Bud & Jayne Hill Estates #5 Online

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Farms America/Hollinger Auction
Bidding Notice: AUCTION bidding opens Saturday November 11 @ 8:00 a.m. CST and soft closes Wednesday November 15 8:00 p.m. CST with pickup Friday November 17th 12:30-6:30 p.m. CST BY APPOINTMENT ONLYSOFT CLOSE: All of our online auctions have this feature. Soft closing of lots starts with Lot # 1 soft at specified closing time. Soft Close extends the bidding time for a specific item if a bid is placed in the last minute of the auction. When a bid is placed during the soft close window, the bidding time for "THAT ITEM" is extended to allow other bidders a fair chance to counter-bid. Other "lots" will continue the closing sequence unless there is a last minute bid on that lot.WARNING: Do Not Wait to last minute to register for bidding after auction is close to closing or is already closing, as all NEW bidders to Hollinger Online Auctions must have credit card verified by HiBid.com and then bidder must be approved by Hollinger Auction before system will accept any bids from new bidder. HiBid nor Hollinger Auction will be held responsible for any missed bids due to potential bidder waiting to register after auction is within 30 minutes of starting to close. Our bidders and sellers are very important to us so we run our auctions for several days to give potential bidders ample time to view the merchandise, get registered and get approved so bidder will be ready to submit bids before auction starts to close. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP FRIDAY November 17th and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If that will not work for you, call for availability of other date/times BEFORE bidding. TERMS: By registering and placing bids on our site you are agreeing to all terms and conditions: You must place a credit/debit card on file to register and bid on any of our auctions. There is a 10% buyer's premium charged to all online winning bids. The credit card used to register on HiBid will be charged on Thursday November 16th at 12:30 p.m. If you wish to pay with cash at PICK-UP or need to use a different card, then must call Mary at 620-257-8147 by noon November 16th before card has been ran. SHIPPING: Shippable items are so marked. If there are lots that are not marked shippable, but have an item(s) that you want that could be shipped, you can call email Mary to check if would ship just particular items from lot and abandon rest of lot. Large items and furniture as well as lots that contain a lot of glass will not be shipped. If there are items in the purchased lot YOU do not want shipped, please let Mary know when you contact her to request shipping. You can request that only certain item(s) in that lot be shipped and you wish to abandon the unwanted items. Thus you will ONLY be paying shipping on the items you are wanting shipped. Shipping charges are: $5/box used for packing for shipment, plus actual postal charges. PICKUP IS AVAILABLE Friday November 17 from 12:30 p.m-6:30 p.m CST at 306 South 2nd- Bushton KS. Pick-up is BY APPOINMENT ONLY. Please call for availability of other day/times for pick-up BEFORE placing bids. To set up pick-up time, call Jim at 620-257-8148. PICKUP DIRECTIONS: Watch for signs at intersection and in front of the house. Buyer is responsible for bringing own help to assist in loading items, including large items as well as responsible for bringing any needed boxes and dollies to move large items. Seller will have unhooked items from water, electricity, gas or the property, as needed. If requested Payment at pick-up then payment due in exact amount (no change will be given) . NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. If items have not been picked up within 10 days of the auction close, they will be considered abondoned and become property of Hollinger Auction. By placing bids on our site you authorize Hollinger Auction to charge your card for any winning bids. Any declined cards will incur a $35 fee and may result in suspension of your account. All items are final and sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with all faults and blemishes and NO warranty expressed or implied. We do our best to describe things accurately, but you as the buyer are the final judge of ALL items in the auction and will hold harmless Hollinger Auction for any errors. To view items prior to bidding Call Jim @ 620-257-8148 to set up appointment. NO DROP-INS-by appointment only. For arrangements for any items Buyer wishes to ship, call Mary Auction clerk/cashier for assistance 620-257-8147 Shipping charges are $5/box needed to ship plus actual cost of postage. Items will be shipped with tracking number and insurance and buyer can request particular shipping service.
306 S 2nd, Bushton, KS US
This is online auction #5 for the Hill family. Selling JD riding lawnmower, tools, lots of collectibles and household items. Bidding opens Saturday Nov 11th @ 8:00 a.m. Please note: All of our online auctions use the 'SOFT CLOSE" feature. This is described in our terms and conditions.
Lot #: 1

Metal bed rails

Metal bed rails, folding TV tray and curtain rods
Lot #: 2

Oak table top

41 inch diameter Oak table top. Has two leaves that match plus an extra one. Has a single pedestal with a roller. Lot Includes 2 wood shelves, but no shelf unit
Lot #: 3

Hammock filler material & hot water insulator

American glass hammock filler material and two hot water insulators- one in box and the other in plastic
Lot #: 4

Double door wood frame

Double door wood frame with hardware for doors, two pieces of Styrofoam and a metal threshold for the door. Door frame measures approximately 74 1/2 inches wide and 82 inches tall. The threshold measures 32" . Styrofoam is 25 x 48? and one piece does have a chunk out of it
Lot #: 5

Pair of kitchen stepstools

I wood and one aluminum folding stepstool
Lot #: 6

Davidson Pro 8 foot step ladder

Davidson Pro 8 foot metal folding stepladder
Lot #: 7

Small wooden table

Wooden side table- 20 inches wide 11 inches deep 18 inches tall. Plus some wooden shelf units
Lot #: 8

Hide scales

Hide scale with weights
Lot #: 9

Painting supplies & metal trays

Box full of sheeting to protect your furniture, rollers of all shapes and sizes, paint tray, metal trays and a Good Wrench drive belt from GM. Red vinyl covered hassock- does not open. Has wood feet
Lot #: 10

Vintage marble smoke stand

Vintage smoke stand with marble in the pedestal and metal base. Has the electric cords. Do not know if it works but am sure the electric cord should be replaced.
Lot #: 11

Red trimmed enamel wash pan

Red trim enamel wash pan, aluminum hot bun holder, plastic bowl, metal magazine rack with wicker plus a metal cart with just wheels and frame
Lot #: 12

Vintage TVs

Zenith color TV and a small zenith TV. Do not know if either of them works but they might have parts that are salvageable for the ones that you were working on at home.
Lot #: 13

Vintage Kodak boxes

Kodak "Tourist Camera", "Kodak Flash Holder"- model B. Just the boxes folks. They are empty.
Lot #: 14

Three vintage wood boxes

Three vintage wood box trays- all have divided departments. One of them is marked Anderson and it does have damage on both ends. Do not see marks on the other two even though it looks like used to- been just faded or scratched off.
Lot #: 15

