Christmas Toy / ebayer’s Dream Auction TOWANDA, KS ***ALL BIDS START AT $1.00*** Antique Car Parts – 1980 Chevy TRUCK

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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704 E. Main Towanda, KS, 67144 316-641-7400
Auction Manager: 316-641-7400 These item can be previewed during set hours. See below for times. Call Before Bidding if the pick-up dates don't work for you. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN! All Items Are Sold As-Is, Where-Is On Location And Will Be The BUYER'S Responsibility To Remove Without Causing Damage. If You Are The Winning Bidder, Bring ALL TOOLS AND ASSISTANCE YOU MAY NEED. Assistance and tools are VERY limited on site. Best efforts are put forth to describe and represent items accurately. However, no assumptions should be made about the details and condition of items. Please use preview times and ask questions. Bidding is an intent to purchase. You are legally bound to pay for items you’ve won. Special Note: Make and date of hood ornaments listed on this auction were found through research. It's the buyer's responsibility to do their own research and utilize inspection times.
704 E. Main, Towanda, KS US
1980 Chevy TRUCK - Vintage Collectibles - NEW TOYS - Hood Ornaments - Christmas Decor and More! **** EVERYTHING STARTS AT $1.00**** ATTN: CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS - Two preview dates on this one! Come find your gifts! COLLECTIBLES & MORE! BID $ BID $ BID Special Note: Make and date of hood ornaments listed on this auction were found through research. It's the buyer's responsibility to do their own research and utilize inspection times.
Lot#: 1038

Talking TURBOMAN! New in the Box! Deluxe 13.5" Full Posable Action Figure - Electronic Lights and Sounds!
As seen in the movie "Jingle All the Way"! AWESOME!!!

Lot#: 1041

Talking TURBOMAN! New in the Box! Deluxe 13.5" Full Posable Action Figure - Electronic Lights and Sounds!
As seen in the movie "Jingle All the Way"! AWESOME!!!

Lot#: 1042

Skipper (Barbie) - Pizza Party Skipper - New in Box - Pizza Hut - Pepsi - New in the original box - See photos for more details

Lot#: 1043

Original Cabbage Patch Kids Doll - Collector Edition Millennium Celebration by Mattel - Named Nonnie Ione - Born January 1, 2000! Happy New Year Baby! - NEW in Box

Lot#: 1044

Barbie as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz - Hollywood Legends Collection - New in the original Box - Doll is Mint!!! Box has minor wear see photos

Lot#: 1045

Millennium Princess Barbie Doll - New in Box! - Happy New Year 2000 - Mattel - BEAUTIFUL! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 1046

Avon Barbie Doll - Winter Rhapsody w/ Original Box by Mattel

Lot#: 1047

Barbie High Stepper Horse - New in Box! Horse Really Walks! Excellent Condition! w/ intact, unopened accessory packet! AWESOME!

Lot#: 1048

Barbie - Walking Beauty Horse - Barbie Riding Club - New In Box! Horse really walks, neighs and blows kisses! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 1049

Barbie Collector's Edition Figurine Set - 1998 Little Debbie Barbie Series III - New in Box! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 1050


Lot#: 1051

GI JOE "Home for the Holidays" Soldier - Limited Edition Collector's Special by HASBRO - NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition

Lot#: 1052

Walt Disney's Masterpiece - Cinderella Commemorative Lithograph Print - 1995 - In Dinsey Cardboard Frame - Print is in perfect condition!

Lot#: 1053

Amazing Amy - Sweet Little Girl Doll - New in Box w/ all acessories! Excellent Condition! Eletronic Doll fills your day with love and play! Just like a reall little girl!

Lot#: 1054

Dr. Seuss' How the GRINCH Stole Christmas - Cindy Lou Who - New in Box! Excellent Condition! - Her braids spin! COOL!

Lot#: 1055

Ty Beanie Baby - "Lefty - the Donkey" - NEW IN PACKAGE! EXCELLENT Condition - See photo

Lot#: 1056

Barbie - Little Red Riding Hood - Doll and Wolf - New in Box! Excellent Condition! Storybook Favorites

Lot#: 1057

Barbie - Kelly & Tommy Dolls as Raggedy Ann & Andy Collector's Edition Dolls - New in Package! EXCELLENT Condtion!!

