Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC.
PREVIEW: Monday, July 1, 5-6 pm PICKUP: Wednesday, July 17, 3-7 pm

TERMS: By registering to bid on the internet, you acknowledge that you have read & understand the terms and conditions for each auction and/or auction item, and you agree to abide by all terms and conditions for each auction and/or auction item. PAYMENT: ONLY Visa, MasterCard, Personal/Business Check (if known to Auction Company), Cash, Bank Wire. A 15% Buyers Premium will apply to all purchases in this auction. Any other specific payment arrangements would have to be approved by Theurer Auction/Realty LLC PRIOR to bidding. Payment will be automatically made using the card with which the buyer registers. Upon receipt of payment in full, the purchaser will receive a paid invoice by email which must be presented at time of pick-up. AUCTION BID DEFAULT: If the winning bidder's credit card information is on file with Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, that card can be charged for the total purchase price plus one $30 late payment fee if payment is not otherwise made or arranged within 48 hours of the close of the auction. If no credit card information is on file or if the information is insufficient or outdated, a $30 late payment fee will be assessed for each day beyond the payment deadline for which payment is not made. If items are not timely removed as required above, a $10 handling and storage fee will be assessed per auction lot, per day. If an item is not removed within seven (7) days after the auction, the item can be considered abandoned property, with all of the buyer's rights and interests in the property extinguished with no refunds owed or offered to the buyer. If any items have been moved from an on-site location after the posted pick-up times at the election of Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, there will be a $50 hour moving charge to recover those items. If a representative agrees to meet a successful bidder outside normal pick-up times at any location, there will be a $25 convenience fee for that arrangement. The seller reserves the right to sell these items to backup bidders and hold the original bidder liable for resulting losses to the seller. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, and/or the seller reserve the right to pursue all legal remedies. INSPECTION: Contact Theurer Auctions (620.326.7315) for preview or with any questions. Buyers understand they view property at their own risk and Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, its representatives, nor the Seller or their representatives are responsible for accidents or damage to personal property during any inspection. CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Any and all information regarding the condition of property is derived from sources believed to be true and accurate, but none is guaranteed by the Seller or Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC. It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to verify any and all lot information (including condition) in person during the posted inspection times for this auction. DYNAMIC AUCTION CLOSING TIME: The lots in this auction will close in groups of 10 lots beginning at 6:00 PM, and with each additional group of 10 lots closing in 5 minute intervals. Please note that there is also a 5 minute auto-extend for each lot in all of our auctions. For example, if a lot in the auction is scheduled to close at 6:00 PM and someone places a bid at 5:59, the system will auto extend 5 minutes to give the previous bidders time to bid again. This will continue until there are no more bids in a 5 minute period related to that lot. BID RETRACTION: By placing a bid, buyer and all other bidders acknowledge all terms of the auction and agree not to retract the bid. If a bidder cannot satisfy the terms of the auction, the bidder should not bid. Once a bid is placed, Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, cannot remove the bid from the online bidding system. Please be sure of your bids before placing them in our system. PICK-UP OF ITEMS: At the completion of the auction, successful bidders will be emailed an invoice with pick-up instructions. In this auction, because the card with which you registered will automatically be charged, your invoice should be paid when you arrive for pickup unless there was a problem with your card. Winning bidders must make payment in full or approved payment arrangements within 24 hours after the close of the auction if there is a problem with the registered card. Sellers cannot accept payment. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, and/or Sellers are in no way responsible for pick-up, delivery, or assisting in loading out of property as this is the sole responsibility of the successful bidder. It is the successful bidder's responsibility to remove property within the posted pickup times for this auction. In the event that a Seller or representative of Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, agrees to assist in the load out of purchased lots, Buyers understand that neither the Seller, Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, nor its representatives are responsible for any damage to the Buyer's property of any kind. If items are not timely removed as required above, a $10 handling and storage fee will be assessed per auction lot, per day. If an item is not removed within seven (7) days after the auction, the item can be considered abandoned property, with all of the buyer's rights and interests in the property extinguished with no refunds owed or offered to the buyer. If any items have been moved from an on-site location after the posted pick-up times, there will be an $80 hour moving charge to recover those items. If a representative agrees to meet a successful bidder outside normal pick-up times at any location, there will be a $25 convenience fee for that arrangement. SHIPPING: BUYER must contact Theurer prior to bidding to arrange shipping. We will be glad to ship your items via your preferred method. Buyer will be responsible for the cost of actual shipping, any handling fees as well as insurance, which will be required on items totaling more than $50 in value. ITEMS WILL ONLY BE SHIPPED TO THE ADDRESS PROVIDED AT REGISTRATION. ITEMS NOT REMOVED DURING POSTED PICK-UP TIMES: If arrangements have not been made to remove items by the end of the last posted pickup day after the auction closing time, they will be considered abandoned property, even if paid, with all of the buyer's rights and interests in the property extinguished with no refunds owed or offered to the buyer. Items will be resold to recover removal costs. Further, the seller and Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, reserves the right to resell these items to backup bidders and hold the original bidder liable for resulting losses to the seller. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC,. and/or the seller reserve the right to pursue all legal remedies. PENALTIES: Purchases not picked in accordance with the removal terms will be forfeited and resold to cover storage fees with no credit given to the original buyer. Buyers' accounts will then be turned over to a collection agency for any delinquencies and storage fees yet unpaid. VEHICLE TITLES: Acceptable payments for titled vehicles are Cash, Certified Funds, Bank Wire or Personal/Business Check (if known to auction company). Buyers will need to contact the Office with information to complete the title (Name, Address, Lienholder). Titles will be mailed within 10 days or upon payment clearing the Bank. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC, nor the Seller, will be responsible for any late fees accrued for a title transfer as the result of negligence or untimely submission of paperwork by a Buyer. AGENCY DISCLOSURE: In all transactions, the auctioneers are acting as agents for the seller, not as buyer’s agents. DISCLAIMER: All items are sold “subject to owner confirmation” or “with reserve” unless advertised “absolute.” All information published, announced or contained herein was derived from sources believed to be true and accurate but is not guaranteed by the Seller or Theurer Auction/Realty LLC. The Seller and their agents reserve the right to place bids on the property up to the seller’s reserve, if desired, at their sole discretion, unless selling absolute. All property is being sold “as is, where is” with no guarantee or warranties. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to conduct their own due diligence and make their own decision as to the accuracy of all information. LEGAL COURSES OF ACTION: Bids are a binding offer to enter a contract and you are responsible for honoring them. Every legal remedy available will be used to ensure buyer's performance of this contract. Buyer accepts responsibility for and agrees for buyer and all of buyer's agents, representatives, successors and assigns to indemnify, defend and hold harmless sellers & Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, its employees, governing body, officers, owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, agents, and representatives from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, fees, costs, and expenses including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses related to, arising from, or associated with (1) the sale of the property, including, but not limited to, personal injuries or property damage incurred on the sale premises or during removal and transport of any auction item, (2) buyer's use of Theurer Auction/Realty LLC website and (3) a dispute with another bidder. Seller agrees to hold harmless the Auctioneers against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract. Venue for any controversy or claim arising from or relating to this agreement, or breach thereof, shall lie exclusively with District Court of Sumner County, Kansas. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of Kansas. WARNING! - EXPLANATION OF CREDIT CARD FRAUD: In order to bid online, buyers must register and create an account at our website, The credit card will be charged upon completion of the auction for any items won plus applicable buyer's premium. If, when charged, it is determined that the card is not valid or does not have a sufficient balance to cover the charges, and the bidder or representatives of the bidder knowingly registered with this card, this constitutes "Credit Card Fraud" under Federal and Kansas state law, and Theurer Auction/ Realty LLC, reserves the right to press criminal charges for such fraud, including the swearing out of an arrest warrant in the county of the bidder's residence. In addition to any criminal charges, Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC reserves the right to seek civil restitution. BIDDER VERIFICATION: The identity of all bidders will be verified, bidding rights are provisional, and if complete verification is not possible, Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC. may reject the registration, and bidding activity will be terminated. WITHDRAWAL OF ITEMS FROM THE AUCTION: Theurer Auction/Realty LLC and/or the Seller reserves the right to add or delete property, reject any bid and/or cancel the sale. Sale on all items is subject to seller approval. Auction company reserves the right to confirm the sale with the seller, and bid on behalf of the seller, if necessary. Items may have reserves that may or may not be noted. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding this new policy. 620.326.7315 Bidding increments are as follows: $0 - $25 = $1 $25 - $50 = $2.50 $50 - $250 = $5 $250 - $500 = $10 $500 - $2,000 = $25 $2,000 - $7,500 = $50 $7,500 - $10,000 = $250 $10,000 - $20,000 = $500 $25,000 - $100,000 = $2,500 $100,000 - $500,000 = $5,000 $500,000 and up = $10,000 If you are bidding against someone who has placed a max bid in the system, the max bid that is placed first will take precedence over a bid placed after. This means that the person who placed the bid first will have the high bid, in the event that the same bid is placed. In the event that there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Theurer Auction/Realty LLC., MarkNet Alliance and the Seller reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software nor Theurer Auction/Realty LLC, MarkNet Alliance or the Seller shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. Email notifications may be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary. Theurer Auction/Realty LLC reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions.
218 S Washington, Wellington, KS US

