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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

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Online Auction Bidders AgreementTHIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS SET FORTH HEREIN, PLEASE CONSULT AN ATTORNEY PRIOR TO SIGNING.I ________________________________ (Buyer) agree to immediately enter into the Real Estate Auction Purchase Contract approved by Seller, if I am declared the high bidder (winning bidder) by the auctioneer during the following auction: 322 W 6th St., Junction City, KS 66441Legally Described as:Lots Thirteen (13) and Fourteen (14), Block Thirty (30), Junction City, Kansas, in Geary County, Kansas (Property A)The West Eleven (11) feet of Lot Four (4) and all of Lot Five (5), Block Thirty (30), Junction City, Kansas, in Geary County, Kansas (Property B)Lot Six (6) except the West Four feet (W 4') thereof, Block Thirty (30), Junction City, Kansas, in Geary County, Kansas (Property C)(Complete legal description to be provided by Title Company). Bidding Open & Close Dates/Times:o Online Bidding Opens on Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 at 6:00 PM (CT)o Online Bidding Closes on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 at 6:00 PM (CT) By signing below, I agree that I have read and fully understand the Online Auction Bidders Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of this auction.I fully understand and agree that an Online Auction Bidders Agreement MUST be signed and returned to the auction company, prior to being allowed to bid in the Online Auction. As a bidder, it is solely my responsibility to contact the auction company at (877) 318-0438 with any questions regarding the auction, purchase agreement, or terms & conditions, prior to placing any bids in said auction. Online Auction Terms & Conditions1. Seller?s Confirmation: The property is being offered in an Online Only Auction, with all bids being subject to approval by Seller.2. Auction Bidding Registration: Online bidder hereby acknowledges that they must be properly registered for the online auction by completing and signing the (Online Auction Bidders Agreement), which will be sent by email via DocuSign. Upon completing this registration form and receiving approval, bidding privileges will be turned on. If you need assistance with registration, you may contact Lucinda Terrel at (816) 420-6257 or by email at [email protected]. Seller(s) may at their sole discretion request additional registration requirements from any bidder unknown to them or the auction company.3. Bidding Opens/Closes: The Online Only Auction (i.e. Internet Auction) bidding shall be opened and begin closing on the dates and times stated above, subject to the soft close feature as outlined below in (#17). 4. Property Preview: It is highly recommended that all bidders personally inspect the property prior to placing any bids in the auction. Property inspections are the sole responsibility of the bidders and can be conducted during the property preview dates as advertised. The property may also be inspected by scheduling an appointment with Brian Lensing, (314) 803-1103.5. Cash Offer/No Financing Contingency: By participating in this auction, bidders hereby agree that their bid shall NOT be subject to the bidder?s ability to obtain financing. By placing a bid in this auction, bidders are making a ?cash offer? to purchase the property. Financing is NOT a contingency in the purchase agreement. Purchase and sale are conducted in U.S Funds only.6. Buyer?s Premium: A Five Percent (5%) Buyer?s Premium shall be added to the final bid price place online, which will determine the Total Contract Sales Price. Bidders hereby understand that the Buyer?s Premium shall be added to the winning bid to create the Total Contract Sales Price for which they are obligated to pay for the property. Example: (winning online bid $100,000 + 5% buyer?s premium = total purchase price of $105,000).7. Purchase Contract: Winning bidder hereby agrees to enter into a Contract to Purchase the property immediately upon being notified of the Seller?s acceptance of their winning bid. Upon the close of the auction the winning bidder will be forwarded via email the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract to purchase the property. A signed copy of the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract must be received by the Auction Company (Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers) within 24 hours from the time said Purchase Contract was sent to the winning bidder. The Auction Real Estate Sales Contract will be sent using Docusign for electronic signature. A sample copy of the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract is available for review online prior to placing any bids in the auction.8. Down Payment: A non-refundable down payment of Ten Percent (10%) of the total contract purchase price will be wire transferred or hand delivered in the form of certified funds to the Title Company no later than 48 hours following the close of auction. See closing agents contact information below. The balance of the purchase price will be due in full at closing.9. Closing: Closing shall be on or by May 25th, 2023. Closing shall take place at Lawyers Title of Kansas, Inc. 5715 SW 21st St Topeka, KS 66604. Closing Agent is David St. John and their phone number is (785) 271-9500, email is [email protected]. Out of state buyers will be afforded the opportunity to close via email, mail and wire transfer of certified funds. 10. Easements: The sale of the property is subject to any and all easements filed of record.11. Minerals: All mineral rights owned by sellers (if any) shall transfer with the surface. 12. Survey: No survey is required to transfer title to the property and the Seller shall not provide any additional survey. If the Buyer desires a survey, it shall be at the Buyer?s sole expense and shall not be a contingency or requirement in the purchase contract. 