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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
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1112 Old Farm Estates DR, Hutchinson, KS US
Ms. Engelland has chosen Online Auction to sell collectibles that she is ready to part with. Red Wing Crocks & Commemoratives, Roseville, Butter Churns, lots of crock items, Coca Cola items and some good quality furniture
Lot #: 1

2 gallon Red Wing butter churn crock

2 gallon Red Wing butter churn crock with red mark and wire handles. Patented December 21, 1915. This is a churn is missing the lid & plunger. Stands 12 inches tall.
Lot #: 2

3 gal Western Stoneware Beehive Jug

3 gallon Western Stoneware Beehive Jug with finger hold. See no damage
Lot #: 3

6 gal Red Wing Butter Churn

6 gallon Red Wing crock butter churn- has the lid but not the wood butter paddle. Only damage is two small chips on bottom edge-see Pix. Has the Red Wing symbol. Stands 18 inches tall.
Lot #: 4

Minnesota stoneware bean pot

Minnesota stoneware bean pot- does not have a lid. Is 7 inches tall. We see no damage- see the pictures.
Lot #: 5

5 gallon Red Wing crock

5 gallon Red Wing crock with the small red wing emblem. It is missing the wire handles. Patented December 21, 1915 no damage.
Lot #: 6

8 gallon Red Wing crock

8 gallon Red Wing crock with large Red Wing symbol. Patented December 21, 1915. Has the wire handles. Small chip on the bottom edge of the front but it does not go clear through- very nice piece
Lot #: 7

Macomb Pottery Co butter crock

Macomb pottery company, butter crock. Patented January 24,1899. Small chip on bottom edge. See pictures- no lid.
Lot #: 8

Bueghner & Bueghner blue ribbon crock

Buckner and Buckner blue ribbon crock from Lyons, Iowa tall 5 1/2 inches tall, a few chips on the edge on the bottom. See pictures.
Lot #: 9

Western stoneware jug

Western stoneware shoulder jug with finger hold - 11 inches tall.. See picture-no damage
Lot #: 10

Western Stoneware shoulder jug

Western Stoneware shoulder jug with finger hold. 10 inches tall. Does have a few chips. See the pictures.
Lot #: 11

The Weir handled gallon jug

The Weir ball and wire bail lid with finger-hold gallon jug. Stands 11 inches to the top of the bail. The ball has some damage.. See pictures for details
Lot #: 12

The Weir canning crock

The Weir canning crock. Patented March 1, 1892. Bale lid and stands 6 inches tall
Lot #: 13

The Weir quart stoneware canning jar

The Weir quart No 4 stoneware canning jar with Bail wired lid. Patent March 1 92 through April 18, 1901
Lot #: 14

Mickey Mouse quartz clock

10 inch Mickey Mouse wall hanging battery operated quartz clock by Lorus, from the Walt Disney Company
Lot #: 15

Disney MGM studios tile

Disney MGM studios tile. Says "Mickey goes to Hollywood", Producer: Walt Disney, Director: Mickey Mouse and Cameraman: Goofy and Donald.
Lot #: 16

Mickey & Minnie mouse figurines

Mickey Bobblehead figurine and Minnie with movable legs and arms
Lot #: 17

Mickey Mouse bank

Mickey Mouse Bank made by Enesco
Lot #: 18

Mickey Mouse gang

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck Produced for Kellogg cereals. All four are bobble heads
Lot #: 19

Goebel Mickey Mouse-the wizard

Goebel West Germany Mickey Mouse the wizard. Stands 6 inches tall
Lot #: 20

Moldable Mickey Mouse

Rubber moldable Mickey Mouse, plus a Magic Kingdom chocolate tin (sorry it is empty)
Lot #: 21

Mickey & Minnie Mouse, S & P shakers

Mickey and Minnie mouse, salt and pepper shakers. Made in Korea.
Lot #: 22

Mickey & Minnie Mouse gardening

Mickey and Minnie Mouse gardening
Lot #: 23

Mickey & Minnie sugar & creamer

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, cream and sugar for your tea party. No cups or any other pieces. No damage. They are embossed with Disney trademark on the bottom.
Lot #: 24

Souvenirs from Paris, Disney

Coffee mug, pen to write with and a pen to wear from Euro Disney Paris, France
Lot #: 25