Vintage metal semi

Vintage Wyandotte,semi truck trailer. Looks like for transporting cars
Lot #: 16

Metal toys

Vintage metal toys includes a truck that is missing the hood and Cottontail Xpress trailer that has some damage. A Happy Time metal silo with a plastic top, two small pick ups and trailer. The trailer is a Hubly Kiddie toy # five.
Lot #: 17

Vintage toy Coca-Cola truck

Vintage Coca-Cola truck in good condition. Do not know if missing pieces as I do not know what original one looks like.
Lot #: 18

Buddy L army truck

Buddy L army truck, another green truck that is not marked. A jeep with machine gun. The front wheels of the Jeep pivot
Lot #: 19

Metal popcorn tins

Two metal tins, umbrella, cane and a fluorescent tube wrapped in paper
Lot #: 20

New golf bag with golf clubs

This looks like a new, unused golf bag. There are 7 clubs, 4 covers and 4 knitted covers (still in original sealed bag) that go with it but the golf clubs do look as if they have been used.
Lot #: 21

Modular accent lighting

Sears modular accent lighting. Highlight any area in your home or apartment, illuminates pictures, etc. Looks as tho never been taken out of the box. Plus a Miser Accent 50 W bulb
Lot #: 22

Snow shovels

One plastic and one metal snow shovel. The metal one does have some dents in it so it must have been used to try to remove ice. They both have wooden handles.
Lot #: 23

Vintage metal & plastic toys

A boat, tote full of metal and plastic vintage toy cars, including a patrol car. All shapes, sizes and styles of cars
Lot #: 24

Vintage Wolverine Arithmetic Quiz Box

Wolverine Arithmetic Quiz Box. A nice old piece that still works. Plus a package items to hold coins and bills that has never been opened- for school-age children
Lot #: 25

Nylint pick up

Nylint pick up with plastic camper and metal ATC car with a damaged wheel and missing a tail light. The pick up is missing the tailgate but otherwise in good condition.
Lot #: 26

Vintage tin toys

Vintage tin toys: an armored car savings bank, a circus truck and trailer, all state service truck and a motorcycle. The rider is missing the steering wheel and his arms- they are probably together. A small police car
Lot #: 27

Metal 4 shelf rack unit

Metal 4 shelf unit measures 26 inches wide 7 1/2 inches deep and stands 32 inches tall. Has two shelves that are v-shape to store books. The top and bottom shelves are flat.
Lot #: 28

Vintage toys

Box full of vintage toys- plastic & metal: includes airplanes, tractors, wagons. Some are damaged and some are in good shape. All are still playable. Also in this lot are sand shovels two pairs of plastic toy binoculars (one is damaged, a metal shed that needs put back together. Nice set of vintage toys

in: 31

Lot #: 29

Lone Ranger & Wyatt Earp

Lone Ranger and Tonto figurines with their horses. Wyatt Earp guitar without the strings
Lot #: 30

Dritz tabletop ironing board

Dritz table top metal ironing board- perfect size for a child or to iron a shirt on a table top
Lot #: 31

Three metal tractors

Hudley orange tractor with loader, John Deere tractor with turnable front tires and a little small yellow tractor. Neither John Deere not the yellow tractor are marked by the maker

in: 31

Lot #: 32

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals: Purple bear, yellow rabbit and pink dog
Lot #: 33

XYLO grand toy

A "Right Time Toys" called XYLO Grand for 7 to 10 years of age. Has the original box and looks like still has the keyboard print out to tell you what keys are what
Lot #: 34

Tonka pick up & jeep

Tonka pick up and an army jeep. Both are in good condition
Lot #: 35

Vintage toys

Vintage toys include a Navy airplane, Riverside battery holder. Gasoline pumper. two army jets, some tires, metal tanker truck, army men and rubber car.
Lot #: 36

Vintage plastic toys

Plastic toys include a police car without the top, green truck, blue boat and a damaged freight ship
Lot #: 37

Vintage Disney bingo game

Vintage Walt Disney bingo game- includes cards, spinner and tokens.
Lot #: 38

Plastic & metal cars

Each of these have been individually wrapped and stored in the box. There are cars, old timer looking car with the driver and a ship in a bottle- plus more. We did not unwrap and take pix of all of them
Lot #: 39

Misc hardware

Box full of miscellaneous hardware: including brackets for shelving, performance hanger iron that is still in original box (looks like is roll of copper), keyholder, other assorted pieces of metal and even a spring
Lot #: 40

Box of misc hardware

Drapery hooks, plastic coasters to put on the bottom of the furniture, a brass hanging hook. See the pictures: holders for curtains or drapes, etc.
Lot #: 41

Limb Saw and rake

Long handled limb saw, dumbbell rod with weights, a bicycle pump, a frame & handle for fishnet without the netting, bubble level, two metal squares, small brooms. The shingles in the picture do not sell- they stay with the real estate.
Lot #: 42

Bushel basket w/depression glass

Small bushel basket with: glass water pitcher and other pieces from the depression era. A pair of men?s ice skates and a Tide box full of canning rings and flats
Lot #: 43

Toy rifle

Wooden bushel baskets, plastic toy rifle, wooden sword, railroad track see the pictures plus
Lot #: 44

Pair of shoe lasts

Both shoe lasts have stands. Looks like for different size shoes
Lot #: 45

Vintage wood fern stand

Vintage wood fern stand that has the top cracked
Lot #: 46

Shop roller stand

Shop roller stand
Lot #: 47

Wood plant stand & lamp pole

Wood plant stand with 4 feet and a wood lamp pole (or add hooks and make into a coat rack or whatever you want use it for)
Lot #: 48

Settee without the cushions

Vintage wooden settee without the cushions- nice sturdy piece
Lot #: 49

Half table

Half moon 3 legged end table and a wooden magazine rack
Lot #: 50

Antique opossum box

Wooden antique opossum box or carrier to carry your cat around. A handmade boat and a child?s folding towel rack
Lot #: 51

Kerosene can & metal trough

Kerosene can and a metal pan that you can use to feed your dog or drain oil in
Lot #: 52

Vintage wood lamp table

Vintage wood lamp table. Has been painted and the paint is now cracking- so you will probably want to strip and re-coat it
Lot #: 53

Wooden doll bed & magazine rack

Vintage wooden doll bed and wooden magazine rack. One of the legs needs repaired on the magazine rack-the piece is in the rack.
Lot #: 54

Great Bend Panther cushions

Great Bend Panther cushions and one folding stadium seat. A basket with needle work and a brush
Lot #: 55

