #: 302

Floral couch

End table, nice long floral couch, some computer paper and totes
Lot #: 303

Bug lights

Two nice little electric bug lights, birdhouses, Christmas and an end table
Lot #: 304

Ashley wood stove and more

Nice Ashley wood burner, parts to an amplifier, misc jars and Christmas, kitchen supplies, and a little Casio keyboard
Lot #: 305

Cherry stoner & lots of supplies

Still in the box-Cherry stoner, hand soap, totes full of all kinds of cleaners, hat rack and more
Lot #: 306

Kitchen table and it is full

Kitchen table, Kirby vacuum sweeper, plus a lot of Fairfax attachments. Oriental type rugs. Two good totes that we have plasticware, filters, transistor tester and much more
Lot #: 307

File cabinet & folding chair

Folding chair, two drawer file cabinet, shop vac, two lamps and a pup tent
Lot #: 308

Bookcases & George Forman

Two wooden bookcases in fair condition. Some nice mini blinds and window shades. Curtain rods, George Foreman, Scotchgard, rose food and a three shelf plastic shelf unit
Lot #: 309

Table full of kitchen items

Everything on the table plus a bookcase full of pictures, books, lamps, parts, yard items, kitchenware, hefty bags, plastic sealer and more
Lot #: 310

Four drawer file cabinet

Four drawer metal letter size file cabinet
Lot #: 311

Dining table & three chairs

Refractory oak table and two matching pineapple leg chairs that have seats recovered and 3rd has different seat
Lot #: 312

Wheat and sugar

Several containers of different kinds of canned white wheat and canned sugar. Take a look here
Lot #: 313

Trundle bed bookcase

Little single trundle bed frame and bookcase. Boxes of travel magazines, VHS tape holders, picture frames, nice box fan and lots of computer books in the bookcase. As stated with other books in bookcases. Bring your own boxes, take the books you want and throw the rest into the dumpster located in front of the house
Lot #: 314

Room full of goodies

OK folks you get what?s left -two drawer file cabinet, nice little chest of drawers, tote truck, canning jars, metal frames and some more canned wheat. Help yourselves, take what you want and leave the rest
Lot #: 315

Size14 high top rubber boots

Size14 high top rubber boots, A child?s toy spade and broom, cover for tables and some towels as in a tote
Lot #: 316

Wood framed picture

Wood framed painting- looks like it signed by someone named Donna in 1975. A sack full of books including "cats and kittens". A tote full of handiwork that?s been packaged- it looks pretty good
Lot #: 317

Ice bucket and fire extinguisher

An ice bucket and fire extinguisher, Pooper scooper and a Winchester model 94 lever action 30-30 rifle box- but it is empty
Lot #: 318

Lasko box fan

Lasko box fan, White and apple cider vinegar, bottles of cleaning fluids such as all purpose cleaner and ammonia
Lot #: 319

Freestanding pressed wood cabinets

Freestanding pressed wood cabinets. Approximately 7 foot tall with wooden handles. Prestwood with wood trim. Four sets of double doors
Lot #: 320

36 cup percolator

Bottled water, 36 cup percolator coffee pot and misc cleaning supplies
Lot #: 321

Shop Rite #16 cherry stoner

ShopRite # 16 Cherry Stoner, 12 inch Studio skillet with lid and a wire rack to put hot pot on to keep from burning table top. Wood and glass cutting boards
Lot #: 322

Table top storage rack

Table top storage rack, plastic expandable wall hanger to hang coats up and a bendable flashlight
Lot #: 323

Casa 3 1/2 inch vertical blinds

Casa 3 1/2 inch vertical blinds. 70" x 84? lagoon stripe table lamp and an air mattress
Lot #: 324

Shop lights

Shop lights. One is still in its original box -the box has gotten wet. A 48" shop light unit still in the box. Several other new tubes plus one that has black tape on one end of the tube.
Lot #: 325

Fireplace tools

Fireplace tools and stand. Trash can has a Richdel model R416- some kind of electronic box
Lot #: 326

Large vase

Large flower vase for cut flowers, cleaning supplies and some lacquer thinner
Lot #: 327

Reproduction cast-iron Farmal tractor

Reproduction cast-iron Farmall tractor. Coleman water jug, couple of skillets and some nice organization trays for your kitchen. Even some metal hooks to hang up on the wall up for coats
Lot #: 328

Pyrex plus Oster blender

Pyrex Graduated size bowls, 2 quart measuring pitcher and casserole. An Oster blender, a "Green" canteen, cold cup holder and nice plasticware with the lid
Lot #: 329

Table top Microwave

A Small table top Microwave- 700 W with a turntable. Some cleaning supplies, bubble wrap, paper towels, no slip rug strips and the original Atom popcorn popper empty box. Sorry no popper
Lot #: 330