Lot #: 1

Seth Thomas Adamantine clock, wooden base, lions on side are metal, plastic top, handwritten inside "Dec 25/14", pendulum, 18" W x 11" T x 7" D

Lot #: 2

Bentime 8 day clock, Davall mechanism, 10 1/2" W x 8" T x 4" D

Lot #: 3

Wooden keywound clock, missing front glass, #12 on mechanism, 11 1/2" W x 9" T x 2 1/2" D

Lot #: 4

Metal keywound clock set into wooden base, heavy, 15" W x 7 1/2" T x 4 1/2" D

Lot #: 5

Seth Thomas kitchen clock, key & pendulum, 15" W x 23" T x 4" D

Lot #: 6

Gilbert 1807 mantel clock, key & pendulum, #28 on mechanism, 21" W x 10" T x 5 1/2" T

Lot #: 7

Marble keywound clock, cast iron man and woman on top, #1309 on mechanism, chimes, 13 1/2" W x 14" T x 6" D

Lot #: 8

Ingraham Eight Day clock, key & pendulum, 13" W x 13 1/2" T x 5" D

Lot #: 9

Kitchen clock w/lion carved on top, key & pendulum, unmarked, 16" W x 23" T x 5"D

Lot #: 10

Seth Thomas kitchen clock, key & pendulum, wood worn some on base, 13 1/2" W x 23 1/2" T x 5" D

Lot #: 11

Wooden mantel clock, key & pendulum, 356636 on mechanism, 19" W x 8" T x 5 1/2" d

Lot #: 12

Wall clock, Made in Germany, key & pendulum, 12 1/2" W x 31" T x 6" D

Lot #: 13

Gilbert alarm clock, "Patented June 6 1922", set in wood base, 13" W x 7" T x 3" D

Lot #: 14

Ingraham 31 Day wall clock, key, missing cabinet & glass front, 15" W x 34" T x 4 1/2" D

Lot #: 15

Master Crafters electrified clock "Fireplace", works, 11" T

Lot #: 16

Master Crafters electrified clock "Boy & Girl Swinging", works, 11" T

Lot #: 17

Bulova electrified metal wall clock, works, 15" W

Lot #: 18

Gruen Watch Time Flower's Jewelry, Junction City, electrified wall clock, "Syncron" on mechanism, "Mar 19-1951" written on back, 16" diam, works

Lot #: 19

Pam Electric Wall clock, "Roberts Milk is really good!", lights up & works, 15 1/2"

Lot #: 20

"Bud Light" Prestige Backwall clock, lights up, clock doesn't work, 17" W x 19" T

Lot #: 21

Telechron electric clock, works, 15" diam

Lot #: 22

Welcome to Marlboro Country electric clock, clock works, 26" W x 9 1/2" T x 4" W

Lot #: 23

DuaLite "GE TV-Radio Service"plastic electric clock, clock works, doesn't light up (probably needs bulbs), 17" Diam

Lot #: 24

DuaLite "Crush" electric wall clock, plastic, 14 1/2" W x 13" T

Lot #: 25

Budweiser King of Beers World Champion Clydesdale Team electric light, works, 8" W x 6" T

Lot #: 26

Pepsi-Cola electric wall clock, doesn't work

Lot #: 27

Metal electric wall clock, "Don't take 'nuthin' but Rodeo", lights up, clock doesn't work, 26" W x 16 1/2" T x5" D

Lot #: 28

Electric plastic Pepsi wall clock, clock works, doesn't light up, 14" W x 16" T x 6" D

Lot #: 29

Mickey's Malt Liquor electric lighted plastic sign, works, 14 1/2" W x 11 1/2" T x 4 1/2" D

Lot #: 30

New Haven Quartz 1990 Campbell Soup Company Campbell's Kids, plastic wall clock, battery powered