Lot#: 1058

Barbie - Hansel & Gretel by Barbie Collectibles - NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 1059

Barbie - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - w bear and porrige SO CUTE! NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!!!

Lot#: 2030

Avon Exclusive Barbie as Mrs. P.F.E. Albee- First in a Series- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2031

Hallmark Special Addition Barbie- Second in the Be My Valentine Collector Series- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2032

Mr. Clean Limited Edition Action Figure- 1 of Only 100,000 Ever Made! NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2033

Barbie as Special Edition Pioneer Barbie- w Western Promise storybook included- NEW IN BOX! Excellet Condition!

Lot#: 2034

Barbie as Special Edition Pilgrim Barbie- w Feast of Friendship storybook included- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2035

Barbie as Special Edition Colonial Barbie- w The Messenger Quilt storybook included- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2036

Barbie as Special Edition Fifties Fun Barbie-NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2037

Special Edition KRAFT Treasures Barbie Doll- w a KRAFT hat and purse for Barbie herself! NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2038

Happy Meal Stacie- Stacie, Barbie's Little Sister, w SURPRISE jewelry inside- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2039

Barbie as Little Debbie Collector's Edition Doll- SECOND in the Series- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2040

Barbie as Little Debbie Collector's Edition Doll- THIRD in the Series- NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2041

Sunrise in America Christmas Edition Doll- w Christmas Charm Bracelet Included! NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2042

GI JOE "D-Day Salute" Soldier- Limited Edition Classic Collection- Collector's Special by HASBRO - NEW IN BOX! Excellent Condition!

Lot#: 2043

Classic POPOMATIC "TROUBLE" Game - Race-Ahead, Bump-Back Game! NEW IN BOX!

Lot#: 2044

Bisque Rose Collection - Tea Set - New win Box - Tiny Tea Set - SO CUTE!

Lot#: 2045

SOONER SCHOONER - OU - Bobble Head Horse and Covered Wagon - National Champs! Oklahoma University - New w/ Box!

Lot#: 2046

Cabbage Patch Kids - 15th Anniversary Commemorative Special Edition - NEW IN BOX! # B24537

Peggy Vickie

Lot#: 2047

The Wizard of Oz - Barbie - Kelly and Tommy as Munchkins - All MINT! New in Box!

Lot Includes:

Kelly as Lullaby Munchkin

Tommy as Mayor Munchkin

Tommy as Lollipop Munchkin

Lot#: 2048

Lot of 6 Barbie - NUTCRACKER DOLLS - MINT! NEW IN BOXES! Kelly Club

Set Includes:







Lot#: 2049

Barbie Rapunzel - Kelly as the Petal Princess - NEW! MINT in Box! Kelly Club

Lot#: 2050

Kelly Club Doll - Wizard Melody - MINT! New in Box - Poster included in box! WOW!

Lot#: 2051

Barbie - Kelly Club - Pilot Tommy Doll - New in Box! By Mattel - includes poster in box!

Lot#: 2052

Barbie - Kelly Club - POINSETTIA Jenny Doll / Ornament - New in Box!

Lot#: 2053

Barbie - Kelly Club - Princess Kelly - New in Box! By Mattel - includes poster in box!

Lot#: 2054

Barbie - Kelly Club - Jester Jenny Doll - New in Box! By Mattel - includes poster in box!

Lot#: 2055

Barbie - Kelly Club - Prince Tommy - New in Box! By Mattel - includes poster in box!

Lot#: 2056

Entenmann's limited Edition Plush Toys - Cookie, Doughnut and Cupcake - CUTE! - with tags!

Lot#: 2057

Lot of Name Brand Plush Toys - Tony the Tiger - Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile - Snap, Crackle & Pop! New w/ tags!

Lot#: 2058

Lot of 4 - KISS Race Cars! Johnny Lightning - NEW IN PACKAGES - Great for the collector!!






Lot#: 2059

Lot of 10 - MADAME Alexander Dolls - McDonald's Toy - FULL SET! Dolls numbered 1 - 10

Lot#: 2270

Vintage Miniature oil Lamp - See Photo for details on this beautiful lamp!