Mickey Mouse tea pot

Mickey Mouse teapot. No chips or damage. Disney embossed on bottom
Lot #: 26

Two Mickey Mouse coffee mugs

Disney school house and Mickey Mouse today coffee mugs. Mickey Mouse today has 1980. One marked glass baked USA and other one says oven proof. Includes a marking pin that has no marks on it
Lot #: 27

Mickey Mouse Coffee pot, mug & Tumbler

Mickey Mouse Season Greetings coffee pot, Mickey and Minnie Valentine mug, Minnie mouse glass with Pluto
Lot #: 28

Talking Mickey Mouse

Plastic talking Mickey Mouse. Pull the ring cord on his back and he speaks. His mouth moves when he talks
Lot #: 29

Metal Mickey Mouse bobble head

Metal bobble head Mickey Mouse from Florida Disneyworld
Lot #: 30

Coca-Cola Mickey Mouse

Six pack of Coca-Cola Coke bottles that celebrate Mickey?s 75 "InspEARations years". Sorry, someone-maybe Mickey-. Drank the coke
Lot #: 31

Mickey Mouse canister jars

Mickey Mouse half-gallon canister jar with a bailed lid and Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck on a quart jar with a glass lid with plastic stopper
Lot #: 32

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics

Hallmark Kitty Car Classics. Murray Champion jet flow drive. The wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel and the "gears" move. Never been played with & has the original box. Does not look like ever been played with
Lot #: 33

Halmark Kiddie Car Classics Truck

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Number 742 Jet Flow Drive. Murray Dump Truck- heavy duty. The wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel and the "gears" move. You can haul your grain in gravel and sand in the back. The dump works. Comes with the original box. Does not look like ever been played with
Lot #: 34

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Boat

Murray Jolly Rogers boat from Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics. The wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel and the "gears" move. Has its original box. Does not look like ever been played with.
Lot #: 35

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Wagon

Murray Ranch Wagon ball bearing drive Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics with original box. Turning the steering wheel turns the wheels and the "gears" move. Looks like never been played with
Lot #: 36

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Plane

Murray airplane from Halmark Kitty Car Classics in original box. When you roll it forward, the tires turn the propeller
Lot #: 37

Hallmark Kiddie Car classics Trac

Murray trac Hallmark Kitty Car Classics with tractor- turbo drive. When roll the tractor, the petals turn. Also has a dump trailer attached that does dump. There is no box.
Lot #: 38

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Fire Truck

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics City Fire Department with Jet Flow drive. The wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel and the "gears" move. Does have a bell on it with a string. Has two removable ladders hanging the ladder brackets.No box with this lot.
Lot #: 39

2 gallon crock butter churn lid

2 gallon crock butter churn lid with number two on it. Has some nicks on the edges
Lot #: 40

Crock chicken waterer

Western Pottery company of Denver, Colorado chicken waterer
Lot #: 41

4 foot corner shelf unit

Wooden corner shelf unit with four shelves. Is 4 foot tall 21 inches wide at the base. Stands on three legs. probably could use some refinishing other wise in good shape and solid
Lot #: 42

Cylinder butter churn

New Style White Cedar 4 gal cylinder churn made in the USA. See pix. Very good condition
Lot #: 43

Red Wing 1995 McDonald?s crock

1995 McDonald?s Red Wing crock. Is 6 inches tall- no damage.
Lot #: 44

Red Wing 1996 McDonald?s crock

1996 McDonald?s 6" Red Wing crock- no damage
Lot #: 45

1997 McDonald?s Red Wing crock

1997 McDonald?s Red Wing 6 inch crock- no damage
Lot #: 46

1999 McDonald?s Red Wing crock

1999 McDonald?s Red Wing crock with gold M. 6 inches tall -no damage
Lot #: 47

2000 McDonald?s Red Wing crock

2000 McDonald?s Red Wing 6 inch crock- no damage
Lot #: 48

1995 McDonald?s Red Wing mug

1995 McDonald?s Red Wing 3 1/2" mug with a green M. No damage
Lot #: 49

California pottery cookie jar

Robinson California pottery (2000) Pierre Chef cookie jar in greenish color. Stands 8 1/2 inches tall. This is a Red Wing knock off
Lot #: 50

Red Wing cookie jar

11 inch tall Red Wing monk cookie jar. "Thou shall not steal" So we?ll still steal cookies but just feel bad about it :)
Lot #: 51

