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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

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Rantoul, KS
I specialized in providing new and used parts and services for iconic Volkswagen vehicles and trikes in Rantoul, KSI'm dispersing of the following Cylinder heads, manifolds, carburetors, lights, LOTS & LOTS OF EMPI Parts, heat shields, oil pumps, pedals, plate covers, gas caps, doghouse shroud, gear shift housings, wheel adapters, gas tanks, indicator lights, motorcycle parts, axles, engine blocks, transmissions & lots more...TAKE A LOOK AT BOTH AND PICKUP ON THE SAME DAY-SAME LOCATION!!!!We are also having a Farm & Household Online Auction following this Auction closing at 7:00pm
Lot #: 1

PICKUP Thursday April 4, 2024 11-6:00pm CST

The exact location for pickup will be in the EMAIL TEXT with your invoice at the conclusion of the auction.* All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults.Your Personal Inspection Is Welcomed And Encouraged. Prior To Bidding, You Should Make All Determinations As To The Condition Of An Item And To The Fitness For Your Particular Purpose. Any Statements Made As To The Condition Are To The Best Of Our Knowledge, But Not A Guarantee In Any Way.
Lot #: 1a


Copperhead Buggy Shop Dispersal Online Auction &Farm & Household Online Auction are located at the same place in Rantoul, KS and pickup will be on the same day for your convenience.

in: 31

Lot #: 2

Two Seater Rail Buggy Rolling Chassis

No Motor & No Transmission
Lot #: 2a

Homemade Frame Dolly for Dune Buggy

Lot #: 3

4 Volkswagen Single Port Cylinder Heads (used)

Lot #: 4

4 Volkswagen Single Port Cylinder Heads (used)

Lot #: 5

4 Volkswagen Dual Port Cylinder Heads (used)

Lot #: 6

4 Volkswagen Dual Port Cylinder Heads (used)

Lot #: 7

7 Volkswagen Dual Port Cylinder Heads (used)

Lot #: 8

EMPI Single IDF Manifold Kit, T1

Part #43-5208-0
Lot #: 9

EMPI Intake Manifold, 30/34 Pict

Part #17-2805-0
Lot #: 10

2 Volkswagen Carburetors w/Manifolds (new)

Part #43-1016-0 Weber 34ICT Carb Only
Lot #: 11

Brosol/Solex H40/44EIS Left Side Carburetor (used)

Lot #: 12

Four VW 34PICT Single Port Carburetors (used)

Bocar 34PICT-3 Carburetor34PICT-3 CarburetorEMPI 34P-3 CarburetorKafer 34PICT-3 Carburetor
Lot #: 13

4 Brosol/Solex H30/31PICT Single Port Carburetors

Lot #: 14

4 Volkswagen Dual Port Carburetors

32-36 Dual Port CarburetorWeber 44 Dual Port Carburetor45 Dual Port CarburetorWeber 44 Dual Port Carburetor w/Attachments
Lot #: 15

20 Push Rod Tubes & 5 Chrome Lights

Lot #: 16

6 EMPI Volkswagen Manifolds

Lot #: 17

Simpson Off Rd. Restraints & 3 Bearing Caps (new)

Simpson 5 Point Off-Road Restraints 5 Point 2" Black w/o Pads Part #00-3940-0 3 EMPI Chrome Bearing Caps, IRS, PR #17-2699-0
Lot #: 18

2 EMPI New Constant Velocity Drive Axles (new)

Parts #90-6903
Lot #: 19

EMPI Velocity Drive Axle & Simpson Restraints-new

EMPI New Constant Velocity Drive Axle Parts #90-6903Simpson 5 Point Off-Road Restraints 5 Point 2" Black w/o Pads Part #00-3940-0
Lot #: 20