Lot#: 2271

Very Pretty Milk Glass Oil Lamp - Vintage pretty lamp! See photos for details

Lot#: 2272

Vintage Small Oil Lamp w/ Amber Colored Glass Base - Very Pretty! See photos

Lot#: 2273

Small Oil Lamp - Vintage - Pretty Green Glass Oil Reservoir and metal base. Pretty!

Lot#: 2274

Oil Lamp Clear Glass - Pretty!

Lot#: 2275

Holiday Carousel - Merry Go Round w/ Box! Plays 21 Christmas Carols - WORKS! SEE VIDEO

See more lights on lot# 2278

Lot#: 2276

Lot of Christmas Pretties! Plum Colored Christmas Balls and Gold Ribbon - Beautiful!

Lot#: 2277

Lot of Pretty Vintage Glassware - Snack Trays, Candle Holders and more! NICE!

Lot#: 2278

Holiday Carousel Christmas Light Set - See also carousel on lot #2275!

Lot#: 2279

Lot of Lead Glass Panes 3 smaller panes - Pretty! See photos

Lot#: 2280

Lot of Lead Glass Panes - two large panes - Pretty! See photos

Lot#: 2281

Lot of Vintage Christmas Decor! Silk Wrapped Christmas Balls - Great Condition! See photos!

Lot#: 2282

Barbie - Beach Glam Pool - NEW IN BOX! Fun Christmas Gift!

Lot#: 2283

Barbie - CALI GIRL - Lots of earrings! - NEW IN BOX - great gift!

Lot#: 2284

Beautiful Doll - 18" Special Edition "Tolly Girl" New in Box (box has some damage) - Ice Skater - Neat Gift!

Lot#: 2285

BABY Born - mini world - Cute Baby - NEW IN BOX - Xmas Gift!

Lot#: 2286

DISNEY - Cinderella - Hidden Treasures Carriage - NEW IN BOX! - GIFT!

Lot#: 2287

Lot of Kids Learning Toys - ALL NEW!! Puzzle, Calendar/Watch - FUN while you learn - GIFT IDEA!

Lot#: 2288

Lot of Race Cars & a Monster Truck - NEW IN PACKAGES! - Gifts! JEFF GORDON - NASCAR!! #24 - See photos

Lot#: 2289

Lot of Woodsie Christmas Creatures - Prim Style Décor! CUTE - one owl needs an eye fixed. Adorable!

Lot#: 2290

Great lot of NEW Kids' Toys - Fisher Price - Disney NEMO, and More! NEW Gifts!

Lot#: 2291

Lot of Family Fun Games! NEW IN BOXES! - Table Top PING PONG, complete set! & Chinese Checkers - SUPER FUN Gifts!

Lot#: 2292

Lot of 3 Christmas Pillar Candle holders - Christmas Tree - w/ boxes! See photos (candles not included)

Lot#: 2293

Cute Glass Parrot - Pier 1 imports - Re-Pete in gist box w/ stand

Lot#: 2294

Dog Carrier and Cute Doggie Coat! Keep that puppy warm! See Photos

Lot#: 2295

Lot of Books - See photos for titles

Lot#: 2296

Lot of NANCY DREW Mysteries! See photos for series numbers - Great reading!

Lot#: 2297

Lot of Wall Hangings - FAMILY - PRIM Rustic Style - Sweet! See photos - NEW w/ tags!

Lot#: 2298

Beagle Dog Tapestry Covered Side table (foot stool?) Art by Picken - See Photos

Lot#: 2299

Baby Born - ADVENT CALENDAR - NEW IN BOX! See photo w/ Christmas Activities!

Lot#: 2300


Lot#: 2301

Lot of X-Mas Funnies! Prank Gift Boxes, Snowman Kit (snow not included) FUN GIFT IDEAS!

Lot#: 2302

Lot of 5 Brooch Pins - X-Mas Angels, Dragonfly and more! All w/ gift boxes!

Lot#: 2303


Lot#: 2304

SPA MASSAGE MAT - Fits in your favorite chair! W/ Original Box - SEE PHOTOS for details

Lot#: 2305

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles POSTER! Framed! NEW in the package! Sweet gift!