Childs metal wheelbarrow

Child?s metal wheel barrel
Lot #: 56

Child's metal lawn chair

Child?s metal lawn chair- looks like it needs repainted
Lot #: 57

Child?s toy lawnmower

Metal child?s toy lawnmower, turn the wheels and the propeller supposed to turn, but need some adjustment
Lot #: 58

Childs wooden end table

Child?s wooden end table
Lot #: 59

Jars & flags

Three boxes of assorted sizes and types of jars and a box with flags. Plus a "Duck" top of a cookie jar and it?s plus some lightbulbs
Lot #: 60

Vintage wooden youth chair

Vintage wooden youth chair is missing the arms
Lot #: 61

(2) 5 gallon gas cans

Two 5 gallon plastic gas cans
Lot #: 62

Three wood crates

Three wood crates: one has a radio amplifier and another one has welding rod. Pieces of wood straw baskets
Lot #: 63

Minnow Seine

Minnow seine, heavy duty rope and (2) 2 gallon gas cans
Lot #: 64

Wood stool & metal Dural Nut

Wood stool and a Dural Belle metal dispenser of Dural Nuts-the name is very faint
Lot #: 65

Wooden bellboy & table

Vintage wooden end table that needs refurbished and a wood Bell boy with his hand out for a tip.
Lot #: 66

Child?s table & five chairs

Vintage child?s wooden table with five chairs
Lot #: 67

Ring toss & child?s step stool

Ring toss game and a child?s wood step stool
Lot #: 68

Etch-a-sketch & child?s books

Etch-A-Sketch and Children's books. A small tote with a total of three Lyons, some campus and other miscellaneous things from Boy Scouts, wooden crate with jars and another wooden crate full of pieces of wood. Plus dovetailed wood box "Why Not? Takehoma Biscuit 5 (cent) Pkg. The Sunshine Soda Brand Loose-Wiles Bisquit Co" (this is what the box actually reads)
Lot #: 69

Oil cans and funnel

Plastic crate with oil cans, funnels & 2 boxes of jars
Lot #: 70

Vintage oak rocker

Nice vintage oak rocker- still has a lot of miles left to rock
Lot #: 71

Baskets & dartboard

Four wicker baskets, a dartboard that still in original packaging, a Styrofoam bait bucket without the lid and a wooden rocker that needs a new seat. The springs are still good in the rocker.
Lot #: 72

Utility pump & jumper cables

1/2 hp utility pump from Sears in original box. Not sure has ever been taken out. Plus a set of jumper cables
Lot #: 73

Two vintage crocks

Two vintage crocks with pop bottles. Flower pots, Masons Root Beer, 7-Up and an iron wheel
Lot #: 74

Metal trash bins

Two metal trash cans with lids- one with 2 galvanized buckets. The other is full of scrap material
Lot #: 75

Wood keg

Wood keg- 22 1/2 inches deep
Lot #: 76

Doll trunks

2 child wardrobes filled with doll clothes
Lot #: 77

Bill catcher and Bill filer

Metal US mailbox for the bills that are mailed to you and a two compartment metal unit to store your bills in
Lot #: 78

Vintage frames

A pair of vintage oval frames. One has a picture of trees and sunset and the other one has no picture
Lot #: 79

Two wooden boxes

Two wooden boxes-One is painted white and is a small trunk. The other is a small wooden box for storage
Lot #: 80

Cards and birthday

Three boxes full: one is filled with party napkins, cups and plates for a birthday party. Another box is filled with greeting cards and stationary with even a little jewelry box. Baby brush and comb set in the original packaging.
Lot #: 81

Armed occasional chair

Vintage armed occasional chair the upholstery looks in pretty good shape and the wood is OK. A rocking magazine rack that does need some repair
Lot #: 82

Vintage croquet set

Vintage croquet set with the wires, the balls and the mallets. Is on wheels. This is a really nice set and is complete.
Lot #: 83


Bed pan, pet taxi, box full of miscellaneous kitchen utensils and funnels, wood shelf unit, a wicker piece- wide assortment of interest here
Lot #: 84

Leather seat chair & balls

A wire basket filled with Soft balls, baseballs and golf balls. A vintage leather seat wood chair
Lot #: 85

Vintage Metal cake carrier

Vintage metal cake/pie carrier and black trimmed green enamel sauce pan
Lot #: 86

Square topped wood tables

Square top plant table and a vintage side table that needs refinished
Lot #: 87

Galvanized buckets

A galvanized half bushel basket with wood/bail handles. Another galvanized bucket with metal handles & 2 red trimmed white enamel bowls
Lot #: 88

Play Time pet books

Collectible books: Mary had a Little Lamb- that is supposed to play-but does not. See the pictures of the all the books and a nice vintage wood end table
Lot #: 89

Vintage pop-up school desk

Neat desk with a pop-up that exposes a chalkboard and a tray to hold the chalk. Legs need to be tightened up
Lot #: 90

Tonka loader

Tonka loader that has spent time outside. Is missing the smokestack. The steering wheel is bent but the tires are good and I bet it will still dump. Let your imagination go wild.
Lot #: 91

Bamboo birdcage with stand

Bamboo birdcage with stand. Might need to do some repair work before you put a bird in it. There are a couple of "exposed" areas.
Lot #: 92

Oak Parlor table

Oak parlor table. Very solid piece that is in good condition except you might want to refinish the top
Lot #: 93

Kerosene lantern w/metal globe

Kerosene lantern with radiant heater top- nice old piece. Wire bail handle jug to carry the kerosene in
Lot #: 94

Quart milk bottles with carrier

Quart milk bottles with carrier, two different sizes. 1 gallon and a half gallon jug with bail handles plus another milk bottle
Lot #: 95

Vintage jugs

Four vintage jugs
Lot #: 96

Powercraft toolbox

Powercraft metal toolbox. It is empty ready for you to fill it up.
Lot #: 97

Small wooden nail keg & Surprise

Small wooden nail keg, plus a metal toolbox that we know there?s something in it but we could not get it open without destroying the box. Soooo we left it intact for whoever buys it-thus SURPRISE!! when you get it open to see what is inside
Lot #: 98

Wicker laundry basket

Vintage wicker laundry basket, two wooden drawers with divided inserts in the drawers, a metal and plastic bucket, 2 Styrofoam carriers-one without a lid and a metal desk lamp
Lot #: 99

2 gallon shop vac

2 gallon shop vac is missing the hose and a wheel. Thermos cool date lunchbox and a metal base to a lamp, but no lamp
Lot #: 100