Red Wing bobwhite quail set

Red Wing bobwhite quail table set. The two small ones are salt and pepper shakers and the larger is horsdevours server. The marking on the base is very faint. No damage. The mama quail is 9 inches tall.
Lot #: 52

Red Wing vases

Two Red Wing vases. One is 7 inches tall. The other is just short of 7 3/4". Both are marked. One is 1107 and the other is 1360. Very good condition
Lot #: 53

Red Wing Art Pottery

Red Wing Art Pottery Egg Shell Antique White set that includes two pitchers and a pair of candle stick holders. Candle sticks are numbered 1189. The vases are numbered 1187.
Lot #: 54

Lidded butter crock

Lidded butter crock with wire handle. Is a little over 4 inches tall. See no damage.
Lot #: 55

Cherry Band Crock pitcher

Cherry Band Crock pitcher that stands 10 inches tall. Not seeing damage
Lot #: 56

Red wing vases

Red wing vases. The handle vase is almost 8 inches tall and is # 930. The fan is 7 1/2 inches tall and is # 892. No damage on either one
Lot #: 57

Red Wing 8 inch planter

Red Wing 8 inch planter number 945- no damage
Lot #: 58

Rumrill Crock log

Rumrill crock log planter. This company was bought out by Redwing.
Lot #: 59

Red Wing Mason fruit jar

Union Stoneware Company, Red Wing mason fruit jar with no lid. Atlas good luck pint jar with glass lid and wire bail. Patented Jan 24 1899
Lot #: 60

McCormick Western Stoneware jug

McCormick Western Stoneware shoulder jug established in 1897, 7" tall with a finger hold. Some damage
Lot #: 61

Small McCormick shoulder jugs

McCormick Flat Valley shoulder jugs. The tallest one is 6 1/2 inches tall. The two little ones are 5 inches tall- no damage. See the pictures. One says "Federal law forbids for sale or refills of this container" so be careful if you try to refill it. :)
Lot #: 62

Western Stoneware 5" shoulder jug

Western stoneware 5" shoulder jug and a crock bottle that says SCHWEPPESL. See no damage on either piece.
Lot #: 63

Crock mixing bowls

Two crock mixing bowls- 1 bowl has a few chips on bottom edge
Lot #: 64

Child?s blue glass depression pieces

Child's blue glass Depression. A covered butter dish, hen on the nest and a cow on a nest. No damage
Lot #: 65

Glass miniatures

Cobalt blue miniature hurricane lamp, Turquoise swan, Cobalt blue medicine bottle & black Amethyst glass slipper
Lot #: 66

Miniature stoneware jugs

Two miniature unmarked shoulder jugs and one unmarked acorn jug with cork
Lot #: 67

Western Stoneware miniature jug

Western Stoneware miniature shoulder jug, plus an unmarked crock bottle with wire bail. Not seeing damage, just wear
Lot #: 68

Miniature crock jugs

Happy new year 2000 Jug with a bell handle, "As you like it" horseradish jar from Weir-patent ?92 , sunny times shoulder jug. All three are in good shape except the Weir does have a chip on the lid.
Lot #: 69

Roseville Fushia planter

Roseville Fuchsia two handle planter. A few minor chips. Measures 6 inches tall 5 1/2 " across top
Lot #: 70

Roseville planter

Roseville planter number 256?5 inches. No damage
Lot #: 71

Van Briggle piece

Van Briggle native American marriage dish
Lot #: 72

Roseville handled vase

Roseville 392?10 inches handled vase- very nice piece
Lot #: 73

Roseville planter

Roseville Number 278-4" brown pinecone bowl. No damage
Lot #: 74

Roseville pinecone vase

8 inch Roseville pinecone vase with handle- not seeing any damage
Lot #: 75

Roseville Brown Pinecone Vase

Roseville 7 1/2 inch brown pine cone two handled vase. No damage
Lot #: 76

Roseville hanging planter

Roseville 657?4 inch hanging planter with chain to hang. Two chips on base- see pictures
Lot #: 77

Roseville Pinecone bookends

Pair of Roseville pine cone bookends, 5 inches tall. See no damage
Lot #: 78

Roseville Horn of plenty

Roseville #190-6 inches Horn of plenty. Some damage
Lot #: 79

Roseville 2 handled pieces

Roseville 377?4 inches has damage to the top rim Roseville 657?3 inches is in very good condition
Lot #: 80