Lot#: 2306

Courtyard Canvas Print - Pretty Home Décor! - see photos

Lot#: 2307

Lot of Baby Blankets, Crochet Alphabet Blanket, Kinder Rug and more! See Photos

Lot#: 2308

Lot of 2 Cushions in Space Bags - See Photos

Lot#: 2309

Lot of House wares - Rival Ice Shaver, Mug and Seat Cushion

Lot#: 2310

Welcome Wind Chimes

Lot#: 2311

Vintage Keystone 8mm Projector - Model K-109 - w/case - WORKS! See Video - NICE!

Lot#: 2312

"Goldtown" Play Rug! NEW In Package! Kids' Fun Mat - Room Décor! AWESOME GIFT!

Lot#: 2313

Laundry Cart - On Wheels! Keep your laundry organized!

Lot#: 2359

Huge Plush Animal - Bright Neon Monkey - Super Soft! NEW w/ tags - CUTE!

Lot#: 2360

Giant Plush Gorilla! - See photos! NEW w/ tags!

Lot#: 2361

Big Reggae Banana - Plush Toy! NEW without tags, dreadlocks - FUNNY GIFT!

Lot#: 2362

Large Plush Teddy Bear - Bright Blue - NEW w/tag! Super cuddly and soft! See Photos

Lot#: 2363

Big, Super Soft Plush Giraffe Toy - New without tags - So cute and huggable!

Lot#: 2364

Family Game Night Lot - BRAND NEW GAMES! Scrabble, Sorry!, Beat the Parents and Skip Bo! SUPER FUN

Lot#: 2365

Miniature Wooden Radio Flyer Sled - Great for Decor! - VERY NICE w/ original Box - see photos

Lot#: 2366

Christmas Decor Lot - Wreath, 2 Swags and Metal Candle Stand - See photos

Lot#: 2367

Beautiful Large Christmas Bouquet in a standing vase - see photos

Lot#: 2368

Christmas for the dogs! Stocking Filled w/ doggie toys (new) and other cute holiday stuff! Pit Bull Ornament - New

Lot#: 2369

Lot of Christmas Decor - NEW place mats, BIG stocking - and more! See Photos

Reversible Table Runner, napkins and two brand new holiday door mats!

Lot#: 2370

Pink 4' Christmas Tree w/ original box, blue lights (1 box new) and blue tinsel garland - PRETTY!

Lot#: 2371

Santa Claus in Comin To Town - North Pole Mail Truck - NEW IN BOX!!

Just like the Holiday Special! (Truck needs new batteries, so it is untested, but has never been out of the original box)

Lot#: 2372

Lot of Christmas Decor - Prim Style - Wreaths, Deco Stars, Figurines and more! FUN HOLIDAY LOOK!

Very neat wall hanging!

Lot#: 2373

Santa Claus Lot - BIG Wall Hanging and many other Santa items - ATTN: Santa Collectors!

Lot#: 2375

HUGE Lot of Christmas Floral Items - See Photos - Fiber Optic Poinsettia works! - See photos

Lot#: 2376

Lot of Pretty Christmas Decor - some NEW IN BOX! Cute wooden Sled, electronic train, NEW ribbon and More!

Lot#: 2377

Christmas Baskets and other neat home decor! AWESOME! - See Photos

Lot#: 2378

Christmas Decor - NEW Paper Filler, wreath, handing sign and more! - metal candle holder, etc.

Lot#: 2379

Lighted "Merry Christmas" Sign w/ orig box (bulbs need replaced on Santa Face) - see photos

Lot#: 2380

Laptop Case (NEW) Fashion Purse and Home Decor Lot - see photos

Lot#: 2381

Plush Toys - Horse Costume, Horton by Dr Seuss (both NEW!!) and Tiny Tikes Tractor (nice needs cleaned to look new!)

Lot#: 2382

Horse Accessories - NEW! Snaffle and Reins - See photos for sizes, measurements and details

Lot#: 2388

Santa and Mrs. Clause Mop Dolls - Cute!