Small pup tent

Small pup tent, laundry basket with Hot Shot Bug Foggers. Slicer grater, string mop and a few other goodies including the top of a cabinet top water purifier unit
Lot #: 331

Kirby Sweeper set & vacuum bags

A Kirby cleaning set with various vacuum bags. I honestly can?t tell you if all the parts are here. K- state flag and metal folding chairs. Notice the auctioneer paying tribute to "his" flag
Lot #: 332

Food dehydrator

America Harvest Snack Master Food dehydrator with 12 trays
Lot #: 333

Speedway Laser Level Kit

Small stool with rug for its cover, pair of men's shoes and socks- the box says are 9 1/2 M. A water jug, Rayovac Renewal Power Station to recharge batteries and a Speedway Series 16 inch laser level kit. Mr Boldt left instructions does not work properly
Lot #: 334

Wood TV trays

Wood TV trays. A set of three and a set of two with one holder between them. RCA and Toshiba radio cassette players
Lot #: 335

Two framed prints

Two framed prints. One is water lilies and the other one is Vincent van Goghs Irises. Am sure it?s not an original painting but is still pretty
Lot #: 336

Overstuffed couch & bag of towels

7 foot from outside arm to outside arm- Sealy sleep sofa. Does need cleaning. An "ice cold" bag full of towels
Lot #: 337

Coleman queen size air bed

Coleman queen size air bed, table leaf but no table, a First Aid Box that is empty - so you can use it for whatever you want. A slow cooker crockpot, micorawaveable pot to heat up soup etc, a wire basket set to put on your desk for pencils, pens and paper. Truck & car manuals such as for a Ford pick up and a 1993 auto repair manual from Chilton's
Lot #: 338

Fireplace tools

Fireplace tools for at least three different sets- Tool holders, shovels, log holders & carriers etc.
Lot #: 339

Furniture mover dollie

Furniture dollie on four swivel wheels, metal can, curtain rods. a box with Master Magic Moving Sliders and towels. Just a little bit of everything
Lot #: 340

Kodak office to 150 printer copier

A Kodak Office printer copier. No nothing about how it works. Table lamp, canning jars, pillow, a sack of miscellaneous books- Bill Johnson, "God is Good Curriculum", television cable, "Texans" from the old West series -just the one book
Lot #: 341

Thermo- cyclopad therapy unit

Niagra Thermo cyclopad therapy unit. Looks like a nice back massager heater. In the original box and instructions
Lot #: 342

Rocker Recliner

rocker recliner, A small bellows, some T-shirts, CD disc storage container and a pillow. The chair does need a good cleaning
Lot #: 343

Small library table

Small library table. 30 x 20 x 28 inches tall. Has a drawer. The spot that is seen in the picture of the top is not damage, it is remain of mud dober nest that we removed. A really pretty green plant in a basket with a handle- but of course the plant is fake so even I cannot kill it. Coal bucket with umbrellas, serving trays, a box with calculators and other small electronics including ear phones. A swivel desktop caddy for pencils and pens etc.
Lot #: 344

JVC digital VHS camera

JVC digital signal processing VHS camera with bag. Two piece rainsuit - still in the bag. An Emerson DVD VHS player
Lot #: 345

Mityvac Kit & cane sided chair

Cane sided chair with upholstered seat and back, Mityvac kit, Hotshot bug foggers, pair of small dumb bells, little tin pail with lid
Lot #: 346

Windows for Seniors and other Books

Windows For Seniors-For Dummies books and other books. Plastic plant that you can never kill, 10 minute trainer Workout video, a small speaker. We are giving you a box with foam that you can either take home and fill with dry ice Or use it to take your goodies home that you bought at this auction. You get a cat sitting on top to guard
Lot #: 347

25X magnification spotting scope

25X magnification spotting scope with original box. Plus a vector12 volt unit travel cooler
Lot #: 348

Wood piano bench

Wood piano bench, wood magazine racks, little birdhouse, little wall cabinet with drawers & to display miniature things, furntiure move sliders and some wall plaques
Lot #: 349

Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker, set of 10 knobs for your drawers-still intact except it is missing one knob. Assorted screws and plastic fillers for a photo album
Lot #: 350

Round end table

Round end table that has a crack on the top. Does have a little edge to keep things from falling off on one side. The 2nd shelf is divided. DVD player and rewinder, a wooden cross with marbles. The table has four legs and a nice little holder made from barnwood. Holder for magazines or whatever you want in it
Lot #: 351

Milwaukee set

Bag full of Milwaukee rechargeable tools. Drill, impact drill - Everything is working. Extra bits and some wood chisels. Nice set guys. Plugged it in and sounds like it?s running fine
Lot #: 352