3 Sets of Chrome Heat Shields for Cylinder Heads

3 For Cylinder 1 & 23 For Cylinder 3 & 4
Lot #: 21

4 Sets of Chrome Heat Shields for Cylinder Heads

4 For Cylinder 1 & 24 For Cylinder 3 & 4
Lot #: 22

3 Sets of Black Heat Shields for Cylinder Heads

3 For Cylinder 1 & 23 For Cylinder 3 & 4
Lot #: 23

5 EMPI Trans/Axle Mount Kits & Front Solid Mounts

5 EMPI Trans/Axle Mount Kits Part #00-9530-0 (new)5 EMPI Front Solid Mount, Kit Part #16-9910-0 (new)
Lot #: 24

6 EMPI Trans/Axle Mount Kits Part #00-9530-0 (new)

Lot #: 25

4 Heat Shields, Adapter & 7 Front Mounts

2 Black Heat Shields for Cylinder Heads 1 & 22 Chrome Heat Shields for Cylinder Heads 1 & 21 Universal Trans/Axle Adapter #00-9520-03 EMPI Front Solid Mount, Kit Part #16-9910-0 (new)4 EMPI Front Solid Mount, Kit Part #16-9910-0 (new out of pkg and 1 missing bolts)
Lot #: 26

2 EMPI Coil-Ovr. Shks. w/Ch. Spring #00-9571-0

Lot #: 27

4 EMPI Oil Pumps & 2 Schadek Oil Pumps

3 EMPI Oil Pumps Part #98-1158-B, 1 EMPI Oil Pump Part #31-2925-02 Schadek Oil Pumps Part #98-1121-B(Alumimum & Cast Iron)
Lot #: 28

8 EMPI Various Oil Pump Covers (new)

2 EMPI Steel 8mm Oil Pumps CVR Part #31-2940-02 EMPI Billet Oil Pump Covers Part #31-2943-02 EMPI Pump Covers Only Part #00-9148-72 EMPI HD Oil Pump F/F Stl. Covers to 70 #16-9714-0
Lot #: 29

2 Shock Absorbers & 2 Rear & Front Coilovers (new)

2 EMPI Shock Absorbers Part #96522 EMPI Rear Coilovers Part #00-9570-84 EMPI Front Coilovers Part #00-9571-8
Lot #: 30

EMPI Chrome Doghouse Shroud w/Duct (new)

Part #00-8890-0
Lot #: 31

Switch & Shifter Boxes, Pedal Plates & Mount Kit

EMPI 9" Switch Box w/o Holes Part #00-9382-04 EMPI Pedal Plate Assembly's Part #00-3159-0EMPI Trans/Axle Mount Kit Part #00-9530-09 Shifter Boxes
Lot #: 32

3 EMPI Spring Plate Caps IRS S/S, PR #17-2697-0

Lot #: 33

Manifold, Gear Shift Housing, Master Cyl & Cover

Clutch Cover 200mm 71 ON Part #32-1243-B2 EMPI Gearshift Housing Part #98-3006-B
Lot #: 34

Rims, Lug Bolts, Valve Stems & Wheel Adapters

EMPI 4 Spoke ATH Wheel 15x5.5, 4x130 (new) Part #10-1093-0Chrome 4 Spoke WheelSeveral Valve Stems6 EMPI Chrome Lug Bolts, 14mm, Set of 4 each Part #00-9568-01 EMPI Chrome Lug Bolts, 14mm, Set of 4 #00-9565-02 Wheel Adapters
Lot #: 35

Carburetor Rebuild Kits, Bearings & Bearing Seals

2 Carburetor Rebuild Kits Part #43-5815-02 EMPI Carburetor Rebuild Kits Part #43-5804-0EMPI K/P Conv Bearing Inner Part #17-2795-02 EMPI K/P Conv Bearing Outer Part #17-2796-0EMPI Combo Spindle BFG Inner Part #17-2797-0EMPI Combo Spindle BFG Outer Part #17-2798-0Wheel BearingsBearing Seals
Lot #: 36

Main & Rod & Cam Bearings, Spark Plugs, Ring Kits

Grant Piston Rings, Engine Bearings & Bushings, Main Bearing Sets, Caliper Kit, More & 2 Wooden Cabinets
Lot #: 37

CNC Cutting Brake Single Angled Handle Drum Brakes

Part #422AR5/8
Lot #: 38

4 EMPI Shift Assy. & 6 Gear Shift Boots (new)

EMPI Shift Assembly Stock, 68-ON Part #98-7095-02 EMPI Shift Assembly Kit, Stock 68-ON #98-7095-BEMPI Shift Assembly Kit Part #98-1025-B6 EMPI Gear Shift Boots, Rubber Part #00-4535-0
Lot #: 39