Lot #: 31

Spartus striped cat electric clock, doesn't work

Lot #: 32

Monarch Paint thermometer, metal, 39" T x 8" W, some chipped & missing paint

Lot #: 33

Ken-L Meal thermometer, metal 27" T x 7" W, minimal chips & rust along back edge

Lot #: 34

Packard Motor Cars Americana thermometer, new, 27" T x 8 1/2" W

Lot #: 35

Big A Advantage Muffler plastic thermometer, 12 1/2" diam

Lot #: 36

Johnson Funeral Home, Junction City, Kansas metal thermometer, rusted on top, 6" diam

Lot #: 37

Butler Steel Buildings, Young Sales & Erection Co, Hutchinson Kansas, metal thermometer, 13 1/2" T x 3 3/4" W

Lot #: 38

Pepsi metal thermometer, 9"

Lot #: 39

Taylor standup thermometer, 5" T

Lot #: 40

Minneapolis Heat Regulator thermometer/clock/thermostat, Model T.P., 9" T

Lot #: 41

Walt Disney Thermo Plaques " Donald Duck" and "Water Babies", 6 1/4"

Lot #: 42

Thermometers: 3-S'Long Will; 1 Jesus w/Sheep

Lot #: 43

Winnie The Pooh alarm clock, original box & Twinkie the Kid clock

Lot #: 44

Asstd clocks & thermometers

Lot #: 45

Lane cedar chest 45" W x 19 1/2" D x 32" T

Lot #: 46

Vanity dresser w/mirror, 42" W x 18" D x 65" T, needs refinished

Lot #: 47

Floor lamp w/marble globe on stand, cast iron base, needs electric repairs, 57" T

Lot #: 48

Floor lamp, cast iron base & finial, 59" T

Lot #: 49

Floor lamp, bronze finish, cast iron base, 58 1/2" T

Lot #: 50

Church pew w/hymnal rack on back 43" W x 21" D x 34" T

Lot #: 51

West Branch cedar chest, extra shelf, 47 1/2" W x 18 1/2" D x 22" T

Lot #: 52

Three-legged sewing basket, 11 1/2" diameter, 18 1/2" T

Lot #: 53

Trapezoid shaped foot stool, wood base, vinyl seat is 23 1/2"W x 13" D, 18 1/2" T

Lot #: 54

Sewing cabinet w/spool holder, 17" W x 13 1/2" D x 25" T

Lot #: 55

Plastic Fossil locking table top display case, rotates, 10 3/4" W x 10" D x 21 1/2" T

Lot #: 56

Wood & glass display case, glass shelves, Oriental design, 17 1/4" W x 9 1/2" D x 20 1/2" T

Lot #: 57

Metal glider, rusted & needs refinished, 64" W x 24" D x 33" T

Lot #: 58

Cedar chest, has wheels, top has scratches & worn, 42 1/2" W x 19 1/4" D x 19" T

Lot #: 59

Lawn jockey on metal stand, 36" T

Lot #: 60

Round oak table w/inlaid design on top & bottom shelves, 22" diam, 29" T

Lot #: 61

Antique vintage Big Giant vertical steam engine, 9" T

Lot #: 62

Antique vintage horizontal toy steam engine w/accessories incl cylinder, grinding stone, line shaft, sausage maker, cement dump -- all on board

Lot #: 63

Weeden upright steam engine, 11" T

Lot #: 64

Weeden No. 42 steam engine, electrically heated, 10 3/8" T, 4 3/8" base, from mid 1940s

Lot #: 65

Weeden upright steam engine, 11" T

Lot #: 66

Upright steam engine on metal base 8 1/2" T, 3 1/2" diameter base

Lot #: 67

Upright steam engine, 9 1/2" T, 3 3/4" diameter base

Lot #: 68

Steam engine accessories: Weeden line shaft, unmarked line shaft, Weeden grinding stone

Lot #: 69

Mini steam engine accessories: pumper? & windmill

Lot #: 70

Jensen dry fuel fired steam engine No. 75, incl boiler, steam pipe, cylinder, firebox

Lot #: 71

Mamod SE.2a steam engine, NIB

Lot #: 72

Mamod T.E. 1a steam engine, NIB

Lot #: 73

Mamod S.R. 1a steam engine, NIB

Lot #: 74

Mamod steam engine accessories in orig box: Model power press, mini polishing machine, mini grinding machine, line shaft, model power hammer

Lot #: 75

Cyclone wind mill pump, original box

Lot #: 76

Remote Control motors: several Cox .049; 2 or 3 Testors .049; new Cox .09; Fox 15 & 35

Lot #: 79

5 - Mini salesman sample stoves (2-Royal, Dot, Williams, unmarked); salesman sample Alaska icebox "Pat.June 1-26, 1471"; Greycraft pots & pans in box

Lot #: 80

3-Salesman sample stoves - 1 Waldorf, 2 unmarked

Lot #: 81

Crescent salesman sample cast iron stove w/3 pans

Lot #: 82

Royal salesman sample cast iron cook stove

Lot #: 83

Eagle salesman sample cast iron cook stove

Lot #: 84

Eagle salesman sample cast iron cook stove w/1 pan

Lot #: 85

Box of asstd cast iron salesman sample pans; teapot marked "Bovaird", others unmarked

Lot #: 86

Pieces to cast iron salesman sample stoves

Lot #: 87

Salesman sample cast iron: Wagner waffle maker, (2) Wagner 1050 skillets, Wagner A skillet, Griswold 570 skillet, The Anvil Club skillet, ????? Cast iron

Lot #: 88

Advertising cast iron skillets: Astrodome, Bryan Fine Meats, Birmingham Stove & Range Co, Trafford Foundry, Brown Stove Works, Goodner Van Company & 3 large skillets marked "The Tank with the Red Roof

Lot #: 89

3 sets cast iron bookends: "The Last Trail", Indian Chief in headdress, "Jeanne D'Aro" Horses

Lot #: 90

3 sets cast iron bookends: stagecoach, Empty Saddle, The Angelus Call to Prayer, Copr 1928

Lot #: 91

3 sets cast iron bookends: Wolves, Lions "A.C.W. Co 301", Crouching Lions Copr. 1930

Lot #: 92

3 sets cast iron bookends: Amish couple "Wilton", Indian on horse, The Last Trail Copr. 1930

Lot #: 93

4 sets cast iron bookends: Cats "K8 Touchdown", Scottie dogs (wooden), Genie's lamps, Verona Lyndon B Johnson "Lindy"

Lot #: 94

3 sets cast iron bookends: "Chief of Police" dogs, "The Last Trail," Bears

Lot #: 95

2 Scotty dogs cast iron door stops, 6" & 7 1/2" T

Lot #: 96

Cast iron door stop - 3 Boston Terrier dogs "Merry Christmas", 7" T

Lot #: 97

Cast iron dog w/metal dish

Lot #: 98

Cast iron German Shepherd door stop, 10" T

Lot #: 99

Ship cast iron door stop, 11"