Vintage toys

Small metal tractor with loader, 20th century canon. Plastic toys including: truck, a metal truck what a rubber tire and a metal silo. Most of these are damaged but there is some parts and pieces that might work on something you have at home. Plus a vintage peg and hammer set that is missing the hammer and a box of Christmas lights.

in: 31

Lot #: 101

Cameo bracelet

Vintage dresser box with some costume jewelry, including a cameo bracelet still in its original case, necklaces and two compacts. The case itself, could use some repairing
Lot #: 102

Pictures and corkboard

Five framed pictures. One is oval-shaped and a piece of cork board in original box.
Lot #: 103

Two framed pieces of glass

Two framed pieces of glass and a metal tray with a pheasant motif in the bottom
Lot #: 104

Vintage lamp

Vintage lamp with three prisms missing. Has metal base. Wall hanging, tray full of miscellaneous hardware, wood fruit box with a cordless 2 speed control Skill saw, a box with covers for the ceiling light and miscellaneous hardware in another box
Lot #: 105

Cafe curtains & a teapot

Three vinyl caf? curtains in original packaging, a tea pot, 2 unopened packages of safety flares plus miscellaneous hardware
Lot #: 106

Metal bread box & stadium seat

Lap platters that have never been used, metal bread box, folding stadium seat, and "new" socks
Lot #: 107


Vintage crocks: including gallons and smaller plus some bowls
Lot #: 108

Stoneware bean crocks

Brown stoneware crocks- five do not have lids. The other one does.
Lot #: 109

Miscellaneous lumber

Miscellaneous lumber- see the pictures. First pix is overview of all the wood.
Lot #: 110

Galvanized coal bucket & more

Galvanized metal coal bucket, fishing seine, fishing net handle, barbecue grill accessories, garden hose, lunchbox, brooms, a piece of shelf with brackets to hang on the wall, a wicker type basket and a bucket
Lot #: 111

Yard light & shelving

Yard light includes the tube to run the wire through to hang it outside or a from the ceiling. Three wood shelves to hang on the wall and a potted fake plant in a wood planter
Lot #: 112

Wood shelf unit

Wood shelf unit- looks like it might have been used for a TV. - has a hole cut in the back. (3) 1 gallon cans for storage, an oven broiler pan, a Stanley miter box. See the pictures.
Lot #: 113

Log holder & new lights

Metal log holder and several boxes that have yard & house lights, etc. Have never been used
Lot #: 114

4 vintage chairs

4 vintage dining room chairs. Wood Blonde oak with red vinyl seats. Each has a pad on it. Two of the chairs vinyl has been damaged which is probably why they have pads on them. One chair has some gray tape- so it might have some damage. Two are really good shape. No table
Lot #: 115

Wicker picnic baskets

Three wicker picnic baskets that are filled with empty air
Lot #: 116

Dietz lantern & sprinkler can

Dietz Kerosene lantern, galvanized watering can and aluminum dish pans with handles.
Lot #: 117

Golf bags

Vintage golf bag with several irons, a woman?s golf bag with several irons and a golf ball bag
Lot #: 118

Vintage 45 record player

Vintage 45 record player, copper teapot and an aluminum tea pot
Lot #: 119

Birdcage holder & canes

Birdcage Holder- is metal stand and frame but no birdcage. It is holding wooden canes.
Lot #: 120

Metal plant stand & weedeater

Metal plant stand holder for potted plants, an electric weedeater and a metal base to "make something" out of
Lot #: 121

Right angle or corner brace

A brace that is either a right angle or corner brace, wiring, popcorn popper, innard pieces from coffee pot. See the pictures.
Lot #: 122

Bed warmer & space heater

A bed warmer, space heater, light fixture for Universal wrench driver for grinder, paint brushes- see the pictures
Lot #: 123

Vintage canning jars & containers of oil

Vintage canning jars plus some pop bottles, some zinc lids, assorted bottles of oil, tinsel and a plastic funnel
Lot #: 124

Vintage glass canisters

Still in the box popcorn popper, Vintage glass canisters plus some toys, wicker purse and wood cut out of a gun
Lot #: 125

Shadow life & vintage Santa

Shadow life picture of farmstead with a light behind it, a box full of plaster of Paris, nativity set and a mechanical Santa with its original box. Says he is a mechanical reading Santa-does work. Plus a box that has toy bowling pins, a lantern, a broken Mickey Mouse, a race, car and a box of Christmas decorations.
Lot #: 126

Race tracks

Slot race track and a metal race track with station. Station needs cleaned up. It is in rough shape.
Lot #: 127

Doll bed

Wood doll bed that is missing the bottom and needs some TLC. A blue handled unmarked crock jar, a quart jar full of matchbook covers and a doctor's bag with pin cushion and some other items
Lot #: 128

Child wood rocker

Child?s wood rocker painted red and in very good shape
Lot #: 129

Child?s wood rocker with music

Child?s wood rocker with music box. Does play but do not recognize the tune. Plays, but is very very slow. Might not take much to fix it but do not know
Lot #: 130

Stepstool & 78 records

Wood stepstool, or a small child?s bench, assorted 78 records. Some are in good condition and some are warped. Tunes included "Rock-a-bye, your baby", "Shanghai", "Hot Diggity" and many more.
Lot #: 131

Fiesta platters

Fiesta platters: Two sizes of orange platters and an aqua color platter. All three are marked Fiesta. The blue one is not marked but looks like the rest. See no damage, just dirt.
Lot #: 132

Pepsi and coke carriers

Metal Pepsi-Cola carrier and a bottle Coke 1 pint size plastic carrier that?s damaged. A glass chimney decorated like Santa, a hat and two candlestick holders. Some loose feathers in the box. Also an empty box for a toy dispenser Coca-Cola.
Lot #: 133

Victorian lady pincushions

A pair of vintage Victorian lady pin cushions that are in good shape
Lot #: 134

Motorized girder and panel bridge

Kenner's motorized girder & panel and bridge & turnpike building set number nine. Is in original box. You be the judge if all pieces are there from the pictures.
Lot #: 135

Green Ghost and Tight Squeeze games

"Green Ghost" game- exciting game of mystery that glows in the dark. Do not know if all the pieces are there. The other is "Tight Squeeze" by Mattel. Does not look like has been used very much.
Lot #: 136

Plastic miniature animals

Box full of plastic miniature animals, a metal greyhound bus, paint on wood of liberty forever and other freedom motifs, Strato glider planes that are still in the original packaging and some other game pieces
Lot #: 137