Deluxe cherry pitter

Deluxe cherry pitter with suction base. In original box. A salad spinner, Firestone farm guidebook and a wooden box that the lid needs refastened
Lot #: 353

Duncan Phyfe end tables

Pair of Duncan Phyfe end tables. One has a little damage-the cross bar on the legs is broken-see pix. They do need a good cleaning but they are still very nice pieces
Lot #: 354

Totally raw juice

Totally Raw Juice-The vitality juicing system. Still in the box. Doesn?t look like it has ever been taken out of the box. Has a CD/DVD
Lot #: 355

Kitchen items

Kitchen items: Three stainless bowl set, paper towels, silverware holder from the kitchen drawer. There are some books included in this lot
Lot #: 356

Kitchen plasticware

Kitchen plasticware with lids plus a metal flour sifter. Miscellaneous things from the desktop: including a Plastic tower to put your change- not sure all the pieces are there. Christmas wrap, knickknacks, zipper- nice tote full
Lot #: 357

Coleman TV lantern

Coleman lantern Multifunctional TV lantern with storage in top portion. Power grinder and a Hamilton Beach Chopper/juicer. A nice padded mat that you?re supposed to put by your kitchen sink so you don?t get too tired washing the dishes after you get through using these 3 appliances
Lot #: 358

Electric ice cream freezer

Electric ice cream freezer, Bug Foggers, religious cassette tapes, Miscellaneous electronic cords, Power strip and Indoor TV antenna
Lot #: 359

Epson salts propane blowtorch

Epson salts, propane blowtorch, Appliance bulbs, gorilla super glue and see the pictures for more items
Lot #: 360

Clothes basket & grinder

Plastic clothes basket, Food grinder, power strip, miscellaneous kitchen tools, AC/battery operated radio & small tambourine
Lot #: 361

1000 pound capacity furniture dolly

1000 pound capacity carpeted furniture moving dolly
Lot #: 362

Rifle scope and dartboard

Rascon 3-7 x 20 Rifle scope and dartboard with no darts. You got the scope to help you line up for your dart throwing plus a nice little plastic box.
Lot #: 363

Pyrex bakeware

Pyrex bakeware in the smoke color. Covered casserole, cake pan, large skillet, sauce pan with lid and pie pan. A blue colored glass canister jar with bale lid
Lot #: 364

Two totes of kitchenware

Two totes of kitchenware: turkey baster, metal whisk, wooden rolling pan, plastic utensils, drinking glasses and small bowls. Miscellaneous saucers, saki bowls plus some sterno burners
Lot #: 365

Home chemistry set

Home chemistry set in wooden box, a plastic lap tray, Insignia cd player and a RadioShack player
Lot #: 366

Queen size air mattress

Queen size air mattress, Coffee air pot, marble Checker Board with no checkers, stoneware jug, GE coffee grinder and a little musical chair that has a broken runner
Lot #: 367

Blue granite roaster pan

Blue granite roaster pan and lid, a camping mug plus a dark blue enamelware canner/water bather. Wire rack & Presto salad shooter. Four glass saucers
Lot #: 368

Glass divided dishes

Two Glass divided dishes, a metal saucepan with no lid. Corning coffee pot missing the cord, but does have the innards. A thermos pot to keep your coffee hot after it?s been prepared. Two metal round flat pans and wire heart shaped basket
Lot #: 369

Wooden box that says grandma

Wooden box that says grandma. 5 gallon plastic bucket that has milk glass vase, wire bail lidded cheese jar & water jar. An aluminum cake pan with a plastic lid that needs some cleaning. A box of letter size file folders. Cards plus metal hooks to hang on the wall -I presume to use for drapes
Lot #: 370

Large igloo cooler

Large AD/DC igloo cooler, Portable small TV, ice tea jug, Coleman jug, Santa Claus sitting on a metal pan that you can hang up. It?s too heavy to hang on a tree
Lot #: 371

Vintage Movie Projectors

Hot shot foggers-new in their boxes. Flashlight, plastic tub, 100% whey protein jug. Argus and small movie projectors
Lot #: 372

Rd Cheese box & motorcycle helmets

Round cheese Box, Wood Magazine rack, two motorcycle helmets, and Motorocyle Men's Size large suit (jacket & pants). A clothes basket with books and cement trowels -one wood and one metal. . Food saver and a few bags. Some of the books are Amelia Bedelia and the surprise shower, Dr. Seuss The foot book, Scalawag the Scotty and a whole lot more.
Lot #: 373

Electric broom

Electric broom & a regular broom for those that like to do it the old-fashioned way. The American flag with an eagle on the top, a furnace filter that measures 20 x 25 by one that has not been taken out of the bag. A box of specialty books including: aviation weather, America super and switch specially cab company etc.
Lot #: 374

