Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
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West Taylor Street-West of Battershell Baseball Field, Lyons, KS US
Once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain unique items that the City of Lyons no longer uses or needs. Be sure and check it out. Even some character trash cans from the city parks, irrigation pipe, JD snowblower, Cast Aluminum fountain and Lyons Christmas light decorations from bygone years
Lot #: 1

Concrete forms

Concrete forms for manholes etc
Lot #: 2

Paint machine

Good old spray machine with tank, driven with gas engine. On wheels. Condition unknown
Lot #: 3

Trash cans & tin

4 x 8 tin with a smaller piece that is about a 5 x 3 and two plastic trash cans
Lot #: 4

Plastic barrels

55 gal Plastic barrels. All four barrels have the tops cut off so I make good trash cans or storage barrels for wood etc
Lot #: 5

Two overhead lights

Two overhead lights
Lot #: 6

Eight barrels

Eight barrels. Five are metal with no lids. The other three are plastic that held corrosive material Four are 15 gallons and the rest are appox 30 gallon
Lot #: 7

Wooden doors

Wooden doors. Three are regular doors with hardware that are 80 inches tall, 3 foot wide and one is 32 inches wide. Three plywood doors approximately 32 inches wide. No hardware on the plywood doors
Lot #: 8

2 foot electric fan

2 foot electric fan in a 4 x 4 wooden frame
Lot #: 9


5 foot mounted PTO driven snow blower with shield. All we can tell you about it is that has plenty of warnings about being dangerous in both English and Spanish
Lot #: 10

55 gallon plastic barrels

55 gallon plastic barrels. Two still have the lids. The third one has the top cut off to turn it into a trash barrel
Lot #: 11

Echo String trimmers

Two Echo gas driven string trimmers with an additional hedge trimmer attachment. Both will need some tune up
Lot #: 12

Stihl gas string trimmer

Stihl gas string trimmer. F5 90R
Lot #: 13

Two Echo gas driven trimmers

Two Echo gas driven trimmers
Lot #: 14

Limb trimmer

Limb trimmer. It sounded really good when it ran other than the fact it is not a motorized trimmer
Lot #: 15

Grass fertilizer

Grass fertilizer. Three unopened bags of custom "done for the city of Lyons". They are 24 5 11. We don?t see a size but they are unopened. The pallet the fertilizer is sitting on is included in this lot purchase
Lot #: 16

Miscellaneous lumber

Miscellaneous lumber. What is in the picture is what you get as far as the wood
Lot #: 17

Lighted Christmas decorations

Lighted Christmas decorations. Looks like most of them are bells and they?re done with red and white and green trim. Red bulbs and some have green bulbs. There is also a partial frame. They were on the City Hall
Lot #: 18

Ventilator and plywood

Ventilator and plywood. The plywood has been painted green, there are short two by fours with gray tape, plus window type ventilator. Little less than 4 foot x 4 foot
Lot #: 19

Nelson Rain Kings sprinklers

Two Nelson Rain Kings sprinklers and a small wheeled sprinkler
Lot #: 20

Elevated Rainbird sprinklers

3 Elevated Rainbird sprinklers plus one on a roller
Lot #: 21

Rainbird sprinklers

Rainbird sprinklers. Mounted on metal bases
Lot #: 22

Wooden box full of Rainbird parts

Wooden box full of Rainbird parts. Box does have a lid
Lot #: 23

Grid bike rack & pallets

Grid bike rack. The box is still sealed up- doubt if it?s ever been taken out and used. Says Global, model 652772 grid bike rack-10 bike- double sided, zinc rich coated steel. Includes the 3 wood pallets that is sitting on
Lot #: 24

John Deere snowblower

John Deere snowblower. Model 828D. Looks good but we don?t have any snow to try it out
Lot #: 25

Plastic coated picnic table

Plastic coated picnic table with concrete seats. Needs a top but wind won?t blow this one away
Lot #: 26

Metal park bench

Metal park bench. Needs a little TLC. 90 inch long seat. Includes a sign post and a metal chair
Lot #: 27


Lumber. All is damaged in some way or another. Waferbloard, plywood, wooden frames & a heavy duty frame
Lot #: 28

55 gallon barrels

Four 55 gallon barrels. One has the top cut out and it?s full of miscellaneous pieces of wood. One metal barrel
Lot #: 29