Talking G.I. Joe

Talking G.I. Joe Action Soldier by Hasbro-has the paperwork in the box. Convertible customizing kit for an Oldsmobile, Red Devil Racer kit, Plastic cans full of metal miniature cars- some are Hot Wheels. Can full of plastic darts, skeletons & redwood souvenirs. Coffee can full of soldiers and one is 1/2 full of crayons
Lot #: 138

Green depression soup cups

4 green depression handled soup cups that look like Fireking but they?re not marked. Mortar without the pedestal and a container of loose costume beads
Lot #: 139

Vintage rivet machine

Vintage rivet machine stabilized on a piece of wood
Lot #: 140

Gun shell boxes

Peters12 Gauge velocity box is holding five 410 shells. A Hopper" gun cleaning patches for 12 to 16 gauge. A golf ball marker. Shoebox with tinker toy parts, Dixie cups and "Pick up Sticks". Has the original instructions for Tinker toys and a Florida Queen Perfecto cigarbox. Sorry, no cigars.
Lot #: 141

Upholstered recliner

Upholstered recliner that needs a good cleaning. Pair of Wintreads that go on tires to give them more traction in the snow-but this set is damaged. Also picnic and handled baskets
Lot #: 142

2 wooden kegs

Two wooden kegs, a wooden sword, a wire holder for barbed wire and assorted canning jars
Lot #: 143

Perfection gas heater

Perfection gas space heater and a 5 gallon bucket full of chain
Lot #: 144

Metal plant holder

Metal plant holder and a fiberglass seat out of a boat
Lot #: 145

Space heater

Freestanding kerosene space heater model 1781 by Super Flex type "U".
Lot #: 146

Five Lightning rods

Five wire lightning rods and one directional arrow. None of them have the lightning balls.
Lot #: 147

5 gallon Diamond Brand crock

5 gallon Diamond Brand crock from the Pittsburg Pottery Co. with wire and wood handles. Needs cleaned up but otherwise in good condition
Lot #: 148

Wood Sunshine Biscuits Box

Wooden box from Sunshine Biscuits. Does have some damage. Holding rulers and books, including one that says "Just for Fun Dialogues". On top of it sits a plaster of Paris lion and a metal rack that looks like for bottles of wine and hors d?oeuvres
Lot #: 149

Boxes of quart canning jars

Two boxes of quart Mason canning jars. One box looks like has never been used and the other ones have been used.
Lot #: 150

Coleman gas lantern

Coleman two Mantle Green lantern with original box. Not sure has ever been used.
Lot #: 151

Ice chest with picnic supplies

Styrofoam ice chest filled with plates, coffee pots, cups- enough for a picnic. Plus a box that contains MSK socket set and looks like all the pieces are there.
Lot #: 152

Vintage quilts

Two vintage tied quilts plus a well used blanket
Lot #: 153

5 gallon Western churn

5 gallon Western stoneware churn and has the lid. Lid has chips around the inside edge of the lid. Has a chip down on the bottom but is in really good shape. Just needs a plunger.
Lot #: 154

4 gallon Union stoneware

4 gallon 2 leaf ice water jug from Redwing Minnesota from the Union Stoneware Company with the Spicket. Not seeing damage
Lot #: 155

Stoneware crocks

Brown beehive jug, plus a faded Sunflower crock. Neither one has damage as far as we can tell.
Lot #: 156

Folding two wheel cart

Folding two wheel wire cart and a metal magazine rack
Lot #: 157

Plastic sprinkler whale

A plastic sprinkler whale that you hook to a hose for the kids to play out in the yard. A wire rack with shelving for books. 2 Metal magazine racks and a folding child?s stool
Lot #: 158

General Electric automatic iron

General Electric automatic iron with original box, a bushel basket with a plastic liner that has candle stick, lights, and wood sharpening holder for knives, vintage spice jars, glass and metal cake pans and a metal sale slip file
Lot #: 159

Bushel basket full of bowls

Bushel basket full of bowls that look like have never been used. We did not unwrap them all but what we did are all bowls. We presume they are all the same or similar. A wood shelf with metal brackets for hanging on the wall.
Lot #: 160

Sunbeam charcoal grill & 7-Up crate

Sunbeam charcoal grill and 7-Up wood crate
Lot #: 161

Official Boy Scout canteen

Official Boy Scout canteen in original box, mess kits- one of them has a original box. A "tomato" tea pot and other collectibles
Lot #: 162

Knife steel & aluminum lids

Knife steel and assorted aluminum ware lids. Donut cutter, racks & miscellaneous cookware In a bushel basket. Red trimmed enamel pail and a, insulated jug
Lot #: 163

Blue & white graniteware coffee pot

Blue and white graniteware coffee pot with a blue metal handle with vintage tableware (Alaska silverware warranted)
Lot #: 164

(2) 1 gallon shoulder jugs

Two shoulder jugs both are 1 gallon. One is unmarked and the other one is marked Western Stoneware. Are in good shape other than being dirty.
Lot #: 165

Two stoneware crocks

Two stoneware crocks. One is brown. Neither one shows any damage. No markings plus you get a vintage Folgers coffee tin
Lot #: 166

Enamelware chamber pot

Enamelware black trimmed chamber pot, a box full of steel wool and a small box filled with assorted pens and pencils
Lot #: 167

Red trimmed dish pan

Red trim dish pan, bushel basket, aluminum pots and miscellaneous kitchen tools. Plus a metal five candle holder and metal coal bucket
Lot #: 168

Three boxes of goodies

Assorted kitchen ware, including a stove set: salt and pepper shakers and grease bowl. Bowls, platters, plates, air pot and a box filled with things that are individually wrapped. We did not dig all through it. The paper used for wrapping has a story on Mickey Mantle's hitting .300 or else quit -so whatever year he said that this is when the stuff was wrapped up
Lot #: 169

Canvas stuffed duck decoys

Four "Duck Inn" canvas decoys from St. Louis, Missouri. Pretty cool.
Lot #: 170

Duck decoys

Duck decoys- we are talking about a box and a gunny sack full. There are a lot of ducks here.
Lot #: 171

Scale bottom & coal bucket

Cast-iron saw blades, metal tray off a scales and vintage measuring tin and metal coal bucket. See the pictures
Lot #: 172

Lidded basket with baseballs

Lidded basket with baseballs, two coffee tins half full of wooden spools, metal pan, a Christmas tree stand attached to a board and a metal tray.
Lot #: 173

Large chrome Lazy Susan

Cast iron kettle-no lid, A large chrome lazy Susan, metal Teflon coated skillet, lid off of a cake carrier and a chemistry glass set
Lot #: 174