Table lamp and fans

Table lamp and two Oscillating fans plus two stemmed large mugs
Lot #: 375

Wood buffet

Wood buffet. Has no drawers but it has three doors across the bottom with metal pulls and hinges. Solid piece- not Pressed wood. The items on top are selling in other lots
Lot #: 376

Floor lamp & computer supplies

Metal stand bridge lamp with shade. A large computer monitor plus keyboard and other accessories
Lot #: 377

Plastic & wood shelving

Plastic and wood shelving, wooden sign that says "bath", a flag still packaged, a computer bag, Ziploc large bags, typewriter paper and mailing envelopes, 1000 piece puzzle, Bible game, assorted books and an ornate trimmed storage box
Lot #: 378

Table lamp & assorted boxes

Table lamp with black metal stand and table sitting on, A beaded edge shade, assorted boxes -mostly wooden. Glass lamp bottom with full of shells. Rolls of Christmas paper plus a wall clock. Wood framed mirror
Lot #: 379

Assorted knickknacks & barometer set

Assorted knickknacks and a framed barometer set. Decorating boxes, a Gart brothers softball, a table lamp that is part of the table with a metal stem. A clock with a wrought iron framework
Lot #: 380


Daybed. Items around it on it beside it are sold in other lots
Lot #: 381

Wood TV stand with no TV

Wood TV stand. Instead of a TV you have a Brothers copier and a refill cartridge plus metal decor
Lot #: 382

Computer desk and contents

Computer desk and contents. For computer people this one has some age. HP tower with a monitor & keyboard . Includes a desk lamp, CDs some unused and others like Roy Orbison and more
Lot #: 383

Wood side table

Wood side table with one deep shelf and one shallow shelf. Three hole punch, file folders, picture frames, laptop desk, a wall hanging that is laying on the floor, file box, broom and curtain rods
Lot #: 384

Sterilite storage unit

Sterilite storage unit with total of five drawers- VHS and cassette tapes plus scrapbooks
Lot #: 385

Pressed wood book shelf unit

Pressed wood book shelf unit- Full of books. Buyer is under no obligation to take any or all the books. Go through and pick the ones you want & leave the others behind. "Our famous women", "Driven by Eternity". A little table lamp on top with some candles. Three volumes of the Britannica Encyclopedia. See the picture for other titles
Lot #: 386

Wood bookshelves

Wood bookshelves. One bookshelf is for hanging on the wall, a wood stand that you can put a tray or something on top, a wood magazine rack, tennis racket and a tabletop wire magazine holder
Lot #: 387

Five shelf book unit & books

Five shelf book unit with adjustable shelves. Full of books. Take the ones you want and leave the rest. Buyer needs to bring own boxes for boxing. There is a centerpiece for a Bride and Groom sitting on top of the bookcase
Lot #: 388

Wood captains chair

Wood captains chair that is painted black and an AC/DC Orion TV
Lot #: 389

Pressedwood adj shelf bookcase

Five shelf Pressedwood adjustable shelf bookcase unit. Full of books- like the other book lots take what you want leave the rest. Be sure and bring your own boxes. This one includes mostly religious books but you also have France 2001 other books, Honors Award Nutrition, Almanac Health Breakthrough for several years and the Mayo Clinic plan
Lot #: 390

Vintage low chest

Vintage low chest with two drawers with three metal pulls. Stands on feet. Not quite 3 foot high. A box with cassette tapes including Patsy Cline with others such as worship music. Some unused ones. Barometer that?s hanging on the wall and gun cleaning tools
Lot #: 391

Metal bed frame with wheels

Metal bed frame with wheels to make it easy to move around clean etc. We are giving you the mattress and springs as well as the extra foam piece on top of the mattress. No foot nor headboard is with the set. Regular size
Lot #: 392

Vintage wooden chair

Vintage wooden chair that is cracked down the middle. Two wooden framed lap trays, wooden plastic magazine rack, curtain rods- ornate and plain. A light filtering vinyl blind that is 40" x 64? that?s still in the package
Lot #: 393

Pressedwood shoe shelf

Pressedwood shoe shelf, Plastic magazine holders, lidded plastic containers, wooden note box, 4 drawer sterilite shelf unit. Two Caanan maps
Lot #: 394

Wicker basket with lid

Wicker basket with lid filled with seashells. Another wicker basket made to look like a pineapple for decoration. Shoeshine supplies plus an electric curling iron. Heat pad, size 7 man?s cloth hat and a straw hat
Lot #: 395

Three shelf corner unit

Three shelf corner unit , a small stool to sit on that has been upholstered. Plastic trashcan and a wall hanging of a cut out with a bird in the lighthouse


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.