Roseville 2 handled pot

Roseville 2 handled 657?3 inch pot. Couple chips on the base and a little chip on the rim. The rest is in good condition.
Lot #: 81

Seasonal Coca-Cola clock

Bradford Exchange Limited Edition #A0223 "It's Time For Coca-Cola" @ 2009 Coca-Cola clock that hangs on the wall. Has exchangeable attachments for each season plus Christmas. It works. Great shape. Lights up and it runs. Clock measures 11" x 16. The exchangeables are 5 x 7. Clock can either use battery or power cord (that is included).

in: 31

Lot #: 82

Coca-Cola diecast plane Bank

Coca-Cola Ertl diecast metal coin bank of a 1932 Northrop. It has the original box and the copyright is dated 1995
Lot #: 83

Coca-Cola bottles w/metal carrier

(6) 6 ounce Coca-Cola bottles in a Coca-Cola aluminum carrier from the 1950s
Lot #: 84

Coca-Cola recipe card holder

Coca-Cola Kaylie?s recipe card holder with a Boyds Bear on top. Nice chest. Comes with original box
Lot #: 85

Coca-Cola bottles with metal carrier

Coca-Cola classic bottles with a metal carrier from the 50s and these are full. Bottles have Dale Jarrett- race driver on them from the racing family dated 1999 and the car number 88 is also on the label. Six pack coolers carrier
Lot #: 86

Coca-Cola grocery cart carrier

Coca-Cola grocery cart carrier. It holds two bottles of pop while you run around the store picking up your groceries. Items from the 1950s. This comes with the carrier and a Grapette bottle
Lot #: 87

Coca-Cola 1939 serving tray

Coca-Cola 1939 serving tray
Lot #: 88

1938 Coca-Cola serving tray

1938 Coca-Cola serving tray
Lot #: 89

Two Coca-Cola serving trays

Two Coca-Cola serving trays from 1953 to 1960
Lot #: 90

Coca-Cola serving tray

Coca-Cola serving tray from 1950 to 52
Lot #: 91

Coca-Cola wooden carrier

Coca-Cola WWII Wings 1941 wooden carrier for 6 bottles, but this lot only has 3 empty six oz bottles for Coca-Cola
Lot #: 92

Coca-Cola Collectibles

Coca-Cola collectibles: stationary bottle opener- guaranteed not to chip bottles. Still in its original box. Boyds Coke machine with fizz. Cute little piece -even contains a miniature Boyds bear. 10 inch moneyback Coke bottle- but I?m pretty sure nobody?s gonna give you the money for the Coke bottle
Lot #: 93

Coca-Cola Christmas tree ornaments

Three Coca-Cola Christmas tree ornaments: one is Frosty. The snowman made of blown glass. The other two are from the "Trim a tree collection"- one is a Santa and one is an elf holding up Coke bottle opener.
Lot #: 94

Coca-Cola mini cooler radio

Coca-Cola mini cooler radio "quench your thirst for radio and TV sound". Has the original booklets that was packed into the box before sold
Lot #: 95

Coca-Cola Ferris wheel

Coca cola Farris wheel full of Coca-Cola bears enjoying themselves. The music box plays "Wish you a merry Christmas". There is no original box-just the Ferris wheel.
Lot #: 96

Empty Coca-Cola keepsake boxes

These five boxes are empty: one is for a flashlight, one for salt and pepper shakers, Keepsake collection from the NFL collection, Miniature Santa Claus with Coke tote and another Keepsake Santa with a Coke bottle
Lot #: 97

Coca-Cola serving tray & glasses

Coca-Cola serving tray from 1953 to1968 & Coca-Cola glasses. 4 of one size and 8 of the other group. All with Coke trade marked
Lot #: 98

Coca-Cola picnic cooler

Coca-Cola picnic cooler from the 1950s- nice heavy piece. Measures 12 x 17 by approximately 20 inches tall Including the handle
Lot #: 99


Three musical angels with Stainglass, a pair of birds sitting on a tree limb and a flower vase
Lot #: 100

Delft Blue Holland

Handpainted Delft Blue from Holland: tile, shoe, handled stein, cow creamer and wooden shoe replicas
Lot #: 101