Signed Sunday School Quilt

Signed Sunday Schools Quilt, Tied comforter of sunbonnets. Dresden plate quilt. A braided circle rug
Lot #: 175

2 metal coal buckets

Two metal coal buckets, one coal shovel, a small wicker basket & a bag of wood clothes pens
Lot #: 176

Tools and primitives

Maybe the well pulley is the original from Buffalo Bills well? Other primitive tools include chain saws & blades. See the pictures.
Lot #: 177

Cast-iron and aluminum ware

Cast iron,griddle, aluminum ware serving tray, assorted metal cans and a large enamel ware wash pan
Lot #: 178

Universal meat grinder

Universal meat grinder, assorted vintage tools, Rollers off of a rolling door and square see the pictures
Lot #: 179


Two wooden handled sledgehammers
Lot #: 180

Horse hair lap robe

Horse hair lap robe-very pretty piece with purples, yellows and greens. Has Horsehead in it
Lot #: 181

Vinyl covered child?s chair

Vinyl covered child?s chair- in very good condition. It does have some damage on the arms due to being around more than a couple of days. Fruit compote, a child?s apron full of plastic tools and more.
Lot #: 182

Tom Thumb typewriter

Vintage Tom Thumb typewriter with case and a skateboard
Lot #: 183

Vintage hats and hat box

Vintage hats in a Stetson hat box plus a really cute child Indian outfit including the wig. The Indian outfit could have been used for Hollween. Has been stored and needs reconditioned as pretty stiff
Lot #: 184

Pair of table lamps

Pair of table lamps. We put one together for you to see what these two lamps look like. Box of plastic bathroom wall tile.
Lot #: 185

Weber charcoal grill

Weber charcoal grill
Lot #: 186

Loading ramps

Lightweight loading ramps that have been made out of porch railings. 69" x 23 1/2?
Lot #: 187

Pair of metal sawhorses

Pair of metal sawhorses that fold up and two pieces of lumber that are on top of them. Each piece of lumber that measure 11 1/2" x 76?
Lot #: 188

Fruit crate & contents

Wood fruit crate with a thermos, table lamp, planter, metal Lazy Susan and other items
Lot #: 189

Air hose

Air hose that looks like has never been used
Lot #: 190

Copper tubing

Role of copper tubing and another roll of metal tubing
Lot #: 191

Cam timers

A box with cam timers that looks like has never been taken out of the box. Includes the programming instructions for Series CM,MC, RA & RC
Lot #: 192

Vintage metal toys

Vintage metal toys, horns, drums, saxophones, trumpets and more. Marksman moving target, wicker basket with a wooden shovel, vintage football helmet
Lot #: 193

Picture frames

Two picture frames: one has a painting in it, a three section metal wall holder, nontoxic crayons and souvenir city scenery postcards
Lot #: 194

Vintage oil can

Vintage oil can and oil can filler in a plastic tub
Lot #: 195

Vintage pinball machine

Vintage plastic pinball machine- "Three Keys to Treasure" and still works. Puzzles, vintage checkerboard and "A Silly Star Wacky Game"
Lot #: 196

Spirograph and games

Spirograph, United States puzzle map, 58 variety game, Chess, Twister, Hill 79 from G.I. Joe, Lie Detector, Uncle Wiggly Game, Captain Kangaroo, see the pictures
Lot #: 197

Wood cabinet

Three shelf wood cabinet with a half shelf above the top one and the bottom one. Measures 38 1/2 inches x 49 1/2 inches tall x 20 inches deep. The top is 39 inches wide. Contents are selling in other lots
Lot #: 198

Assorted wood table leaves

Assorted wood table leaves. We do not have anything in this auction that they match. Total of nine leaves with 6 matching
Lot #: 199

Exercise slider & garden sprayer

Glider exerciser and 1 gallon weed sprayer
Lot #: 200

Tilt double hung windows

JX ?7 double hung windows. Has never been hung plus an aluminum storm window. 29 1/2 inches wide and 64 inches tall for the double hung window- does not include the frame around the edge. The aluminum window is 31 inches wide by 40 inches tall from edge to edge of the aluminum.
Lot #: 201

Vintage folding card table

Vintage folding card table
Lot #: 202

Double door

Wooden double door it might fit the frame in lot blank blank. Door measures 79 inches tall 57 inches wide
Lot #: 203

Wooden door

Wooden double door. 47 inches wide. Approximately the same height as the previous door
Lot #: 204

White wood door

White wood door that has never been hung. It does have the metal threshold on the bottom inside the frame. Frame is 83 inches tall 41 inches wide
Lot #: 205

Perfume bottles from France

Perfume bottles from France. Some of them have stoppers. At least one bottle is broken. A hand clutch purse, a cherry stoner dated 1805 and a metal filing cabinet with wood toy bat.
Lot #: 206

Metal trash lids & cleaning supplies

Metal trash lids, but haven?t found any trash cans they fit, miscellaneous cleaning supplies: mop, handles without the mops, brush hooked to a hose to wash the car and other items to clean the house.
Lot #: 207

78 RPM records

Quite a stack of 78 RPM records, "Irish melodies","Hey Diddle, Diddle" and many more
Lot #: 208

Wood shelf & contents

Wood shelf unit with three shelves. Contents are included except for the records tat are being sold in Lot 207,. Johnson?s Paste, plumbing supplies- even a big turn valve. Take what you want and leave the rest.
Lot #: 209

John Deere riding mower

John Deere riding mower LT 155. Does turn over but we could not get it to start, so probably needs fresh gas. Twin Touch Automatic 15 hp OHV with 38 inch cut. Nice looking machine and has good tires. According to the Internet, is 1998- 2001.
Lot #: 210

John Deere Push mower

John Deere JX 75 push lawn mower with grass catcher. Looks like is self-propelled. 20 inch cut
Lot #: 211

Air tank & gas cans

USA Midwest Products portable air tank. 2 1/2 gallon and 5 gallon metal gasoline cans. There is fuel in the 6 larger can
Lot #: 212

Lumber & bug guard

Short 2 x 6 lumber of various links, a red tinted bug guard for your pick up, accessory wheels, wire basket holder for your hose & a set of metal bed rails. Box of jars and box misc cans
Lot #: 213

Antique wardrobe

Antique wood wardrobe in good condition. Includes the shelving units, fluorescent tubes and other items that are sitting on top. Has a drawer across bottom with metal handles
Lot #: 214

Wood crates

Wood crates and boxes- one is a fruit box. A metal popcorn, coal shovel, baseball and tennis balls.
Lot #: 215