Asphalt sealant

Asphalt sealant. Half a pallet "hot applied modified asphalt sealant for pavement cracks and joints. Each bag is 30 lbs. Wood pallet is included
Lot #: 30

Full pallet of asphalt sealant

Full pallet of asphalt sealant. Hot applied modified asphalt sealant for pavement cracks and joints. Each bag is 30 pounds. Wood pallet is included
Lot #: 31

Asphalt sealant

Asphalt sealant. Full pallet of hot applied modified asphalt sealant for pavement cracks and joint. Each bag is 30 pounds. Wood pallet is included
Lot #: 32

Wen 3 inch belt sander

Wen 3 inch belt sander Model 910. Does run plus a metal Sand's bubble level
Lot #: 33

Black & Decker circular saw

Black & Decker 7 1/4" circular saw, Carpenters square and a framing square. The saw does run
Lot #: 34

Miscellaneous supplies

Chalk line, metal clamp, tape measure, plumbing line for sink, faucet, caulking gun and more
Lot #: 35

Two extension cords

Two extension cords-probably 25 footers. They have some electricians tape ins various spots
Lot #: 36

Heavy duty wooden work table

Heavy duty wooden work table. Has two extra legs in the center for extra support. Measures 4? x 8? and is 3 foot tall. The items on top of the table are sold in previous slots. There is also a piece of wafer board that goes with this lot and is on top of the table
Lot #: 37

Inch and a half angle iron

(2) Inch and a half angle irons that are 20 foot long. 8 foot 3 inch piece of channel iron
Lot #: 38

Metal tub

Metal tub- 1 foot in diameter and stands 2 foot tall. Plus a half piece of PVC pipe that is 30 inches long and 6 inches across
Lot #: 39

1 by 12 lumber

1 by 12 lumber. Been painted white. Various lengths with the longest piece being 16 feet. 9 pieces total
Lot #: 40

Wood sawhorses & wood

Wood sawhorse parts and assorted lengths and width pieces of wood
Lot #: 41

Two 50 gallon plastic barrels

Two 50 gallon plastic barrels. Tops have been cut off so they can be used as trash cans
Lot #: 42

55 gallon metal cans

55 gallon metal cans. One has had the top cut off and already has some trash in it for you
Lot #: 43

Small pull behind sprayer

Small pull behind sprayer. It?s a ShurFlo 12 V with 26 gallon plastic tank.
Lot #: 44

Big Dog riding mower

Big Dog Diablo model, 60 inch cut, Kawasaki engine looks good. Needs a tuneup to get it to run
Lot #: 45


Lumber in assorted lengths, depth and width. A lot of 2 x 6 frame lumber
Lot #: 46

3 x 3 landscaping timbers

3 x 3 landscaping timbers. Looks like mostly oak
Lot #: 47

Three wooden benches

3 wooden benches. One is painted blue, the shorter one is painted green. The two long benches are 12 foot and the shorter one is 8 foot.
Lot #: 48

6 foot long dowel rods

6 foot long dowel rods. Probably from some old maps etc. Various sizes but most of them are 1 inch in diameter
Lot #: 49

Wooden cabinet parts

Wooden cabinet parts with some metal hardware
Lot #: 50

3 roofing rolls & lumber

3 roofing rolls & lumber which includes a riser platform, sign that says Lyons on it & miscellaneous other pieces of lumber including some pallets
Lot #: 51

Schaben Industries sprayer

Pick up bed sprayer and has a tongue so can be converted to Pull type. 50 gallon tank gas engine has hand wand and 20? spray boom. Will need some tuneup to run
Lot #: 52

Cast-aluminum fountain

I MADE A MISTAKE!!!! This is a Cast-aluminum fountain. Was originally in Workman Park. Is in two pieces so it?s easier to handle but is all here as far as the decorative part goes
Lot #: 53


Rototiller. Been taken apart but I?m (?) sure once you put it back together it will run. From American Corporation Magna
Lot #: 54

Gas powered lawn edger

Gas powered lawn edger. Been sitting for a while so I?m sure it needs some TLC. Has a 3Hp Briggs & Statton engine
Lot #: 55


Quite a few bricks some are reds, some sand colored, some have three holes and some are decorative
Lot #: 56