Precious Moments

Precious Moments church, Madonna & the grand Duke framed print, a cathedral, a wood basket with marble eggs and a cute little angel playing a drum
Lot #: 102

Collectible glass & milk bottles

Steffens quart milk bottle & Carlson?s delicious ice cream bottle that has bubbles in the glass on the neck
Lot #: 103

Snowmen cocoa pot

Snowman cocoa pot, two mugs to serve your hot cocoa, an angel bell and a metal holder with five votive candles guarded by two snowman - and it says "let it snow"
Lot #: 104

Madrid depression glass

Amber Madrid Depression glass: 8 coffee cups, 8 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, six cereal bowls, two saucer plates, two vegetable plates, and a creamer
Lot #: 105

Amber depression glass

8 sherbets, one salad bowl, scalloped edge graduated size of 4 bowls and four saucers. No complete set of any one pattern
Lot #: 106

Vintage covered compote

Vintage stemmed glass Compote with lid and a Mikasa "Herald Coll" angel with a harp and wings
Lot #: 107

Pair of hens on nest

Milk glass hen on nest and a pink iridescent hen on nest
Lot #: 108

Three cruets

Three glass cruets with stoppers
Lot #: 109

Metal sickle with windmill

Metal sickle with copper windmill and shaft of wheat
Lot #: 110

Wood arm chair

Wood arm chair with cushion seat and back. Originally had a spring seat. Owner put piece of plywood over the springs to give support on the sitter's bottom
Lot #: 111

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments: Frosty & Friends dated 1989, Lighting the Way 1996 & Bright Flying Colors 1996
Lot #: 112

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments: Hakuna Matata, which has Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon from the Lion King- not showing a date. Two for Tea 1995, Clowning Around Crayola 1999. Clown box does have damage- see picture
Lot #: 113

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament: Bright Color Shining Castle Crayola Crayon collector series. 1993 -Fifth in the series. 1993 special edition Noah?s ark- says is a three piece set-but two pieces are missing-Only has the arc on wagon. Bright and Sunny Teepee Crayola Crayon collection series- is the seventh in the series.
Lot #: 114

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments: Bright Racing Colors from the collector series- 1997 ninth in the series. Bright Blazing Colors Crayola crayon 4th in the series- 1992. Bright Vibrant Colors from 1991-3 in the series.
Lot #: 115

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments: Bright sledding colors Crayola Crayon number 10th and final one in the Crayola crayon series-1998. Suited for the Season Crayola Crayons 2006. Bright Playful Colors from the collector series is sixth in the series dated 1994
Lot #: 116

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments- four of them have their boxes one does not. The one without a box does not have any identification with name etc. Gifted gardener from 1998, Clowning Around Crayola Dated 1999, King of the Ring dated 2000 and a walnut shell rider with no date
Lot #: 117

Sq oak vintage table w/5 leaves

Vintage 5 legged square oak table. Measures 42 in square. Has really neat legs. Was purchased from the Fair Lumber and Furniture Company Alden, Kansas in 1910. There are 5 leaves that go with this table. One is finished and other 4 are not but they match the curved edge of the table. The six chairs sell in lot 118
Lot #: 118

Set of six press back oak chairs

Set of six press back oak chairs. One has a split seat-just needs to be glued. The other five are in good shape. The six chairs were built by the Mennonites and approx 35 years old. The table sells in lot 117
Lot #: 119

Roseville Jardiniere

Roseville 25 inch Snowberry 1J8 Jardiniere . Roseville marked on the Jardiniere. The pedestal only says USA. There is a 4" planter that is same pattern in Lot 136
Lot #: 120

3 gal Western Stoneware Crock

3 gallon Western Stoneware shoulder crock. Does not have a lid. Does have a couple of chips as shown in the pictures.
Lot #: 121

Two gal Blue Band shoulder jug

2 gallon Blue Band Ruckel;s Stoneware shoulder jug. No damage
Lot #: 122

2 gal Ruckel?s stoneware crock

2 gallon Ruckel's Stoneware crock. See no damage
Lot #: 123

2 gal Diamond Brand crock

2 gallon Diamond Brand crock from The Pittsburg, Pottery Inc. See no damage
Lot #: 124

Marble top walnut table

Antique Marble top walnut table- very good condition. The marble is 30 1/2" x 22?. From the floor to the top of the marble is 24 inches
Lot #: 125