Vintage bumper jack

Vintage bumper jack and a rope block and tackle set
Lot #: 216

Roofing nails

Two plastic buckets full of roofing nails. One is 1 gallon and the other is 5 gallon bucket
Lot #: 217

Plumbing supplies & shelf brackets

Box with plumbing supplies, hammer, screwdriver, clipboard and other miscellaneous items. Another box with vintage extension cords plus some metal shelving brackets. Metal bucket with bail handles with jars and a dish strainer. See the pictures.
Lot #: 218

2 large galvanized trash cans

(2) 30 gallon galvanized trash cans with handles and lids. Includes some extra lids. One has miscellaneous lumber and a broom. Other has material
Lot #: 219

3 Bridge planks

(3) 12 inch bridge planks that are 10 foot long. They have been in the shed. They are in very good condition.
Lot #: 220

Concrete blocks

Half and whole concrete blocks. Approximately 20 altogether
Lot #: 221

Anderson Casement Window

Anderson Casement Pirma Shield casement window. Measures 4 foot and approximately 5 1/2 foot long. In the original box so it has not been used.
Lot #: 222

Vintage cabinet & Wood

Vintage cabinet and whatever is inside. Looks like top of a pie safe. There are surprises inside which includes sea shells, magazines, jars and more. There are also pieces of wood
Lot #: 223

Biscuit tin and more

Nice biscuit tin, wooden box of old bottles, nail puller, fire extinguisher, brass plant holder, framing square pogo stick, Coleman camp stove with a coffee pot attachment. Red book and Housekeeping magazines and another surprise wooden box-we cannot get it open
Lot #: 224

Paint pans & more

Several paint pans- two look like they still have the original plastic on them, pieces of lath and other wood, a roll of material that could use for curtains or whatever, jumper cables and a piece of metal
Lot #: 225

Metal utility cabinet & books

Metal utility cabinet that is full of hardback books. You get the whole kit and caboodle so bring boxes or strong men to carry it all out (if you do not want to empty first)
Lot #: 226

Wood utility cabinet & contents

Wood utility cabinet and content:" include vinegar jugs, paint thinner, oil can filler, grease, jars, etc. see the pictures
Lot #: 227

Metal utility cabinet & books

Metal utility cabinet is in rough shape but can still hold stuff. Full of all kinds of hardback books as well as records plus an old Electrolux sweeper sitting on top
Lot #: 228

Heavy duty car ramps

A pair of heavy duty car ramps.
Lot #: 229

Quickrete & rakes

Sacks of Quickrete that has been sitting in storage for quite a while. Don?t know how good quality. Leaf/lawn rakes, mops, garden hoe, square shovel, ironing board, metal TV trays, some pieces of lumber and molding.
Lot #: 230

Window & recliner parts

The side arms off of a recliner, Anderson window that has never been used that measures 39" x 34"- That is the size of the opening. This lot includes a timber that is laying underneath the window and recliner parts
Lot #: 231

Vintage bedroom set

Vintage bedrooom set Includes the headboard, footboard & side rails. Chest of drawers with mirror and another chest of drawers. Nice old set. Covered with dust and cobwebs. Needs a good cleanint
Lot #: 232

Vintage toys

This box is full of vintage toys and games of all kinds. We?re gonna give you just a few highlights with the pictures and the rest is pure gold when you open them up. A metal butterfly, Atom popcorn popper, Fisher-Price ball popper, monkey guitar, straw hats. This is full of treasures guys.
Lot #: 233

Solid wood box

Solid wood box-is 4 foot long 15 inches wide. Has hinges on the top so it is a top opening
Lot #: 234

Vintage ice cream chairs

A pair of vintage ice cream chairs with oak seats. Really good condition. Just needs cleaned up.
Lot #: 235

Foldable ladder

Foldable metal ladder-seeing any identifying markings. Does not look like has hardly been used.
Lot #: 236

Vintage jackstands

This pair of vintage jack stands are in really good condition.
Lot #: 237

Wood & stilts

Wood in different dimensions, sizes & types. Items hanging on the wall. This lot is everything in the corner as shown in the pictures. Includes 2 pair of stilts
Lot #: 238

Nail keg & 7-Up tray

Small nail keg with miscellaneous pieces of metal and a deep freeze tray with 7-Up wood box, a fruit box and primitive jar
Lot #: 239

Antique kitchen cabinet parts

This is a nice old piece-Is off of an old kitchen cabinet and has another little cabinet up on top of it. You get the two pieces. The small item showing in the keg sell in 237.
Lot #: 240

Bifold doors

Approx 6 Bifold doors. Most are 6 foot sections.
Lot #: 241

Iron rack

Iron rack measures 6 1/2 feet long 5 1/2 feet tall. Made out of square tubing
Lot #: 242

New wood doors

New wood doors. There is a double set. Most of them are single and range from 30 inches to the double doors.
Lot #: 243

Lumber and tires

Tires, wood of various dimensions and types of lumber, a folding ironing board and the contents of cabinets on the wall. All the wood that is in the rafters
Lot #: 244

Games & electrical supplies

Two boxes: including "The Talking Adventure" game by Mattel, electrical parts and STP bicycle banana seat
Lot #: 245

Lawn sprinklers & misc

Two boxes: one with lawn sprinklers and the other one with jars, miscellaneous, twine, etc.
Lot #: 246

Hanging light & Globe

A hanging light, Chop O-Matic food chopper with original box. Bushel basket that also has a smaller basket and a wire basket, wood rack to hang coats on the wall and a world globe
Lot #: 247

Jars & clay pots

A box with canning jars, jack-o?-lantern and wiring. Another box with clay pots from very small ones to the medium size. A plastic planter, a wood shelf, toy plastic bat and a wrench
Lot #: 248

Magic Worm Bedding

Magic Worm Bedding in the original box. Another box, full of canning supplies. There is also some empty boxes for fishing reels.
Lot #: 249

Romax and more

A box with 10-2 Romax and a almost full box full of 10-3 Romax. A wooden kitchen cabinet that is missing one door, assorted books plus a Coke bottle partially filled with Coke (or some kind of similar colored liquid).
Lot #: 250

Vintage Amana food freezer

Vintage Amana food freezer- does not work but will make good storage unit for items that need to stay dry. We assume it does not work, but we honestly don?t know as not plugged in
Lot #: 251

5 galvanized trash cans

Five galvanized 30 gallon trash cans. Some with lids. Curtain rods, soccer balls and other paraphernalia in the top one
Lot #: 252

BB guns

BB guns that need some repairs. Wooden boxes that are empty and a nice old thick dictionary
Lot #: 253