13. Possession: Possession of the property will be given upon payment in full of the purchase price and transfer of title, at closing.14. Title: Seller shall provide a Preliminary Title Commitment for the property being sold. Buyer shall pay for the issuance of the Title Policy for the property being sold and transferred. Seller shall execute a Warranty Deed conveying the property to the buyer(s).15. Taxes: Seller shall pay any previous years taxes (if due), and the current year?s real estate taxes shall be prorated to the date of closing.16. Online Auction Technology (Disclaimer): Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against United Country ? Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers, Broker of record, or anyone else, if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the auction. Online bidding is subject to technology faults and issues which are outside the control of the auction company. Bidder(s) are encouraged to use the ?Maximum Bid? feature on the bidding platform and lock in their maximum bid amount, if they are concerned about technology failure during the auction. The SELLER and/or Auction Company reserves the right to (pause) the online auction bidding in the event of any internal or external technology failure, to preserve the integrity of the auction event and maintain a fair and impartial bidding environment.17. Soft Close: If a bid is received within the last 3 minutes of the auction, the auction close time will automatically extend 3 minutes to allow other bidders an opportunity to competitively bid prior to the auction closing. This feature eliminates "snipers" and encourages fair and impartial bidding from all participants.18. Disclaimer: All information provided is believed to be accurate; however, no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions is assumed. All lines drawn on maps, photographs, etc. are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their satisfaction. Information is subject to change without notice. There are no warranties either expressed or implied pertaining to this property. Real estate is being sold "As-Is, Where-Is" with NO warranties expressed or implied. Please make all inspections and have financing arranged prior to the end of bidding. The Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the Seller up to, but not beyond the Seller?s reserve price (if applicable). The property is available for and subject to sale prior to auction. By participating in this auction, Buyers hereby acknowledge that any bid(s) placed by them is a binding agreement to purchase the property, subject to the bid being approved by Seller (if applicable).19. Pre-Auction Offers: As an agent for the Seller, the Auctioneer must present any and all bona fide written offers to the Seller, which may be created outside of the online bidding platform. Therefore, all properties are subject to pre-auction sales. Pre-auction offers must meet all of the auction terms and conditions, and must be submitted to the Auctioneer on the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract, along with the required earnest deposit. Properly submitted offers will be presented to the Seller in a timely manner. Seller may accept or reject such offer at their sole and absolute discretion. When a pre-auction offer is submitted, all properly registered online bidders will be notified that ?an offer? has been submitted and on which specific property, however the amount of the offer shall remain confidential. All pre-auction offers must allow a minimum of 24 hours for seller?s acceptance.
ONLINE ONLY BIDDING322 W 6th Street, Junction City, KS US
ONLINE ONLY AUCTION Commercial Building & Parking Lot AuctionCOMMERCIAL RESTAURANT * ADDITIONAL PARKING * JUNCTION CITY, KSOnline Bidding Closes: Tuesday, April 25 th @ 6:00 PM. (CST)Register & Bid Online: www.BidHeritage.HiBid.comProperty Preview Dates: Wednesday, April 12 th @ 3:00pmWednesday, April 19 th @ 3:00pmDirections: The commercial building is located at 322 W. 6 TH St., Junction City, KS 66441. Theparking lot is located just northeast (across alley) from the building, and can be entered from 317W. 7 th Street. (Auction Sign on building).General Description: The commercial building was a former Mexican restaurant located 2blocks west of Hwy 57 on busy west 6th street in Junction City Kansas. High traffic maincorridor with over 10,000 cars per day. The building is 5,395 SF with two dining rooms, largekitchen and outside dining patio. Sale includes the building with side parking and additionalparking lots adjacent to the building, which can be accessed on W. 7 th Street. Junction City has apopulation 22,932 and is home to US Army base Fort Riley, providing an abundance of businessopportunity. The 2022 County Appraisal on the (3) properties was $334,330.Commercial Building:- Parcel ID: 031-111-12-0-20-06-011.00-0- 2022 County Appraisal: $290,250- Year: built 1970 (addition1999)- Zoned: Commercial CSP- Status: closed/vacant building- Size: 5,395 Sq. Ft.- Parking: 13 stall asphalt- Frontage: direct access W. 6 th St.Parking Lot:- Parcel ID: 031-111-12-0-20-06-005.00-0- Parcel ID: 031-111-12-0-20-06-006.00-0- 2022 County Appraisal: $44,080- Zoned: Commercial CSP- Status: Parking lot/vacant- Size: 13,860 Sq. Ft.- Surface: AsphaltAuctioneers Note: This commercial property and parking lot are situated in a very busy part ofthe city and on a main thoroughfare. Junction City, Kansas has a wealth of opportunity forbusiness growth from it close proximity to Fort Riley as well as only 20 miles from Manhattan,Kansas and Kansas State University. The property has been closed for a while and the ownershave elected to sell the property at an online only auction. Contact the auction company with anyquestions regarding the property or the online bidding process, by calling (314) 803-1103.SELLER: Lindemuth, Inc.Commercial Rep: Brian Lensing, KS License #235969Broker | Auctioneer: Richard Shawn Terrel, KS License #216208
Lot #: 1

Restaurant Building & Parking Lots

Addresses:Commercial Building322 W. 6th Street, Junction City, KS 66441Parking Lot 317 & 327 W. 6th Street, Junction City, KS 66441

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Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country | Heritage Brokers & Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.