Lot #: 100

Cat cast iron door stop, 11" T

Lot #: 101

Perky Boston Terrier door stop, 9 1/2" T

Lot #: 102

Cast iron Dachshund foot scraper / door stop

Lot #: 103

Cast iron donkey door stop, very heavy, head knods

Lot #: 104

Cast iron Post Box

Lot #: 105

Box of metal horses (3) & dogs (3) (may have been on weather vanes)

Lot #: 106

3-M.W. Hartman advertising cast iron anvils; National Lead Company Solder, Dutch Boy weight; New England Flaky Crust pie tin; Service Foundry, Wichita KS advertising piece

Lot #: 107

Cast iron Amish village people

Lot #: 108

Box of Dealer and Harper Co KS license tags

Lot #: 109

LA Coates pitcher pump, could be reproduction, new paint

Lot #: 110

LA Coates pitcher pump, paint worn off

Lot #: 111

Carousel Industries gumball machine

Lot #: 112

Monarch Telephone Manufacturing Co L53890 candlestick phone, Pat. 1907

Lot #: 113

Oak wall telephone, crank works, unmarked

Lot #: 114

Mismatched cast iron bookends

Lot #: 115

Vintage metal swimming pool basket

Lot #: 116

Antique cast iron seal stamps: "W.P. Cravens, Notary Public, Saline Co Kansas"; "Mildred V Johnson Notary Public, Clay County, Kans"; "A.H.T.A. No. 513, Irving, Kans" w/swastika on side; dog seal; old

Lot #: 117

Antique cast iron seal stamps: "Woodbury Chemical Company, St. Joseph, MO"; "The Pioneers of America, A Mutual Assurance Society, Pekin, Illinois"; other 2 are unreadable

Lot #: 118

Antique cast iron seal stamps: "The Omicron Building Association, Organized 1927, Manhattan, Kansas"; "Liberty Camp No. 2173, H.N of A., Milford, Kansas"; 2 unreadable

Lot #: 119

4 sad irons: "Sensible No. 5"; "Cole Brookdale Iron Co, Dovertown, PA";(2) "Mrs Potts Sad Iron"

Lot #: 120

4 sad irons: (2) "Asbestos Sad Iron" with carrier; "Ober 3"; 1 unmarked

Lot #: 121

7 mini cast sad irons: "The Pearl"; "Lehman Hardward, Kidron, OH"; "Stoves and Ranges, Round Oak"; 4 unmarked

Lot #: 122

9 cast sad irons: 5 w/removable wooden handles are unmarked; nonremovable wooden handle "The Pearl"; 2 "Dover Sad Iron" w/removable covers; 1 unmarked

Lot #: 123

7-Antique sad iron trivets: Good Luck Star; Colebrookdale Iron Co, Pottstown PA; The W.H. Howell Co, Geneva Ill; The Cleveland Foundry Co; Dubuque Potts; Best on Earth; 1 unmarked

Lot #: 124

9-Antique sad iron trivets: A-Best-O; Dubuque Potts; Horseshoe Good Luck w/Star; Colebrookdale Iron Co. Pottstown, PA; The Cleveland Foundry Co; Good Luck to All Who Use this Stand horseshoe; Enterpri

Lot #: 125

Asstd sad irons w/out handles & antique sad iron trivets, all unmarked except large one "Mrs Potts Sad Iron" and small one "Sensible No. 6

Lot #: 126

Griscer grinder, Pat 4-25-22

Lot #: 127

Antique E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter meat grinder w/3 discs, Pat. May 29.06

Lot #: 128

2 antique E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter hatchets

Lot #: 129

Vintage E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter K05 brass cement smoother

Lot #: 130

Wagner Ware 1019 Cast iron cornbread molds; Wagner Ware 1317 cast iron cornbread mold

Lot #: 131

Antique apple peeler Reading Hardware Co, PA, '78 U.S.A.

Lot #: 132

Antique apple peeler Pat.May 24 1898, Turntable '98, Made by Goodell Co U.S.A. Antrim N.H.

Lot #: 133

Antique apple peeler, unmarked

Lot #: 134

2 - Hollman Food Chopper No. 11, Hollman Mfg Co,Mt. Joy PA, U.S.A.

Lot #: 135

Hollman Food Chopper No. 12, Hollman Mfg Co,Mt. Joy PA, U.S.A.

Lot #: 136

White Mountain No. 3 Apple parer, corer and slicer, Made by Goodell Co, Antrim N.H., U.S.A., some rust

Lot #: 137

Little Star Apple parer & slicer, Patented June 9. 85

Lot #: 138

Green White Mountain No. 3 Apple parer, corer and slicer, Made by Goodell Co, Antrim N.H., U.S.A.,

Lot #: 139

New White Mountain No. 3 Apple parer, corer and slicer, Made by Goodell Co, Antrim N.H., U.S.A., original box

Lot #: 140

New Standard Corp cherry pitter, Antrim, N.H.

Lot #: 141

Antique Meat and Juice Press, Pat. March 1885, Osborne, Newark NJ

Lot #: 142

2 Antique Perfection Nut Crackers, Waco Texas, Pat Nov 17 1914

Lot #: 143

2 miniature metal vises, 1 has broken bolt

Lot #: 144

2-Vintage cast iron antique hand cranked pasta/Ravioli maker, early 1900s, good condition, 1 needs screw

Lot #: 145

Squirrel Nut Cracker 208, Alex Woldert Co, Tyler Tex and Chicago, Pat'd. May 18 1913

Lot #: 146

Antique Cherry Seed Pitter, Logan and Strobridge, New Brighton PA

Lot #: 147

Yankee Lidon antique juicer & Pearl antique garlic press

Lot #: 148

Enterprise Cherry Stoner 1309, Enterprise Mfg. Co. Phila. U.S.A.