Sheet rock & box TV

Sheet rock, lumber, an old TV that will make good storage unit. The only thing we can get on it is" storage wars"
Lot #: 254

Super floor wax & varnish remover

Two shelves that contain gallon vinegar jugs, Osage Superior paint thinner, Coleman fuel, Red Devil paint and varnish remover, super floor wax. See the pictures.
Lot #: 255

Gasoline cans & construction brackets

Two metal gasoline cans, six construction brackets and laxative can that?s empty
Lot #: 256

Wooden box with hand grinder

Wooden box with a hand grinder, scythe and a molding plane. Several Folgers cans in different sizes filled with automotive parts. See the pix of other items in th lot
Lot #: 257

Vintage Post Vice

Vintage Post vice. Buyer gets to detach from the workbench
Lot #: 258

Shop anvil

Good old shop anvil
Lot #: 259

Shingles wood box & more

Shingles, wood box and 2 gallon crock- everything you see in the picture
Lot #: 260

10 foot piece of copper

Approximately 10 foot piece of copper and electric weed eater, tree feeder, belts and hose
Lot #: 261

Miscellaneous hardware

Several coffee cans, jars and other containers that contain various pieces of hardware. Three Bears Honey tin, Cigar tin that does not have any cigars. All kinds of goodies to fill up your workshop.
Lot #: 262

Hedge trimmers & assorted tools

This lot is full of surprises. Cannot begin to tell you everything that is in this drawer. Hedge trimmer, saw blades and the shelf has various cans of paint and hardware.
Lot #: 263

Duster and flower pots

Duster, flower pots- everything you see in the picture Including a galvanized bucket
Lot #: 264

Old tools by the drawer full

Have everything for lawn and garden: four-way lug wrench, really neat old carpenter tools, scribes, files and old bits
Lot #: 265

Antifreeze & concrete blocks

Several jugs of antifreeze, most of them feel like they are full, unopened rolls of plastic sheeting and several cement blocks
Lot #: 266

Drawer full of tools

Ball peen hammers, lots of hammer handles, alligator wrenches, old pliers, load binders and miscellaneous tools, punches and more
Lot #: 267

Adjustable wrench & hammers

Diamond adjustable wrench, 15 inch cobbler hammer, Some new combination wrenches, punches and oil filler. One says "Miller Grain Company phone number 121"
Lot #: 268

Miscellaneous old tools

Screwdrivers, files-some of the same name that guy called me earlier- have all kinds of miscellaneous wrenches
Lot #: 269

Vintage sprinklers

Vintage Crescent sprinklers. spray nozzles and others all in a nice wooden Armour box (Maybe had hotdogs at one time)
Lot #: 270

Griswold & other C.I. skillets

Griswold cast iron skillet. Rest are not marked plus a good old metal hamburger press
Lot #: 271

3 1/2 inch Grand Vice and chain

3 1/2 inch Grand Vice and some chain with a hook on each end
Lot #: 272

Pipe vice

Pipe vice
Lot #: 273

Rubber tiedowns & 6 inch fillet knife

Rubber tiedowns in their original package. It?s hard to see because aged plastic bag. 6 inch fillet knife still in original packaging and a toolbox with sockets and wrenches in the original packaging
Lot #: 274

Pruners and grease guns

Pruners and grease guns plus some other miscellaneous items. See the pictures.
Lot #: 275

Contents of shelves

Various cans, charcoal starter, jars of hardware and spark plugs. See the pictures.
Lot #: 276

Handy Andy tool chest

Handy Andy tool chest in original metal box. Looks like most of tools are there but I won?t guarantee. Christmas is coming.
Lot #: 277

Handy Andy tool chest

Handy Andy metal tool chest and it is full. I don?t know if all there or not but looks like complete. Remember Christmas is coming.
Lot #: 278

Fishing and angle iron brackets

Angle iron brackets and bobbers. Metal box with a fishing reel
Lot #: 279

Blow torch

Good old brass blow torch, Stainless oil and three Fisher gas controls. Two look new and the other one looks like might be just parts
Lot #: 280

Zebco reels

Zebco fishing reels and parts in four separate boxes
Lot #: 281

16 gauge shells

Two boxes of Canuck standard 16 gauge shotgun shells that are clear full and a box of Federal 6 shot 16 gauge that is little more than half full
Lot #: 282

20 gauge shells

20 gauge shotgun shells 16 boxes various game loads. Four of them are not full, the other 12 appear to be full
Lot #: 283

12 gauge shells

12 full boxes of various game loads. 4 Federal number six and the rest are Federal 8 shot - two boxes not quite full.
Lot #: 284

2 wheel dolly & furniture mover

Adjustable two wheel dolly and a wooden platform with four wheels to move furniture
Lot #: 285

Vintage wood wardrobe

Vintage wood wardrobe is missing the bottom drawers. Both sides of the wardrobe contain some books that sell with the wardrobe
Lot #: 286

Tablesaw stand

Tablesaw stand made out of iron for the frame and legs with wood in the center. Also a metal tray
Lot #: 287

2 steamer trunks & a kitchen cabinet

Two trunks and a kitchen cabinet all three pieces. All 3 pieces need some repairs done on them. If you?re into refinishing, these will be fun projects.
Lot #: 288

Wood framed windows & rods

4 wood framed windows, a box full of pieces of wood used to build crates and some metal rods. Also a trailer hitch
Lot #: 289

Metal "The Uncola" sign

Metal "The Uncola"sign. The whole bottle is on the sign. Hard to get a good pix as it has slipped behind the shelf and enough items below the shelf cannot see the rest of the bottle. The sign in is in very good condition. Not seeing rust nor damage.
Lot #: 290

Wood shingles & saws

Wood shingles, filters, circular saw & handsaws
Lot #: 291

Coca-Cola bottles & vintage oil cans

Eight pack pint-size Coca-Cola bottles with plastic carriers. Collectible vintage oil cans from Mobile oil & Wearwell. Gordon?s paint thinner and some Monarch concrete. We don?t know if the concrete is still good or not. Eight pack pint-size Coca-Cola bottles with plastic carriers,
Lot #: 292

Phillips 66 metal can

66 Phillips can, electrical cords, Pennzoil boxes, filters of all kinds, wood, shovels see the pictures
Lot #: 293

Vintage high chair

Vintage wooden high chair
Lot #: 294

Platform ladder

Platform ladder is 3 foot and has a 200 pound working load. The auctioneer exceeds the limit,and it worked fine


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Farms America/Hollinger Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.