Vintage table lamp

Vintage table lamp with metal base. Curved shade with metal frame and inserts of stained glass. 21 1/2 inches tall. See the pictures. It is a nice nice piece.
Lot #: 126

Oak side table

Antique solid oak side table that you can set a lamp on. Has a little shelf underneath to other display items. Very very nice piece. Measuring diagonally corner to corner is 27 inches and stands 28 inches high
Lot #: 127

Walnut side table

Walnut side table- measures 14 inches wide 22 inches long 19 inches high.. Does have some water stains on the top. Has nice engraving in the center. Nice piece.
Lot #: 128

Vintage sled

Vintage sled measures not quite 3 foot long. Has a really nice handle made with wood with metal handle.. Has C-shaped seating, so the child won?t fall off, unless you tip it over. The wooden rails have a strip of metal to make it slide better. Very neat piece and has been well taken care of
Lot #: 129

Ethan Allen couch

8 foot long Ethan Allen couch. Very comfortable. Do not see much wear
Lot #: 130

Kodak fiber-optic sign

Kodak fiber optic sign. Came out of Sterling, ks drugstore. Since it is advertising selling film, shows that must have some age. Does light up
Lot #: 131

Gleaner pictures

Both pictures have been framed. One is a man and woman gleaner praying over their produce, The other one is a young woman with a scythe in her hand getting ready to start work. She will be a typical Hutchinson lady if it doesn?t rain pretty soon :). Both pix measure 13 x 15
Lot #: 132

R Atkinson Fox print

R Atkinson Fox print measures 17" x 25". Has glass
Lot #: 133

Maxfield Parrish print

Maxfield Parrish framed print. Measures 13 x 20
Lot #: 134

Framed photograph of mirrored lake

Framed photograph of mirrored lake 11x12
Lot #: 135

Peanut butter piped tobacco tins

Shedd?s peanut butter- easy to spread. 5 lbs. wire handled tin and a Granger pipe tobacco tin for dad only Both tins are empty and clean
Lot #: 136

Roseville Snowberry planter

Roseville Snowberry two handled planter- 4 inches. The mark on the bottom is hard to read it almost looks like is UV-4 No damage. There is a Roseville Snowberry Jardiniere selling in Lot 119
Lot #: 137

Western cookie jar

Western cookie jar -11 inches tall. No damage
Lot #: 138

Pig cookie jar

This little piggy is holding a rabbit and inside the cookie jar you can fill with cookies. He?s over 12" tall.
Lot #: 139

Miniature Red Wing crocks

Miniature crock with the Red Wing on it and a number two. Has an opening so you could turn it into a candle burner plus a little 1993 Red Wing jug that is 1 inch tall. The crock is 4 1/2 inches tall
Lot #: 140

Red Wing planters

The smaller is Red Wing USA B1402. The larger one is Red Wing USA B2017. No damage. Both have sticker labels-one is colored and other is silver
Lot #: 141

Handled 4 1/2 inch pitcher

Handled 4 1/2 inch pitcher marked USA. Same coloring and as in lot 140 that are Red Wings but this is not marked
Lot #: 142

1977 Red Wing collector pin

1977 Red Wing Collector Society pin. Still on the card that was used for distribution/display
Lot #: 143

Unmarked Blue Band Miniature Crock

Unmarked Blue Band miniature crock and a copper clad metal basket with handle
Lot #: 144

Coca Cola Inc. blotters

Coca Cola Inc. card that identifies referees signals, 2 bookmarks from the Hamilton collection and ink blotters -a rare one from 1930s and one each from 1946, 47, 51, 53, 57 & 60
Lot #: 145

Red Wing 2004 Commemorative for Kansas

2004 Kansas, Missouri Trails West chapter of Red Wing. This looks like a miniature birdbath that is 8 1/2 inches tall. It is in two pieces.
Lot #: 146

1993 & 1992 Commemorative Red Wing

1992 Northstar Stoneware Company Red Wing for Collector's Society commemoratives. Miniature mug that is 5 inches tall and a 1993 juicer
Lot #: 147

1994 & 95 Red Wing Commemoratives

Three Red Wing Collector's Society commemoratives from annual meeting. 1994 Butter crock & 2 gal pendant. 1995 giraffe
Lot #: 148

1996 & 97 Red Wing commemoratives

1996 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives cookie jar, Red Wing shaped tray and a 1997 miniature crock
Lot #: 149