Power pro gas leaf blower

Power Pro gas leaf blower. Condition unknown
Lot #: 57

Cinder blocks

16 plus Cinder blocks. Most are intact, some have been broken
Lot #: 58

2 inch pipe

2 inch pipe-most of it has been used for sign posts
Lot #: 59

Driveway washers

Driveway washers By Clean Sweep
Lot #: 60

Trash bins

3 Trash bins.
Lot #: 61

Pool filter sand

Pool filter sand. Five unopened 50# bags plus a bag of Northern Filter Media
Lot #: 62

220 electric cord

220 electric cord.
Lot #: 63

Tin man trashcan

Tin man trashcan from Workman Park plus two galvanized trashcan?s with no lids
Lot #: 64

Steel drum trashcan

Steel drum trashcan from Tobias Park plus a plastic can- not marked what park it came from
Lot #: 65

10 plastic stackable chairs

10 plastic stackable chairs. 3 green and 7 white
Lot #: 66

Square Brute 40 gal trash containers

3 Square Brute 40 gallon trash containers with 16 lids
Lot #: 67

14 foot diving board

14 foot diving board
Lot #: 68

Two John Deere umbrellas

Two John Deere umbrellas and a beach umbrella
Lot #: 69

Five metal framed park benches

Five metal framed park benches with wood slat seats and backs. They need repair. one is a short blue one. Four 8 ft and short is 5 foot
Lot #: 70

Plastic pipe and cable

Plastic pipe and cable
Lot #: 71

Pool rescue rod

Pool rescue rod
Lot #: 72

Three wooden benches

Three wooden benches and metal signs without the poles
Lot #: 73

Ariston on demand hot water heater

Ariston on demand hot water heater
Lot #: 74

Conduit and cable

Conduit and cable, A road sign with a folding frame
Lot #: 75

16 metal barrels

16 Metal barrels. Some are the old 4-H trash cans. Most of them had the tops cut off to make them into trash cans. There are a few that still have their lids
Lot #: 76


Lot #: 77

3 plastic barrels

Three 55 gallon plastic barrels. One has had the lid removed
Lot #: 78

Waterborne Traffic Paint

Ennis Flint Waterborne Traffic Paint. 24 buckets of 5 gallons. Includes the wood pallets that paint is sitting on. They have been sitting outside
Lot #: 79

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint. Approximately 25 gallon buckets once again these have been sitting outside. Includes the wood pallets sitting on
Lot #: 80

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint. (16) 5 gallon buckets includes the wood pallet they are sitting on. These buckets have been sitting outside
Lot #: 81

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint. (18) 5 gallon buckets which includes the wood pallet. These too have been sitting outside
Lot #: 82

Ennis Flint Waterborne traffic paint

Ennis Flint Waterborne traffic paint. (17) 5 gallon buckets includes the wood pallet they?re sitting on and these too have been sitting outside
Lot #: 83

Play ground items

Play ground items: Including a sand pile border, floats that go into the swimming pool to make barriers from the deepend to the shallow end and a teeter totter for the playground
Lot #: 84

Trailer for hauling mowers etc.

Trailer for hauling mowers etc. Needs a new floor, has a drop down so you can roll up the mower or whatever else you want to put on the trailer. Hitch is for a ball hookup
Lot #: 85

Directional sign trailer

Directional sign trailer with hitch for a ball hookup
Lot #: 86

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations. These were used to decorate outside of the courthouse and includes: baby Jesus and the nativity, angels, looks like there might be reindeer too and I do see a calf
Lot #: 87

Road signs

Road signs with metal folding frames
Lot #: 88

Metal bench

Metal bench. Looks like you may need to straighten out the seat part
Lot #: 89

Picnic table

Picnic table with wood benches and table with metal frame. Needs to be repainted but it looks like still hold a family picnic
Lot #: 90

Four metal framed park benches

Four metal framed park benches with wood backs and seats. 8 feet long
Lot #: 91

8 foot wooden bench

8 foot wooden bench
Lot #: 92

Tire swings with chains

One plastic and one rubber tire swings with the chains
Lot #: 93

Tornado slide from the Park

Tornado slide from the Park. Includes the ladder, poles & supports- see the pictures
Lot #: 94

chain link fence

chain link fence
Lot #: 95

Three pipe racks

Three pipe stands
Lot #: 96

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence. Two nice size rolls and pieces of others plus pipe
Lot #: 97