EMPI SS Gas Tank Kit 10x24 Part #00-3885-0 (new)

7.7 gallon
Lot #: 40

EMPI SS Gas Tank Kit 10x24 Part #00-3885-0 (new)

7.7 gallon
Lot #: 41

EMPI SS Gas Tank Kit 10x33 Part #00-3898-0 (new)

10.7 gallon
Lot #: 42

Aluminum Gas Tank Kit 8x16, approx. 3 gal. (new)

Lot #: 43

7 Cyl. Cool Tin Pr & 4 Pedal Plate Assembly's, new

2 Chrome Cylinder Cool Tins PR Part #00-8933-05 Black Cylinder Cool Tins PR Part #00-8877-04 Pedal Plate Assembly's Part #00-3159-0
Lot #: 44

3 EMPI H.D. Off Road Tail Lights & 1 Other Pair

3 EMPI H.D. Off Road T/L Red Lens, Pr Part #00-9497-01 Other Pair of Off Road T/L Red Lens, Pr
Lot #: 45

2 Lumenators Fog & Driving Lamps w/Heat Louvers

2 Lumenators Quartz Halogen Fog & Driving Lamps w/Heat Activated Louvers Complete Automatic Operation2010K Fog Light (12 Volt)
Lot #: 46

Tail Light Assembly's & Lens & Strobe Lights (new)

10 Mini Tail Light Assembly, Green Part #00-9336-03 GG Strobe Light 12volt2 EMPI Tail Light Lens 62-67 Part #98-1075-02 EMPI Mini Tail Light Assembly, Amber Part #00-9335-0EMPI Mini Tail Light Assembly, Red Part #00-9334-0
Lot #: 47

17 Red Side Marker Lights & 2 Amber Marker Lights

16 Matching Red Side Marker Lights1 Red Marker/Clearance Light2 Amber Marker/Clearance Lights
Lot #: 48

6 Red Signal Lights & 2 EMPI Off Road Lamps

2 EMPI 5" High Intensity Halogen Off Road Lamp Part #00-9309-0 (new)4 Grote Red Signal Lights2 Other Red Signal Lights
Lot #: 49

Indicator Lights (various colors) & Other Lights

7 EMPI Super Indicator Lights Red Part #00-9376-010 EMPI Red Indicator Lights Part #00-9372-08 EMPI Amber Indicator Lights Part #00-9374-07 EMPI Super Indicator Lights Blue Part #00-9377-07 EMPI Super Indicator Lights Amber Part #00-9378-0EMPI Turn Signal Amber Part #00-9414-0Miscellaneous Lights
Lot #: 50

5 EMPI Universal Ignition Switch Part #00-9306-0

Lot #: 51

EMPI Turn Brake, Throttle Pedal & Throw Out Shaft

EMPI Turn Brake Dbl. Handle 3/4 UP POL #16-2542-02 EMPI Universal Throttle Pedal Part #16-3120-0Bugpack Throw Out Shaft Type 2 Part #5034-14
Lot #: 52

EMPI Port End Kits & Front Solid Mount Kits (new)

2 EMPI Single Port End Kits L/R Part #00-3237-09 EMPI Front Solid Mount Kits Part #16-9910-03 EMPI Urethane Front Mt. 3 Bolt Late Part #16-9551-0EMPI Urethane Mount Kit w/Hardware Part #00-9540-0
Lot #: 53

EMPI Backing Plates & Alt/Gen 3pc. (new)

8 EMPI Chrome Backing Plate Part #00-9071-07 EMPI Alt/Gen Tin 3pc. Black Part #00-9057-0EMPI Alt/Gen Tin 3pc. Chrome Part #009056-0
Lot #: 54

EMPI Fan, Pulley, Intake Screen & V/C (new)

2 EMPI Fan Only TP1, 71-ON, 36.8mm Part #98-2004-0EMPI B/O Stk Size Seal Pulley Part #00-8688-0EMPI Chrome V/C w/Bales Pr. Part #00-8905-0EMPI Chrome Air Intake Screen Part #009195-0
Lot #: 55

EMPI Sealed Switch On-Off-On & On-Off (new)