Lot#: 2462

Decorative Wood Christmas Deer - Cute! 24" tall when assembled

Lot#: 3158

Magic Focus Touch Light Chrome Make Up Mirror

7½”diameter 5x magnification Acrylic Prescription quality & Distortion Free


Lot#: 3271

NEW Brown Gloves Labeled Made in France (Size Small)

Lot#: 3272

NEW Brown Designer Gloves Labeled Made in France (Size Large)

Lot#: 3498

Old - New Mirror Ring - Pretty Cool to Have a Mirror on Your Finger!

Lot#: 3587

Super High Power Portable Hair Dryer

Hang Up 1600 by Andis

Super Long Cord

These are Used in Commercial Applications

Tested - Works Great! Super Powerful!

Lot#: 7030

Buick Hood Ornament - 1991-96 Buick Hood Ornament Emblem and Mounting Base - Metal Chrome

Lot#: 7031

Chrysler "crystal" Hood Ornament - Neato!

Lot#: 7032

1935 Ford Lincoln Greyhound car hood ornament - see photos - Check this on out at the preview!

Lot#: 7033

Unique Vintage / Antique Hood Ornament 368 53 on the bottom

Lot#: 7034

Vintage 1960 Ford Hood Ornament Galaxie Starliner

Lot#: 7035

1941 - 1947 Dodge Truck Hood Ornament 913968 Chrome

Lot#: 7036


Lot#: 7037

Vintage 1950 - 51 Mercury Chrome Automobile Car/Truck Hood Ornament

Lot#: 7038

Vintage Lighted Swan Hood Ornament w/ Yellow Wings

one wing is loose

mounted on a wood base for display

Lot#: 7039




Lot#: 7040

Vintage 1981 Buddy L Corp..Silver #17 made in Macau CAR

Lot#: 7041

BIG Carrera RC SUV Truck with Remote

Lot#: 7042


Lot#: 7300

Disney Christmas Ornament Set - 101 Dalmatians - In collector's storybook box - Unopened in original packaging - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

Lot#: 7301

Disney Christmas Ornament Set - 101 Dalmatians - In collector's storybook box - Unopened in original packaging - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

Lot#: 7302

Disney Christmas Ornament Set - Cinderella - In collector's storybook box - in original packaging - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

Lot#: 7303

Disney Christmas Ornament Set - Mickey's Christmas Carol - In collector's storybook box - Unopened in original packaging - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

Lot#: 7304

Vintage Plaster Cat - From and Antique Store - Very Old - See Photos

Lot#: 7305

Vintage, Tiny Oil Lamp and Pretty lacy container - See photos - This lamp is cute and small!

Lot#: 7306

Vintage, Beautiful Lady Head Vase - UCAGO - NC - Hand painted Japan - Very nice condition see photos! Almost 7" tall!

Lot#: 7307

Vintage, Beautiful Lady Head Vase -NAPCOWARE No. C7472 w/ original brand sticker! Pearl Necklace and Earrings- See Photo - Collectible! Approx 6" tall

Lot#: 7308

Vintage Lady Head Vase - Blue Gloves & Daisies - Pearl Earrings - NAPCOWARE No C6428 - See photos for crazing and discoloration on piece. Still nice for its age
w/ original sticker on bottom!

Lot#: 7309

Vintage INARCO E-1852 6" JACKIE KENNEDY Mourning Lady Head Vase from 1964 - Beautiful, Collectible Piece - see photo for crazing
Similar ones sell on ebay for $90!

Lot#: 7310

Vintage INARCO Lady Head Vase - E-191/M/B 1961 5 1/2" - 1961 - She's beautiful! W/ original sticker on bottom

Lot#: 7311

Lady Head Vase - Worn, but ok for its age - broken eyelash - still collectible!

Lot#: 7312

Vintage Lady Head Vase - UCG - Made in Occupied Japan - Some crazing but great for its age! Highly Collectible!

Lot#: 7313

Beautiful Lady Head Vase - Pearl Necklace and Earrings - No Markings - Beautifully painted - See Photos

Lot#: 7314

4-1/2" Lady Head Vase Head Vase Lilac Dress Hair Rose Hand Up Inarco E-193/S/A - See Photos

Lot#: 7315

Lady Head Vase - Young Lady w/ pony tails and a sweater! This one is rare! See Photos

Lot#: 7316

Lady Head Vase - 4-1/2" NAPCOWARE C-6525 - pretty!

