Cowtown Presents: RUSH SALE ♦ Shelving ♦ Shelf Tracks ♦ Clothing Racks ♦ LED ♦ Final Blow out

Friday, July 28, 2017

Equip-Bid Auctions Inc
265 South Stewart Raod Liberty, MO, 64068 913-269-3159
Bring a 10' ladder to get the wall brackets down. Load out is ONLY 9-1 Saturday NOTE closing is a Friday Night All items are like Brand New
265 South Stewart Raod, Liberty, MO US
Final quick blow out sale All items starting at $1 Quick load out this Saturday SALE ENDS FRIDAY NIGHT SO GET YOUR BID IN BEFORE YOU GO OUT ON THE TOWN!
Lot#: 1001

There are 2 very nice, like new, trash receptacles with cigarette extinguisher. Even the rocks in the top are still clean. This is nice...heavy ... but nice.

Lot#: 1002

There are 2 Sets of Gondolas left and over 100 Shelves of various sizes. These would be great with the gondolas, or the wall brackets sold in another lot. You are bidding 100 x the money. These shelves are like brand new, and there is even 2 boxes of new shelves included.

There is from 18" to 30" wide, most all are 4 ' wide, some 3'

You know how expensive Lozier Shelves are, and even if they were $5 each, that is a steal.

Bid on the shelves, get the gondolas free.

Lot#: 1003

2 Filing Cabinets, 2 drawers. Bid is 2 x money

Lot#: 1004

Take any or all of what you want. There is a lot of slat wall board, probably $1500 - $3000 worth

Slat board = Several 4 x 8, and a ton of 2 x 4. All removed easy by taking out with a phillips screw gun.

There are 22 6' shelf tracks and 17 4' shelf tracks

Bid will be 40 x the money

Lot#: 1005

You are bidding on 30 units of 12' track. You will need a ladder and screw gun to remove.

Each track is about $40+ new at this length. Cut in 1/2 and use in your garage.

You will need at least a 8-10' ladder depending on your reach.

Come prepared to remove, they unscrew real easy, but will take a little while to remove.

Lot#: 1006

22 Lozier Wall mount shelving brackets.

These are up high, bring a ladder and screw gun to remove.

Bid is 22 x the money.

Lot#: 1007

26 Shelf Tracks

Bid is 26 x the money

Regular ladder will get these down, they are on smaller rack

Lot#: 1008

This is a single sided shelving system that will fit against a wall. Make up to 8 -9 sections if you want.

Total of 45 Shelves

Bid is 45 x the money, get all brackets included.

Lot#: 1009

10 LED Spot LIghts 950 Lumens

These can be used on a track, or take out of the gimble and use in your home.

All metal frame

Very nice...very.

Lot#: 1010

21 Shelf Tracks and 4 frames

Bid is 21 x the money

regular step stool or ladder is high enough to remove these

Bring screw gun to save time

Lot#: 1011

Get 20 Racks in this lot

Each is adjustable in height

20 x bid price

These are $100 new, great for garage sales, your thrift store, etc. Starting bid is only $1 each.

Lot#: 1020

Rolling slab merchandiser with square display on top

Lot#: 1021

Get the whole lot of frame racks, there is a lot of metal here.

Lot#: 1022

1/3 Round for Racks, there is over 40 total items here, bid start at 25 cents!!

Lot#: 1023

9 Units Take 1 take all but the bid is X 9

Lot#: 1035

7 Large Rolling Display Racks

Lot#: 1036

Nice folding 4 way racks with various hooks, displays, etc. Over 30, but you will only bid on 30 and can take all there is, or just 1, what ever you want, but bid is 30 x the money. Lot of metal here.


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