1998 & 99 Red Wing Commemoratives

1999 and 1998 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives. A small pitcher and the other one is plant water
Lot #: 150

2000 & 01 Red Wing Commemoratives

2000 and 2001 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives 2001 Bowl and 2000 pitcher
Lot #: 151

2002 & 03 Red Wing Commemoratives

2002 and 2003 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives. 2002 Tea pot and 2003 Flying horse
Lot #: 152

2004 & 05 Red Wing Commemoratives

2004 and 2005 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives. 2004 is lidded sugar. 2005 is a self draining jar
Lot #: 153

2006, 07 & 08 Red Wing commemoratives

Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemoratives. 2006 Kraut Jar with bail wired lid, 2007 is a 5 gal beehive jug replica, 2008 is a mug
Lot #: 154

2009 & 10 Red Wing commemoratives

2009 and 2010 Redwing Collector Society convention commemoratives. The 2009 is a bean pot and the 2010 is a pin for the 34th annual convention as well as a pig
Lot #: 155

2011 & 12 Red Wing Commemoratives

2011 and 2012 Redwing Collector Society Annual Convention commemoratives. 2011 is a miniature butter churn. 2012 vase. Bonus is Red Wing collector computer mouse pad
Lot #: 156

1993 Red Wing Convention Commemorative

1993 Red Wing Collector's Society Convention commemorative. This is a Red Wing chicken drinking fount and buttermilk feeder.
Lot #: 157

Ideal electric tachometer

Ideal electric tachometer in a hard case. Do not know any history behind it
Lot #: 158

Realistic video/audio tape eraser

Realistic high power video/audio tape eraser with original box. Catalog number 44?233. Has the instructions
Lot #: 159

Two Rings

Blue topaz ring size 7 -metal German silver. Rose quartz ring size 6- metal German silver
Lot #: 160

Two rings

White opal ring size 9- metal German silver. Garnet ring size 9- metal German silver
Lot #: 161

Two rings

Red sun stone ring size 7-metal German silver. Tiger eye ring size 7- metal German silver
Lot #: 162

Two rings

Rainbow moonstone ring size 7- metal German silver. Paridot ring size 7- metal German silver
Lot #: 163

Two rings

Amethyst ring size 7- metal German. Silver black onyx ring size 9- metal German silver
Lot #: 164

Collectible lighter

Collectible lighter that is in the shape of a shotgun. Label has warning "no lighter is childproof".
Lot #: 165

Cast iron kettle

Cast iron kettle with no lid. 12 inch diameter stands on three legs. Not trademarkings
Lot #: 166

Albert E Brumleys? Song books

Albert E Brumley?s: 3 Songs of the Pioneers song books, Log Cabin Songs & Ballads, Olde Time Camp Meetin? Songs, All-Day Singin? and Dinner on the Ground song book and The Best of Albert E Brumley & America?s Memory Valley-collection of old-Tyme songs. Lamplitin? Time In The Valley Songs & Ballads- featuring Red River Valley. Metal deep freeze basket, the Shakespeare Plays-season 3 and more
Lot #: 167

Crochet books & Worlds Great explorers.

The Worlds Great Explorers of the Ancient World, Annie?s Favorite Crochet Doll Book, Seasonal Samplers from the spring and summer, Vanna?s Afghan and Crochet Favorite Book. A photo album that?s never been used- It still has its tags. Benjamin Franklin hardback books & Ferdinand and Isabella hardback books. Two clear vinyl overlay sheetings that are 13" x 15? and still in the original packaging.
Lot #: 168


Handiwork throw with not tags and a pair of slippers with "Made in Taiwan" tags
Lot #: 169

Bonsaii paper shredder

Bonsaii paper shredder S120-C. Has 8 sheet maximum- also shreds credit cards & CDs. Has the container that catches the shredded material. Does not look like been used very much. Does have the instruction/information booklet
Lot #: 170

Collectible metal toys

Metal Marx dump truck, a red metal trailer with rubber tires & missing hook on end of tow bar. U-Haul Tootsie toy trailer and a little green Matchbox Series number one truck
Lot #: 171

Vintage metal toys

International Harvester Bailer, a little red wagon with a movable end gate and frame for a drill (one bar is separated from the rest of the frame). Two wheels that don?t belong to any of the items in this auction and a wooden rolling toy


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