Lot #: 149

Nash Mole Trap, Scotts Mich, Reg US Pat Off

Lot #: 150

U.S. Standard Sieve Series, Nos. 4, 80, 100

Lot #: 151

Asstd antique cast iron and metal items, incl cat, monkeys, Elmer Fudd, Westinghouse Tuff Guy, small anvil, Betsey Ross Rug Shuttle Needle, juicer

Lot #: 152

Mascot Egg Grader, egg light, Wait scale, "Luchs" Meetbeker German measuring cup

Lot #: 153

Asstd antique ice cream scoops (Gilchrist's No. 31 & 33, Hamilton Beach No. 40 & 60, 1 unmarked) beater & meat tenderizer (unmarked), tin drinking cup

Lot #: 154

Tailoring Tools: "Standard" Square Inch Dress Cutting System, Victor tape measure, Putnam's Improved Cloth Chart - both in original boxes; "Inaminint" Skirt Measure, Pat. July 4, 1805 New York

Lot #: 155

2 lamps-Metal one has ship's wheel, cast iron stick lamp

Lot #: 156

Cast iron items incl scales, frogs, rooster, cat, dogs, elephants

Lot #: 157

Cast iron horses, buffalo, dog, cow; 2 metal silver horses

Lot #: 158

Cast iron horse and carts, wagon, Mammy, bear, chef

Lot #: 159

2 Arcade cast iron cars, 1 missing wheels; Arcade horses and wagon, hitch broken; umarked cast iron horse with ICE buggy

Lot #: 160

Cast iron horse w/metal surrey, surrey marked "880", 9"

Lot #: 161

Cast iron artillery gun w/metal wheels, 6 1/2"

Lot #: 162

Cast iron train "workings", marked "Central Scientific Co., Chicago ILL, 15"

Lot #: 163

Cast iron standing cat candleholder, 16"

Lot #: 164

2 cast iron horse drawn ICE wagon w/man on seat, 10"

Lot #: 165

Stanley Toys cast iron 2 horse drawn wagon, metal man & woman in seat, marked "1" on hitch, 11"

Lot #: 166

Stanley Toys metal 2 horse drawn metal surrey wagon, metal man & woman in seats, marked "6" on hitch, horses slightly worn, 11 1/2"

Lot #: 167

Frank L. Culp Original Toy, cast iron 8 horse drawn beer wagon , 2 men, 1 dog, barrels of beer, appears complete, 34", very unusual

Lot #: 168

2 metal horses, hitch broken & 2 cast iron horses

Lot #: 169

Prairie Schooner Chewing Tobacco advertising cast iron 2 horse drawn wagon, 12 1/2" and "The Nodders" 1 horse drawn wagon, 6 1/2"

Lot #: 170

Cast iron mechanical clown bank

Lot #: 171

Cast iron pirate on treasure chest bank & metal donkey bank

Lot #: 172

Metal Elsie the Cow bank, missing bottom plug

Lot #: 173

Coca Cola iron bank in box

Lot #: 174

Vintage 1930's tin litho J Chein clown bank

Lot #: 175

Vintage tin litho J Chein mechanical monkey bank

Lot #: 176

Vintage tin litho J Chein Uncle Wiggly bank

Lot #: 177

Vintage tin litho J Chein elephant bank

Lot #: 178

Bucking Buffalo Mechanical Bank, marked on bottom "Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge", incl original paperwork

Lot #: 179

Jonah and the Whale Mechanical Bank, marked on bottom "Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge, Pat. July 15 1890", missing bottom plug

Lot #: 180

Race Horse mechanical bank, marked "Taiwan" on bottom, Patented Aug 15 1871

Lot #: 181

World's Fair Mechanical Bank, insert coin and man pops up, bottom marked "Columbus marked on bottom "Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge"

Lot #: 182

Trick Pony Mechanical Bank, marked on bottom "Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge", incl original paperwork

Lot #: 183

Punch & Judy Mechanical Bank, marked on bottom "Reproduced from original in Collection of The Book of Knowledge", includes original paperwork

Lot #: 184

2 - Old Iron Still Elephant banks w/howdahs, 3 3/4" T, 4 3/4" W

Lot #: 185

Old iron cat bank, 5" T, 3 1/2" W

Lot #: 186

Thrifty Pig iron still bank, 6 1/2" T, 2 3/4" square, verse on front

Lot #: 187

Mulligan the Cop iron bank, 5 1/2" T

Lot #: 188

National Safe Deposit bank, 6" T

Lot #: 189

Dog with Pack iron bank, 5 3/4" W, 4" T

Lot #: 190

Bear iron bank, 6 1/2" T

Lot #: 191

Sitting Pig iron bank, taped together b/c needs screws, 11" L, 6" T

Lot #: 192

Rearing Horse iron bank, 7" T

Lot #: 193

Dachshund iron bank, 8 1/2" L, 5 3/4" T

Lot #: 194

Sitting Monkey iron bank, 8" T

Lot #: 195

Asstd iron banks incl Campbell Kids, owl, train car, mailboxes

Lot #: 196

Asstd iron banks incl donkey (broken leg), cow (broken leg), The Share Cropper (toes broken off), lion, donkey, cat, mama bear & baby

Lot #: 197

National iron bank w/glass on 3 sides, 6 1/2" square, 6" T

Lot #: 198

Iron Bureaux Caisse bank, 6" W, 5" D, 9" T

Lot #: 199

Iron State Bank bank, 5 1/2" W, 4 1/2" D, 5" T

Lot #: 200

Kenton Brand iron safe deposit bank, angels w/wings on 3 sides, appears old, 3" W, 2 1/2" D, 4 3/4" T

Lot #: 201

4 iron banks - houses & barn

Lot #: 202

Asstd iron banks-red one has missing leg

Lot #: 203

Three Little Pigs banks, ceramic

Lot #: 204

Box of metal banks: 2 Electrolux refrigerators, 1 Frigidaire refrigerator, deer, green pig, juke box, sloot machine, Popeye, 2 Captain Flint, "Happy Jack" tin

Lot #: 205

Ceramic banks incl 3 "Pati" signed elephant, cat, pig; 2 cats w/red shoes; brown droopy eyed dog; Victoria poodle

Lot #: 206

Ceramic banks incl: Occupied Japan pig; Lefton pig; souvenir rabbit & pig; Southwest Citizens Federal blue/pink pig; unmarked pig & 3 cats

Lot #: 207

4 old Carnival chalk banks incl: Skull w/green helmet marked with Swastika; Donkey w/pack; wishing well; German Shepherd dog

Lot #: 208

4 old Carnival chalk banks incl chicken, spotted pig, bear, "Punchy" w/football (toe chipped)

Lot #: 209

Ceramic banks incl Scrubbing Bubbles, Three Wise Monkeys, girl & boy, clown, boat, Jabba the Hut, pig, chicken feeder

Lot #: 210

Ceramic banks incl: 2 "Blades", smiley face, Snoopy, Bambi, cat in rocking chair, peanut, Donald Duck, pig, New Orleans souvenir

Lot #: 211

Plastic banks incl: Barney from Flintstones "H.B.P. 1973 Homecraft Prod"; blue pig "A.N. Brooks Corporation Merchandise Mart"; boy "Pennsylvania Dutch candies"; Ideal hen on nest; unmarked pig, bottle