7 EMPI Sealed Switch, On-Off-On 2PL Part #00-9363-09 EMPI Sealed Switch, On-Off Part #00-9360-0
Lot #: 56

Stub Axle,Doughouse, Axle Seal Kit, Inserts & More

6 EMPI VW Case Insert 8x12mm Part #00-4004-04 EMPI Lug Bolt Flat Washer (5) Part #00-9509-0EMPI Chromoly Link Pins 5/8" (4) Part #17-2799-04 EMPI Rear Axle Seal Kit Part #00-9910-0EMPI Doghouse Tins 2pc. Part #00-8884-0EMPI Stub Axle Part #16-2304-04 VW Rear Adjustable IRS Spring Plates
Lot #: 57

EMPI & CNC Assorted Parts (new)

5 of Part #17-2931-0, 3 of Part #16-2162-0, 2 of Part #18-1107-0, 7 of Part #17-2930-0,8 4pc. Jam Nut 14mm, 3 1/8 Pipe Thread,4 of Part #00-9616-0, 21 of Part #32-1208-06 of Part #17-2828-0, 8 of Part #16-2421-0,8 Of Part #98-1079-0, 7 of Part #16-2070-0,6 of Part #32-1204-0, 4 of Part #00-9537-0,4 of Part #00-5765-0, 4 of Part #16-2536-0,4 of Part #16-2535-0 and several more....
Lot #: 58

EMPI & CNC Assorted Parts (new)

7 of Part #009097-0, 9 of Part #00-8902-0,5 of Part #00-9106-0, 5 of Part #17-2817-0,3 of Part #43-5203-0, 3 of Part #17-2814-0,3 of Part #00-9103-0, 2 of Part #16-5134-0and more.....
Lot #: 59

EMPI Assorted Parts (new)

6 of Part #17-2823-0, 12 of Part #43-6173-0,6 of Part #43-6103-0, 4 of Part #00-8809-0,11 of Part #00-9936-0, 12 of Part #00-3210-0,3 of Part #00-9044-0, 4 of Part #16-9705-0,7 of Part #43-0602-0, 10 of Part #00-9090-0,12 of Part $00-3254-0 & More....
Lot #: 60

EMPI Oil Sending Units, Distributor Caps, Gaskets

10 of Part #00-4027-0, 6 of Part #16-9436-0,6 of Part #00-8142-0, 4 of Part #76-9436-0,5 of Part #00-4061-0, 4 of Part #16-6801-0,6 of Part #00-8856-0, 6 of Part #98-1170-0,7 of Part #009164-0, 12 of Part #00-3391-0,9 of Part #00-3395-0, 18 of Part #00-4012-0,8 of Part #00-8932-0 & More....
Lot #: 61

7 EMPI Rubber Hood Hold Downs #00-3016-0 (new)

Lot #: 62

Various EMPI Boot Kits (new)

5 CV Boot Kits5 Constant Velocity Joints4 CV Boot Kits Part #88-1000-K2 IRS Boot w/Flg Black Part #00-9994-03 DLX Swing Axle Boot Yellow Part #00-9983-02 Swing Axle Boot Black Part #00-9974-0
Lot #: 63

Head Lamps, Strobe Lights & Head Lights (new)

4 GG Strobe Lights 12V2 EMPI Head Lights Part #00-9307-72 EMPI 7" Universal Type Head Lamp Unit H4 12V 55/60W Part #00-9311-02 Sylvania H4656 Head Lights
Lot #: 64

Various Motorcycle Parts, Seat & Equipment

Mustang Motorcycle Seat for Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic 2006-2009 & Custom 2007-2009 One-Piece Motorcycle Leather Storage BagWheel Balancing Stand, Girder Front End, Gear Shift Pedals, Windshield, Fender, Upper of a Front Fork & Misc. Hardware,
Lot #: 65

Throw Out Bearings, Oil Screens, Push Rods & More

5 EMPI Oil Screen Kits Part #98-1160-02 EMPI Oil Screen Only Part #00-9924-B & Other Screen2 Bugpack BP 3/8" x11.060 x .080 Set Part #B4-0531-6EMPI Hi-Perf Push Rods (8) Part #00-4033-0EMPI 10mm C/M Case Studs Stk Lng Part #00-4009-0EMPI 8mm C/M Case Studs +12.7mm #00-4021-03 EMPI Valve Covers & Throw Out Bearings
Lot #: 66