Lot#: 7317

Colonial Style Lady Head Vase - No markings - Pretty earrings and necklace! Blue Ribbon - small vase

Lot#: 7318

Pretty Blonde Lady Head Vase - No markings - Necklace and Earrings

Lot#: 7319

Vintage School Pencil Sharpener - BOSTON KS - VERY NICE! WORKS!

Lot#: 7320

Vintage AMERICANA Metal Iron Cast Police Man Traffic Cop Penny Bank 8"

Lot#: 7321

Black Cast Iron Americana Standing Watermelon Boy Vintage Penny Coin Bank

Lot#: 7322

Energizer Bunny - GIFT PACK - NEW!!! Comes w. Flip Flops and CUTE BUNNY!

Lot#: 7323

Vintage HIGH FLYER Paddle Ball - NEW in Package - Hours of FUN!

Lot#: 7324

VINTAGE - Fence Post Weather Vane - PIONEER - The Vernon WINDICATOR - w/ original box! (box is worn, see photos)

Lot#: 7325

Vintage Kansas Car Plates from 1932! Front and Back Plates - KAN 25-5210 plate number COOL!!!

Lot#: 7326

Vintage Kansas Car Plates from 1932! Front and Back Plates - KAN 25-5208 plate number COOL!!!

Lot#: 7327

Vintage Kansas Car Plates from 1932! Front and Back Plates - KAN T25-563 plate number COOL!!!

Lot#: 7328

Vintage Kansas Car Plate 1932 # 25-5332 - one plate only - old condition & South Carolina 1995

Lot#: 7329

Easter Gift Set - Egg decorating kit in collectible tin - NEW!

Lot#: 7330

Silver Plate Serving Set - HUGE Fork and Server - Pretty Stuff! See photos for inscriptions and details! Some Academy Silver on copper!

Lot#: 7331

Vintage Pinball Game - untested due to no batteries came from an antique store! Radio Shak Cat No 60-2559

Lot#: 7332

Pretty, Tall Porcelain Vase - Made in China No 22 - Nice!

Lot#: 7333

Vintage Creamer and Sugar Bowl w/ Lid - POP GOSSER U.S.A. Roge Point - Rosebank #5070 - See Photos!

Lot#: 7334

BEAUTIFUL, OLD Covered Dish - IMPERIAL CHINA no 6 Cov. Dish - Crazing, but no chips. See photos for detail on this amazing piece of history!

Lot#: 7335

Large, Pretty Glass Floral Etched Serving Platter - No chips! Approx 18" x 13.5"

Lot#: 7336

Test Your Skill - Quarter Shot Basketball Game on a swivel base! Neat! - No key for lock

Lot#: 7337

Wizard of Oz Sampler Postcard Print by VORMEHR - Matted Nicely - ready to frame! 1992 w/ artist history

Lot#: 7338

Lot of 4 Halloween Village Figurines - (Chimney on one is broken but can be fixed) See Photo - these are SO CUTE!

Lot#: 7339

Lot of National Geographic Magazines - Most are in Excellent Shape! Dates range from 1989 to 1996 - See pictures for Issues, Years and flawed covers. (only a few!) Most are great!!! GORGOEUS PHOTOGRAPHY in these! Collectible Issues!

Lot#: 9895

Electrolux 10.0 Amp PLD2855RFC1 Under Counter Dishwasher

Lot#: 9896

GE Hotpoint RB787b H4BB 220v Glass Top Electric Stove

Burners Work Good

Heating Element is Broken in Oven

Lot#: 9897

Multi Game Poker Arcade Machine

Machine is about 5 foot tall! Unknown working condition - No Keys

Lot#: 9898


1980 Chevy C10 - Big 10
Rebuilt 350 with approximately 20,000 miles
Turbo 350 Trans
New fuel tank
Exhaust was new with motor
Been in the family for 20+ years
Time to move it to finish other projects
Runs and drives

Have clean/clear title

Getting Hard to FInd!



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