Lot #: 212

Ceramic banks, some souvenir-Kewpies; Sheriff; Owl; Uncle Sam; brown elephant; Cadillac; Indian; travelers

Lot #: 213

5 metal globe banks, 1 cash register bank

Lot #: 214

Glass banks incl 4 dogs, 1 pig, globe, owl, bell, Grapette bottle, bear

Lot #: 215

Advertising banks incl Campbell's, Tootsie Roll, Hill's Dog Food, Rival Dog Food, Amoco, Diamond Crystal

Lot #: 216

Asstd banks incl black dog, pig "I Love Money", "Hell Raising Fund", orange monster "Made in Germany"

Lot #: 217

Plastic banks incl dog in race car, Pluto, duck, Sparky's camper

Lot #: 218

Bronzed metal banks incl boot, bears, lion, treasure chest, Mt Rushmore, pirate on treasure chest, bears eating honey

Lot #: 219

Banks incl Bicentennial bell, elephant, barrel, combo safe, Sniffles, 2 others

Lot #: 220

Mail box & combo box banks incl IH, Brookside State Bank, Cash Store Register, Calendar Underwriters, Thrift Vault, Thrift Dial Bank, Crown

Lot #: 221

Bar X Dude Ranch tin bank, drum bank, treasure chest bank, Pirate chest bank, sky scraper bank (no bottom)

Lot #: 222

Plastic banks: Oscar Mayer, 2 Uncle Sams, Pioneer Bank, 2 soda dispensers, Farmway Credit Union

Lot #: 223

Asstd plastic banks: deer, Batman, pig, boot, Instamatic camera,squirrel, egg, yellow bus, Foremost van

Lot #: 224

Asstd ceramic banks: Chilly Willy, Indian, Snoopy on doghouse, yellow duck, bear, mallard decoy

Lot #: 225

Asstd plastic banks: 2 yellow pigs, 2 bunnies, blue bear, pink owl, Pac Man, United States astronaut space flight commemorative, refrigerator, RCA Silverama

Lot #: 226

Banks: Thrifty Chick, 2 pigs, frog, 3 bears, chicken, Heifer Project boat

Lot #: 227

Wooden souvenir banks

Lot #: 228

Plastic banks incl State Farm pink pig, Sparky's Camper, tiger, Robie, blue smiling kid

Lot #: 229

2 souvenir banks, refrigerator, Mickey Mouse bank, cross bank "He Gave-We Give"

Lot #: 230

6 - Tin banks incl Pinocchio, drum, J&P Coats, Christmas offering, GR Post Office, The Wise Men

Lot #: 231

Asstd banks incl wooden cabin, metal treasure chest, cast iron rocking horse, metal houses, metal currency

Lot #: 232

Plastic banks incl baseball, toilet, shoes, umbrella houses, alarm clocks, church, Hopalong Cassidy

Lot #: 233

Wooden banks incl Donkey "Time to Save", lumberjack, mouse, "My Loot Box"

Lot #: 234

Ceramic banks: red pig, penguin, red dog, Indian, dog in doghouse, turquoise/pink cat

Lot #: 235

NIB banks: Montgomery Ward Co, 1936 Dodge, Blue Sunoco truck bank, Phillips 66 truck, 1918 Ford Runabout

Lot #: 236

NIB banks: Buddy L Greyhound bus, True Value 1950 Ford Panel van, True Value 1930 Diamond "T Tanker bank, True Value 1927 Graham Brothers Delivery truck

Lot #: 237

NIB Banks: Riding Mower, 3 John Deere 1938 Bantam panel vans, 1948 BMC fire truck

Lot #: 238

Toilet bank, 4 new Mickey Mouse banks

Lot #: 239

Rooster cookie jar, lid chipped inside

Lot #: 240

New Mickey/Minnie Turnabout cookie jar

Lot #: 241

2 cookie jars: "I am a Cookie Crock", missing paint on lid and brown mouse

Lot #: 242

Howdy Doody cookie jar, no lid, crack around top edge & Dutch boy

Lot #: 243

Shawnee Puss 'n Boots cookie jar(inside lid slightly rough), creamer, S&P shakers

Lot #: 244

Fluffy cookie jar, chip on bottom of lid

Lot #: 245

Snow White & Dopey cookie jar

Lot #: 246

2 plastic pig cookie jars (small crack above left eye of yellow pig)

Lot #: 247

2 pig cookie jars: "Man" pig has chip and paint worn off; "Winnie" right ear slight paint roughness

Lot #: 248

Birds in Cookie Cage and Rabbit ceramic cookie jars

Lot #: 249

Elsie the Cow cookie jar, left hoof chipped; mama bear, paint on front; green cat

Lot #: 250

Elsie the Cow cookie jar & Mary's Moo Moos cookie jar

Lot #: 251

NIB cookie jars: Felix the Cat, Cat Family, Noah's Ark

Lot #: 252

Tony the Tiger Cookie jar, NIB & Cereal Bowl Set, NIB

Lot #: 253

Tony the Tiger Cookie jar, NIB & Cereal Bowl Set, NIB

Lot #: 254

Hand Painted Royal cat tea set incl tea pot, creamer, S&P shakers

Lot #: 255

Rudolph cookie jar, appears in good condition

Lot #: 256

2 Rudolph tea sets, no major damage, slight roughness on lids from wear

Lot #: 257

Dumbo 2qt jug (top slightly rough) & Dumbo "baby" smaller jug

Lot #: 258

White duck ceramic pitcher & pig ceramic pitcher

Lot #: 259

Rudolph ceramic lamp w/shade, 23" T

Lot #: 260

Rudolph ceramic lamp w/shade, 16" T, neck has hairline crack on both sides

Lot #: 261

2 Rudolph lamps: 1 with textured shade has hairline crack on neck, base is cracked; 1 w/Bambi shade has hairline crack on neck

Lot #: 262

Fireplace lamp & round see-through fire lamp

Lot #: 263

Siamese cat mom w/2 kittens lamp 12" W, 13" T

Lot #: 264

Siamese cat w/1 kitten lamp, "Krom", 9 1/2" W, 13" T

Lot #: 265

Cats on chair lamp w/ cat shade & amber cat lamp

Lot #: 266

Charlie Chaplin by lamp post lamp, 16" T

Lot #: 267

Mother Cow & Baby in chair reading lamp, 9" T & lamp w/plastic yellow pup, 12" T

Lot #: 268

Century of Progress, Chicago 1933 lamp, 5" T

Lot #: 269

Metal base lamp w/frosted shade, 11 1/2" T

Lot #: 270

6 metal trays: "Lunch with Uncle Pete", 3 Coca-Cola, Historic Opera House, The Idyll