Santa's wooden chair

Santa's wooden chair
Lot #: 98

16 foot diving board

16 foot diving board
Lot #: 99

16 foot diving board

16 foot diving board
Lot #: 100

7 foot wood work table

7 foot x 2 foot wood work table
Lot #: 101

Metal frame for picnic table

Metal frame for picnic table
Lot #: 102

Heavy wall white plastic pipe

Heavy wall white plastic pipe. Two pieces of 10 inch and two pieces of 8 inch
Lot #: 103

Heavy duty black plastic pipe

Heavy duty black plastic pipe. 7 inch inside diameter. Any metal pieces showing are sold in different lot
Lot #: 104

Assorted pieces of plastic pipe

Assorted pieces of plastic pipe Some are white, orange or blue. Various diameters, various lengths. This lot is strictly the plastic pipe. The cable (is attached to the building) and iron pipe in any of the pictures sell in lot 105. The biggest diameter is 10 inch on down to six.
Lot #: 105

Iron pipe

Iron pipe. Approx 12 pieces of 2 inch about 6 to 8 feet long. One piece of 4 inch about 10 feet long and another 2 inch that is 20 foot long. Any plastic pipe showing sells in lots 102-104
Lot #: 106

Cast-iron water fountain and a piece of pipe

Cast-iron water fountain and a piece of pipe plastic
Lot #: 107


Two plastic barrels with lids. One has clear liquid but do not know for sure what is and the other has oil-do not know if new or used oil. Two tires stands, cut down plastic tub and a steel barrel that?s been turned into a trashcan
Lot #: 108

Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint

(32) 5 gal cans of Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint. Lot includes the wood pallet. These containers have been stored inside the Butler building
Lot #: 109

Ennis Flint Marking material

Ennis Flint Marking Material. Some say pavement marking material other says waterborne traffic paint. Some of the buckets have been opened so there is mixture of full, partial and some that is probably not useable. These buckets have been kept in the Butler Building The wood pallet goes with this lot. Also included in this lot is 3 1/2 sacks of Swarco glass beads
Lot #: 110

Pallet of Swarco glass beads

Pallet of Swarco Premium Glass Beads. As you can see from the pictures, most bags are intack but some have broken open.
Lot #: 111

Wooden table

Wooden table. 2 ft. square and approximately 3 foot tall
Lot #: 112

Bell & Stars made from rebar

Bell & Stars made from rebar- Total of 43. A few have had some clear bulbs added but most of them have no bulbs at all. They have not had any tinsel or decoration added
Lot #: 113

Christmas lights from Lyons

Christmas lights from Lyons In the shape of a bell and star. 15 total- five of them are damaged. Rebar frames decorated with colored tinsel & lights
Lot #: 114

Lyons Christmas lights from Lyons

Lyons Christmas lights from bygone years. Bell and star rebar frames decorated with colored tinsel & lights- approximately 15 of them.
Lot #: 115

Bygone years of Lyons Christmas lights

Bygone years of Lyons Christmas lights. Rebar frames decorated with colored tinsel & lights. Some bell and stars and a frame with three candles with tin star in the middle of one of them, Various conditions
Lot #: 116

A garden hose with winding wheel

A garden hose with winding wheel and two plastic trash cans. One with a lid. The winder does have a garden hose
Lot #: 117

Tote and pads

Tote filled with sandblasting sand. Furniture pads
Lot #: 118

Playground fun

Playground fun from the Lyons City Parks. Includes a sand digger and three riding toys made of composite material. A frog, a dolphin and could be a Jayhawk. Do have some metal bases
Lot #: 119

Metal stand & trashcan

Metal stand with disc base and a lidded galvanized trashcan with lid. Other item shown in the pictures are selling in other lots.
Lot #: 120

Pipe brackets & a Black & Decker drill

Pipe brackets and a Black & Decker drill- Does not have a charger. Carriage bolts. wood seat to go on a park bench, a folding chair. pool buoys for the swimming pool, graffiti remover towels. Other pieces of wood as shown in the picture
Lot #: 121

8 foot picnic table

8 foot picnic table with composite material on top and wood bench with metal frame The items on top of the table are selling in lots 9 and 120
Lot #: 122

Yard machine by MTD riding lawnmower

Yard machine by MTD riding lawnmower. Number 638RL. 13.5 Briggs & Stratton engine, six speed, shift on the go. Approximately 36 inch cut. Running condition unknown
Lot #: 123

Marty J lawnmower

Marty J lawnmower Model 1800 by Deines series. 5 foot cut, Hydro trac series
Lot #: 124