Fuel Pumps, Coils & Distributor w/Cap

2 EMPI Fuel Pumps Part #98-1271-BBosch12V Blue Coil Part #00-9409-BBeru 12V Super Ignition Coil Part #00-9403-0Distributor w/Cap & Holder
Lot #: 67

Various Parts (Cyl, Break Parts & Pads & More)

11 Master Cylinders Part #RCCR 2320-13 Front Suspensions Part #98-6988-BBreak Spring Kits8 of Part #98-6020-B, 3 of Part #16-2544-0, 2 of Part #16-2548-0m 3 of Part #16-2546-0,1 of Part 98-6091-B, 1 of Part 98-6092-B,Break Pads & 4 of Part #22-2890-0 & More....
Lot #: 68

Battery Terminal Lifter, Hoses, Caps, Bolts & More

14 Battery Terminal Lifters6 Bolt 3/8-24 x 1 3/4" 12pt. (6) Part #16-2412-010 Tubes & Brackets Part #00-3232-72 Gates Fuel Caps Part #316302 EMPI Aluminum Gas Tank Caps Part #00-3538-02 Other Gas Tank CapsIRPCO Heater Hose Kit for Volksvagen8 EMPI Aluminum Hose 50mm x 1000mm #00-3494-0
Lot #: 69

Metal Brake Lines, Flex Lines, Brake Hose & Links

14 VW Brake Hoses Part #22.4015 Pex VW Brake Hoses Part #22.030Misc. Brake HosesEMPI Steel Brake Lines Parts #98-9615-B & 98-9617-B & 98-9613-BBrax Brake Hose 340mm Front Part #281611775BPart #VW113.611.724J4 EMPI 2PSI Residual Pressure Valve Part #16-3155-0
Lot #: 70

Miscellaneous VW Parts, Gaskets, Wheel Adapters

2 EMPI Manifolds3 EMPI Gasket Set Trans, T-2, 68-75 Part #98-9210-B4 Bugpack MNSHFT BRG Thrust Plt T-1/3 #B5-0581-02 EMPI Air Cleaner Part #00-9128-79 Euromax Trans Rebuild Gasket Set Part #98-2077-B4 Gasket Set, Transmission Part #982077B6 Various Wheel Adapters
Lot #: 71

EMPI Off-Rd Ext 1 1/2" Tube, Black (new)

Part #00-3455-0
Lot #: 72

EMPI Off-Rd Ext 1 5/8" Tube, Chrome (new)

Part #00-3459-0
Lot #: 73

2 Brake Calipers & Rear Brake Disc Rotors

2 Brake Calipers Part #VW311-615-107/108 OEB4 Rear Brake Disc Rotors Part #VW914-352-401-10
Lot #: 74

Tank Brackets, Cyl. Head, Carburetor, Caps & Shaft

6 EMPI Center Cap F/4 Lug Spook Wheel #10-1062-02 EMPI Gas Tank Bracket 10" Part #00-3537-02 EMPI Gas Tank Bracket 8" Part #00-3536-0EMPI Rebuilt Carburetor Part #98-1289-BCylinder Head & Crank Shaft
Lot #: 75

8 Cylinders w/Pistons

4 Mahle Volkswagen Cylinders w/Pistons Part #K704014 Mahle Volkswagen Cylinders w/Pistons Part #K70301
Lot #: 76

7 EMPI Tool/Oil Tray, 5007 HD Eng Std

Part #00-5020-0(1 pkg is missing bolts)
Lot #: 77

Pedals, Carburetors, Heat Shields, Manifolds, More

Pedal Assembly's, 2 Carburetors, Engine Heat Shields, Manifolds, Air Cleaners & More...
Lot #: 78

2 Swing Axles

Lot #: 79

9 IRS Rear Ends

Lot #: 80

Fenders, Back Hook, Bumpers & Doors for VW

Lot #: 81

Engine Blocks,Transmissions & Tires & Rims

Transmissions are Type 1 or Super Beetle


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Wendt Auction Service, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.