Lot #: 271

Metal advertising tins

Lot #: 272

Metal advertising tins

Lot #: 273

3 round metal advertising tins - Danish Butter Cookies, children playing, Fruit cake

Lot #: 274

Asstd metal tins incl horse drawn sled, Gloria Swanson, The Three Little Pigs, Henry Clive, Campfire Marshmallows Supreme,

Lot #: 275

Sailing ship tin bucket, tin "Kitchen" and tin "Little Boy Blue"

Lot #: 276

3 large metal advertising tins made in Germany

Lot #: 277

3 Metal advertising tins & metal cake tin

Lot #: 278

Empty Saddle horse from Cheyenne Wyo

Lot #: 279

Roy Rogers, Tonto and Lone Ranger on horses, guns in holsters, no hat on Lone Ranger

Lot #: 280

Daniel Boone on paint horse, 2 cowboys on horses, 1 black horse

Lot #: 281

Box of 6 plastic horses

Lot #: 282

Lg horse w/saddle, bendable horse w/saddle, black running horse w/saddle, roan running hrse, 2 colts

Lot #: 283

Plastic cows, calves, horses, deer

Lot #: 284

3 black plastic horses, 1 paint horse, 5 misc saddles (2 metal, 1 plastic, 1 Kansas City Mo Centennial 1850-1950, 1 decorative

Lot #: 285

Black cloth horse (missing 1 hoof), cloth seal, wooden wagon, horse plaque, plastic girl sheriff pitcher

Lot #: 286

2 metal shovels, box of toy car parts, misc metal cars

Lot #: 287

Three Wise Monkeys metal calendar & statue; cast iron bell; metal Eiffel Tower; old metal car; pocket watches

Lot #: 288

Cast iron horse pipe holder, Scottie dog & black horse; brass bell; metal dog; bell

Lot #: 289

Metal winter activity scenes - people, horse drawn sleds, skiers, ice skaters, sleds

Lot #: 290

Cast iron frogs, turtle, rooster & metal man w/donkey "Spark Plug"

Lot #: 291

Brass & cast iron pieces & bells

Lot #: 292

Vintage partial grooming kit (Melmac??), Presto C.B. fire extinguisher, Hanson Handi-Jet brass water sprayer, G.H. Bailey Miltonville Kansas server

Lot #: 293

Box of advertising rulers, matches container & more advertising items

Lot #: 294

Antique sifters (Bromwell's, Kewpie), The Master Mfg Co funnel, Marcel Waver Subpedo hair crimper, 2 child's beaters

Lot #: 295

The Dukes of Hazzard lunch box, 1980, with thermos, good condition

Lot #: 296

Metal lunch boxes, no thermos - Family Affair 1969, Bonanza, The Munsters (all have slight wear on outside and some rust on inside)

Lot #: 297

Metal lunch boxes- (2) Knight Rider, 1 has thermos, both are dirty & rusted; Land of the Giants, no thermos, good condition

Lot #: 298

Reproduction lunch boxes - Cracker Jack has thermos; 2 Mickey Mouse lunch boxes contain cookies & lollipops

Lot #: 299

3 plastic lunch boxes-G.I. Joe & Buzz w/ thermos; Peanuts w/out thermos

Lot #: 300

Salt & Pepper shakers, primarily ceramic animals

Lot #: 301

Salt & Pepper shakers, primarily ceramic dogs

Lot #: 302

Salt & Pepper shakers, primarily ceramic, except metal rocking chairs and green glass bottles

Lot #: 303

Plastic and NIB Salt & Pepper shakers

Lot #: 304

Wooden, some plastic, salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 305

Ceramic salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 306

Ceramic animal salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 307

Ceramic salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 308

Ceramic cat salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 309

Smiley pig pitcher, 2 sets pig salt & pepper shakers (1 broken), large set of pig salt & pepper shakers, pigs w/hats salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 310

Asstd ceramic salt & pepper shakers, incl fish, ships, dolphins, more

Lot #: 311

Mismatched salt & pepper shakers

Lot #: 312

Aunt Jemima pitcher, syrup pitchers, salt & pepper shakers, cream & sugar

Lot #: 313

Vintage Antique Carnival chalkware Ferdinand the Bull, 9" W, 10" T

Lot #: 314

Vintage Antique Carnival chalkware Snow White, 14 1/2" T

Lot #: 315

Vintage Antique Carnival chalkware Lone Ranger, 15" T

Lot #: 316

Vintage Antique Carnival chalkware Charlie Chaplin in black tux, 15" T

Lot #: 317

Vintage Antique Carnival chalkware Bagpipe Girl, 15" T

Lot #: 318

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Vintage Carnival chalkware topless blonde girl w/hula skirt, 15" T

Lot #: 319

Vintage Carnival chalkware kitten w/ball, 6 3/4" T

Lot #: 320

Carnival chalkware wall hanging Mammy w/wash tub, "Marco" on bottom, 7" T

Lot #: 321

3 - Ezra Brooks liquor bottles: FZ8, 1969; BY3, 1969; Katz FZ11, 1970

Lot #: 322

Ezra Brooks Katz liquor bottles-1963, 1967, 1968, 1969

Lot #: 323

4 Liquor bottles: Penguin in top hat w/red vest, brown jug, Tiffany Poodle in bag (Beam), Tombstone Arizona (Beam)

Lot #: 324

4 liquor bottles: Penguin in top hat w/white vest, cabin, naked lady on barrel, Cabin Still

Lot #: 325

4 liquor bottles: Black bull, Ski Country pheasants, Ezra Brooks quail, Ezra Brooks KU Jayhawk

Lot #: 326

O.B.R. Liquor bottle W.C. Fields & Covered wagon

Lot #: 327

3 vehicle liquor bottles: red Volkswagen, Oldsmobile 75th Anniversary, Ford Model T??