Partial pallet of Swarco premium Glass Beads

Partial pallet full of Swarco premium glass beads
Lot #: 125

Pitney Bowes sorting machine

Pitney Bowes sorting machine and Epson office machine
Lot #: 126

Wooden box for sorting nails and screws

A wooden box for sorting nails and screws, Plastic pipe fittings. Look at the picture to see what all the goodies you get. Does NOT include the plywood that sits on
Lot #: 127

(2) pieces of 2 ft x 8 ft wafer board

2 pieces of 2 ft x 8 ft wafer board, 2 steel barrels.
Lot #: 128

4 x 6? piece of plywood & 4 plastic barrels

4 x 6? piece of plywood and four plastic barrels. Items sitting on top the plywood are selling in lot 126
Lot #: 129

8 foot park bench

8 foot park bench with metal frame,wood seat and back. Also selling is 6 vintage glass bricks, painted glass pieces and regular bricks. Plus some kind of gadget for cleaning the swimming pool. Also a piece of rope. The rebar showing in the picture sells in lot 112. There?s also a push broom that goes with this lot
Lot #: 130

Plywood, lumber & screen

Plywood, lumber and screen. The plywood is damaged- has some termite damage but there is some salvageable pieces
Lot #: 131

Four lavatory sinks

Four lavatory sinks. One metal and three porcelain. They all have faucets and some plumbing
Lot #: 132

Bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures: Two urinals, four handicap rails, four toilet roll dispensers and several light covers. The piece of plywood the items are sitting on is included in this lot
Lot #: 133

Eight commodes

Eight commodes in various degrees of being complete. A 5 gallon bucket of plastic connections
Lot #: 134

Six cast-iron lavatory sinks

Six cast-iron lavatory sinks
Lot #: 135

Clownhead trashcan from Tobias park

Metal trashcan from Tobias park with a clown head
Lot #: 136

Grass catcher

Grass catcher and four metal hangers to hang and store garden hose
Lot #: 137

8 inch plastic elbows

8 inch 290 and 245 degree elbows. Red safety lights in a 5 gallon plastic bucket, a Square platform spray sprinkler and a yellow piece of pipe
Lot #: 138

Welding table

Welding table. Even has a box for you to store your welding rod. 2 foot tall 3 foot wide 43 inches long and has a place for the vice. Item sitting on top sells in lot 139
Lot #: 139

Overhead gas heater

Overhead gas heater. No marking to indicate what size
Lot #: 140

Three metal traffic signs

Three metal traffic signs. Two "no parking" signs and one "speed limit 30" sign
Lot #: 141

Three park benches

Three 8 foot park benches. Metal frames with wood seats and backs. The items around and on are selling and other lots. This is just the three benches
Lot #: 142

2 park benches & misc pces of wood

Two park benches and miscellaneous pieces of wood. One bench is 8 foot, the other is 6 foot. They have metal frames with wood seats and backs. The misc wood are pieces of wood boxes that have been taken apart
Lot #: 143

5 foot rods

5 foot rods - 2 pieces of inch and a half gas pipe about 6 foot long. Box about half full of flag sticks. Miscellaneous lumber and a 2 x 8 fiber glass cover
Lot #: 144

Two outdoor lights

Two outdoor lights
Lot #: 145

Rolling chair rack & two chairs

Rolling chair rack and two metal chairs to get you started. The light fixtures sell in lot 144
Lot #: 146

Two trash cans

Two trash cans that were used in one of the parks
Lot #: 147

Basketball goal backboard

Basketball goal backboard with a rim. Green plastic tubing, a wood table with a center hole and a metal frame window
Lot #: 148

Swimming pool float

Swimming pool float, Valve wrench and two pieces of metal tubing that look like they were part of a bench that was put into concrete
Lot #: 149

Greetings flags

"Greetings" flags with standards to hang them up. Not sure if the flags have ever been flown outside. This lot includes the wood pallet they?re sitting on
Lot #: 150

Four plastic black barrels

Four plastic black barrels that contained Sodium Hydrochlorite solution. They are all empty & still have their lids
Lot #: 151

6 foot wooden step ladder

6 foot wooden folding step ladder
Lot #: 152

Irrigation pipe and trailer

Irrigation pipe and trailer. Includes the connections. The tires probably need aired up on the trailer. Proximately 10 joints of 4 inch and 70 joints of 3 inch. Stout built Farmland hook line irrigation pipe


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.