Lot #: 328

Boots & horse shoes ceramic bookends, unmarked

Lot #: 329

Chalkware wall hangings: Black Boy w/umbrella, Black Girl w/ umbrella, fruit, Boston Terrier dog

Lot #: 330

McCoy Vintage pinecones tea pot, 2 creamers, sugar; appears to have no cracks

Lot #: 331

Chalkware wall hangings: Red pig "Hi" and "Bye"; Black pig "Hi"; fruit basket

Lot #: 332

McCoy planter dog on leash barking at cat, 7" W, 7" T, 4 1/2" D

Lot #: 333

McCoy blue vase w/swan, 9 1/4" T, 6 1/2" W at mouth of vase, no cracks or chips

Lot #: 334

Hull No. 57 pink & blue vase w/deer, 8 1/2" T, no cracks or chips

Lot #: 335

Hull No. W13 wall pocket, 7 1/2"

Lot #: 336

Hull No. S17 2-handled vase, 4 3/4", reproduction

Lot #: 337

Hull No. W3 vase, 5 1/2"

Lot #: 338

Hull No. W3 vase, 5 1/2"; Hull No. W2 cornucopia vase, 5 1/2"; Hull No. W10 cornucopia vase, 11"

Lot #: 339

Hull No. 60 parrot pulling cart, chip & hairline crack on back of cart, 6"

Lot #: 340

Hull No. 69 green swan

Lot #: 341

Yellow pottery w/pink flowers, marked U.S.A. - No. 93 vase, 6 1/2"; (2) No. 97 planters, 5 1/2"

Lot #: 342

2 - Roseville No. 551 candleholders

Lot #: 343

Roseville No. 19 vase, 6"

Lot #: 344

Weller vase, 7 3/4"

Lot #: 345

Handpainted Nippon tea set on serving plate, large pitcher, shoe, covered dish

Lot #: 346

L. Batlin & Sons teapot

Lot #: 347

Shawnee No. 841 vase, mother & baby giraffe10"

Lot #: 348

2-Shawnee No. 85 kitten cream pitchers

Lot #: 349

Brown bull planter, "Q 433"

Lot #: 350

Antique apple cookie jar, small chip on leaf

Lot #: 351

Royal Hagger R523 blue fan vase

Lot #: 352

Black amethyst vase, 6 1/2" T

Lot #: 353

Black amethyst vase, 7" T

Lot #: 354

R.S. Prussia hat pin holder 5" T

Lot #: 355

Watt Pottery No. 76 cookie jar, 3 red leaves & 4 green leaves, 1/2" crack inside lid

Lot #: 356

Watt Pottery No. 73 covered casserole, 1 cherry & 3 green leaves, lid & rim are rough

Lot #: 357

Watt Pottery bowl, believe reproduction, unmarked

Lot #: 358

Watt No. 15 cream pitcher, slight roughness around top

Lot #: 359

4 - Watt No. 04 bowls, slight roughness around tops but could be from use

Lot #: 360

Pink depression glass - 5 wine glasses, 4 wine glasses, 3 sherry glasses, 1 plate

Lot #: 361

Green Vaseline glass slick handle double spout batter bowl, 9" diameter

Lot #: 362

Pink Vaseline slick handle double spout batter bowl, 9" diameter

Lot #: 363

Box of pink depression glassware

Lot #: 364

Box of green depression glassware

Lot #: 365

2 green depression glass plates, 1 Green Depression ice bucket

Lot #: 366

"This Little Pig Went to Market" blue plates (4)

Lot #: 367

Green bowl sitting on top of 3 ladies with their legs holding the bowl, unmarked, unusual piece

Lot #: 368

Antique Carnival glass pitcher and 4 glasses

Lot #: 369

Shirley Temple dishes: 2 cream pitchers, 1 cup, 1 bowl

Lot #: 370

Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut 7pc table service, original box

Lot #: 371

2 pictures: Kittens on dresser, "H.C.P" in bottom right corner & Nine kittens in flowers, no signature

Lot #: 372

Call to Prayer print

Lot #: 373

Indian in canoe on river picture

Lot #: 374

The Dionne "Quints" picture and story book

Lot #: 375

The Lord's Supper

Lot #: 376

"The Last Trail" painting

Lot #: 377

"He had time to Think" print, E. Serbaruli

Lot #: 378

"Sentinel of Freedom" print, signed Adrian Brewer

Lot #: 379

Series "557 His Game," "552 His Valentine", "553 His Letter", "556 His Bride"

Lot #: 380

Antique paper pictures, die cut, embossed

Lot #: 381

Easter items, jewelry, mini soda bottles, more - 6 boxes

Lot #: 382

Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals, Halloween d�cor, souvenir buttons & items, figurines, ashtrays - 6 boxes

Lot #: 383

Figurines incl Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney; old rubber stamps; advertising key rings, match box, pocket knife; jewelry - 6 boxes

Lot #: 384

Many figurines incl animals, clowns, people - 6 boxes

Lot #: 385

3 boxes containing wooden souvenir items, figurines, metal items

Lot #: 386

3 boxes containing wooden souvenir outhouses, boxes and souvenir items

Lot #: 387

6 boxes containing animal & other figurines, souvenir ash trays & mugs, hay hooks, primitive tools,

Lot #: 388

6 boxes containing plastic Christmas items, plastic kitchen set in original box, wooden & ceramic toys, figurines, lamp, marbles, fast food meal toys

Lot #: 389

6 boxes containing political and advertising buttons, children's silverware, souvenirs, cocktail flags & stirrers

Lot #: 390

8 boxes containing plastic Easter toys, baby toys, souvenirs, advertising items, more

Lot #: 391

Buster Brown memorabilia, Little Orphan Annie memorabilia, Mammy collectibles, Will Rogers collectibles

Lot #: 392

World's Fair souvenirs, pipe collection, wooden hangings, advertising pens

Lot #: 393

Glass figurines, plastic animals, Mimi Kay doll kits, Nuni dolls, tins, plus more

Lot #: 394

Wooden boxes, souvenir items, more

Lot #: 395

Child's tea sets, clocks, thermometers, buttons, cloth dolls, more

Lot #: 396

Shawnee #506 red pony planter, Pitcher, toys, advertising plates, banks, figurines

Lot #: 397

Dishes, d�cor, pictures, Carnival bowl, sifter, figurines, ash trays, more

Lot #: 398

MAD's books, toy auto accessories, Three Wise Monkeys, clocks, plastic toys, advertising items, more

Lot #: 399

Disney movies, cookie cutters, Wizard of Oz character hangings, wooden bowl - 9 boxes

Lot #: 400

Sewing items, notions, thread, books, material-3 boxes

Lot #: 401

Old Scales, liquor bottles, wooden itms, DVD tapes, more - 6 boxes

Lot #: 402

Children's toys, advertising items, leather holster, more - 7 boxes

Lot #: 403

Souvenir plates & items, Stereoscope & pictures, figurines - 6 boxes

Lot #: 404

Stereoscope & pictures, character drinkware, souvenir plates, glassware-6 boxes

Lot #: 405

Stereoscope & pictures, old radio, car magazines, souvenir items-6 boxes

Lot #: 406

Wooden child's toys, Carnival dish, advertising & souvenir items


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.